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Submitted by Darla Hogaboom
Edited, formatted & published by Joyce M. Tice
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Biographies Selected from History of Waverly NY 1943 -

Waverly is in Tioga County NY, not part of th earea covered by this Tri-Counties Site. However it is on both our Bradford and Chemung County borders, and many of the families lived on both sides of those boundaries. We are including selections here that we know lived in our area.

Attached are the bios that I selected from the History of Waverly and vicinity book.  There were over 200 pages so I selected ones that I thought would be the most beneficial, or having ties in the area.
I want to add my own personal disclaimer:  While transcribing these records, I often had to cross reference your site and others. Since this book was first written and published there are many more records available.  I was able to fill in a few missing dates and names so not everything you read in the bio here will be listed in the original book.  I tried to help everyone along by providing this info where possible.
Darla Hogaboom

History of Waverly, N.Y.

And vicinity

By: Capt. Charles L. Albertson


Selected genealogical biographies taken from the work of Capt. Charles L. Albertson’s book History of Waverly, N.Y. and vicinity published in 1943.

ALBERTSON, DANIEL JR. Daniel Albertson, Jr., farmer, b. Southampton, Long Island, May 27, 1768 died on the Wisner farm on East or Watercure Hill just east of the City of Elmira on Jan. 10, 1849. He was first buried on the bank of the Chemung River, a few rods east of the mouth of Wynkoop Creek in the town of Chemung, but about three years later his remains were removed to the Dry Brook Cemetery near the church about two miles north where he is buried among many of his descendants. His headstone gives his age as 80y 7m 13d. Daniel Jr., one of seven children, who came with his parents Daniel Albertson, Sr. and Elizabeth Albertson to the Wallkill in Orange Co., N.Y. about 1780 after Daniel Sr. had made an application asking Gov. George Clinton for permission to move from Southampton, Long Island to Wallkill, Orange County. When the first census was taken in 1790 Daniel Sr. lived in the town of Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y. with his wife and seven children: Daniel Albertson, Jr., Nathaniel Albertson, Uriah Albertson, Perrinah Albertson, Elizabeth Albertson and Winifred Albertson. In September 1790, Daniel Jr. married Sarah Harding, daughter of Captain Abraham Harding (Captain Harding was born in Connecticut May 15, 1746, and was a Revolutionary Soldier in Col. Allison’s Orange Co. Regiment). When first married, Daniel Jr. and Sarah lived in the town of Minisink, later he moved into a neighborhood called Dolesentown and from there they moved to a farm that he purchased at the foot of Shawangunk Mountain about one mile from State Hill, Orange Co., N.Y. where he remained until 1838, then he went and lived with his youngest daughter Pauline Albertson Allen, sometimes called Prenina, at Great Bend, PA. Later in life he spent his time living among his children in Ontario and Chemung Counties. At the time of his death he was living with his son Uriah Albertson, and left the house to take a short walk, and when he didn’t return to his noon meal search was made and his lifeless body was found in a beautiful glen a short distance from the house. He was a tall well-formed and intelligent man. Daniel Jr.’s wife, Sarah Harding Albertson was b. April 11, 1773 d. Nov. 27, 1827, buried in the southeast corner of Pine Hill Cemetery on the road from Middletown to Ridgebury. The grave is marked with an old style flat marble slab. Daniel Jr. and Sarah had eleven children: (1) Winifred Albertson Blizzard (b. July 6, 1791 d. May 24, 1872, married John Blizzard, son of Oliver Blizzard, they had 10 children); (2) Abraham Albertson (b. Feb. 22, 1794 d. May 20, 1870; married Rheny Hoyt; see separate bio); (3) Olive Albertson Wheat (b. July 16, 1798 d. Nov. 4, 1856; married at Goshen, N.Y. Dec. 1826 to Thomas Wheat b. Mar. 12, 1800 d. Feb. 22, 1878 lived on a farm one mile south of Caton Center, Steuben Co., N.Y., had 3 children: Mary Ann Wheat; Amos Wheat; John Nelson Wheat); (4) Ann Albertson Steineback (b. May 17, 1798 lived to an advanced age; married Samuel Steinbeck);(5) Uriah Albertson (see separate bio-b. Feb. 28, 1800 d. near Elmira, N.Y Dec. 28, 1882, buried Dry Creek Cemetery; married Delilah Penny); (6) Ruth Albertson Knight (b. Oct. 24, 1801 d. Waverly, N.Y. Dec. 19, 1867 buried Dry Creek Cemetery; married George Washington Knight); (7) John Canton Albertson b. Dec. 4, 1803, d. Apr. 6, 1808; (8) William Albertson; (9) Lewis Albertson; and (10) Paulina Albertson Allen (sometimes called Prenina).

ALBERTSON, ABRAHAM Abraham Albertson, farmer, son of Daniel Albertson, Jr., born Orange Co., N.Y. Feb. 22, 1794 came to the town of Chemung in 1836 and purchased a farm one mile northwest of Dry Brook Church, where he is buried. He married Rheny Holt who was born Aug. 9, 1792 died Oct. 25, 1845. They had three children: (1) Andrew W. Albertson, farmer on the homestead in Chemung, born Orange Co. 1821 died and buried in Waverly Dec. 1892, married 1st Hannah Warner, daughter of Sayre Warner, she was born Oct. 10, 1819 died Dec. 4, 1876, they had no children. He married 2nd widow Phebe Jasles of Orange Co. and they had no children; (2) Sarah Albertson; (3) Mary Albertson, b. Feb. 1826 d. June 24, 1879, never married and was a tailoress.

ALBERTSON, URIAH Uriah Albertson, son of Daniel Albertson, Jr., b. Feb. 28, 1800 d. near Elmira, N.Y. Dec. 28, 1882, buried Dry Creek Cemetery. In 1824 he married Delilah Penny of Newburgh, N.Y. who was b. Dec. 28, 1802 d. June 4, 1872. They had 4 children: (1) George Albertson; Mary Albertson; Eliza Albertson; Virgil Albertson.

Albertson, Daniel Daniel Albertson, son of Daniel Albertson, Jr., b. May 19, 1810 d. Sept. 28, 1890 at Waverly, buried Dry Creek Cemetery, was a farmer for many years in the town of Chemung. He married in Orange Co., N.Y. to Deborah Hawkins b. July 9, 1810 d. Sept. 24, 1881. They had 4 children: (1) Paulina Albertson b. July 13, 1834 married 1st Stephen DeWitt, son of Adam and Sarah Dewitt of Elmira, he was b. 1832 d. 1857, no children; married 2nd July 6, 1865 Horace Tinney of Chemung, he was b. July 1831 d. July 1867, they had no children); (2) Merritt Albertson died young; (3) Mary Albertson married Lewis Brewster, a blacksmith, they had no children; (4) Charles Albertson, farmer town of Chemung, had a creamery, born May 24, 1837 in Orange Co., N.Y. was killed by a runaway horse in Sayre, PA in Aug. 1915. On Jan. 20, 1863 he married Lounda Beekman who was born May 18, 1837 d. Oct. 7, 1913, they had one son Clarence Albertson b. July 17, 1865 married 1stCora Case and had no children, married 2nd Oct. 21, 1896 Effie Hawkins, daughter of Ira Hawkins and Elizabeth Comstock Hawkins of Deposit, N.Y. and had twin sons Daniel Albertson and Donald Albertson who were born Sept. 26, 1900.

ALLEN, NATHANIEL Nathaniel Allen, born 1761 died Feb. 10, 1839, a native of Long Island, was a soldier in the Revolution, in Col. Josiah Smith’s "First Regiment of Minute Men" from Suffolk Co. He was taken prisoner by the British. Soon after the close of the war, he moved to Pennsylvania and in early 1800 was at one time the Justice of the Peace in Lycoming, Co. PA; He was also the first permanent settler at Troy Township. He was a prominent citizen in that frontier county. He married Lydia Stevens and had the following children: (1) Adolphus Allen; (2) Laura Allen (1st married Dr. Horace LeBeren; 2nd married Benjamin McKean); (3) Samuel Allen married Miranda Sheffield; (4) Alma Allen Canfield (married Ezra Canfield); (5) Lucy Allen (married Howard Spalding) and (6) Myron Allen. He died in 1839 at the age of 90. He and his wife are buried at East Troy Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford Co., PA.

ANDRE, JACOB Jacob Andre, son of George Andre, born July 30, 1812 d. Nov. 6, 1890, came from Sussexshire, England when he was 18 years of age and settled in Delaware Co., N.Y. He married Deborah Ann Hubbell. He cleared and settled on the George Georgia farm on Cayuta Creek two miles north of Factoryville in 1844. Jacob and Deborah Ann had eight children: (1) Jacob Andre b. Jan. 29, 1838 d. June 29, 1909. Married May 7, 1870 to Annie C. Shelp b. 1849 d. Apr. 2, 1939 daughter of William M. Shelp and Patience Robinson; (2) A. T. Andre b. 1842 d. 1894, married Belle A. Shelp daughter of Freeman Shelp and Sally Mahala Hill;(3) George Andre of Factoryville; (4) John H. Andre of Waverly; (5) Newton Andre (died June 2, 1881 and buried at East Troy Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford Co., PA); (6) Angeline Andre Smith of Waverly (married Charles Smith); (7) Isaac Andre of Factoryville (b. June 19, 1836-was a carpenter and millwright, married June 8, 1856 Sarah L. Fuller who was the daughter of Richard and Celinda Blackman Fuller); and (8) William H. Andre (born Nov. 25, 1839 d. Aug. 9, 1851). He is buried at East Troy Cemetery, Troy Township, Bradford Co., PA.

BALDWIN, ISAAC Isaac Baldwin was born at Canterbury, CT on June 12, 1730 d. Stumptown (now Lowman), Chemung Co., N.Y. June 9, 1791. On Nov. 16, 1751 he married Patience Rathbun (b. Exeter, Rhode Island, Sept. 13, 1734 d. in Chemung Co., N.Y. July 24, 1823). He moved from Norwich, CT to Exeter in the northern part of the Wyoming Valley previous to 1774 and was one of the surveyors there. Isaac with his three eldest sons took a prominent part in the Revolutionary struggle in the Wyoming Valley and elsewhere after which he came with his large family and settled at the mouth of Baldwin Creek, to which he gave his name and purchased 600 acres which included the battlefield at Newton. This pioneer and patriot formed a settlement there which was known for many years as Stumptown, later known as Lowmanville, now known as Lowman. He and several of his family are buried there in what is known as Baldwin Cemetery (The Knoll Cemetery, Ashland Township, Chemung Co. N.Y.). The children of Isaac and Patience Baldwin were: (1) Rufus Baldwin (b. Mar. 8, 1753 d. June 30, 1834; is said to have killed the first Indian in the Sullivan campaign); (2) Col. Thomas Baldwin (known as Col Tom, a Rev. War Soldier b. Feb. 23, 1755 d. Jan. 10, 1809; whose son Vine is supposed to be the first white child born West of the Alleghany Mountains); (3) Waterman Baldwin (see separate bio); (4) Affa Baldwin (married 1st Benjamin Jenkins who was killed in Wyoming Valley in Pennamite War; married 2nd Judge Harding of PA. She had no children by either husband); (5) Adah Baldwin (married 1st ---- Gangeg who was drowned in Baldwin Creek at Stumptown, no children; 2ndWilliam Jenkins, lived at Southport, no children); (6) Isaac Baldwin, Jr. (b. Jan. 8, 1764 d. Nov. 21, 1851. married 1stAlice Hascall; 2nd Jerviah Hinchmann; 3rdRuth McDowell (widow of Daniel McDowell who drowned at Buckville); (7) William Baldwin (b. Aug. 26, 1767 d. June 25, 1842; lived and died at Elmira; married Zuba Seeley); (8) Henry Baldwin (b. Feb. 27, 1769 d. Apr. 29, 1813; married Molly Satterlee and lived at Southport); (9) Polly Baldwin (b. Aug. 3, 1772 d. Nov. 21, 1828; married Anthony Lowe lived at Big Flats); (10) Silas Baldwin (b. Mar. 12, 1775 d. Dec. 12, 1809; married Sally Hascall); (11) Ichabod Baldwin (b. Oct. 26, 1777. He was a millwright by trade and killed in a mill he had constructed at Penn Yan in 1835. Tradition states that it was he who named the village. There were several residing there from Pennsylvania and others from Connecticut, known as Yankees and to please both factions he named it Penn Yan). Three of the Revolutionary patriots lay in unmarked graves until in 1907 a noble descendant caused markers to be placed on their long neglected graves.

BALDWIN, WATERMAN Waterman Baldwin, nicknamed "Watt", son of Isaac and Patience Baldwin, b. Jan. 8, 1857 d. Apr. 21, 1810 at the home of his nephew Vine Baldwin on south side of Chemung River near Seeley Creek. He was a soldier in the Revolution and tradition states he was on Washington’s staff and received a silver mounted saddle, bridle and a horse called Roanoke from him as a present which he prized very highly. On his way to the Chemung Valley he purchased land near Tioga Point but remained there only a short time, then located about one mile east of Stumptown where the state road passes several peculiar ridges or hogsbacks very near where several of Sullivan’s men were killed when he first advanced upon the Indian Village of Chemung. Here he built a log house, then visited the Seneca Nation and soon returned with a beautiful dusky bride, but soon after her Indian lover, Chief Long Wolf, appeared and killed her and then was immediately shot and killed by Waterman who severed his head and placed it upon a pole in front of his house where it remained for a long time. He was Indian agent among the Seneca’s at the time of his death and a close friend of the Corn Planter, having been adopted into the Seneca tribe. He married Celinda Burnham and they had one son Henry Baldwin. Waterman Baldwin is buried next to his father, mother and two brothers at The Knoll Cemetery, Ashland Township, Chemung Co., N.Y.

BARNES, BENONIA Benonia Barnes, Jr., son of Benonia Barnes, Sr. and Hannah Dean, born in Newfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y. Feb. 23, 1805 d. Feb. 8, 1888, married Jerusha Clark of Lansing, N.Y. They had eight children: (1) David Barnes (married Phebe Todd; children William Barnes, Florence Barnes); (2) Doris Barnes (b. 1833 d. 1905; married Jerusha Cornish); (3) John Barnes (married Austice Gee); (4) Horace Barnes (married Leafy Brace of Wayne, Michigan); (5) Hannah Barnes (married Benjamin Barnes; both buried at Ennis Cemetery, Van Etten, Chemung Co., N.Y.); (6) Angeline Barnes (married Luther Ennis); (7) Carrie Barnes (married Samuel Simpson); (8) Mary Barnes (married Nelson Bedell).

BENNETT, REUBEN Reuben Bennett was a Revolutionary Soldier b. in England 1758. Came to America during the Revolution and joined a patriot army. He died in the town of Chemung in Oct. 1841 and is buried in Forest Home Cemetery. He married Mary Tompkins who died Jan. 5, 1873 aged 83 years. They had a son named Alfred Bennett who was born in Highland, Ulster Co., N.Y. Oct. 17, 1812 d. 1903. He came to the town of Chemung with his parents in 1834 and conducted a tannery on the Chemung Dry Brook, a short distance above the Erie R. R. Bridge. Later he removed to Waverly where he died. Alfred married Clarissa Beidelman, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Beidelman who died June 7, 1843 aged 38 years.

BULEY, ABRAM Abram Buley, shoemaker, b. 1787, came from Danby, N.Y., living in the first house east of Hulbert Schoolhouse, on old river road from Chemung to Waverly. He lived and performed the neighborhood cobbling for many years in a little shop 12 by 12 feet square that was close to the road. He and his good wife Hannah (b. 1803 d. 1894) was loved by all who knew them. They had three children: (1) James D. Buley (b. 1833 d. 1909; married Harriet Ellis b. 1835 d. 1907); (2) Joseph M. Buley (b. July 26, 1836 d. Feb. 1879; married Sarah A. McWhorter Jan. 30, 1856); (3) Cornelius L. Buley.

CAREY, ABSALOM Absalom Carey, son of Elihu Carey and Catherine North Carey, was a soldier of the Revolution, b. Wallkill, Orange Co., N.Y. Apr. 9, 1765 d. Waverly, Chemung Co., N.Y. Dec. 30, 1841. In the 1810 census he was living in the town of Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y. He came to the town of Chemung very early and settled on a farm one half mile below the Dry Brook Cemetery (in 1916 the farm was owned by Daniel Lennox). This line of the Carey family came from Orange Co., N.Y. He married Temperance Cooley (daughter of Nathaniel Cooley and Sarah Carpenter Cooley; b. Nov. 27, 1769 d. July 27, 1851 Waverly, Chemung Co., N.Y.) they married on Aug. 12, 1786 at Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y. The children of Absalom and Temperance Carey: (1) Abner Carey b. Apr. 18, 1787; (2) Nathaniel Carey b. Nov. 29, 1789 d. Nov. 3, 1873 aged 83 years, buried beside his father at Dry Brook Cemetery, lived in a house opposite Dry Brook Church, married Mary Jones; (3) Stephen Carey b. Jan. 1, 1793; (4) Benjamin Franklin Carey b. Nov. 11, 1795 in Wallkill, Orange Co., N.Y. (married Hannah McNeely b. 1805 in Logan Virginia d. 1868); (5) Heather Carey b. May 6, 1797; (6) Samuel Carey b. Apr. 8, 1800 d. May 16, 1866, buried Dry Brook Cemetery (married Arminda Muluck b. 1804 Orange Co., N.Y d. July 6, 1877); (7) (Rev.) Absalom Carey, Jr. b. June 6, 1802 (married 1st Elizabeth Hallock (died Oct. 24, 1834); married 2ndRebecca Tillman daughter of William Tillman); and (8) David N. Carey b. June 19, 1805 (married 1st Jane Brewster; married 2nd unknown Denman).

CRANS, PHILIP Philip Crans, born 1767 Amsterdam, Holland, son of Johan Wilhelm Crans and Elsie C. A. Muller. The first authentic account of Philip Crans was of his service in the Revolution, from Ulster Co., N.Y. in Col. Johannes Hardenburgh’s Fourth Regiment. It is quite reasonable that he came down the Susquehanna with Gen. James Clinton at the time of the Sullivan Expedition for he came and settled in the valley very early. Certainly before 1806, because Carytumis Crans believed to be his mother is buried in "The Rest" that year. She is buried beside Philip and the headstone reads Carytumis Crans d. July 24, 1806 age 76 years. Philip’s reads d. Apr. 24, 1813 age 64 years. Philip married Elizabeth Yeakly (b. 1759 in Montgomery, Ulster Co., N.Y. d. Mar. 20, 1840). The children of Philip and Elizabeth Crans: (1) Betsey Crans; (2) Elsje Crans b. Mar 23, 1777; (3) John Y. Crans b. June 18, 1780 (married Rebecca Sneckenberger) both buried Old Milltown (The Rest) Cemetery, Sayre Borough, Bradford Co., PA; and his twin (4) William Crans b. June 18, 1780, buried Old Milltown (The Rest) Cemetery; (5) Andrew Crans b. May 12, 1782 (married Rebecca Tozer Johnson); (6) Adam Crans b. May 12, 1783 d. Dec. 7, 1849, married Calista Rexford (she was b. Jan. 28, 1796 d. 1814 Waverly, N.Y.) both are buried at Old Milltown (The Rest) Sayre Borough, Bradford Co., PA; (7) Andries Crans b. May 16, 1784; (8) Polly Crans b. Apr. 28, 1787; (9) Anne Crans b. May 5, 1789.

DODGE, IRA Ira Dodge, b. 1832 at Freeville, Tompkins Co., N.Y., son of Seth Dodge and Ann White Dodge, grandson of Seth Dodge of Colchester, CT who was a Revolutionary Soldier (the grandfather Seth who settled near Dryden, Tompkins, Co., N.Y. and is buried in Green Hill Cemetery near Dryden). Ira Dodge went to California at the age of 17 during the 1849 gold rush. He returned a few years later, purchased a large tract of timber at Chemung Center, erected a sawmill, hauling lumber by mule teams to Waverly. This timber was used in building many early homes and buildings. Also shipping lumber via the Chemung Canal to points in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He married Alice Merrill of Candor, N.Y. and moved to Waverly in 1870 becoming one of the enterprising citizens of the community. Building dwellings also business blocks on Broad Street. Owning and operating a saw mill and grist mill on Shepard’s Creek. His wife Alice Merrill was the daughter of Luke Tuttle Merrill and Almira Dunham Merrill and was born at Etna, Tompkins Co., N.Y. in 1846. Her grandfather, James Tuttle born at Coventry, CT in 1760 served as a Revolutionary Soldier, latter located at Botton on Lake George, N.Y. The children of Ira and Alice Dodge were: (1) Lenora Dodge (married John Fish); (2) Anna Dodge (married Francis A. Levis); (3) Ira Grant Dodge (married Gertrude Mercereau). Francis A. Levis who married daughter Anna Dodge in 1893 was born at Lowville, N.Y. in 1865 and was descended from Jonathan Barrett one of the "Minute Men" who fought the battle of Concord during the Revolutionary War; Ira Grant Dodge was many years engaged in business with his father was also owner and proprietor of the Tioga Hotel, Waverly’s largest hostelry. Being a large land owner, he opened and named Barker Place, also Dodge Avenue, deeding to the town of Barton a highway surrounding Pembleton’s Pond.

ELWELL, DANIEL Daniel Elwell b. in Dutchess Co., N.Y. Apr. 17, 1774 died at the home of his daughter in Van Etten Apr. 9, 1868. He was a carpenter and came to Milltown in 1798 and constructed many of the early frame buildings in Ellistown and Athens. He married Nancy Prentice the daughter of Dr. Amos Prentice. Daniel and Nancy were the parents of nine children: (1) John Elwell; (2) Nancy Elwell, (3) Prentice Elwell; (4) William Elwell (became a judge); (5) Everett Elwell; (6) King Elwell (became a Methodist Clergyman); (7) Edward Elwell (became a judge in Wisconsin); (8) Phebe Elwell; and (9) Julia Elwell.

EVERETT, ISAAC BUNNETT Isaac Bunnett Everett, son of Jesse Everett, born about 1793, married Maria Moore and was a hotel keeper at Lowmanville, Barton, Factoryville. He died Feb. 18, 1855 and is buried in a little cemetery on Wynkoop farm near Chemung. Isaac and Maria were the parents of 18 children. Seven children died young. The surviving children were: (1) William L. Everett; (2) Angeline Everett (married 1st Fred Dorance; 2nd married George Service); (3) Mary Everett (married George W. Weise); (4) Charlotte Everett (never married); (5) Diantha Everett (married 1st Joshua Service; 2nd married John H. Dinland);(6) Isaac B. Everett, Jr. (never had children); (7) Helen M. Everett (married Henry Smith);(8) Francis M. Everett (married David R. Ennis); (9) James M. Everett (married 1st Mary Strickland, a widow).

EVERETT, JAMES B. James B. Everett, son of John Everett and his third wife Catherine Downing (she was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Downing). Catherine was killed by an Erie train near her oldest son Carman’s home). James was a farmer on his homestead near Chemung. He was born Nov. 5, 1826 in Orange Co., N.Y. He married Ruth Struble, Oct. 1859. Ruth died Feb. 4, 1866 at the age of 31 after removal of an immense tumor. The children of James and Ruth Everett were: (1) Andrew D. Everett, married Frances West (daughter of George P. West); (2) Harriet M. Samuel Everett; James B. married 2nd Harriet Furman of Troy, PA, they had 4 children: (1) Bertha Everett (married John Van Gasbeek); (2) Mary Everett (married Cummings Cooper); (3) John Everett (never married); (4) C. Waite Everett;

FISH, JABEZ Capt. Jabez Fish, son of Thomas Fish and Jemima Morgan, a Revolutionary soldier, b. at Groton, CT July 25, 1741 d. at Sheshequin, PA Apr. 16, 1814. He was an early settler at Wyoming and took part in the fatal battle of Wyoming July 1778, in the company of Capt. Bidlack. He moved from Wyoming to Sheshequin1809 and settled on the first farm above the Universalist Church. He married 1st in 1770 Sarah Avery b. Aug. 19, 1747 d. Dec. 1796 and had 4 children: (1) Jemima Fish who married Zebulon Butler of Wyoming; (2) Sarah Fish b. Apr. 10, 1773 in Wilkes Barre, Luzerne, PA d. Mar. 22, 1860, married Robert Lewis; (3) Thomas Fish b. 1777 d. 1851 married Martha Reed daughter of John Reed and Mary Brotherton; (4) Anna Fish b. 1783 d. Jan. 7, 1856 married Josiah Wright, Sr.; Jabez married 2nd Susannah Dana in 1797 (daughter of Anderson Dana and Susanna Huntington) and had 4 children: (1) Marie Fish b. Apr. 3, 1798 d. July 16, 1847 married Jesse Brown; (2) Jabez Fish, Jr. b. Aug. 3, 1799, was a farmer and lived on the old homestead at Sheshequin where he died Mar. 15, 1876. He married Amanda Park (b. Nov. 24, 1799), daughter of Moses Park.; (3) Diantha Fish b. June 15, 1801 d. July 9, 1872, married Alvin Dana of Almond, Alleghany Co., N.Y. and died "in the west"; (4) Lemira Fish b. 1803 who married Chester Park.

FLOYD, (HON.) J. B. J. B. Floyd, son of Harry Nicoll Floyd and Elizabeth Beidelman; Harry Nicoll inherited a double share of his fathers ("Squire" Thomas Floyd) estate and spent most of his life on it. The only child of Harry and Elizabeth to settle in Waverly was J. B. Floyd). J. B. Floyd was born in 1838 and died in 1912; he was brought up on the farm in Chemung township and went from there when he was about 16 years old to Wyoming Seminary where he spent several years. He was teaching near there when the Civil War broke out and it was with Pennsylvania troops that he made his two enlistments. He was a First Lieutenant and second as Captain. It was during this period that he married Matilda H. Snyder of Scranton, whom he brought back to Chemung at the close of the war. J. B. first engaged in the mercantile business but had been seriously injured in the famous "Carr’s Rock" disaster of 1868, he took up the study of law on his recovery and remained in active practice until a few years before his death. He was active in the village and county politics and at one period represented the county in the legislature.

GRAFFT, ISSAC H. Isaac H. Grafft was b. in Lancaster, PA in 1809 and died in 1859. He moved to New York City and conducted a restaurant at Broad and South Streets for several years before moving to the town of Barton in 1842. He remained there until his death. He married Annie Hummell (b. about 1810 in Wurttemberg, Germany died in 1873). They had only one child, a son named George H. Grafft who was born in New York City Jan. 15, 1840. George purchased a farm on Talmadge Hill in 1860. Late in life he moved to East Waverly where he died in 1910. George married Myra Bonnell and they had the following children: (1) Anna Grafft (a teacher, she was the second wife of Charles H. Wilbur); (2) Rose Grafft (married Edwin H. VanAtta who was a druggist, had a daughter named Virginia VanAtta); (3) Jennie Grafft (married 1st Frank Hathaway; married 2ndStella Phillips, had two children Margaret Phillips and Edwin Phillips).

HARDING, REUBEN Reuben Harding, son of John Harding and Rhoda King, was b. Apr. 17, 1786 (poss.) in Connecticut (this branch of the family came from England to Tolland, CT and later to Orange Co., N.Y.) d. Apr. 9, 1868. He came from Minisink, Orange Co., N.Y. in 1831 and settled on a farm on Talmadge Hill in Waverly were he spent the remainder of his days. In 1810 he married Elizabeth Jones. They are both buried at East Waverly Cemetery. Reuben and Elizabeth had 8 children: (1) Zabin K. Harding (also found as Tavan K; Zaben K.) b. Aug. 22, 1813 d. May 3, 1847. Married Clarissa (unknown) who died May, 20, 1842 at the age of 26 years. Both buried East Waverly Cemetery. Children of Zabin and Clarissa: Jefferson Harding b. Mar 3, 1842 d. Apr. 15, 1842 age 1 month 12 days; Mary Emeline Harding married Charles Brink, son of Jacob and Catherine Brink, they had 8 children: Jefferson Brink; Clara Brink; Elizabeth Brink; Coe Brink; Archie Brink; Iva Brink; Myrtie Brink; and Alice Brink.; (2) William P. Harding b. Feb. 1820 d. Sept. 1847, never married, buried East Waverly Cemetery; (3) James Elliot Harding married Susannah Adams and they had 6 children: James B. Harding; Martha Harding died young; Amos Harding; George Harding; Samuel P. Harding; and Benjamin Harding; Ira Harding b. 1822 d. 1877 buried East Waverly Cemetery. Married Cynthia F. Hullett (she was b. 1825 d. 1903). Children of Ira and Cynthia Harding: Amelia Harding died young; William P. Harding; Emma J. Harding married 1stSamuel Decker, married 2nd Judson Mead; Charles H. Harding never married. (4) John Harding d. Feb. 20, 1886 buried Barton Cemetery, married Nancy Swartwood who died Mar. 3, 1900, daughter of Ezekiel Swartwood. John and Nancy had 2 children: Amelia H. Harding married Rev. F. P. Doty; Frank W. Harding married Ella Barden, daughter of Zalmon Barden. (5) Benjamin Harding b. 1827 d. 1900, buried Glenwood Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Adams, sister of Susanna Adams. Benjamin and Elizabeth were the parents of Martha E. Harding who never married and Hugh Harding who married Lapette Johnson who died "in the south".; (6) Lydia A. Harding b. about 1819 married William Swartwood b. about 1917, had 2 children: a daughter that died young and a son Darius E. Swartwood b. about 1855 who married Jesta Albright, daughter of Adam Albright and Sarah Jane Faulkner; (7) Fanny Jane Harding married Peter VanAtta, son of Johannes VanAtta and Elizabeth Albright.

HEMSTREET, ANTHONY Anthony Hemstreet, son of Peter Hemstreet and Rachel Braughn both of Carlisle, N.Y., was born in Carlisle Mar. 8, 1833 and died in Waverly, N.Y. Apr. 10, 1913. He commenced teaching school at the age of 18 and continued for nearly twenty years. In 1855 he came to Waverly and engaged in farming and teaching until 1883 when he went into the tanning business on Cayuta Creek, near the state line, in company with H. L. Cooley. He continued until the tannery burned in 1895. He then became one of the organizers and first president of the A. H. Thomas Paint Co. In 1856 he married Emma Bowdish, the daughter of Gamaliel Bowdish, sister of Deborah Bowdish. Anthony and Emma had three children: (1)Ethel Hemstreet; (2) Lester Hemstreet; and (3) Charles H. Hemstreet.

Hill, Elisha A. Elisha A. Hill, soldier of the War of 1812, born in Connecticut May 4, 1793, died Sept. 4, 1864, migrated from CT to Bradford Co., about 1818; after remaining for about two years he returned to his former home and came back with his brother Caleb Hill and located in Ellistown on the farm later owned by his son John G. Hill. He married Margaret Hanna, daughter of John Hanna (she was born Dec. 16, 1798 died Sept. 4, 1880, buried Emery Chapel Cemetery). Elisha and Margaret had 1 son and 5 daughters: (1) John G. Hill married Elizabeth Cure, daughter of David B. Cure and Maria Shipman they had no children; (2) Philomelia Hill, born May 7, 1823 died Apr. 18, 1904, married Alanson Welton, they had no children; (3) Hannah Hill, born July 28, 1828 died June 1, 1856, married Oliver Welton and had one daughter Margaret Welton who married Gabriel L. Mulock, they had no children; (4) Sarah Hill born Sept. 26, 1831, never married; (5) Tabitha Jane Hill b. Aug 26, 1837 married Montgomery Mead and had 5 children: Alice Mead died young; Elisha Mead, called Edda died single; Mary Mead married unknown Pendall; William Mead died young; Martha Mead married Arthur Harris; Elizabeth Mead married Joseph Park and never had children;

HIREEN, TIMOTHY Timothy Hireen, son of James Hireen, was a farmer and contractor. He was born at Fernoy, County Cork, Ireland Dec. 25, 1812. He came and settled near Waverly in about 1829. About 1865 he built a beautiful residence immediately below the D. L. & W. R. R. in South Waverly, midway between the two underground crossings. This house burnt in early1887, and he then returned to his old farm on the west side of the Chemung River about a mile below the narrows bridge, which he was instrumental in building, and caused the workmen to labor all night to get it sufficiently built that his remains might pass over when he died. He died May 11, 1887. In 1841 he married Miss Fanny Burt, the daughter of Beldon Burt, who was born Nov. 21, 1821 and she died in 1910. Timothy and Fanny Hireen had 10 children of which 4 died in childhood. The remaining children were: (1) Sarah Hireen, b. Aug. 24, 1845 d. Dec. 8, 1907. She married May 17, 1870 John J. Casey and had 3 children: Timothy Hireen Casey, born Jan. 13, 1872; John Burt Casey, b. Aug. 12, 1874; Fanny Ailes Casey, b. Jan. 9, 1878 and died in infancy; (2) Rebecca A. Hireen, b. Sept. 12, 1846 d. Aug. 30, 1873. She married May 9, 1867 Richard D. Rooney and had 2 children: John Timothy Rooney who died in infancy; Halie Rooney b. May 24, 1872 who married Harry V. Casey, a journalist from Binghamton, they had 3 children: Mary Casey; Rebecca Casey; and Sarah Geraldine Casey; (3) Mary E. Hireen b. Dec. 23, 1853 d. July 1, 1886, never married. She was for many years her father’s secretary and bookkeeper; (4) Theresa M. Hireen b. Feb. 10, 1863 d. May 23, 1907. She married D. P. Casey of Binghamton Jan. 9, 1886. They had 7 children: Robert Casey; Theresa Casey; Cecil Casey; Frances Casey; Mildred Casey; Clara Casey; and Timothy Ambrose Casey; (5) William Timothy Hireen, lived on his father’s old homestead, he was born May 9, 1865. He married Katherine McArdle and had 3 children: Burt Hireen who died in childhood; William Hireen; and Helen Hireen.; (6) Cecilia F. Hireen b. Oct. 1, 1866 d. Oct. 22, 1888; (7) James Edward Hireen who was an adopted son who died Mar. 11, 1900 age 41 years.

HIREEN, JOHN John Hireen, brother of Timothy Hireen, came from Ireland sometime after Timothy’s death and settled in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He married Mary Corbett and raised a large family. Some of the children of John and Mary Hireen were: (1) Timothy Hireen who 1st married a woman from Texas (name unknown) and 2nd married Josephine Scott who was the widow of Robert Manners; (2) James Hireen; (3) Thomas Hireen; (4) Margaret Hireen.

HIREEN, HONORA Honora Hireen, sister of Timothy and John Hireen also came from Ireland and settled in Athens, Bradford Co., PA. She married Daniel Leahy and they had 6 children: (1) Margaret Leahy died single at age 19; (2) James Leahy married Julia Kingsley and had 4 children: Mildred Leahy; Margaret Leahy; John Leahy; and Edward Leahy.

HIREEN, MARY Mary Hireen, sister of Timothy, John and Honora Hireen, came from Ireland and also settled in Athens, Bradford Co., PA where she married Michael Kelly and had 4 children: (1) Margaret Kelly who married Thomas Lynch; (2) Michael Kelly, Jr. who never married; (3) John Kelly who married Mary Quinn, daughter of Peter Quinn of Chemung, b. 1844 d. 1906 and they had 4 children: Margaret Kelly; unknown daughter; Frank Kelly and John Kelly who went to New York City.

HOLBERT, PETER Peter Holbert, a farmer of Goshen, N.Y. was born Aug. 24, 1768, he married Roxanna Durland who was born Apr. 10, 1770 and they had 12 children: (1) Polly Holbert b. Mar. 17, 1790; (2) William Holbert b. July 29, 1791; (3) Susanna Holbert b. Jan. 1, 1794; (4) Miriam Holbert b. Feb. 19, 1796; (5) Martha Holbert b. Feb. 16, 1798; (6) John Holbert b. Dec. 29, 1800 d. June 23, 1864, he married Amanda Sayre, the daughter of Joseph and Betsey Sayre of Binghamton, Amanda died July 23, 1870. He came to the town of Chemung and settled on a farm at Holbert Town to which he gave his name. He had 6 children: Joshua S. Holbert; Joseph Emmet Holbert; William Holbert; Martha Holbert b. Sept. 13, 1835 and married Col. Henry Hoffman of Horseheads and had no children; and twins George Holbert and Martha Holbert; Gabriel Holbert; (7) Sally Holbert b. Dec. 19, 1802; (8) Harriet Holbert b. Dec. 24, 1804; (9) Amanda Holbert b. Feb. 10, 1806; (10) Betsey Holbert b. Aug. 20, 1807; (11) Adrian Holbert b. Aug. 11, 1809; (12) Peter Holbert, Jr. b. Sept. 5, 1811.

HOLBERT, JOSHUA Joshua Holbert, son of John Holbert and Betsey Sayre Holbert, born 1827 d. 1892, married Catherine Ryerson, daughter of John Ryerson of Goshen, N.Y. Joshua was a successful farmer at Holbert Town, which was named for his father, located near Chemung. Joshua and Catherine had 5 children: (1) John Henry Holbert a dealer in Chemung Valley Water in New York City married Mary C. Bragden of Chicago; (2) Gertrude Holbert b. Jan. 7, 1856 married James Clooney of Binghamton and had no children; (3) Martha Holbert married Romaine Broadhead and had two children: Henry Broadhead and Sayre Broadhead and lived in Buffalo, N.Y.; (4) Annie Holbert married George Byrum and had Catherine Byrum and George Byrum, Jr.; (5) Amanda S. Holbert died Jan. 28, 1855 at age 1 year 2 mos. 6 days.

HOLBERT, JOSEPH EMMET Joseph Emmet Holbert, son of John Holbert and Betsey Sayre Holbert, b. Apr. 4, 1830, lived on a farm at Holbert Town for many years before retiring to Waverly where he died Apr. 25, 1905. He married Sept. 13, 1856 Kate Hanna, daughter of George W. Hanna, born June 6, 1837. Joseph and Kate had 4 children: (1) Ella Holbert b. Mar. 2, 1858, married May 26, 1880 John C. Shear and had the following children: Fanchon Shear; Matt Shear; and Carrie Shear who married A. Paul Tallmadge and had Harold Tallmadge and Robert Tallmadge; (2) Mary C. Holbert b. Aug. 16, 1861 married Preston Ross Tompkins and had Joseph E. Tompkins who married Eva Overfield; (3) Lena Holbert b. Nov. 20, 1868 married Sept. 10, 1890 Edwin S. Hanford funeral director of Waverly and had Charles H. Hanford b. June 14, 1894; (4) Freddie Holbert who died in infancy.

HYATT, JOHN JR. John Hyatt, Jr., son of John Hyatt, was a Revolutionary soldier in the Westchester Co. regiment when he was just a mere lad. His father, John Hyatt, Sr., was Captain, and also Lieut. Colonel in the same regiment of Col. Pierre Van Cortlandt’s 3rd Westchester militia. The wife of John Sr. died during the war, and after burying her, he hastened back to camp, having placed his young daughter in the care of friends, and taking John Jr. with him for he had no other place to leave him. Here, John Jr. was a general utility lad until he was big enough to carry a musket. After the war, John Jr. married Lavina Hunt of Westchester Co. and in 1810 he came and settled on a farm on Tallmadge Hill where he spent the remainder of his days. He died Apr. 3, 1853 at the age of 91 years. John Jr. and Lavina had the following children: (1) Mary Hyatt; (2) Ezekiel Hyatt; (3) Deborah Hyatt who married John Hanna of Barton; (4) Henry Hyatt; (5) Pierre Van Cortlandt Hyatt; After the death of his first wife Lavina Hunt, John Jr. married Rachel Rolfe (d. Nov. 2, 1879 and is buried by side John Jr. in Emory Chapel Cemetery) and had 2 children: (1) John Paulding Hyatt who married Theresa Sargent; (2) Ann Elizabeth Hyatt who married Adam Stewart.

JONES, WILLIAM William Jones came from Orange Co., N.Y. to the Town of Chemung in 1840. He has 6 children: (1) Tabitha Jones, never married; (2) Betsey Jones married Reuben Harding; (3) Phebe Jones married Benjamin Smith; (4) Samuel Jones (lived in Orange Co.); (5) Isaac Jones married Polly Bosworth; (6) William Jones, Jr. married Sylvia Baird, they had 9 children: Jacob Jones married 1st Rebecca Belvin, married 2nd Hannah Woolsey, 3rd married Mary Mead; Charles Jones; Nathaniel Jones married Rebecca Slawson Baird; Benjamin Jones, who died in the war, married Catherine Casey; Reuben Jones died single; Rebecca Jones married George Akins; Gabriel Jones; George Jones married Elizabeth Mead; Mary Eleanor Jones married John Allen.

KNAPP, WILLIAM JR. William Knapp, the Revolutionary War Soldier, son of William Knapp who was a merchant in Boston during the troubled times before the Revolutionary War, and his mother was Pattie Liscum. He was born in Raynham, Mass. Nov. 29, 1764 and died Aug. 6, 1846 at the home of his son Dr. William Knapp, on his farm in old Wolcott Hollow, Athens Township, Bradford Co., PA. He married Fannie Temple, daughter of William Temple and great granddaughter of Lord William Temple, the historian of Connecticut. He is buried in East Waverly Cemetery and has a government marker. He enlisted in at Poultney, VT Dec. 1780, putting his birth year as 1762 so that he would seem old enough to serve. He served one year, ranked as Col. under Capt. Fish and Col. Warner. He served in skirmishes against the Indians and Tories, also took a part in the Boston Tea Party. He applied for a pension, which was granted May 25, 1818. He then resided in Springfield, Otsego Co., N.Y. He frequently stated in his later years that when a lad he discovered in the attic of his father’s house an Indian costume, which he showed his father, who became much alarmed and immediately burned the suit telling him that he must never mention the fact as it might cause him to be hanged, as it was a costume that he wore when he assisted in throwing tea overboard in Boston Harbor. William (the elder) his father, lost the greater part of his property during the Revolution by helping the Colonies and accepting scrip which later became worthless. He accepted so much scrip that they papered the inner side of their farm house with it to keep out the cold in winter. William and Fannie had 20 children, several died before maturity. The surviving children were: (1) (Dr.) William Knapp; (2) Sylvester Knapp became a doctor, married Lucy Fitch who was the daughter of Judge Jonathan Fitch. Sylvester and Lucy had 9 children; (3) Isaac Knapp married Isabel Taylor, lived at Jamestown, N.Y and had 10 children; (4) David Knapp married Sarah Sayre, lived in Alleghany Co., N.Y. and had 5 children; (5) Fanny Knapp married Jeremiah Walling, lived at Oneonta, N.Y. and had 2 children; (6) Hiram Knapp married Haley Eastabrook of Windham, CT, they lived at Orwell, PA and had 11 children; (7) Martha Knapp married Nathan Ellsbree, lived at Towanda, PA and had 5 children; (8) Jemima Knapp married 1st J. S. Beales and had 7 children; married 2ndBenjamin Burgess, lived at Evansville, Wisc. and had 3 children; (9) Eleanor Knapp b. June 17, 1809 d. May 26, 1890, married June 25, 1828 to Amos Canfield, son of Enos Canfield and Polly Robertson, lived at Smithboro, N.Y. and had 11 children. She is buried in the Canfield Cemetery in Smithboro, N.Y.

KNAPP, WILLIAM (DR.) Dr. William Knapp, son of William Knapp, b. Sept. 28, 1778 died Feb. 3, 1874 on his farm. He is buried in East Waverly Cemetery near his father with no marker. He married Armenia Gates, daughter of Azel Gates on June 14, 1812. They resided at Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N.Y. for a considerable time where all of their children were born. He was an able doctor, holding the position of Surgeon General of Militia for the State of New York. He lost an arm in middle life by premature discharge of a cannon. Later he moved to Factoryville, then to his farm on Old Wolcott Hollow, Town of Athens, Bradford Co., PA. He was a man of great energy, as the large amount of stone wall that he laid with his one hand denotes. In 1914 the farm could still be seen by turning right at the school house and going up the mountain one half mile. William and Armenia had 8 children: (1) William Knapp; (2) Augusta Knapp; (3) Margaret Emily Knapp; (4) Mary G. Knapp; (5) Jerome Knapp; (6) Lucia Knapp; (7) Armenia Knapp; (8) Azel Knapp.

LANG, ANDREW JACKSON Andrew Jackson Lang born Set. 13, 1831 died of Typhoid Fever at Waverly, N.Y. Aug. 22, 1870. Married April 9, 1857, Elvira Lyford b. at St. Albans, ME Feb. 21, 1834 d. at Waverly Dec. 20, 1911. Professor Lang graduated at Union College in 1856, came to Waverly in 1857 and became first principal of the New Academy that had been just completed. Thirteen years later he caused the Waverly Institute to take rank with the best in the State. He served two terms of three years each as County School Commissioner of Tioga Co., N.Y. He had 3 children: (1) Louis Jay Lang, newspaper writer in New York City, b. Dec. 18, 1859 graduated Princeton, Class of 1881. He married Dec. 24, 1883 Clara Terhune of Brooklyn. They had 2 children; (2) Percy Lyford Lang, b. June 8, 1861, graduated Yale, Class of 1885, Vice President of First National Bank of Waverly. Married 1st Nov. 18, 1885 at Ansonia, CT to Alice Smith, daughter of Nathan S. Smith and Bessie Cable Johnson. They had 4 children; Married 2nd Sept. 1, 1906 to Mrs. Marle Louise (Hoskins) King. She had 2 children by first husband: Onalee and Phyllis that were adopted by Percy and known as Lang; (3) Gertrude Lang, b. Mar. 3, 1870 d. Jan. 31, 1871.

MORGAN, THEODORE Theodore Morgan, a Quaker, came from Horseheads to Milltown in the early 1800’s and conducted a pottery in what was later known as the long house near the stone mill. For many years the residents for many miles around would come to him for their china-ware. He died June 19, 1836 at the age of 68 years. His wife Esther Morgan died Dec. 4, 1841 at the age of 67 years. They are buried in "The Rest" Cemetery in Milltown. They had a son named Sheldon Morgan who married Abigail Warner, daughter of Samuel Warner and Abigail Stephens. Sheldon and Abigail had 11 children: Charles H. Morgan lived Wellsboro, PA married Martha Simpson; George B. Morgan married 1stEmma Lamont, married 2nd Mary A. Tillman; Samuel Morgan d. Jan. 7, 1838 age 1 month; William W. Morgan killed at the Battle of Lookout Mountain on May 1, 1864; Frances A. Morgan married Thomas Richmond; Theodore F. Morgan b. Aug. 7, 1846 d. Feb. 3, 1874, served in Co. D., 6th N.Y. Heavy Artillery in War of Rebellion; John W. Morgan b. Jan. 27, 1849 served in Co. I., 109 NY State Volunteers, married Nora Bogart, daughter of James W. and Lucinda Bogart; Frederick S. Morgan served in Co. H., 109 NY State Volunteers; Joseph S. Morgan married Florence R. Hubbard; Calvin P. Morgan married Margaret McCarthy; Francis Morgan b. Nov. 22, 1833 d. Dec. 6, 1835.

MUNN, THOMAS A. Thomas Atherton Munn born July 12, 1778 died June 1, 1850 moved from Tompkins Co., N.Y. to Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA about 1806. He was a farmer, married Mary Wolcott in 1797 in Lancaster Co., PA. Mary was b. Oct. 16, 1779 d. June 16, 1869 in Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA, she was the daughter of [Silas Wolcott b. Oct. 2, 1778 in New Hampshire d. May 4, 1834 in Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA and Margaret Rowen b. Jan. 1, 1778 d. Dec. 20, 1844 in Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA. Silas served in the Revolution from April.1776 to Jan.1, 1778 in the 13th PA Line]). Had 14 children: (1) Charles Munn b. Jan. 20, 1799 d. Nov. 17, 1874. Charles lived at Clearfield. PA. On Feb. 5, 1826 he married Hannah Swartwood (b. 1809 d. 1896; daughter of John Swartwood and Polly Schoonover; had 4 children: MaryMunn b. 1832; Almira b. 1835; Washington Munn b. 1837 married Isabelle Arnold b. 1842 d. 1913; William Munn b. Oct. 5, 1839 d. Jul. 19, 1908. (2) Silas Wolcott Munn b. Sept. 9, 1800 d. Dec. 24, 1884. Married Sarah Sally Park b. June 5, 1807 d. Jan. 22, 1872; daughter of Thomas Park and Ellistown P. Sanders. Had 7 children: Leonard Munn; Daniel Munn b. 1827 d. 1901 St. Mary’s, Elk Co., PA married Hannah Hayes b. 1836 d. 1880, they had 7 children; Luke S. Munn b. Aug. 2, 1830 d. 1914, married Louisa Beams, they had 4 children; Phoebe Munn b. 1833 d. 1911, married Andrew J. Rummer, they had 5 children; Burton Munn b. 1835 d. Oct. 1, 1902 married Ellen (unknown) they had 5 children; Lorette Munn b. May 1, 1838 d. Jan. 22, 1904 married Lewis Seeley Dodd, they had 9 children; Joseph Munn b. 1839 d. 1843; John Munn b. 1841, in 1868 he married Caroline Beam who was b. May 13, 1844 they had 8 children. (3) Elijah Munn b. Feb. 17, 1802 in Farmington, Hartford Co., CT d. Dec. 21, 1869, buried Tioga Point Cemetery. Married Ann Merrill b. May 26, 1808 in Farmington, Hartford Co., CT d. Feb. 18, 1889 daughter of Solomon W. Merrill and Abigail Stoddard. They had 7 children: Jerusha Munn b. 1824 married Robert Sanders, they had 5 children; Alanson Munn b. Jan. 1 1826 d. Oct. 22, 1892 married 1st Phebekyz Kyser they had 5 children; Married 2nd Ruth McKinney; Orlando Munn b. Aug. 3, 1830 d. Oct. 13, 1832; Henry Munn b. 1833 married Jan. 25, 1865 Jane Snyder they had 6 children ; Rowen Munn b. Apr. 3, 1836 d. Jul. 20, 1915 married Mar. 1, 1860 Louise Cornell, they had 4 children; Eliza J. Munn born Jan. 18, 1838 d. June 20, 1920 married Albert Carmer, they had 6 children; Adelbert D. Munn b. June 13, 1841 d. Jan. 4, 1893, married Oct. 27, 1861 Augusta Park b. Feb. 17, 1843 daughter of Reuben and Maria Park; (4) Rowen Munn b. Dec. 14, 1805 Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA d. 1878. Married Jane Andrews; (5) Elizabeth Munn (Betsey) b. Jan. 30, 1807 d. Sept. 10, 1895. Married 1st. E. T. Potts b. 1799 d. 1850 (son of Isaac Potts and Rachel Thickstun); had 2 children Unknown name b. 1825; Harold Henry Potts b. Sept. 24, 1828; Married 2ndAlanson Loomis and moved to Minnesota; (6) Joseph P. Munn b. Jan. 25, 1809 d. Sept. 10, 1885. Married Abigail Merrill b. 1812 Farmington, Hartford Co., PA d. Feb. 24, 1876 daughter of Solomon Merrill and Abigail Stoddard, sister of Ann Merrill who married Elijah Munn (see #1). Had 5 children: Delphine Munn; Elias Munn, Hanson Munn; Horace Munn; Theodore Munn; (7) Lemuel Munn b. Nov. 12, 1811 d. 1878 married Harriet Wilkinson; (8) John W. Munn b. Mar. 17, 1813 d. July 4, 1895. Married 1st Eunice Johnson d. 1848. They had 3 children: Elijah Munn, a soldier in the Rebellion, married Francis Bliven; George H. Munn b. Aug. 23, 1838 married Carrie Bunell (daughter of H. Jackson Bunnell); Tilden Robert Munn b. 15 May 1841, a soldier in the rebellion, married Ann Carmer; Married 2nd Phebe Park b. Nov. 12, 1816 d. Nov. 15, 1885, they had 2 children Benjamin Munn b. 1852 and Mary Munn b. Aug. 30, 1853; (9) Ransom Munn b. Apr. 9, 1815 d. Oct. 1, 1818; (10) Thomas Munn b. Apr. 17, 1817 d. 1895, married Mary Ann Lambert on Apr. 12, 1842. They had 7 children: Ernest Munn; William Munn 1st unknown Miller; 2nd Unknown; Eliza Munn married Layton Carmer, a soldier in the Rebellion; Sara Munn married Elmer Demarest; Robert Munn married Harriet Campbell; Mary Munn married 1st Zina McCane; 2nd married Edward Keller; Emma Jane Munn married Tip Carmer; (11) Ezra Munn b. Sept. 11, 1819 d. May 8, 1893. Married Jane Chandler b. Nov. 5, 1825 d. May 12, 1863. They had 2 children: Augusta B. Munn b. 1860 d. 1897 married A. L. Merrill; Annie Eliza Munn b. June 26, 1848; (12) Huston Munn b. Aug. 3, 1822 d. Mar. 24, 1884. Married Rachel Ann Sinabaugh b. Jan. 29 1823 d. Jan. 29, 1900 buried Forest Home Cemetery daughter of David H. Sinabaugh and Susan Peck. They had 10 children: Loren Munn b. 1844 died in the Army; Byron Munn b. 1846 a soldier in the Rebellion; Susan Munn b. 1848 married William Morgan; Alice E. Munn b. Sept. 26, 1850 married Fred Brock; Frank A. Munn b. Sept. 5, 1851 d. Apr. 18, 1911 married Sarah JaneCampbell had 3 children; Edgar J. Munn b. Mar. 1, 1854; George C. Munn b. Feb. 21, 1856 married Jessie Dodge; Josephine Munn b. July 10, 1858 married William Carmer; Emma Munn b. 1860 married William Vaughn; William H. Munn b. Apr. 5, 1863 d. Jul 5, 1930; (13) Ulysses T. Munn b. July 1, 1824 d. Mar. 1, 1894. Married Charlotte Lambert b. 1827 d. Aug. 22, 1899. They had 8 children: Ella Munn married Albert VanGorder had daughters Lennie VanGorder and Ella VanGorder (who married James Drake and had no children); Arvilla Munn married Thomas B. Cotton a Rebellion soldier in 10th Reg. N.Y. Cavalry, they had 5 children; Emma Munn married James Loveland, died young, no children; Eva Munn married Theodore Crum and 3 children: Earl Crum, Ralph Crum and Victoria Crum b. 1863 married Jetson McKinney had 3 children; James A. Munn b. Apr. 6, 1853 married Mary Ball (daughter of Linderman Ball) they had 3 children; George H. Munn b. Feb. 3, 1855 married Dec. 12, 1877 Minnie E. Horton (daughter of Joseph Horton) they had one son.; Frederick Munn b. 1859 never married, died 1885; Wirt J. Munn b. May 30, 1865 married Martha Lurcock had 1 child named Ione Munn; (14) William Munn b. Jan. 26, 1829. Married 1st Caroline Chandler had 3 children: Melinda Munn, James Munn and Putnam Munn; Married 2nd Jane Jackson had 2 children: Lillian Munn and Harvey Munn.

PARSHALL, ASA Asa Parshall b. Mar. 20, 1770 died Chemung, Mar. 23, 1848, married Jan. 22, 1797 Susannah Keeney daughter of Thomas Keeney and Mercy Lamb, Susannah was born in Hartford, CT Mar. 5, 1781 d. Chemung, Oct. 19, 1865. They had 17 children: (1) Isaac Parshall b. Feb. 5, 1798 d. Feb. 21, 1858, married Sarah Luther; (2) Amzi Parshall b. Chemung, June 6, 1799 d. Eldred, PA Nov. 26, 1867, married Stella Westbrook; (3) Mercy Parshall b. Mar. 21, 1801 d. Feb. 21, 1882 married Samuel Grinnell; (4) Ruby Parshall b. Nov. 26, 1802 d. Mar. 30, 1811; (5) Benjamin Parshall b. June 21, 1804 d. Jan. 10, 1866, married Rowena Soper; (6) Thomas Keeney Parshall b. Mar. 24, 1806 d. Osceola, Mich. Nov. 17, 1900 married 1st Celestia Cassada daughter of Jeremiah Cassada and Elizabeth Griswold, married 2nd Clarissa Waldron Babcock; (7) Ransom Parshall b. Mar. 23, 1808 d. Waverly June 12, 1893, married Phyla Chapman daughter of Gordon Chapman and Sarah Reynolds. (8) Luther Parshall b. Mar. 22, 1810 d. Brighton, Mich. Jan. 29, 1870, married Mehitable Roberts; (9) Elizabeth Parshall b. Oct. 28, 1811 d. Dec. 16, 1854 married Henry Roberts; (10) Israel Parshall b. May 4, 1815 d. Havana, Saginaw Co., Mich. Aug. 25, 1865, married Minerva Cole daughter of Joseph Cole and Elizabeth Wickes; (11) Asia Parshall b. Apr. 9, 1813 d. Jan. 25, 1814; (12) Susannah Parshall b. June 2, 1817 d. Owasso, Mich. Dec. 6, 1899, married Guy Nelson; (13) Ruth Parshall b. Feb. 10, 1819 married Richard Inscho son of Richard Inscho and Levina Mitchell; (14) Louisa Parshall b. Oct. 24, 1820 married John Bovier son of John Bovier and Hannah Smith; (15) Jesse Parshall b. Mar. 30, 1822 d. Osceola, Mich. July 22, 1893, married Prudence Cole daughter of Joseph Cole and Elizabeth Wickes; (16) Asa Parshall; (17) Lemira Parshall.

Parshall, Ransom Ransom Parshall, son of Asa Parshall and Susannah Keeney Parshall, born Chemung Mar. 23, 1808 died Waverly June 12, 1893. He married Nov. 28, 1828 Phyla Chapman, daughter of Gordon Chapman and Sarah Reynolds Chapman. They had the following children: (1) Nancy Parshall b. Chemung, Sept. 30, 1829 d. Sayre, PA, Aug. 28, 1891, married Charles Church and had Mary Church and Catherine Church; (2) Chapman Parshall; (3) Harvey Parshall died young; (4) Luther Parshall b. July 4, 1833 d. Rutherford, NJ Oct. 17, 1900, married 1st Celestia Stanley daughter of Mary Pratt Stanley. They had 4 children: Cordie Parshall, Jennie Parshall, Frederick Parshall, and Ransom Parshall; (5) Juliett Parshall b. Oct. 12, 1835 married Byron Bennett, had one son Frank Bennett; (6) Almon Parshall b. Mar. 19, 1838 married Agnes Martin. They had 4 children: Clifford Parshall, Almon Parshall, Howard Parshall and Amy Parshall; (7) John Wesley Parshall died young; (8) Albert Parshall died young; (9) Mary Parshall b. Oct. 30, 1845 married George B. Swan, lived at Prospect Park, Colorado had two daughters Clara Booth Swan and Louisa M. Swan; (10) John Wiley b. Dec. 16, 1848 d. Sept. 1, 1896 married 1st Ruth Cashady, had no children, married 2nd Emma Williams daughter of Gabriel Williams and Mary Elizabeth MansfieldWilliams. John and Emma had the following children: Grace Parshall, Fay Parshall, Hazel Parshall, Wesley Parshall; (11) Lucy Ella Parshall b. Jan. 23, 1851 lived Toledo, Ohio, married Walter VanAtta, had a son Bert E. Atta; (12) Howard Earl Parshall; (13) Phyla Adel Parshall b. Nunda, N.Y. Dec. 13, 1855 married Fred J. Krom and they had Charles C. Krom, Anna Chapman Krom, and Helen Eleanor Krom.

Peppard, Francis Francis Peppard and his wife came from Gardnersville, Orange Co., N.Y. and located on high ground between Wynkoop Creek and Dry Brook, two miles north of Chemung Village in the town of Chemung. He is enumerated in the Chemung Township 1840 Census. Francis and his wife were the parents of 9 children: (1) Nathaniel Peppard, married Abegart unknown, had five children; (2) Charles Peppard; (3) Benjamin Peppard; (4) Angeline Peppard never married; (5) Jane Peppard married Elisha Lamphere; (6) Martha Peppard married Joseph Foster; (7) Susan Peppard married Cornelius Cook; (8) Mary Peppard died young; (9) Isaac Peppard married 1st Elizabeth Walker, he married 2ndElizabeth Middaugh and had 5 children: Lewis Peppard married Mary Grove; Henry Peppard married Marietta Squires; George Peppard married Libby Price; Isaac Peppard, Jr. married Henrietta Sharpsteen; William Tell Peppard married Lucy Ann Shipman.

POLLEYS, WILLIAM William Polleys born Wolden, Mass. Aug. 16, 1816. When 10 years old moved with his parents to Bradford Co., PA. When he was 18 years old he entered the office of the Elmira Republican when he remained until 1840 when he and Alva S. Carter purchased the paper which they conducted until 1845. They then sold their interests and the name of the paper was changed to the Elmira Advertiser. In 1854 he moved to Waverly and thereafter remained until the time of his death June 26, 1883.

ROGERS, WILLIAM T. William T. Rogers, son of Phineas Rogers and Ruth Rogers (who was Phineas’ second cousin being the daughter of William Rogers a Rev. War Soldier), was born in Chemung, N.Y. Oct. 16, 1819 and died Aug. 5, 1907. He married Sarah Albertson, daughter of Abraham Albertson in 1848, and Sarah died Dec. 1897 in Waverly. William T. and Sarah had 3 children: (1) William Hoyt Rogers who died in early childhood; (2) Isabelle Rogers married Rev. John D. Bloodgood Nov. 17, 1867. She died at Washington, D.C. Feb. 26, 1899. They had 2 children: Lillian May Bloodgood b. Apr. 15, 1872 who married Thomas L. Smith and Ethel M. Bloodgood b. May 22, 1880 who married Dr. Benjamin H. Smart, all of Washington, D.C.; (3) Andrew W. Rogers married Ella Schriver about 1875, they had 1 child Daisy Maude Rogers.

SHEPARD, JOHN John Shepard, son of Isaac Shepard and Dorothy Prentice, was born at Plainfield, CT Apr. 17, 1765 and died at Milltown May 15, 1837. He is buried at "The Rest" Cemetery. He 1st married on June 3, 1790 to Anna Gore who was the daughter of Judge Obadiah Gore of Sheshequin. Anna was born Feb. 8, 1772 and died Sept. 7, 1805. They had 8 children: (1) Prentice Shepard died Feb. 7, 1805 at the age of 14 from dropsy of the brain caused by falling on ice.; (2) Isaac Shepard b. Feb. 16, 1793 d. Mar. 15, 1858. He married Dec. 4, 1813 Deborah Mills the daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Mills of Smithtown, Long Island; (3) Miami Shepard Mar. 24, 1795 married Jessie Floyd of Long Island; (4) Amanda Shepard b. Jan. 7, 1797 d. Jan. 29, 1864 married on Dec. 31, 1817 Charles Hopkins the son of Dr. Stephen Hopkins of Athens, PA; (5) Julia Ann Shepard married George A. Perkins of Athens, PA; (6) Job Shepard b. Oct. 22, 1801 d. Jan. 24, 1855 married Abigail Ellsworth; (7) Phebe Shepard; (8) John Shepard, Jr.;

John married 2nd in 1811 to Deborah Hawkins of Stony Brook, Long Island, she died Jan. 18, 1844 at age 63 years. They had 5 children (1) Ruth Shepard married Dr. Woodworth of Milltown; (2) Lettie Shepard died single in California; (3) John L. Shepard married Cordelia Thomas the daughter of William Thomas of Factoryville, they lived and died in Oakland, CA and had 5 children; (4) Mary Shepard married Silas Fordham; (5) Joseph Shepard died in San Jose, California. John, the pioneer of what eventually became Waverly, left his home in 1783 and went to Wyoming in company with his uncle, he remained two weeks when he went up the Susquehanna River to Sheshequin with this same uncle. He remained there until Dec. 28, 1784, when he became clerk for Weiss & Hollenbeck at Newtown, now called Elmira. In April 1785 he started business for himself among the Indians. In 1788 he purchased Prince Bryant’s Mills and an adjoining lot of Nathaniel Shaw, on which were a saw mill, grist mill, and two dwelling houses. This was obtained under Connecticut title which they later settled under Pennsylvania title. The land extended on both sides of Cayuta Creek from State Line to Morley’s Mill, including Milltown consisting of 600 acres. This was the only grist mill for fifty miles. In 1796 he purchased from Gen. T. Thomas of Westchester Co., N.Y. 1000 acres, commencing 52 rods east of 59 mile stone, extending north from state line which included all of Waverly, Factoryville, and several farms back on the hills. He later purchased several more tracts of land.

SHIPMAN, HORACE Horace Shipman, son of Samuel Shipman of New Britain, CT, born at Mount Upton, Otsego Co., N.Y. died Aug. 6, 1880 age 76 years, married Abby Ann Williams the daughter of Ozias Williams of Lebanon, CT, she was the grand daughter of William Williams a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Horace came to Milltown in 1849 and purchased the old Stone Mill at the east end of the bridge over LVRR tracks and Cayuta Creek. He operated this for several years then sold it to Thomas Pest and moved to Union, N.Y. where he remained for about one year. The mill he sold burned down and he returned and built another mill. For many years he occupied and died in the house that was opposite the power house on Cayuta Ave. He sold his mill to Simon Morely, which was later purchased by Thomas J. Phillips and Levi Curtis. Horace and Abby Shipman had 12 children: (1) Marietta Shipman married William P. Stone; (2) Samuel Shipman who died Mar. 9, 1851 age 19 years; (3) Ozias W. Shipman died 1898 age 64 years. He kept a grocery store at the NW corner Broad and Waverly Streets in Waverly. He later moved to Chicago where he died. He married Emily Comstock and they had two daughters.; (4) Chauncey N. Shipman was a coal dealer in Elmira. He married Nancy Wylie of Davenport, IA and they had 4 children.; (5) Charles H. Shipman was a passenger conductor on LVRR in Waverly. He was born at Cooperstown, N.Y. Apr. 14, 1838 and died 1915. He married 1st Hattie Ross, 2nd he married Eva Bunnell Bangs.; (6) Ellen Shipman married Henry LaGrange of Union, N.Y who died at Detroit, MI. They had 2 sons. (7) Theodore Shipman married 1st Henrietta Eighmey of Milltown and had 2 sons, 2nd he married Mattie Parks of Union, N.Y..; (8) John F. Shipman who died Aug. 22, 1852 age 3 years; (9) Harry W. Shipman; (10) Louise Shipman who died Nov. 27, 1873 age 25 years; (11) Carolyn J. Shipman married Frank Whipple; (12) Anna Shipman.

SPALDING, SIMON Gen. Simon Spalding, a Revolutionary War soldier, was born Jan. 16, 1742 in Plainfield, CT and died Jan. 24, 1814 at Sheshequin, PA. He married Apr. 15, 1761 Ruth Shepard and moved from Plainfield, CT to Wyoming Valley about 1771, he later moved to Sheshequin in May 1783. In command of his company, he was with Gen. Sullivan in his expedition on 1779 and at that time located his future home site. He was present at the defense of Fort Mifflin and with Gen. Washington at Valley Forge. He served in the State Legislature in 1791 and 1792. He also served as Brigadier General in the State Militia. He was of large and commanding appearance. Simon and Ruth Spalding had 8 children: (1) Sarah Spalding b. Jan. 31, 1763, married Joseph Kinney; (2) John Spalding (see separate bio); (3) Ruth Spalding b. July 2, 1771; (4) Rebecca Spalding; (5) Mary Spalding b. July 20, 1776 married Moses Park; (6) Anna Spalding b. Apr. 21, 1779 married Col. Joseph Kingsbury on Feb. 1, 1797; (7) George Spalding b. Sept. 5, 1782 d. May 26, 1800; (8) Chester Pierce Spalding.

SPALDING, JOHN Col. John Spalding, son of Gen. Simon Spalding and Ruth Shepard Spalding, was a Revolutionary War soldier. He was born Nov. 14, 1765 and died in Sheshequin, PA Feb. 19, 1828. In Oct. 1783 he married Wealthy Ann Gore, she died Jan. 2, 1854. They had 14 children: (1) Col. Harry Spalding b. Sept. 30, 1784 in Sheshequin died May 12 1821. Married Feb. 1, 1807 Lemira Satterlee of Athens, PA, she was b. Apr. 16, 1790 d. Nov. 1, 1855. They had 8 children; (2) William Bela Spalding b. Aug. 24, 1786 in Sheshequin d. Sept. 10, 1848 in Texas. Married Delight Spalding the daughter of Ezra Spalding and Hannah Eaton Spalding, they had 5 children; (3) Noah Spalding b. June 28, 1788 in Sheshequin d. Feb. 6, 1836 in Towanda, PA, married Huldah Kellogg they had 10 children; (4) Obadiah Gore Spalding b. Aug. 11, 1790 in Sheshequin d. Dec. 1847 in Monroe, Mich., married July 3, 1814 Clotilda Hoyt b. Jan. 1, 1795 d. Sept. 3, 1834, they had 9 children; (5) Simon Spalding b. June 5, 1792 d. May 15, 1814; (6) Sally Spalding b. Aug. 26, 1794 married Henry Wells; (7) Ulysses Spalding b. July 3, 1796 in Sheshequin d. in Peru, Illinois, married Jane A. Smith, they had 5 children, of which two sons served in the War of the Rebellion on opposite sides, one son Clinton Spalding served on the Union side and James Spalding served on the Confederate side.; (8) Wealthy Ann Spalding b. July 14, 1798 d. Sheshequin Apr. 6, 1833, married Luther Carner; (9) George W. Spalding b. Aug. 8, 1800 d. Aug. 24, 1840 in Marion, IL, married 1821 Prudence Brown daughter of David Brown and Prudence Dalrymple Brown, she was b. Jan. 20, 1800 d. Oct. 7, 1841, they resided in Byron, IL and had 6 children; (10) John Avery Spalding b. Aug. 14, 1802 in Sheshequin d. Aug. 7, 1842, married Dec. 21, 1826 in Scipio, N.Y. Amanda Tracy daughter of Alanson Tracy and Martha Howe Tracy, they had 5 children; (11) Charles Miner Spalding b. Dec. 20, 1804 in Sheshequin, PA d. Jan. 20, 1858 in Texas. While with the Indians for 7 months he found with them a white woman who with her baby and two brothers had been taken prisoner. He husband had been killed by the Indians. He ransomed the prisoners and married the woman who was Jane Crawford from Alum Creek, Texas. They had 6 children; (12) Zebulon Butler Spalding b. Dec. 30, 1807 Sheshequin, PA d. Nov. 19, 1870, married Keziah B. Ovenshire, resided at Athens, PA and had 5 children; (13) Avery Gore Spalding b. Mar. 28, 1810 d. Sept. 19, 1835; (14) Mary Ann Spalding b. Apr. 30, 1812 d. Oct. 31, 1831.

SPALDING, ROBERT Robert Spalding, son of Rebecca (Spalding) Spalding and William Witter Spalding (Rebecca was the daughter of Simon Spalding and Ruth Shepard Spalding, and William Witter Spalding was the son of Oliver Spalding. Roberts’s parents were cousins). Robert was b. July 1, 1790 in Sheshequin, PA d. Oct. 6, 1853 at Wysox, PA, married July 2, 1814 Amelia Satterlee daughter of Elisha Satterlee and Cynthia Stevens Satterlee. Amelia was b. Aug. 9, 1793 d. Sept. 17, 1869 at Sheshequin, PA. Robert and Amelia resided at Athens, PA until 1840 then at Wysox, PA. They had 11 children: (1) Cynthia Satterlee Spalding b. Mar. 22, 1815, married Francis Armstrong Tyler, resided Athens, PA; (2) Alexander Hanson Spalding; (3) Chester Pierce Spalding; (4) Rebecca Spalding b. Sept. 27, 1820 d. Dec. 11, 1895, married Silas P. Gore, resided Sheshequin, Towanda, PA; (5) Isabelle Putnam Spalding; (6) Aurelia Spalding b. Feb. 11, 1827 d. Aug. 23, 1892, married June 12, 1855 Jesse M. Collins; (7) Mary Park Spalding b. Apr. 26, 1829, married Chauncey S. Russell; (8) George Spalding b. Feb. 28, 1831 died at birth; (9) Robert Morris Spalding b. Mar. 27, 1832 d. Aug. 15, 1835; (10) Helen Margaret Spalding b. Dec. 17, 1834 d. Apr. 17, 1887, married William Elwell, Jr., resided Plymouth and Sheboygan, WI.

STONE, LUTHER Luther Stone, grandson of Col. James Stone, was born Stillwater, N.Y. Mar. 24, 1794, died in Factoryville, N.Y. Aug. 13, 1866, he was a Tanner by trade, moved to Tioga Co., N.Y. about 1818, located near Owego where he conducted his tannery until 1829. He moved to Canada and continued a tannery until 1833 when his property burned, at which time he moved back to Factoryville and in company with his brother-in-law, Isaac Rounds, bought the tannery owned by Jeremy Adams built in 1825. They conducted this business until his death in 1866. His sons William P. Stone and James R. Stone continued the business for five years then sold to John A. Perkins. Luther married at Stillwater, N.Y. Jan. 14, 1816 Mary Rounds, the daughter of Jotham Rounds and Susanna Wilbur Rounds, who came from Tiverton, R. I. She was born Mar. 25, 1797 and died at Factoryville Aug. 27, 1861. They had 6 children: (1) Almira Stone died in infancy; (2) Emily Stone died in infancy; (3) Matilda C. Stone b. Oct. 21, 1822 died New York City Dec. 25, 1905, married William Brooks (she was his second wife); (4) James R. Stone b. Mar. 17, 1825 d. July 5, 1899, never married; (5) William P. Stone b. May 8, 1827 lived and died Mar. 6, 1909 in Waverly, married Oct. 5, 1853 Marietta Shipman; (6) Sarah E. Stone b. Sept. 14, 1829 d. Waverly Jan. 23, 1911, married 1st John B. Hotchkiss, he was b. Aug. 11, 1824 d. Feb. 14, 1853 of yellow fever on a vessel opposite coast of lower California while on his way to San Francisco; married 2ndWilliam Emmett Moore.

SWARTWOOD, JAMES James Swartwood, a Revolutionary War soldier, came from Wantage, N.J. to Ellis Creek among the earliest settlers in 1791. He worked as a laborer until 1800 when he purchased 131 acres on the creek three miles from Ellistown at 50 cents per acre. He died Nov. 9, 1826, his wife died in 1850. They had 9 children: (1) Mary Swartwood, married Isaac Shoemaker; (2) Martha Swartwood, married Benjamin Smith; (3) Sarah Swartwood, married Joseph Langford; (4) Kate Swartwood, married Baskia Jones; (5) Benjamin Swartwood married Catherine Williams, daughter of Ezekiel Williams; (6) James Swartwood, Jr.; (8) Jacob Swartwood; (9) John Swartwood.

SWAIN, JOSEPH Joseph Swain, son William Swain the Revolutionary soldier, was a farmer in the town of Chemung, he died May 12, 1858 at the age of 68 and is buried in the Chemung Cemetery. He married Jane Hanna, daughter of John Hanna and Margaret McCulloch Hanna of Ellistown, she died June 25, 1839 age 39 years. Joseph and Jane had 13 children: (1) Rachel Swain died Oct. 23, 1886 age 77 yrs, married John Joslin who was a farmer near Chemung, they had 3 children; (2) Margaret Swain married George French and they had 5 children; (3) William Swain b. 1811 d. 1869, married Lucy Ruggles and they had 5 children; (4) Ransom Swain d. Feb. 12, 1835 age 21 years; (5) John Swain died May 31, 1886 age 73 years, never married; (6) Robert Swain married Catharine Catlin and has one son; (7) George Swain b. 1819 d. 1897, never married; (8) Owen Swain died at Chemung at an advanced age, married Albina Gregory and never had children; (9) Alfred Swain b. Nov. 16, 1821 d. Sept. 28, 1885, married Ann Denson, they had 6 children; (10) Horace Swain married Sarah Edwards and had 5 children; (11) Lewis Swain; (12) Sarah E. Swain b. 1822 d. 1901, married Andrus Gere who was a shoemaker at Chemung, they had 5 children; (13) Jane E. Swain married George French;

TILLMAN, WILLIAM William Tillman, was a farmer in the town of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y., he married Effie Van Dyke and they had 9 children: (1) Martin Tillman b. Mar. 26, 1818 d. Aug. 2, 1910, was a farmer who lived in Chemung, he was married 4 times: 1st marriage Laura Ann Carey, daughter of Abner Carey. 2nd marriage Sally Maria Denman, daughter of Christopher Denman and Mary Brewster Denman, they had 6 children of which 3 died in infancy. 3rd marriage Eliza Ann Longhead and they had 4 children, of which 2 died in infancy. 4th marriage Mrs. Emma Decker (who after Martin’s death married David Hulslander; (2) Peter Tillman, a farmer in Erin township, married Harriet Hill and had 3 children; (3) Joseph Tillman lived in Chemung, married Effie Robbins and had 6 children; (4) William Tillman married Elizabeth Goldsmith and had 3 children; (5) Aaron Tillman, a farmer who lived 2 miles north of Chemung, married Lydia Blauvelt; (6) Jacob Tillman moved West, married unknown Middaugh; (7) Catharine Tillman married Elijah Depew, lived in Hornell and had 6 children; (8) Elizabeth Tillman married 1stOliver Herrington, had 4 children, married 2nd Lewis Stager and had on daughter; (9) Rebecca Tillman married Absalom Carey.

TOZER, ELISHAMA Elishama Tozer, a soldier of the Revolution, born July 3, 1741 in Lyme, NH and died in Waverly, NY 1790, having served as a Lieutenant in the Green Mountain Boys in 1775 and 1776, and also accompanied Benedict Arnold to Quebec. Later he served as Captain in Colonel Williams regiment from Charlotte Co., N.Y. In 1786 he was Captain of a Militia regiment and resigned in 1787. He was a resident of Skenerborough, later known as Whitehall, as early as 1772. He is recorded as living in 1776 in Charlotte Co., N.Y. When the first census was taken in 1790 he resided in the town of Whitehall, Washington Co., N.Y. and his family consisted of four males and four females. With this large family he came and settled one mile north of Factoryville, now North Waverly, on Cayuta Creek about 1801. He is buried in "The Rest" cemetery. Elishama and his wife Mary, unknown surname and believed to have been born in 1758 in France, had 9 children: (1) Baruch Tozer b. 1767, lived in Factoryville, buried in "The Rest" cemetery. His children were Frederick Tozer who died July 29, 1871 at 72 years, Alpheus Tozer, Elisha Tozer, Caroline Tozer, Almira Tozer, George Tozer who drowned in Galveston flood.; (2) Mary Tozer b. July 26, 1773 died May 4, 1846, married Salmon Johnson, they moved from Factoryville, N.Y. to Quaker Bottom, Lawrence Co., Ohio in 1824. They moved by wagon from Factoryville to Olean, N.Y. and then the rest of the way to Ohio by boat. They had 10 children, 3 of which were daughters that married and accompanied them to Ohio. Their children were Charlotte Johnson, Rebecca Johnson, Salmon Johnson, Jr., Diantha Johnson, Cyrus Johnson, William Johnson, Thomas Floyd Johnson, Alva Tozer Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson and Deborah Johnson; (3) Elishama Tozer, Jr., b. 1780, known as Elder Elisha was born at Whitehall, N.Y. and died at the home of his son Harris Tozer in Waverly June 8, 1875 at age 81. He served in the war of 1812. He 1st married Mary Rexford who died Aug. 6, 1823 at age 35 and buried at "The Rest" cemetery. 2nd he married Rachael Kendall and they had 3 children: Guy Tozer who married twice and moved to Michigan, John Tozer who never married, and Harris Tozer who lived in Waverly, married Clarissa Harford who was the daughter of Peter and Melissa Harford; (4) James Tozer b. 1773 Washington Co., N.Y. June 10, 1780 d. Feb. 16, 1839, married Cynthia Wilson, lived for awhile on the south side of Chemung River. Cynthia was b. June 30, 1789 and died Sept. 19, 1862 and is buried in Forest Home cemetery. They had 9 children.; (5) Elizabeth (Betsey) Tozer; (6) Lydia Tozer who married John Parker and moved to Lawrence Co., Ohio; (7) Lucy Tozer who married Luther Doolittle and also moved to Lawrence Co., Ohio; (8) Richard Tozer; (9) Thomas Tozer b. abt. 1770

VANATTA, AZARIAH Azariah VanAtta, son of Johannes (John) VanAtta and Elizabeth Albright VanAtta, b. Dec. 15, 1827 d. 1913, was a carpenter and then Supt. Of Waverly Water Works. He is buried in Forest Home Cemetery, he married Calista Ames, daughter of Calvin and Sarah Ames. They had 4 children: (1) Clarence F. VanAtta died early in infancy; (2) E. Claire VanAtta, harness dealer, married 1st Augusta Harnden, daughter of Dr. Daniel Harnden of Waverly, she was b. Mar. 3, 1857 d. Nov. 18, 1882, no children. 2nd married Kitty Spencer of Scranton, no children; (3) John C. VanAtta, druggist in Waverly, married Carrie Campbell, daughter of Burt Campbell, and they had one son Ronald VanAtta; (4) Edwin H. VanAtta, druggist, married Rose Graft, and they had one daughter Virginia VanAtta.

WALDO, GEORGE F. George F. Waldo, son of Lyman Waldo b. 1816 d. 1891, married Hannah Richardson, daughter of William Richardson, who was b. 1813 d. 1908. They first settled in Allegany Co., N.Y. where they resided for four years as a superintendent of a woolen factory, from there he moved to Van Etten, Chemung Co., N.Y. and filled a similar position. He then moved to Factoryville, and had charge of the Brooks woolen mill near the state line and Wheelock mill at Milltown for the following fourteen years. He then went into the drug business with E. G. Tracy becoming his partner. George and Hannah were the parents of 6 children: (1) Adelaide Louise Waldo, b. Van Etten, NY 1841 d. Elmira, NY 1871. She married Louis Talcott Waldo in 1862 and they had one child that died in infancy; (2) Charles Waldo died in infancy; (3) William Waldo died in infancy; (4) Amelia Waldo died in infancy; (5) Charlotte Elizabeth Waldo d. in Factoryville. She married Jan. 13, 1874 Martin Lee Taylor and they had 6 children: George Nathaniel Taylor b. Oct. 28, 1874, Louis Berwick Taylor b. May 10, 1880, Lee Richardson Taylor b. May 21, 1882, Ruth Hannah Taylor b. July 28, 1884, Bertha Lee Taylor b. Nov. 14, 1877 married Clarence W. Dickinson, Henry Waldo Taylor b. Mar. 16, 1879 married Mary Marguerite Walton.

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