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This circa 1868 Mansfield photo is from Joyce's collection. The bend in the road is in front of the now Smythe Park entrance, and the hill in background is Pickle Hill 
Note the fences around each yard. They were not to keep anything in, but instead kept free ranging farm animals out. 
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In 1957, Mansfield PA celebrated its Centennial as a real event of history. The Mansfield Advertiser published several series that year to commemorate the citizens who had built the community. Among those series was one giving brief histories of families who were in the community early. By the tradition of the time, only the men were mentioned in the title. We will correct that by giving the women equal billing by their own name. Living female descendants were identified by their husbands' names. I will add their real names to restore their dignity and value. Some of the family stories are more accurate than others, so you may find elements that you know to be errors as I continue to publish these. We are very grateful to have them and thank the people of Mansfield who in 1957 collected this information that we can now pass on to you.

Pioneer Family in Richmond Township
Mansfield Gazette, June 26, 1957, p.6

James Husted - Catherine Miller Family

James Husted, the pioneer of his family in Richmond Township was born in Westchester County, New York State August 3, 1782, the son of James and Ruth (Bennett) Husted who were married in the Congregational Church of Easton, Conn. on Nov. 23, 1773.

James Husted married on Nov. 13, 1809 Catherine Miller, who was his second wife. He had three sons by his first wife, two of whom settled in Wayne Co., New York State. James and Catherine had seven sons and three daughters, two of whom died young. James moved to Tioga County in 1823, settling first in Jackson Township. He then moved to Rutland Twp. where he appears on the first tax list dated 1829. He moved to Covington where two of his sons, Joseph and Philander settles. His son James B. settled in Blossburg. Ruth Bennett Husted came to Tioga Co. with her son and family. She died in Covington Jan. 20, 1843 aged 92 years and 24 days.

About 1848 James, with his three youngest children, Henry Kent, born Mar. 8, 1823, Elizabeth, born April 9, 1825 and David, born April 18, 1830, settled in Richmond Township on the Peter Vermilyea farm just east of Powers Corners. James died Nov. 15, 1865. Catherine Miller Husted died April 1, 1869. Both are buried in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. Henry Kent Husted lived on this farm until 1890 when he moved to Charleston. He married Ann Jane Evans of Blossburg. They had four children: Ruth Bennett, who married Dr. Frank B. Kirch; Ellen Ann, who married Homer Frank Kingsley and lived in Mansfield; William Henry, who married Charlotte Youmans and lived in Charleston and Mansfield and James Clyde, who married Floy Dochstader and lived in Charleston and Wellsboro.

Elizabeth married first Albert Slingerland. They had one daughter, Katherine (Kate) who married William Barton and lived in Mansfield. Elizabeth married second, Andrew Shaw.

David J. Husted settled in Richmond Twp. He married first Anna Gerould. To them were born four children. All died young. He married second, Mary Shaw. They had four children: Bertha, Carl, Helen and Harry. Helen married Charles Howe and lives on Pickle Hill in Mansfield. Harry married Ida Meeker and lives in Long Beach, California.

Descendants of James Husted now living in Mansfield, in addition to Mrs. Howe, are her daughters, Mrs. Arthur Boucher and Mrs. Fred Jupenlaz.

Mrs. Lula Barton Dodd and Mrs. Belle Barton Murdock, daughters of Kate Slingland Barton.

Mrs. Leonard J. Neal, daughter of William Henry Husted, and her children.

Dr. Benjamin Husted, grandson of James Clyde Husted.

Mrs. Alvira Husted, widow of John Husted, has a son Richard and wife living in Mansfield, Pa.

Mrs. Sidney Knapp, nee Margaret Kingsley, formerly lived in Mansfield for several years and now resides in Maitland, Florida.

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