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Possible Hodge Brothers

Steuben County, New York

The 1860 Census for Steuben County, New York

Jan Alpert

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In a message dated 7/4/2011 4:15:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
Thank you for sharing all your information your website.

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I believe that Jackson Hodge who was killed by lightening in 1867 is the brother of my ancestor Allen Hodge(s). They were living next to each other in the 1860 census in Steuben County, New York.

I have attached a summary of the family. I'm sure it is more than you want to post, but you could copy the obituary on Mary E. PLATT Hodge Thomas and the two news articles about the death of Jackson Hodge.

I have been looking for the parents of Allen Clark Hodge, sometimes spelled Hodges, for more than 25 years. The earliest census I have been able to find is the 1860 census where he is living in Erwin, Steuben County, New York. Allen C. Hodge is 28 and living next door to Andrew J. Hodge, who is 25, possibly his brother. Both men use a middle initial. Both say they were born in New York. I have found no record tying these two men together. I have looked in the 1850 census across New York and not found either of them listed using their first name, initials, with the surname Hodge or Hodges. I have gone page by page in Erwin and the surrounding towns. I also checked the counties just over the state line in Pennsylvania and didnít find them in the 1850 census.

1860 US Census, Erwin, Steuben County, New York

Allen C. Hodge, age 28, born in New York, a farm laborer, value of personal estate was $10

Mary Hodge, age 23, born in New York

Josephine O. Hodge, age 5, born in New York

Alton J. Hodge, age 3, born in New York

George N. Hodge, age 2, born in New York

According to the family bible Allen and Mary were married 11 February 1853 by John Day, Justice of the Peace. The Bible makes no mention of Andrew J. Hodge or his family.

1860 US Census, Erwin, Steuben County, New York

Andrew J. Hodge, age 25, day laborer, born New York, value of personal estate $50

Mary E. Hodge, age 23, born New York

Hulda Hodge, age 4, born New York

Henry Hodge, age 1, born New York

Jesse Platt, age 13, born New York

I find it interesting that Andrew has more valuable personal property than Allen who was older. Other than this census, the only other connection I have found is my Allen Hodge named a son, Jackson F. Hodge born 28 June 1862, which was while Andrew Jackson Hodge was serving in the Civil War. I donít know his cause of death but according to the family Bible, this son died 17 April 1879, before the family moved to Michigan.

There is another older Allen C. Hodges in Michigan

Note that I have called my Allen HODGE and the senior Allen HODGES, since that is how their surname was most often spelled.

Allen C. Hodges, Sr. purchased 40 acres in Oceola, Livingston Co., 9 May 1836. He had been living in Oakland Co., where I believe he came with his brothers, Warren B. Hodges and Norman W. Hodges from Onondaga Co., New York.

The older Allen C. Hodges is listed in the 1840 census in Livingston County, Michigan. He has a son (5-10) the right age to be Allen, 1 male 20-30 [Allen C. Sr.], 1 female 15-20 [Aurilla], and 1 female (60-70) probably his mother Sally Hodges. Did the census taker make an error in the age of the son? However, the 1840 census was supposed to be "as of" 1 June 1840, before Miles was born. If this is my Allen, then where was he in 1850? Why was he not named in his fatherís probate? Why was his economic status lower than Allen Sr. and his siblings and his children? If my Allen fits here, then who is Andrew Jackson Hodge, his neighbor in 1860.

1850 census in Milford, Oakland Co., Michigan:

Allen Hoges (which is why he is not in the index), 37, carpenter, b. NY

Aurilla, 28, b. NY

Miles 9, b. NY [none of these children were born in NY]

Oscar 7, b. NY

Teresa 6, b. NY

In 1850 Norman W. Hodges is also living in Milford Township as is Martin Morley who married their sister, Lorena. Russell Hodges, Warren Hodge, and Truman Bridgman are living in Lyon Twp., Oakland Co., Michigan.

Oakland Co., Cemetery Record, Vol. 2 says he was born 7 March 1812 and died 3 October 1857. His probate files are #1797 and #1848. I have a copy which says he died September 1856 and left no will. The inventory was appraised by Truman Bridgman and Jonathan Shorez. I think Truman Bridgman is the brother of his wife, Aureilla. Truman was 34 in the 1850 census. Allen Sr. had 2 cows, 2 calves, 21 sheep, 3 hogs, 4 acres of corn and one book. He had 80 acres of real estate valued at $1,000. Named in his will were his children: Miles, Oscar, Tracy and Warren. At least one was a minor, under the care of their uncle Warren B. Hodges. His wife, Aurilla, died 21 September 1861 age 40 years, 7 months, 19 days according to the Oakland Co., Michigan, Cemetery Records, Vol. 2, done by the DAR.

Ralph Hopkins who did considerable research on the Hodges has the childrenís birthdates as:

Miles E. 10 Oct 1840 m. Lizzie Crum, Oakland Co., MI

Oscar 8 Mar 1843, died young

Teresa 12 Jun 1846, married L. d. Sweet born in 1831

Warren S. 2 Sep 1853, he married Ella Baker, they had no children. He died 9 Nov 1911

In later 1900 census , Corwith Twp., Otsego, MI

Miles E. Hodges, 59, b. Oct 1840, Michigan

Eliz. C., 53, b. Mar 1847, New York

Edwin J. 29 b. Jul 1870, Michigan

Clarence L., 20, b. Nov 1879, Michigan

At I found the death record for Miles Edward Hodges who died 27 June 1915, in Vanderbilt, Otsego Co., Michigan, 75 yrs, 8 mos, 7 days. He was born 20 October 1840 in Michigan, but his parents names are unknown. The informant was Edward Hodges of Vanderbilt, Otsego Co., MI. Cause of death was cerebral softening. He is buried in Novi, Michigan.

Allen Sr.ís brother Norman Wheaton Hodges had already died July 1850. I researched Allen Sr. there appears to be no relationship between the two men with the same name. Both families have the name Allen and Norman, so it is possible they have a common ancestor a generation or two back. The family Bible for my line says my Allenís middle name is Clark. Norman W. Hodges had a son Clark born about 1835.

I found his probate record in Oakland Co., Michigan, and his son was named Miles and he also had three younger children. I researched them and found no relationship with my Allen C. Hodge. I also checked all of the siblings of Allen C. Hodges, Sr. and did not find my Allen living with them in the 1850 census.

Information about Andrew J. Hodge and his family

I have researched Andrew J. Hodge, often called Jackson Hodge, and report the following information. I had found his military service in the Civil War several years ago. Andrew enlisted 10 November 1861 at Corning, NY and served in Company C, 86th Infantry Regiment. He deserted 16 February 1863 at Falmouth, Virginia, near Fredricksburg. For a while this was the last record I could find. I did not find Andrew in the 1870 or 1880 census anywhere in the United States, even though I checked a few other Andrew J. Hodges including one in Bay City, Michigan.

Then I found what looked like his wife and children, living in Mt. Pleasant, Whiteside County, Illinois, in the 1870 census.

Thomas, James, 60 , farmer, $4,800 R.E., $1,550 P.P. born Illinois

Sarah M. 38, Keeping house, b. New York

Platt, Keziah, 63 at home b. Massachusetts

Hodge, Henry H. 12, works on farm, b. New York, attended school within the year

Platt, Delias, 66, works on farm, born Massachusetts

Living next door are:

Thomas, William C., 42, Farmer, $14,000 R.E., $1,217 P.P. born Illinois, married August

Mary E., 34, keeps house, b. NY, married August

Hodge, Mary , 7, at home, born New York

The 1880 census for Mt. Pleasant, Whiteside County, Illinois, page 19, reports the following:

Thomas, James 69, retired farmer, born Illinois, father born South Carolina, mother born North Carolina

Sarah, 47, wife, keeping house, born NY, father born Connecticut, mother born New York

Platt, Darius, 75, father-in-law, at home, born Connecticut, parents born Connecticut

Kesiah, 73, mother-in-law, at home, born in New York, father born Massachusetts, mother born


1880 census for Mt. Pleasant, Whiteside County, Illinois, page 16, reports the following:

Thomas, William 42 [age is wrong, should be 52] farmer, b. Illinois, parents born South Carolina

Mary E., 43, born New York, Father born Connecticut, Mother born New York

Hodges, Mary, 18, step daughter, born New York, father born Canada, mother born NY

Stokes, Edward, 25, servant, farm laborer, born Illinois, parents born Ireland

1880 census for Mt. Pleasant, Whiteside County, Illinois, page 20, reports the following:

Thomas, Nathan, 29, farmer, born Illinois, parents birth unknown

Emily, 25, born Illinois, parents born New York

Ada M. 6, daughter, born Illinois, parents born Illinois

Miner, Daniel, 25, servant, farm laborer, born Penn, parents birth unknown.

MARY ELIZABETH PLATT THOMAS, died at her home in Mt. Pleasant township, near Morrison, Ill., May 7, 1898, wife of Wm. C. Thomas, aged 60 years, 1 month and 14 days. Mrs. Thomas was born in Painted Post, New York, March 24, 1837. She was a daughter of D. B. and Kesiah Platt. Four of her sisters and one brother survive her, -Mrs. Lena K. Baxter and Mrs. W. H. Gardner of Morrison, Mrs. Louisa Tolbert of Elmira, New York, Mrs. W. H. Robinson of Erie, and Hosea L. Platt of Elmira, New York. She was twice married. In 1854 she was joined in marriage with A. J. Hodges of Painted Post, N. Y. By this union were born Henry L. of Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Daniel L. Miner of Boliver, Mo. In August, 1871, she was again united in wedlock with Wm. C. Thomas, and has, during these years been his faithful and devoted helpmeet, creating for him a pleasant home, and faithfully performing the duties of a loving, frugal wife. For the last six years she has been in failing health, gradually and by easy stages approaching the end. Some two years ago she suffered a very severe stroke of paralysis, from which, however, she quite fully recovered. Again, two weeks ago, she experienced another stroke though less severe than the former, and from this, too, she began to recover. In conjunction with this neuralgia of the heart set in which very suddenly terminated her life Saturday, May 7th. Mrs. Thomas was of sweet disposition and much respected and beloved by all, a truly good woman, generous to a fault. She will be greatly missed within the circle of her acquaintances and friends, and no place more than in her own home. The funeral services were held at the family residence Tuesday, May 10, at two o'clock p. m, the Rev. J. B. Hamilton officiating. The remains were interred in the Heaton cemetery.

Because the marriage appears in the census, they had to have married in 1870 rather than August 1871 as the obituary says. I later found the marriage in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900:

Thomas, William C. and Hodge, Mary E., Mrs. 1870-08-06 License No. 2642, Whiteside County, IL

Thomas, James J. and Platt, Sarah M. Mrs. 1861-11-29, license No. 699, Whiteside, IL.

[It appears that sisters married brothers, but Sarah isnít in the census with the rest of the family in 1850 or 1860 in Painted Post, New York. Perhaps she was working in another family. I need to look further].

Also on the Whiteside County website at the bio for Anthony M. Thomas, their father who came to Whiteside in 1804 from South Carolina, includes information on son James J. Thomas. He was married three times. His first wife died in 1840. He then married Louisa A. Higley in 1841 and divorced. The account says he married Miss Sarah M. Platt, 30 November 1860, which conflicts with the record above.

So what happened to Andrew J. Hodge? Sharon Spencer, another Hodge descendant, found the following obituary: Chemung County Newspaper Abstracts 1867-1868, from Marriages and Deaths, Elmira Daily Advertiser, Elmira, New York, abstracted by Isabell Ridall, 1987.

24 August 1867 Death Notice

A MAN KILLED: In the midst of the tempest of hail, thunder and lightening, the canal boat "Edward C.Miles," Capt. Geo. Sayles, about a mile and a half north of Horseheads, was coming towards this city. The steersman, Jackson Hodge, standing at the stern of the boat, holding the rudder handleÖwas instantly struck deadÖleft a wife and two children  residing near Samuel Halls, above the canal basin.

On, I found the following obituary for Jackson Hodge: NY Herald-Tribune, 28 August 1867,  "The Elmira (NY) Advertiser chronicles a curious death by lightning. Jackson Hodge,  steerman of a canal boat, was killed at his post on the boat near Horseheads. He was standing erect at the instant and the lightning struck him on the head, burning a  stripe down the left shoulder and back to his hip, and then passed through the tiller,  against which he was leaning, to the rudder post, and down this to the water beneath, taking out the caulking from quite a large space on the bottem of the boat. The man's hair and whiskers on the left side of the head were singed off close to the skin and the entire body gradually assumed a bluish yellow tinge."

Henry (Harry) L. Hodge appears to have married three times, although to date I have only found a record for his first two marriages. He is reported as married to Anna in the 1920 US Census in Eldora, Hardin County, Iowa.

On I found his first marriage to Josie J. Alspaugh, 18 December 1884 in Jones County , Iowa. Henry was 26 and gave his fatherís name as Jackson Hodges and his mother was Mary E. Platt. Her father was Allen Alspaugh and her motherís name was Caroline Groves. Josie was born in Anamosa, Iowa in 1864. She was 20.

In the 1885 Iowa State Census for Manchester, Delaware Co., Iowa, Henry Hodges was 26 and Josie Hodges was 21. They had a son Henry Hodges born in 1885, but I have not been able to find him in later census. Perhaps he died or his mother remarried and he has a different surname in the census. I have not found Josie in later census either.

Henry Hodges, 36 married second Franc D. Allen 32, both of Grand Rapids, 24 December 1894 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. He was a salesman born in New York. His father was Jackson Hodges and his mother was Mary E. Platt. Franc was a dress maker, born in Pontiac, Michigan, recorded in Vol. 3, p. 504, item 8530. They were married by J. C. Floyd, clergyman and the witnesses were Mrs. J. C. Floyd and Mrs. C. G. Shielber. The FamilySearch film is 2,342,499, image #397.

In 1920 Harry Hodges was 61 born in New York, a salesman, married to Anna, 30 born in Indiana, with son Carter? Who was 12, who was also born in Indiana and his father was born in Indiana, so I donít think Harry is the father.

I started this search for Henry/Harry hoping to find a living Hodge/Hodges male who could participate in the Hodges/Hodge DNA study. We have a descendant of Allen Hodge who has participated.

Census information for Mary (Platt) Miner

1930 Berkley Town, Union Township, Boone Co., Iowa

Miner, Daniel L. 76, 30 when first married, born Pennsylvania, parents born Pennsylvania, farmer

Mary E., wife, 68, 21 when first married, born New York, parents born New York

Earl K., son, 44 born Illinois, father born Pennsylvania, mother born New York, farmer

Daniel W., grandson, 14 born Iowa, father born Illinois, mother born Missouri

G. Gwendolyn, granddaughter, 12 born Iowa, father born Illinois, mother born Missouri

Hope M., granddaughter, 7, born Iowa, father born Illinois, mother born Missouri

[whose children are these?]

1920 Greenbrier Twp., Greene Co., Iowa

Miner, Daniel L. 66, b. Pennsylvania, parents b. PA, farmer

Mary, 57, b. NY, parents b. NY

Earl, 34, b. Illinois, father b. PA, mother b. NY, farm laborer

Mary, daughter 22, born Missouri " "

Bina Daughter 19, b. Missouri " "

Edna, daughter, 16, b. Missouri " "

Margaret, daughter, 14, b. Missouri

1910 Marion Township, Polk County, Missouri, taken 4 May 1910

Miner, Daniel L. 56, married 27 years, b. PA, parents b. PA, famer

Mary E., 48, 13 children, 11 living, born NY, parents b. NY

Earl K., son 25, born Illinois

George H., son 20, born Illinois

Ray C., son 18, born Illinois

Fred M., son 16, born Illinois

Sarah E., daughter 15, born Illinois

Mary M., daughter 12, born Missouri

Bina A., daughter 9, born Missouri

Edna E., daughter 7, born Missouri

Marguerite, daughter 5, born Missouri

1900 Marion Township, Polk Co., Missouri

Miner, Daniel L. b. June 1853, 47, married 27 years, b. PA, parents b. PA, farmer

Mary E., Feb. 1861, 38, 10 children, 8 living, b. NY, parents b. NY

Earl J. [should be K] April 1883, 15 b. Illinois

Effie M. b. Mar 1886, 14 b. Illinois

George H., July 1889, 11 b. IL

Ray . b. June 1892 7, b. IL [some of the birth years are wrong]

Frederick b. June 1894, 5, b. IL

Sarah, b. Aug 1895, 4, b. IL

John b. Dec 1895, 4, b. IL

Mary, b. Jan 1897 1, b. Illinois