Jerald Family Data
  Note:  Person in each generation that is continued is shown in bold.

Hi Joyce

The attached file is an excel spreadsheet of the Jerald Family from the information complied by my Mom, Lorena Jerald Penno, and my cousin, Lorita Smith  Spidel.  Mom spent a couple of years in the 80s trying to compile family data.  She is connected to the Howe and Shaw families in town with more distant connections to the Clarks.  The stuff she has includes more than Ive put on the spreadsheet as well as lots of pictures and newspaper clippings.

I noted in going through your web site last night that there is a spelling error on the cemetery listing for the Jeralds.  It shows 2 rs (Jerrald).  The listings include her parents and grandparents and her Uncle Frank.  I was also surprised not to find them listed in the Richmond Township census data.  They bought the farm from the Bingham Estate in 1834.  Moms records indicated that they lived in town for a while when the farm house burned until a new one was  built.  We had sales slips from the lumber yard for purchase of some of the materials for the house.  My parents bought it from my Grand parents in 1949 (I think) and sold it to the Bensons in 1956.

I loved the thing in your web site about the Halloween windows.  They were fun.  One other thing I loved in the 50s were the Christmas Friday nights.  The merchants gave tickets with the sale of merchandise.  Then every Friday night (after the stores closed) they had a drawing.  A flatbed was pulled up on South Main in front of the old diner.  Bill Taylor was always the master of ceremony.  They played Christmas Carols over loud speakers and the whole town gathered.  I never hear The First Noel without being transported to a snowy Friday night in Mansfield.

Thanks for a couple of fun days of memories.

Helen PENNO Herd
Generation Name   Birth Death Spouse Birth Death
1 Michael Fitzjerald            
2 William Fitzjerald   1772 4/24/1848 ? Hayden    
3 William Jerald    1797 1883 Mabel Leach    
  Thomas    5/16/1799 10/2/1885 Matilda Wildon (Canfield) 12/26/1802 2/12/1885
  Warner    No info        
4 Anna   4/18/1832 6/17/1873 David S. Husted    
  Daniel C   4/7/1833 2/6/1909 Ester L Childs 1835 1917
  William Benjamin   12/9/1834 3/11/1914 Elvira Howe 9/21/1846 1/18/1815
  Thomas Jr.   9/12/1837 8/18/1838      
  Sarah Matilda   3/22/1839   1 George Morley    
          2 G. A. Longwell    
  Samuel   8/7/1842 7/28/1862      
5 Mary Levenda   3/3/1867   Grant Lewis    
  George Walter   8/3/1868 5/8/1869      
  Laura Amber   12/9/1870 4/2/1871      
  Alice Lodemia   3/19/1873   Andrew Nelson    
  Maggie Emma   11/18/1875 8/6/1909 Almond B. Crippen    
  Ada Helena   7/4/1878 Feb-48 Carl. G. McConnell    
  Charles Thomas   8/17/1880 2/4/1948 Ethel Grover Shaw 6/10/1903. 7/15/1855
  Frank Daniel   6/14/1883   Janet Zacharias 33/23/1910  
6 Marian   5/6/1904 7/31/1958 Ross O. Smith 10/19/1900 6/16/19?
  Alice Elvira   3/23/1906 9/16/1985 Vernon B. Smith 12/10/1903 11/28/1986
  Dorris Louise   2/10/1911 6/14/2001 Neal Bush 6/13/1907 2/2/1994
  Edna Lorena   10/22/1913 12/30/2004 Geore L. Penno 5/13/1902 4/7/1961
  Charles Shaw   5/17/1915 2/17/2000 Thelma Roache 5/16/1914 11/16/1997
  Federoa Ethel   12/4/1918   Kenneth L. Weeks 12/4/1915 8/24/1994
7 Jerry Ann    7/11/1940        
  Helen Althea   2/26/1942   Alan L. Herd 2/11/1945  
    David Alan 7/6/1972        
    Peter Andrew 5/5/1974        
  George Charles   11/28/1948   1 Barbara Anderson    
          2 Catherine Kiernan    
    Michael Saturn 12/26/1972   Wendy Willet    
    Payton Marie 12/19/2000        
    Angela Saturn 1/31/1981        
  Linda Lou   10/6/1952   Eugene H. Mosher 3/31/1954  
    Katrina Naline 5/5/1978   Jonathon Howe    
    Jerilyn Rose 5/5/1978   Joshua Mulholland 3/1/1977  
    Kierstan Ann 3/1/1999        
    Brennin Hugh 2/25/2005        
  Peter Edward   3/6/1954   Margaret Susal Beisel 2/28/1956
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