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Subj: Re: Re- Dalton Family in Wysox Penn.

Date: 9/14/99 3:40:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From: (Rod Dalton)


Thanks Joyce,

Here is the Dalton history.

Rod Dalton

Ogden Utah

The History of the Dalton Family in Wysox Township, Bradford Co. PA.

By Rodney G. Dalton

The John Dalton Sr. family that settled on a little piece of land next to the Little Wysox Creek in Wysox, Bradford Co. Pa. was originally from Lancashire Co. England. The first Dalton was from Normandy France, and who came into England about 1100 AD. This branch of Dalton's first come to America in the year of 1757 from Pembrey, Wales and landed in the Baltimore area of Maryland. His name was Thomas Dalton and four children were born to him and his wife Polly from Ireland: John Dalton, 1763, James Dalton, 1765, Charles Dalton, 1767 and Polly Dalton, 1769. Thomas Dalton settled in the Conococheaque Valley of Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. His first son, John Dalton traveled into Southeastern Pennsylvania sometime before 1775 where he served as a young associate in the Newtown, Bucks Co militia, being discharged in 1800. John Dalton then married Elizabeth Cooker of German ancestry. John Dalton and Elizabeth had 10 children born to them;

An Un-named boy, born in Phil. Co. Margaret, Sarah and Henry, born in Bucks Co. Then John Jr., Elizabeth and Simon Cooker were born in Luzerne Co. Sometime around 1808 John Dalton was given a land grant for his service in the Rev. War in The Wysox area of Bradford Co. John Dalton Sr. moved onto

his land on the banks of the Little Wysox Creek and immediately named his farm, "Dalton Hollow".

The last three Dalton children were born on this farm and whose names were: Jemima, Charles and Harriet. Sarah Dalton died in 1813, and Henry Dalton drowned in 1833 during a spring flood on the Little Wysox creek where it flows into the Susquehanna River. John Dalton Sr. and his extended family of about 50, including all his in-laws and grandchildren packed up and moved lock, stock and barrel to Michigan in the Spring of 1835. The story goes they moved because the Wysox Area was getting too crowded for them and they had heard there was free land in Freedom Township, Washtenaw Co. Michigan. After living in Michigan for approximately 8 years, three of the Dalton brothers and two Nephews and their families moved to Nauvoo Ill. They joined the LDS Church and were in the first wagon trains to cross the plains in

1847. They helped build the LDS Temples in Nauvoo and SLC and helped settled many townships in Southern Utah. And interesting fact was that the last three Dalton women married three Varguson brothers, all from Wysox.

JOHN DALTON SR. was born in Maryland in 1763 and died in Washtenaw Co. Michigan in 1838. His wife Elizabeth Cooker was born in 1760 and died in Michigan sometime after 1860.


1- Un-named male b 1790, Phil Co. d 1790, Brockley, Phil. Co.

2- Margaret Dalton b 1792, Bucks Co. d 1878, Washtenaw Co. Michigan.

3- Sarah Dalton b 1796, Bucks Co. d 1813, Wysox, Bradford Co.

4- Henry Dalton b 1797, Bucks Co. d 1833, Wysox, Bradford co.

5- John Dalton Jr. b 1801, Luzerne Co. d 1885, Rockville, Utah

6- Elizabeth Dalton b 1803, Luzerne Co. d 1882, Iowa.

7- Simon Cooker Dalton b 1806, Luzerne Co. d 1885, Springville, Utah

8- Jemima Dalton b 1808, Bradford Co. d 1904.

9- Charles Dalton b 1810, Bradford Co. d 1891, Ogden Utah.

10- Harriet Dalton b 1812, Bradford Co. d 1887, Iowa.

Margaret Dalton married Stephen Potter Merithew


1- Hanna Merithew

2- Sarah Dalton

3- John Dalton Merithew

4- Samuel Simon Merithew

5- Mary Merithew

6- Stephen Merithew

7- Jane Merithew

8- Margaret Merithew

9- Abigail Merithew

10- Charlotte Merithew

11- William Merithew.

Sarah Dalton, unmarried, died in 1813

Henry Dalton married Elizabeth Green of Wysox


1-John Green Dalton

2-Jane Lucy Dalton

3-Henry Simon Dalton

4-Maria C. Dalton

5-Sarah E. Dalton

6-Orsemus Willard Dalton

John Dalton Jr. married Rebecca Turner Cranmer of Towanda


1- Ellen Dalton

2- Henry (Harry) Dalton

3- Edward Dalton

4- Daniel Dalton

5- Amanda Dalton

6- Milissa Dalton

7- Sophia Dalton

Elizabeth Dalton married John Varguson

Simon Cooker married Anna Wakeman of Wysox


1- Charles Wakeman Dalton

2- George Simon Dalton

3- Sarah Elizabeth Dalton

4- Henry Harvey Dalton

5- Harriet Maria Dalton

Jemima Dalton married Moses Varguson

Charles Dalton married Mary Elizabeth Warner


1- John Luther Dalton

2- Elizabeth Permelia Dalton

3- Martha Jane Dalton


Harriet Dalton married Hiram Varguson

The Dalton men in Utah were married to many wives and they fathered many Children.

See Also Deed of John And Simon Dalton

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