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Virgil Foster is a descendant of Isaac Foster born in 1737. Isaac Foster came to Bradford Co Pa in 1785 and settled there with his four sons. On December of 2006 Virgil took a DNA test. to determine if his Foster ancestors who resided in Bradford and Tioga Co PA for many years were descendants of Reginald Foster who migrated from England to Ipswich, Essex, Mass in 1638. Reginald brought his wife and seven children and they and their descendants resided in and around Ipswich, Essex, Mass. and Andover Mass.. Descendants of Andrew and Reginald Foster have their DNA test results posted on the Foster DNA site. Virgil’s DNA matched their DNA. This is proof that Virgil’s ancestors, who resided in Bradford and Tioga counties migrated from the Andover and Ipswich Mass area . The DNA test also traces the "Y" chromosome which passes from father to son. This places the family in a Haplogroup. This test can trace back as far as 60,000 years. Virgil was placed in Group #32 which is Andrew and Reginald Foster’s family, and his Haplogroup is "I. This means that Andrew and Reginald Foster and their descendants are also descendants of the Vikings who settled in Normandy France, Scotland and Ireland. These test results can be viewed on the "Foster DNA" site.

Virgil Foster’s direct line who resided in the Bradford and Tioga Co PA areas and the Ipswich Mass area are as follows:

Herrick Andrew Foster-- b 1860 Bradford Co PA--d. 1924 San Francisco CA + 1882--Mary Elizabeth Simmons, daughter of Charles Simmons-- b 1864 PA-- d. 1902 Custer MN

Amos Andrew Foster-- b 1838 Tioga Co PA -- d. 1905 Tracey MN+ 1859 --Ellen Dann, daughter of Harvey Dann-- b 1835 NJ-- d. unknown–1865 (divorced)

Isaac Foster -- b.1812 Canton PA--d. unknown+ 1835-- Phoebe Hoagland, daughter of Amos Hoagland-- b. 1813 Bradford PA --d . unknown All the information I have seen points to Isaac as being the son of William Foster and Elizabeth Myer of Canton. The only "fly in the ointment" is in Heverly’s work he states that William M Foster’s son Isaac was never married. However he also states that on Aug 19,1835, in Canton, Justice Asa Pratt married Isaac Foster and Phoebe Hoagland , both of Canton.

William M Foster--b. 1769 Mass.-- d Canton PA + Elizabeth Myer, daughter of Jacob Myer --b unknown -- d Canton PA

Isaac Foster--b 1737 Mass.-- d 1821 Bradford PA+ Elizabeth-- d Mass .-- I do not possess documentation for the following people who resided in Mass other than documents stating that Capt John Foster had a son named Isaac born in 1737 and the DNA evidence.. However I have reason to believe that Capt John Foster might be the father of Isaac Foster. I have the following in my files as a possibility:

Capt. John Foster-- b 1701 Mass.–d Mass+ Mary Osgood-- b unknown --d. Mass

William Foster-- b 1670 England-- d Mass+Sara Kimball--b unknown -- d Mass

William Foster-- b.1633 England -- d 1712 Boxford Mass.+ Mary Jackson-- b 1648 England–- d Mass

Reginald Foster -- b 1595 England --d Mass+ Judith Wingol --b England-- d Mass

The DNA records are prove that the Bradford County Fosters migrated from Essex County Mass and are descendants of Reginald Foster and that they, and their ancestors are in Haplogroup "I"and are descendants of the Vikings who settled in Normandy France, Scotland and Ireland .

This Foster family is believed to be of Scottish descent .

Submitted by Sharon Oines Any additions or corrections are welcome

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 15 FEB 2007
By Joyce M. Tice
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