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Patriotic Order, Sons of America
POS of A

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This was another of the anti-Catholic, Anti immigration, Anti Irish, etc. organizations that formed the core of the Know Nothing Party (See OAUM write-up for explanation). It originated before 1847 in Philadelphia. The OAUM with its similar ideology, also originated in Philadelphia in the 1840s which was a time of high Irish immigration. Its earliest name was Patriotic Order, United Sons of America. When the Republican Party was formed and the Know Nothing Party collapsed, this organization also disappeared. In 1868, it reorganized, with the United dropped form its name. Given the similarity to this organization and the OAUM and JOUAM and the overlapping geographic proximity of their operations, it is difficult to see why two organizations needed to exist for one purpose. Like the Masonic lodges and those who followed their examples, this organization had three degrees for members to achieve. They were Red, White, And Blue.

Following are Four Additional Ribbons probably representing various degrees in POS of A.  Can anyone shed light on the meaning of the symbols or the degrees? Photos sent in by Paul Morrissey in Waterbury,Ct. 
American Flag
Cross Star

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