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Descendants of Syril Shelley and Pheba

Generation No. 1

Family History submitted by John Mingos December 2008

1. SYRIL1 SHELLEY was born 1810 in Pa 1850 census Gaines Twp Tioga Co Pa. He married PHEBA. She was born November 1813 in NY 1900 census Tioga Co Pa.


1850 census Tioga Co Pa Pg 263 Dw 99 100 Shelley Syril age 40 farmer b Pa , wf Pheba 35 b NY, Abram J age 16 farmer b Pa, Charles age 15 farmer b Pa, Rhoda age 12 b Pa, Stephen 9, Daniel 7, Linus 6,Amy J 4, and Nicolas 2 - all children b Pa.

1860 Clymer Twp, Tioga Co Pa Pg 147 1123 1114 Shelley Saul age 50 farmer $400 $300 b NY Phebe 50, Stephen 21, Daniel 18 farmer, Amy 15 b Pa, Linus 12, Nichols 10 b Pa Pg 148

1860 Gaines Twp Charles Shelley 25, Melinda 23 Celissa 3, Shelley Abram J 26, Emily 29 Mary 7, Edward 3, Phebe 1

1870 census Tioga Co Clymer Twp Pg 119b #140 Nichols Shelley 22 laborer, Eliza 14 keeping house, Ebenezer 1/12 b Apr.

1870 census Tioga Clymer Shelley's #81 and 82

Notes for PHEBA:

1900 census Tioga Co Gaines Twp #133 Phoebe Shelley age 87 boarder b Nov 1813 86 Wd b Ny

Children of SYRIL SHELLEY and PHEBA are:

i. AMY J2 SHELLEY, b. 1846, Pa - married a Ira Main.

Notes for AMY J SHELLEY:

1850 Census Gaines Twp, Tioga Co Pa pg 263 Amy J Shelley age 4 b Pa under Syril Shelley age 40 farmer b Pa

1860,Sept 12 census Clymer Twp, Tioga Co, Pa Pg 148 Amy Shelley age 15 b Pa Next door farm #1121 is Elenus Main age 14 - with Erastus Stevens a farm laborer.  He likely d. in civil war. Not in any other census.

1870 Pa census Potter Co W Branch Twp #22 Ira Main age 28, Amy 21,Albert 5,Sarah 3, Lauda 1/12  #23 Benage Main 64, Phebe 57

1880 nothing on Main in Potter Co or McKean

1900 Potter Co Abagail Main Sept 1845 54 Wd 8ch 5 living Pa Ny Ny farmer Clyde son 1886 14, Grace adopted 1895 4 , Mary Betsy boarder 1855 45 single

2. ii. NICHOLAS SHELLEY, b. 1848, unknown Pa,1850 census Gaines Twp, Tioga Co; d. Aft. 1910, 1910 census Alma, Allegany Co NY.

Generation No. 2

2. NICHOLAS2 SHELLEY (SYRIL1) was born 1848 in unknown Pa,1850 census Gaines Twp, Tioga Co, and died Aft. 1910 in 1910 census Alma, Allegany Co NY. He married (1) ELIZABETH E BRACE. She was born 14 September 1853 in Westfield Twp, Tioga Co Pa, and died 5 January 1930 in Mt Pleasant Cem, Westfield Tioga Co. He married (2) MARY 1898. She was born 1878 in NY m 12 yrs in 1910 census of AlmaTown,NY.


1850 census Tioga Co, Pa age 2

1860 &1870 census see Syril

1880 census Gaines Twp, Tioga Pa Dw 79 81 Shelley Nicholas 32 hus laborer b Pa NY NY Wf Elizabeth 26 housekeeper b Pa Ny Ny, Medora 7, Catharine L 5, Calvin 3 all b Pa  Dw 80 82 Abram 46 hus farmer b Ny Ny Ny , wf Emily 48, housekeeper b Pa ,Stephen Mary L 27 dau,  Shelley Edward 23 son laborer, James 19 son, Loren 14 son, Brazilla 7 son all b Pa

1898 m second wife.

1900 census Alma Town. Pg 26 roll 1008 lines 49 50 blacked out , top of next page  Shellie Phoeba Sept 1898 age 1 b Ny Pa Ny, Dawson Jun 1885 age 14 Ny Pa unknown -n n y day laborer Delbert Sept 1889 age 10 Ny Pa unknown y y y at school

1910 census Alma Allegany Co NY #169 176 Nichols Shelley age 62 b Pa M2 12 yrs laborer farm & highway.  Two of his sons, Brittian age 32, and Adelbert age 21 are in Alma and Willing. Wf Mary age 32, dau Pheobe 11, Flossy 8, Roda 3


1898, abt second m to T J Horton Tri Co obit entered Sept 13 2008 Saturday

BRACE Elizabeth E.

Wellsboro Agitator - January 15, 1930 Tri Co Web site Obits of Mt Pleasant Cem, Westfield Tioga Co Pa

--Mrs. Elizabeth E. Horton was born in Westfield township, Sept. 14, 1853, and died Jan. 5, 1930. She was a daughter of Leonard and Margaret Crance Brace. She was married to Nicholas Shelley...Mrs. Dora McFall and Britain Shelley, of Port Allegany; Mrs. Kate Gerlock, of Wellsville, N.Y.; Dawson Shelley, of Oswayo, and Delbert Shelley, of Eldred, were born to them. Her second marriage was with T. J. Horton, of Roseville, N.Y. To them were born two children, Thomas, who was drawne (s/b drowned) in 1924, and Margaret, wife of William Weeks. The funeral was held Wednesday; interment in Mount Pleasant cemetery.

Oswayo and Eldred are in McKean and Potter counties, very near the NY line.

Notes for MARY:

1910 census AlmaTown,NY 3 ch Pheobe 11, Flossy 8, Roda 3 all b NY


Marriage: 1898


i. DORA3 SHELLEY, b. 1873.

ii. KATE L SHELLEY, b. 1875.

iii. CALVIN SHELLEY, b. 1877, Pa, 3 yr old in 1880 census Tioga Co Pa.

iv. BRITTAIN SHELLEY, b. 1878, Pa, age 32 1910 census Willing, Allegany Co NY.

v. DAWSON SHELLEY, b. June 1885.

3. vi. DELBERT SHELLEY, b. 30 September 1889, NY, 1910 census Alma; d. 10 May 1972, Soc Sec Index Oswayo Potter Co.

Generation No. 3

3. DELBERT3 SHELLEY (NICHOLAS2, SYRIL1) was born 30 September 1889 in NY, 1910 census Alma, and died 10 May 1972 in Soc Sec Index Oswayo Potter Co. He married LIDA LYDIA ALIDA MINGOS 1908, daughter of FRANK PEARSALL and MARY MINGOS. She was born 17 February 1879 in Bradford Co, Towanda Twp, and died 8 December 1957 in Coudersport, burial Willow Dale Cem. Bradford.


1880 Pa census McKean Co Annin Uriah B Phelps age 36

1899 Tioga Pa Directory Nicolas is not there. It looks like his second m of 1898 he went with  two of his sons to Alma, NY.

1900 census AlmaTown NY. what a find! the bottom of page 26, roll 1008 is blacked out and never keyed into the index. 3 children are listed on the top of the next page. House 37 38  Shellie, Phoebe age 1 b Sept 1898 NY Pa NY

" , Dawson age 14 b Jun 1885 NY Pa unknown

" , Delbert age 10 b sept 1889 NY Pa unknown

1900 census Bolivar Town Pg 156 Uria Phelps age 50(6) b NY son in law of Rosell C Phiipps, and his gson George Phelps b Dec 1897 NY

1907,abt How did Lida and Delbert meet ?? No record of their m in Bradford Co, Pa. Search Tioga Co Pa  and Belmont Hist Soc, NY for their record.

1910 census Alma NY see Lida's record age21 b NY . dwelling 184 Fam 193 also same dwelling, Fam 192 Uriah Phelps age 67 Wd b Pa , step son Edwin age 9  also Brittian Shelley age 32 b Pa Pa Mich Willing M1 14 years laborer #230,  Charles Shelley age 60 b NY Andover,  Nichols Shelley age 62 b Pa Alma M2 12 yrs laborer highway & farm

1920 census West Union NY see Lida.


1878 Jun Lida's m document show her father was Alonzo Mingos?! This is not the case. Alonzo & Cornelia  simply raised Lida (ie grandparents). The 1900 census shows Mary Ann Mingos Pearsall as having 1 child living. This is the only logic for Lydia's mother - It is natural that the baby remained in the mothers family. A search of BCHS card file showed no m date for Frank Pearsall and Mary Ann Mingos.  Other possibles were searched in detail , but nothing proofed out. Of Alonzo's single four sons,

Frank d.1882 and Abram d.1883. Both other sons Warren & Charles are still single in 1880, and Warren has been sent off to Boiceville in Thompkins Co NY? Warren is also a candidate as he remains single until late in his life- abt 1911. Charles m Belle Ackley about 1880 - 30 yrs of m in 1910 census.

1879,Feb Lida is b and no information on Mary Ann Mingos is known at this time.Towanda Twp, Alonzo's family is now on the Tow - Monroeton road at Coles Farm Cemetery. Maybe Mary Ann Mingos is with him?(extensive searches did not find them in 1870 census of Bradford Co).

1880 census Towanda Twp, Pg 42, Heritage Quest listed with Alonzo Mingos and Cornelia - living on  Monroeton/Towanda road above the Coles Cem. Lydia May age 1 boarder b. Pa fa Pa moth Pa . has Relation : Granddaughter! Tri Co web site now Aug 2008 has Lydia May boarder age 1- ref page on Heritage Quest.

1880 census Towanda Boro Mary Ann b 1850 is married to Frank Pearsall in 2nd ward Towanda.

1880 census Monroe Twp Abraham Mingos(b 1860) is on the farm on Hollon Hill, Mingos St, with Joseph's family ( brother of Alonzo) in Coonrad's original house.

1881 Abram Mingos is commited to the Bradford Co home. No record of a mariage.

1886 After Alonzo's death, and deaths of his sons Frank & Abram, Cornelia and LeGrand moved to Towanda Boro, and by 1891 Frank Pearsall dies. It seems to me that Cornelia and Mary Ann Pearsall shared in raising Lida. There may be some school records of 1st,2nd and 3rd ward schools - Lida did not graduate from Towanda High. 1st graduation 1893. Maybe she only did 8 grades as others did in that era. A search of 1884 -1890 Towanda school records did not find Lida. Why Cornelia played such a big part in Lida's life we do not know, but 3 times  she is associated with Lida - 1880 census, 1900 census and the m record.

The verbal story of Faith Hurd is that Lydia lived with a Main family? I'm wondering if someone misheard the  name Main instead of a very soft Ming with the os swallowed and not heard. Mary Ann (Mingos) Pearsall  lived with Warren Mingos at 15 N MAIN St. - so that is Main.

Amy Shelley m an Ira Main and lived in Potter Co, Pa by the 1870 census. Amy was a great aunt to Delbert  Shelley and she d. in 1905 (Delbert = 16 yrs). I see no possible way Lida could have lived with any Main family until the 1930.s when she & Delbert moved to Potter Co.

1900 census Towanda Boro Warren Mingos N Main St Towanda 3rd Ward H 140 F 151 Lines 49 & 50 are blacked out-unreadable. Mary A Pearsall top of next page. sister b Jan 1850 Wd! 1ch 1 living !!! housekeeper Y Y Y.

Towanda directory - Warren Mingos h 15 N Main St.

This is only empirical proof of Lida's mother, however there is no other known Mingos child in this era (JFM).

1900 census found her!! Alida Mingus Broome Co NY Union Twp Servant b Feb 1879 Single Pa Pa Pa  She's in the same Lestershire Village as Cornelia. Servant with Ernest Benjamin b 1880  Grant Ave. house #90 . Legrande Mingos house # is 45 on Hudson St.

Lestershire Village no longer exits, but it is a part of Johnson City, just off Main St. towards  Binghamton. There was a Lestershire Record Newspaper starting in 1896-19uu.NO copies exist.

Perhaps a marriage record of her Shelley m would also confirm her parents? I have talked to the Union (Township) clerk and there is no m record for L Mingus between 1901 -1908. Also talked to the clerk at  Alma Town, NY and she had no Shelley m or b. of children starting in 1908. (1907 record book- can't find)  It's likely this marriage is in Belmont, the county seat, with the Historian.

1903 We do not know the exact date of Cornelia's death(between 1900 & 1910 census) . Lida may have come back to the Monroeton area after Cornelia died. In Powell there was the mansion associated with the largest tannery in the world which could have been a place of housework.

1904 October 1st. LIDA MINGOS marries HARRY SMITH. source Pa marriage application from Bradford Co  Historical Society, Book 15, page 425. . Harry - farmer age 21, Lida - housework age 22(25)

Parents: Dominie & Mate Smith , Alonzo and Cornelia Mingos. m at Monroeton D.M.Hinman, Justice of the Peace. In 1900 Edward Mingos lived next to the Hinman Hotel on Main Street.

1904 Oct 20 Bradford Argus Newspaper. marriage Licenses: Harry Smith and Lida Mingos both of Powell.

1905 There is a NY only census available. Possible "other marriages" - Mr Phelps. There is no other m for Lida  in Bradford Co , so somehow she must get to Tioga Co,Pa or Alma NY for her m to Delbert Shelley. A review of the S&NY railroad lines shows no indirect lines into the above area. Maybe she took work near the Shelley's? and Harry Smith shows in 1897 in Athens with a family

1908 m Delbert Shelley . The 1910 census says Lina M2 2 yrs, that is married twice.

1910 census Allegany Co Alma Town Adelbert Shelley age 21 M1 2 yrs b. NY fa NY mo Pa Lina Shelley age 30 M2 2 yrs Pa Pa Pa A strange 3 0 in column 15 &16 (year of immigration to US  & naturalization/alein. Makes no sense unless recorder was using this for something else.

1920 Pg 254 Steuben Co,NY West Union Delbert 31 Lida 38 Leon G 8, Charles 5, Ruth R 3 1/2 , Florence I 6/12

1940Jan 7 Lida & Delbert's home burnt in Millport, Pa( NW of Coundersport). Lewis & Gladys Shelley Halladay lived upstairs & she was pregnant with son Maxwell E. Halladay. Son Marvin Lewis Halladay died in the fire. Apparently Delbert & Lida were not home at the time of the fire, and Lewis and Gladys were lucky to get out .

Pictures of the fire are with Faith Halladay Hurd. I suppose all or any of Lida's memorabilia was lost in the fire.

194X Ray Shelley b.1922 and his wife Irene lived with Lida and Delbert - Oswaygo.

195X There is a picture of Lida Shelley with Edward/Edwin A Shelley. In 1920 census of Mckean Co, Bradford Twp house 77 80 Shelley,Edward A rents age 19 b NY NY NY laborer Chemical factory Wf Millei age 20  He must be a nephew of Delbert? 1910 census of Alma,NY he is shown as Edwin, age 9 under Uriah Phelps age 67. in the same dwelling #184 as Adelbert and Lina.

1956 There is a paper with Faith Halladay of the admittance of Lida to the Mckean County Home. It has  some unclear info on "other marriages" -ie Mr Phelps.

2008,June contact with Faith Halladay Hurd of Coudersport Pa . She is the granddau of Lida

2008, June I have run many searches on census and Tri Co Web site. No hard evidence on the father of Lida, but it  now appears that Mary Ann Mingos b 1850 is Lida's mother. Alida used the Mingus surname in the 1900  census and Mingos in her 1st marriage in 1904. It's Mingus on the Old Folks application,( is used in NY.

2008, Oct 9 From the BradCoHistSoc is Lida's 1st marriage, and no further hits on her other m.


Marriage: 1908


i. GEORGE LEON4 SHELLEY, b. 1911; d. 2 July 1931, age 21.

ii. CHARLES SHELLEY, b. 2 August 1913.

iii. RUTH SHELLEY, b. 21 November 1917.

iv. FLORENCE ISABELL SHELLEY, b. 17 June 1919; d. 22 April 1995.

4. v. GLADYS MAE SHELLEY, b. 10 June 1921, m.Lewis Halladay Oct 26 1937; d. 1 January 2004.

Generation No. 4

4. GLADYS MAE4 SHELLEY (DELBERT3, NICHOLAS2, SYRIL1) was born 10 June 1921 in m.Lewis Halladay Oct 26 1937, and died 1 January 2004.


i. FAITH ARLENE5 HALLADAY, b. 2 December 1946, m Don Hanson and then Norman Hurd.


Nov 2008 Faith is the instigator for this searching on Lida Mingos and the associated Shelley lines.

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