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The attached is the Birthday Book of Roana Brisco Bronson, my great grandmother. Most of the folks mentioned are either from the Sullivanville, Veteran Twp., area or over the border in Schuyler Co. Since Roana lived most of her married life in Sullivanville, maybe Veteran Twp. site would be a good spot for this if you want to use it. The original was in the possession of Alice Lopresti in 1992 when I copied it.

Sharron Bronson Vossoughi

Birthday Book of Roana Brisco Bronson of Veteran Township, Chemung County, NY

Roana Emeline Brisco Bronson was born in the Frost Hill area of what is now Schuyler County. She was the daughter of Nathan Brisco of Connecticut and Clarissa Van Gorder. She married Wallace William Bronson (born in Canada) in 1877 and resided for a few years in Millport and later settled down one mile north of Sullivanville, Veteran Twp., Chemung Co., NY. Roana died 21 Aug 1920 at Wynn Bronson's home in Elmira. Wynn and Clara were her only children. Entries that have been added after her death were probably entered by her daughter Clara Bronson Cooley of Schuyler Co.

 From the records of Sharron Bronson Vossoughi, great granddaughter of Roana Bronson. E-mail address:<


Catharine Clara Lopresti 3 January

*Clarissa Brisco Hewitt 3 January 1829

Arthur Brown 3 January 1845

Harry Smith Hewitt 4 January 1887

Mrs. William Lunger 4 January

Robert James Ellis 5 January

Elizabeth Cooley Chapman 6 January 1912

Carolyn Louise Ellis Dickens 6 January

Roana E. Brisco Bronson 10 January 1843

Richard G. Ellis 19 January 1903

*Matilda Brisco Mallery 20 January 1835 - 1904

Miriam Elizabeth Chapman (Roger's girl) No date


Alma Pearl Lattin 11 February 1884

Wallace W. Bronson 13 February 1824

Lena Churchill Beecher 14 February 1893

Mrs. Delia Thompson 17 February 1837

Lula Crandal Wirth [Worth] 18 February 1869

*Minerva Beecher 20 February 1833 - 1907

Cora P. Hewitt 23 February 1849

Maude S. Lattin 29 February 1868


Mark A. Beecher 1 March 1863

Eugene Fowler 6 March

Luella Pelham 7 March 1867

Wayne Lester Chapman 9 March

Nan E. Earle 11 March 1854

Naomi Marjorie Fordham 12 March

Laura Ireton Bromley 17 March 1859

Edward Nathan Cooley 22 March 1864 - 1933

Wallace C. Bronson 24 March 1908

Lester N. Chapman 30 March 1907


Viola Harvey 3 April 1897

Edward Frank Cooley 6 April 1907 - 1982

Ellen Louise LaRue Cooley 8 April 1926 - d. 14 March 1989

Florence Ervay 12 April [no year]

Fred Bronson Cooley 1902 - d. 27 July 1905

Emma Churchill Beecher [wife of Nathan] 20 April [no year]

Nancy Jean LaRue Wolf 28 April

Stella Q. Brown 29 April [no year]


Thomas Lopresti 8 May 1916

A. Ford Johnson 13 May 1890 - 1974

Alice Zilphah Cooley Lopresti 15 May 1918

Mary Lucille Cooley Ellis 18 May 1904 - 1972 [my records show d.

Feb. 73]

Margaret R. [Ready] Bronson 24 May 1884

Esther Fowler 25 May [no year]


Alice M. Lyon 7 June [no year]

Homer T. Lattin 21 June 1860

Clara Dell Cooley Johnson 23 June 1909 - 1981

John Warren LaRue 24 June 1899 - 1974

Clara J. Beecher 26 June 1870

Mrs. Arthur Brown 26 June 1847


Florence Minerva Beecher 1 July 1897

Mrs. M. C. Lattin 19 July 1840


Ruth Frances Cooley Havens 7 August 1923

Roana Maude Cooley LaRue 9 August 1899 - 1976

Michael Joseph Lopresti 13 August [no year]

E. [Erastus] N. Crandal 22 August 1857

Florence B. Curtis 25 August 1872


Fanny Bloomer Crandal 17 September 1865

Myron W. Hewitt 18 September 1850


Bradley Beecher Curtis 3 October 1898

Marian Bronson 17 October 1905 [ - August 5, 1910]

Edward Wallace LaRue 22 October 1922

Barbara Lattin Chapman 23 October

John Warren LaRue Jr. "Jack" 24 October

Loretta Beecher 25 October 1863

*Roxanna Brown 29 October 1824


W. H. Curtis 8 November 1871

Earle Francis Bronson 10 November 1915

E. J. Beecher 11 November 1888

Clara Bronson Cooley 18 November 1878 - 1967

William Edward LaRue 20 November

(Child of Edward LaRue)


E. [Elmer] L. Beecher 5 December 1859

Margaret Elizabeth LaRue 6 December

*Charlotte C. Crandal 13 December 1831 - 1907

Frank E. Hewitt 18 December 1856

*Sisters of Roana Brisco Bronson

Sharron Vossoughi,

My apologies to Sharron. The document she submitted had the dates and names all lined up in columns, but the tabs were lost in the conversion to html. In any case, the content is intact and we thank her for her contribution.
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