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Subj:  Gen The families of Vander Moon and Alfred Wilson
Date:  4/7/2002 2:20:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Generation 1: Father: John Wilson, and Mother: Mary Spoon, Greensboro, Guilford Co. North Carolina.

ALFRED RUDOLPH WILSON, SR.Born Oct 15 1839 in or near Greensboro, Guilford Co.North Carolina. AR Wilson Sr. enlisted in N.C. 22nd regiment North Carolina troops, Confederate soldier wounded twice, transported to Elmira, NY. And imprisoned therein until some weeks after the civil war ended.War history is available in Raleigh, NC archives.)

Date of death: Mar 4 1917. Death certificate Signed by F.H. Shaw, MD Cause of death: Uremia

Undertaker: Bastian Blossburg. Hartsfield, Salem, St. Paul Cemetery, Liberty, Mar.7, 1917 Liberty, Pa

WIFE: CATHERINE MEDORA WEISKOPFF b. 20 June 1850 in or near Canton, Pa. d. 23 Nov. 1940
Buried: Hartsfield, Salem, St. Paul Cemetery, Liberty, Pa.

Father: Louis Auguste Emile Weiskopff.  Mother: Hannah R. Landon

Children:     John L.                         b. 14 Mar 1870d.23Nov 1940 Wife: Florance or Mary ?

                Adeline                         b. 14June  1872 d. 1946  Husband: Elmer Lucas

                Edward                         b. 4 Feb    1878 d. 1960

                Josephine                      b. 9 May   1880 d. 1932

                Alfred Rudolph Jr.        b. 24 Aug. 1883 d.18 Dec.1949 (See note #2) [My grandfather. rw]

                Grace b. 12 June 1889 d. 16 July 1969 Husband: Frank Beckman

                Walter b. 12 Oct 1891 d. 23 Nov 1940

                William Doe b 1 Jan 1897

Note#2:1st Wife: Ruby Bartlett [My grandmother (RW)] See notes following re: son Jerome Lawrence Wilson [My father rw]. 2nd Wife: Hannah Mason. Son of this second marriage: Lester Wilson, Wichita, Ks. deceased. Son Dale lives in Ks.

Tioga County, Pa.Real Estate: Record Book 114 page 12; Book 143 page 20; Book 152 page 64 Real estate records, Wellsboro, Pa.This indenture, made the 17th of July, 1911 between A.R.Wilson, Sr. of Liberty township, Tioga County, Pa., party pf the first part, and John L. Wilson (no known relation), of Blossburg, Pa., party of the second part witnesseth That the party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of $510.00, conveyed title to the party of the first part that certain tract, piece or parcel of land situate in the township of Liberty, County of Tioga, and State of Penna. Bounded and described as follows to wit: Bounded on the north by lands of Andrew Wylie, H.L. Campbell and L Moyer, on the east by lines of land of Wm. Harvey on the south by lands of William Werline, Michael McMahon, and the Moyer estate, and on the west by lands of Lewis Moyer and Moyer estate and containing one hundred and twenty five acres, be the same more or less, viz: Less 40 acres of land sold and deeded to Josephine Landis, the same being the track or parcel of land deeded and conveyed to said John L. Wilson by the heirs of the Jacob J.Essicks Estate by deed dated November 19th 1892, also conveyed by John L. Wilson to A. R.Wilson on the 22nd day of Febuary 1899, and recorded in Deed Book 114, page 12 on the 12th day of July 1899.

Re: RUBY BARTLETT WILSON, b: 1884  d: 1907 Buried Hartsfield Cemetery, Liberty, Pa. (Is said to have died as a result of a fall from a cracker barrel, while hanging wallpaper as near term pregnant. Husband: Alfred Rudolph Wilson Jr., b:24 Aug 1883, d 18 Dec 1949, buried Navoo, Pa.

Only son: Jerome Lawrence Wilson b:18 Aug 1905 Blossberg, Pa.. d: 13 Nov. 1979. Buried Vestal, NY

Father of RUBY: David Bartlett. b:12Dec 1849 Tioga Twp, Pa;  d:18 Aug 1930.  Death certificate: File # 79573 Farmer, Keeneyville, Township of Middleburg, Penna. Mother: Jennie (Lawrence) Bartlett,  m.01 May 1877

David Bartlett then married married Mary Schoonover. David Bartlett is Buried in Tioga Cemetery, Tioga, Pa. August 29/30, 1930  Undertaker: Ernest Davis, Wellsboro, Pa.. Primary registration # 59-10-81 registered # 42

Father of David: Horace Bartlett.    Mother: Jane Bailey

 Obituary 27 Aug, 1930: DAVID BARTLETT. David Bartlett, aged 80, died at his home at Keeneyville, August 27, following a long illness. Funeral services were held Saturday at 2:00pm in the Methodist Church at Tioga, the Reverend Orey Crippen officiated. Interment in Tioga Cemetery. “ Obituary: Surviving is his widow, Mary Schoonover Bartlett, one daughter, Mrs Emma Kennedy of Mansfield, and two sons, Lawrence Bartlett, of Elkland, Pa.”

First Wife: Jennie Abigail (Lawrence) Bartlett Father: Daniel Lawrence / Mother Martha Horning.

Second wife: Mary Schoonover


 1. Lawrence Horace, Middlebury, Pa. Wife: Ada Luther

 2. Harlie Edgar, Elkland, Pa.  Wife: #1 Maude Vincent. Separated. #2 Iva Davis

 3. Pearle, Husband: Wm Comfort

 4. Ruby, Husband: Alfred R Wilson, Jr. b24Aug1883 mFeb 1904 d18Dec1949

 5. Leon, b Feb 6, 1895. d Dec 12 1918

 6. Emma's Husbands were:

#1. Ray Kennedy m 20 Oct 1921 d Oct 24 1922   Husband

#2 George C. Barden married 4 March 1933

 Re: Son JEROME LAWRENCE WILSON b. 18 Aug. 1905 d.Nov 1979 buried Vestal Memorial Vestal, NY

Wife:BERYL (MOON see Zaner below) WILSON b: 7-26-05  d: 5-31-84 buried Vestal Memorial.

 Children: 1. Ronald L. b.3 Aug. 1926 m. m Jan 14, 1950 Wife: Barbara Jean (Moss- Bauter)

2. Charles David b:05-01-28 m: 09-27-52 Cent. Methodist, Cogan House, Pa. d:05-21-95 He is buried       in White Pine Cemetery,  Summit, PA. Wife: Mary (McCracken), 1556 Greenmountain Road, Trout run 17771-9732. m: 09-27-52 Cent.  Methodist, Cogan House, Pa.

            3. Jerome L. Jr. b: 8-13-30 (Vestal, NY)

            4. Duane Moon b: 2-19-33  d:2-13-38

.           5. Vander Elwood b: 3-3-39 Alaska resident since 1962 or so.

            6. Ruby Lefa b: 9-21-41 (m. Keith McConnell deceased)


THE FIRST ZEHNER--HOPPES FAMILY HISTORY - Adam Zehner & John Michael (Habbas) Hoppes of Schuylkill Co., Pa. & Descendants, by Mrs. Ellen Priscilla (Zenher) Carpenter (1939) repr. This branch of Zehners has ties in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc. Soft cover 212 pp.    $26.00 + $5.50 shipping.

From the preface: “ The First Zehner-Hoppes Family History” authored by Ellen Priscilla (Zehner) Carpenter:  “The original in the United States of North America of our family name is spelled ZEHNER, written so by first Adam, a very fine penman. The original spelling and pronunciation is perfect as well as musical to the ear. To those who change the spelling or the pronunciation, as some have, we may say as Peter was told in Matt. 26:73, “Surely thou also art one of them for thy speech bewrayeth thee.” It is thought that all the Zehners in the U.S. must be connected in some way inasmuch as it is such an unusual name. The majority spell the name Zehner and whatever way they spell the name they all seem to trace their ancestors to the east and many to the state of Pennsylvania and to Schuylkill County. There are Zehners in nearly every state of the Union with a large settlement in western Canada called “Zehner District” at Edmonton. Alberta. My sister, Saloma (Zehner) Long lives near Calgary, Alberta. Her grand children live in British Columbia. And Adam Zehner’s great grand son, some of Abraham Zehner’s sons (son of David) family  live in Alaska.

            Trusting that the present as well as the future generations accept father’s history as an authentic permanent foundation upon which to perpetuate the record of our family in the several branches. All of the first ancestors of the  two families lived and died in Schuylkill County, Pa.

            The services of our ancestors in the various wars of the U.S. are recorded in the records of the Harrisburg and Allentown Historical Libraries and Pottsville, Pa. courthouse. William’s two great grandfathers served in the Continental Army and the Revolutionary War seven years.

            We descendants are entitled to join the Daughters of American Revolution with double honors. His two grandfathers served in the militia between the Revolution and the War of 1812, also in the War of 1812. David Zehner was captain in the War of 1812 and bore a distinguished record.

            Michael Hoppes served in the militia between the Revolution and War of 1812. We descendants are entitled to join the Sons or Daughters of “1812 Patriotic Society” with double honors. Our pioneer ancestors stand with the best families who established their homes in the United States of America. Let us hope we have fallen heir to all their best qualities, and that they may ripen upon the rich soil of these United States.

From p15, chapter one: The first Zehner in our line in the US was Adam Zehner.  We know nothing about his parents – neither their given names or the maiden name of his mother. According to the traditions of the William Zehner family, he was a Swiss, born in 1726 in Swortzwolt (Swartzwald), Germany, meaning Black Forest, the most picturesque country in the world with its gorgeous scenery and marvelous hill country with the blackest pines. He received an excellent education in his own country and was a fine penman, as specimens on his papers in the Pennsylvania show. (Later the Zaner handwriting method was developed… rw)

            In the year 1746, at the age of 20 years, he secretly left the country apparently for deer poaching. The laws were very strict. In Germany hunting was only for the rich and highborn. One day Adam and a companion disguised themselves and went on a lord’s estate to hunt, and shot a deer. The ever watchful eye of the forester was upon them and he called to them to stop, but they disregarded the command. The companion was shot. Adam, fearing detection and arrest, secretly left the country with a friend by the name of Hartubg and took a ship bound for America.

            We have not been able to trace with absolute certainty from what part of Germany Adam came. Some say from Prussia, Saxony, Strausberg, Wertemberg, Alsace, and others from Swartzwald. Later in this history a reference will be found to the fact that three of Adam’s friends from Switzerland joined him in Pennsylvania….

Page 86 of this book details our family connection through my mothers side of our family:

(5) Almira Zaner, born Oct. 9, 1844,Columbia Co. Pa., died Dec 27, 1913, Ferry Twp.,[NOTE from Editior, Joyce M. Tice - I assume this means Terry Township, as no Ferry Township exists or ever has.] Bradford Co.., Pa.: married Charles W. Shafer. They had three children, one died in infancy, the others were still living in 1938. Myrtle Shaffer Jones lived at New Albany, Pa., R#3. Her first husband was Vander Elwood Moon, son of Charles R and Phoebe Anne (Decker) Moon.

Subject: THE  MOON/ZANER FAMILY file .

Here’s my ongoing file on the Moon Family: Ron Wilson
 “The Moon families in America”

#1-ROBERT MOON, b1621England. D: before July 1698 Newport RI. Buried Newport RI

#2-EBENEZER MOON, p9. b Oct 7, 1645 Boston, MA d before 10-08-1712 Boston, MA

#3-EBENEZER MOON, jr, p9, 12. b1679 R I, before 1757 m. Elizebeth Jane or Jean 1682 RI

#4- JAMES MOON, Jr. p12, 468, bFeb 3, 1715, North Kingston, RI. m1739  Mary d1809 WG

#5-PELEG, p 479-2 b1775


Silas Lorenzo Moon

#6- SILAS MOON,  (wife) Ruth Eldred


Ruth, married Alvirus Ford,

Morgan Moon, Married Miss Bentley #1 and Miss Covey, #2.,

Mary Ann Moon, Married Oliver Allen,

Lydia Moon, married William Allen,

Charles R. Moon, Married Phoebe Decker.
1. ??

2. Oril Moon
3. Romy Moon
4. Peleg Moon
5. Zenas Moon b. Oct 18, 1791 m.Abigail Young b. Nov 2 1790 (187)
6. John Moon
7. Roxy Moon m. John Lewis
8. Tizzy Moon m. Joseph Prindle
9. Orhomia Moon
10. Horton Moon m. Lois Chase
( p 479, 481, 482, 488. Father: Peleg Moon b1749 @ West Greenwich, RI; d13 Nov. 1822 @West Greenwich, RI; Buried West Greenwich, RI. Mother: Mary Watson m. Nov 5, 1768 West Greenwich, RI)

#7- SILAS L. MOON, JR b 1807 d 28 Feb 1880  p482, 483, 484, 485, 486, 487.wife: Anna Philllips : b: 6 Dec 1803 ;  d 24 Mar 1882

Charles R. Moon

#8- CHARLES R. MOON. P487.  b28 Feb 1839,  Spafford, Pa ?, m 04 Nov 1851, d 27 Feb. 1905. Wife: PHOEBE ANNE DECKER.



MARY, m.Harpin Van Loon;

VANDER ALVIRUS m. Myrtle Shaffer

#9 VANDER ALVIRUS MOON:  b.26 Sept 1872 Terry Twp, Pa. d.28 March 1917

m. MYRTLE SHAFFER 26 April 1895 to b.Dec. 26, 1875  (Bradford Co. Pa) d.26 Feb. 1953.

daughter of  Elmira Zaner (Zehner) & CHARLES SHAFFER. Born  Dec. 26, 1875   (Bradford Co. Pa) Died  Feb. 26, 1953   Binghamton, NY  80yr 2 mo


1.RUTH IRENE  -  married Jay Miller, Born 1-12-1896, Died  July 14 1979  C.V.A.

Children: 1.Carlton Eugene Miller b: 1-5-22  City Hospital, Married Evelyn (McKean) by Rev. A.A.Wright.  2.Hazel Brena  b: 6-19-33  married John Penfield

2. NEITH ISADOR  b: 8-17-1897  d: 12-13-48  51 yr 3 mo 26 da   Married Leslie Miller

               Children: 1.  Paul Vander married Rhoda  ?  2.Myrtle married Dr. Donald Gent

3. ZANA MILDRED.  b: 1-23-99, New Albany.  Married Ezra Smith. Children: 1. Bruce Leonard Smith

b: 5-13-16 , Laquin, Pa. Married Cathrine (Pope) 10-24-42.  2. Thelma Irene (Smith)  b: 4-26-18 at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pa.. Married Carl F. Becker

4. MYRA LENORA LOUNSBERRY  b: 11-5-1900, New Albany, Pa  d: Sept. 1970 Johnson City, Ny

            Married Guy Lounsberry  no children

5. THOMAS HART MOON   b: 11-3-02  d: 4-16-59   56 yr,5 mo, 13 da  Married Geraldine O’Connor Ellis

            1. Barbara Jane b:9-7-33   Wilson Memorial

            2. Bernice Arlene  b;11-30-36  Wilson Memorial

            3. Beverly Dale  b: 1-18-37  d: 2-2-38  Ideal Hospital

            4. Bonnie Lea  b: 5-23-38  Ideal Hospital

            5. Vander Norman  b: 10-1-39

6&7.Twins: Melvin Douglas & Alvia Delos  b: 10-20-41. One still born, one lived 12hrs. Buried Evergreen Cemetery (Towanda, Pa?)

            8. Bernard Ellwood  b-1-27-43

6. BERYL EDNA (MOON) WILSON b: 7-26-05  Married Jerome L. Wilson b: 8-18-05  d: 11-13-79

   Children: Ronald La Vern  b: 8-3-26 m Jan 14, 1950 Wife: Barbara Jean (Moss)

                                       Charles David  b: 5-1-28  d: 5-21-95

                                       Jerome (Jack)  b: 8-13-30

                                       Duane Moon  b: 2-19-33  d: 2-13-38

                                       Vander Elwood  b: 3-3-39

                                       Ruby Lefa  b: 9-21-41

   Duane Moon Wilson  b: 2-19-33 , d: 2-13-38

7. LEFA DELL (MOON) DIN MAR  b:  10-30-07  d:  2-5-92  Married Loll Din Mar. 25, 1951 Missionary to India… No children…

Generation #9: ( notes: Phoebe Anne Decker, b: 19 Jan 1830 m 04 Nov 1851 d: 11Mar 1917
Father of Phoebe Anne: Jerremiah H Decker d 1838 Laddsburg, Pa?
Mother of Phoebe Anne: Anne Eliza Vroman d Laddsburg, Pa. 1838
Children of Charles R. Moon and Phoebe Anne (Decker): Vander (Alvirus) Moon. b26 Sept 1872 Terry Twp Pa. m.26 April 1895 to Myrtle Shaffer Jones b.26 Dec 1875 m 26 April 1895, d. 25 Feb 1953 Evergreen Cem

Benjamin Moon. Died August 25, 1873, Age 60 years, 4 months. (This inscription is in part repeated on the stone at the grave of Mr. Moon's wife, Jane who was buried at Borodino. Mr. Moon is supposed to have been a son of  Silas Moon, Sr., who also resided and died in this town.) (Spafford)

Jane, wife of Benjamin Moon. Died January 2, 1884 age 47 years, 5 months, 7 days. (Borodino)

(Silas Moon, Sr. came to this town early and resided on lot 41, Tully, NY.; by his wife Anna, he had the following children: Roxana (married John R. Lewis, son of Joseph and Mary Stanton Lewis, she died in Illinois; Elizebeth,married Joseph Prindle, son of Samuel Pringle; Silas Jr.,married
Anna______________; Zenas married Abigail____________; and perhaps Benjamin, who married Jane______________, died and was buried in Spafford, as stated above. Silas Moon, Sr. and his wife Anna, are supposed to have been buried in the Lewis Private Yard in Spafford. No Stone.

Zenas Moon, (Son Silas Sr., and Anna Moon), by his wife Abigail, had the following children: Abigail married Truman Brown of Thorn Hill, NY.; Mary A., died unmarried; Lucy resides in Skaneateles, NY.; Harriet A., died unmarried; Alanson, married Elizebeth_____________,(They were father and mother of William Henry Moon, who wasa private in Company I 149th Regiment.,
NY Volunteers Infantry in the war of 1861, was killed in the battle of Peach Tree Creek, Georgia., July 20, 1964, and buried in the National Cemetery at Merietta, Ga.); and Wesley, married Theresa Gay, daughter of Barnet A. and Amelia F. Smith Gay, he resides in Spafford, NY). Harriet A., Daughter of Zenas and Abigail Moon. Died Dec. 23, age 17 years.

(Spafford) Mary A., daughter of Zenas and Abigail Moon. Died October 20 1862 age 28 years. Mary A., daughter of Zenas and Abigail Moon. Died October 20, 1862, age 28 years.. Cortiz A son of Alanson and Elizebeth Moon. Died ____10, 1864 age 15 years, 8 months and 4 days. Moses E. Son of Wesley and Theresa (Gay) Moon. Died Nov 13, 1862, age 8 months 15 days...

Note from unknown orgin: One Charles Moon died on July 3, 2000. Born July 17, 1935, Charles Moon was 64 years old. The last known place of residence for Charles Moon was Crescent, PA.
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 14:38:34, -0500 From: MRS MARY H COLE<
To: Message-Id: <
Subject: Re: Sylvester Moon

Hi All: Eleanor Moon Fureno of Oswego County, New York
wrote: I am looking for any information on Sylvester Moon b. 11-22-1831 in Baldwinsville, NY died  3-1-1902 @ age 71 in Baldwinsville,NY was married to  Charlotte Elizabeth Durston b. 4-3-1841 in England they were married 8-14-1860 in  Syracuse,NY,

I questioned the fact that there was no Baldwinsville town in 1830, 1840. I have found 1850 census Van Buren town, Ononadaga Co, Ny  (Eleanor found that it Baldwinsville would have been VanBuren)  pg 418: John J Jones 39, Catherine 39, George C. 3, John Turnier 19 laborer,  Christine Walker 12, Sylvester Moon 18 laborer. Since he was just working in Van Buren - I suspect his family lived elsewhere.
1830 - Ononadaga: Othaniel Moon pg 93, Elbridge town: Thomas Moon  pg 93,  Elbridge town - may be the same person

1840 - Ononadaga, Arnold Moon   pg 55  Saline town, record not seen Othamel Moon.

pg 317: Elbridge: 1 son under 5, Silas Moon

pg 415: Spafford: 70 yrs old Zenas

pg 418: Spafford: 1 son under 5

I believe the Silas Moon age 70 line: Silas, Peleg Sr, James, Ebenezer II, Ebenezer I, Robert

It is also possible that Sylvester came from Oswego County.
My ancestor is Silas Moon 2nd son of Peleg Moon Jr and nephew of the above mentioned Silas Moon

He stopped in Oswego County 1824- 1827 (perhaps before or after) to Have his first three children.  He was in Lewis Co, Ny by 1830 with a number of other Moons.  Some of these including my g.g. grandfather Silas Moon 2nd went on to Ohio by way of the Erie Canal

We know Lois Moon - sister of Peleg Sr - was living in Sandy Creek,  Oswego County, New York in 1837 when she applied for a pension.  She was age 89. She married Samuel Watson who d. 1800.   She m. 1801 Joseph Crofoot who d. 28 Jul 1813.  She m. Oct 1814 Nathan Smith who d. Jun 1826
Eleanor - I am also interested in the Russell and Cronkhite families in Oswego Co, Ny before 1850. Mary Cole after Oct 1, 1999:

Beryl Edna b: 7-26-05  Married Jerome L. Wilson b: 8-18-05  d:11-13-79

Duane Moon Wilson  b: 2-19-33 , d: 2-13-38

Lefa Dell (Moon)  b:  10-30-07  d:  2-5-92  Married Loll Din Mar. 25, 1951

An obituary of unknown origin: Vander A. Moon, son of the late Charles R. Moon and Phoebe A. Moon, was born in Albany Township, Pa. September 26, 1872 and died at his home in Terry Township March 28, 1917, aged 44 years, 6 months and 2 days.

He was married to Myrtle Shaffer April 26, 1895, and spent the greater part of his life in Terry Township. He was very well known throughout Bradford County as having raised and sold ”Moon’s Seeds.” He was of a kind and cheerful disposition, always true to his convictions of right, and might be termed both a lamb and a lion for his heart was always his master and wherever his convictions led him there he might be found whether with millions, or alone. Having been a great lover of nature he spent the last few years of his life in setting out a young orchard in which he took a great interest. This he leaves his family as a rememberance of him for years to come, having often said: ”This was his life insurance.”

Although he had never been a strong man, he began failing about a year ago, when last December he went to the Sayre hospital for treatment, after returning he seemed to be better and his people had hopes, Saturday night he became suddenly worse having to send for his children.

He was very fond of home and family, loved and respected by each member, although his last days were filled with suffering, hebore it patiently showing his steadfast faith in God to the end.

Mr. Moon is survived by his only sister, Mrs. Mary Vanloan of Syracuse, NY., his wife and seven children: Myra, Thomas, Beryl and Lefa all at home, Neith of Monroeton, Mrs. Ezra Smith of Laquin, Ruth of Binghamton, NY., and one grandson, Bruce Smith. Funeral services were held Saturday, March 31 at his late residence in Terry Township, with interment in New Albany cemetery, Rev. M.B. Fisk of Evergreen officiating.-----------------------------

An undated  Letter from Beryl (Moon) Wilson to Katheryn Gent (Daughter of Myrtle (Miller) and Dr. Don Gent). Dear Katheryn: Thank you for that nice letter. I certainly did enjoy it, but it will take me a good many letters to answer all those questions. Now if you can read my shakey old hand writing and mis-spelled words, I will enjoy trying to make the ones I knew come alive to you as you said.

I am glad you are interested. First, the name “Vander Alviras. In our old family bible it is spelled in one place with an “e” and in another with an “a”.  The next question is answered in this paper of his death.  I was  11 yrs. when he died.  There was no military service.  His life was spent in raising a garden and selling seeds.  They tell me when he lived below the road on the flat he drained it by digging ditches and filling them with stones.  Then he had a beautiful place for his garden and a building for his printing press and to put up his seeds.  But as he had leased over? the land and was improving it. A neighbor watched and when he went to renew or buy which he came home with a sick headache as this neighbor had bought his dream place.  Then he got the place above the road and started all over again.  He sat out trees and build another garden and in winters I can just remember taping packages of seeds from one little bin to another till  I had eleven pkgs. And the rest of the family sat around the table and laid them just so in a package.  Then they took barrels of these pkgs on the road in the spring and sold them for 25 or 35cents.  I have had people tell me how their dad drove a horse and wagon to little towns and sold seeds.  He hired young boys to help weed the rows.  Then when we got big enough we helped

He learned to play the old organ by watching his sister Aunt Mary take lessons.  He played with the right hand and corded with the left.

We have had dinner fresh blue berries we went and picked them and I canned 10 pts. Gave away quite a few and promised to bake a pie.  Well I will try to tell you of my Dad.  By the way we called them Papa and Mama.  I remember when I was small he would take me on his lap while Mama would finish getting our breakfast and he would sing hymns.  He had gone to old time singing school and to evangelistic meetings.  He must have loved those old songs.  Then he would stand with his back to the stove and his hands clasped in back of him and preach to us on the Bible and things of life.  He gave me a a row of flowers in the garden they would be in blossom and beautiful.  I was so proud of them. I could not pick them as he put the seed in the packages.. But I learned to love flowers.. He enjoyed history but had no use for novels and hated gossip.

 Now these are things I heard.  When a neighbors horse died in haying season he had one horse and he loaned it till the season was over.  Another neighbor lost his arm and he went around the country and took up a collection for him.  He got a group of his cousins and uncle Ward together and they started the Moon Reunion in 1909.  Its still going.  I could write much more about my Dad.  I am sure you must be able to see him at least some as I did.  I can see the old printing press and boxes of type in our kitchen.  He printed his own catalogues and posters.

Well I have to stop somewhere.  Wish I could show you some books I have.  One on the Zaner they first were Zahner. They were from Switzerland then Germany.  They changed their name to Zaner.

I must close now if you can read this let me know.  Love and God Bless you. Sincerely,  Aunt Beryl

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Ronald L.Wilson, 158 Southwind Circle, St Augustine, Fl 32080-5352.

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(Oldest son of Jerome Lawrence and Beryl Edna (Moon) Wilson)

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