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Foresters of America

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Foresters of America is a possible organization that this may represent and the woodland theme in the center would reinforce this. The Ancient Order of Foresters in America was formed in 1889 when it broke from the Ancient Order of Foresters. Knights of Sherwood Forest were a subset of this. In 1895 the name was changed to Foresters of America, but is now probably extinct. There are many other groups that were formed from the early Ancient Order of Foresters including the Independent Order of Foresters now headquartered in Canada and which functions as an insurance organization. If you have more specific information, please let me know. If you can confirm or refute this identification of the marker, please contact me. Preceding the Ancient Order of Foresters was the Royal Order of Foresters founded in 1813. A schism in 1843 gave rise to the Ancient Order of Foresters. (Axelrod, Pages 88-89)
Left- A Forester's Badge from New Mexico
Subj:  Foresters of America cemetery emblem
Date: 4/9/2001 8:33:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Gary R. Toms)

Dear Joyce:
   In answering a reference request for a woman in California, about letters and a slogan found on an ancestor's gravestone, we consulted your site.  I noted that you were somewhat sepculative on the identity of the cast metal markers with the eagle, crossed flags, and slogan.
   As a result of the research for our reference request, we have determined  that you are correct; the marker does represent the Foresters of America.
   One item which help us decide was a series of applications for a  now-defunct chapter in Illinois.  A Jpg image of a smaple application depicts the same logo as the markers pictured at your site, on a form with the name of the organization.  Here is the link to that image:
   Thank you for posting the cemetery information.  It was helpful to us, and I sure it will be to many researchers.
Gary R. Toms

` Subj:  Re: Foresters of America Photos Attached
 Date:    Fri, 29 Jun 2001 7:25:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time
 From:   ProfGarish
 To:    JoyceTice

 Hi Joyce,

 I recently acquired a badge for the Foresters of America and ran across your  web site.  I wonder if you have any information on it.  As the photos show,  it is from California.  "Sutro Heights" was/is located in San Francisco,  Calif.  I'm guessing that "No. 136" is the lodge number.  The back has a  presentation date of Oct. 8, 1896.
 Through your web site I discovered that the letters in each of the star's  points---L, U, B, & C---stand for Liberty, Unity, Benevolence & Concord.  I  haven't been able to find out what the three letters in the very center stand  for.  Are they P C R?

 Do you have any information about this badge or the Foresters of America's  California branch?  Would appreciate any help you might be able to give me.


Subj:  Foresters of America
Date:  10/6/2002 1:21:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Ed Whitson)

..........I hope these email address are still good.

   These are some copied newspaper articles about my Great Grandfather Edward Whitson...

Healdsburg Tribune  April 4, 1918  P.2-2


     Ed   Whitson  and  Albert   Bloch  have been  chosen  as delegates to the  Grand Court,  by   Sotoyome  Court   of  Healds-burg,     Foresters   of   America.     D.   A. Bane  and  Leu  Richardson were chosen as   alternates.     The   Grand   Court   will meet   in   Santa   Cruz  ear y   in May.

Healdsburg Tribune  May 10, 1917  P.3-2


    At   the  session  of  the  Grand  Court of  Foresters  in Sacramento last  week, Ed  Whitson  of  healdsburg  was  elect-ed  as  delegate  from  California  to  at-
tend    the    session   of   the   Supreme Court  of  the  order,  which  will  be held in  Portland,  Maine,   in   August.    This is   a   distinct   honor   to   Mr.  Whitson, and  is   in  recognition   of   the  service he  has  been   to   the   order  during  a membership   of  a  great  many  years. Four years  ago  Mr. Whitson  was sent as  a  delegate  to   the  session  of  the Supreme   Court   in   Maryland.     Rus-sell  Wright  of  Santa  Rosa is alternate for  Mr.  Whitson.
   The  delegates  from  Healdsburg   to the  Grand  Court in Sacramento,  John Paul  and   Ed  Whitson,   made  report of  their  visit  at  a  meeting of the local
court  of   Foresters   last   night.

 Healdsburg Enterprise  July 10, 1915  P.1-5


   Ed   Whitson,   of  this  city  and  J.  P.Andreassen,   of   Santa   Rosa,    have been  appointed  Deputy  Grand  Chief Rangers  of  Foresters  of  America  by
the  Chief  Ranger  of  the  order.     Mr. Whitson  is  very  active  and  energetic in  the  order  and  his   appointment  is peculiarly   fitting   as   well   as merited
and  deserving.

The Sotoyome Scimitar  April 27, 1909  P.1-3

     E.  Whitson   and  C. H.  Wilson will leave  next   Monday    to    attend   the grand Court  Session of the Foresters of   America.     There    will   be   three
hundred  delegates in attendance representing  twenty  thousand  members in  California.  The  grand  Court offers two  hundred  dollars  for  first prize on degree  team work, and  Court Star of Woodland  offers  a  silver  loving  cup. Second prize one hundred  and twenty five  dollars.    The   session    will   last about one week.

     I was hoping that this organization was still in operation somewhere.  I am on the net now for this reason.  I thought since my GGrandfa. was so big, there might be pictures of him somewhere......  He died before I was born in 1933, the Foresters participated in his funeral.  Edward Whitson  1862-1933  Thanks, Ed.

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