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Compiled by Emory "Red" Allen & Marian Allen Carberry

submitted by Margaret Hardy 

 The ALLEN family came from Dorchester, England to Massachusetts in 1636. Joseph Allen and his son, Baron, moved from Grafton, New York to Auburn, New York and then to Owego, New York. They came down the North Branch of the Susquehanna on a raft to Terrytown, PA in 1839. There was too much timber there for farming so they went on to New Albany, PA where Joseph put $20 down on 160 acres. He paid the rest in deer and fox hides. Barton returned to Grafton for the rest of the family. They returned in a wagon with all their wordly goods. Barton Allen's home still stands in New Albany, PA. Today it is a machine shop.

 Five of seven Allen brothers enlisted in the Civil War from Albany and proved excellent soldiers. (See "Boys in Blue" by C.F. Heverly, 1898-Page 302) 

 BARTON ALLEN was born in 1801 and died in 1886. He married Zeruah JONES. Zeruah was born in 1803 and died in 1886.


1. Burton Allen b 12/19/1823(NY) d 3/26/1900 (PA)

2. Calvin Allen b 12/14/1824(NY) d 11/22/1908

3. Warren Allen b 9/15/1827 d 1909

4. Mary Allen b 3/5/1830

5. WILLIAM C. ALLEN b 2/17/1832 d 11/1892

6. Oliver Allen b 1/4/1834

7. Gardner W. Allen b 11/7/1835

8. Lydia Ann Allen b 12/13/1837

9. Lavina Allen b 10/6/1839

10. John R. Allen b 11/7/1841 d 1932

11. James Allen b 1844

12. Joseph Allen b 9/26/1845

13. Benajah Allen b 1850 d 1924

 WILLIAM C. ALLEN was born in February 17, 1831 in New York and died in November, 1892. He married Lydia MOON b 7/14/1836 d 5/1888.


1. Alfred Allen b 4/21/1853 d 12/3/1908

2. Arthur Alonzo Allen b 3/5/1856 d 11/8/1928

3. William C. Allen, Jr. b 11/14/1859 d 9/16/1929

4. Winnie Mabell Allen b 11/12/1869 d 3/30/1897

5. RAYMOND L. ALLEN b 8/31/1876 d 11/7/1931 

   RAYMOND L. ALLEN was born 8/31/1876 and died 11/7/1931. He married twice. His first wife was Myrtle CHAPMAN b 9/28/1878 d 4/18/1904. She died of consumption in her early twenties. He then married Margaret HESS. Raymond was a master carpenter and contractor and built many houses and barns in New Albany, PA. Raymond and Myrtle had three children.


1. ALFRED C. ALLEN b 6/3/1897 d 10/24/1971

2. Stanley H. Allen b 4/22/1899

3. Eva Viola Allen b 2/19/1901 

ALFRED CARL ALLEN was born on June 3, 1897. He spent some of his youth in Johnson City, NY where he farmed and drove trucks out of Binghamton, NY. He served three years in the Army in El Paso, Texas and Augusta, Georgia where he rode lead mount in the Cavalry. He contracted diphtheria and was discharged. He returned home to New Albany, PA where he married Edna Gertrude BATES. (See BATES family history)

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