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Pension Application of Wealthy Ann GORE
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Pension Application submitted by Jean SPALDING Barbour


(Transcribed to the best of my ability to read old script by Jean Spalding Barbour June 28, 2000)

State of Pennsylvania )

Bradford County )

Be it remembered (?) that before the ----------, a Justice of the Peace in aforesaid County on the 17th day of January A.D. 1840 personally appeared Avery Gore, who being duly sworn upon his solemn oath doth depose and say that he is in the seventy six year of his age, and that he is the brother of Wealthy Ann Spalding, widow of the late Col. John Spalding, and being requested to state his knowledge of the marriage of his said sister, Wealthy Ann with the said John Spalding, he, the said Avery Gore says - that his father, the late Obadiah Gore, was one of the "Connecticut Settlers", so called, who settled at Wyoming, on the Susquehanna River in PA and, having survived the indian war at that memorable place, it was his fortune afterwards to be driven with his family, from that blood -stained valley by what men then called the "Pennamites", to seek a home in other regions. In the year of 1784 the said Obadiah Gore, for himself and as agent for his fellow sufferers in ------misfortunes, went to the Dept. of Government of the State of New York to negotiate for a body of land at Auquago ( ?) above the Great Bend of the Susquehanna River in the last mentioned State--deponant's father, the said Obediah Gore, left home for the purpose aforesaid in the winter of 1784, and in the following spring deponant, who was the oldest of his father's children and the only son, and having been ordered off by the Pennsylvania Claimants and those in power, deponant moved his mother and sisters from Wyoming up the river to Bowman's Creek near what is now called (Tunkhouinoc?) - at this time and previously thereto the said John Spalding had been visiting his, (deponant's) sister, Wealthy Ann, with a view to a matrimonial union. - After moving his mother and and family to Bowman's Creek as aforesaid, as a temporary residence only, and his father having received encouragement in obtaining the land for which he was negotiating, deponant, anticipating (success?) in his father's mission, went to Auquago in September of the same year (1784) to make improvements and provision for the reception he contemplated movement hither of his father's family - deponant, on his return to his mother's at Bowman's Creek in October of same year, and of the truth of which he had not the least shadow of doubt, that his said sister, Weathy Ann, had been married to the said John Spalding in the absence of deponant to Auquago - at the same time the deponant was told that the marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev. (Johnson?) - a friend of the family then at deponant's mother's at Bowman's Creek aforesaid.

Deponant further says that in the fall of the same year deponant's father set out to move, by water, upon the Susquehanna to Auquago, but the river was so low that they were compelled to stop for that (s----?) at Sheshequin, now Bradford County, PA, where he subsequently concluded to remain, and that he did reside there until the day of his death. Deponant further says that the said John Spalding also settled in the Township of Sheshequin aforesaid, in a few months after his aforesaid marriage with Wealthy Ann Gore, where they also resided until the day of the death of said John Spalding and they had a family of fourteen children -- that the said John Spalding was a fifer in the Revolution for which and other services he drew a pension, that the John Spalding died in the year 1828, leaving Wealthy Ann, who (------?) is his widow and is now applying for a pension.

Deponant also resides in Sheshequin aforesaid, where he has resided all the time aforesaid and further said note--

Sworn and subscribed

before me this 17th

day of June 1880 (signature) Avery Gore

-------------? Justice of the Peace

And I, the said Justice, do further certify that the said deponant, Avery Gore is to me well known & that he sustains a good reputation for verity and integrity. (signature) J.P.