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Compiled by Emory"Red" Allen & Marian (Allen) Carberry

Submitted by Margaret Hardy 

 The Bates Family in Bradford County can be traced back to 1790 when Jacobus (James) QUICK and Hannah PELTON came there from Minisink country in New Jersey to settle what was then called Quick’s Bend. (The QUICK family has been traced to the 1500’s and originated in Narden, Holland). James and Hannah were the first permanent settlers in Quick's Bend, although Phillip Painter and his wife had been on the ground and made some improvements. James served with the North Hampton Rangers in the Revolutionary War. He married Johanna (Hanna) PELTON.

 JACOBUS (James) QUICK was born in 1753 . He married Johanna (Hanna) PELTON


1. Polly (baptised Jun 1, 1777 in Minisink, NJ)

2. Tomas (baptised October 29, 1780 in Minisink, NJ)

3. Samuel (baptised Sep 6, 1781 in Minisink, NJ)

4. Cornelius b Jan 5, 1783

5. Jane QUICK b 1786 d 6/5/1872

6. John

7. Eunice b jun 10, 1796

8. Paul b jun 3, 1799

9. Hannah b 1792

Jane QUICK m John BATES b 1785 d 3/29/1864.


1. James b 6/18/1811

2. Joseph b 3/11/1813

3. Edward b 10/29/1816

4. ALLEN LAPPORT b 4/15/1871

5. Sally b 4/24/1819

6. Eurania b 6/20/1821 d 4/28/1904

7. Hannah b 8/8/1823

8. Philip b 9/29/1825

9. Paul b 9/21/1828

ALLEN LAPPORT BATES was born April 15, 1820. He died on November 19, 1895. He married Catherine DOUGLAS who was born July 27, 1890 and died on February 16, 1890. (Catherine was a descendant of the "Black" Douglas’ Line of Scotland). They were married on April 10, 1842.


1. Adelia Threave b 2/6/1843 d 3/5/1843

2. Charles b 5/5/1844 d 6/1844

3. Sally Henrietta b 6/10/1845 d 9/15/1872

4. Betsy Anna b 5/27/1847 d 2/27/1908

5. Richard McHenry b 2/7/1850 d 3/1/1859

6. George Edgar b 4/9/1852 d 2/16/1927

7. Mary McCelena b 1/22/1854 d 4/28/1925

8. John Adelbert b 1/28/2857 d 2/18/1938

9. Edward Douglas b 10/29/1859 d 12/29/1926

10. Susan Nina b 3/11/1862 d 12/21/1872

11. William Melvin b 2/11/1866 d 7/26/1932

12. Maud Lillian b 2/11/1869 d 9/21/1872

13. Henry Freeman b 9/15/1872 d 1963 (son of Henrietta)

William Melvin BATES was born on February 11, 1866 in Hollenback, Wilmot Twp, Bradford County and died July 26, 1931. He married Ada Olive ROBERTS on July 11, 1893. Ada was born on December 7, 1872. Ada was an Herb doctor. She kept a wood shed filled with herbs and used them to doctor her family. She died on September 23, 1948. William and Ada are both buried in New Era Cementary, New Era, PA.


1. Beatrice Margaret b 5/2/1894 d June 10, 1894

2. Claudia May b 10/1/1895

3. Edna Gertrude b 12/29/1898

4. Hazel Louvisa b June 11, 1908

Edna Gertrude BATES was born December 29, 1895. She died June 24, 1950. Edna married Alfred Carl ALLEN on April 15, 1920 in Towanda, PA. Alfred was born June 3, 1897 and died October 24, 1971. They are both buried in the Tioga Point Cemetery in Athens, PA.


1. Emory Melvin b 2/15/1921

2. Myrtle Ada born 11/14/1922 d June 10, 1982

3. Margaret May b 9/16, 1924

4. Marian Hazel b 9/25/1926

5. Edith Gertrude b 12/28/1927 d 4/28/1989

6. Arlene Anna b June 24, 1929

7. Georgia Rea b 3/5/1931

8. Eleanor Eva b 3/7/1933

9. William Alfred b 8/19/1934

1. Emory ALLEN married Doris E. DAVIDSON March 16, 1943


1a. Joesph Michael b 11/3/1946

2a. Hazel Elizabeth b 3/23/1951

3a. Emory Melvin b 1/2/1953

4a. Raymond Leslie b 10/12/1955(Twin)

5a. Ronald Lester b 10/12/1955(Twin)

6a. Nancy Margene b 11/7/1956

2. Myrtle Ada ALLEN married George GABLE


1a. Richard b 12/11/1943

2a. Gary b 10/7/1948

3a. Cathy G b 5/11/1949

Married Anthony WOROBLEWSKI


1a. Jill b 6/2/1955

2b. Helen b 4/21/1959

3b. Lisa b 3/25/1963

3. Margaret Mae ALLEN married John F. "Mike" NICHOLS 2/18/1939


1a. Robert F b 3/12/1939

2a. Margaret Jean b 7/30/1940

3a. Joyce Arlene b 3/13/1942

4a. John Wesley b 9/16/1945

5a. Merry Kay b 7/10/1948

6a. Dennis Michael b 10/16/1957

7a. Karen Sue b 6/29/1961

4. Marian Hazel ALLEN married William Frances CARBERRY on 12/27/1949


1a. Susan Marie b 1/28/1951, San Fransico, CA

2a. Marian Louise b 6/26/1952, Kyoto, Japan

3a. Patricia Ann b 8/15/1954, Osaka, Japan

4a. Pamela Lee b 10/16/1955, Osaka, Japan

5a. William Frances b 11/25/1958, Shirley, Mass

6a. Douglas Allen, b 8/4/1961, Ruislip, England

7a. Laura Marie b 4/25/1964, Fort Bragg, NC

5. Edith Gertrude ALLEN married Modestino Orlando POLZELLA on Dec. 3, 1949


1a. Lynn Katharine b 5/8/1950

2a. Modestino "Lonnie" Orlando b 4/6/1951

3a. David George b 2/22/1952

4a. John Allen b 3/31/1955

5a. Eleanor G b 7/7/1957
6a. Connie Louise b 7/3/1959 d 3/1973

7a. Paul Douglas b 4/18/1963



1a. Alan Richard born 11/8/1949

2a. MARGARET P born 11/25/1950

3a. Sandra Joanne born 9/8/1952

married Jack SINSABAUGH Children:

1aa. Elaine Jaclene born 1/11/1958

2aa. Shelley Leigh born 12/111961

3aa. Ruth Ann b 6/12/57 (Child of Jack & Catherine Sargent)

4aa. Susan 11/9/59 (Child of Jack & Catharine Sargent)

1a. Alan Richard married Jean MORRISEY Children: 1b. Aaron

2b. Tessa

3b. Laine

2a. Margaret P married Samuel Hardy

Children: 1b. Tracy Michele b 5/13/1969

2b. Theresa Ann b 11/6/1972 (Samuel Hardy & Linda Eggler)

3b. Susan Lee b 6/14/1976 (Samuel Hardy & Linda Eggler)

4b. Samantha Kay b 4/9/1979 (Samuel Hardy & Linda Eggler)

1b. Tracy Michele married Christopher WHITE


1c. Broderick Jackson White b 9/18/1994

2b. Susan Lee married Mike STOVER


1c. Cody Milton Michael Stover b 4/21/1992

3a. Sandra Joanne married Robert RICHARDSON


1b. Robert b 2/1971
1aa. Elaine Jaclene married Matthew AMEIGH Children: 1b. Sarah

2b. Dillon

2aa. Shelley Leigh married Michael BARRY Children: 1b. Jason Michael 12/28/83
3aa. Ruth Ann married Ronald HALL


1b. Ronald 1/7/82
4aa. Susan married Brian RIFENBURG


1b. Theresa b 5/1/76

2b. Mindy b 12/15/81

3b. Carrie b 12/16/85

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