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Families of  Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By  J. Kelsey Jones
2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
In 1800 there were six families enumerated in what is now Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania (enumerated in Ulster, Luzerne County), which consisted of the families who settled at Austinville in 1800 and the Robbins family. Soon, other families began to arrive in Columbia Township and some of those early families are included below.

(Watkins to Wright)


David S. Watkins b. 21 Jan 1779 Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut m. Mary Seeley, known as Polly, b. 17 Nov 1781 Weston, Fairfield County, Connecticut daughter of David Seeley and Martha Hubbell. They removed to Columbia Township in the spring of 1800 with the Morgan party and settled near Austinville. Enumerated in Ulster Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in 1800 (that portion that became Columbia Township, Bradford County) with one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1775-84), one female under age ten (b. 1791-1800), and one female of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1775-84). Their daughter Laura is related to have been the first white child born in Columbia Township. Polly d. 15 Apr 1852 70y 5m 4d (ts) and David d. 6 Sept 1863 84y 6m 17d (ts) Morgan Cemetery, Austinville, Columbia Township.

 1.  Laura Watkins b. 11 Aug 1800 Austinville, Columbia Township.
 2.  Charry Watkins b. 1802 m. John Wolfe.
 3.  David Seeley Watkins b. Apr 1804.
 4.  Rebecca Watkins b. c. 1807 m. Isaac Besley.
 5.  William B. Watkins b. 8 May 1809.
 6.  daughter b. 1811-15.
 6.  Eleada Watkins b. 1814.
 7.  Mial Watkins b. 13 Feb 1818.
 8.  Hannah H. Watkins b. c. 1822.
 9.  Mary Watkins b. 1821-25 m. John Perry.

Second Generation:
 1.  Laura Watkins b. 11 Aug 1800 m. Philip Slade b. 17 Mar 1797 Brookline, Massachusetts. Enumerated 1820 census of Columbia Township. Philip d. 19 Aug 1875 (ts) and Laura d. 11 May 1885 (ts) Morgan Cemetery.

  son b. c. 1821.
  Hannah P. Slade b. 7 Feb 1823 d. 8 Feb 1842 19y 1d (ts) Morgan Cemetery.
  William M. Slade b. c. 1825.
  Harriet M. Slade b. 20 June 1828 m. 8 Nov 1848 Moses S. Ayres.
  Lydia A. Slade b. c. 1833.
  Philip C. Slade b. c. 1836.
  Alfred P. Slade b. c. 1843.

  3.  David Seeley Watkins b. Apr 1804 m. Adah Crippen b. 2 Mar 1806 Rockland, Sullivan County, New York daughter of David Crippen and Elizabeth Worden. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830. David d. 7 Apr 1855 50y 11m 10d (ts) and Adah d. 13 Aug 1889 (ts) Morgan Cemetery.

  Selim Watkins b. c. 1825.
  Esther Ann Watkins b. 10 Sept 1835 d. 16 Apr 1839 3y 7m 6d (ts) Morgan Cemetery.
  David Watkins b. Dec 1837 d. 1 Sept 1841 3y 8m 21d (ts) Morgan Cemetery.
  Samuel Watkins b. c. 1845.
  Stephen Watkins b. c. 1849.

 5.  William B. Watkins b. 8 May 1809 m. Pamphylia Furman b. 6 Sept 1813 daughter of Peter Furman and Diadama Holiday. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 where they continued to reside. William d. 14 Sept 1890 (ts) and Pamphylia d. 12 Dec 1895 (ts) Columbia Valley Cemetery (formally known as Besley Cemetery).

  Justus Watkins b. Nov 1833 m. Irene S. Anthony.
  John M. Watkins b. c. 1834 m. Susan.
  Cordelia Watkins b. c. 1838 m. Charles Leslie Strait.
  Joel R. Watkins b. c. 1842 m. Eliza Horton.

 6.  Eleada Watkins b. 1814 m. Rebecca Whiting b. 1814 daughter of Danforth Whiting and Rebecca Sherman. Enumerated in Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840, 1850, and 1860.    Rebecca d. 20 June 1886 Mansfield.

  Mrs. Rebecca Watkins died Mansfield June 20th, age 75, at her son's S. S. Watkins (Mansfield Advertiser June 23, 1886).

  Squire C. Watkins b. c. 1834 m. Eliza who d. 18 Feb 1859 22y 11m (ts) Morgan Cemetery (2)Sarah A. Robyler.
  Martha Watkins b. 5 Sept 1835 m. Albert Smith.
  Polly D. Watkins b. c. 1838 m. John F. Bristol, divorced.
  Clancy Watkins b. c. 1840.
  Seth Sherman Watkins b. c. 1842 m Orpha M. Rumsey.
  Danforth H. Watkins b. 14 Oct 1846 m. Mary Gilbert.
  David Watkins b. c. 1847.
  Victoria Watkins b. c. 1854.

  7.  Mial Watkins b. 13 Feb 1818 m. Ophelia Harris b. 28 Nov 1825 daughter of Alexander Harris and Saloma Daggett. Resided Columbia and Sullivan Townships. Ophelia d. 27 May 1875 50y 6m (ts) Morgan Cemetery. Mial m. (2)Hester M. Case. Mial d. 6 June 1905 (ts) Morgan Cemetery.

  Children of Mial and Ophelia:
  Ida Belle Watkins b. c. 1856 m. David DeForest.
  Walter A. Watkins b. c. 1858 m. Ida Belle Gernert.
  Bert L. Watkins b. c. 1864 m. Mary Garrison.

  Child of Mial and Hester:
  Fred J. Watkins b. c. 1878 m. Grace Cleveland.

 8.  Hannah H. Watkins b. c. 1822 m. 31 Dec 1840 Isaiah Montanya b. c. 1816. Isaiah d. 26 Sept 1873 age 57. Will (Bradford County probate 2542) of Isaiah dated 30 Aug 1873 named wife, Hannah; son William W., under age twenty one; daughter, Amelia Clinton; son, Elmer; executor, Oliver O. Besley. Admitted to probate 4 Nov 1873. Oliver renounced his right to administer, 4 Nov 1873.

  Mary A. Montanya b. c. 1843.
  Laura A. Montayna b. c. 1844.
  David B. Montanya b. 1848 d. 19 Oct 1849 1y (ts) Morgan Cemetery.
  Electa V. Montanya b. May 1853 d. 24 Aug 1862 9y 2m 27d (ts) Morgan Cemetery.
  William J. Montanya b. 17 Mar 1854 m. Moriah Emaline Besley.
   Elmer Montanya.

Benoni Watkins b. 1766-75 m. Hannah Peet b. 1771-75. Enumerated in Fairfield County, Connecticut in 1800 with a son and two daughters under age ten (b. 1791-1800). Enumerated Ulster County, New York in 1810 with three sons under age ten (b. 1801-10), one son of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), and two daughters of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800) in the household. They settled in Columbia Township at Austinville in 1816. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1820 with two sons of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), and one daughter under age ten (b. 1811-1820) in the household. Benoni d. before 30 Nov 1830 when Daniel D. Watkins and Philyra his wife, Abel Watkins and Polly his wife, Henry Seeley and Betsey his wife, Nicholas Watkins and Sarah his wife, Theodore Larison and Delighty his wife, and Grandison Watkins of Columbia Township deeded 36 acres to Hannah Watkins formally owned by Benoni Watkins, deceased (Bradford County Deed 26:120). Hannah enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830. No marker exists for Benoni, perhaps buried Morgan Cemetery in Austinville.

 1.  Daniel D. Watkins b. c. 1795.
 2.  Elizabeth Watkins b. c. 1797.
 3.  Delighty Watkins b. 1 Nov 1799.
 4.  Abel Watkins b. 3 July 1806 m. Mary VanGorder, resided Columbia Township.
 5.  Grandason Watkins b. 5 Aug 1806 m. Jerusha Ann Rice, resided Rutland Township, Tioga County.
 6.  Nicholas Watkins b. 4 July 1810 m. Sarah Rose, resided Sullivan Township, Tioga County.
 7.  daughter b. 1801-10.

Dates of birth for Abel and Grandason are from calculation from age at death on markers and one of their ages or date of death cannot be correct.

Second Generation:
 1.  Daniel D. Watkins b. c. 1795 m. Philaria (Philyra, etc.) Budd b. 24 Nov 1800 Peekskill,  Westchester County, New York daughter of John Budd and Mary Russell of Columbia Township. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850. Phillyra (ts) d. 2 Sept 1863 62y 9m 9d (ts) Morgan Cemetery, Austinville, Columbia Township. Daniel was enumerated in Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1870.

  son b. c. 1819 d. before 1830 census enumeration.
  Mary Ann Watkins b. c. 1820 m. Benjamin Ingals and she d. 26 Apr 1900 Austinville.
  Orville Watkins b. c. 1822.
  Sarah Watkins, known as Sally, b. c. 1825 m. Uriah Ferguson.
  Deborah Watkins b. c. 1827 m. Augustus Austin for whom Austinville was named and they     removed to Elmira.
  Horace Watkins b. c. 1834/6 m. Delora Keyes.

 2.  Elizabeth Watkins b. c. 1797, often known as Eliza or as Betsey, m. Henry Seeley b. c. 1795    presumed son of Adam Seeley and Keziah Watrous of Columbia Township, Charleston Township,    and Jackson Township. Henry first appears on the 1815 assessment list of Columbia Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania, single. Single in 1816 (assessment compiled fall of 1815). Not listed    as single in 1817. Henry last appears on the 1819 assessment of Columbia. Enumerated in Delmar    Township, Tioga County in 1820 next to his parents, with a wife and one daughter in the household.    They returned to Columbia Township and Henry again appears on the 1826 assessment, shoemaker,    assessed for two cows, no real estate. They acquired a house and lot and he continued the occupation    of shoemaker. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830 with a wife and daughter in the     household. On the 1832 assessment, Henry was a constable. Henry last appears on the 1840     assessment of Columbia (compiled fall of 1839). On 28 Sept 1839 Henry Seely of Columbia and Betsy   his wife deeded 11acres to John Morgan (Bradford County deed 25:270). Henry was not enumerated    in Wells or Columbia in 1840. On 4 Apr 1867 Henry Seely and Eliza his wife deeded a lot in the    borough of Canton, Bradford County to Israel Moore of Armenia Township (Bradford County deed    114:320). Eliza wife of Henry Seeley d. 11 Feb 18__ (ts) Main Street Cemetery, Canton,     Pennsylvania, marker badly eroded. They were not enumerated in Canton borough in 1860 or 1870.

  daughter b. c. 1820.

 3.  Delighty Watkins b. 1 Nov 1799 m. Levi Dewey and he d. 31 Jan 1822 28y 7m (ts) Morgan    Cemetery, Austinville, Columbia Township and Mar 1825 (2)Theodorus Larrison (also Larison) b.    26 Aug 17 73. Theodore m. 27 Nov 1802 (1)Elizabeth Updyke b. 29 July 1785 and had children    Anna Larrison b. 31 Oct 1803 m. Cornelius Coolbaugh, Jacob Larrison b. 26 Dec 1805 m. Elizabeth    Grey, John Larrison b. 17 Jan 1808 m. Mary Huntley, and Lewis H. Larrison b. 19 Mar 1810 m.    Maryette Shappee (2)Henrietta Spencer. Elizabeth d. 4 Dec 1811. Resided at Daggett, Jackson    Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Theodore was a justice of the peace. Thedore is related to    have d. Mar 1857 and is buried at Jobs Corners or Daggett, no marker. Will probated 7 June 1858    named sons, Jacob, John, Lewis H., dec’d daughter Anna Coolbaugh, and granddaugthers Amelia    Moyan and Jemma Curley, dec’d. Delighty d. 28 July 1867 67y 8m 27d (ts) Daggett Cemetery,    Jackson Township, Tioga County.

  Daniel Dewey b. 15 Sept 1816 Columbia Township m. 11 Apr 1839 in Jackson Township, Minerva     Daggett.
  Harriet Dewey b. 19 Sept 1819 Columbia Township m. Feb 1836 in Jackson Township, George     Daggett and she d. 19 Oct 1839 Daggett, Jackson Township.

 4.  Abel Watkins b. 3 July 1806 m. Mary VanGorder, known as Polly, b. 1808-10 daughter of Samuel    VanGorder and Catherine Sheridan. Abel was listed as the head of a family on the 1830 Census in    Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Abel listed on the 1832 assessment list of Sullivan    with 15 improved and 22 wild acres of land, 1 horse, and 3 cows. They resided on their farm in    Sullivan Township until 1872 when they retired to Sylvania, Columia Township. Abel d. 24 Sept    1800 Sylvania, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and Polly d. 27 Jan 1894 buried    Sylvania Cemetery.

   Hannah Watkins b. 1828 m. Dr. Burchard.
   Andrew Jackson Watkins b. 13 Oct 1830 m. Clarinda Hurd.
   Emmeline Watkins b. c. 1833 m. Elmer R. Backer.
   George Watkins b. 1835 m. Stella E. Ferry.
   Jerusha Watkins b. c. 1840 m. Dayton Hollenback.
   Seeley E. Watkins b. 18 Feb 1842 m. Rosanna Wilson.
   Frank Watkins b. 1850.

 5.  Grandason Watkins b. 5 Aug 1806 m. Jerusha Ann Rice b. 18 Apr 1806. Resided Rutland    Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Grandason d. 9 Mar 1875 68y 7m 4d (ts). Will of Grandason   dated 24 Mar 1875 Rutland named wife, Jerusha Ann; sons, Jason A., Almond W., Lewis E.;    daughters, Lorry Ann and Loretta Martha Watkins and Louisa C. Bosworth. Jerusha d. 15 Feb 1888    82y (ts) buried with Grandason upon the farm they resided on in southeast Rutland Township.

  Albert M. Watkins b. 15 Oct 1831.
  Emma Watkins b. 10 Feb 1834.
  Jason A. Watkins b. 22 July 1835 m. Diantha Smith.
  Laura A. Watkins b. 1 Sept 1837.
  Almon W. Watkins b. 19 Sept 1839.
  Loretta Martha Watkins b. 19 Sept 1841.
  Louisa C. Watkins b. 21 Dec 1843.
  Ephraim B. Watkins b. 16 Jan 1846 d. 31 Mar 1864 18y 2m 15d (ts) Watkins Family Cemetery.
  Lewis E. Watkins b. 7 Nov 1849.

  6.  Nicholas Watkins b. 4 July 1810 m. Sarah Rose b. 25 May 1811 Rockland, Sullivan County, New    York daughter or John Rose and Rhoda Crippen. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830.    Nicholas appears on the 1832 Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania assessment list with 3    acres of improved land. Enumeratd in Columbia Township in 1840 and Sullivan Township in 1850    where they continued to reside. Nicholas d. 1893 (ts) and Sarah d. 1898 (ts) State Road Cemetery,    Sullivan Township.

  John Rumsey Watkins b. c. 1831 m. Sophia Welch.
  Benoni Watkins b. c. 1835.
  Lodemia Watkins b. c. 1840 d. infancy.
  Hannah Christine Watkins b. 15 Nov 1843 m. Jesse W. Austin.
  Charlotte Watkins b. c. 1847 m. Omar Peleg Doud.
  Philetta Watkins b. c. 1855 m. Benjamin F. Connelly.

Ephraim Watkins b. 31 July 1794/6/7 Connecticut m. 19 Feb 1814/5 in Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Fanny B. Palmer b. 5 June 1794 Tinmouth Township, Rutland County, Vermont daughter of Jared Palmer and Esther Allen Rice. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830, removed to Ohio in 1835 with eight children settling in Bowling Green Township. Fanny d. 28 Mar 1878 and Ephraim d. 11 Oct 1882 Larue Township, Marion County, Ohio.

 daughter b. c. 1815.
 son b. 1816-20.
 daughter b. 1816-20.
 daughter b. 1821-25.
 daughter b. 1821-25.
 daughter b. 1826-30.
 Ephraim Hubbel Watkins b. 1 July 1831 Columbia Township.


Simeon West b. c. 1794/5 Massachusetts and wife Phebe b. c. 1797 Massachusetts appear on the 1829 assessment list (compiled fall of 1828) of Columbia Township, unable to pay for children John and Hiram’s schooling. Simeon enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830. Unable to pay for daughters Harriet and Mary Ann’s schooling on the 1834 assessment list. A female of age eighty and under age ninety enumerated in their household in 1840. Farmer. Simeon d. 26 Apr 1876 81y (ts) and Phebe d. 14 Jan 1880 82y 7m 12d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.

 1.  Lucy West b. c. 1813 m. Charles Avery and she d. 1901 buried Gillett.
 2.  perhaps Francis West enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 of age twenty and under age    thirty.
 3.  John H. West b. Sept 1819 Massachusetts.
 4.  Hiram West b. 1820 Massachusetts.
 5.  Harriet E. West b. 1822 d. 17 Mar 1862 39y 10m 17d (ts) Baptist Hill.
 6.  Mary Ann West b. c. 1826.
 7.  Jane West b. c. 1828 Columbia Township.
 8.  Alfred Allen West b. c. 1831 Columbia Township.
 9.  Lydia West b. c. 1833.
10.  Elizabeth West b. c. 1837.

 Second Generation:
 3.  John H. West b. Sept 1819 m Jane Smith. Shoemaker, in 1850 census enumeration. John d. 21 Oct    1881 62y 1m 10d (ts) and Jane d. 24 Aug 1890 62y 1m 8d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.

 4.  Hiram West b. 1820 m. 28 Sept 1848 by Rev. Riggs, Mary Elizabeth Ferris b. 30 Dec 1825    Corning, New York daughter of Joel Ferris and Clarissa Barber. Hiram d. 25 July 1871 50y 8m    14d (ts) and Mary d. 10 Sept 1900 74y 8m 11d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.

  Sarah M. West b. July 1849 d. 25 July 1855 6y 18d (ts).
  Mary E. West b. 1858 d. 8 Mar 1863 4y 10m 9d (ts).
  Newton E. West b. 1864 d. 12 Oct 1865 1y 7m 1d (ts).
  Ary E. West b. 1871 d. 14 Feb 1872 9m 3d (ts).


George Wilson and Jane Fowler were early settlers in northern Columbia Township. Jane and daughters, Latitia, and Nancy Wilson were three of the original fifteen members of the Presbyterian Church organized 22 Feb 1832 at Aspinwall (now Coryland). George and Mary Wilson received as members in 1832. Jane d. 11 Jan 1852 70y 1 or 4m 27d (ts) and George d. 14 Nov 1856 77y 11m (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Margaret Wilson received as member in 1854.

 1.  Latitia Wilson m. 8 Aug 1837 Hosea Kennedy as his second wife, his first wife being a daughter of    Michael Wolfe and Elizabeth Furman. Latitia d. 7 Nov 1858. After the death of Latitia, Hosea was    twice more married.
 2.  Nancy Wilson b. 19 May 1810 m. Laban L. Rockwell buried Jobs Corners, Jackson Township,    Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
 3.  John Wilson b. 1813.
 4.  James Wilson b. 16 Feb 1815 Southport, New York m. 22 Apr 1846 Mary Gustin daughter of    Thomas D. Gustin and Ann Killgore.
 5.  William W. Wilson b. 1817.
 6.  Orr Wilson b. 1819 m. (1)Lydia Ann ______ (2)Eliza ______.
 7.  Stephen Wilson.


Nathaniel Woodard b. 1776-94 enumerated 1820 census of Columbia Township with a wife b. 1795-1800 (1820 and 1840 census enumerations) and family. Not enumerated in Columbia in 1830. Daniel enumerated in Columbia in 1840 with his mother and siblings in the household.

 1.  daughter b. 1811-20.
 2.  Daniel Woodard b. 1818 Columbia Township m. 1843 Elvira Booth. Removed to Sullivan     Township, Tioga County in 1848. Elvira d. 1868 Troy, Bradford County. Daniel m. (2)Mrs. Wolcott.   Removed to Covington Township, Tioga County in 1871. Daniel d. Mar 1882 (Mansfield Advertiser,    March 22, 1882). Six children.
 3.  Norman Woodard b. c. 1822 enumerated in Sullivan Township in 1850 with family.
 4.  Jackson Woodard b. c. 1825 enumerated in Sullivan Township in 1850.
 5.  daughter b. 1826-30.
 6.  daughter b. 1826-30.

Daniel Woodard b. 1781-90 enumerated 1820 census of Columbia Township with a family. Daniel appears on the 1823, 1825, and 1829 assessment lists of Columbia Township, unable to pay for the schooling of his children. Enumerated in Columbia in 1830. Wife, Lydia b. c. 1784. Daniel was deceased before the 1840 census enumeration. Lydia enumerated in Columbia in 1840 and 1850.

 1.  son b. c. 1803.
 2.  Daniel Woodard, Jr., b. c. 1805 Vermont.
 3.  Levi Woodard b. 1807-10.
 4.  Israel Woodard b. c. 1812 Pennsylvania.
 5.  Nathaniel Woodard b. c. 1816.
 6.  Merritt Woodard b. c. 1820.
 7.  Lydia Woodard b. c. 1828 enumerated in Columbia in 1850.
 8.  Curtis Woodard b. c. 1829.

Second Generation:
 2.  Daniel Woodard, Jr., b. c. 1805 enumerated in Columbia in 1830 with a wife b. 1811-15. Died, in    Wells, Pa., on the 1st inst., Mrs. Woodard, wife of Daniel Woodard, aged about 30 years (Elmira    Gazette, Elmira, New York, Thursday, April 11, 1844). Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850    with wife Polly b. c. 1825 New York. Daniel d. 15 Feb 1877 Armenia Township, Bradford County.

  William Woodard b. c. 1831.
  Washington Woodard b. c. 1833 m. Ellen Pickering, resided South Dakota.
  Orelia Woodard b. c. 1835.
  Lydia Woodard b. c. 1842.
  Malissa Woodard b. c. 1843.
  Daniel Woodard b. c. 1846.
  Eli Woodard b. c. 1848.
  Judson Woodard.
  Jason Woodard.
  Antoinette Woodard.


Michael Wolfe b. 20 Aug 1768 m. Elizabeth Furman b. 31 Oct 1779 daughter of William Furman and Abigail Hallock of Colchester, Delaware County, New York and later of Columbia Township. Michael and Elizabeth resided in the town of Colchester, Delaware County, New York. The Town of Colchester was erected 10 April 1792 as an Ulster County town from the Town of Middletown (also a Town in Ulster County at that time). On 10 March 1797, most of the Town of Colchester became one of the six original towns of the new Delaware County. In 1799, a part of the Town of Colchester was annexed to the Town of Walton (erected 17 March 1797). In 1800, the Town of Colchester included the land, which became the Town of Hancock in 1806. Michael Wolf of Colchester, Ulster County (Delaware County had not yet been formed), New York, in 1796, purchased from William Furman (Elizabeth’s father), of Colchester, Ulster County, land in Colchester in Great Lot 36, beginning at the southerly corner of Gordon Chapman's lot, 100 acres. Witnesses Joshua Gee and Abraham Sears. Recorded 10 Aug 1799 (Liber A:119). Michael appears on the 1799 juror list as Michael Woolf, resident of Colchester. Michael enumerated in Delaware County, New York in 1800 with two males under age ten (b. 1791-1800), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1756-74), one female under age ten (b. 1791-1800), one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1785-90), and one female of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1775-84). Enumerated in Colchester in 1810 as Michael Woolf with three males under age ten (b. 1801-10), two males of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84), one female under age ten (b. 1801-10), one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84). Enumerated in Colchester in 1810 as Michael Woolf with three males under age ten (b. 1801-10), two males of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84), one female under age ten (b. 1801-10), one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84). Michael and Elizabeth removed with members of her family from Colchester, Delaware County, New York and settled in Columbia Township in February 1813 about two miles north of Columbia Cross Roads on what was in 1884 known as the F. B. Wells farm. In 1823 they removed to what became known as the Wolf Settlement or Wolf Hollow in northern Columbia Township. Michael d. 1 Feb 1855 86y 5m 12d (ts) and Elizabeth d. 25 Dec 1865 86y 1m 25d (ts) Wolf Settlement Cemetery, Columbia Township, which was the family burial ground on the land they settled and occupied by their son Nelson. Markers inscribed “Woolf.”

 1.  Abigail Wolf b. 28 Aug 1795.
 2.  William Wolf b. 16 Apr 1797.
 3.  George Wolf b. 25 May 1799.
 4.  John Wolf b. 4 Feb 1801.
 5.  James Wolf b. 29 Jan 1804.
 6.  Michael Wolf b. 31 Mar 1805.
 7.  Martha Wolf b. 4 May 1808.
 8.  Renselear Wolf b. 7 May 1811.
 9.  Nelson Wolf b. 11 Aug 1813.
10.  Horace Wolf b. 7 Feb 1818.
11.  Mariah Wolf b. 18 Mar 1819.

Second Generation:
  1.  Abigail Wolf b. 28 Aug 1795 m. Robert Early b. c. 1790. Robert appears on the 1814 assessment list of Smithfield Township as a single freeman (assessment list included Columbia Township residents from which Columbia Township was formed). Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1820, residing in Wolfe Hollow, with two children in their household. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830 with five children in their household. Abigail d. 6 Nov 1832 37y 2m 9d (ts) Wolf Settlement Cemetery. Robert enumerated in Scott Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania in 1840, 1850 and 1860, farmer, with second wife Elizabeth. Robert enumerated with son Nelson in Scott in 1870.

  Electa Early b. 1816 m. Chester Canady, resided Springfield Township.
  Hallock Early b. c. 1820 m. Rosella Seeley.
  Deborah Maria Early b. 6 Jan 1822 m. Robert G. Lakin.
  Elizabeth Early b. 20 Jan 1823 m. 27 July 1843 in Scott Township, Charles Alexander Greenmun.
  Elida Early b. 1826-30.

  Children of Robert and Elizabeth:
  Abigail Early b. c. 1837.
  Mary Jane Early b. c. 1840.
  Louisa Early b. c. 1842.
  William N. Early (twin) b. c. 1843.
  Nelson Early (twin) b. c. 1843.

  2.  William Wolf b. 16 Apr 1797 m. Sarah Dann b. 27 Apr 1799 Connecticut. Enumerated in Columbia Township    in 1820 and Rutland Township, Tioga County in 1830. They returned to Columbia and on the 1835    assessment list (compiled fall of 1834) they were unable to pay for the schooling of children,    Abraham, age 8; Hulsey Burton, age 6; and James, age 5. They removed from Bradford County,    Pennsylvania in 1837 to Ohio and then in the fall of that year to Tazewell County, Illinois and in    1838 to Truro Township, Knox County, Illinois and then to Benton County, Iowa. William d. 1 Nov    1884 Cedar Township, Benton County, Iowa buried Greenwalt Cemetery.

  Baxter Wolf b. 20 Oct 1820 Columbia Township m. 9 June 1842 Mary Seward.
  John Wolf b. 1822/24 m. 1 Feb 1844 Sophronia Seward.
  daughter b. 1822/24 enumerated 1830 census.
  Abraham Wolf b. 1 Feb 1826 Columbia Township m. 29 Sept 1844 Louisa Seward.
  Halsey Burton Wolf b. 8 May 1828 m. 9 Dec 1849 Lorinda Seward.
  James Wolf b. 28 Feb 1830 m. 14 Nov 1852 Diantha Livermore.
  Elias Daniel Wolf b. c. 1832 m. Sarah Belle Johnson.
  Abigail Wolf b. c. 1836 m. Noah Cotton.
  William Wolf b. 13 Apr 1839 m. 27 Apr 1867 Phoebe Orahood.
  Henry Wolf b. c. 1841 m. 1 Jan 1865 Sarah A. Ketriyon.

  3.  George Wolf b. 25 May 1799 m. Leefe Kennedy b. 4 Oct 1806 daughter of Alexander Kennedy  and Catherine Brown. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830 with one daughter in their household. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 with two daughters and a son. George d. 16 Aug 1862 (ts). Will dated 29 Jan 1862 named wife Lephe sole executrix and all property, children John D. Wolfe, Lydia wife of Charles Joralemon, Susan wife of Oliver O. Besley, Rhoda Wolfe, Betsey Wolfe. Filed 10 Dec 1862 (probate file 1518). Leefe d. 29 Apr 1889 (ts) buried with George in Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.

  Lydia A. Wolf b. 28 Mar 1827 m. 4 May 1850 Charles Wesley Joralemon.
  Susan Wolf b. c. 1830 m. Oliver O. Besley.
  Hosea C. Wolf b. 10 Oct 1832 was an extensive land owner in Columbia Township owning several     farms, m. 15 Feb 1855 Lucy L. Cornell daughter of Levi Cornell and Fannie Luther and had     children, Clinton A. Wolf, Ella E. Wolf m. Charles P. Shaw, and George L. Wolf b. 26 Oct     1865 m. 7 Dec 1887 Minnie E Strait.
  Rhoda Wolf b. c. 1841 m. Eugene Youmans.
  John Dell Wolf b. 1843 m. Lydia Ann Relyea.
  Elizabeth Wolf b. 25 Feb 1845 m. Jefferson Warner.

  4.  John Wolf b. 4 Feb 1801 m. 27 Feb 1825 Charry Watkins b. 1802 daughter of David Watkins and    Polly Seeley. John d. 24 Dec 1872 70y 10m 11d (ts) and Charry d. 13 Jul 1893 buried Baptist Hill    Cemetery, Columbia Township.

  Orrin Wolf b. 1828, single, d. 1918 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  Electa Wolf b. 21 Aug 1836 m. 31 Dec 1854  (Tioga Eagle, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, January 11, 1855) Alfred McClure b. 1829. Alfred d. 11 Sept 1879 50y   6m (ts) and Electa d. 10 Sept 1923 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery. Sons, Frank McClure, Bert    McClure, John H. McClure b. 1859 d. 7 Sept 1862 3y (ts), Dean H. McClure b. 7 June 1870 m.   18 Sept 1889 Nannie Belle Wood b. 29 July 1872 daughter of George Nelson Wood and Hellen   Alexaide Davis and he d. 10 Feb 1927 buried Baptist Hill, infant son d. 1 Mar 1872 (ts).

  5.  James Wolf b. 29 Jan 1804 m. Anna Mink daughter of Rev. William Mink of Rhinebeck, New  York. James, shoemaker, resided Troy, Bradford County and later removed to Elmira, New York. James d. at Elmira, New York 20 Aug 1861 57y 6m 22d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania. Anna d. 1886 perhaps Columbia Township.

  Martha Wolf b. 1830 m. J. W. Harding and resided Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
  William W. Wolf b. 6 Apr 1833.
  Charles W. Wolf b. May 1835 Rhinebeck, New York.
  John N. Wolf b. 7 Apr 1837 m. 7 Feb 1867 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, February 21, 1867) Emma Arminta Wilber b. 1846. John d. 1913 (ts) and Arminta d. 1934 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
  Catherine Wolf b. 1839, single.
  Thaddeus W. Wolf b. Sept 1842, served Civil War, m. Edith E. Linderman b. Mar 1855. Enumerated at West Chemung Street, Elmira, New York in 1900. Thaddeus d. 30 Jan 1919 and Edith d. 1927 Park Cemetery Canton. Daughter, S. Elizabeth Wolfe b. Apr 1874 d. 1960 Park Cemetery.
  Frank Wolf b. c. 1844 d. young.
  Charlotte Wolf b. 11 Apr 1845 m. 7 Oct 1869 (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 14, 1869) James Madison Gustin and she d. 1918 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
  Howard Wolf b. c. 1847.
  Horace Leroy Wolf b. 27 Aug 1850, baker, resided Troy.
  Frank Wolf b. 28 Dec 1852.

  Charles W. Wolfe, an old resident of this boro, died at 29 Canton street at 8:30 o’clock Monday morning, aged 65 years and nine months. Deceased was born at Rhinebeck, Duchess County, N.Y. When he was about four years of age, his parents, James and Anna M. Wolfe, with their family, moved to Troy, afterwards at different dates residing in several of the surrounding towns in this vicinity, taking up their residence in this place since the year 1861. In business Mr. Wolfe first followed the occupation of a shoemaker, and was employed in the shop belonging to Thomas Dove, later by John Christian, both of this place. He was also connected with other business houses here, and for the last thirteen years, except during the period of his sickness, was employed in the bakery owned by his brother, H. L. Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe has been confined to the house for a little over a year past, suffering with progressive-anemia, under the care of Dr. C. F. Paine, and has at rare occasions been able to be out and greet old friends. He left the home where his brothers and sisters resided on  Redington Avenue about three weeks prior to his death, and occupied rooms over the bakery, where he passed away. Among the many friends and relatives of the deceased by whom he will be sadly missed are the members of his immediate family who survive him: Mrs. Martha Harding, Williamsport: William W. and Howard of Scranton; Thad W. of Elmira; John N., Kate E., Lottie Gustin, H. L. and Frank of this place. The funeral services will be held at the home on Redington Avenue tomorrow (Thursday) at one o’clock p.m., Rev. Ward Mosher to officiate, assisted by Rev. E. P. Morse (Troy Register, Wednesday, January 30, 1901).

  The funeral of Thaddeus W. Wolf was held from the home Monday afternoon in charge of     Rev. Mr.Soper of the Methodist Episcopal church. The deceased, a native of Troy, resided in Elmira    before taking up his residence here. His health had steadily declined for the past few years his death    occurring Saturday. He was 76 years old and is survived by a widow and one daughter Elizabeth, two    brothers Horace of Montour Falls, N.Y. and Howard of Scranton (Canton newspaper obituary).

  Mrs. Edith Wolfe, one of Canton's most esteemed residents, died in her home there last Tuesday, January 4th at the age of 71 years. She was well known to many here through her visits in the George E. Linderman and M. H. McGlenn homes. Mr. Linderman is a brother. A daughter, Miss Elizabeth Wolfe of Canton survives. The funeral was held Thursday from the home, Rev. C. W. B.Turner officiating and interment was in Park cemetery (obituary).

  Horace L. Wolfe, baker, confectioner and proprietor of restaurant, Troy, was born in Troy, this county, August 27, 1850, a son of James and Anna (Mink) Wolf, the former a native of Columbia township, this county, a son of Michael and Betsy (Furman) Wolf, who settled in Columbia township in 1811; the maternal grandfather, Rev. William Mink, of Rhinebeck, N. Y., was a native of Germany, James Wolf, father of subject, who was a shoemaker by trade, and was for many years a resident of Troy, in later life removed to Elmira, N. Y., where he died in August, 1861; his children were ten in number: William, Martha (Mrs. J. W. Harding), Charles, John, Kate, Thaddeus, Lottie (Mrs. J. W. Gustin), Horace L., Frank and Howard. The subject of this memoir was reared in Troy, and educated in the public schools; during the Grant campaign in 1868, he lost both arms by the premature discharge of a cannon. In 1887 he embarked in his present business in Troy, in which he has since successfully continued; he is an enterprising citizen; in politics he is a Republican.

  The death of Frank Wolfe, for a number of years a resident of Troy, occurred early Tuesday morning at Danville, Pa. Mr. Wolfe went to the Danville State Hospital in November of last year for medical treatment. For a few weeks past he had been suffering from a peculiar difficulty, which resulted in cancer of the throat, causing his death. Mr. Wolfe was born in Troy December 28, 1852, a son of James and Ann M. Wolfe. With his parents he moved to Elmira a few years later, where he had employment for about four years. In 1887 he entered the employment of his brother, H. L. Wolfe, who at that time embarked in the bakery business in Troy, with whom he remained for a period of thirteen years, when Mr. Wolfe disposed of his interests here. Deceased is survived by seven brothers and sisters: William of Scranton, Mrs. J. W. Harding of Williamsport, Jno. N., Mrs. Lottie Gustin and Kate of Troy, Thaddeus of Elmira and Howard of Scranton. Funeral services were held this afternoon at 2 o’clock at the home of his sister, Miss Kate of Troy, conducted by Rev. A. E. Hall, assisted by Rev. E. P. Morse (Troy Register, Thursday, June 4, 1903).

  Died Tuesday Charlotte Wolfe Gustin, Readington Avenue, born Apr. 11, 1845. Two sons, Fred of    Montour Falls and Thad; one sister, Mrs. Martha Harding of Williamsport; three brothers, Thad    Wolfe of Canton, Horace L., of Troy and Howard of Scranton. Burial Glenwood Cemetery (Troy    Gazette Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 15, 1918).

  6.  Michael Wolf b. 31 Mar 1805 m. 11 Oct 1832 Amanda Osgood b. 17 Dec 1816 daughter of Thomas   Osgood, Jr., and Abigail Ingals of Wells. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 and 1850 and    in Rutland Township, Tioga County in 1860. Michael d. 11 Feb 1863 57y 10m 11d (ts). Amanda m.    Feb 1865 (2)Charles Havens. Amanda d. 8 Mar 1885 68y 2m 21d (ts) buried with Michael in Baptist   Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township. Michael and Amanda are related to have had Nattie Wolf m. a    Hammond and Ida Wolf m. Fred Davis, but they are not enumerated on the 1840, 1850 and 1860    censuses.

  Lemuel Wolf b. 1833.
  Furman Wolfe b. 6 Jan 1836 m. Adaline VanKirk b. 23 Dec 1836 daughter of Joseph VanKirk     and Margaret Joralemon. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in     1860, removed to Smithfield Township, Bradford County and then removed about 1886 to Elmira,    New York. Furman d. 22 Oct 1910 on a visit to Sayre, Pennsylvania and Adaline d. 20 Dec 1920     at the family home at 448 West Thurston Street buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. Four sons,     Edmund Kirk Wolfe b. 13 Aug 1860 Columbia Township, Joseph Walter Wolfe b. 1863     Smithfield Township, James Furman Wolfe b. 1867 Smithfield Township, Arthur M. Wolfe b.     Feb 1875 Smithfield Township.
  Julia Wolf b. 7 Oct 1837 m. William McClure.
  Lorenzo Wolf b. 1840 m. Emma Kennedy.

Lorenzo I. Wolfe  aged 84 years, a long time resident of Columbia township passed away at the Blossburg Hospital Saturday nite Sept. 27, after a 3 week illness.  Besides his widow he is survived by 2 daughters:  Mrs. Fred Davis (Ida) Columbia x Rds and Mrs. George Cook (Minta) of Gillett.  7 grandchildren: Mrs. Nellie Richmond, Mrs. Beatrice Howard, Wallace Cook, Anna Davis, Clifford Davis, Lorenzo Davis, Frankee Davis, 2 great grandchildren Donald Richmond, Cecil Richmond.

 7.  Martha Wolf b. 4 May 1808 m. 8 Sept 1825 Hosea Kennedy b. 25 June 1805 Windham County,    Vermont son of Alexander Kennedy and Catherine Brown. Martha d. 12 Mar 1837 28y 10m 8d (ts)   Kennedy Cemetery, Springfield Township. Hosea m. 8 Aug 1837 (2)Letita Wilson and they had    eight children. Letitia d. 7 Nov 1858. Hosea m. Mar 1859 (3)Maria Knowlton and she d. 31 Mar    1862. Hosea m. 30 Oct 1862 (4)Ruth Ann Brown.

  Maria Kennedy b. 9 June 1827 m. William D. Harris.
  James W. Kennedy b. 30 June 1829 m. Lydia Mosher.
  Milo Kennedy b. 4 May 1831 m. Mary Cooley (2)Alice McClure.
  Philo Kennedy b. 5 June 1833.
  Abigail Kennedy b. 22 Mar 1835 m. John B. Luckey.

 8.  Renselear Wolf b. 7 May 1811 m. Emma Brown daughter of Obadiah Brown and Amanda Ferris    and she d. 3 Nov 1836 21y 7m 8d (ts) Wolf Settlement Cemetery. Renselear m. (2)Margaret Fries b. 8    Nov 1808 daughter of James Fries and Margaret Kuhl of Wells Township. Resided Columbia    Township. Margaret d. 31 Jan 1869 (ts) buried Wolfe Settlement Cemetery and Renselear d. 18 Dec    1893 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.

  Children of Renselear and Emma:
  Alice Ann Wolf b. 14 Feb 1833 m. 7/17 Jan 1852 Abraham DeWitt Joralemon and resided East     Troy.
  Hester Wolf b. 1836 d. 12 Dec 1847 11y 8m (ts) Wolf Settlement Cemetery.

  Children of Renselear and Margaret:
  Jacob Wolfe b. Feb 1839 m. 30 Mar 1870 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, April      7, 1870) Anna E. Brink b. 1850 New Jersey daughter of Andrew Price Brink and wife Sarah.     Jacob m. (2)Susan Maria Wing b. June 1847 daughter of Lorenzo Wing and Mary Mosher of     Wells. Jacob d. 24 Aug 1914. Maria living 1930 Home For Aged, Elmira, New York d. 21 Nov     1937 buried with Jacob in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Son, Chester R. Wolf b. Oct     1888 m. Lena McLane.
  James Wolf b. Feb 1847.

  The funeral of Jacob Wolfe of Wolf Hollow near Columbia Cross Roads, Pa. died Monday was held
  at the family home yesterday afternoon. The Rev. Barrett of Wolf Hollow officiated and burial was
  in Woodlawn Cem. in Elmira last evening. The decedent is survived by his widow, a son Chester
  Wolf, a brother James who lives at home, one daughter who resides in Calif. 4 nephews of decedent
  were pall bearers Fred & Henry Murphy, Floyd Griffin, John Cassell (obituary).

  Mrs. Susan Maria Wolfe, widow of Jacob Wolfe died at 2:15 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 21, 1937, after
  four years' illness at the home of her niece, Miss Louella Murphy at 611 Sullivan St. She is survived    by a son, Chester R. Wolfe of Rochester and several nieces and nephews. The body is in the     Harrington funeral home where the funeral service will be conducted at 3 p.m. Tuesday by the Rev.    John H. Willis. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers (obituary).

 9.  Nelson Wolf b. 11 Aug 1813 m. Catherine Cecelia Edwards daughter of Sarah Edwards who    became the second wife of Joseph H. DeWitt. Cecelia d. 22 Dec 1880 62y 2m 3d (ts) Coryland    Cemetery, Wells Township. Nelson m. (2)Phebe A. Ferguson b. 2 June 1828. Nelson d. 5 Feb 1897    (ts) and Phebe d. 5 Oct 1898 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  Sarah Jane Wolf b. c. 1840 m. 16 Feb 1861 (Elmira newspaper, February 23, 1861) in Columbia     Township, Levi Dayton Shepard b. 1 June 1834. Resided Towanda, Pennsylvania. Dayton d.  25     June 1886. Sarah resided Athens, Pennsylvania 1904-5.
  Miranda Wolf b. c. 1841.
  John DeWitt Wolf b. c. 1843 m. Ellen DeWitt b. c. 1841 daughter of Doctor Barnet DeWitt and     wife, Mary. Resided Ramden, Oklahoma in 1904-5.
  Hellen M. Wolf b. 1846 d. 22 Sept 1849 3y 7m (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Alonzo Wolf b. Apr 1850 d. 18 June 1850 2m (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Mary F. Wolf, known as Mattie, b. 1854 m. Harry Chase b.1851, resided Troy, Pennsylvania.     Mattie d. 1920 (ts) and Harry d. 1927 (ts) Chace Newberry Cemetery, Springfield Township.

10.  Horace Wolf b. 7 Feb 1818 m. 16 Nov 1853 Huldah Haynes b. 15 Dec 1821 Sullivan County, New    York. Huldah d. 9 Sept 1886 and Horace d. 1 Jan 1892 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia     Township.

  George Henry Wolf b. 11 Oct 1854 m. 17 Mar 1880 Isabelle Knapp b. 1860 daughter of Ananias     Knapp and Rachel Gordon of Wells. Belle d. 1932 (ts) and George d. 1934 (ts) Baptist Hill     Cemetery. Sons, LeRoy H. and Hallock C.
  Maria Wolf b. 12 Apr 1856 m. Lewis J. Hammond b. 1855 son of Alfred Hammond and Rebecca     Brasted d. 1896 and Maria d. 1926 buried Baptist Hill Cemetery. One daughter Nora Hammond     m. Jefferson Prutsman.
  John Hamilton Wolf b. 8 Nov 1858 m. Aug 1881 Harriet Wilson b. June 1861 daughter of James     Wilson and Mary Gustin of Columbia. Farmer with 225 acres in northern Columbia. John     elected county commissioner. John d. 1922 (ts) and Hattie d. 22 Jan 1941 at home of daughter     Olive in Snedekerville buried Baptist Hill and had children, Fowler b. 16 Apr 1882 d. 30 May     1890, Olive b. 2 Feb 1884 m. Michael Joseph Fitzgerald, and Horace b. 28 Sept 1886 d. 9 Dec     1892.

11.  Mariah Wolf b. 18 Mar 1819 m. Henry Gifford b. 1813 New York son of Elisha A. and Mary Gifford. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840. Maria d. 7 Jan 1841 21y 9m 20d (ts) Wolf Settlement    Cemetery, Columbia Township. Henry m. (2)Mary Vaughan b. June 1811 Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Miller Vaughan and Chloe Daggett. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850. Enumerated in Charleston Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860, farmer. Henry d. 1867 (ts) Delmar and Mary d. 1901 (ts) Wellsboro Cemetery. Henry and Mary were the parents of five children.

  Died on the 6th instant during a severe thunder storm, Mr. Henry Gifford of Delmar. He leaves a    family. His funeral was held at the Presbyterian church in Wellsboro Sunday afternoon (Tioga    Agitator, September 11, 1867).


Elizabeth Wright was enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1790 with three males over age sixteen and two females (including herself) in her household. Elizabeth was enumerated next to Shubal Rowley and Elizabeth is believed to be the mother of Elizabeth Wright who married Shubal Rowley.

Presumed children:
 1.  Elizabeth Wright 1766-74 m. Shubal Rowley.
 2.  George Wright b. c. 1768.
 3.  Thomas Wright b. 1772.
 4.  Amy Wright b. 6 Sept 1781 m. Zephaniah Knapp.

Second Generation:
 2.  George Wright b. c. 1768 and wife Anna b. c. 1785 settled in northern Columbia Township, Bradford County. Enumerated in Columbia in 1820 with one male under age ten (b. 1811-20), two males of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-1810), one male over age forty five (b. before 1775), two females under age ten (b. 1811-20), two females of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10) and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five 9b. 1776-94) next to household of brother Thomas. George was listed on the 1820, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833 (Anna’s name included, the first year wives names were included with the husband), 1834, and 1835 assessment lists of Columbia, unable to pay for the schooling of their children, which identifies their children, James, William, Mary Ann, Laura S., John B., and Mary Ann. George d. 18 Sept 1849 81y (ts). Anna and children John and Mary were enumerated in Springfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850 and in Columbia Township in 1860 and 1870. A William Wright, age 11, enumerated with them in 1860, perhaps a son of John by an unknown marriage. Edward Wright, age 16, enumerated with them in 1870 and he married Josephine Gustin. Anna d. 29 Apr 1873 88y (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.

  5.  Samuel Wright b. c. 1806.
  6.  daughter b. 1805-10.
  7.  daughter b. 1805-10.
  8.  James Wright b. 1 June 1809 New York.
  9.  William Wright b. c. 1813.
  10.  Mary Ann Wright b. c. 1815 was living in 1824 when listed in the assessment list (compiled fall of 1823) and d. before her sister of the same name was born.
  11.  Laura S. Wright b. 1820 d. 24 Feb 1842 21y (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  12.  John B. Wright b. July 1823, single, enumerated in Columbia Township in 1860, carpenter; Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880 and 1900, farmer, residing with sister Mary.
13.  Mary Ann Wright b. Aug 1827, single, enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880 and 1900 residing with brother John.

 3.  Thomas Wright b. 1772 m. Sarah Owens, known as Sally, b. 15 Oct 1782 daughter of Israel Owen and Jane Farrier of Warwick, Orange County, New York. Enumerated in Warwick in 1810. They are related to have settled in northern Columbia Township in 1812 at or near Baptist Hill. Thomas appears on the first assessment of 1812-13. Sally’s sisters Esther Gordon and Margaret Reed and her brother Thomas Owen also settled nearby. Enumerated in Columbia in 1820 with one male of under age ten (b. 1811-1820), one male of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one male over age forty five (b. before 1775), two females under age ten (b. 1811-20), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-1794), next to household of brother George. Sally was one of the fifteen original members of the Presbyterian Church organized 22 Feb 1832 at Aspinwall (now Coryland) and remained in connection with the church until her death. Thomas became a member that same year. Children, Aaron, Sally, and Elizabeth Wright became members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall in 1846. Thomas d. 24 Feb 1841 68y 9m (ts). Sally was enumerated with son John and family in Columbia Township in 1850 and 1860. Sally d. 27 Feb 1866 83y 4m 12d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  14.  Clarissa Wright b. Feb 1801 m. Jesse Edsall.
  15.  daughter b. 1804-10.
  16.  daughter b. 1804-10.
  17.  Aaron R. Wright b. c. 1810 New York.
  18.  Sarah Ann Wright b. 6 May 1813 m. James Madison Edsall, divorced (2)James McClure.
  19.  Owen Wright b. 1815 New York.
  20.  daughter b. 1811-20.
  21.  Elizabeth Wright b. c. 1822, single in 1850.
  22.  John R. Wright b. 23 June 1825.

James Hakes b. c. 1798 m. 6 July 1820 Elizabeth Wright b. 1795-1800 and 29 June 1842 (2)Mary A. Roberts and he d. 21 Jan 1864 Bradford County.

Third Generation:
5.  Samuel Wright b. c. 1806 m. Rosilla Gustin b. c. 1808 New York daughter of Eliphalet Gustin. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1830 next to households of Thomas Wright and George Wright with no children in their household. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 next to households of Thomas Wright and George Wright. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1850 and 1860. Rosilla d. 26 Jan 1861 53y 8m 10d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Samuel enumerated in Mosherville, Wells Township in 1870, working in the wagon shop of Simon Harr, daughter Malissa and family residing with him. Samuel was a class leader in the Methodist Church. Enumrated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880, wagonmaker, residing at Daggett, son in law Lysander Hammond and two children residing with him. Samuel perhaps buried Coryland without a marker.

1.  daughter b. c. 1830 (1840 census enumeration).
2.  Melissa Wright b. 1834 m. Lysander W. Hammond b. c. 1835. Enumerated with her father in 1870, Lysander a boatman with children Della, age 7, and Samuel, age 3. Melissa d. 1880 (ts) Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Lysander and two children resided with his father in law at Daggett in 1880, Lysander a machinist. Lysander m. 29 Nov 1881 (Wellsboro Agitator, December 13, 1881) at Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells Township, Alzada E. Mitchell of East Smithfield, Bradford County. Lysander d. 12 June 1890 51y (ts) and Alzada d. 15 May 1894 (ts) Union Cemetery, East Smithfield.
  3.  Elizabeth Wright b. c. 1836.
4.  Augustin Wright b. 1836 became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1860 d. 9 Mar 1860 23y 11m 26d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Death also recorded in 1860 mortality schedule of South Creek, married, and Presbyterian Church record, latter relating he d. 8 Mar.

8.  James Wright b. 1 June 1809 first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells, m. Flavilla Fairbanks b. 22 Dec 1816 Vermont daughter of Samuel Fairbanks and Lois Willey of Columbia Township. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, farmer. James d. 22 Feb 1890 (ts) and Flavilla d. 18 Dec 1897 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.

  1.  Emma E. Wright b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania.
2.  Lewis Wright b. 1841 Pennsylvania m. 7 Oct 1868 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 15, 1868) in Elmira, Rosanna Havens of Columbia. Enumerated in Columbia in 1870. Lewis d. 4 Jan 1895 53y 7m 3d (ts) Watson Cemetery, Roseville.
  3.  Minerva Wright b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.
4.  Jonas E. Wright b. 1847 Pennsylvania, resided Coryland, d. 1931 (ts) Watson Cemetery, Roseville survived by wife Lydia and sister Nina Chamberlain (obituary).
  5.  Nina S. Wright b. c. 1864 (Mrs. Chamberlain).

17.  Aaron R. Wright b. c. 1810 m. Julia Ann Burdick b. c. 1812 New York. Enumerated in Springfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1840 and 1850, farmer. Enumerated in Fox Township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in Fox Township in 1870, residing with son Onslow. Aaron d. 1879 Fox Township.

  Gilbert Wright b. c. 1836 New York.
  Angeline Wright b. c. 1837 New York.
  Julia Wright b. c. 1839 New York.
  Augusta Wright b. c. 1841 Pennsylvania.
  Onslow Wright b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania enumerated in Kalkaska County, Michigan in 1880 with wife Juliet and two children.
Paulina A. Wright. b. 25 Jan 1844 Pennsylvania m. 1 Apr 1866 Orrin Provin Ward, resided Alba, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  Frances Wright b. c. 1848 Pennsylvania.
  Clarissa Wright b. 1850 Pennsylvania.
  Elizabeth Wright b. c. 1854 Pennsylvania.

19.  Owen Wright b. 1815 and wife Amanda b. c. 1823 enumerated 1850, 1860, and 1870 census of Columbia Township, farmer, residing at Baptist Hill in northern Columbia Township. Owen d. 20 Jan 1880 64y 4m (ts). Amanda and daughter Jeanette and son Edwin and his family enumerated in same household in Columbia in 1880. Amanda d. 17 Nov 1891 68y (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  Thomas Edwin Wright b. 1844, known as Edwin, m. 22 Feb 1872 at Smithfield, Charlotte E.     Aldred of Smithfield (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, March 7, 1872). Edwin d. 1922    (ts) Union Cemetery, Smithfield Township.
  Jane Wright b. c. 1846.
  Malvina Wright b. c. 1848.
  Jeanette Wright b. c. 1849.
  Harriet Wright b. c. 1854.
  Sarah F. Wright b. 1864 d. 2 May 1866 1y 7m 14d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

22.  John R. Wright b. 23 June 1825 m. 1 May 1850 Diadama Baker b. 3 Sept 1827 daughter of Amos Baker and Ruth Warner. Enumerated 1850 and 1860 census of Columbia Township, farmer, residing at Baptist Hill in northern Columbia. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1880. Diadama d. 6 Mar 1887 (ts) and John d. 8 Jan 1892 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery, Wells Township.

  Charles Wright b. 1857.
  Alice Wright b. 1861 m. James H. Heater.

There was a Thomas Wright (b. 1766-1784) and wife (b. 1785-1794) enumerated in Smithfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1810.

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