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Descendants of Jabez Gerould AND Damaris Bennett

Generation No. 1

1. Jabez3 Gerould (Gamaliel2, Jacques (James)1 Jerauld) was born November 01, 1748 in Wrentham, Massachusetts, and died June 12, 1801 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Demaris Bennett Abt. 1782, daughter of Ephraim Bennett and Ann Baldwin. She was born March 04, 1759 in Newton, Connecticut, and died March 20, 1829 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Jabez Gerould:

Jabez served in the American Revolutionary War. First as an enlisted man at Bunker Hill where he was wounded, and second as a Capitan in ordinance control. He later worked in Newton, Connecticut as a black smith. He emigrated to Franklin, New York with his family in 1798. In 1801 he moved his family to East Smithfield, Pennsylvania where he resided until his death, June 12, 1802.

The journey from Franklin Forks, New York to Queens Esters Flats near Athens was made on a slab raft. Jabez, and probably the older boys went on by foot to East Smithfield where they picked out land. They built a log house the next year in 1801. The trials in the wilderness were very short for Jabez Gerould. He died the next year after being taken ill very suddenly. His oldest son was but 16 years old. There were eight children for Demaris to raise alone in the outback. The family resided in the log house until 1812 when they moved into a frame dwelling. Demaris supported the family by providing meals for travelers and spinning flax.

The family was quite religious, with public prayer meetings being held in their home. The Rev. David Brainard, a prominent missionary held services in the Gerould home.

All the children remained in the East Smithfield area except Ephraim who moved to Covington, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and Theodore who went to Hornbrook, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

After the third Gerould Reunion, September 15, 1884 the family adjourned to go to the cemetery to admire the newly purchased monument to this worthy couple.

Dr Gerould rendered a brief address on the family.

More About Jabez Gerould:

Burial: Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

More About Demaris Bennett:

Burial: Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

Children of Jabez Gerould and Demaris Bennett are:

2 i. Jerusha4 Gerould, born March 16, 1783 in Newton, Connecticut probably; died in Newton, Connecticut probably, she died young.

3 ii. James Gerould, born May 05, 1784 in Newton, Connecticut; died October 30, 1859 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Lois Wood September 24, 1812; died November 19, 1863 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

Notes for James Gerould:

He last served in the Pennsylvania Militia as a Quarter Master. In 1810, being of poor health he shipped out for Spain on the "Keziah." He was gone about one year observing the French and English spar. In 1825 he became the first Post Master in East Smithfield.

4 iii. Susanna Gerould, born January 01, 1786 in Newton, Connecticut; died April 27, 1870 in East Smithield, Pennsylvania. She married Dutee Rice February 12, 1804 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania; born September 22, 1779 in Connecticut; died October 11, 1848 in East Smithield, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Susanna Gerould:

This family resided in East Smithfield, then Athens and then finally returned to East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Dutee Rice arrived in East Smithfield about 1802. He was a shoemaker by trade.

Notes for Dutee Rice:

This was found in an old journal handed down to my father, Earle Dunbar, by his grandmother, Rose Voorhis Rice (formerly married to Newton Grace).

Here is a bit of the information from that journal!

On an inside page, in very flowery script are the initials of P G R.

Under it -

Town meeting in E. Smithfield is February, the third, Tuesday.

We moved into the E A Wood home in 1871.

The next page is as follows and I have copied the following exactly,

spelling and punctuation.

The Pedigree of the Family of Rice

In a time of trouble in France a time which tried mens souls many was slain that adheared to the religion of Christ all Christians feared to openly acknowledge him lest they should be compeled to pay the penalty with their lives. Physician by the name of Gerould hearing of religious freedom enjoyed in America sold his possesions in France and embarked for America with his Family consisting of three sons and one daughter upon ariving here they settled near Boston in Massachusetts

The sons was all Physicians, the eldest established himself in Wrentham Mafs where he raised a large family.

The eldest son Jabez Gerould enlisted in the revilution fought under George Washington was in the battle of Bunker hill June 1775 and was there wounded in his right arm by the wind of a cannonball he retired with $800 of continental money thinking with this to purchase himself a home but before he gained his health the money dyed on his hands being then reduced to extremiities he was compelled to resort to his trade which was (blacksmithing) for alivelihood and hearing that there was a shop and tools unocupied in Newtown Connecticut he went there and there married a worthy woman (Demaris Bennet) and having seven sons and one daughter removed in AD 1801 to Smithfiield in Bradford Co. Penna where he died in June 12th 1802.

About the time that the Gerould family arived in America three brothers by the name of Rice came from Wales to America one of them settled in yorkstate another in Vermont the other in Rhode Island the one last mentioned arose to distinction in R.I and was known by the apeltion of Major Rice his son settled in Warwick near Providence and here they found the second son of the French DeGerould the (son) of Major Rice Caleb Rice marryed De Gerould eldest daughter and had nine children six Girls and three Boys the eldest son in his travels came to Smithfield Pa and becoming acquainted with his rellatives Jabez Geroulds family maryed the only daughter and had ten children six sons and four Daughters all of whome are living at this time Jan 27, 1851

This account of the line of ancestors is written by the second son Jabez Gerould Rice according to the reminescnce of his Mother Susan Rice.

5 iv. Ephraim Bennett Gerould, born January 14, 1788 in Wrentham, Massachusetts; died April 22, 1845 in Covington, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Elizabeth Foster March 03, 1819; born May 31, 1796; died August 11, 1824. He married (2) Christiana Putnam October 06, 1825.

6 v. George Gerould, born November 25, 1789 in Newton, Connecticut; died May 06, 1853 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Bathsheba Beals December 13, 1813; born March 14, 1792; died September 16, 1874 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

More About George Gerould:

Burial: Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

More About Bathsheba Beals:

Burial: Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

7 vi. Ziba Gerould, born January 11, 1792 in Connecticut; died February 07, 1871 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Eliza Abigail Bird November 25, 1816 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania; born September 17, 1797 in Rutland, Vermont; died March 04, 1886.

Notes for Ziba Gerould:

The Bird Family History records Ziba Gerould passed February 8, 1871, aged 78 years. Ziba and Eliza were both faithful embers of the Disciple Church. They believed in the proverb, "train up a child in the way they should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." That is the way they raised Thier family! Their son Clayton kindly cared for his mother after Ziba passed.

When Jabez Lawrence was about 10 and Ziba was about 13 years old, they were sent to Athens, via Laurel Hill for supplies or to post a letter. They met a large bear! They were to close to run, so they opted to charge him shaking their hats. The bear stood his ground until they were ten feet way from him, then he ran. It doesn't say who was more scared, the bear or the kids, or who made the best time for the first mile running in the opposite directions.

More About Ziba Gerould:

Burial: Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

More About Eliza Abigail Bird:

Burial: the Union Cemetery East Smithfield, Pennsylvania

8 vii. Jabez Lawrence Gerould, born December 13, 1795 in Newton, Connecticut; died June 06, 1852 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Beebe May 25, 1821 in Genoa, New York; born January 23, 1799 in Sharon, Connecticut; died August 22, 1880 in Waverly, New York.

9 viii. Abel Judson Gerould, born April 08, 1799 in Franklin, New York; died February 18, 1870 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania. He married Nancy Foster January 30, 1822; born August 22, 1802; died March 27, 1856 in East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Abel Judson Gerould:

He was a carpenter and farmer in East Smithfield and Burlington, Pennsylvania.

10 ix. Theodore Gerould, born May 11, 1801 in Athens, Pennsylvania; died February 18, 1874 in Watkins, New York. He married Amanda F Furguson (Ferguson) October 02, 1827; born September 16; died April 22, 1853 in Athens, Pennsylvania.