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Culver - Brotzman Farm 1960s
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Descendants of Timothy Culver AND Mary Brink

Generation No. 1

1. Timothy6 Culver (Timothy Culver5 Sr., John4 Culver, John3, Edward2, John1) was born December 29, 1741, and died February 01, 1829 in Hornbrook, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Rebecca Clark Bef. 1776. He married (2) Mary Brink Aft. 1780, daughter of James Brink and Rachael Bunnell. She was born March 08, 1764, and died February 25, 1845 in Tuscarora Township, Bradford, County, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Timothy Culver:

Served in,The Rev. War and Pre War skirmishes.

More About Timothy Culver:

Burial: the Hornbrook Cemetery, Hornbrook, Pennsylvania

More About Timothy Culver and Rebecca Clark:

Marriage: Bef. 1776

More About Timothy Culver and Mary Brink:

Marriage: Aft. 1780

Child of Timothy Culver and Mary Brink is:

2 i. James C.7 Culver, born August 01, 1802 in Pennsylvania; died November 05, 1885 in Tuscarora Township Bradford County Pennsylvania. He married Margaret French December 29, 1824 in Sheshequin, Pennsylvania By Justice Samuel Gore; born March 12, 1807 in New Jersey; died April 04, 1888 in Tuscarora Township Bradford County Pennsylvania.

Notes for James C. Culver:

They made there home where the present Francis and Jeannette Brotzman home is located. He and his son James Jarvis both signed the charter to the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact (Beaver Meadows Church.)

More About James C. Culver:

Burial: the Beaver Meadows Cemetery CAPTAIN IN THE STATE MILITIA

More About Margaret French:

Burial: the Beaver Meadows Cemetery

More About James Culver and Margaret French:

Marriage: December 29, 1824, Sheshequin, Pennsylvania By Justice Samuel Gore


granted by the state of Pennsylvania 2001

This family farm has been in the hands of a James C Culver or a descendant since about 1845. I have all original deeds except the original deed to James C Culver, which should have come from the Guinnip Land Warrant. There is an elaborate history on the Culver Family available. James C Culver was the son of the Revolutionary War soldier Timothy Culver and his wife, Margaret French. She died on the original property that was purchased in Tuscarora Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in February 25, 1845.

The accompanying outline descendant chart depicts how every owner was related to James Jarvis Culver. Owners are highlighted lined in yellow.

Property parcel # 54-104.00-107-000-00 Tuscarora Twp Bradford Co. Pa

The family descendants have always farmed the land.


Francis Arthur Brotzman estate (Norma Jean Brotzman Ahlbrandt and Sue Marie Brotzman Teeter executors) to Francis Dale and Carol Ann Brotzman

November 22, 2000, deed book 282 page 426

Howard A Allen and Essie Comstock Allen to Francis and Jeanette Salsman Brotzman

The indenture dated April 1, 1941, $1,630.00 payments of $50.00 book 386 page 15

Paid for and recorded for the sum of $1.00 filed August 30, 1946 deed book 437 page 219

Howard L Bailey, the sheriff of Bradford County deeded June 19, 1933 at the suit of Howard Allen, judgment for $1,000.00, case number 82 May. Howard Allen loaned the money to his cousin Marvin Brotzman who reneged. He brought suit and took the land back for the sum of money owed him. Therefore the land never really was lost from the Culver Family as Howard Allen, a son in law to Jennie Culver Comstock Brotzman brought the suit in the first place. (Refer to family chart)

There is a mortgage dated February 17, 1930. Mortgage book vol 120 page 524.Howard Allen was the second name on the mortgage.

Essie Comstock Allen, the wife of Howard Allen was the granddaughter of James Jarvis and Catherine Potter Culver.

Minnie Culver Wood to Marvin Brotzman (I do not have this deed) please refer to the mortgage above.

Minnie was a sister to James C and Jennie Culver Comstock Brotzman

James C Culver, Anna Culver, Administrator for James C Culver (died Oct 15, 1923) to Minnie Culver Wood for $1,775.00. September 15, 1924. This was an indenture. Levi Carlin was the tenant at the time. His lease did not run out until March 31, 1925.

Recorded March 7, 1925 deed book 355 page 234

There is a deed from Merton Tyrrell and Helen Culver Tyrrell his wife to the following people:

This indenture October 20, 1906 regarding the same property.

Merton Tyrrell and his wife Helen (Culver), William Brotzman and his wife Jennie (Culver Comstock), Elisha Brotzman and his wife Rose (Culver), Arthur Bennett and his wife Lennie (Culver), George Wood and his wife Minnie (Culver) represent the first part. James C Culver represents the second part. Each heir received $50.00. (Catherine Culver the widow had died February 17, 1906.)

James Jarvis Culver deed warranty dated February 20, 1918 sold to James C Culver the same lands for $100.00. Deed book 332 page 73 (James Jarvis Culver died January 11, 1922)

J J Culver to James C Culver

March 8, 1893, $100.00 deed book 195 page 411 was when the indenture was filed, fulfilled and sealed February 20, 1918. Filed the 23rd.

Margaret Scott and her husband Walter Scott of Lopez to James C Culver. September 10, 1892 for $200.00deed # 3068 deed book 195 page 411 March 10, 1893. This is still part of the original lands of the early Culvers.

Cynthia (Hardy Culver) Mattison deeded land to J J Culver the lands that were in trust for her Daughter Margaret Culver Scott March 8, 1893. Deed number 3069 for $5.00. filed in the Bradford County Court House March 10, 1893, book 195 page 412.

Margaret Culver and James C Culver to Catherine Culver filed April 6, 1878 Margaret Culver, child of Adolphus Culver that died in the Civil War. Adolphus Culver was a son of Margaret and J C Culver. $400.00 is on the indenture. This is still part of the main farm. Adolphus was married to Cynthia Hardy.

Margaret Culver to Cynthia M (Hardy) Culver 5 acres of land filed April 10, 1867. deed book 80 page 135. The indenture dated April 9, 1866. The land was to be in trust for Margaret Culver daughter of Adolphus Culver. Sum of $200.00 was recorded. Again this was part of the main farm, which is still entact.

Margaret Culver to J C (J) Culver August 6, 1866, for $400.00. Recorded April 2, 1868 deed book 84 page 138

There is an indenture dated November 2, 1877 between James J and Catherine E Culver and Margaret Culver and J C (J) Culver for $400.00.

Aaron Culver, a brother to J J Culver made a property indenture for $300.00 with J J Culver on January 1, 1857. This too appears to be part of the main homestead. Filed Nov 16, 1857. deed book #50 page 521 can’t decipher the rest of the writing. Aaron Culver was a son of James C and Margaret French Culver.

James C (died Nov 5, 1885) and Margaret French Culver (died April 4, 1888) bought the land warrant before 1845.

I have all the original deeds except the first Culver deed before 1845 when the James C and Margaret French Culver first purchased land in Tuscarora Township. They had come from Sheshequin, Pennsylvania. The second missing deed being that from Minnie Culver Wood to Marvin Brotzman. The farm was awarded PENNSYLVANIA CENTURY FARM status at the Wyoming County Fair in 2001, being registered as being in the same family since 1845. This is an unusual family but a proud one!

Francis Dale and Carol Brotzman, the present owners and occupants of this Pennsylvania Century Fram in Tuscarora Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania..