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Mazie SEARS "Bodine"
Poet and Writer
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Mazie Sears was a poet, writer, and artist. We have been able to locate quite a few of her newspaper articles and will include them here as they are returned from our typists.

Articles by Mazie
1938 - Laurel Bloom
1938 - Lambs Hill View
1938 - Atop Mt. Tom
1940 - The Story of a Lovely Valley
1941 - Little Roads - The Ding Dang road
1941 - Texas, Lycoming County
1942 - Names of Places, Streams, Hills, Mountains
1942 - More Names of Places
1942 - Names of  Places
1942 - Blue Flowers
1942 - Nessmuk - Nature's Own
1942 - Nature's Gold
1942 - Bird Visitors
1942 - Erie Line Abandoned
1943 - Interesting Events in Tioga County History
1947 - Christmas
1948 - Buttons
1948 - Flower Legends
1948 July 08 - Old Houses - Wellsboro
1948 Oct. 21 - Obituary
Wellsboro Agitator, December 29, 1909
Wedding Announcement
Miss Mazie Sears, daughter of Mrs. Mary L. Sears, of Water street, and Mr. Arthur Bodine, of this borough, are to be married today [29 Dec. 1909] at 12:30 p.m. at the home of the bride’s mother. They will be attended by the bride’s brother, Mr. David Sears and his wife, of Painted Post, NY. Rev. F.S. Parkhurst, D.D., pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, will officiate.

Wellsboro Gazette, December 30, 1937
Wins Radio Award; Best Letter on Cards
For writing the most interesting letter on Christmas Cards in the one o’clock question box over Station WOR, Mrs. Arthur Bodine was awarded two tickets for a trip tour of the Empire State Building in New York City. Mrs. Bodine’s letter contained two original Christmas cards with snap shots and accompanying verse. Mrs. Bodine has won several awards on her nature pictures of unusual beauty.

Wellsboro Gazette, February 26, 1948
Mrs. Mazie Bodine recently received a letter from J.F. Gartland, of Washington DC, expressing his pleasure in the Christmas story by Mrs. Bodine published in the Gazette during the holidays season which recalled to his mind the many Christmas holidays he spent with his family and friends in Wellsboro long ago. Mrs. Bodine’s fans will be pleased to know she will have another story of interest in a forthcoming issue of the Gazette.
Wellsboro Gazette, Feb. 21, 1929
Local Poet Sings Praise of Baldwin Run Flower
Mrs. Mazie Sears Bodine incites Lyric to Natural Beauties on Baldwin Run Mountain

While it is not the policy of the Gazette to publish every stray piece of verse that come to our office, we so maintain the editorial right to present to our readers things which we believe are better than the ordinary.

In the following poem written by Mrs. Sears Bodine, we discover a local beauty spot, admirably expressed in verse:

Baldwin Run

I know a mountain
Where lovely wild things grow,
And a babbling brook
Beside the road doth flow.

Here the mountain laurel
Grows along the way,
And the pink azalea
Flaunts its colors gay.

The partridge berry red
Nestles among the leaves,
Here the lovely violet
Grows beneath the trees.

Here are spicy hemlocks
An birches white and tall,
Where the friendly chickadee
Pours forth his merry call.

Sounds of a pheasant drumming
Come on the morning breeze,
And the shy, wild deer
Browse among the trees.

Vines that are ever green
Trail along the ground,
Here the pink lady’s slipper
Near a path is found.

This is a fairy land
Filled with treasurers rare,
May we guard them all
With tender, loving care.

-  by Mazie Sears Bodine

Wellsboro Gazette, November 24, 1938
A Thanksgiving Poem
My Prayer
By Mazie Sears Bodine
I pray that I may not forget
To thank the Lord each day
For His love and tender care
As He guides me on life’s way;
For loved ones dear, for home and friends,
For strength to work and play.

For the days He giveth me
In this fair land of ours
For the sunshine and the rain
For trees and birds and flowers
For planting time and harvest rich
And golden Autumn hours.

To thank Him too for hope divine
When life is dark and drear.
For the fire upon the hearth
Its light and warmth and cheer
For love and peace, for rest and sleep
And faith that casts out fear.

Without the moon and twinkling stars
Dark, indeed, would be the night
I pray that I may not forget
To thank Him for their light
And for the diamonds too that shine
In the snow so pure and white.

I count my blessings o’er and o’er
Each favor sweet and fair
And may I not forget, I pray
I have so many riches rare
With neighbors, friend and foe
This bounteous wealth to share.

Loving Father, I would ask
For only one thing more --
When my bark puts out to sea
And life on earth is o’er
Oh may Thy hand be at the helm
And guide me safe to shore.

Wellsboro Gazette, June 18, 1942, p.7
School Ring has Picture of Nessmuk
Reproduction is of Portrait appearing in Nessmuk’s “Forest Runes”
[The following information concerning the Wellsboro High School ring should have appeared in the recent [4 June 1942] on Nessmuk by Mazie Sears Bodine, since it was included in the original article which the author read before the Parent Teacher Association meeting at Marsh Creek.]
The school ring now used was adopted in 1931. It was intended to be an identification for members of the Wellsboro Alumni association, hence a school ring, not a class ring. It was designed by Philip Hallock. The three points of the design represent Scholarship, Leadership and Service. They rest on a base representing Character. These four are the motto of the National Honor Society. The points are triangular shape and in the three upright ones are the initials WHS -- Wellsboro High School. W in the middle triangle, H in the one at the left and S in the right hand one. Above this design is the word Wellsboro, and beneath it the letters CSLS -- character, scholarship, [leadership], service. On the left side of the shaft of the ring is a reproduction of a portrait of Nessmuk. [This was taken from the one in his book of poems, “Forest Runes”] On the right side of the shaft is a representation of the Pine Creek Gorge. These two ideas were thought to distinguish Wellsboro particularly. The use of the Gorge design was in honor of Leonard Harrison, who gave Harrison Park to the State. The Pine Creek Gorge was not called Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon until May 1936, five years after the ring was designed. Beneath the head of Nessmuk are the figures 19, and beneath the Gorge design, 42 [this year]. The date changes as the years go by.

Wellsboro Gazette, October 21, 1948
Wellsboro Cemetery
Boro Author Succumbs to Heart Attack
Mrs. Mazie Sears Bodine Dies Sunday at her Home on RD 7
SEARS - Mrs. Mazie Sears Bodine wife of Arthur Bodine, of Wellsboro, RD7, died suddenly last Sunday morning at her home following two hours of the work she loved in her garden. On Saturday she and her husband had taken a drive toward Galeton through the autumn sunshine to enjoy the brilliant foliage. A naturalist at heart and a poet and author, Mazie Bodine gave many readers of the Gazette choice hours of enjoyment with her stories of local interest and charming nature legends and poems on lovely spots in and around Wellsboro. At the time of her death she was engaged in writing a series of articles on “Old Houses” in Wellsboro which have lately appeared in the Gazette. Born in Wellsboro on November 6, 1877, she was the only daughter of the late Charles W. and Mary L. Sears. She had spent her entire life in Wellsboro, where 37 years ago she was married to Arthur Bodine. She was a member of the First Methodist Church and of the Baptist Ladies’ Aid Society. An active member of the Pioneer Button club, she contributed an interesting and informative article on the history of the types of buttons used down through the years. When the Garden Club was active in Wellsboro, Mrs. Bodine was one of the interested workers. Her keen interest in so many lines kept her life full and throughout her busy days she gave much of interest to her friends. A relative of Nessmuk, the naturalist and poet, she inherited much of his love of the beauties of nature. Surviving besides her husband, is one brother, David B. Sears of Corning. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon from the Bastian Funeral Home. Rev. Charles E. Titus, Methodist pastor officiating. Burial in Wellsboro cemetery. - Wellsboro Gazette, October 21, 1948

Wellsboro Gazette, November 11, 1948
A Tribute to Mazie Sears Bodine
The following poem submitted by Mildred L. Blanchard with apologies to Anne Campbell’s Verse is published below in tribute to the late Mazie Sears Bodine, whose birthday was on Sunday, November 6:
She is spending her birthday in heaven
With angels as lovely as she
To light her gold candles, all seventy,
And sing her a chorus for me.
No breath of the dark world can touch her;
No sorrow can reach her, of stain;
She is spending her birthday in heaven --
But I wish I could see her again.

She is spending her birthday in heaven,
The light of God’s smile on her face
Her circle of years, only seventy,
Are bright with the joys of His grace.
The tears that I shed cannot hurt her,
May sorrow can cause her no fears.
My friend is joyous in heaven
And will be through eternal years.

She is spending her birthday in heaven -
The first one that finds friends apart,
For all of her years --- some seventy --
She spent close to her friends hearts,
But God may have looked in her future
And have seen her bewildered, alone
His kind arms will clasp her in heaven
Until she is grasped in our own.

Wellsboro Cemetery
BODINE - Arthur Bodine, lifetime resident of this vicinity, died at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital early Sunday morning following a few days’ illness. Born on August 13, 1880, he was the son of the late Ellis and Helen Barlow Bodine. In 1909 he married Mazie Sears, who died in October, 1948. He was a painter and interior decorator. A nature lover, he and his wife traveled widely on the forest roads. At the time of his death he resided in his cottage on the Leland Smith property near the Country Club. His only survivors are one cousin, H.E. Bodine, Esq., of West Avenue; one brother-in-law, David Sears of Corning; two nephews Frank Bodine of Rome, NY and Fay of Texas. Funeral services were held at the Bastian & Kuhl Funeral home on Tuesday afternoon. Rev. David Burrows, pastor of the First Baptist Church officiated. Burial in Wellsboro Cemetery. - Wellsboro Gazette, March 18, 1954

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