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Streeter - Spay Family History
Subj: Tioga County
 Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 12:06:25 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From:  "Dalene Wilkinson" <>
 To: <>

 Joyce, What a wonderful website you have!!!!!!!!!!!  My family came from Tioga County.  I thought you  might like to hear my family story.  I would also be interested to hear if any of it rings any bells of info  you have heard before.

 This was written on Sept. 1 1892 by Catherine Ann STREETER Gardner to her sister, Lydia Almira  STREETER Love. (Both were born in Tioga County).  Regarding their grandparents and parents.

 "Henry Streeter married Anna Spay in Germany, where they both were born.  Henry was a High  Officer in Germany (such as a sheriff here) and beheading was the punishment there instead of  hanging.  It was his duty to do, or cause to be done this awful punishment.  A man, who had been a  great friend to him, was to be punished in this way.  Rather than take the life of his good friend, Henry  took his you wife and fled to America.  (He would have been forced to do it). In their haste to get  away, they did not take receipts for the first payment of passage therefore had to pay twice, "which of  course took some purse".

 Their first child Catherine, was born on the ocean, on the "Gratters".  They landed in Philadelphia,  from thense to Tioga Valley and took up a very large tract of land on Crooked Creek.  Their neighbors  were Ives and Hillard.  This is what is now called Tioga Village, called Hammond.  They later built and  owned a mill on the farm.  The farm consisted of 1,000 acres.

 Henry and Anna Streeter died quite young leaving some children.  They had a son, Henry, who died  when 14 months old, and all are buried on the farm.  Their other children were Jesse Streeter, who  was 14 years old and his younger sister Ann (who married a Meddaugh) and older sister, Catherine  b. 1796 (who married a Kinney).  They lived on the farm alone for four or five years when a Mr.  Spenser bought their land from them "for a song" and afterwards died in the poor house for "cheating  the orphans".  Their parents died about 1815.

 Henry and Anna Spay Streeter were said to have been heirs to a large amount of wealth in Germany.

 Jesse Streeter, 2nd child of Henry and Anna was born at Tioga PA on Nov. 14, 1801, and died there  March 1870, buried Evergreen Cemetery.  He married Lydia Almira Reed, the daughter of John  Savage Reed and Submit (Joiner) Reed at Wellsboro, PA in 1832 (She is also buried in Evergreen  Cemetery).  They had 10 children all born in Tioga County:  Catherine Ann b. 1839 (m. William  Gardner), Lydia Almira b. 1838 (m. Burnett Love), Eliza Jane b. 1839 (m. Erwin Radiker), William  Wallace b. 1841 (m. Harriett D. Brown), Anna Submit b. 1842 (m. Rhad Dunn), George Dallas b.  1844 (m. Mollie Hudson) , Jesse Washington b. 1848 (d. age 12), Medora Delislia b. 1850 (m.
 Charles Graves), John Savage b. 1852 (m. Mary Ann Partling), & Amos Rowland b. 1854 (m. Lillian  Chipman)."

 William Wallace Streeter was my g g grandfather.  He moved from Tioga County to Mecosta County  Michigan where he died in 1909.  If you would like to use any of this information on your site, be my  guest.  I wrote to get a will or deed for Henry Streeter and Jesse Streeter but the clerk couldn't find  anything.  I did find Jesse on the 1850 Tioga Census and Henry is on the 1810 Tioga Census.  But  this is my only proof that they were actually there.  If you ever have anyone else contact you  regarding my line, please feel free to give them my name and address.  Dalene Wilkinson,   >    Thanks for all the wonderful  items on the website.  I have spent 2 hours looking for these people tonight and will continue  tomorrow night.   Dalene

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