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Submitted by John Mingos 
Photo of Margaret Boice (1784/7-1872) sent in by Patricia STILWELL Mims


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 16 APR 2005
       The attached is original research on this line. From Candor Twsp, Tioga Co, NY to Monroe Twsp, Bradford Co in early 1840's.
John Mingos

Descendants of French Booice and Unknown Wife
Descendants of Abraham Boice and Anna (Amy) Surname Unknown

Submitted by John Mingos May 2005 and September 2005

Descendants of John Marbletown Boyce(1st)  September 2005

 1   John Marbletown Boyce(1st) 1734 - 1810
........... 2   Abraham Boice(Boyce) 1754 - 1825
...............  +Unknown 1760 - 1785
......................... 3   Peter Boyce 1781 -
.............................  +Mary Polly Yaple 1782 -
....................................... 4   Lewis Boice 1805 -
....................................... 4   Thomas Boice 1805 -
...........  *2nd Wife of Abraham Boice(Boyce):
...............  +Anna(Amy) 1767 - 1839
......................... 3   Margaret Boice 1787 - 1872
.............................  +Sylvester White 1784 - 1882
....................................... 4   Abraham White 1807 -
....................................... 4   John White 1809 - 1898
...........................................  +Sophia Mingos 1828 - 1852
...................................................... 5   Daniel Miller White 1852 - 1927
..........................................................  +Emeline Coursen 1846 - 1923
.................................................................... 6   Mamie Belle White 1880 - 1971
........................................................................  +Elmer Stillwell 1861 - 1925
................................................................................. 7   Nelson Stillwell 1912 -
.....................................................................................  +Lucella Atwater 1912 -
................................................................................................ 8   Patricia Elaine Stillwell 1948 -
....................................... 4   Six Others White 1812 -
....................................... 4   George White 1824 -
....................................... 4   G Elie White 1826 -
......................... 3   John A Boice 1791 - 1871
.............................  +Elizabeth Knickerbocker 1797 - 1855
......................... 3   Abram(Jr) Boice 1794 - 1856
.............................  +Lois Knickerbocker 1795 - 1870
......................... 3   Naoma Boice 1796 - 1875
.............................  +Robert B Van Leuven 1792 - 1873
......................... 3   Stephen Bois(Boice) 1801 - 1885
.............................  +Mary 1800 - 1849
....................................... 4   Edward E Bois 1821 - 1844
....................................... 4   Pursila Bois 1823 - 1863
...........................................  +Alonzo Mingos 1818 - 1884
...................................................... 5   Edward E. Mingos 1844 - 1916
..........................................................  +Francis L. Bowman 1844 - 1892
.................................................................... 6   Markie Mingos 1867 - 1869
.................................................................... 6   Frederick E Mingos 1869 - 1936
........................................................................  +Leah Maud Snell 1876 - 1968
................................................................................. 7   Henry Edward Mingos 1900 - 1972
.....................................................................................  +Margaret Delphine Hart 1902 - 1976
................................................................................................ 8   John Frederick Mingos 1933 -
....................................................................................................  +Jeanine Lee Keener 1936 -
................................................................................. 7   Francis Carl Mingos 1918 - 2000
.....................................................................................  +Vera Ruth Schrag 1920 -
................................................................................................ 8   Vera Ann Mingos 1945 -
....................................................................................................  +Charles Pattison Graham 1940 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Vera Michelle Graham 1969 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Katie McKoy Graham 1972 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Caroline Pattison Graham 1976 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Morey McLean Graham 1976 -
................................................................................................ 8   Steven C Mingos 1950 -
....................................................................................................  +Maria DeArmond 1954 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Steven C Taylor Mingos 1985 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Peter Jacob Mingos 1987 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Stephanie Maria Mingos 1988 -
.............................................................................................................. 9   Kristina Jean Mingos 1990 -
......................................................  *2nd Wife of Edward E. Mingos:
..........................................................  +SusannahH 1846 - 1920
...................................................... 5   Wells Mingos 1847 - 1873
...................................................... 5   Mary Ann Mingos 1848 -
..........................................................  +Frank Piersall 1847 - 1891
...................................................... 5   Warren Mingos 1852 - 1917
..........................................................  +DenaH 1852 -
...................................................... 5   Charles Mingos 1856 - 1914
..........................................................  +Bella Ackley 1859 - 1935
.................................................................... 6   Theodore A Mingos 1881 - 1930
........................................................................  +Ellen 1884 - 1940
................................................................................. 7   Beatrice Mingos 1908 -
...................................................... 5   Frank Mingos 1859 - 1882
...................................................... 5   Abram Mingos 1860 - 1883
....................................... 4   Almira Boise 1825 - 1918
....................................... 4   Margaret Bois 1827 - 1899
...........................................  +Samuel Cole 1817 - 1892
....................................... 4   Peter Bois 1829 - 1864
....................................... 4   Abram E Bois 1832 - 1904
...........................................  +Mary Jane Weigel 1834 - 1910
...................................................... 5   Ida Bell Bois 1860 - 1916
..........................................................  +John S Mingos 1859 - 1921
.................................................................... 6   Daisey Mingos 1885 - 1972
........................................................................  +Dewey Dennis 1880 - 1954
.................................................................... 6   Jay(Dr) D Mingos 1890 - 1944
........................................................................  +Ethyl Boggs 1890 - 1934
................................................................................. 7   John(Jack) F Mingos 1922 - 1945
.................................................................... 6   Ruth Mildred Mingos 1892 - 1962
........................................................................  +Harry Decker Bull 1872 - 1957
...................................................... 5   Fred Stanley Bois 1866 - 1915
..........................................................  +Blanche Bubb 1866 - 1945
.................................................................... 6   Dean Abram Bois 1889 - 1972
................................................................................. 7   Blanche Adeline Bois 1914 - 1986
.....................................................................................  +John Brennan 1914 -
................................................................................................ 8   Elaine Brennan 1947 -
.................................................................... 6   Ralph Stanley Bois 1891 - 1926
....................................... 4   Juliette Bois 1835 - 1844
....................................... 4   Hiram Bois 1837 - 1859
.........................  *2nd Wife of Stephen Bois(Boice):
.............................  +Catharine Bull Coolbaugh 1803 - 1896
......................... 3   Catharine Boice 1801 - 1830
.............................  +Zopher McClosky 1800 - 1860
......................... 3   Eli Boice 1803 - 1885
.............................  +Sarah 1813 - 1876
......................... 3   Emery Boice 1806 - 1889
.............................  +Olive Penelope Krum 1814 - 1889
........... 2   John Jr Boise 1760 - 1846
...............  +Anne Cantine 1756 - 1832
......................... 3   Hannah Boice 1791 -
......................... 3   Abraham Boice 1793 -
......................... 3   Mathew C Boice 1796 -
......................... 3   Peter Boice 1797 -
........... 2   Samuel Boise 1775 -
........... 2   Henry Boice 1783 -
...............  +Abigail Lee 1783 - 1863
........... 2   Robert Boise 1784 -

Descendants of John Marbletown Boyce(1st)
September 1005 edition
Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST) was born Abt. 1734 in Netherlands, and died Aft. 1810 in Marbletown, Ulster Co,NY census.

1790 census of Marbletown Twp, Ulster Co John 1st Boyce 1 2 6  (the 2 boys show in 1810 census).
1790 John Boyce Jr 1 0 2 . So with the statements that Abraham is the brother of the John who maried Ann Cantine,
         this John Boyce 1st (Senior)in Marbletown seems to be the godfather to my Boice line.
1800 census lots of Cantine's in Marbletown. FOUND THEM ! John Buys Sen Pg 198 Fam 7913   01101  10301 00
         John Buys Jr  Pg 196 Fam 7057 30010  11010  10.  The people around John Sr are the same as in 1810.
1810 census Ulster Co Marbletown John Boise same page as Abraham.  00001  00001  total 2
         His boys together same page  Samuel Boise 30010(26-45 b 1780?)  10010 tot 6   Robert Boise  20100(16-26
         b1784?)  10100  total 5. These are new - not on Lorraine Luke's list from Olive.
2004 From Sharon Scofield, "Beekman Patent pages". John Boice that m Ann Cantine is a BROTHER of Abraham Boice.
2004,Jan  there are two genealogies of Boice in the Ulster Co,NY Genealogical Society. PO Box 536, 17 Main St, Hurley
          NY 12443.  Also the Ulster Co Archives, Kingston, NY  845-340-3415
         1. Boice  James Hillyer Boice,Jr  1996  2. Boice  A tree grows in Ulster Robert Haines 1983  3. Also a bible record
          Henry Boice m Abigail Lee  1815 (b abt 1783), son of John Boice b 1760?
          From the www.worldconnect.genealogy.rootsweb  Ulster & Albany Co, NY Ancestores & Descendents I have about
         41 Boice b & d's in Shandaken, Boiceville, Olive, etc Ulster Co, NY.
2004 Feb I obtained a book NY in the Rev by James A Roberts pub 1897. It has in the Albany Co Militia:  Abraham Boice,
         Abraham Buys & Abraham Boyce. In the Ulster Co Militia : 14 duDubois, Buice, Buoy, Benony Mulks, duBoies, etc.
         In the Westchester Co Militia: Boyce, Buice, Bruice, Buyse, Byse, Bice etc. 3 Boyce in Dutchess Co
2004, Sept  I have 41 Boice search results from About this time I grew tired of being
          the only researcher chasing Abraham Boice, and I did not followup to examine the above two genealogies. then in
          August 2005 I received the below.  Any future searching of local records should be in the area of the Tongore                Cemetery. Rt 213, Ulster Co, NY. Marbletown Twsp, which was Stone Ridge.
2005,July a tel call to Judy Boice of Lansing,Mi . She says her family history indicates Netherlands Dutch.Then I found
         Abraham & John Boise in 1810 Marbletown,Ulster Co & then Abraham & John Boyce in 1790 Marbletown!! 1800
        census - Whoa they are Buys. When did they arrive in Tongore? They are not in the Ulster Revolutionary Militia
        although Abraham is listed as a soldier of the Rev. living in Caroline.  I am interested in their connection , if any, to
        the other pre- 1790 Boyce/Boice ie ships lists, European locations, etc.
2005 August  I received 10 pages of Boice genealogy from Ulster Co Gen.Soc, PO box 536, Hurley,NY 12443
         The sequence of spelling of the Dutch name by date is: Boyce, Byas, Buys, Boise, Boice, Bois
Other Boice Immigrants:
          John WASH Co Boice b Bet 1755-1775, 1800 census 40010 20010
          John Otsego Boice b abt 1760 1800 census Cherry Valley, NE of Cooperstown 00010 10100 26-45
               1801 deeds of Delaware Co,NY Abraham Dubois of Phila silversmith bgt in Otsego Co between Delaware &
               Susquehanna rivers 422 acres Recorded July 17 1856
          James Boice b abt 1761 enlisted NY Line, next to John Boice Pg3
          Abraham Cayuga Boice b abt 1775, Cayuga Co, NY 1800 census Cayuga  Romulus  John Boyce,Jacob Boyce. So
                another family in NY goes Boyce to Boice. 1810 Abraham Boice in Cayuga Co, Locke,NY just N of Ithaca 2101
                (26-45)0 200100
          Abraham & Stephen Du Bois b abt 1775 New Paltz  This is the French settlement. 1840 census New Paltz,NY
                 Stephen G DuBois pg 41 30-40 1 U5,F U5, F10-15 the rest not copied. This does not checkout- an enormous
                 census reading effort went into this wild goose chase of DUBOIS
2. i. ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), b. 15 May 1754, Bible record (Ulster Co to Tioga Co,NY); d. 6 August 1825, Mulks cem, 71 y 2 mo 21 da (bible).
3. ii. JOHN JR BOISE, b. Abt. 1760, 1790 Marbletown census 1 0 2 Pg 189; d. 15 May 1846, Ulster Co,NY.
 iii. SAMUEL BOISE, b. Abt. 1775, 1810 census 30010  10010.
 iv. HENRY BOICE, b. Abt. 1783, proof of his parents are in Hurly, LDS record; m. ABIGAIL LEE; b. 17 September 1783, poss Wf -  m 1815 Ulster Co bible record; d. 6 April 1863.
 v. ROBERT BOISE, b. Abt. 1784, 1810 census 20100  10100.

Generation No. 2

2.  ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE) (JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) (Source: Bois Bible record  with Elaine Heddle.) was born 15 May 1754 in Bible record (Ulster Co to Tioga Co,NY), and died 6 August 1825 in Mulks cem, 71 y 2 mo 21 da (bible).  He married (1) UNKNOWN Abt. 1780.  She was born Abt. 1760 in m abt 1780, and died Abt. 1785.  He married (2) ANNA(AMY) Abt. 1786.  She was born 9 April 1767 in unknown, m abt 1785, and died 19 January 1839 in Straits Corner,Tioga Co NY.

1754 The supposition is that our Boyce,Buys,Boise,Boice are Netherlands into Ulster Co,NY or a nearby county such as           Washington or Westchester. . The name means wood - a surname given those who live in or near the woods, or who
         handle wood. Is John Boyse 1st the immigrant? It's looking like there are Boice in Wash.Co North of Glen Falls,NY
         and in Westchester Co before 1790.
1775-81 Rev. War  Abraham Boice, Gen John Cantine & son John Jr. " Soldiers who lived in the Town of Caroline,NY"
    The book  "NY in the Rev by James Roberts 1897", Albany Co, NY
         Militia  Col Abraham Wemple's unit Pg  81- 2 possibles are Abraham Boice & James & Abraham Boyce - enlisted.
         Pg 224 in Westchester Co is Abraham Boice. Since there are no Abraham's in Ulster Militia, our Abram must
         be one of the above?   There is a story that 3 Boice men helped with the capture of Major John Andre who was
         involved with Benedict Arnold. There are lots of Boice,Bice,Buice etc in the Westchester Co Militia. You can
         readily see how the Beekman papers mixed up our Boice with Buys - all the different spellings.
1781  Eldest son Peter is b. Abraham's 1st wife ? - must die by mid 1780's.
1787  b. Margaret - if her mother is Anna (Amy), she would have been 20 yrs old.
1790  census Marbletown Twp, Ulster Co  FOUND THEM ! Abraham BOYCE 11200  U16 Peter, Margaret is 3 yr old fem
          Wow, so he is right where Eli said - Tongore area is in Marbletown Twp. These name changes imply a discomfort
          level with the English census takers. Now when did Abram & John arrive there, ie deeds and where from?
1797,12 Feb  John Byas & Ann Cantine  b Mathew 1796 Marbletown Reformed Dutch Church
1791-1807  7 more children
1794 Pg 295 Sylvester's History of Ulster Co mentions Abraham Boice as inhabitant of Marbletown
1800 census I brut force scanned all of Marbletown & several other Ulster Twps - nothing. Then FOUND THEM!
         Abraham Buys Pg 197 bottom of page  21110  11010 00 he & Wf are 26-45. U10 John & Abram Jr, 10-16 unknown,
        16-26 Peter. Fem Naoma & Margaret.
1810 census , Ulster Co Marbletown Pg 167,roll 37 series M252. FOUND HIM!  ABRAHAM BOISE 30201 11010 total 9
         U10 Stephen,Eli,Emory  16-26 John A, Abram,Jr  over 45 Abraham Sr  U10 Catharine 10-16 Naoma
         26-45 Anna(Amy). Peter Bise is in Spencer Twp, Tioga Co. This spelling is unique to 1810 census. It sure caused a
         lot of extra time.
1810 census Sylvester White, m to Margaret Boice in 1805, is in Middletown Township, SE corner Delaware Co, NY
         near Shandaken
1812/14  Abraham Boice settled the hamlet of Boiceville, Tioga Co NY which is the former name of West Slaterville (map
          only shows  Slaterville Springs).   It occurs to me now that this could be Jr. -  source Diary in Tioga Co Hist Soc.
           Landmarks of Thompkins Co - ABRAHAM BOICE, JR came in from Ulster county in 1816 and first cleared
           lands in the town of Dryden. T/Caroline historian says Abram Jr came in 1812
1816  Sharon Scofield: "Abraham was an early settler of Caroline and came over the turnpike from Tongue Gore
          (Tongore Cemetery, Rt 213 near Olivebridge across the reservoir from Boiceville) about 6 miles from
           Marbletown or Stone Ridge, NY in 1816 and bought property from Capt.Robison". Source: CharlesF Mulks
           interview with Eli Boice in 1879. Dewitt Historical Society-Ithaca.
1816 Landmarks of Tompkins Co - Caroline. Abraham,Sr bought out Capt Robinson, who lived on the Smiley farm.
          Henry Quick and Moses & Simeon Schoonmaker were then living near.
1820 Tioga Co,NY 3x5 cards  a Jacob Willsey Diary P61 shows Abm Boice, and 1820 P67 Caroline the same three
          that show as Boyce in the 1820 census. Since the area is spelled Boiceville, I will go with that.
1820 census Caroline Twsp , Tioga  Co (Co History  must be studied to figure out how Caroline is in Tioga , and
         later in Tompkins, formed in 1817)  Abram BOYCE 45 & over  020201  01001  10-16 Emery & Eli 16-26 Stephen &
         unkown (no 4th son in bible,same male as in 1810 census) Fem 10-16 Catharine.
         Also Abram,Jr BOYCE and John A BOYCE, both 26-45.   Peter Boyce is in Danby. Naoma is in Marbletown
1820 census Caroline Twp, Tioga Co  Hugh Boyce 45 & over,b abt 1770 - relation?  201301  20100 no wife, the children
         are younger than Abram's. 1840 Hugh Bois Tioga Co, Owego Twp  1010101   00101 b 1790-1800
         and H Bois Vestal, Broome Co.
1825, died, hand written Bois bible record recorded after 1866, by Mary Jane Weigel Bois - lady handwriting.
           Patricia Mims, Rochester,NY has a copy of his will from Ithaca . She is an officer of the Rochester,NY
           Genealogy Society and has data on the Boice line.
1825 Mulks cem, Slaterville Springs,NY 73 years old
1839, d  bible record says Wf Anna.     Mulks cem says Amy
2004 Web site of Ann Buckley does not validate - copied from Beekman Papers,Samuel Buys father of Abraham Boice.

Marriage: Abt. 1780

Notes for ANNA(AMY):
1830 census after Abraham's death, where is she?
1839 Mulks cem age 72, bible 71y 9 mo 10 da   possible misreading of gravestone  nn to m  and  a with tail to y. What
         does the 1879 interview say her name was? The 1860 census of Thompkins Co -  an Elias Amy, head of household.

Marriage: Abt. 1786
4. i. PETER3 BOYCE, b. 1781, Marbletown, Ulster Co 1790 census; d. Ohio?.

Children of ABRAHAM BOICE(BOYCE) and ANNA(AMY) are:
5. ii. MARGARET3 BOICE, b. 4 February 1787, close to Tongore,NY m July 14 1805 where?; d. 17 March 1872, Caroline, NY.
 iii. JOHN A BOICE, b. 25 May 1791, Tongore,NY; d. 19 January 1871, Mulks cem, 79y 8 mo 25 da; m. ELIZABETH KNICKERBOCKER; b. 24 April 1797; d. 14 August 1855, Mulks cem 58y 3 mo 21 da.

Notes for JOHN A BOICE:
1812-14 War John A Boice #8,330  Soldiers who lived in the Town of Caroline
1816,July 11  dau Annie H Boice  d Jan 20, 1900 Mulks Cem, m George William Bush
1820 Census  b bet 1775-1794  000010  2010001  Wf is 16-26 John was b 1791
1840 John A Boice On same  Pg358 as Emery,  Tompkins Co, NY Caroline  Landmarks of Thompkins Co - John
          Boice owns the farm of Charles Mulks. The school house of Slaterville stood on this farm in 1818.
1840 Also John Bois Tompkins Co, Ithica pg 260, roll 345  11100001  1001001 b abt 1795

 iv. ABRAM(JR) BOICE, b. 1794, Tongore, Ulster Co; d. 10 February 1856, Mulks cem, age 62y; m. LOIS KNICKERBOCKER; b. 1795, Ch:Eliz b1827,Cath b c1832, Wealthy C b c1836; d. 11 May 1870, Mulks cem, age 75.

Notes for ABRAM(JR) BOICE:
1812 According to T/Caroline historian Abram Jr came in 1812
1816  Landmarks of Thompkins Co  Jr came in from Ulster Co in 1816 and first cleared lands in the town of Dryden,
          and later on the farm owned in recent years by Ed Thomas, east side of Dryden road. It was from the Boice
          family that "Boiceville", a hamlet west of Slaterville, took its name.
1816  Boice's Inn built by Abraham Boice,Jr in 1816, he was from Ulster Co. Taverns & Inns in the Town of Caroline
1820 census Candor Twsp, Tioga Co.  100010  20010  b between 1785 - 1794. mother b 1767     Wf is  26-45
1823 the T/Caroline move from Tioga Co to Thompkins Co
1830 census Candor Twsp Tioga Co  Abram is Inn keeper in Caroline
1840 census Caroline Thompkins Co Abram Boice 0001101  1111101 age 40-50
1850 census  record of Inn Keepers  Abram Boice and 4 others. 1860 census now just one Inn keeper.
1856 Abram Boice, d.Feb 10,1856 ae 62 yrs. Unsure of years?
1861 m Kate Boice to John R Ellis b 1826. She b abt 1832.  Landmarks of Tompkins Co, Part 3

 v. NAOMA BOICE, b. Abt. 1796, Tongore, NY, there is a picture of her in old age; d. 12 May 1875, Straits Corners,Tioga Co,NY; m. ROBERT B VAN LEUVEN; b. Abt. 1792, Marbletown, Ulster Co,NY; d. 5 April 1873, Straits Corners,Tioga Co,NY.

Notes for NAOMA BOICE:
1820 census Marbletown, NY  Robert B Vanleuven 00010  2001        and his father is on the next page 121
         Robert 00001  0201.  So Naoma with 2 children must be at least 20 yrs old - Teri Dimmett says b abt 1796.
1860 census indexes  no hits on given or surname

2005 Middle name Beatty  source

6. vi. STEPHEN BOIS(BOICE), b. 22 February 1801, Tongore, Ulster Co,NY; d. 3 September 1885, Canton,Pa at son Abram's, buried Sept 5th unknown no gravestone.
 vii. CATHARINE BOICE, b. 21 July 1801, Tongore, NY conflict with Stephen on b date; d. 11 June 1830, Age 28 yrs 10 mos 20 da; m. ZOPHER MCCLOSKY; b. Abt. 1800; d. Bef. 1860.

1801 b all data source: bible record from Elaine Heddle. This date conflicts with Stephens. From 1820 census
        she shows as 10-16. That would b abt 1805
1830 no cemetery data in Mulks cem for the McClosky
1860 No Zopher McClosky in census index

1823 Slaterville Post Office. Chapt 15, Caroline Landmarks of Tompkins Co. The Slaterville House
          was a hotel built many years ago and kept at various periods by Zophar T MCLUSKY and
          six or more others. In 1971 when the springs began to be developed, and the reputation of the
         waters became known, W J Carns took this house, renamed it the Magnetic Springs House, enlarged
         and improved it, beautified the grounds, drilled for a supply of the water, and opened it to the public.

 viii. ELI BOICE (Source: Charles Mulks Papers, Cornell Univ Library, History of Mulks in Caroline, NY publ 1899.), b. 1803, Tongore, Ulster Co; d. 1885, Mulks cem; m. SARAH; b. 1813, Ch:Nancy 1833-1907 m Daniel Miller Bowman, Charles 1837-1841,Sally A 1834-1979,George 1836-1879; d. 1876, Mulks cem.

Notes for ELI BOICE:
1840 Tompkins Co, NY Caroline census Pg 359
1879 interview with Charles F Mulks & Eli Boice. Eli came from Tongue Gore when 13 years old with his father,
         Abraham. Also source -  Landmarks of Tompkins Co, Caroline. Mulk's also mentions STEP SON PETER.

 ix. EMERY BOICE, b. 3 March 1806, Tongore, Ulster Co; d. 13 August 1889, age 83 Mulks cem,Slaterville Springs; m. OLIVE PENELOPE KRUM; b. 1814, Ulster Co,NY m Jan 3 1836 New Paltz, NY; d. 30 January 1889, age 75,Mulks cem ch: William K 1836-1913, James 1843-1918.

Notes for EMERY BOICE:
1840 Tompkins Co Caroline Census Pg 358
1860 Census Dryden, NY  age 54, b NY $8000 $1100  Nelly 49 William 23, James 17

3.  JOHN JR2 BOISE (JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born Abt. 1760 in 1790 Marbletown census 1 0 2 Pg 189, and died 15 May 1846 in Ulster Co,NY.  He married ANNE CANTINE.  She was born 7 March 1756, and died 3 March 1832 in Ulster Co,NY.

Notes for JOHN JR BOISE:
1800 census John Buys Jr Pg 196 fam 7057  30010 11010  1 0 so the 3 boys in Rev Juliens pages likely
         are Jr's. Not in Sr's census.
1810 census look several pages beyond John Sr. This Jr is  John Olive Boice b 1760
Children of JOHN BOISE and ANNE CANTINE are:
 i. HANNAH3 BOICE, b. 25 March 1791, Source Rev Julien.
 ii. ABRAHAM BOICE, b. Bet. 1793 - 1796, Ulster Co,NY  source:Rev Julien.
 iii. MATHEW C BOICE, b. 1796, 1840 census of Olive, Ulster Co Rev Julien "son of Anne".
 iv. PETER BOICE, b. Abt. 1797, Rev Julien "son of Anne".

Generation No. 3

4.  PETER3 BOYCE (ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 1781 in Marbletown, Ulster Co 1790 census, and died in Ohio?.  He married MARY POLLY YAPLE.  She was born Abt. 1782 in Yaples in Mulks cem,Caroline Twp, and died in Ohio?.

Notes for PETER BOYCE:
1790 census Marbletown Twp, Ulster Co 11200. that is Peter U16
1800 census Marbletown Abraham Buys  21110 11010  Peter is the 3rd position 16-26
1810 census of Abraham Boise  he is not with his father. 1810 census Tioga Co Spencer Twp. Today's town of
         Spencer is 5 miles west of Candor & 10 miles south of Danby. Peter Bise 20010  001000  he 26-45 she 16-26
         The way I am finding these guys is first to search on their Given name, because the last name varies.
          2 boys U10 could be Lewis & Thomas. Sooo he was the first to come from Ulster.
1820 census Tioga Co, Danby That he was the first Boyce to come from Ulster Co to Tioga Co,NY, Caroline area
         Pg 440 alphabetic Peter Boyce  220010  2001  (26-45).  Hert. Quest incorrectly indexes this to Royce.
         We know from the 1850's letters that a farmhand came over to Caroline from Danby to help.
1830 census of Candor Twsp, Tioga Co Peter Boice  0211101  0011001 (40-50) Pg 238. Also John Boice maybe Peter's
        son,  01001  00001 20-30 .
183X moved to Erie Co, Ohio If I knew location I could find him in the 1850 census.
1879  I have a lot of data from Sharon Scofield, Cal saying he is a step son of Eli, Emory & John. From an
          interview with Charles F Mulks -  publ in Landmarks of Thompkins Co.
Children of PETER BOYCE and MARY YAPLE are:
 i. LEWIS4 BOICE, b. Abt. 1805, Tompkins Co, Caroline Twp.

Notes for LEWIS BOICE:
1840 census Caroline Twp Thompkins Co  202001 011001  age 30-40.- attached here, Peter has 4 boys in 1820 census
         These two Boice and 2 Boyce are all near each other Pg 364-367. The same census taker distinguishes Lewis &               Thomas with Boice, while Augustus(60-70) & Thomas (40-50) are Boyce.

 ii. THOMAS BOICE, b. Abt. 1805, Thompkins Co, Caroline Twp.

1840 census Caroline Twp, Thomp Co  Thomas Boice  111001   001101  age 30-40 Pg 365 who are his parents?

5.  MARGARET3 BOICE (ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 4 February 1787 in close to Tongore,NY m July 14 1805 where?, and died 17 March 1872 in Caroline, NY.  She married SYLVESTER WHITE.  He was born 15 April 1784 in Ulster Co, moved many times, and died 16 July 1882 in Wisconsin, one of longest life in file.

1810 census Sylvester White & Wf in Middletown,Twp Delaware Co, NY. Are Abraham & Anna sponsors for the m?
1850 Census Wf of Sylvester in Monroe Twsp, Brad Co, Pa age 63
1870 census Town of Caroline, NY Tioga Co
1871,abt  I now have a picture of Margaret at a middle age, source Pat Mims, Rochester,NY

1800 census Ulster Co Shawangunk Pg 253 Charles White  31010  0001000  Sylvester is 10-16
1810 Census Middletown,NY Delaware Co. This is a Township, SE corner of Del Co includes Halcottsville.
         20100 00100 00 this is Margaret b 1887. Pg 203
1820 Census Dryden, Thompkins Co, NY
1824 moved again to Tioga Co, NY  all the Boice are near town of Caroline
1840 Census of Monroe Twsp  Sylvester  00111101  0010200  Abram White (son) 000001  00001 b Jan 10, 1807
          eldest ch. Their deed 1839 Margaret is 1st Boice into Brad Co.
1850 Census Monroe Twsp Sylvester  66, M (Margaret) 63,   Eli (E.E is a Vet?) age 23, Ellen age 18
1870 moved back to Caroline, NY with George White, his son. George White is mentioned in the 1867 Boice
         letter from Boiceville, NY. He is running a mill.
 i. ABRAHAM4 WHITE, b. 10 January 1807.
7. ii. JOHN WHITE, b. 5 June 1809, 2nd wf Catherine M Ervine,1819-1841; d. 1898, New Albany, Pa.
 iii. SIX OTHERS WHITE, b. Bet. 1812 - 1824.
 iv. GEORGE WHITE, b. 21 April 1824, the 1867 Boiceville,NY letter, George has a Mill.
 v. G ELIE WHITE, b. 13 August 1826, GxE White is on 1858 Lake Ames map of Monroe Twsp,Pa.

6.  STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE) (ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 22 February 1801 in Tongore, Ulster Co,NY, and died 3 September 1885 in Canton,Pa at son Abram's, buried Sept 5th unknown no gravestone (Source: The Bradford Republican newspaper.).  He married (1) MARY.  She was born 23 January 1800 in unknown, m Caroline Twsp, Tioga Co NY, and died 23 February 1849 in Lib Corn cem 49yrs 2 mos.  He married (2) CATHARINE BULL COOLBAUGH.  She was born 11 January 1803 in Ire, m.10 Nov 1853 Towanda  BCHS index cards, and died 19 July 1896 in Monroe Twsp- Wysox cem, wid.of Absalom Coolbaugh.

1820 Census Caroline Twsp, NY Tioga Co.   m. Mary abt now, their 1st child Sept 1821
1822 Litchfield Twsp, Brad Co   John Boyce first constable in 1822
1825 Abraham Boice dies, but the boys show in 1840 Caroline, Tompkins Co. formed in 1817
1826 David Boyce arrives in Troy twsp. His son Joseph b 1847 has a history in Bradsby 1891 Hist of Brad Co
           The Boyce of Troy township are not related unless they  were brothers in Herkimer Co, NY in 1802.
           The story goes: David & Nancy (Keyser) Boyce b 1802  d. 1875 Kansas. Came to Troy at age 24, single,
            in 1826 and cleared and improved the farm. He is stated as a native of Herkimer Co, NY but the 1870
           Census shows him b. HESS (Hesse). Nancy Keyser was  b. Pa, and lived in Troy. They had 8 children,
           with one name similiar - 'Hiram'. Their 6th child, Joseph G Boyce, b Aug 16,1847  in the Civil War.
1830 Census Candor Twsp, Tioga Co,NY 11001   12001 Stephen may have bgt this farm, moving apart from Abraham.
          He is sited as an heir to Abraham in a land record.
1840 Census of Monroe Twsp on Rootsweb   No BOIS in township, but a lot of BOYCE in Co.
1840 Census FOUND THEM - TIOGA Co, NY   Roll 344 Pg 126   1 1 1 1 0 0 1    0 1 1 2 0 0 1 Stephen BOICE
           U5 Hiram, 5-10 Abram, 10-15 Peter, 15-20 Edward,   5-10 Juliette, 10-15 Margaret ,15-20 Almira & Pursila
1840 Census Independence,NY A Sarah Boyce with 3 dau. She is the widow  of Stephen Boyce, who came
             from New Hampshire in 1821. It is interesting they are 3 miles from the Mingus.
1842,abt Pursila Bois m Alonzo Mingos Monroe Twsp. We do not know exactly when Stephen and family came
              to Hollon Hill, but they like others they came from Southern NY, Tioga Co.
1844 Juliette d. 25 Aug 1844 Lib Corn Cem.  Family bible record also says d. Aug 25, 1844 9 yrs 6 mo 25 da
1845  A burial marker in Riverside Cemetery for Suryellon DuBois. b 16 Jan 1841 d 25 Jun 1845 4 yrs
         Possibly child of Marie DuBois, 1850 Census of Monroe Twsp but marker says son of Hiram & Fanny DuBois
1850 Census  Monroe Twsp Stephen Bois 49 yrs no wife.widower $1,000   farmer b NY:  sons Peter 21
          - farmer, Abram 18 -farmer and Hiram 12  dau Margaret 23. Both Peter and Abram show as farmers.
1850 Census Monroe Twsp, Pg 231  L T Boyce  age 24, Wf Sarah, son L J Boyce  1 yr   ?!?
1850 Census Monroe Twsp  Marie DUBOIS 30 NY, Sarah 16, Oliver 12,  D.(Delos) 11 all NY , M. 6  Martha 2
             both Pa  Pg 226 and 227   also  A.B.Dubois (brother in law?)   24  NY farmer, Suryellon b 1841 fits in nicely
            with these children. Also it is DU v Stephen Bois. Who was her husband? Where are burials?
1853,Nov 10-source B.C.H.S. card file  m Catharine Coolbaugh. 1973 letter from Ed Hoagland "Catharine Bull, wf of
         Absalom Coolbaugh of Lib Corn m 2nd husband Stephen DUBOIS, but they put BOYCE on her tombstone".
1858 Lake Ames Map - NOT there. The farm shown as S BOIS in 1869 is MM COOLBAUGH in 1858! That's Moses
           Manley Coolbaugh, son of Catharine Bull Coolbaugh. She is shown on another farm about a mile away.
1860 Census Monroe Twsp Stephen Bois 59, Catharine 57 farmer  $900 $300. Abraham & Mary are with them.
1867, July 26 We have a long hand written letter to Uncle Steven & Aunt Kate (Coolbaugh) from George A Boice
          in Caroline, NY (this is Caroline Twsp now in Tompkins Co). It refers to the town of Danby, which is
          5 miles West of Boiceville. The letter is headed "Boiceville" which is the former name of West Slaterville,NY.
         It mentions the following: Uncle John & Aunt Sarah, Becca,Eliz Martha, George White and George Boice of
        Mobile,Alabama.  So all these years Elaine Heddle has  had a pointer to Stephen's brothers / sisters /
         nephews etc in Tioga & Tompkins Counties,NY.
1869  Atlas of Brad Co by Beers. I have an original large Atlas. S Bois occupies the farm one mile from the
          Monroeton bridge. MM Coolbaugh moves a mile away to the farm of his mother. The deed should be
          checked on the Towanda Court house for date and maybe middle initial.
1870 Census Monroe Twsp, Dw # 161  age 69   farmer b NY  $3000  $2000  2nd wife Catharine age 67, Abram 36,
          Mary Jane 34,  Ida Bell 7, Fred 5. Charles Mingos 14 & Warren Mingos 18 are working on the farm.
1880 Census Monroe Twsp D# 58 F#60  Stephen Bois 80, Catharine 78  same dwelling #, F 59  is Abraham 49,
          Mary J 47, Ida 18, Fred 14 also farmer b NY
1885 The Bradford Republican , prob Sept 21, 1885. age 84 6 mos 11 da   The funeral was in Monroeton at his dau
        Mrs Samuel Cole (Margaret Bois). He should be buried in Lib. Corn- Lot #71, but it may be full - with wife Mary,
       ch: Edward E, Hiram and dau Juliette. Pictures of these markers are in the 1991 pub of Monroe Twsp Cem.
       The compilation of the Wysox cem. starts with the name BOYCE,Stephen then data on Catharine Bull his wife.
       It is possible that even tho the funeral  was in Monroeton and he owned a plot in Lib Corn, that he is buried
       before Catharine in Wysox. Rev. Ed Hoagland was a Coolbaugh, so in his papers at the BCHS should be
       Stephens obit.  An oddity is that Stephen, Alonzo, Philip & Alverilla Mingos had no gravestone.  Maybe there
       was no engraver. With Mr. Sam Cole there, he even could be buried in Coles cem.

1858 Lake Ames Map MM Coolbaugh has the farm, one mile from Monroeton bridge
1896 Her tombstone in Wysox says Wf of Stephen BOYCE
1900 Monroeton Boro Dir. son Moses M Coolbaugh is proprietor of the Summers House hotel, Main St.

Children of STEPHEN BOIS(BOICE) and MARY are:
 i. EDWARD E4 BOIS, b. 2 September 1821, Boiceville, NY Aged 22 yrs 9 mos 5 da; d. 7 June 1844, Lib Corn cem, stone pictured 1991 pub Monroe Twp by Linda English.
8. ii. PURSILA BOIS, b. 9 February 1823, Candor Twsp,Tioga Co; d. 4 September 1863, Coles cem, Towanda Twp.
 iii. ALMIRA BOISE, b. Abt. 1825, m. S Wison Rogers; d. 1918, Coles cem.
 iv. MARGARET BOIS, b. 1827, Tioga NY; d. Bef. 1899; m. SAMUEL COLE; b. 15 January 1817, Monroe twsp; d. 13 January 1892, Coles farm Cem.

1870 census Monroe twsp b NY age 45 wife of Samuel Cole
1885 funeral of Stephen Bois was in Monroeton at dau Margarets
1900 census did not find her?

Notes for SAMUEL COLE:
1870 census Monroe Twsp farmer 5000 1000 b Pa age 53

 v. PETER BOIS, b. 1829, NY; d. 20 February 1864, Richmond, Va.

Notes for PETER BOIS:
1885 Hist of Monroe by Heverly  Peter BOICE , private, Co C, 57th P V enlisted Oct 25, 1861; captured;
           died at Richmond,Va.
2003 Elaine Heddle has a letter from Peter Bois Jan 1863 ." He fought at Fredericksburg, a lack of pay
          for 10 months and the lack of food".

9. vi. ABRAM E BOIS, b. 29 March 1832, Tioga Center, NY(5 miles SW of Owego); d. 19 November 1904, Robert Packer Hosp, Sayre,Pa. bur. Monroeton cem..
 vii. JULIETTE BOIS, b. 31 January 1835, Tioga Co NY; d. 25 August 1844, 9 yrs 6 mo 25 da , Lib Corn cem.
 viii. HIRAM BOIS, b. 4 October 1837, Tioga Co NY; d. 23 August 1859, Lib Corn cem. s/o Stephen & Mary 21 yrs 10 mos 19 da.

Generation No. 4

7.  JOHN4 WHITE (MARGARET3 BOICE, ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 5 June 1809 in 2nd wf Catherine M Ervine,1819-1841, and died 1898 in New Albany, Pa.  He married SOPHIA MINGOS, daughter of JOHN MINGOS and NANCY SHAVER.  She was born 26 January 1828 in Allegany Co,NY, and died 16 April 1852 in Childbirth? age 24 y 2 mo 22 da Lib Corn.

Notes for JOHN WHITE:
           I have a family  page on this White family. Patricia Stillwell Mims, 887 Fernwood Park,  Rochester,NY 14609
          has data on this line.  John is the 2nd son of Sylvester White and Margaret Boice
1991 pub of Monroe Twsp cem - plot #76 of J W Irvine (Catharine R Irvine 2nd w/o John White, Sophia Mingos 3rd
         w/o John White, and EE White - 4th NY Inf. GAR  Std. monument leans forward, no dates evident), On the 65B
         page is plot 74 - White. John White m 1st (...)Eastman, 4th Mary Larrabee - New Albany
1850 Census Monroe Twsp  age 40  Sophia 21, E J  male age 10(son of Catherine),  S  male age 2 (son of Sophia)
1858 Lake Ames map  G x E White Monroe Twsp. G.Elie White b 1826 son of Sylvester . Poss.  EE White of civil war
1861,abt  I have picture of John and Mary Larrabee with prob son Daniel Miller White, source Pat Mims
1880 census no Whites in Monroe Boro or Twsp. Where is James White b 1852? son Art b 1873
2004  It seems now that James White eldest in Monroeton cem may be an Irish coal miner.
10. i. DANIEL MILLER5 WHITE, b. 29 March 1852, Evergreen, Pa just East of New Albany; d. 28 April 1927, Ithaca,NY g-grandfather of Pat Mims.

8.  PURSILA4 BOIS (STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 9 February 1823 in Candor Twsp,Tioga Co, and died 4 September 1863 in Coles cem, Towanda Twp.  She married ALONZO MINGOS (Source: 1851 Tow Court House, Land grant application.), son of COONRAD MINGOS and SARAH.  He was born 1 April 1818 in Thompkins Co,NY near Lansing, and died 27 June 1884 in Monroeton Boro, Coles cem, new marker 1984.

1830  Tioga Co, NY  an 8 year old girl with Stephen Boice Candor Twsp
1840 Census   she is 15-20 in Tioga Co, NY Candor Twsp. Stephen Bois settled Liberty Corners very early 1840's.
1842 m abt to Alonzo, prob in Monroe Twsp
1857  Hand written letter by Alonzo, signoff including Pursila ! From Monroe Tsp. Pursila's last child is Abram,1860
1863, Sept 4  Her field stone in Coles Cemetery says " Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".
            150 feet in from SW corner behind a grove of trees. The marker says age 40 yrs, 6 mos 25 da
1869   Whoa! After all these years. S Bois is in Dist 7, Monroe Twsp, 1869 Atlas by Beers -  one mile from the
            Rockwell jail and Towanda Creek  bridge.
1870  Stephen Bois is in 1870 Census, with Alonzo's boys Charles and Warren Mingos working at his farm.
           I've had that info for 30 years - couldn't make out the spelling of the farmer?

        Alonzo Mingos(F4)  Family Knowledge: none, only research
1818  His obit says b Thompkins Co, NY on  April 1.  Conrad(F3) has a Date of Deed  sale on Oct 10,1817 with Date of
        Record both Oct and Dec 1818. I always presumed they moved to Lansing in about Oct 1817, but maybe there is
        another scenario for Sarah who is pregnant. Born in NJ on 1850 &1880 census.  In logic the NJ entries are odd.
        I must believe the obit.  There are lots of Alonzo's in this period. There was a children's book in the early 1800's
       'Alonzo & Melissa'   Pg 153 Bradsby, Hist of Brad Co.
1837,Dec  He is the youngest of Conrad's children to come to Liberty Corners (how long did it take to drag
        lumber up the hill and build a house? The family may not have arrived until spring 1838
1845,Oct 28   1st land action  Bgt from Valentine Strouse  MonroeTwsp - $270, but 1867 sale says Durell.  Alonzo -
        no deeds in original Conrad, Joe & John farms.  Valentine's Bro Jonas Strouse m Sarah Mingos, dau of John
        in 1843. Valentine bgt this 58 acres (560 x 500 yards, lengths = to a par 5 golf hole) from William Strouse on 30
        Dec, 1843. It begins at  a white oak corner of a lot of land joining Joseph Mingos and Samuel Dimock. It looks
        like on the 1858 map that Joseph is on the East side of the road, but his name is on the West side.
1848,Jan 31 Monroe Twp taxes Conrad, Alonzo and Philip
1850 Census  value of real estate  $1000 farmer Monroe twsp. Both he & Pursilla b in NJ is odd. Alonzo is House # 30 !
         Located him finally. Chris Piatt 29 (Wf is Eliz, dau of Coonrad) is on the West side of the road, Coonrad & Philip 28,
         Joseph 27,  and John 26. The 1867 sale says Durell, so that this 58 acres is on the East side of the dirt road.
1852,Jan 29 before Justice of Peace  Conrad's land application War of 1812
          In the presence of  ALONZO MINGOS   Justice Jared Goodenough
1853,Nov 12   28 acres from  Conrad, East side of road.  " hand paid" $250. The land  shows on the Lake Ames
         map across from Coonrad's! After all these years, finally located Alonzo's farm with Pursila & children.
1857,Jan 28  Letter from Alonzo (Monroe Tsp) & Pursila to Abram Bois (where?), mentons Philo. Original with
        Elaine Heddle.The letter is in Alonzo's hand writing - same signature as 1851 land application
       at Towanda Court House. He is bargaining for farm land for Abram - 50 Acres from Philo Mingos in
       Monroeton or the farm of Mr. Hale. Both sellers want about $300 downpayment and a team (horses).
       This is the only known artifact of the 1st 4 generations of Menges/Mingos.
1857,Dec  Alonzo sold 20 acres unimproved Durell land to D O Holland  & Daniel Heman Jun 1858.
1858 taxes dated 26 Nov 1857 Mingus, Alonzo  10 acres imp $100, 15 acres ump $75, house $40, $50 2 horses,
        $10 1 horse.  These Mingos were not dairy farmers - grain & products.
1858 Map Lake Ames -  a J Mingos house was in the new Tow Twsp. South Towanda Twsp came into existance
        on Dec 15,1851! Subsequently "South" was dropped for Towanda Township. In Durell is P Mengos &
        B Mengos! In Monroe Twsp on the S to N dirt road is A or P Mingos, J Mingos & J Mingos. The Oct 4, 1858 tax
        assessment in sequence shows(S to N) David ,Joseph, Alonzo and then Philip. Alonzo is 40 acres imp $360,
        30  acres ump $150, house now $100, $50 2 horses, $24 2 cows.
1860 tax assessment  dated Oct 3, 1859 David(south), Joseph, Alonzo, Philip and Philo. Alonzo's taxes are the same
        as in 1859 except the two cows are only $20.
1860 Census Monroe Tsp shows Conrad with Alonzo,  value of land increases to $2500. personal property $100.
1863  1st wife Pursila Bois dies. 1864 Remarries Cornelia S David at residence of H S Hollon, Rev R L Stillwell
1867,April  Monroe deed book, Alonzo to Eliza Benjamen. This must be the farm across from Coonrad & Joe -
         but I haven't checked the deed.  Also Tow Boro next deed book entry, Alonzo from David Pratt, physician
1869 Map Atlas by Beers - WOW Alonzo Mingos on State St. Tow. His 1st move after remariage -  near Dr Pratt
          at corner of State & Main, and two houses East on State St from his office,  I finally found Pursila's parents,
          one mile up the hill from the Monroeton bridge. Oct 13,1869 Brad Co Tax Assessment(1870) - Mingos, Alonzo
         House & Lot $750, $40 1 horse, $40 Buggy
1870 After 30 years, I still can't find him in 1870 census?  His sons Charles & Warren are working on the Stephen
         Bois farm one mile from Monroeton bridge. It must be that Alonzo, Cornelia, Legrande, Abram and Wells were
         missed in the 1870 Census. Wells is not in 1870 Renova, Clinton Co where he died in 1873. I have searched
         Tow Boro Microfilm and Quest Index CD of Brad Co - nothing. A search of 1871 Assessment books in BCHS
         proves he was there - Oct 15,1870 House & Lot $750, $50  1 horse. The only thing I can think of is to go to the
         National Archives and request to look at the original census pages for 1870.
1871,May  Tow Boro Alonzo from Lewis Beach & to LL Beach. Lewis L Beach 57y  is a farmer in Springfield Twsp.
          Lewis B Beach( son) age 29 is a physician in Tow Boro. Maybe using Dr Pratt's facilities?
          Oct 11,1871 Towanda Boro Tax assessment(1872)  Alonzo Mingos  $20. Mason
1873  Wells Mingos dies in Renova, Pa        1874,May  South Towanda  Alonzo to Elias Hale
1876,April Towanda Twsp  Alonzo to/from William Patton -  land on West side of Creek. The J Bowman heirs had
        ownership of land west of the Monroe- Tow road and Edward Mingos had m Francis Bowman.
1880 Census Towanda Twsp, age 60  stone mason, unemployed 8 mos. b NJ fa NJ mo NJ . Again this is strange.
         (N.R.=not related) (Lydia) Ayna May age 1 - border.   Cornelia 43 b NY fa NY mo Ct, LeGrand B 10 attending
         school, b Pa fa NJ mo NY. Again the b NJ for Alonzo?    Fam # 42 A son, Abraham is working on Joe's farm.
         Comparing the household #'s to the 1869 Atlas, they are on the Tow-Monroe Rd north of Coles cem, probably on
         the dirt road running west up the creek bed.
1882,Jun Tow  Alonzo from J G Patton
1884,Feb 15  Last will -  identical signature as 1851 and 1857, so he could write? witness O R Bowman and
         Cynthia Bowman.  Admitted April 17,1884. Edward m. Francis L Bowman. Alonzo's house # in 1880 census is
          near O R Bowman! on the Tow Monroe road. Prob West along the creek about a mile north of Coles cem.
1884,June 27  OBITUARY, ALONZO MINGOS  Bradford Republican Newspaper, 7/10/1884
      "DIED MINGOS AT MONROETON,June 27,Mr. Alonzo Mingos ,aged 66 years.Mr.Mingos was born in Thompkins
       Co,NY April 1,1818. He was of German descent, his (g) grandfather having come from Germany. When about 19
       years he come to Bradford Co where he has resided till his death.He leaves a wife (Cornelia) and four children
       to morn his death. ( Edward,Warren,Charles,Legrande)".  Was he with Edward or at his home near Coles cem?
1884,July  see Cornelia    " estate of Alonzo Mingos".  I now have 3 Monroeton funerals in the mid 1880's where
        there is no gravestone? Stephen Bois d 1885, Alonzo and Alverilla Mingos, Wf of William Mingos. Something
        must be askew at Mr Richart's. Alonzo is living 1 mile North of Coles cem, and likely was buried there. In 1880
        census and 1885 Monroe History Richart is listed as blacksmithing & wagonmaking, not undertaking.
1886,Jan  deed book Cornelia S to Salamon Talady Tow Twsp. Property near Coles cem?
1964 Brad Co map shows six houses on road T400 N&S. 2 houses on the West, 4 on the East.
1972  In family bible, I have an old man's picture which could be Alonzo or Alonzo Bowman. It looks like
         Edward in his younger picture, but the jacket is very old style. Bible was kept by Francis Bowman.
1984 I placed a marker for Alonzo in Coles cemetery next to Pursila Mingos. It's strange, Henry never knew about
          Alonzo or the Liberty Corn. families? And neither Edward or Cornelia put a marker on Alonzo's grave?

11. i. EDWARD E.5 MINGOS, b. March 1844, Hollon Hill, Liberty Corners; d. 15 August 1916, Monroeton cem.
 ii. WELLS MINGOS (Source: History of Monroe Twsp & Boro  by Heverly  1885.), b. 1847, Monroe Twsp, Pa; d. 9 August 1873, Renova,Clinton Co,Pa.

1847   On the name. the Wells, Welles are all over Wyalusing. Pioneer settler in  1774 James Wells.
           His family came back and settled Wyalusing. Then Charles Fischer Welles, 1st prothonatary and
          clerk of courts in Towanda, came to Wyalusing in 1812.They had 10 children. Also less than a mile
          across  the river is Terrytown, Azilum Twsp. Samuel Wells had 400 acres there in 1800.
1860 census, with Alonzo age 14 Pa Pa Bradford Co, Monroe Twsp
1863,July 2    Wells served in the 35th Pa Militia.
1864,April 14    WELLES Mingos,  enlisted  private Co I, 50th Regiment P.V. mustered out with Co-July 31,1865 -
           History of Monroe Twsp by Heverly.  Company was Capt James Ingham(K) recruited in Monroe
          The 50th was especially noted for its gallantry in the many battles in which it participated and for its
          intense sufferings.It was near Petersburg,Va twice, where his brother Edward was wounded.
1870   I couldn't find him or Alonzo in the Bradford Co census? I have scanned thru over 20 census pages of Clinton Co,
             Renova, Pa! This town on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, 30 miles west of Williamsport, Pa,must
             have been a large Railroad Yard. Many laborers, RR men about 25 yrs old, machinists, etc. If Wells went here
             to work, he was the 1st of many Mingos to go into the railway business. His brothers Charles and Warren are
             working on the farm of Stephen Boice(sp),Monroe Twsp.
1873   Death notice in Bradford Reporter 8/14/1873. He died Aug 9,1873  age 26  single

 iii. MARY ANN MINGOS, b. 1848; d. unknown; m. FRANK PIERSALL; b. 4 December 1847, 1880 census Drayman; d. 26 August 1891, 43 yr 9 mo 22 da Riverside cemetery, Towanda.
 iv. WARREN MINGOS, b. 1852, Monroe Twsp, Pa; d. 9 August 1917, Towanda , Pa age 66; m. DENAH; b. Abt. 1852.

1860 census 9 yrs  Maybe there is naming convention here.There is a Warren Twsp in Brad Co
1870 Census   Monroe Twsp  Pg 20, Dwelling 161  age 18   working on the farm of Stephen Bois.
1880 census prob Towanda  m to Dena any children?
1900 Brad Co dir  Towanda Boro Warren H  emp 3 Chestnut, h 15 N Main
1913  Warren H Mingos was a member of the Towanda Boro Council in 1913. He was engaged in the grocery
        business in Towanda many years. His home was N.Main St. He d.Aug 9,1917 same age as Alonzo. His will of
       July 6,1916, entered on the dockets Aug 16,1917 leaves everything to his wf,Dena H, who is also to be Exx.

12. v. CHARLES MINGOS, b. 1856, Monroe Twsp, Pa; d. 1914, Athens,  Coles cemetery.
 vi. FRANK MINGOS, b. 2 May 1859, Monroe Twsp, Pa; d. 2 March 1882, Towanda, age 22 10 mo Riverside cem..

1880 census   21 y boarder, laborer  Towanda Boro Ward 2, households 51-88
1880census living with sister Mary in Towanda age 21
1882, Mar 2  died  Pillar, Riverside cemetery   another short liver.  Mark Daly's notes: Bradford Argus newspaper
       dated 16 March says died 23 Feb?   6 ft pillar, "May trials ordeds (that's the way I copied it) thy rest".The other
       side has Frank Pearsall, Aug 26,1891 43 yrs 9 mo 22 da. Frank was the husband of Mary Mingos, dau of Alonzo
       If they can buy a pillar for Frank Mingos, why no marker for Alonzo just 2 years later?

 vii. ABRAM MINGOS, b. 1860, Towanda Twsp, Pa; d. 25 February 1883, County Home,Burlington.Pa.

1870  Census    where are these people?
1880 Census Abraham is laborer with Uncle Joseph, Fam 39 Monroe Twsp.  Alonzo again has his son working
           on another's farm. Source for below is BCHS card file. Another with no children & short liver.
1881,Nov 17  Admission to county home from Towanda. Father Alonzo Mingos of Towanda. age 21

9.  ABRAM E4 BOIS (STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 29 March 1832 in Tioga Center, NY(5 miles SW of Owego), and died 19 November 1904 in Robert Packer Hosp, Sayre,Pa. bur. Monroeton cem..  He married MARY JANE WEIGEL.  She was born 16 November 1834 in Pa. m 28 June 1854 at Lewis Weigel's, Isaah Hays,J.P., and died 3 November 1910 in Monroe Boro, Pa. Monroeton cemetery.

Notes for ABRAM E BOIS:
1850 Census Abram with Stephen Bois - who is a widower       age 18 Monroe Twsp
1855, Jun  Abram is in Ottawa, Canada, from Elmira, working for 14 shillings /day. There is a  census of NY in 1855.
1857, Jan Alonzo Mingos letter(Monroe Tsp). Abram was considering buying  either Philo's 50 acres or Mr Hales
           farm in Monroe twsp. Deeds can be checked at Towanda Court house. It would be interesting to know
           where Abram was? Alonzo says " parted by hills and valleys". Since Abram is offering a team
           (horses) in the deal, he must be close to Monroe Twp (Elmira,but not 1857 Elmira Directory)
1858 Lake Ames Map  no evidence of the Bois, but Stephen and family are on the Coolbaugh farm,Monroe Tsp.
1860 Census Monroe Tsp pg 427 Stephen 59, Catharine 57,Abraham 28,Mary 27 only one listing, farmer $900 $300
1870 Census Monroe Twsp Roll 1311 Abram age 36 , Mary Jane age 34 farmer  b NY. Ch: Ida Bell 7,Fred 5
1880 Census still Monroe Abraham 49 Mary J 47 Ida 18, Fred 14 farmer b NY
1885  Stephen dies at Abram's farm in Canton, Pa . Why has he moved to Canton?
1896 Catharine Bull Coolbaugh Bois dies - buried Wysox. Who gets the farm one mile from Monroeton bridge?
1900  Monroeton Borough Directory   Abram Bois farmer 80 (This is acres) h bridge street . He's back!
1905,April 20 DORec Register 2 , Brad Co Court House d. of bright's desease
1910  Census shows Mary Jane, age 76, in Monroeton

Children of ABRAM BOIS and MARY WEIGEL are:
13. i. IDA BELL5 BOIS, b. 10 October 1860, Monroe Twp; d. 5 October 1916, Daily Review Oct 7,she was Eastern Star, Monroeton cem.
14. ii. FRED STANLEY BOIS, b. 29 January 1866, Monroe Twsp, Pa; d. 14 December 1915, Roswell, N.M..

Generation No. 5

10.  DANIEL MILLER5 WHITE (JOHN4, MARGARET3 BOICE, ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 29 March 1852 in Evergreen, Pa just East of New Albany, and died 28 April 1927 in Ithaca,NY g-grandfather of Pat Mims.  He married EMELINE COURSEN.  She was born 1846, and died 1923.
15. i. MAMIE BELLE6 WHITE, b. 11 March 1880; d. 1971, source of Boice, Nancy Shaver & White pictures.

11.  EDWARD E.5 MINGOS (PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) (Source: The Last Citadel-Petersburg by Noah Trudeau pub 1949, 317-322.) was born March 1844 in Hollon Hill, Liberty Corners, and died 15 August 1916 in Monroeton cem.  He married (1) FRANCIS L. BOWMAN, daughter of ALONZO BOWMAN and SUSAN SWARTWOOD.  She was born 9 September 1844 in East Canton, Pa, and died 2 September 1892 in Monroeton cem stone incorrect.  He married (2) SUSANNAHH Abt. 1894.  She was born November 1846 in 1900 day laborer, and died Aft. 1920 in Mt Holly Springs, Pa.

1844 b.- likely named after Pursila's older brother Edward E Bois who d in Jun 1844.
1850 census Monroe twsp  age 7.  1860 census Monroe twsp  16 yrs
1964,Sept 4  Hist of Monroe   Edward E Mingos, private, Co H,188 NY Vol; enlisted 9/4/1864; wounded in left
          hand, with its loss, almost , in front of Petersburg,Va 2/6/1865; discharged on surgeons's certificate
          The average soldiers pay in the Civil War was $13.00 per month. Why George and Edward went to Rochester is
          a mystery. Bradsby's 247, says the 207th Regiment was organized Sept 8th and there were men
          from Bradford Co in Co's B,E and G. It certainly took Edward some time to get to Rochester,NY.
1864,Sept 19  State of NY,Albany ,NY  Mingas, Edward E  Age, 20 years. Enlisted, at Rochester, to serve one
          year; mustered in as private Co H, Oct 10,1864; wounded in action, Feb 7,1865, at Hatcher's Run,Va;
          discharged, May 15,1865 at hospital as Mingos. The siege of Petersburg "Richmond Redeemed" by Richard
          Sommers,Pub 1981 thru 5th Offensive,Oct 1864
1864, Dec 9 George E Arnout enlisted with him and died 12/9/64! day 3 of the Dec 7-11 final operations prior to winter
         camps. Two engagements - Hatcher's run & Hicksford  35 miles S of Petersburg. Where the 188thNY was
         attached?. They made big fires. It was awful cold, the wind went right through us. Hail and sleet which, with
         exerable roads and worn out shoes made our cup of misery full.
1865,Feb 6/7  from the book 'Last Citadel' it is unclear where the 188th NY was attached. It was bitterly cold , and we
         were soaked with rain, which froze and stiffened our clothes.The rain changed to snow. Union losses in the Feb
         5-7 actions 'Confederate and Union Lines near Hatcher's Run'  were 171 killed, 1181 wounded and 187 captured
        or missing.
1866, Jan   EE Mingos to WW Decker  July 1866 - arrived in Monroeton.Cornelia left her  house to a Nellie Decker
1866,Feb 22  m. to Francis L Bowman  From the bible, I have hand written names of Bowman's.
        Seven children of Alonzo Bowman and Susan Swartwood and reference to her grandparents
         Jacob Bowman and Sally Rockwell - another Rev War connection - Ephraim Rockwell was  in Rev War.
1869 Beers maps E E Mingos near future Hinman Hotel in Monroeton Boro. Returned from Civil War, married
          and located in Monroe Boro. Ed and his cousin Philo are 1st Mingos in Monroeton. His father Alonzo is on
         State St , Towanda - also among the 1st to leave the farms.
1870 Census  dwelling #52 , teamster -  Lawrence & Charles Bowman, boarders
1874,April  EE Mingos to Lyman G Hollon April 1875  $782.
1878,July  EE Mingos  Sylvanus M White 6/1880  Monroe Boro Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Ch, Monroeton
1880 Census  age 36 Store clerk, prob working for cousin Philo.   b.(NY? - Hollon Hill)
1889,Jun   assignment of all properties of Walter Bull, owing to misfortunes & sundry losses, unable to
          discharge his debt,  EE Mingos paid $1. for the purpose of making a just distribution

1892,Sept 2  Francis L Bowman died, buried in Monroeton. The stones of she and Edward look alike.
         Maybe purchased and placed together. Her date is engraved wrong -1888. Markie's field stone is
        3 feet high and on the left rear of the plot. Alice Ellingsberg of North Dakota has done genealogies of
        the Bowman's to Wilhelm Bauman b abt 1550 Bacharach,Germ., and of the Rockwells to William Rockwell,
        b 1590/91 Fitzhead,Somerset, England.
1895 Tow-Monroeton Directory  Edward was Burgess of Monroeton.He was literate, prob grade school at
            the one room school house at Lib Corn
1900 Brad Co Dir   Edward E - Burgess, h Main corner of New(St). Burgess is an officer of a borough - an
         incorporated village/town. In Wyalusing the name was Mayor. So Edward was a  well thought of guy!
1900 census  Edward E, age 56 , day laborer ,  six yrs m  Susannah b 1846,age 53  shows home as
          owned and  free of mortgage!!      yes to read/write
1910   census  b. Pa  m to Susie E(H) ,age 60, m -16 years-no children,   Dwelling next to Marcy Hotel!   Both
         yes to education, Edward age 66       able to read/write    rented house!? D# 150, next to Hotel. This doesn't
         compute, unless he sold  the home in order that Fred could buy his house outright?  trade- own income!
1916,Aug 18  Certificate of death, Pa signed by Carl Summers  undertaker C H Maryott-Monroeton
         This funeral business was a Mingos business earlier in the 1900's. Medical certificate signed by
        O H Rockwell  cause of death  Pneumonococcus Lobus .   Fred witnessed the certificate
1916,Aug 22  Tuesday, Monroeton Enterprise Newspaper. I have a fading page , maybe Margaret ,my
      mother, got  it for me with the death notice.    EDWARD E MINGOS, Well Known Citizen Passed Away Last
     Tuesday Evening "  Edward E Mingos, a veteran of the civil war, died at his home on  Main street at 7 o'clock
      last Tuesday evening, following an illness of about ten days.   Deceased  was born at Liberty Corners
     seventy -two years ago and spent his entire life as a resident of  Monroe township and borough. He was a
     member of Co H,188th NY Vol, having enlisted when about (20) seventeen years old. At Petersburg he
     received a wound that deprived him of the use of the fingers on his left hand. Besides his widow he is
     survived by one son - Fred E Mingos of Monroeton, and one brother - W H Mingos of Towanda. Funeral
     services were held at the Mingos home at 2:30 Friday afternoon. Internment was in the Monroeton cemetery.
1916,Aug 29    Mrs EE Mingos was having a household sale  Monroeton Enterprise newspaper
1920  census    Suzie E Mingos age 73 Mt Holly Springs, Cumberland Co, Pa
1972  I have a very good picture of Edward. A studio portrait at abt age 30 . Vera Mingos in Lawrence,Ka
          has the original. It is strange that my father, Henry, didn't remember anything. He was 16 yrs old
         when Edward died. The only thing Henry said was there was a lady living with him in the 1900's.

Notes for SUSANNAHH:
2005 from Chemung web site: 1920 census,  Susie E Mingos age 73 Pa Pa Cumberland Co, Mt Holly Springs.
         Middle initial doesn't check, but age is right = b 1847, while 1900 census says Nov 1846.
         Mt Holly Springs is 20 miles SW of Harrisburg.

Marriage: Abt. 1894
 i. MARKIE6 MINGOS, b. 1 October 1867; d. 10 March 1869, Monroeton cemetery, age 1 yr 5 mos 10 da.

There is a 3 foot field stone marker, left rear of Edward & Francis Mingos plot. Where does name come from?

16. ii. FREDERICK E MINGOS, b. August 1869, Monroeton; d. 25 October 1936, Tioga Gen Hosp, Waverly,NY & Monroeton cem.

12.  CHARLES5 MINGOS (PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 1856 in Monroe Twsp, Pa, and died 1914 in Athens,  Coles cemetery.  He married BELLA ACKLEY.  She was born 1859 in m 1880, and died 1935 in last 1930 census Chemung  Coles cemetery.

1860 Census Charles  5 yrs
1870 Census   Monroe Twsp!  -  pg 20, dwelling 161  Mingos, Charles  14 yrs, working on Boice farm
1880 Census  24 yrs   boarder at Reuben A Owens - Monroe  stone mason. m Bella Ackley abt this time.
1895  Directory   on Monroe Council,  mason in Monroe business Dir.
1900 Brad Co Dir  Charles J mason h Maple Ave Monroeton
1907 Athens Boro directory  C  J Mingos mason
1910 Census of Athens Boro shows him age 53 m 30 yrs a mason, Belle a land agent. Dwelling 396 next to GW Mingos
1914  d. at 55 yrs  bur Coles (where Alonzo prob was ), The plot is in  front of Ackley plot, 100 ft in from SW corner

1910 census of Athens age 50. mother of 2 children, only 1 living.
1920  Bella Mingos was a land agent. She had been born in Pa like her parents and had been married
           for 40 years.  2 children, one living is Theo Mingos
1920 census Athens  D#228  Mingos, Belle A  age 60, Morton, William boarder 56
1930 census Chemung, prob with Theo
17. i. THEODORE A6 MINGOS, b. 26 March 1881, 1907 Athens Directory, brakeman; d. 1930, Coles cemetery gravestone.

13.  IDA BELL5 BOIS (ABRAM E4, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 10 October 1860 in Monroe Twp, and died 5 October 1916 in Daily Review Oct 7,she was Eastern Star, Monroeton cem.  She married JOHN S MINGOS, son of DAVID MINGOS and MARTHA BENJAMIN.  He was born 17 February 1859 in Monroe Twsp, and died 16 August 1921 in Monroeton cem.

Notes for JOHN S MINGOS:
1860 census John is a baby, and David S Mingos in Monroe Twsp  value $1000  per prop $400
1870 David Mingos is dwelling 10 in Monroe Twsp
1880 census  age 21 wagonmaker with David & Martha in Monroe Twp house #46
1889  letter from Elaine Heddle says" hotel owner" for Fred Bois
1890's  John lived in Laceyville,Pa. Wyoming Co and ran a hotel.  Ida Bois' brother Fred ran it with him.
          In a 1972 letter from Madeleine Lynch she has a  letter head of 'The Mingos Hotel' in Laceyville,Pa.
          A Mingos from Laceyville visited her g-father, Melvin Mingos b 1844, in Hallsport, NY. The above hotel
          was at the corner in Laceyville where you turn left to go to Wilkes-Barre.  Linda English of  Laceyville
          says the hotel burned and that Route 6 no longer goes by the site.
1892  web search John Mingos. Under History of Braintrim Baptist Church.  J S Mingos bgt the old church and skid it
         across Church St. The old church was made into a dwelling and apartment house and later a factory. Later razed.
         Ref's to Kingston Twsp, Plymouth and Braintrim, which was the name of the Laceyville,Pa newspaper.
1900 census Wyoming Co Braintrim Twsp  John S Mingos  age 41- Proprietor Hotel, Ida B, Daisy,Jay D & Ruth M
1905  lived on South Main St, Towanda. This was on the SW corner of Grant St. - today's Lutheran Church
1907 Moved to Monroeton - see 1907 article on Jay Mingos. Father David moved to Monroeton in April, & died July 7
1910 Census age 51, Monroe Twsp!  Ida B age 49, m 28 yrs, Ruth M dau 17, Bois, Mary mil 76 widow, Adney,Hattie
         servant 34 -  2 living children.  Jay & Daisey have left home
1912  John S was Buick auto's dealership in Towanda. Then Ford auto's , and in Dec 5, 1913 Maxwells.
1913,Dec Purchased a  lot at 611 South Main to build a 3 story building , 50 x 100 feet, for a garage & apts.
1915 History of Lacyville. The Hotel Mingos was purchased in 1915 by David A Michael.The hotel was very popular
        during this prosperous time. It was operated until 1961 when it was destroyed by fire. There is a picture of the hotel
        on the Laceyville web site.
1916, Jan   he sold out the Maxwell agency to a Mr. Moore. 1916, Oct  Ida Bois, his wife died Monroeton cemetery
1920 census Towanda 1st Wd  Dennis, Dewey age 38, Daisy M 34, John S Mingos age 60, May Griggs age 56 servant
1921  "One of Towanda's best known citizens"- interned at Monroeton. August 16, 1921. Letters of administration
          on his estate were granted to Harry D Bull and Dewey Z Dennis. This makes sense . His dau's : Ruth m. Harry
         Bull and Daisey m. Dewey Dennis. Footstones in cem "Ida B,John S, mother, father". There was no will.
         August 24, 1921 a renunciation of heirs. Very noticable that there is no mention of Dr Jay D Mingos, his only son.
2003 I have a copy of a picture of him by Geo. H Wood studio, Towanda Pa. He looks abt 40 yrs old
        The original is with Elaine Heddle

Children of IDA BOIS and JOHN MINGOS are:
 i. DAISEY6 MINGOS, b. 15 December 1885, Laceyville, Wyoming Co; d. 1972, Monroeton cem.; m. DEWEY DENNIS; b. 1880, Operator/owner Passage Shoe store,Tow; d. 1954, Monroeton cem-masonic emblem.

1898,July 28 Thur  5th annual Swartwood Reunion . LVRR arrives. The celebrated Laceyville ice cream will be served.
         source  Tri Co Scrapbook clippings Pg 215. VanEtten, NY is 20 miles N of Sayre,Pa and Swartwood is 5 miles
         further.  A possible connection is that her mother's family,  Ida Belle Bois, came from Tioga Co nearby?
         Miss Daisy Mingos, of Laceyville, Pa., arrived in Van Etten last Thursday and is visiting here for a season.
1945 I remember being in the shoe store with my mother in Towanda

18. ii. JAY(DR) D MINGOS, b. 30 July 1890, Laceyville, Wyoming Co; d. 18 October 1944, AMA record, San Antonio,Tex.
 iii. RUTH MILDRED MINGOS, b. September 1892, Laceyville, Pa,  m Wilkes-Barre 1918; d. 6 July 1962, Monroeton cem.; m. HARRY DECKER BULL; b. 1872, proprietor,Hotel Laquin; d. 7 December 1957, Riverside cem,Towanda, age 85.

1918, m Wilkes Barre   BCHS cards Mrs Ruth Mildred Mingos  - S Main St . Harry Bull, now Towanda
192x   From Laquin they came to Towanda where Mrs. Bull operated a tea room in her home on York Ave.
1923,Oct 10  1st child Rebecca Ann m Robert Bowman of Tunkhannock
1929, July 10  b John Bull
1936  Operated the Graham Hotel in Tunkhannock, and later operated the New England Kitchen in Elmira.
1950's Mrs Bull operated the Town Tavern in Towanda, and managed the David Wilmot Hotel dining room. For $100/wk
         she delivered lunch & dinner to the jail for Specks O'keive - the Brinks robber
1958 returned to Wyalusing after Harry's death
1962 Monroeton Cem Ass records - Ruth died  Tyler Mem Hosp Meshoppen . Buried on North side of Abram E Bois
          lot in Lenox addition. Just west of her is her mother Ida Bois Mingos.

1904  The S&NY 1939 book shows the 3 story Laquin Hotel in the very early 1900's. A timetable from the railroad
           dated Dec. 1904 has an ad for the hotel by Harry D Bull
1911 "opened a hotel in Laquin, selling it later to the Central Pa Lumber Co."- source Ash Merrill's history
1921 Harry was Exec &Admin for the estate of John S Mingos
1940,abt Jay Mingos returned and visited the Bulls at the Prince Hotel in Tunkhannock, which they operated
2004 John Bull son of Harry & Ruth,  d March 2005. was cremated. John & Judy Pennay Bull lived in South Towanda
         As you cross the Towanda Creek, towards Liberty Corners , theirs is the 2nd property, including the Grist Mill.

14.  FRED STANLEY5 BOIS (ABRAM E4, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 29 January 1866 in Monroe Twsp, Pa, and died 14 December 1915 in Roswell, N.M..  He married BLANCHE BUBB.  She was born Abt. 1866, and died 1945 in Los Angeles.

 Ran the hotel in Laceyville with John S Mingos, prior to 1912

Children of FRED BOIS and BLANCHE BUBB are:
19. i. DEAN ABRAM6 BOIS, b. 1889, Burlington Boro, Pa; d. 1972, Staten Island, NY.
 ii. RALPH STANLEY BOIS, b. 1891; d. 1926, Tucson,Ariz.

Generation No. 6

15.  MAMIE BELLE6 WHITE (DANIEL MILLER5, JOHN4, MARGARET3 BOICE, ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 11 March 1880, and died 1971 in source of Boice, Nancy Shaver & White pictures.  She married ELMER STILLWELL.  He was born 1861, and died 1925.
20. i. NELSON7 STILLWELL, b. 20 March 1912.

16.  FREDERICK E6 MINGOS (EDWARD E.5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) (Source: Story of the Susquehanna & New York, 3rd Edition 1979, 1905 Picture of Monroeton station.) was born August 1869 in Monroeton, and died 25 October 1936 in Tioga Gen Hosp, Waverly,NY & Monroeton cem.  He married LEAH MAUD SNELL, daughter of HENRY SNELL and ALICE WALKER.  She was born 22 December 1876 in Chemung Co. NY, and died 5 April 1968 in Burlington, Pa, but Monroeton cem.

             Fred Edward Mingos  Family Knowledge:  some
1869 born   He must have gone to Monroeton grade school. The 1st HS class didn't start until 1888.
1870 Census Fred 1 yr,    1880  Census Fred 10 yr
1891,May 5   Hugo Scrapbook BCHS    F.E.Mingos is proving himself a good hand at taxidermy. He recently
              mounted in fine shape a loon for D Bullock which the latter shot on the Towanda Creek.
1895  Fred was clerk of council, his father Edward was Burgess!
1897  Towanda Directories  Frederick E  telegrapher   1st time I've see Frederick spelled out
1898, Mar 15 Fred was working as an asst. agent for the Lehigh Valley  Railroad,  just South of Dushore at
          Satterfield, Pa, when he was offered the job of Agent in Monroeton!
1898,Sept 1   m in Chemung by Rev S B Kieney

1900 Census Fred b.Pa and Leah,  station agent,  Rented house. dwelling 71   Edward was dwelling 59
1900 Brad Co Dir   Fred E Mingos  station agent LVRR and Barclay RR manager
          W U telegraph, agent US Express Co, h main ( before he built 310 Main)
1905,July 25  the deed on the house, now 310 Main Street  $500. to Rockwell. The original house had yellow-beige
         wood shingles. Pg 333 Heverly 1924. Making pine shingles became an important industry in Monroeton.
         Settlers brought them in with their teams for miles around, receiving goods in exchange. The banks of the creek
         at Monroeton was literally lined with lumber and shingles.
1907  Past Master  Evergreen Lodge # 163
1910 Census    Frederick E   Station Agent railroad    Owned Free of Mortgage!.   Dwelling # 153
1914 Hoagland papers  Fred and wife were residents of Monroeton
1917  I have 3 neat pictures of the Monroeton Railroad Station with egg crates and Fred,Leah and Henry
           The picture was published in the Aug 18, 2003 Antique Week Newspaper
1920 Census telegraph operator railway station  Alice Snell widow age 73 is with them.
1925  Added indoor bathroom to back of house!  On the property was a chicken coup, garage and an
           outhouse. In a 1931 picture, there is a white trellis near the 2nd apple tree.
1927  F. E.Mingos Monroe Hose Co elects to  Fire Police
1936   I was 3 years old, but faintly remember a dinner setting in the dinning room of 310 Main St.
           My parents lived and owned (mortgage) the 3rd house from the feed store.
1936,Oct 26  Towanda Daily Review  F.E.Mingos of Monroeton Dies     Veteran Station Agent Passes Away at
      Hospital in Waverly   Fred E Mingos resident of Monroeton, passed away last evening at the Tioga General
     Hospital in Waverly,NY. He had been a patient there for the past two weeks and was thought to be recovering
     nicely from the operation. Most of yesterday members of his family were with him and were encouraged by
     the progress he appeared to be making. Late in the evening, however, Mr Mingos suffered a relapse, the end
     coming quickly. ( He had an operation for ulcers.He was flat on his back,medical practice at the time, and died
     of a blood clot).
      "  Fred Mingos was born in Monroeton and was considered one of the highly respected residents of that
     community.  For the past 30(38) years he was Lehigh Station Agent at Monroeton, also serving the New Albany
     station of late.The survivors are his wife, who was injured in an auto accident in-route to the hospital to see
     her husband soon after his admission ( Margaret hit a  narrow bridge on the way North) : two sons, Henry E,
     who is employed at the Humphrey Lumber Yards here, and Carl, who is a student at Mansfield State Teachers
     College.The funeral arrangements will be announced later".
        My pencil notes from Vera -" Leah was placed in hospital all banged up, broken arm.Margaret had a broken
    finger. John had a bruise across his stomach. Margaret got some insurance money."

1936-9  Leah was Exec & Admin for Fred   Fred was a life member of the Presbyterian Church in Monroeton.
              As a result, Henry took Margaret there, and John went to Sunday school there for a short while.
1936  Cemetery plot , the marker faces the Main Street, which was the old direction of the cemetery.
             The burials are behind the markers
1939,April 8   will probated   "He left his entire estate to his wife Leah M, after which it was to go to his sons
            Henry E and Francis Carl equally".  But Leah lived until 1968 and wrote a new will in 1963.
1975  Margaret Mingos donated Fred's and Henry's masonic jewels to Evergreen Lodge . In turn they were
           on display at the Brad Co Hist Soc exhibit.
2003 Fred broke the chain of family history. At age 15 he was at Alonzo's funeral and knew where he was buried.
          He also knew all the Mingos deaths in the early 1900's. He did NOT pass this along to Henry?

         Family Knowledge :  quite a bit, my paternal grandmother
1876 b. Chemung Co, NY  1880 Census says 3 yrs old. Included in this e-file/booklet is a Snell history back to
         Jacob Snell of Northampton Co, Pa and new logical connection to his father Abraham Schnell.
1898,Sept 1 Fred Mingos   Bradford Reporter 9/8/1898  in Chemung, by Rev S B Kieney
1898,Oct 5  Mrs. Fred Mingos spent a few days at her home in Chemung, NY - Bradford Republican
1905 Built and moved into what is now 310 Main St.  Monroeton numbered the houses after Margaret's
         fire in 1976. The fire dept went to 310 Main St first, before going to the apartment on North Main.
1920 Census Leah's mother, Alice W Snell - a widow, is in Monroeton.This 3 bedroom house is crowded.
1920's According to Vera , Leah would tie up Carl in a high chair and go over to the railway station to
            help Fred . Henry was living at home and working as cashier at the Towanda station.  I have a copy of a
            postcard at the railway station with Fred,Leah and Henry in behind large stacks of egg crates.
1933   Monroeton Bank closed.  I presume Fred and Leah also lost some money
1936   Leah broke her arm, and was banged up in the accident that happened on the way to see Fred at the
           Waverly Hospital.
1936 After Fred died , there was a requirement that Leah co-sign Henry & Margaret's mortgage on the
            3rd house from the feed mill. According to Vera, Leah wouldn't co-sign, and the house was lost.
            They moved,  with John, into 310 Main St . 1939 Leah was the executor of Fred's estate.
1940's   Leah occupied the front bedroom  - she went away for years at a time, being a personal, practical
             nurse . I do remember playing casino cards in the front room, and sometimes she was in the swing on
            the front porch , as we cared for MARGARET'S CARD SHOP after school. The SHOP was sold in late
            summer of 1949 to Jake Housenick. In that front room I acquired a shaped tobacco pipe of Fred's.
1949,Aug  On the front porch, Leah gave me for my birthday (Carl bought it), a King cornet. In Sept in a
             horn competition with Jamie McPherson I won 1st seat in the Towanda HS band. In 1968 in
            Washington,DC I sold the horn for $50. to Dick Wilson for his son.
1949,Aug    John was sick with that Phila disease later called Legioneers. Leah was accused of something,
            and we moved to Towanda - for 16 years.
1950's  Leah did a 6 month stay in Lawrence,Ka that didn't work out well. By the 1950's she had a private
             room on the  top floor of the Jennings Nursing home. She was able to work in the home, and
             entertained in a rocking chair . I remember her giving me several little items in an act of good will.
1963   Leah's will left everything to Henry!
1964   Jeanine took her for a ride to an antique shop in Burlington. Apparently she was in good mental
            condition , and she bought Jeanine a small piece . I have no idea if she had any  income like a
            railroad pension. Probably not  even SSI, or social security.
1965   There was a fire at 310 Main, which was occupied by renters. It was bad enough that the kitchen,
            which was an addition to the original house, and sat 6" lower than the original building, was
            completely rebuilt. The exit to the southside yard was done away with. After the rebuilding Margaret
            and Henry moved back to Monroeton!
1967,Aug 7  Admission to Brad Co Home
1968,April 5 Monroeton Woman Dies at 91  Towanda Daily Review  "  Mrs Leah S Mingos died Friday following a
         lingering illness. She was b Dec 22,1876 at Chemung ,NY, the dau of Henry and Alice Snell. Her husband
        1936.She worked at Jennings Nursing Home until 1962.She was a member of the Monroeton Presbyterian
        Church. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 3 o'clock at the Maryott Funeral Home. Rev Harry  Porter Farr
        will officiate and the burial will be Monday".
1968,April 7 Henry and Margaret came from Daytona Beach, Fla and stopped in Potomac, Md
          with son John and Jeanine. They encouraged me not to come up to Monroeton for the funeral!
         Apparently there was a written document asking no one to be in the cemetery for the burial?
         Carl ,Vera Margaret and Henry stood on the front porch of 310 Main and watched from a distance.
1968,April 8 Certificate of Death  natural causes  91 yrs Bradford Co Home, Burlington.There were no assets.

21. i. HENRY EDWARD7 MINGOS, b. 17 May 1900, Monroeton, Pa; d. 11 September 1972, Towanda Hospital, and Monroeton cemetery.
22. ii. FRANCIS CARL MINGOS, b. 14 February 1918, Sayre Hosp, Bradford Co, PA; d. 6 November 2000, Topeka,Ka Hospital, but Lawrence, Ka cemetery.

17.  THEODORE A6 MINGOS (CHARLES5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 26 March 1881 in 1907 Athens Directory, brakeman, and died 1930 in Coles cemetery gravestone.  He married ELLEN.  She was born 1884 in 1910 census-age 24, Eleanor & ch, m 3 yrs b NY, and died 1940 in Coles cemetery gravestone.

1910 census Athens age 29 m 3 yrs living in dwelling 397 with Charles Mingos family, next to GW.   Brakman for RR
1917 Dir. of Elmira,  emp Willys - Morrrow Co h 216 Soper
1917-18 registration for WW1 draft Chemung Co, NY  Theodore Alonzo Mingos b 26 mar 1881
1920 census NY  Minges,Theodore 38 12-Wd Elmira rents RR, Eleanor b NY Ire Ire 35 , Beatrice 12
1930 census  Chemung Co, NY  Bella Mingos is also listed in Chemung, prob with Theo
 i. BEATRICE7 MINGOS, b. 1908, b Athens  age 2 in 1910 census,  not in Coles cem.

18.  JAY(DR) D6 MINGOS (IDA BELL5 BOIS, ABRAM E4, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 30 July 1890 in Laceyville, Wyoming Co, and died 18 October 1944 in AMA record, San Antonio,Tex.  He married ETHYL BOGGS.  She was born Abt. 1890 in m  Waynesboro, Pa, father is a Reverend., and died 18 July 1934 in San Antonio, Tex.

Notes for JAY(DR) D MINGOS:
1889 The AMA card file says b 1889, but the Brad Co draft says July 1890
1900  He is in the Wyoming Co census, son of John & Ida
1905 John S Mingos living at South Main St, Towanda
1907  Jay Mingos in Monroeton. A letter from Elaine Heddle " Jay was a childhood friend & cousin of Dean A Bois".
          The AMA card file says Monroeton H.S.
In reminiscing concerning the township, Supt. Morrow recalled the time back in 1907 when as principal of Monroeton High School he decided to put on a home talent show. It was his first attempt along that line and both he and the actors were a little worried over just how it would go over. Consequently, when some complications arose over getting the hall at Monroeton on the night desired, it did not take long to decide to try the play at Laquin first. That would give them a chance to see how it was before the home folks had a chance to criticise.

The actors and what paraphernalia was necessary were loaded on a train and taken to Laquin. The hall was packed. Men and women came from miles around on horseback and on donkeys. It was a big event up there for shows were few and far between. Many of those in the audience wore the big lumberjack shirts and some were seen to be carrying guns at various locations on their anatomy. There was no way for the actors and actresses to get out of town until the next day. The show had to be good and it was. Its title was "Among the Breakers" – a very appropriate name for a play in a coal mining township. All expenses were paid and there was a small profit. Besides that, the experience there helped greatly and the play was an unqualified success when it was repeated two weeks later at Monroeton.

Among those who took part in the production, a well balanced comedy-drama, were Earl Hinman, now teaching in Sayre; Leon Crandell, Dr. Jay Mingos, Robert Musselman, Lucy Drake and Mary Ward.
Source: Romance of Old Barclay,Chapter Eight Publ 1928 by Stanley N clark, City editor of Towanda Daily Review.
1910 census nothing. He is in medical school Jefferson Medical College, Phila Pa 4 years ! 1908 - 1912. An (H)
         on the AMA card indicates homeopath
1913,Jan 24 - July 1913 intern at Williamsport Hosp.  Ethyl is in Williamsport City  and his 1st practice is Montgomey
        which is only abt 25 miles East of Williamsport. The AMA card has Towanda 7/10/13. He could have gone home
        before opening an office in Montgomery.
1913-15   Dr. Jay D Mingos practiced medicine in Montgomery, Pa 5 miles W of Muncy, Lycoming Co.
1915 He located in Towanda in March 1915, and  m in Waynesboro,Pa Jun 1915
         He opened an office in the Foster block in Towanda at this time.
1915, June 24   marriage to Ethyl Boggs at Waynesboro, Pa  her father the Rev, George Franklin Boggs
         This came from the BCHS card file which got it from the Bradford Star Newspaper.
1915 He located at Laquin in July to practice medicine . "At home" card for his wedding says after August 1st.
         The AMA card says 6/3/1915 Laquin
1917 Brad Co draft registration  Mingos, Jay Depue(ew). Includes his b of 30 July 1890
1917 July commissioned Lt. US Army Medical Corp . The above is from Hoagland's pages.
1920 Census   Thru Brad Co Heritage Quest I did not find Mingos in the 1920 census of Laquin, about 12 pages A & B
          No hit on Mingus - 10 heads of family in Pa.
1920,March 1 AMA card Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tex. This was Brooke Gen. Hosp and even in the 1950's Brooke
         was a large military medical facility.
1921 No mention of him in  the August 1921 administration of John S Mingos, his father. Or the renunciation of heirs.
1922 Hoagland - Mrs Mingos was a resident of San Antonio,Tex. AMA card 10/1/1922 Camp Travis, Tx 1923 Major
1924 Major J D Mingos of San Antonio Tx "visits sisters". Denise Golden BCHS says there is a photo negative with 3
         poses of a J Mingos - Ott & Hay studio Towanda.
1924 Sept 1  Pittsburgh, Pa AMA card  1925 AM Directory he shows as University of Pittsburgh
1930 census, not there 1931 American Medical Directory Manila,P.I. Major M.C. USA
1933,Dec 20 Note on AMA card - this must end his assignment in the Philippines.
1937,July 31 Retired. Sometime in this period Jay returned and visited the Bulls at the Prince Hotel in Tunkhannock, Pa
1942 AMA Directory  Jay is not in practice Lt Col USA retired  327 Pershing Ave, San Anonio, Tx
1944,Oct 18 d Fort Sam Houston, Tx  Burns,1st, 2nd and 3rd degree,severe of face,scalp and neck,shoulder arm and leg
        bilateral. Per postal from HA Ferguson, Major, Brooke Gen Hosp Nov 23 1948 Ft Sam Houston,Tx
1944,Oct 24 Intered at Arlington Cemetery as a Lt. Col  Secton 7, Grave 10103.  Six days is really fast.

More About JAY(DR) D MINGOS:
Burial: 24 October 1944, Arlington National Cemetery, Va - Grave 10103

Notes for ETHYL BOGGS:
1910 census Lycoming Co 12 Wd Williamsport, Pa George F Boggs, 42, Isabella 40, Ethil 20 Pa Pa WVir,
         Therry 18, Marguerite 14, John W 6, George F 5.
1915  The wedding announcement is with Elaine Heddle. "Rev and Mrs George Franklin Boggs announce the m
           of their dau Ethyl to Dr. Jay Depew Mingos June 24, 1915 , Waynesboro (10 miles NE of Hagerstown, Md
           in Franklin Co,Pa) Also enclosed is an "at home" card for Jay and Ethyl "after the 1st of  August, Laquin,Pa".
           This came from Elaine Heddle, but the BCHS card file has the same announcement from Brad Star Newspaper
1917, July 25 Tow Daily Rev. Mrs J D Mingos visited friends (maybe sisters of Jay) in Towanda
1917 July Jay was commisioned a Lt somewhere?
1920 census Brad Co  nothing on Jay D Mingos & Wf or Mingus,Minges. Also nothing in USA indexes for 1920.
1920  George F Boggs 52 the wandering Rev., Blair Co 4-Wd Altoona. Ethyl is not with her parents?
           Isabel K  48  West Vir, Marguerite 24, John W 16, George F 14
1922 from Hoagland papers  "Mrs Mingos was a resident of San Antonio,Tex, in 1922"
1930 census  not there  They were in Manila, P.I. from 10/1/1930 to 12/20/1933 - source AMA card file.  Either while there
         or after their return, she became blind, perhaps from something she encountered there, & d 1934.
 i. JOHN(JACK) F7 MINGOS, b. Abt. 1922, Tx; d. 26 January 1945, WW2 Battle of the Bulge 1st Lt. USA.

1925 Judy Pennay Bull of Towanda has a picture of Jack with his father
1945 Purple Heart 1st Lt USA 01825485, "died the1st day of the Battle of the Bulge". The Germans broke through on
         Dec 16,1944 and created a bulge in the American line. St. Avold is 25 miles East of Metz,France. That he is
         buried Jan 26, 1945 does not confirm when he died.

Burial: 1945, Lorraine American Cem, St Avold,France, East of Metz

19.  DEAN ABRAM6 BOIS (FRED STANLEY5, ABRAM E4, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 1889 in Burlington Boro, Pa, and died 1972 in Staten Island, NY.

Burial: b cert. says father hotel owner
Child of DEAN ABRAM BOIS is:
23. i. BLANCHE ADELINE7 BOIS, b. 1914, Jersey City,NJ; d. 1986, Staten Island, NY.

Generation No. 7


21.  HENRY EDWARD7 MINGOS (FREDERICK E6, EDWARD E5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 17 May 1900 in Monroeton, Pa, and died 11 September 1972 in Towanda Hospital, and Monroeton cemetery.  He married MARGARET DELPHINE HART, daughter of JOHN HART and LOVEDA CRAVER.  She was born 23 March 1902 in Pleasant Mount, Wayne Co., PA, and died 1 December 1976 in Monroeton apartment & cemetery.

                  "My dad is gone now and I hope he is at peace for he worked long and hard for his family"
                   " Your dad had a host of friends.We did not go around socially, because I didn't belong to the
                      clubs. But I enjoyed talking to him. He always had a story - talked loudly. I enjoyed him!"
                                      David Gamzon  7/11/1984   age 69  working at Memorial Park

            "I was so impressed with him -  how would you like to come down here with me and learn the lumber
              business?. I do not recall ever any unpleasant words passing between us. He meant a great deal to
            me in so many ways - so many happy years with one of the finest persons I have ever known".
                                           Edward Overton Sept 15,1972

1914, April 12  joined the Monroeton Presbyterian Church
1916  Finished 11 grades at Monroeton red brick school house. One of his teachers was Flora Woodruff
          who lived three houses South of 310 Main St
1917  Hurt his ankle while playing football at Towanda HS for his 12th grade. The ankle gave him some
           trouble all his life.  One of his teachers was Jean Holcombe, who I also had for Senior English!
1918,Jun Grad Towanda HS.  Started a life of work on May 1, 1918 for the S&NY railroad (before grad).
          WW1 ended Nov 11, 1918 Armistice.  Towanda Consolidated Lehigh Valley Railroad & S&NY were merged
          on Nov 1,1918. Lehigh Valley had Gov't control of S&NY until 1920. I have a history book of the
         Susquehanna & NY Railroad. 3rd Edition Publ 1939. Henry ended up working for LVRR.
1920 - 1928   clerk and cashier at Washington St. Station,Towanda  LVRR - he is  no longer with S&NY
1920   I heard he played drums at a local watering hole. He was catcher for Monroeton baseball team.
            He was proud that he caught for Jake Northrop, a Pro pitcher who later in life hired out for $
1923  Mr. & Mrs L C Marcy entertain at dinner party for the 24th birthday of Prof.Walter Marcy. Guests
           include (could be Monroeton baseball team) Jake Northrop,Waldo Moulthrop,Richard Rice,Henry
          Rockwell,Grover Wheeler, Henry Mingos,Eugene Minier, Ralph Dunfee, Fred Smith, John Madden and
          Leo Marcy (played some pro ball for the NY Yankees).
1925, Dec  There is a picture of a dinner-dance at Shores Inn, Rt 6 from the collection of J E Meredith in the January
         11, 2005 Towanda paper that says that Mr & Mrs Mingos are in the picture.  An email from Steve Moore, Moores
          Auto, says on the back of the picture - standing from left to right, 2nd & 3rd persons Henry & Margaret Mingos.
          Margaret must have been visiting Monroeton for the holidays - they weren't m until August 1926.
1926,Mar 2    H E Mingos of Monroeton purchases a new car.
1926,Aug 17      m. Margaret Delphine Hart in Wilkes-Barre. Best man was Harold Williams. Henry rode the
           train to Wilkes-Barre. He also visited with Peg in the summers at Lake George,NY and Atlantic City.
           On their honeymoon they took a train trip to Buffalo and Chicago!
1927,April 30     Monroeton Dramatic Club is presenting "Married Life". Members of the cast are Henry E
           Mingos, Mrs. Henry Mingos, plus eight others. To be presented in the new Wesly Hall.
1929  Sayre, Westbound yard of Lehigh Valley RR -  billclerk
1929  Towanda , baggage master.  Master of Evergreen Lodge No 163
1929  " Henry came into Ed Overton's office to collect the Lehigh Valley RR freight bills. In a moment or so
            he  accepted ( the job), and thus began a long business association". This was very hard work. He opened the
           yard at 7:00 am and worked a 6 day week until after WW2. This may have been before the stock market crash
           of Oct 1929. In 1945 I would leave my bicycle at the yard while going to 10 cent Saturday western  movies.
1936,Oct 25 Fred dies - this is upsetting. Leah would not co-sign the mortgage on the 3rd house from the feed mill.
          Henry, Margaret & John move into 310 Main St prob by xmas 1936. Carl coming home from Mansfield would
          have disrupted sleeping arrangements. John was occupying his bedroom.

1940's Every summer he would take us to the Wheelerville camp, and we would pick baskets of
              huckleberries , some for resale (.15 cents /qt) at the grocery store. By the late 1940's I don't remember
             Henry going hunting at all, but he did take me trout fishing and bass fishing. When I was about 14 yrs
             old  we went to Canada for a week fishing. Later in the summer of 1952 Rueben Cronshee invited me
              to  go with Tom Kohn on the same trip to Canada. He worked the Sunday newspapers at Margaret's
             Card Shop. Once on a windy day, he had to come save the day - I had papers blowing everywhere.
             He was always squeezing out $ by projects, ie blueberries, Sun. papers, tax loss on Margaret's Card
             Shop, club Secretaries which he got paid a minimal amount.
1944   WW2   He was an airplane spotter on Sundays, his only day off. And of course,he had a Victory Garden
            On the Aircraft Warning Observer Card he is listed as 6' 2" and 205 pds
1940's  Reluctantly he drove us to a lot of Hart family gatherings, North Lake, Dallas, and Wilkes-Barre.
1945    Summer  Somehow Henry arranged for me to attend Camp Brule as a Lone Scout. I had been doing
              some scout work in Presbyterian Hall, Monroeton. Maybe it folded? Anyway I was treated special!
1946,Nov   Henry acquired 4 tickets for the Army-Navy football game in Veterans Stadium , Phila. He invited
              my cousin Paul Beers to join us, and WOW!, what a game. 21-18 Blanchard and Davis for Army and
              Pistol Pete Williams for Navy. It is listed now as one of the greatest college games ever! Navy ran
             out of time on the one foot line? As I write this on Jan 19,2003 the last game ever was played
             today in that stadium-Tampa Bay wins over Phila Eagles.
1948, summer   Henry coached (managed) our junior Monroeton baseball team. We were very good. One year
              our record was 22-4.  John pitched- won 11 games. He drove Chuck Rubert and I to Bloomsburg for a major
              league tryout with the Phil. Athletics.
1948,Dec   He took the first vacation I remember and drove us all the way to Key West,Fla. I think it was a
             1946 Chevrolet, and we got back in time for me to start as center on the JV basketball team.
             I never remember my Dad letting my mother drive.
1949, sum  He co--managed with Earl Brown and we entered a baseball team in the Tri-County league.
             Halfway to Powell they leveled a woods area and made a ballfield where my Dad said there used
             to be one years before.   Whatever happened, I played again for the Browns the summer of 1953 on
             Browns Hill -my last baseball game in August versus Towanda.The game was forfeited - Earl
             Brown gave the umpire a concusion. I hitchhiked to Wallingford, Vt afterward to work as a
             lifeguard at Shawnee Leadership Institute
1949,Sept   They moved to York Ave ,Towanda then to Chestnut St second floor apt. by 1950. As late as 1956
              they were still there. After that they moved to a house on River St.
1950,Feb  Humphrey Lumber Yards sold to Valley Lumber Company. (Ed Flynn, William Fitzgerald and Henry
             had two shares (tiebreaker). Ed Overton, owner, retired to Cal.  I worked as a hand there in summer of 1951.
             It just about did me in. He hired  my classmates. Ruth Remsnyder was a bookkeeper, Jim Ross did a
            summer tour in 1952, and later Chuck Rubert worked there full time! What a guy my dad was!
1950, April 18  William Fitzgerald ,Sr is killed in an auto accident at a bridge in Waverly .  Dorothy continued as co-
         owner of the Lumber Yards. As an aside Billy told me he and his mother joined the Presbyterian church.
1953, Dec 11 he became a Shriner.
1951-1955 He and Margaret paid for my college education, which was about $1000/yr! I worked summers
            and got paid for ROTC in addition to occaisional jobs at State College.  On May 8th, 1955 they came to
           Beaver House for mother's day. Little did they know what would happen next.
1955,May 10 Henry left Valley Lumber. In a vote Dorothy & Henry elected Henry as Director of Valley Lumber.
          Apparently Ed Flynn was livid, and did not offer Dorothy the full value her share of the yards, so she either took him
          to Towanda Court or this was tied up in the estate of William FitzGerald Sr.  Jerry Fox (a partner of Flynn) must
         have then operated the Towanda Yard for a while. Clyde Bennett in Waverly did not get his $Bonus & ask Henry to
         be a witness in court for him.  During the next few months Henry was looking for a business to buy, and Dorothy
         was willing to back him for $20,000 to buy the Ulster Yard, since my Dad's shares were tied up in the legal action.
1955, July 2 Sat.night.  As an aside, I was home for the long weekend from Phila, and Billy Fitz & I hooked up
          somehow and went to the Keystone Inn & Thompsons in Waverly. Neither one of us seemed to know much
          about what was going on. On Monday Henry drove us to Reading for a Hart gathering, and then took me to
          Phila. They had breakfast with me on Tues & I went into work at the Frankfort Arsenal at 2:00 pm.
1955, Aug 15 He  joins with Robert E Lee,  the son-in law of a contractor, to form Wysox Lumber Co.  I  have a letter
          from my mother describing the opening, including flowers from Dorothy Fitzgerald and the 1st Nat'l Bank. It is
          very possible that Dorothy Fitzgerald backed my father or co-signed a note for the Wysox Lumber Yard.
1950's Both Henry and Margaret went bowling once a week at the Towanda alleys and later at the top
            of the hill in North Towanda. They both played a lot of cards. 500 parties, Hi Lo Jack in the game,
            pinochle, pitch, hearts , etc.
1956,Jan   They came to State College & stayed at the Nittany Lion Inn for my graduation. Johanna Pomeroy
            said they were so proud.
1956, March  He arranged with Dorothy Fitzgerald for a loan of $400. so I could buy my first  car. They were still in a
          legal court action over either the estate of William Fitzgerald,Sr or  the sellout price of the Valley Lumber Yards.
1956,Dec  He got someone on New Years day to replace an engine gasket in my 1952 Plymouth so I could
            go back to USAF flying school at Marianna , Fla.  Wow, again he was there for me when needed.
1958  In an unfortunate incident involving Robert Lee, my Dad left (sold out?) the partnership in Wysox Lumber.
1958-1966 Bookkeeper,clerk at Meredith Bottling Works. Margaret did the same job during WW2 while
              Jimmy Meredith was away.
1960's   He drove to Dayton & Kettering 3 times- sum 1961, Aug 1962 and 1965. They loaned me  $3500 to buy
              the Skyline Mobile home, which we brought in through Indiana at night. It exceeded the Ohio cab/trailer
             length of  60'. I used their picture from my 1962 wedding for an article in the Bradford Co History, publ 1995
1965,April  They moved back to Monroeton to his childhood home - now numbered 310 Main.
1967 - 1972 He was part-time bookkeeper at Gulf Oil Co, East Towanda, Treasurer of Towanda Elks,
             Secretary of Monroeton Masonic Lodge, Secretary/Treasurer  of Monroeton Borough Council and
             Secretary  for a long time of the Naiad-Linta Fire Co of Towanda.
1968,April   Leah, his mother, passed away. It's odd, but I never heard him mention Leah or Fred? In several mid
            1950 's letters from Leah to me, she said he called her on the phone
1972,April   He cleaned up the basement after Hurricane Agnes. It must have physically done him in. As
             Secretary for the Monroe Council he applied for all the Federal aid - lots of paperwork.
1972,April 29  Henry was on the building committee for renovating the closed Pres.Church into a Lodge Hall.
              He served as purchasing agent to secure needed materials, labored long and hard insuring the
              proper completion of all the planned renovation.  At the Pa Grand Lodge for the dedication he
              received his 50 year Masonic service emblem. His masonic career included York and Scottish Rites in
              Towanda, Williamsport Consistory, Irem Temple Shrine, Wilkes-Barre, and its Bradford Co
             Shrine Club. He was very helpful with Instruction, and served 25 years as Blue Lodge Secretary!
1972    He was  a lifetime member and maybe charter member of the Monroeton Gun Club at the top of
              the hill near Wheelerville,Pa, He was a member of the  Presbyterian Church for 56 years most of
             the time belonging to Monroeton, although he must have sent his letter to Towanda after John &
             Margaret joined there in 1951. He was active in the Towanda  Gun Club at Homet's Ferry and  the
             Monroeton Fire Co.
1972,Jun 11  Dr Tama said he was like a walking dead man. It must have been extremely hard to keep
             going. Yet in a letter he just planted his garden,which he did all his life. Yellow corn,cucumbers,
             salsify, asters, marygold, and zennias. Margaret and he were just out to a bowling banquet at
            Laceyville, and they danced once. When I joined them in late August in Atlantic City, he could
            barely  walk.  How lucky I was to spend a few days with him just before the end.
1972,Sept 8  Henry was burning cornstalkes on the back of the lot and a gasoline can exploded. He was
            burned  in the face and upper body, but would have recovered in the Towanda Hospital. Dr. Tama
            said his case was reviewed by a board. He had 100% blockage of the arteries - arteriosclerocus,
            He died Sept 11,1972 of myocardial infarction, and is buried in Monroeton cemetery with two
            generations of his family.There were a record number of masons, over 70, at the funeral service
            at the Maryott Funeral Home. Over 200 people signed the attendance book!
1980's  The irony is that Henry, Margaret, Meredith Bottling Works and Humphreys all ended by fire.
2003    I am reminded of dad every night on TV with Paul Kangas, Business Report at 6:30 pm. He combed
            his white hair straight backwards.  I'll always remember them. They'll always be in my heart.

Cause of Death: blocked arteries
Medical Information: bifocals all his life;wore white socks to prevent color leakage to his bad ankle; got winter head colds;had severe headaches after parties (Cluster headaches?) He was very strong.

                      " I really liked Margaret. She was so much fun, and she always had a story" -  Vera Mingos 2000
    " always have an all time consuming indoor hobby , and an all time consuming outdoor hobby". Margaret's files

1902  Raised in a family of 6 children. John Hart was a school teacher, and part time minister in the
           Firewood Methodist church.
1921 A letter from Ruth Maury  says that both Margaret and Lea worked a (3) year, then went to school .
         That they worked summers to pay for their college. At age 18 she taught in1920-21 in Wilkes-Barre.
1921-3  Taught school in rural Terrytown,Pa.  She attended a teachers institute in Towanda. Through Bill Sullivan
          ( a fellow teacher) she had a blind date with Henry. Later she introduced Lydia Pauly to Bill.There were
          train trips from Terrytown to Wysox for weekends.She taught  5 years in this time period. Only a HS
          diploma and 1 summer session at college were required to teach on a (partial) elementary certificate.
          She taught 1920-21/1924-26 in Luz.Co, and 1921-23 in Brad Co. There are pictures of her in Monroeton-1923.
1924,Feb 23 became engaged. Graduated from Bloomsburg State Normal School in 1924 - two yr certificate
           Atlantic City in the summer, so Lake George,NY maybe was summer 1925?
1926,Aug 17  Miss Margaret D Hart of Wilkes-Barre and Henry E Mingos of Monroeton are married at the
         brides home. Officiating is the Rev Carl Councilman, pastor of the Firewood Methodist Church .
        The bride is attended by her sister ,Lenore Hart, and by Miss Dorothy Deatrick. Best man is Harold
        Williams of Monroeton. The new Mrs. Mingos has been teaching the past two years in the  Wilkes -Barre
        city schools. Her husband is employed in the LVRR office at Towanda. They will live in Monroeton.
1927,Mar 3  Union Masonic Club of Towanda. In Progressive "500" consolation prize for women
              is taken by Mrs. Henry Mingos.
1929    Towanda Directory   bookkeeper at White- Bustin Chevolet Co, in Monroeton! She continued when
             the company  moved to Towanda.  1932 same
1930's Past National Grand Master of Monroeton Rebekah Lodge. Member of Order of Eastern Star,
1933   b John They lived in the 3rd house from the feed mill. I have a picture in the back yard of the Morris
             chair and the two yellow tabby cats. Some day I might check the deed in the court house .
1933   The Monroeton bank closed. Henry & Margaret lost whatever they had at the bank
1936    Fred died. Leah would not co-sign their mortgage, so they gave up their home and moved into 310
              Main St. Margaret was the outsider in Monroeton. Somehow they  made this work until 1949.
1940  She started MARGARET's CARD SHOP in the front room. A white sign( 3'x4') hangs outside off the
            porch. They sold magazines,cold drinks, candies, dry goods, and packaged groceries.Sometimes after
            grade school I would open the store about 4:00pm.
1943 WW11  Employed by the Eclipse in Elmira and then Sylvania Electric Co. This was really hard - she
          worked nights at Elmira, and slept during the day . At Sylvania she had a very dirty job in a powder
          area. My mother worked very hard all her life, and the income allowed them to have a good life.
1944   When Jimmy Meredith went to war, she became bookkeeper at Meredith Bottling Works.
1940's  She was always a real trouper. Picking berries at the hunting camp, going sunfish fishing at
             Mountain Lake, ice skating on Dr Cooks pond - she broke her arm, etc
1945-48  In the summers we always went to NYC and Atlantic City with Lea & Paul Beers. We saw a lot of
            stage shows in NYC, and I remember riding the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island with Mom.
            In Atlantic City we always did Steel Pier and Capt Starn's restaurant.
1949  They sold the Shop to Jake House, who had bought Carl Summers grocery store in the town center.
1949-51 She was teaching at Towanda HS and drove our baseball team to all the away games

1950's In spite of having to prepare for school, she was an avid bidge player and bowler during the week.
            Past President of Towanda Gun Club auxillary, Past President of Towanda Area Education Asso.
1951,Mar 22  I went through class to join the Towanda Pres. Church. Margaret stayed loyal to my father
           and joined by letter. She had been raised a Methodist..
1951  It was through my mothers encouragement that I went to college. Being in the high school building
           as a teacher allowed her to follow my activities. In the fall of 1951 I brought Richard Mercer to Chestnut St &
           Mom hosted him . I arranged a date for him with Shirley Page.
1955, May  Mother wrote me often while I was in college. Her letter after Henry left the Lumber Yard was a shocker.
          She did say she was happy I was almost finished with school, as they had enough money to allow me to
          finish regardless of what happens next.
1962  She entertained Jeanine and I at River St, even though she was still working. She knew this was
           finally the one.She went to Bermuda the summer of 1960 on a cruise, and that is how Jeanine and I came
            to take our honeymoon in Bermuda.
1964  Margaret taught special education in the Towanda Schools at the First/ Third Wards and the High
           School  from 1944 -1964. She retired in 1964 according to the obit, so that makes 20 years in Towanda.
           She was entitled to  teachers retirement. She had high blood  pressure most of her life.

1972,April  Suffered Hurricane Agnes .The basement of 310 Main flooded - solid mud. I did not see how bad
             my dad was - I went to Kingston to help Aunt Arline Hart Brown.
1972,Aug  We spent three wonderful days in Atlantic City, even eating at Capt Starns. Henry brought the
           Monroeton History book - I had never seen it? There was Coonrad Mingos
1972,Sept 11 Henry dies. Margaret sells the house full of memories to Greg McCloud and moves to an
           apartment on Main St towards Towanda.
1974,Sept 19  Meals -On -Wheels worker $2.15  Towanda Hospital. She went on a Caribbean cruise with
            3  lady friends. They had so much fun that she offered to send Jeanine and I on the same cruise.
1972-75 Lived alone in N Monroeton apt. Spent her winters at Daytona Beach,Fla. Went to the Daytona 500
         and played bridge at the Mather Bridge Club at Beach Restaurant. She almost attained a master ACBL
         title without a regular partner! In 1975, stopping in Potomac, Md , she went to Fla on the autotrain.
1976,Jun Lea and Margaret went on a 30 day trip to Alaska . Included being evacuated from the Georgia
          Hotel, Vancouver, Canada on a fire alarm. Lincoln bus Lines,Hanover Pa .Returned July 29.
1976,Nov   She had just returned from Las Vegas with Lea Beers over Thanksgiving.There were coins
           all over the place, and the police had picked them up and saved them. I can just imagine her in Las
           Vegas playing the slots and having a grand old time
1976,Nov 29   She had just bought a new red Dodge Aspen. I returned it to Athens, Joe Maddox, sales mgr.

1976,Dec 1  Headline in Towanda Daily Review  MONROETON WOMAN DIES IN HOUSE FIRE
           Mrs. Mingos died Wednesday evening of smoke inhalation when her home caught fire .
           The body was removed to the Robert Packer Hospital, but I did not request on autopsy.
           Clayton & Jane Maryott handled the funeral. I gave a special hutch which Margaret had
           made to them for their dau. I ask for the Eastern Star to perform services, but I should have had
           the Rebekah's. It was a closed casket. We had a family dinner at Jack McGuire's in Towanda after
           the burial on Saturday.  Lea Beers was with us for the whole time.
           "Some 6200 Americans die in home fires each year, and at least two - thirds of the deaths stem
           from inhalation of smoke and toxic gases."
1976,Dec 6  We spent six days in Towanda, three of which Jeanine sifted through the ashes. The living room
           was gutted and the rest of the apt. was smoke and heat damaged.  There were no utilities and
           the temperature was 14 degrees? Needless to say, this was an ordeal. We stored some pieces of
           furniture that we choose to keep in James VanNess's barn ( alsoClass of 1951). Marshall Dawsey,
           Polly Moore's ( also class of 1951) husband , was hired to do the probate.
2003  My mother had an immense influence on my life. She and I got along really well, and we had a lot
           of laughs. May she find happyness and joy in her eternal life.

Cause of Death: smoke inhalation
Medical Information: high blood pressure, reading glasses, maybe a bleeding problem near the end, cancer in her sibblings.
 i. JOHN FREDERICK8 MINGOS, b. 30 August 1933, Mills Hospital ,S Towanda, Bradford Co , Pa; m. JEANINE LEE KEENER; b. 2 July 1936, St. Anns Hosp, Dayton , Ohio.

                                                WHAT IS PAST IS PROLOGUE
       In order to move into the future one needs to examine the past. "Honor thy father and mother that it may be well with thee and that thou mayest live long upon the earth".   'People shouldn't be forgotten' TV 9/28/03 Cold Case
       Nov 1972, Pg 484 Genealogy Helper Magazine "synamic search - reports what is known, solicits correction , explanation and announces results when informed. Preferable to long delays awaiting perfection".   A synthesizing work in process. The one thing that makes my family history special is that it's mine.
        I am  starting Family Tree Maker in Jan 2003. I plan to build a file on the immigrant  J Conrad Menges,
arrived Phila. Oct 1754, prob from the Erbach area of Germany. It will include Bowmans, Bois(Boice), Snells(Schnell), Harts/Craver, Foxs and Rockwells. Also all of the Mingos cousins from Coonrad(F3).
1945  1st class from Monroeton grade school to be bussed to Towanda. 9/1945 took up trumpet with Leonard Smith.
1948 sum  I was the primary pitcher for the Championship Monroeton Jr Legion baseball team. We went 22 -4 to beat
          East Smithfield. I won 11, lost 2. Junior Brown won 7 lost 1. Then in the fall I played 2nd string varsity football
          right end at 140 #s, on the Championship RTL Towanda team.
1948/9  Jr. Varsity basketball, Towanda won the Roosevelt Trail League Championship. I was high scorer for the
            year with 147 points, 9 points in the championship game v Troy at Mansfield College - 25 -21. We were 16-5.
1949,May  As a sophmore pitcher, I was called into the Troy game with bases loaded, two outs, count 2 balls. I lofted
         a slow pitch and it was poped up to Jimmy Lenox at 1st base.
1949, sum I played right field for Monroeton, at the field towards Powell. They may have played there for a few years
         after that. On Aug 18th I was sick in bed (we had been to Phila for a baseball game - later called Legioneer's
        desease), and I have a diary note that the Dr. advised me not to go out for football. I don't remember Henry
        encouraging me later to go back out for football my Senior year. He had broke an ankle in his senior year at
       Towanda. This 1948 -49 stretch may have been the highlight of my athletics.
1950 sum This summer I played for Alex Eddy in East Towanda, not Monroeton .
1951,March 22  I went through class & joined the Towanda Pres. Church. In Monroeton I had gone to the Methodist
         Sunday school and many away activities,a softball league and Forksville Camp. Mother joined by letter .
         Both Sally Putnam and Sue Ruggles were members.
1951,Mar 31  I had a Sr Play "open house" at 205 1/2 Chestnut St apt, over 65 kids came . I have some pictures in
         my high school album.
1951 Graduated with honors, TVJHS  6  letters in athletics 4 baseball, 1 basketball & 1 football, plus 4 band, 2
         orchestra, 2 choir. I have a complete box of memories from these years  - includes several picture albums,
         oriole newspapers, letters, dance programs, a sports scrapbook , any & all memorabilia. I doubt anyone in
         the class of 1951 has more . At age 70 I seem to spend a lot of time reliving the past and updating this history.
1952, Jan  I switched from the College of Business to Engineering, & moved from Nittany Dorm to Hamilton Hall.
1952/3 summers  Head life guard and swimming teacher for Towanda at the SCI pool. Both summers I went
          to Vermont in late August as Waterfront Director at Shawnee Leadership Institute for two weeks. In Aug
          of 1953 I played my last baseball game for Monroeton. It was forfeted when Earl Brown gave the umpire
          a concussion over our catcher, Lloyd Kiefer from Canton, touching (or not) first base.
1954, Feb 10  Initiated into Beaver House Fraternity, which became Delta Phi Fraternity in 1959.
1954,June  I went to Greenville, Miss for AFROTC. Got a crew cut which I wore for 18 years. Then worked as an
         Industrial Eng for John Docky, shirt mfg plant, Benton,Pa
1955,Xmas I became pinned with Johanna Sue Pomeroy. Beaver House sent her red roses.
1956, Jan 28th  Sat.   CJ Roeger  & Stan Kolodjeski came to 205 Chestnut St for a graduation party at my parents
          apartment. Nurses from RPHos. I don't have his picture, but Jimmy Ross must have been at the party.
1956,Jan 30 Monday  graduated from Penn State Univ , BS in Industrial Engineering. Mom ,Dad & Sue Pomeroy
         stayed at the Nittany Lion Inn for the Rec hall graduation & the AF Comissioning.  I have a solid box of
         memories from these years - including all letters I received, newspaper articles, a  picture album and so on.
         I can almost relive all of these times. I don't know anyone else who has such a collection.

1956, Feb  4  I ended up in New Castle,Pa at Stan's. Must have gone with CJ? We did Son's of Italy?
1956,Feb 13 - Monday  joined IBM at Endicott, NY. I have a calendar note that says I finished my 1st week on
         Feb 17 th. Somehow I thought my aniversary date at IBM was Feb 1st. Rented a room from Diane Martin's
        parents for $8 a week on Roosevelt Ave, one block from the plant.
1956, Mar 10 Sat Bill Romania and I went to Allentown, Pa to visit Diane Martin and Sue Pomeroy (nurses at Robert
        Packard Hos). Hotel Americus & dinner at Walps. About here I tried out for the IBM play Dulcy at the country
        club and had a solid part in the play - lot's of pictures in my AF album
1956, Mar 24 Sat  I bought my 1st car, a blue 1952 Plymouth 4dr for $800 at Wysox. Then I took off for Beaver
        House & an unexplained pajama party with a jam session at BH on Sunday. Why I did this after Sue Pomeroy
       had just spent several days with me in Endicott I'll probably never know.
1956, June  I was called up by the Air Force and drove all the way to San Antonio, Tex. Car caravaned with another
       2nd Lt. Choose Marianna Air Station in Fla panhandle and in Feb 1957 Webb AFB Big Spring Tex.
1956-59  Pilot training ,USAF. I flew T-34, T-28 and T-33 single engine jet. June 1, 1957 became an  Industrial
       Engineer at Wright-Patterson AFB. Ohio and traveled on inspection teams all over the US to Air Force bases. It
       was my first trip West - my gosh those Rockies! I traded cars in Fairborn for a 1954 Dodge 4dr, white & blue.
1958,Oct I went to Wiesbaden, Germ and a 3 week trip around Europe - USAF MATS and trains to Wiesbaden,
        Germ, Frankfurt, Lucerne,Switz, Rome,Italy, Isle of Capri - Pompeii, train to Monte Carlo & Paris, where I spent
       six days waiting for a MATS flight back. I did not have enough $ to buy a comercial ticket.
1959,April  Lt Charles Lear & I flew a T-34 to FT Lauderdale & then to Havana,Cuba. I have 8 mm film showing
      Castro's soldiers with machine guns standing at my side. 3 people killed outside our hotel as they tried to shoot
      down Major Diaz Lanz flying B-25's and dropping anti Castro leaflets.
1959,May  joined IBM marketing in Dayton, Ohio. Sent to a  2 month school in Cincinnati. Learned to play craps at
       Beverly Hills, Kty. Mafia operated. I took Margaret & Henry there in about 1961- Mel Torme show.
1958/9  Championship bowling team, Fairborn,Ohio  I averaged 170 for full season, several 600 series. Cliff Brady
       & I had an apartment across the street from the bowling alley at 368 Morris Drive, Fairborn, Ohio.
1960 Sum I bought a new 55' x 10' Skyline Mobile home, and located it at Sunny Acres, off Needmore Rd.
1960/61 Assigned to install an IBM 7070 at GM datacenter. A number of trips to Chicago and Cleveland for testing
1960/61,Feb Went on two wonderfull ski trips with the Dayton Ski Club. 1st to Mount Tremblant, Canada and
         then a week in Aspen, Colorado-Feb 1961.
1960-63 Seven Wins/Places Miami Valley Touring Club, Ohio, Rallyes & Gymkhana. 1960 Hillman Minx convertable
          - pilot or navigator mostly with Cliff Brady - my military roomate who had a Jaquar 120
1962,May  drove to State College,Pa to be initiated into Delta Phi, proposed to Jeanine.
1962, Aug 25 m Jeanine Keener Westminister Presbyterian Church, Dayton Ohio -  to Bermuda on honeymoon & we
         stayed at the Bermudiana Hotel which is no longer there in 2001. Jeanine had a 1956 Olds 88, white & green.
         Her father was the Olds dealer in Brookville, Ohio which was why we drove Olds for 42 years.
1963-66  Attended the Kentucky Derby and 4 Indianapolis 500's. We had a 1959 black Olds 98 & a 1966 Cutlass.
         The black Olds was like an airplane, hugh tail wings - one of the nicest cars we ever owned.  I joined the Dayton
         Chess club in 1963 and played my 1st rated game in the fall of 1965. I was instrumental in the founding of the
         Wright Patterson AFB Chess Club at the Civilian Club.
1967 Promoted to  IBM Nat'l Fed Marketing  Mgr, marketing to 4 of the US Cabinet Agencies, Com, Labor, Hud
          and Justice. We moved to Potomac, Md on April 27, 1967
1968  We bought a really neat 1968 Olds Cutlass Supreme, white with black interior
1969 Sept promoted to IBM Corporate Presentation Center - three years, 157 presentations.
1971  Started 6 years of serious genealogy research
1972  First President and Club Champion of Rockville JCC Chess Club. Founder of the club on March 20th.
           We had a blue Olds 4dr, 1972 which I sold out of our garage.  I was playing chess when my Dad died, 9-11-1972.
1973, Jun   Awarded title Intermediate (later changed to Senior) Tournament Director of US Chess Fed.
1973-74 President Md Chess Asso., V-Pres US Chess Federation Region 3, and in 1975 I incorporated the
          MCA in the State of Md - MCA,I and obtained 501c3 approval from the IRS.
1975, Feb 26    joined the  SAR - Sons of the American Revolution- based on Conrad Menges Sr & Jr
1976, Feb  Captained a 4 man chess team at US Amateur Team in Atlantic City to 1st Place, Class B.
          Mother d Dec 1, 1976.
1977  Two more Olds, a 1974 Cutlass Sup.HT Coupe, Colonial Cream Vinyl Roof,  and a 1977 green 88 4dr
1973-1982 Eight Team 1st Places in DC Chess League    6 man teams as Potomac A & B
1979 An electronic basketball scoreboard has been installed in the gym of Orchard Road School, Montgomery Tsp .
         N.J., in memory of Stephen J. Jurnack Jr., who died Jan. 27, 1979. He was a former resident of Towanda and
         married Miss Sally Putnam of Towanda in 1958. He was employed by Mathematica Inc., of Princeton, N.J., and
         was involved with the Montgomery Basketball League. ©Daily and Sunday Review 2005, Feb 25

1980  I became a Master Mason, AF&AM of Maryland. Bob Custer,an IBMer, spoke at my initiation.
1982  Two Man Team Champion, Falls Road Golf Course with Jerry Smagala. My best golf score of 76.
1982 Assigned to Strategic Air Cmd account and traveled to Omaha about twice a year thru 1990. Also traveled to
         Eglin AFB in FLa and to California on a proposal.
1983  1st Place Overall, Castle Chess Camp, City of Bradford, Pa . After that I attended three more
          camps - 1984, 1985 and 1990.
1985 Two more Olds, a 1980 88 blue 4dr and a 1985 light tan Cutlass Supreme 4 dr.
1987 Achieved US Chess Federation rating of 2024, Expert Title for Over the Board chess.
1990 Life Member, Bradford Co, Pa Historical Society.
1991, Feb Had my 35 year Luncheon on IBM at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. My 30th was there also and my
          25th was at Jur de New in Georgetown.
1991 In March I went to New Orleans for my last Federal Club. Todd Morris & Nora Burrows were on my team.
        Omaha credited the TRI-Coms 3090 in 1990 business register and it sat at the truckers house for 6 months.
1991,July 31 Retired from IBM, 35.5 years, 15 of which were marketing to the US Air Force plus 3 years in the AF.
         23 Marketing Recognition events, Two Golden Circles. Bought a Gen. Schwarzkoph parade car after 1st
         Iraq war, a 1991 grey Olds 98 4dr. It goes with the 1988 blue Olds 88.
1991,August  Played in my 2nd World Amatuer Golf tour. at Myrtle Beach. Stayed at Holiday Inn West.
         Later I played in 1992,93,94 and 1998 when I rented a condo at  the Lupus silent auction.
1992, August 20 My first hole-in one at No 2, Redgate golf course. Harry Keener, Bob Torgler and Bill Williams.
1993  4 of us(Doug Hall) spent a week in Aiken,SC and Augusta,Ga at the Masters Golf Tour., Bernhardt Langer won.
1994 Champion of Senior Division, Rockville Open, Redgate Golf Course
1991-1996 Won three Senior Chess Team Titles at the US Amateur Team East in Parsippany,NJ. 1992,1994,1995.
          In 1993 we were awarded the Top Md Team, being second place seniors on tiebreakers. Art Bisguier IM played
          1st Bd 1995 and in 1996 Anatoly Lein IM played 1st Bd
1995,early Don Grey started the "Rusty Blues" an IBM Nat Fed Mktg alumni luncheon group at the US Naval
        Hospital Officers Club. I attend about 6 times/ year. It moved to Kenwood CC and then to Bethesda CC in 2003.
1996 colon cancer surgery - Georgetown Medical Ctr. pre-cancerous polp.Sold the 1988 Olds for a 1995 Beige Olds98
1993 - 2000  Won three Maryland Correspondence Championships 1993-94, 1995-7,  1998-2000
1995-2000  Played top board for a ten man Maryland Team in CCLA National Chess Team tournament.
          Maryland won three Team Championships, lX  starting 1995, X - 1997 and Xl - 1999
1998  Senior Club Champion, low net  Montgomery Village Golf Club
1998,August  I had bid on a condo at last years Lupus tourn. Played in my sixth World Amatuer Golf Tour. at Myrtle
         Beach, South Carolina. 1985,1991-4 and 1998.
1998  Co Champion of Correspondence Chess League of America. Awarded Senior Master title, rating 2370.
2000, Jan. Olds stop making big cars. Bought a white diamond Cadillac Deville from Jim Coleman. My 15th car
2000/2001  Two years in a row, Best Correspondence Chess Game Award from CCLA. Both games were
         published  in The Chess Correspondent.
2001,Aug 4 Returned to my 50th high school reunion. 40 of 81 graduates attended. I shared my memories collection
        with Ruth Remsnyder Harrington and saw Joyce Brown Richlin. Sunday morning I hosted breakfast at the
        Williamston Inn in East Towanda for 12 of us. This is the 6th reunion of 10 that I have attended. Sally Putnam
        Jurnack is living with her mother at 236 Popular Street. I stopped at the Country Club when I arrived and had a
        beer with Joe Lenox and Marshal Dawsey.  The 5 Monroeton grade school gang had our picture taken again.
        Sandy Dunfey Ross's 1956 class arranged a walk thru of the high school. Jimmy Ross and I joined them and
        shared a lot of memories and a picture in the auditorium.
2002,May 9 Second hole-in-one, Montgomery Village Golf Club with Dick Patterson - hole 13 with a 5 metal.
2002 I played 4 draws in email correspondence chess team matches versus Portugal & Denmark masters.
2003 March, Published 7 booklets of the Decendants of J Conrad Menges -  Brad Co Hist Soc, Monroeton  Public  Lib,
         Sons Amer Rev, PalatinesTo Amer, Dau Amer Rev, Easton Pa Lib. (Marx room) and Allegany Co.NY Historian
2003,Dec Published the 2004 Revised Edition of Mingos history - Brad Co Hist Soc, Monroeton Lib. & State Library
         of Pa. Harrisburg. With more edits I am working on a next Revised Edition.
2004,Feb Purchased a Cadillac Seville SLS with OnStar, XM satelite, Bose radio/CD changer and a sunroof.
2004,Feb Received an IBM PC model A50p, 2.8Ghz and will add a HP 2410 All in One PSC& Fax
2004, April 18  5mm tear in right leg calf, peroneus brevis muscle. MRI . Ruptured while working out at YMCA
2004, May 30  3rd time to Emergency Hospital for uninary retention - an enlarged prostrate. Scheduled June 18th
         for heat microwave therapy on the prostrate, an office proceedure that destroys some of the extra tissue.
2004, summer  I have done extensive updating of my Snell ancestors.
2004,Sept 27 I volunteered at the 26th Lupus Golf fund raiser. Starting in 1979 I played in the first 14 events.
        Then once each at Springfield, Lakewood & Belmont CC's. I attended the others for the banquet and live auctions.
2004, Nov  Jeanine & I were invited by Penn State President Spanier to come to State College for a 2 day PSU Today
          Program. We stayed at the Penn Stater Hotel & Conference Center.
2005.Jan 7 4:30 am. I passed out after taking a Hytrin pill that lowered my blood pressure. I fell and fractured
          4 ribs. It is very painful, and over a month before I can swim or swing a golf club.
2005,Jan.   I am assembling a booklet on the Snell family of Athens, Pa and Northampton Co, Pa. The booklet
         will be contributed to the Tioga Point Museum, Athens, Pa. The content of this booklet will be updated into the
         2005 REVISED EDITION of the booklet "Descendants of Conrad Menges". This revision has 623 individuals,
         148 pages and 216 Menges/Minges/Mingus/Mingos entries. I have sent the 1st booklet to Steven Mingos
         of Shawnee Mission, Kansas. I have sent a booklet to the Bradford Co Historical Society.
2005,Mar  I have updated the Snell booklet,10 new pages, mostly from Penna Archives research - online
         and the Schnell Outline is on the Tri Co web site. The new Menges/Mingos Outline is still not on the Tri Co site.
2005,March  I won 2 email chess games from my British Corr. Chess Association opponent, Board 2 for CCLA
2005,April Finally after one year I have upgraded my internet provider to MSN 9!
2005 Jun  thru Bradford Co Library I now have access to the Heritage Quest census indexes & search software.
2005,Jun 25 Dingman's Annual Family Bash. I have compiled a Catawissa Hart booklet for Linda Hart Dingman
2005,July I have sent NY Mingus/Minges pages to Doris Donovan Mingus in Wellsville, NY. I have sent Mingos
         pages to Judy Pennay Bull in S. Towanda.Pa
2005,August 12 I had a radical prostatectomy, Roterpubic at Georgetown Univ Hosp.

Medical Information: Wears reading glasses, colon cancer surgery in 1996, enlarged prostrate, works out at YMCA,

1954  graduated Brookville HS .
1958  grad Bowling Green University, BS in Education teaching degree
59-62  taught 6th grade in Brookville
1961-63 passed first ice dance tests at Troy, Ohio Skating Club
1962, Aug 25   m, John Mingos Westminister Presbyterian Church, Dayton ,Ohio. The Keeners held a reception
          in Brookville, Ohio and Jeanine & I drove 1st to Columbus, Ohio then to NYC for an airplane to Bermuda -
         a week at the Bermudiana Hotel and Resort.
1963,Jun  1962, Oct 10  Maxie, our West Highland Terrior was b. We bought him at 8 mos old from Mrs. Seagraves
          kennel just around the corner from Sunny Acres. The first night he was starving, and kept waking us up.
          He liked to sleep on the marble at the ends of my Danish modern couch. He became diabetic, and for six
          years Jeanine had to feed him on schedule and inject insulin every day - without fail.
1963   moved to Kettering ,Ohio - 1019 Sharewood Court. Water heating in the floors. We went on a short vacation to
           French Lick , Ind
1964/5  Worlds Fair, NYC  Did 2 IBM Federal Conferences. A trip to Williamsburg, Vir and another trip to Boston,
          Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod.
1967  Jeanine flew to Wash, DC and we did 3 days house hunting. and then she moved us to Potomac, Md on April 27,
          1967 . We became active members in the Capitol Hill Club, the National Republican social club on the hill in
          DC. We met the Nixon family, Sen Dirksen kissed her, and we had dinner with Jerry Ford.
1970,Aug We rented a cottage at Boothbay Harbor,Maine from our neighbors- the Gen.Bill Evans. Harrry & Dorothy
         drove from Ohio & met us there for a week. The cottage was so cold, 33 degrees at night, that we burned wood in
         the kitchen stove. The water temperature was 50 degrees . We bought fish in the late afternoon from the fleet.
1971  Jeanine joined me and we did 3 weeks on the West Coast - Las Vegas, San Fran, Hurst Castle, La & San Diego.
           This was a perk from the Presentation Center to go to the Fall Jt Computer Conf. Drove down Rt 1 in the fog.
           Stopped at the 18th hole, Pebble Beach.
1972  Charter member, founder of Woman's Club of Potomac
1973  Jeanine met me in San Jose and we did an 8 day trip to four of the Hawaiian Islands. Pig roast on the big
          island. Picking pinapple in Kauai and the Indian Center on Oahu.
1974  We did a number of days house hunting in the White Plains, NY area - Conn, & NJ
1975  IBM 5th Club  Trip to San Francisco.We did a 2 day trip to Yosemite, and drove out in a fire. Stayed at the
          prominent Hotel, and had dinner with Jeanine's college friend.
1977 Jeanine helped her parents buy a condo in Largo, Fla. Thereafter we drove or flew to Fla once or twice a year
          for 25 years.
1979, Sept 24  Maxie had major organ failure, and Jeanine had to put him away - 17 years old. We bought a
          lot, marker and funeral service at Aspin Hill Pet Cemetery
1980, Jun 21  We bought Tedi - a puppy, our second West Highland Terrior. Jeanine went into a tough section
          of the District and got him from an Air Force couple I found out about at Defense Com. Agency.
         Tedi loved to go for his evening walk around Churchill High School. Near the end he had to be carried home.
1980  We went on our first cruise to the Caribbean - out of Puerto Rico to St Martin, Tortola, Martinique,Quadeloupe,
          St Thomas etc. Harry & Dorothy Keener were with us.
1980-87  Seven years President of the Lupus Foundation of Greater Washington
1980 Jeanine had gall bladder surgery. Latter I won a trip to NYC for the DCA 4331 win. We stayed at the Plaza
         Hotel, did two shows - Chorus Line & The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Sardies, Tavern in Central Park,
         the Village,Tiffanies and Rodney Dangerfield's Comedy Club.
1981 10th IBM club San Francisco again. Alcatraz, Napa valley. Stopped in Lawrence Kansas to visit Carl Mingos.
          Breakfast in Sausalito at the madams and to Santa Rosa ice rink to see Peanut's artist Charles Schultz.
          We stayed at the SanFran Fairmont and had drinks at the Mark Hopkins on Nob Hill.
1983  Organized and Directed the National Lupus Convention here in Northern Vir.
1883 First Golden Circle - we were at the Breakers, Palm Beach and to Largo, Fla. Roy & Arlene Marsan also.
1985  We met her parents at Myrtle Beach for the 2nd World Amatuer Golf tour. Jeanine rented a mobile home from
          our mailman. We took Harry & Dorothy on a week cruise to the Caribbean for their 50th anniversary. We got
          to Caracas, Venezuela for drinks at the Officers club. Also Grenada & Curacao. Dot Lightner joined us.
1986 15th IBM Club  Flew to SanDiego, zoo, water show and to Tijuana,Mexico for 2nd time.
1987  4 day trip to Tarrytown, NY . I won a guest slot on Sr PGA tour. Arnold Palmer was dinner guest. I was flying
          back  & forth to Omaha, Neb and guessed Lee Elder would be -11 in a golf tour.
1990  2nd golden Circle . We did the Lupus Gala in LA then to Maui & Honolulu. Dinner at Kapalua  & the big flea
         at the Hawaii football stadium. This was the IDHS win. Todd Morris & wife joined us for the Napkin dinner.
1994,Oct 10  Tedi also had major organ failure, and was put away after many tests at the Rt 28 Rockville Animal
         Hospital. He was cremated and still is with us, although we put a marker for him at Aspin Hill Pet Cemetery.
1996  We did a 4 day trip to New Orleans - Pete Fountain, Preservation Hall - hotels were bought at two Lupus golf
          Tourn auctions
1998-2003  President of Woman's Club of Potomac
2001 Bid on and won 3 trips to New Zealand - Sydney, Australia , Monaco and Bermuda. Flew business class from
        LA to Auckland. Jeanine was still in foot pain from a crushed nerve in her right foot, auto accident.
2002, May 3  Offered the eulogy for her father, Harry Keener, in Palm Harbor, Fla. He was the 3rd longest life in this
         FTM file - 97 yrs 13 days.  In June we went to Las Vegas for 5 days. 4 evening shows, and Hoover Dam.
2003, Feb passed Foxtrot ice dance certification- pre-silver level.  25 year award from Avon Corp.
           She ice skates- dance. President of Woman's Club of Potomac and on the advisory board of the Lupus
           Foundation of Greater Washington. Active at Mont. Co Thrift Shop and  WCP wine club. She has
          Systemic Lupus Erythematous and is an avid collector of antiques.
2004,Mar 24  Jeanine went into Shady Grove hospital for surgery, 2 ruptured tendons in her outside lower right foot.
        4 weeks in a fiberglass cast with no use of right foot at all, then 16 more weeks in a removable cast/elastic
        bandage. It is now 6 months and she is still under the specialized care of the Wound Care Center at Shady Grove
        Hospital. The surgery hole under her ankle is closing way too slowly - maybe the Lupus.
2004,Aug 12  returns to Brookville, Ohio for her 50th HS reunion
2004, Dec 20  We drove to Largo,Fla for an eleven day trip. Stopped at Walterboro,SC on the 940 mile trip south,
         and stopped at Florence,SC on the way back. We hauled the IBM Aptiva 1997 233MHz computer system to
         Dorothy Keener's condo, but could not get Win 95 connected to MSN 7. Donated it to Methodist Church school
        and bought a new 2.93 Ghz Emachine computer with Win XP .
2005,Jan 1  Had dinner for New Years at the Johnsons.
2205,April  Jeanine is flying to Largo, Fla - her mother fell and has a concussion.

22.  FRANCIS CARL7 MINGOS (FREDERICK E6, EDWARD E5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 14 February 1918 in Sayre Hosp, Bradford Co, PA, and died 6 November 2000 in Topeka,Ka Hospital, but Lawrence, Ka cemetery.  He married VERA RUTH SCHRAG, daughter of PETER SCHRAG and KATIE STUCKY.  She was born 23 May 1920 in Kingman, Kansas.

                   Family Knowledge: a lot   always went by Carl
1918 b - probably an unplanned child.  An awkward age spread between these male Mingos. 15 - 18 yrs difference
          between us - down to cousins John and Steven. Leah named her 1st son after her father, Henry Clay Snell.
          Where the name Carl came from is a mystery. Francis was his grandmothers name.
1923,Aug  I have a picture from Henry/Leah's scrapebook showing Carl , a dog and the antique wooden wagon in
         front of the Main St house on a cement sidewalk. The back of a car is in the driveway. The wagon survived until
         the 1940's when I was a child. The sides folded up to form a flat top? My guess is this was a luggage wagon
         Fred got for Henry from the railroad station.
1930,Dec 25th  Doris White of Monroeton gave Carl a book - Catamount Camp publ 1910 by Edward Ellis. I, John F
         Mingos, have this childs book, a story of boys on a trip to the mountains
1931,Sept  Monroeton HS is still open. I have a 1931 picture of  Fred, Carl and Henry in the Monroeton back yard.
       Carl is the same height as Fred, ca 5'11". He later became 6' 4". He played tennis at Rice's court in N Monroeton,
       and apparently played basketball, although not for Towanda HS. Once he and John Haines set off the Monroeton
       fire alarm. Henry was really mad. Frank Rice bought the Mingos farm in 1912 .
1934 Carl went 11 grades to Monroeton School and went to Towanda for a 12th grade, as did Henry. Check Towanda
         newspaper in late May/June for Monroeton HS graduates.  In his Monroeton class were Mason Smith ( lives in
         Monroeton on Canton Ave in 2005), Helene Rice, John Haynes and Carl.
1935,Jun 7 Towanda HS graduation. 52nd annual commencement. While the 2nd episode of a presentation was
        prepared, Carl Mingos played two trumpet solos. There is a long article on microfilm at the BCHS from the
       Towanda Daily Review. College Prep graduates did not include Carl. Other grad's Helene Rice (Monroeton) ,
       Herbert (Bud) Yanofsky and David Turner.
1936,Oct 26 Fred dies. Carl was a Sophomore at Mansfield. So Leah with no pension from Fred had to pay for Carl's
        college. That was a good enough reason for having Henry,Margaret & John to move into 310 Main St. But as Vera
        said, Leah would not co-sign Henry's mortgage after Fred died. Citizens Bk in Towanda assumed the Monroeton
        assets & presumably the mortgage on the third house from the feed mill. The 1910 census says the 1905 house
        was mortagage free.  At 19 yrs old, Fred's passing must have been upsetting for Carl. Also with Henry's family in
        the house, Carl would have been an extra guest when he was home from Mansfield - somehow they would have
       had to shift sleeping arrangements. Thus Carl's saying " he did not have a home".
1938,June 27 Monroeton High School closed (9,10 & 11th grades). Students now bussed to Towanda by Russell
         White.  Source: 1995 Brad Co History, Pg 156
1939  Graduated 4 yr college with a BA degree in music . A search of Penn State Alumni index - Carl did not show up.
          His marriage article refers to Mansfield State Teachers college and Pennsylvania State Teachers college.
         The marriage article more correctly should say " a Pa State Teachers college" rather than "and". Mansfield Univ
         is still noted for its music education!
1939/40-40/41-41/?   Taught music in Tunkhannock - boarded at Wilber & Helen Welch's. Taught Jimmy Welch to play
        the trumpet in Monroeton on visits home from Mansfield College, which he is still doing in 2005.The Welch's lived
        two houses south of the Marcy Hotel. It was prob not required that he have a teaching degree. Enlisted in Army Air
       Corp ( likely after Pearl Harbor- during school year?). He flew for a short  while, became  Lt,  then downgraded to Sgt.
       and was a band leader for the rest of the war - 5 yrs.
1944,Nov 12     Schrag - Mingos Vows Exchanged Sunday
        " In the Zion Mennonite Church, Kingman, Ka Sgt. F Carl Mingos and Vera Ruth Schrag. Sgt Mingos, a music
        major, is a graduate of Mansfield State Teachers College & Penn. State Teachers College. He was a member of
        Phi Mu Alpha Sino Fonia and  was a music instructor before entering the army". No one attended from Monroeton.
1945, Dec 1st  Carl was discharged from the 698th Army Band in Washington, DC. I have pictures in my high school
        album of Mom & Dad, me, Ruth & Wilson Maury & Carl at Mt Vernon, at the Capitol and at Bowling Air Base
1948    Vera / Carl on the front porch of Monroeton. He bought a King cornet for me as a birthday gift from Leah.
1950's Earned Masters degree at Kansas University. At some time here, Leah stayed with Carl and Vera
           when they lived at Tennessee Ave. I have 2 min. of 8 mm film taken in 1957 on my way to WPAFB.
1955    Carl and family returned to Towanda. Steven.age 5, remembers going  to the mountain camp.
1960 - 1967 Investment broker, a partner, in Barrett,Fitch and North Investments
1960's He was an active member of Trinity Lutheran ch.& was choir director 10 years. He was an avid golfer (8 hdcp).
           He was a President of the Lawrence Country Club & President of the KU Football Quaterback Club.
1968,April Carl and Vera came back for Leah's funeral .They stood on the porch of the homestead and looked over to
        the graveyard for the burial. Something to do with a request of Leah?
1972,Sept 14  Vera and Carl come to Towanda/Monroeton for Henry's funeral . They had been in the
           Carolina's visiting Vickie and Charles.
1980's     Parkinson's Disease began to affect his life.
1968-1998  Became Vice President and Manager of Paine Webber, Topeka, Ka
2000,Nov 6   passed through death to life with Christ  at Select Specialty Hospital in Topeka, age 82 9 mos.
         He was the 7th longest life male Mingos in this file, and the longest in Alonzo's line.
2000,Nov 10  A one hour service at Trinity Lutheran Church. Burial at Memorial Park Cemetery.
             Vera hosted family and friends at home afterward.

24. i. VERA ANN8 MINGOS, b. 2 October 1945, Kingman,  Kansas.
25. ii. STEVEN C MINGOS, b. 19 April 1950, Lawrence, Ka.

23.  BLANCHE ADELINE7 BOIS (DEAN ABRAM6, FRED STANLEY5, ABRAM E4, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 1914 in Jersey City,NJ, and died 1986 in Staten Island, NY.  She married JOHN BRENNAN.  He was born Abt. 1914.
 i. ELAINE8 BRENNAN, b. 1947, m Mr Heddle, 16 Brusk St, Hopewell Jct, NY 12533.

Generation No. 8

24.  VERA ANN8 MINGOS (FRANCIS CARL7, FREDERICK E6, EDWARD E.5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 2 October 1945 in Kingman,  Kansas.  She married CHARLES PATTISON GRAHAM.  He was born 24 June 1940 in Wilmington, NC.

1965  attended Stephens College, Mo., and also Kansas Univ - Gamma Phi Beta social sorority
1967  senior in School of Nursing at Trinity Lutheran Hospital, Kansas City
1967,Dec 30  married Dr Charles Graham in Lawrence, Kansas
1980's worked for medical Dr.Charles in his office. Moved into a new house in Topeka and a house on Hilton Head
1994  Arranged for John & Jeanine to come to Kansas for her parents 50th anniversary
1995 Submitted a DAR application. Later also a Colonial Dames application
1998 Occaisonally communicates by email
2001  Brought the twins to D.C. for their job with a construction company
2002 moved to a new house in Topeka
2003  Moved from Topeka to Gastonia, NC
 i. VERA MICHELLE9 GRAHAM, b. 11 July 1969, Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.
 ii. KATIE MCKOY GRAHAM, b. 12 February 1972, Fort Rucker, Dale, Alabama.
 iii. CAROLINE PATTISON GRAHAM, b. 18 December 1976, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.
 iv. MOREY MCLEAN GRAHAM, b. 18 December 1976, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas.

25.  STEVEN C8 MINGOS (FRANCIS CARL7, FREDERICK E6, EDWARD E.5, PURSILA4 BOIS, STEPHEN3 BOIS(BOICE), ABRAHAM2 BOICE(BOYCE), JOHN MARBLETOWN1 BOYCE(1ST)) was born 19 April 1950 in Lawrence, Ka.  He married MARIA DEARMOND.  She was born 12 January 1954 in St Louis, Mo.

1968 graduated Lawrence HS, Played #1 on golf team. Lost by one stroke to now PGA pro Tom Watson!
          He played HS basketball
1972 grad Kansas University, and in 1976 got Dr. of Dentistry.
1978,Jan 7  m Maria DeArmond. Maria does his payroll for 27 employees.
2003 Belongs to Indian Hills Country Club, and has 3 dogs. The Alonzo Mingos name goes on through
         Steven's two boys. They live in Shawnee Mission,Kansas
2005 Maria Mingos is on the prayer list for Trinity Lutheran Church - Shawnee Mission, Ka
2005 Dr. Steven C Mingos has a web site for his dental practice.
 i. STEVEN C TAYLOR9 MINGOS, b. 14 January 1985.

2003 attending Duke Univ.  1st in nation prize in chemistry. His brother is attending Penbrook Private School
          His sisters are very athletic

 ii. PETER JACOB MINGOS, b. 9 January 1987.
 iii. STEPHANIE MARIA MINGOS, b. 9 November 1988.

2004,Oct at the MSHSAA Cl 1 golf finals at Deerlake GC Stephanie, Sophmore  89 99 177 Pembroke Hill team was 1st

 iv. KRISTINA JEAN MINGOS, b. 2 March 1990.

2004, Oct in the MSHSAA Cl 1 finals golf at DeerLake GC, Kristina,freshman  100 91  191

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