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The Blackwell Family

by James Blackwell

Written for The Gate Keeper, 1912

John and Sarah Blackwell, Nailsworth, Glocestershire, England, and Enoch Blackwell, Sr., of Haven Parish, Glocestershire, England.

These all came over in 1804. Sailed from Bristol on April 2, landed at Philadelphia May 17. Among this company was a lad 13 years old, by the name of Thomas Lloyd and a lady by the name of Sarah Lugg. She became the wife of Thomas Clinch and later the wife of Enoch Blackwell, Sr.

The company of men purchased 12,000 acres of land in the counties of Tioga and Lycoming and paid $12,000 for it. A Presbyterian minister by the name of Joehn Hay was their leader. In the early spring of 1805 they started for their new homes and reached there in safety and commenced living in the darkest kind of wilderness. A forest of the largest kind of timber, principally pine and hemlock. They went to work and cleared up several farms. After several years they became discontented and began to leave. Their place was named English settlement; I think the first to leave was Enoch Sr. Its name today is Oregon Hill. He went to Pine Creek where Blackwells is now situated. There he purchased 400 acres and commenced to clear it up and lumber. This was the spring of 1810. He farmed and lumbered until 1816 in the spring, and went down the river with his lumber and was taken sick at Jersey Shore and died, aged 54. William was his oldest son, John, Nancy, Hannah, Phebe and Sarah.

Nancy married a man by the name of Henry Tomb and lived at Dantz Run on Pine Creek.
Hannah married a man by the name of Haydock, they went west.
Phebe married a man by the name of Shearer and they went to Illinois.
Sarah married John Gamble of Jersey Shore.
Enoch, half brother, settled at Nelson, Tioga County.
John went to Bradford County, West Burlington, and there he remained.
Joshua went to Jersey Shore. I can not name his children.
Peter, I think, died at English Settlement, in what year I can not tell. Quite a few died at English Settlement.
William, son of Enoch Sr., remained at Blackwells untill he died, December 3, 1859.

Children of William: Mary Ann Blackwell, George Blackwell, Enoch Blackwell, John M. Blackwell, Sarah Blackwell, William Blackwell and James Blackwell. I am the only one left of this family and I will be 74 years old the 16th day of September. (note: 1912 lzc)

taken from Gemini published by the Twin Tiers Genealogical Society

Vol. IX no 1 September 1979 page 11.