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The History of the Tozer Family

submitted by Dick McCracken
Reprinted with permission of Daily Review

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The History of the Tozer Family

The following is a history of the Tozer Family prepared for the Bradford County Historical Society by the late Ruth Tozer Bixby:

Joel Murray Tozer, born Aug. 2, 1806, died July 3, 1879, a son of Col. Julius Tozer, born June 16, 1764, died Dec. 8, 1852. He and his father built a new home up the Chemung River from the old Tozer home in 1832 and it is still standing. Joel Murray married Elizabeth Gross, born Feb. 18, 1814, died February 1893, in 1836. He was a farmer, raised tobacco and had a distillery in 1846. One son, Ira S. Tozer.

Ira Stevens Tozer, born Feb 18, 1844, died Feb. 5, 1923. He was born, lived and died in the old Tozer home. Ira was married Sept. 29, 1870, to Sarah Dell Stone, born March 2, 1851, died Dec 29, 1930, from Orcutt Creek (Wilawana), daughter of Isreal and Betsy Watkins Stone. They had three children.

    1. Charles Murray Tozer, born Oct. 9, 1871, died Dec. 13, 1960. Married at Lopez to Sadie Ethel Dyer, born Nov. 22, 1875, died Aug. 2, 1941, daughter of John and Mary Buttles Dyer, on June 23, 1897. Saidie was a teacher. Murray graduated from Waverly, N.Y., High School in 1889, Elmira Business School in 1891. Worked for Jennings Brothers Lumber Co. at Lopez, Pa., as a bookkeeper. In 1900, he went to Jennings, Md., to help oversee the building of a new lumber mill and a railroad line to the new enterprise. Then he became the business manager for the new mill. They had two children, Dorothy Dyer Tozer, born 1902, in Athens Township, and Ruth Dyer Tozer, born 1908 in Jennings, Md. Both graduated from Sayre High School and Mansfield University and received their master’s degree from Penn State University. Both taught in high school. Dorothy married on Aug. 9, 1930, Albert O. Miller, born Oct. 31, 1896, died Nov. 12, 1982, from Whites Valley, Pa. He was a school principal. Ruth married on Oct. 29, 1979 to Ivan F. Bixby, born June 28 1905, died Nov. 1, 1983, an osteopathic physician, Athens, Pa.
    2. Bessie May Tozer, born Oct. 8, 1877, died Sept. 20, 1941, married John H. Ryan, born July 9, 1871, died Jan 23, 1927, on Dec. 31, 1916. He was from the Owego area and worked at the Lehigh Valley Railroad. No children.
    3. Job Robbins Tozer, born Oct. 8, 1884, Athens Township, died Sept. 9, 1959, Dallas, Texas. Job was married to Zura Agnes Cole, born April 3, 1891, died Jan. 28, 1969, on Nov. 24, 1915. Zura was a graduate of Robert Packer Hospital School of Nursing in 1913. Job graduated from Wavelry High School in 1903, had an electric business in Waverly, N.Y., and then worked for the power and light companies of Rutland, Swanson and Burlington, Vt. Came back to live in the old Tozer home in the later 1930s. His last two years, they lived in Dallas, Texas. They had two boys, Job Robbins Tozer, Jr., who had a business in Dallas, Texas. Richard Charles Tozer graduated from Penn State University and Jefferson Medical School and became a neurosurgeon in Topeka, Kansas.
From: The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA, July 9, 2000, page A16. Copyright © 2000

Transcriber’s notes: The Bradford County Historical Society is located on Pine Street, Towanda, PA 18848. Other locations: Lopez, Sullivan County, PA. Orcutt Creek and Wilawana, northwest corner of Bradford County, PA. Waverly and Owego, Tioga County, NY. Elmira, Chemung County, NY. Athens, Athens Township and Sayre, Bradford County, PA. Mansfield, Tioga Co, PA. Robert Packer School of Nursing, Sayre, PA

Transcribed by Richard J. McCracken, Towanda, PA, July 9, 2000.

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