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Daughters of America

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The eagle and stars signify Patriotism and the Holy Bible signifies religion.  Daughters of America still exists and has a web page at Daughters of America. The site has a series of history lessons but nothing about its own history or how to contact them. I am not even sure it is an official site of the organization. See the Order of United American Mechanics for a general history of this set of organizations.

.Daughters of America was formed in 1891 as an auxiliary to the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics. Its first charter, issued in Allegheny County PA was in the name of The National Council Daughters of America. Although intended as an auxiliary organization, it did not receive recognition from the male order until 1926.

The objectives of this organization, as listed in the 1978 reference I am using, are, in some of their elements, extremely right wing. In others, they are a mutual benefit organization.
1. Promoting and maintaining American interests by shielding the country from unrestricted immigration
2. Helping Americans find employment
3. Encouraging American businesses
4. Providing support for the American public school system in upholding Bible reading in the public schools
5. Opposing sectarian influences in state and national affairs
6. Promoting and advancing the Jr. Order of United American Mechanics
7. Establishing the funds to support orphans of deceased members of the organization
8. Establishing funds to provide for the aged and infirm members of the order.

The order is open (1978) to WHITE male or female citizens of good moral character, who believe in a supreme being... and who believe in reading the Bible in the public schools, and etc. in support of the  above listed principals. It is a secret society which guards its secret rituals and business. In 1930 it had over 160,000 members. In 1979 that had been reduced to 19,000 in only twenty-eight states.

(Source: Greenwood Encyclopedia of .... Fraternal Organizations, Alvin J. Schmidt, Greenwood Press, 1980, pp 82-84 and The International Encyclopedia of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders, Alan Axelrod, Checkmark Press, 1997) 

All three of these versions of the D of A emblem
include the shield with flattened corners, the eagle, 
the Bible and the handshake. The proportions differ,
but the elements are the same. 
Compare to the Daughters of Liberty which uses
the same shield shape and the handshake in its 

REGARDING: your "Daughters of America" webpage,

Hello, Ms Tice -

Thank you for your efforts in creating and maintaining your website, "Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice". This is the first page where I found any information on the "Daughters of America".

I'm researching a Methodist woman who died in 1979. Her obit reveals a lot of involvement in this organization's youth division, the "Junior Delight Council".

The obit gives her memberships as:

United Methodist Church
Order of the Eastern Star
Daughters of America, Junior Delight Council
local Past Councilor of Junior Delight
Orange County [NY] Past Councilors Association

I found this following site - the DOA mission is given as:

"Council of the Daughters of America, a patriotic fraternity, which seeks to aid in preserving and perpetuating the Public School system; to instill a spirit of patriotism into the youth of our land; to place our flag over every schoolhouse; to promote the reading of the Holy Bible therein; and to protest against the immigration of paupers, criminals, and the enemies of our social order. If you endorse the objects of this Order, raise your right hand and repeat after me the following:  CALLING UPON ALMIGHTY GOD TO WITNESS,- I DO SOLEMNLY VOW,- THAT I SEEK MEMBERSHIP- IN THIS ORDER WITH HONEST PURPOSE,- TO ASSIST TO THE EXTENT OF MY ABILITY- IN CARRYING OUT THE OBJECTS AND PRINCIPLES OF THIS ORDER. I SOLEMNLY PROMISE TO KEEP SECRET- ALL I HAVE SEEN OR HEARD,- OR MAY SEE OR HEAR,- DURING MY INITIATION."

The whites-only policy doesn't surprise me after reading their initiation ritual. They mention a "Christian flag" in their initiation ritual, but I'm not sure if it's the American flag they mean or one of their own design. If this organization has died out, I would think the current toxic atmosphere will revive it. They also participated in donating money to charities according to old issues of the local newspaper.

"Daughters of America Initiation Ritual":
Homepage - describes many fraternal and secret societies:

Yours, J

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By Joyce M. Tice

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