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This is a transcription of the Land Records of Wanton Rice, Athens, Bradford County, PA by Bob Rice
Additional Notations on John Shepard at bottom of page




(Deed bk. 2 Page 487)

This indenture made the first day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen between John Shepard of Athens Township Bradford County Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Deborah his Wife of the one part and Wanton Rice of the other part. Witnesseth that the said John Shepard and Deborah his wife for and in consideration of the sum of four thousand Dollars lawfull Money to them in hand paid the receipt wherof is hereby acknowledged; the the said parties of the first part have granted, bargained and sold, and by this presents do grant bargain and sell unto the said Wanton Rice his heirs and assigns. All that piece, parcel and tract of land situate in said Township of Athens County and Commonwealth aforesaid Beginning at a stone on the State line marked W. P (or A) thence South two degrees and ten minutes West two two perches to a post, thence South eighty seven degrees fifty minutes east, sixteen perches and eight tenths to a post, thence South twenty eight degrees east, sixteen perches to a post, thence South sixteen degrees east ten perches to a black oak sapling, thence South twenty three degrees West ten perches to a post, thence South fif(?) nine degrees West six perches and nine tenths to a white oak, thence south thirty nine degrees west forteen perches and two tenths to a post, South twenty four degrees west, nine perches & four tenths to a black oak, thence South ten degrees and three forths west, forty five perches and five tenth to a (?) pine Sapling at or near the east end of the Mill dam, thence North sixty six degrees west seven perches along the Dam, thence South eleven degrees west thirty four perches and five tenths to a Buttonwood tree on of Benjamin Jacobs Corners, South eleven ten degrees east eleven perches to an Elm tree one of Benjamin Jacobs Corners thence South fifty nine degrees east twelve perches across part of the Creek to a Sugarmaple one of said Benjamin Jacobs Corners, thence North fifty nine degrees east seventy eight degrees east twenty seven perches and five tenths tenths to a black walnut another of said Jacobs corners thence north fifty six and a half degrees east, eighty perches and seven tenths, across the Creek to a white pine tree, thence north fifty degrees east sixty two perches crossing the road to a post on the northwest side of the road, north forty degrees east, thirty two perches to a pine stump, thence north forty five degrees east thirty eight perches and two tenths to a stone on the west side of the road thence north thirty five degrees east

PAGE 4081

Fifty four perches and three tenths to a pitch pine on the west side of the road on the state line; thence north eighty seven degrees fifty minutes west on the State line one hundred and fifty perches to the place of Beginning, containing eighty five acres one hundred and two perches. Together with all and Singular the mefruages (? Millraces?) buildings, mills milldams races watercourses improvements priviledges and appurtenances what soever to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining ___ To have and to hold the said mefruages and premises above mentioned and every part and parcel thereof this the appurtenances unto the said WANTON RICE his heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behoof(?) of the said WANTON RICE his heirs and assigns for ever __ And the said John Shepard and Deborah his wife covenant agree for themselves their heirs executors and administrators to and with the said WANTON RICE his heirs and assigns, that the are lawfully sealed(?) in fee simple of in and to the above mentioned premises with the appurtenances and have full and lawfull authority to grant bargain and sell the same. And the said John Shepard for himself and his heirs the premises above mentioned with the appurtenances against him and his heirs, and against all and every other person and persons what soever, to the said WANTON RICE his heirs and assigns shall and will Warrant and for ever defend by this presents __ In Witness whereof the said parties to this presents have hereunto interchangeably set their hands and Seals the day and Year first above written John Shepard (Seal) Deborah Shepard (Seal) Sealed and delivered in presence of the word four in the elevenths-line from the bottom interlined before signed N. Murray. Wm. H. Rice.

Bradford County (?). Personally appeared before me the Subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for the County County aforesaid John Shepard and Deborah his Wife and severally acknowledged the within Indenture to be their voluntary act and deed and desired the same might be recorded as such, and the sid Deborah by me separate and apart from her said husband being examined acknowledged She executed the same without any threats or compulson of her said husband Witness my hand and Seal the first day of May A.D. 1817

RECORDED May 13th 1817




(Deed bk. 2 Page 308)

This indenter(?) which this Sixth day of July in the year of one thousand Eight hundred and sixteen Between John Shepard Esq(?) of the Township of Athens and County of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania Farmer and Deborah is wife of the one part and Wanton Rice of the Same place of the other part withnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars in hand by ? by the said WANTON RICE ? receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged. The said John Shepard has granted bargained and sold and by these foresents(?) does grant bargain and sell unto the said Wanton Rice his heirs and assigns ? that part and parcel of land lying in the Village of Milltown Township of Athens County of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania being a part of a tract of land purchased by Said Shepard of Shelds(?) – beginning at a stone corner of lots owned by Orias(?) Spring(?) and others thence north 11 deg and four tenths ? 30 minutes west thirty two perches to a post thence north 29 degrees 30 minutes east six perches and four tenths to a post on the road leading up Shepards Creek, thence along said road ? perches to a post south 11 degrees 30 minutes east thirty five perches and eight tenths to a post thence along Ozias Spring line North 62 degrees east nine perches and six tenths to the place(?) of beginning containing two acres be the sum more or less _ To have and To hold the aforesaid described lot or parcel of land with all the rights liberties privileges hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging with all the buildings and improvements to him(?) the said WANTON RICE his heirs executors administrators and assigns forever; for his and their only ? benefit the ? and the said John Shepard against himself his heirs and assigns and against all manner of persons claiming or to claim by from or under him or them will forever defend to him the said WANTON RICE his heirs Executors administrators assigns the property before mentioned In testimony whereof the said John Shepard and Deborah his wife have hereunto set there hand and seal the ? and year above mentioned _ John Shepard (seal) Deborah Shepard (seal) sealed and delivered in presence of Francis Snakenberger Dan Elwell Bradford County (seal) July sixth one thousand and eight hundred and sixteen personally appear before me the Subscriber on of Page 309

the Justices of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid the with named John Shepard and Deborah his wife and acknowledged the within indenter to be their act and deed and desired the same might be recorded as such _ The(?). The said Deborah being be by me examined separated and apart from her said husband and the contents of the said indenter made known to her declared that she executed the same of her own free will and accord without any condition or compulsion of her husband or others(?) / my hand and seal the day and year above written Jared(?) Holcomb Justice of the Peace

Recorded July 10th 1816

Shepard John Apr 17 1765 May 15 1837   Born Plainfield Conn. Died Barton, NY. According to Murray's History of Old Tioga Point and Early Athens, served as Ensign under Capt VanDusen's Co. Conn. Guards in Rev. War.
Shepard Anna Gore Feb 8 1772 Sept 7 1805   Born Sheshequin, Pa. Wife #1 of John Shepard, dau of Obidiah Gore
Shepard Deborah Hawkins
Jan 18 1844 65 yrs. 3 mos. 14 dys. Wife #2 of John Shepard

OLD MILLTOWN or REST CEMETERY Located at the corner of Hoover and Bradford Streets in Sayre, Bradford County, PA

ABOVE FOUND IN TRI-COUNTIES WEBSITE BY JOYCE TICETri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Ti

Subj:  Re: Probable Error
Date:  12/14/2001 9:18:35 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Robert Rice)

Yes: That is my file. It is one of a series of files being developed on the real estate transactions of Wanton Rice in the Athens, PA area circa 1816-1817.


HISTORY OF BRADFORD COUNTY, published by L. H. Everts & Co., printed by J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia, 1878

[pp 279, 280]


John Shepard was born April 17, 1765, at Plainfield, Conn., of a family who had been long settled there.  He was educated in the academy at that place, which was under the direction of Nathan Daboll, the celebrated arithmetician and astronomer.  At the close of the war, early in 1783, Capt. Simon Spalding, who had married a sister of Mr. Shepard's father, removed to Sheshequin, and, having erected his buildings and comfortably settled his family, he went to his native place, Plainfield, to purchase stock for his new plantation.  On return his nephew, the subject of this sketch, accompanied him to Sheshequin.  There he remained with his uncle until late in the year 1784, when he engaged with Weiss and Hollenback as clerk in their store at Newtown, now Elmira.  In the spring of 1785, disliking the confinement of constant duty in the store, Mr. Shepard started with a servant and a stock of goods on a trading expedition among the natives, exchanging his merchandise for furs.  He continued these expeditions until sometime in 1786, when he engaged with Mr. Hollenback as a clerk in his store at Tioga Point, and thenceforward Tioga and its immediated vicinity was his place of abode during life.  Jan. 2, 1788, Mr. Shepard, in company with Nathaniel Shaw, purchased the mill property at Milltown, consisting of grist-mil, saw-mill, two dwellings, and other buildings.  This was the first mill erected in all this part of the country.  It had been built by Prince Bryant, and the purchase of it at so early a day is but one instance of the remarkable foresight of Mr. Shepard.  Early the following year he purchased the interest of his partner, and thenceforward was sole owner of this valuable property.  At the June session, 1789, of the Luzerne county court, Mr. Shepard was licensed to keep a tavern at Tioga, and in April, 1796, and August, 1799, this license was renewed;  but in what building he kept hotel we have no knowledge.  His life was an active one.  He was merchant, miller, a distiller, and constantly purchasing and selling real estate.

In 1797 he was first elected supervisor of Athens, a position to which he was subsequently frequently called.  In 1809 he was first appointed justice of the peace for Lycoming county, and in 1812, on the erection of Bradford County, this commission was renewed.

June 3, 1790, Mr. Shepard married Anna, daughter of Judge Gore, of Sheshequin, and settled on a farm at Milltown, on the opposite side of the creek from the mills.  He lived on this farm for more than twenty years.  Six of his children were born there.  His wife and eldest son died there.

In December, 1798, his grist-mill was burned.  It was rebuilt and in operation for six weeks.  He added a fulling-milll and oil-mill.  The year of 1805 was one of peculiarly severe domestic afflictions.  In February his oldest son, Prentice, a lad of fifteen years, recieved an injury from a fall on the ice, of which he died in about six weeks.  In August his Uncle, Dr. Amos Prentice, a near neighbor and valued friend, died.  September, Mrs. Shepard was so injured by a fall from her carraige that she survived the accident but thirty hours, and in the fall of the next year, William, a son of Dr. Prentice, died of fever.

(THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE IS AN APPARENT GENEALOGICAL ERROR) In 1811, Mr. Shepard married his second wife on Long island, a Miss Hawkins, of Stony Brook.  She had five children, two sons and three daughters.  She died January, 1844.

Mr. Shepard, after a life of great activity, enterprise, and usefulness, died May 15, 1837, at the age of seventy-three years.  Mrs. Geo. Perkins, author of "Early Times on the Susquehannah," a work of great interest and value, is a daughter of his.

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