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Pension application record, Solomon Goff

Transcribed and submitted by Winston Gadsby of Virginia

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State of Pennsylvania } I Uriah Spencer Prothonotary of the law

Tioga County Fr. } of common pleas in and for the county

Prothonotarys office } of Tioga do certify and make known

that Ira Thilburn is and was at the time

of signing and taking the foregoing deposition

and certifying the same associate judge of

County of Tioga in the state of Pennsylvania

that the signature is his proper handwriting

and that full faith and credit are due to

his acts as such in testimony whereof I have

hereto set my hand and affixed the seal of office

at Wellsborough in the County of Tioga aforesaid this

twenty first day of March anno Domini one thousand

eight hundred and nineteen

Uriah Spencer Proty

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Pennsylvania Tioga County Sr.

Personally appeared before me Ira Thilburn

one of the associate judges in and [] County

Solomon Goff who upon his solemn oath declares

and says that he was a revolutionary soldier in

the revolutionary war of the United States and

that he inlisted under Capt --- Reed, at Saybrook

and Colonel ------ Butler --- in the Connecticut

line --- time of inlistment he thinks in the

fall of 1781 for three years -- served till

the close of the war, and after, living detained

to keep garison till after those who inlisted during

the war were discharged --- served the three years

in full and discharged but lost his discharge

some time after.

Solomon Goff (signed)

April 10th 1818

The above named Solomon Goff swore to and

[something like inscribed] his name to the above instrument

in my presence -- Ira Thilburn associate judge

The depossant further declares and says that he is

fifty five years old and that he served three years in the

Continental establishment in the revolutionary war of the united states and

that he is poor and destitute and needs the assistance

of his country for support--

And I am sattisfied that the above applicant did serve

nine months and more, in the continental establishment

of the United States, in the revolutionary war, and that

he is poor and stands in need of assistance from his Country

for support -- Ira Thilburn associate Judge

The above depossant claims under the act of March 12th 1818

Ira Thilburn

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District of Pennsylvania So. (3)

On this Eleventh of September 1820 personally appeared in

open Court of common pleas held in []ville for the

County of Bradford being a Court of record, proceeding

according to the Court of common Law with a jurisdiction

unlimited in point of amount, and keeping a record

of proceedings, Solomon Goff aged fifty six years, resident

in Bradford County in said district, who being first duly

sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following

declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the

act of congress of the Eighteenth of March 1818 and 1st of May

1820. That he served in the revolutionary war in the Com-

pany ocommanded by Capt John Reed, in the regiment

commanded by Colonel Butler in the Line of the State

of Connecticut fourth regiment; and he obtained a pension under

the act of the 18 of March 1818; his certificate being num

-bered (12206).

And I do solemnly swear, that I was a resident Citizen of

the United States on the 18th day of March 1818, and that

I have not since that time by gift, sale, or in any manner

disposed of my property, or any part thereof, with intent

thereby so to diminish it, as to being myself within the

Provision of an Act of Congress, entitled [squiggle] An act to

provide for certain persons engaged in the Land and

naval services of the United States in the revolutionary

war [squiggle] and that I have not, nor has any Person in [t..t]

for me any property or securities, contracts or debts due

to me, nor have I any income other than what is contained

in the schedule hereto amassed, and by me subscribed.

Schedule of Property.

I have besides [reuso..y] clothing and bedding.

two Cows, two [Calves]

seven [Shots]

four chairs, one table, one tea kettle;

4 forks and knifes, 3 plates, 2 tin [bassins].

Debts due to me I have none.

I am indebted in the following sums.

One debt of five Dollars.

Another of five Dollars.

Another of five Dollars.

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one debt of eighty Dollars.

one debt of eleven Dollars

I have no trade, and follow farming, but by age I am not

not able to perform that occupation to advantage.

I have living with me my Wife Huldah, aged forty four

years and very infirm; one son William aged eighteen

years, and daughter Hannah aged fifteen years, another

daughter Asenath aged fourteen years; another Huldah

aged twelve years; a son Oliver, aged nine years; a son

Daniel aged six years; & a daughter Nancy aged one year.

Solomon Goff

Sworn this [] this

11th day of Sept [] 1820

George Scott Prot

Bradford County So.

I George Scott Prothanotary of the Court of

Common pleas in aforesaid county do hereby certify

that the [] schedule then unto [] are

truly copied from the record of the court

& [] further certify that it is the opinion

of the law court that the total amount

in [] of the property exhibited in the aforesaid

[] is fifteen dollars in testimony whereof

I have hitherto let my hand affix the []

of law court [] [] this nineteenth day

of Oct AD 1820

George Scott Prothanotary

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The state of Ohio

Medina County Tp. [squiggle] on this 8th day of July 1833, before me,

the subscriber a Justice of the Peace for the said County

of Medina personally appeared Solomon Goff, a revolution-

ary pensioner, who on his oath declares that he is the same

person who formerly belonged to the company commanded

by Captain Reed in the Regiment commanded by Colonel

Butler in the service of the United States; that his name

was placed on the pension rolls of the State of Pennsylva-

nia, from whense he has lately removed; that he now re-

sides in the County of Medina in the State of Ohio where

he intends to remain, and wishes his pension to be there

payable in future. The folllowing are his reasons for removing

from the State of Ohio - that having two daughters who had mar-

ried & removed to said County of Medina, he has removed

also into said County for the purpose of residing near them;

also that he beleives that it would be easier to support him-

self in the State of Ohio, than it was at the place where

he formerly resided in the State of Pennsylvania.

Solomon Goff

Sworn & subscribed to, before me, the

day & year aforesaid

Austin Wilder J. Peace

The State of Ohio

Medina County So. [squiggle] On this 8th day of July 1833, before me

Austin Wilder a Justice of the Peace in & for the said

County of Medina, personally appeared Daniel Goff, who on

his oath declares, that the said Solomon Goff, who has taken

& subscribed the above oath is the person described in the

above affidavit. I also certify that the said Daniel Goff is

a respectable person, and a person of truth and veracity.

Daniel Goff

Sworn to and subscribed, the day & year that aforesaid

before me.

Austin Wilder Just Peace

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INVALID file 42749

Solomon Goff

Act 18" March 18"

Index - Vol 3, Page 201

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Addressed to

Hon. P.L. Edwards

Commissioner of Pensions

Washington City

D. C. 

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