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Kathy MANCHESTER Jones 12th submission on her 2006 New Years Resolution to send us something every month. Congratulations and thanks to Kathy. 
For she's a jolly good fellow!!!
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Children of Iram and Harriet Pendleton Manchester

Iram (1835-1913) and Harriet (1836-1926) had eleven children.  Their second child, a son Albert, was born Jan 1861 and died Aug 1862.
The ten in the photo are:
Back l to r:
Ernest D. "Deck" Manchester (1871-1964)  married Flo Ella Cook
Andrew P. Manchester (1869-1940)  married Jessie Avery Cook
George Emile Manchester (1878-1857)  married Lulu Matteson
Iram Alverdo "Verd" Manchester (1864-1960)  married Rhoda Petty
Edwin Manchester (1866-1944)  married Erdine Pendleton

Front l to r:
Frances E. Manchester (1863-1942)  married Reed Cook
Charlotte Antoinette "Lottie" Manchester (1876-1931)  married Albert D. "Bert" Chaffee
Harriet "Hattie" Manchester (1874-1924)  married George Edgar "Ed" Chaffee
Bertha Manchester ( 1880-1953)  married Clark Meacham
Mary "Mate" Manchester (1859-1952)  married Clarence M. Hunt

Dear Joyce,

I want you to know that this is the first New Year's Resolution that I have ever followed through on.  There were times that I thought I would run out of material but I now realize that I have much more in my collection to share.  Thank goodness for a family of "savers."

My December submission consists of Manchester Family photos.  The Reunion photos will have 4 parts: photo, photo ID sketch, photo ID names, and the write-up from the Manchester Reunion Minutes Book.  If there is a problem with the way I did this, let me know and I'll change it to suit your needs.  The 1922 photo I had to do in two parts (left and right) as my scanner wouldn't handle the length of the photo.  I will send in more than one email.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.  Kathy Manchester Jones

1.  1902 Manchester Family Reunion

    According to family records, this family gathering began in 1900 and continued until 1987.  I attended the 1987 reunion, which was held at the Warren Center Community building in Warren Township, Bradford County PA.  In the early years, the reunion was held at the home of a family member, but for many years it was held at Kirby Park in Nichols, NY.
    For the most part, this Reunion was for the descendants of brothers Iram Manchester and William Manchester of Warren Township, Bradford County, PA.  Iram lived right on the Warren/Orwell border and was closest to the village of Potterville.  Occasionally, siblings (and their families) of Iram and William also attended.  This Manchester family came to Bradford County from Pittstown, Renssalaer County, NY.

Many thanks to Madeline Manchester Allis, Clarice Cook Daugherty, Alyce Edsell Moore and Emmett "Steve" Manchester for identifying the folks in the photos.  I'm so glad that I took these photos to them when I did, as all are now deceased.

1  ______
2  ______
3  ______
4   Matie Hunt
5   Bertha Manchester
6   Edwin Manchester
7  ______
8   Jessie Cook Manchester
9   Andrew P. Manchester
10  Ben Hunt
11  ______
12  Mary Manchester Hunt
13  Ernest "Deck" Manchester
14  ______
15  Harriet "Hattie" Manchester Chaffee
16  Flo Cook Manchester
17  George Edgar "Ed" Chaffee
18  ______
19  Frances Manchester Cook
20  Reed Cook
21  ______
22  Albert D. "Bert" Chaffee
23  ______
24  ______
25  Harriet Pendleton Manchester
26  Iram Manchester
27  Charlotte "Lottie" Manchester Chaffee
28  ______
29  ______
30  William Manchester
31  ______
32  ______
33  ______
34 Tyler Cook
35  ______
36  ______
37  ______
38  ______
39  ______
40  Blanche Manchester
41  Bernice Manchester
42  ______
43  ______
44  ______
45  ______
46  _______
47  ______
48  Ora Manchester
49  ______
1902 Manchester Reunion

The third meeting was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reed Cook.  The families were very well represented.  We were pleased to greet the bride of Ernest Manchester (Miss Florie Cook).  Also of George Manchester (Miss Lulu Matteson) and little daughter Mavis.  There were also present with us two sisters of William and Iram Manchester, Mrs. Sally Ann Wallace of Johnsonville, New York, and Mrs. Frances D. Whitaker of Louisburg, Miami County, Kansas.  It also commemorated the 44th anniversary of the marriage of Iram and Harriet N. Manchester.  A very fine dinner was served preceding which as a blessing the doxology was sung, “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow,” led by Mrs. Whitaker.  After dinner we gathered in the parlor and were treated to some music on the piano by Miss Leora Cook and singing by all.  Then came a surprise.  C.M. Hunt stepped forward and in a few well chosen preliminary remarks presented Mr. and Mrs. Iram  Manchester with a fine rocker, the gift of their children and sisters of Mr. Manchester.  To which Mrs. Manchester responded.  After which all gathered in a group and had their pictures taken by Luther Chrispie.  Mrs. Dorman Bowen was a guest at this meeting.

1   William Schrier
2   Leora Cook Arnold
3   Percy Arnold
4   Matie Hunt Schrier
5   ______
6   Earl Wilson
7   ______
8   ______
9   George Edgar "Ed" Chaffee
10  Reed Cook
11  ______
12  Maisie Manchester Howe
13 Frances Hunt
14  ______
15  Gazel Manchester
16  Edna Wilbur Cook
17  ______
18  Erdine Pendleton Manchester
19  ______
20  Leland Howe
21  ______
22  Claude Ford
23  ______
24  Florence Manchester Ford
25  ______
26  ______
27  Bertha Manchester Meacham
28  Charlotte Manchester Chaffee
29  ______
30  Hattie Manchester Chaffee
31  Frances Manchester Cook
32 Sylvia Hunt
33  Mary Manchester Hunt
34  Harriet Pendleton Manchester
35  Madeline Manchester
36  Edwin Manchester
37  ______
38  ______
39  Andrew P. Manchester
40  Eleanor Barnes
41  Ernest "Deck" Manchester
42  ______
43  ______
44  ______
45  Paul Sink
46  ______
47  Edward Cook
48  Elgin Sink
49  Marion Hunt
50  ______
51  ______
52  ______
53  ______
54 Thelma Hunt
55  ______
56  Rosemary McPhee lived with Hunts
57  Clarice Cook
58  Elizabeth Sink
59  Maurice Hunt
60  Emmett Manchester
61  this man worked for Schriers
62  ______
63  Glenn Manchester
64  Delphine Manchester
65  Tyler Cook
66  Clarence Manchester
67  ______
68  Phyllis Manchester Eastman
69  Gerald Eastman
70  Lulu Matteson Manchester
71  ______
72  ______
73  Gladys Manchester Dewing
74  Ethlyn Dimon Manchester
75  Fannie Cook Sink
76  Bernice Manchester Edsell
77  Della Dimon
78  Pearl Hunt
79  ______
80  ______
81  Lilburn Barnes
82  Fred Hunt
83  Gilbert Manchester
84  George Manchester
85  Rob Cook
86  Carol Dewing
87  Albert Dewing
88  A.D. "Dick" Manchester
89  Dana Sink
90  Dana Manchester
91  ______
92  Blanche Manchester Barnes
93  Bryce Edsell
94  Grace Hunt
95  Leonard Barnes
96  Alyce Edsell
97  Boyd Edsell
98  Leola Edsell
99  Tom Sink
100  Ray Manchester
101  Lawrence Cook
102  Francis Cook
103  Hugh Chaffee
104  Raymond Cook
105  Willard Manchester
1922 Manchester Reunion

The 22nd Annual Reunion of the Manchester Family

On August 12, 1922 the descendants of the Manchester Family gathered together at the home of W.G. Schrier in Athens, Pennsylvania.  The day was cool enough for comfort and every one appeared in the best of spirits.
After everyone had exchanged greetings and enjoyed a good old time visit, - comparing babies etc, dinner baskets began to appear.  Groups formed at tables set here and there on the large, beautiful grounds surrounding the Schrier home.  After a typical Manchester feast to which our host added a liberal treat of melons and peaches, the photographer took pictures of the whole group and allow me to add that the flowers and green shrubbery made a very pleasing background.
The president, Mrs. R.J. Cook, then called a meeting to go over the business on hand.  An account of the preceding meeting was very ably given by our grandmother, Mrs. H.N. Manchester.  Also one or two letters were read from relatives at a distance unable to attend.  Let us all hope that we may live as long and useful a life as our grandmother and yet be able to take our part in our latter days.
Music from piano, violin and victrola was interspersed through meeting, also recitation and songs.
The officers for the following (year) were elected as follows:
 Mrs. Mary Hunt, president
 Mrs. Edgar Chaffee, vice-president
 Mrs. Dana Sink, secretary-treasurer
Mrs. Lilburn Barnes was chosen to be at head of refreshment committee of four.
It was decided to have the regulation picnic dinner with everyone furnishing instead of a basket picnic for 1923.
 Mrs. William Schrier, Mrs. Earl Wilson, Mrs. Ernest Manchester, one other were appointed for entertainment committee.
 A collection was taken amounting to $26 to help settle expenses.
  $30 amount set to cover expenses.
  $4 amount necessary to be drawn from treasury.
  $5.55 amount in treasury previous to 1922.
  $1.55 amount left in treasury for year 1923.
 Avery C. Manchester to Winifred J. Williams, August 30, 1922.
 Rhoda Marcella Chaffee to Samuel Bauchman, July 20, 1923
 To Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hunt a son, Gilbert DeForrest, April 17, 1923
 To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook a son, Ralph Marshall, October 1922
 To Mr. and Mrs. Claude Ford a daughter, Cleone Winifred, February 4, 1923
 To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dewing a son, Paul Albert, June 29, 1923
 To Mr. and Mrs. Leland Howe a daughter, Mavis Edwina, May 22, 1923
 To Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Austin a son, Charles Peter, October 11, 1922
 To Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Manchester a daughter, Harriet Jane, July 22, 1923

 After singing several old favorite hymns and partaking of ice cream the boys all hustled to the I.R. Ball Grounds for a game.  It was getting so late the game was postponed until1923.  our ball games as a rule prove exciting as nearly all the boys connected with the Manchester family are well versed in “baseballistic” art.
 Mrs. Mary Hunt joined with other Binghamton relatives in inviting everyone to Ideal Park for the following year.  It was put to vote and carried that we meet there.  As the shadows were lengthening everyone left thanking Mr. and Mrs. Schrier for their kind hospitality and a jolly good time.

     Mrs. Dana T. Sink, secretary

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