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Submitted by Diana HANCOCK Moilanen
Photocopy - John Henry Hancock 1830-1894
 It was taken from a paper on Battle of Shiloh by Colonel Hancock on The Fourteenth Wisconsin, Corinth and Shiloh 1862-1895.


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LeRoy Hancock  - Eliza Farnham Article

Le Roy Hancock was the oldest son of Jesse and Louisa Hancock.  He was born in 1814 in Wyalusing, PA.  He married Eliza Matilda Farnham, daughter of Joel Farnham and Thorsa Goodale.   LeRoy died December 21, 1861 in Tioga County, NY.  Eliza was married to Holcomb Shaw who lived only a short time after they were married.  Eliza died January 8, 1911.  Eliza was a teacher in Nichols in 1875.  A sister Mrs. W. H. Gore lived in Athens, PA.  In 1905 she was living in Smithboro with George Mallory and family.

Their daughter, Lottie May, was born December 16, 1859 in Scranton, PA.  She married George Henry Mallory about 1879.  George lived most of his life in Smithboro, NY.  Their children were Clarence L, Earnest E., Ora E. (Mrs. Moses Leon Duff), Anna L. (Mrs. Willard Bellew), and Mary C. (Mrs. David H. Boyd.  Lottie died March 5, 1922 and George died January 6, 1950.  He married twice after her death, once to Nellie A. (unknown) and Susie M. Brink.

George LeRoy was born in 1861 in Tioga County, NY and lived in Bethlehem, PA.  He died in 1947 and is buried with his parents in Evergreen Cemetery in Owego, NY.

Subj:  Article on LeRoy Hancock
Date:  10/01/2003 10:55:39 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: (Joyce Tice)

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Dear Joyce:

We spent a day in Owego at the Court House and the Historical Society and I was able to find quite a bit of information on LeRoy Hancock family.  He was the oldest brother in my great grandfather John Hancock's family.  I wrote a little article that you might use on your site.
I was not able to find out what happened to his sisters, Jerusha, Elizabeth and Mary.  They were in Athens, PA in 1850.  I also found a lot of information on the John Hancock family when we spent a day in Montrose at the courthouse and Historical Society.  This is in Susquehanna County which you don't cover on your site.  This John was a brother of Jesse Hancock, the father of LeRoy and of John.

Diana Moilanen

Subj:  Henry C. Hancock
Date:  10/01/2003 11:47:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: (Joyce Tice)

When I visited a cousin, Janice Carter, in Merrillan, WI this summer, she showed me a letter that our Aunt Dorothy Havnvik had given her.  It was written by H. C. Hancock from Nacogdoches, TX.  It was written to John Hancock, my great-grandfather.  It also mention that their brother, William, planned to visit them in the fall.  Henry was a lawyer and had some real estate there.

I found on the internet a file on his family.  He was married to Elizabeth Muirheid Howell Dec 23 1856 in Danby, Tompkins, NY.  A daughter Henrietta was born Oct. 28, 1857 in Danby and a son Preston Howell was born June 25, 1859 in Nacogdoches.  He died Apr 8, 1864 at Mansfield, De Soto, LA.  I found out there was a big battle there April 8 and 9.  He was a rifleman in Captain Arnold's Co. and a Lieutenant in the Confederate Army.  Henrietta died March 19, 1864 and Preston died Feb 3, 1864.  His wife married Robert Hicks in 1865 and died in 1903 in Nacogdoches.

I would never have found him as he went by H. C. and not Henry.

April 2005 note from Diana HANCOCK Moilanen

Dear Joyce:

I recently received a packet of information my aunt Dorothy Havnvik had saved from here son Phillip in North Dakota.  In it I found out that Jesse Hancock and Louisa had a daughter, Violet born 28 Jan 1816.  She was married to Almon Stevens who was born 7 April 1817 and he died 10 January 1865.  They had two children Linette F. born 7 Dec 1849 and died in 1929 and Arthur born 17 May 1844 in Athens PA and died 15 April 1849.

Linette Stevens married Perrin W. Pennypacker.  Perrin was born in 1843 and died in 1897.  He was a Druggist in Towanda, Bradford Co.  In 1880 they were living with his parents on Second Street in Towanda.  In 1920 Linette was living with her daughter, Julie, born in 1882.  Linette was married to Charles C. Bassett born in 1864.  Charles was a Cartographer for the US Government and Julie was a Secretary in the Capitol Building in Washington D. C. (from census 1920)

Included in the material were some of the birth and death dates,

Here is what was listed:

Jesse Hancock   born 28 March 1786    died  31 Dec 1834

Louisa                        10 May 1751                 24 Sept 1837

LeRoy                         28 March 1814              21 Dec  1861

Violet                          25 Jan 1816

William             13 April 1818                      31 March 1890

Loyd                            25 Sept 1820

Elizabeth                       12 Jan 1822                   5-12 Nov 1876

Jerusha                          22 June 1825                  9 Oct 1856

Henry                           18 Feb 1828                   8 April 1864

John                             12 Aug 1829                        9 April 1894

Mary                            10 April 1835                       9 Jan 1890

LeRoy’s Children

Lottie May                   16 Dec 1859

George LeRoy               16 May 1861

Henry’s Children

Henrietta                      28 Oct 1857                  1864

Preston             5 June 1859                   1863

Almon Stevens            7 April 1817                 10 Jan 1865

Arthur Stevens             17 May 1844               15 April 1849

Linette  Stevens            7 Dec 1849

My Research:

Henry was married to Elizabeth Howell 23 Dec. 1856 in Danby, Tompkins, NY.  He was a lawyer living in Nacogodoches, TX.  He was a Captain in the 17th TX Cavalry, a rifleman, in the Confederate Army and was killed in the Battle of Mansfield, LA on April 8, 1864.

Jerusha was married 18 October 1856 in Troy, Bradford Co to Andrew Oliver Dexter and died 9 October 1856.

I think Elizabeth was married to a Moore, but have not been able to trace her.

LeRoy was married to Eliza Matilda Farnham and died in Tioga County NY.  LeRoy, Eliza and their son, George LeRoy are buried in Evergreen cemetery in Owego, NY.  They also had a daughter, Lottie May who married George Henry Mallory and lived most of his life in Smithboro, NY.

(The Tioga Point cemetery listing in Athens, Bradford Co, PA is wrong.  It is William who is buried in that cemetery, son of Jessie and Louisa Hancock)

William was married to Lucy Northrup.  He died in Marinette, WI  where his daughter, Louisa Del and her husband Jason Kingsley Wright lived.  William and Lucy also had sons, John Frank and Robert.

Mary was in Athens in the 1850 and 1860 censuses and I have not been able to find Loyd  after 1840.

John, my great grandfather, was a lawyer in Oshkosh, WI and married Jennie Reardon 12 Feb. 1862.  He was a Colonel in the 14th WI Volunteers in the Civil War.  I have that line well researched.

I think the mother was Louisa Lathrop a daughter of Jeddidiah and Sarah Tracy, but can’t prove it.  He is buried next to her in the Stevensville cemetery, right at the end of the row.

I have a lot of information on the Isaac and Jemima Hancock family too.

I don’t know how you can use all of this material, but thought I would let you know where my research has brought me.


Hancock Research by Diana Hancock Moilanen - Submitted May 2005

The first Hancock in my ancestry to arrive in the United States was William Hancocke, a cabinet maker, (1679-after 1751), who was married to Anne Day, about 1682.  They came from London, England and lived in Moorland Manor, Philadelphia..  They had a son, William H. Hancock, Jr. who was baptized 9 July 1710 in Saint Olave Parish, Southwark, Surrey County, London, England.  They came to the Philadelphia area between 1710 and 1729.

William H. Hancock, Jr. married Sarah Dawson at Abington Monthly Meeting on 24 September, 1729.  They had three sons:  James, 1730-1796 married to Elizabeth Randall at Uwchlan Monthly Meeting 26 March 1752.  The second son was John born about 1732 and died before 1767.  He was married to Jane Michener (1733-1758) 25 Nov. 1754 at Horsham, Montgomery Co, PA.  The third son was Isaac born 20 March 1739/40 in West Chester, PA.  Isaac married Jemima Van Horn (1744-12 April 1822) about 1765.

Isaac was listed as a saddler in Chester County in 1771.  In 1775 or 1776, he went as a tenant and housekeeper for Henry Pawling to the site of old Moravian Indian Town near old Friedenshutten church.  From 1779-83 it was abandoned because of hostilities with the Indians and British.  After peace came, Isaac was one of the first to again make Wyalusing his home.  He built a log house on the west side of Sugar Run ferry and opened it as a hostelry, the first public house in the area.  He was also a Justice of Peace.  He moved up the creek near Susquehanna Co and died there in 1820 and is buried in Stevensville cemetery.

Isaac and Jemima’s children were:

Patty (1766-1835) who married Silas F. Andrews January of 1835.  Silas had a sawmill and gristmill at Sugar Run, but moved to Sodus Center, NY.

Polly (1768-after 1810) married Ezekiel Brown (1763-1816).  He died in Fairdale in Susquehanna County and is buried in Stevensville cemetery.

Jane (1771-1839) married Daniel Ross (1769-1838) 1 January 1790.  He was on a farm next to Isaac in 1801.  He had the first sawmill, had a distillery, was the first postmaster in 1824 in Rushville and was a Supervisor.  He was a Charter member of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Bradford County.  Both are buried in the Stevensville cemetery.

Sally (1773-1856) married James Hines about 1802 in Wyalusing and both are buried in Stevensville cemetery.  He was a farmer, and stonemason and had a distillery.

Elizabeth “Betsey” (1777-1823) married 22 January 1795 to Jesse Ross in Wyalusing.  She was born at the Mission village and Judge L. P. Stalforn said she was the first white child born in the area.  Jesse was a constable, had a woolcarding and clothdressing establishment on his farm, also a distillery and a mill.  He was named Guardian of Jesse Hancock’s children on Sept. 10, 1839 after the parent’s deaths.

Rebecca (1783-1837) was married to Dr. Reuben Baker.   They had no children.

Jesse (1784-1834).  He was a farmer and manufacturer.  He was married to Louisa M. about 1813.  (I think she may have been a daughter of Jeddidiah Lathrop)  Louisa was born 10 May 1781 and died 24 Sept. 1837 in Wyalusing.  Jesse was a Judge from the Rush district in 1812.  He was a Private in the war of 1812 from Pike in the 144th Regiment under the command of Eliphalet Mason.  He was a clerk in Rush.  Both of them are buried in the Stevensville cemetery and Jeddidiah is buried next to Louisa.

Nancy (1784-1874) was a twin of Jesse.  Nancy was married to Benajah Frink 1 Feb. 1805.  Benajah is said to have built the first frame house in Auburn Four Corners in Susquehanna County and build the first cider mill.  Benajah was born 29 April 1771 and died 17 August 1851 and they were married in Feb. 1805   He was buried on the Frink farm in Auburn, PA.

John (1787-abt 1871) married Amorillis about 1806.  She may have been the daughter of Holden Sweet. She died in 1821.  He married Sarah Laura Lathrop (1804-1861) in 1824.  They lived in Jessup and Montrose in Susquehanna County.  He then married Louisa.  John and Sarah are buried in Fairdale cemetery, but no date is on his tombstone.  One of his daughters was Sarah who was married to Lewis Luckey Bosworth.  They were the guardians of the youngest children of Jesse and Louisa after Jesse Ross died.  John was an auditor for Pike on the Independent ticket in 1815.  He was a Judge in the Rush District.  He was also a farmer.  He was a town clerk, overseer of the poor and a County Commissioner.

When I get back from our vacation, I will write something similar on the Jesse Hancock family.  I got some material from the Austin, TX library on Thursday in response to an inquiry, which was interesting to me.  I had asked about H. C. Hancock.  He was Henry Chrisian Hancock a brother of my great grandfather, John.  Both were children of Jesse.  He studied to be a lawyer and was in Athens in 1850 as a student.  He went to Nacogdoches, TX as a lawyer and did well there.  He was there in January of 1853 from material on the Masonic lodge there.  He went back to marry Elizabeth Howell in Danby, NY in 1856.  They were very active in the social life there.  They had two children, Henrietta and Preston .  When the war between the states broke out, he organized a company and was chosen Captain.  He sent his wife and children back to her parents for safety and never saw them again.  His son died in Feb 1862, his daughter on March 19 of 1864 and he was killed in battle at Mansfield, LA April 8, 1864.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy named their Chapter the Henry C. Hancock Chapter.  It was named for a Yankee, but since he gave his life and fortune for the Confederacy and his children also died during the war there was no one to carry on his name and they thought it fitting that they keep his name alive.

My great Grandfather, John, his brother a year and a half younger, organized a company in Oshkosh, WI and became a Colonel.  He fought at Shiloh; Iuka, Miss; Corinith, Miss; and Waterford, Miss.  He was with the 14th WI.  He received a slight wound to his left hand, but he developed ill health and had to resign.  He suffered with kidney disease until his death in 1894 in City Point, WI.  He is buried in Oshkosh where he practiced law and was married to Jennie Reardon.

The old saying is true--Brother fighting Brother!


Report on Jesse Hancock - Luisa Lathrop (?)  family by Diana Hancock Moilanen: June 2005

Jesse Hancock was born 28 March, 1784 in Wyalusing, PA.  He married Louisa M. (Lathrop?) about 1813.  She was born 10 May 1781.  Their children were LeRoy, Violetta, William, Loyd, Elizabeth, Jerusha, Henry, John and Mary.  Jesse died 31 Dec, 1834 and Louisa died 24 September 1837 leaving the seven youngest children orphans.

 On September 10, 1839, Jesse Ross was appointed as a guardian. After his death, Mary was still a minor under fourteen and Lewis Luckey Bosworth was named Guardian.

Jesse Ross had been married to Betsey Hancock.  She had died in 1823 and he married Charlotte Lathrop Paine.  I think Charlotte and Louisa, Jesse Hancock’s wife, were sisters. Lewis Bosworth was married to Sarah Hancock, a daughter of John Hancock and Amorillis.  John was a brother of Jesse.  Jesse, Betsey and John were all children of Isaac and Jemima Hancock.

LeRoy, the oldest son of Jesse and Louisa was married to Eliza Farnham and they lived in Smithville, NY.  They are buried in Evergreen cemetery in Owego, NY.  I don’t know what happened to Loyd.  Violet (Violetta) was married to Almon Stevens and is buried at Old Riverside cemetery in Athens, PA.  In 1850, Mary and Jerusha were living with their sister, Violet Stevens in Athens. Henry was also in Athens were he was studying to be a lawyer.

William and his wife, Lucy (Northrup) and daughter, Louisa Del were also in Athens Boro in 1850.  Louisa Del married Jason Kingsley Wright, Jr.; and they moved to Marinette,WI. William was in Marinette when he died 31 March 1890, but he and Lucy are buried at Tioga Point cemetery in Athens.  Elizabeth was married to Asa Moore and was living in Troy Boro.  She died in November of 1876 according to family records. Mary died 9 January 1890, but I don’t know what happened to her after 1850 or where she lived.  I have the death date from the family records.  .

 Henry Christian went to Nacogdoches, TX about 1851 or 1852..  He married Elizabeth Howell in 1856 in Danby, NY.  They had two children who died shortly before he was killed in the battle at Mansfield, LA.  He was a Captain in the Confederate Army.

 My great grandfather, John, was not in the 1850 censuses either.  He is supposed to have traveled out west.  He was in Oshkosh, WI in 1855 and was a lawyer there.

John was a lawyer and Justice of the Peace in Oshkosh.  He was a Colonel with the WI Volunteers in the 14th WI.  He was in the battles Blackburn’s Ford, VA, First Bull Run, Shiloh, TN and Corinth, MS.

John may have settled in Oshkosh because Eleanore Ross, a daughter of Jesse Ross, who was married to Edward Lathrop Paine was in Oshkosh.  The Paines owned a sawmill there.  The Paine Lumber Company became very large, covering 50 acres of ground and had a band sawmill, box factory, planning mill, central power house, sash, door and blind factory and it had its own electric light and steam heating plant.  It employed 1400 people at one time and had huge lumber holdings.

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