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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
(Adams to Ayers)


Levi Finch Adams b. 19 Mar 1788 Connecticut son of Senator Levi Adams and Mercy Finch who removed to Martinsburgh, New York where the Honorable Levi d. 18 June 1831. Levi m. 5 Apr 1818 at Perry City, Tompkins County (now in the town of Hector, Schuyler County), New York, Huldah Swartout b. 25 Aug 1800 daughter of Robert Swartout and Sarah Cornelia Richards. Levi taught school at Carthage, New York before their removal to Wells Township where they first appear on the 1834 assessment list, perhaps arriving in 1833, and acquiring the property of John Cooper. Resided at Judson Hill, Levi teaching school at Judson Hill in the Methodist church. Will of Levi dated 4 Apr 1853 Wells, entire estate to wife Huldah and appointed sole executrix. Filed 11 Feb 1856 (probate file 1066). Levi d. 26 Oct 1855 67y 7m 8d (ts). Will (probate file 1696) of Huldah dated 4 May 1864 Wells named children, Sarah, Oliver, Lovisa, Hannah, Huldah, Mary, Julia, Caroline, and Mercy to have real estate in Jackson Township, Tioga County of 56 acres to be divided equally; household furniture to daughters after they pay sons Levi, Seamour, and Robert each $1. Brother, Barnadus Swartout, executor. Witnessed by Wm M. Updyke, Jacob Sheive, and Nathl Seely. Huldah d. 23 May 1864 63y 9m (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery. For the ancestry of Levi see Adams Family by H. L. Corzette, 1936.

 1.  Levi Adams Jr., b. 18 Feb 1819.
 2.  Sarah Adams b. 16 Nov 1820 New York.
 3.  Seymour Adams b. 1 Apr 1822 Perry City, Tompkins County, New York.
 4.  Oliver Adams b. 24 July 1824 Tompkins County, New York.
 5.  Lovisa Adams b. 3 Aug 1825.
 6.  Hannah Adams b. 8 May 1827 m. Joseph Sturdevant.
 7.  Huldah Adams b. 6 Jan 1829 m. Hebron Palmer who d. in the Civil War (2)Sylvester Kendall.
 8.  Mary Adams b. 12 Jan 1831 m. 4 June 1847 (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, July 1, 1847) in    Southport, Chemung County, New York, Jason F. Schofield of Wells.
 9.  Robert S. Adams b. 30 Nov 1832.
10.  Julia Adams b. 2 Sept 1834 m. William Frost.
11.  Caroline Adams b. 8 June 1836 m. Henry Rozell.
12.  Mercy Adams b. 3 Sept 1838 m. George Corzette (2)Samuel Williamson.

Second Generation:
 1.  Levi Adams Jr., b. 18 Feb 1819 m. 5 Mar 1842 (Elmira Gazette, March 17, 1842) in Wells, Eunice Sturdevant b. c. 1823. Enumerated in Eldred Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania in 1850, and 1860, shoemaker; day laborer in 1870.

  Levi Adams b. c. 1842, single, d. Civil War.
  Francis M. Adams b. c. 1844 m. Harriet Gary.
  Huldah Adams b. c. 1846 m. William Councilman (2)David Mapes.
  Cornelia Adams b. 24 Oct 1849 m. Lyman Boughton.
  Emma C. Adams b. c. 1851 m. Chester Cummings.
  James Adams b. c. 1854.
  Cameron F. Adams b. c. 1861 m. Florence Updike.

 2.  Sarah Adams b. 16 Nov 1820 m. 6 Mar 1842 (Elmira Gazette, March 17, 1842) Palmer R. Bryant of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and she m. (2)Gilbert Searles.

  Maria Bryant b. 1842 m. Charles Corzette.
  Viola Searles m. Harrison Belnap.
  Harriet Searles, single.

 3.  Seymour Adams b. 1 Apr 1822 m. 22 June 1844 Marcelia Menough b. 1 Sept 1827.

  Cassine M. Adams b. 1845.
  Emma A. Adams b. 9 June 1847 m. a Fenton.
  Catherine Marie Adams b. 23 Jan 1850 m. Charles A. Tibbits in Barton, Tioga County, New York.
  Alonzo Adams b. 20 Jan 1853.
  Seymour Adams b. 1855.

 4.  Oliver Adams b. 24 July 1824 m. 24 Oct 1846 Lucy Stafford b. 1 May 1827 Delhi, New York    daughter of Uriah and Desire Stafford. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Oliver served in Civil    War. Lucy d. 23 May 1897 at the home of a daughter in Corning, New York. Oliver d. 1911     Roseville, Pennsylvania.

  Uriah F. Adams b. 5 Aug 1847 Wells, served Civil War, m. Betsey Ann Wheeler who d. 29 June     1920. Uriah d. 31 Jan age 77 at home of daughter Mrs. D. E. Watson in Roseville. Buried     Roseville.
  William H. Adams b. 21 Apr 1849 m. Mary Cook.
  Josephine Adams b. 19 Apr 1851 m. Edward Gardner.
  Caroline Adams b. 20 Jan 1853 m. Frank Davis, resided Sylvania, Pennsylvania.
  Orrin Adams b. 23 Jan 1855, single, d. 22 Nov 1934.
  Emmit Adams b. 12 Sept 1857 d. 8 Sept 1865. "The funeral of Oliver Adam's son who died of     diptheria at Judson Hill by Rev. Jewell 8 Sept 1865 (diary of Rev. Joel Jewell).
  John Quincy Adams b. 9 Jan 1860, single, d. 15 Oct 1895.
  Minnie Adams b. 20 July 1864 m. Albert Lee.

 5.  Lovisa Adams b. 3 Aug 1825 m. Alvin Palmer.

  Willis Palmer m. Ida Hamilton.
  Alice Palmer m. William Dewey (2)Jewett Patterson.
  Lillian Palmer m. O. Eugene Dewey.
  Rosa Palmer d. infancy.
  Manley Palmer m. Annis Comfort.

 9.  Robert S. Adams b. 30 Nov 1832 d. 24 Apr 1915 (ts). Wife, Mary Mericle b. 7 June 1837 d. 22 July   1913 (ts) Jackson Center Cemetery, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Resided Judson    Hill, Wells Township, enumerated there in 1860.

  Floyd Adams m. Hattie Woodford.
  Fred Adams m. Emma Rowen.
  Frank Adams m. Lydia Wisner.
  Fletcher Adams m. Ida Bates.
  Clayton Adams d. 2 Mar 1880 13y 8m 20d (ts) Jackson Center Cemetery.
  Milton Adams m. Jennie Rutan.
  Alice Adams m. Herbert Stevens.
  Harriet Adams m. James Hamilton.
  Eva Adams d. 16 Jan 1880 4y 2m 7d (ts) Jackson Center Cemetery.
  Charles Adams m. Grace Ferris.

James Adams b. c. 1835, blacksmith, enumerated in James and Clarisa Pettengill household in 1860.


Julia Agen, 30, married, b. Ireland, domestic, d. July 1859 of consumption, ill 30 days (1860 Wells mortality schedule).


Rickliff Albertson b. c. 1782 New Jersey appears on the first asessment list of Wells in 1812-13 as Ruliff Alberson. Rickliff resided in southern Wells at or near Aspinwall (now Coryland) and transfered property to Samuel Ingals and to Joseph Holly and on the 1819 assessment there is the notation that he removed from the township. Enumerated in Covington Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1820 with a wife and four sons in their household. Rickliff again appears on the 1823 assessment list. On the 1825 assessment list Rickliff and wife Elizabeth were unable to pay for the schooling of children William and Isaac. Elizabeth d. 15 May 1827 36y 1m 20d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania. Rickliff last appears on the 1828 assessment list (compiled fall of 1827) of Wells. Not found on the 1830 census enumeration. Rickliff m. after the 1830 census enumeration (2)Martha Jones, known as Patty, b. 30 June 1781 Connecticut daughter of Elijah Jones and Hannah Raymond. Martha had m. (1)John Wade and then c. 1821 (2)John Kelly who d. c. 1825. Martha was enumerated in Southport, Tioga County (that portion that became Chemung), New York in 1830 with three daughters in her household. Rickliff enumerated 1835 census of Southport, Tioga County (that portion that became Chemung County), New York with two males (including Rickliff) and three females in the household. Enumerated in Southport in 1840. Enumerated in Southport in 1850, farmer. Martha was enumerated in Southport in 1860 in the home of daughter Sarah McWhorter. Martha d. Jan 1865.

 1.  son b. 1805-10.
 2.  William B. Albertson b. 4 Sept 1814 Wells.
 3.  Isaac Albertson b. 4 Mar 1816 Wells.
 4.  Lewis Albertson b. 1818.
 5.  Alexander B. Albertson b. 1 Aug 1823.

Second Generation:
 1.  William B. Albertson b. 4 Sept 1814 m. 23 Sept 1841 Mary Davis b. 1 Nov 1823 daughter of    Nathaniel Davis and Lydia Cleaver. Resided Spiceland, Henry County, Indiana. Mary d. 27 Sept    1849. William m. 2 Sept 1855 (2)Rebecca Lawrence b. 1826 daughter of Peter Larrance and    Sarah Hinshaw. William d. 19 Oct 1858 buried Old Friends Cemetery, Spiceland. Rebecca     enumerated in Spiceland in 1860 with children Josiah and Sarah in the household. Rebecca m. 1863    Elijah Hinshaw by whom she had five children and she m. 7 Nov 1880 (3)Levi Jessop. Rebecca d. 2    Nov 1903.

  Children of William and Mary:
  Nathan D. Albertson b. 4 July 1842 Madison, Indiana.
  Eli Albertson b. 22 Oct 1843 d. 3 Sept 1858 Spiceland.
  Benjamin Albertson b. 21 July 1845.
  Lydia Ann Albertson b. 12 June 1847 d. 10 Aug 1848 Spiceland.

  Children of William and Rebecca:
  Josiah Albertson b. 7 Aug 1856 Spiceland.
  Sarah Albertson b. 31 Dec 1857.

 3.  Isaac Albertson b. 4 Mar 1816 m. Ann Jeanette Toncray/Tongray b. 30 Oct 1827 New York daughter of Horace Toncray and Ann Eliza Yerrington. Isaac and Ann removed to Nebraska in 1856 with his brother and members of her family and founded the short-lived village of Buchanan at the junction of Shell Creek with the Platte, not far from the present location of Rogers, in April 1856. A post office was established 27 October 1856, Isaac Albertson, postmaster. Later the post office was changed to Shell Creek, then to Schuyler. Isaac was one of two households enumerated at Buchanan in the 1856 census with several men in the household presumed to be a settler’s camp. Enumerated in Platte County, Nebraska in 1860, post office address El Dorado, farmer, next to the household of younger brother Alexander. Isaace became involved in politics and in 1864 part of the council of the territorial legislature, and as the incumbent of numerous county offices. Enumerated in Colfax County, Nebraska in 1870, post office Schuyler, farmer. Enumerated in Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska in 1880, farmer. Isaac d. 6 Jan 1891 (ts) Dodge County. Ann enumerated on Broad Street, Fremont in 1900 with daughter Pearl in the household and her sister Sarah and her children in the next households. Ann d. 20 Aug 1912 (ts) buried with Isaac in Ridge Cemetery, Fremont, Nebraska.

  Another Pioneer Gone.
  The funeral of the late Isaac Albertson yesterday afternoon drew a large concourse of friends to pay their last tribute to the old and respected Nebraska pioneer. All members of the family were present except one son, Hoarce, who resides in a distant state. Deceased was one of the first settlers of the state, having come here and located in Colfax county when it was worth almost a man’s life to venture alone beyond the threshold of his door withoutbeing amply prepared to meet at that time, and still, man’s common enemy the red skin. Mr. Alberston was a man of great moral and undaunted physical courage who played a promiment part in aiding to civilize Nebraska and put her from under the reign and rule of the copper colored native so numerous when the sturdy pioneer ventured into the borders of the state (Fremont Tribune, January 10, 1891).

  The funeral of the late Isaac Albertson was largely attended  yesterday afternoon. There were present all the members of the family except the son Horace, who is absent in one of the distant territories. The deceased was one of Nebraska’s pioneers, having settled on Shell Creek, in Colfax county, at about the time of Fremon’t settlement, residing there until his removal here a few years ago. He was a conspicuous figure in the pioneer days, being a man of stalwart form and of undaunted courage, one of the most expert rifle shots in the country and was moreover a man well liked by all who knew him (Fremont Herald, January 15, 1891).

  Ellen Albertson b. c. 1850 Michigan.
Ann E. Albertson b. July 1854 Michigan, teacher in 1880, m. 1880 George Wells, enumerated in Schuyler, Colfax County, Nebraska in 1900.
  Clara Albertson b. c. 1856 Michigan, teacher in 1880.
  Horace Albertson b. c. 1860 Nebraska, clerk in real estate office in 1880.
  Pearl E. Albertson b. 4 Jan 1869 Nebraska d. 10 Feb 1945 (ts) buried with parents.

 4.  Lewis Albertson b. 1818 m. 26 Apr 1842 (Elmira newspaper) in Southport, Rachel Smith b. c. 1821. Enumerated 1850 census of Southport, farmer. Rachel d. 11 Apr 1852 31y (ts). Lewis was enumerated in the town of Southport in 1860, farmer, with three children in the household. Lewis d. 2 Aug 1869 51y (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Judson Albertson b. c. 1843 entered service 21 Aug 1862 during Civil War and served in Company C, 141st Regiment d. 21 July 1864 of wounds at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia suffered in battle before Atlanta buried Peach Tree Creek.
  Abigail Albertson b. c. 1845.
  Elias Wilmot Albertson b. 28 Aug 1848 Southport.

 5.  Alexander B. Albertson b. 1 Aug 1823 m. in Michigan, Sarah Toncray/Tongray b. 25 May 1830 near Elmira, New York daughter of Horace Toncray and Ann Eliza Yerrington. They removed in 1856 with his brother and her sister and members to the Toncray family to Nebraska. Enumerated in Platte County, Nebraska in 1860, post office El Dorado, farmer, and next to the household of older brother Isaac. Alexander d. 20 July 1866 (ts) Fremont, Dodge County, Nebreaska. Sarah enumerated in Fremont in 1870 with two children in her household and with a high valuation of real estate and personal property compared to other enumerated households. Enumerated on Broad Street, Fremont n 1900 residing with daughter Cora and family, son Rickliff residing in next household and sister Ann Jeanette in the next household. Sarah d. 31 May 1907 (ts) Dodge County, Nebraska buried Ridge Cemetery with Alexander, Fremont, Dodge County.

  Greatly Beloved Woman Passed Away Last Evening at the Age of 78 Years – Funeral Sunday.
  At the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. L. B. Smith, 910 Broad street, Mrs. S. Albertson passed away at the age of 78 years, at 6 o’clock last evening. Mrs. Albertson had been ill for some time and since the death of her daughter, Mrs. Smith, in January, she has been gradually failing until the end came last night. Mrs. Albertson was born near Elmira, N. Y., May 25, 1830, removing some years later to Michigan, where she met and was wedded to Alexander Albertson. In 1856 Mr. and Mrs. Albertson removed to Nebraska, taking up their home near Buchanan, or near where Schuyler is now situated. At that time Mrs. Albertson was known as the furthest west white woman in the Platte valley, none having settled here before her. Her husband died about ten years later in Buchanan and two years after his death Mrs. Albertson moved to Fremont, where she has since resided. R. L. Albertson of Chicago is the only surviving child of the deceased, he and his wife having been in attendance at the time of the mother’s demise. The funeral services will be held from the residence of Dr. Smith tomorrow afternoon at 2 o’clock (Fremont Herald, June 1, 1907).

Rickliff L. Albertson b. July 1852 Michigan had a wife Imogene and nine children. Enumerated in Fremont in 1900, railroad agent.
Cora May Albertson b. 9 May 1858 Nebraska m. Dr. Leander B. Smith b. 27 Jan 1846. Cora d. 31 Dec 1906 (ts) and Leander d. 19 Nov 1922 (ts) Ridge Cemetery.


Nathaniel Alvord Jr., b. 22 Sept 1789 Brookfield, Vermont son of Nathaniel Alvord and Rebecca Deming who removed in 1817 to Troy, Pennsylvania and were the parents of seven children. Nathan Jr., removed from Vermont to Columbia Township in 1818 and then about 1822 to Wells where he first appears on the 1823 assessment list (compiled in 1822) of Wells as a single freeman. Nathan m. 16 Nov 1823 Hila Edsall b. 1 Aug 1801 Southport, Chemung County, New York daughter of  Samuel Edsall and Sarah Seeley. On the 1827 assessment of Wells is the notation “removed.” Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1830. In their 1830 household were three sons and a female of age 5 and under age 10. Nathan was a physician, surgeon, and dentist, d. 20 Aug 1846 47y 10m 29d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Hila enumerated 1850 census of Wells, d. 8 Apr 1877 75y 8m 7d (ts) Pine City Cemetery, town of Southport.

 1.  Samuel Edsall Alvord b. 14 Nov 1824 Wells.
 2.  Melvin Alvord b. 3 Apr 1826 Wells d. 24 Apr 1827 Wells.
 3.  Erasmus Darwin Alvord b. 15 Apr 1828 Wells, single, d. 21 Feb 1856 27y (ts) Elmira, New York,   buried Second Street Cemetery.
 4.  Sarah Maria Alvord b. 13 July 1830 Wells, single, d. 27 Mar 1864 33y (ts) Elmira, New York,     buried Second Street Cemetery.
 5.  Edward Livingston Alvord b. 17 Dec 1832 Wells, compositor on New York Tribune, single, d. 20    June 1867 New York, New York.
 6. Martin VanBuren Alvord b. 14 Mar 1835 Wells.
 7.   Mary Rockwell Alvord b. 20 Oct 1841 Wells m. Berry Seeley Learned.
 8. Martha Alvord b. 27 Aug 1844 Wells, single, d. 23 May 1899 buried Pine City Cemetery.

AMEIGH see Emeigh

AMY see Emeigh


Rev. Hallock Armstrong b. 1823 perhaps Southold, Suffolk County, New York son of James Thompson Armstrong and Ruth Hallock m. 1851 Mary Branson b. 1832. Rev. Armstrong was ministering in Dushore, Pennsylvania in 1860. In July 1881 he became pastor at the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland). In 1881 Ruth H. Armstrong became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall and in 1882 Mary M. Armstrong. Rev. Armstrong d. 1904.

 1.  Ruth Hallock Armstrong b. c. 1851 Monroeton, Pennsylvania.
 2.  Addison Armstrong.
 3.  Charles Armstrong.
 4.  Francis Armstrong.


Nathaniel Apsinwall b. 18 Sept 1778 Canterbury, Connecticut m. 4 June 1804 Eudocia Pomeroy b. 10 Jan 1783 Coventry, Connecticut. Eudocia d. 9 Mar 1852 Elmira, New York and Nathaniel d. 3 July 1861 Elmira, New York.

 1.  Nathaniel Pomeroy Aspinwall b. 22 Mar 1805.
 2.  Augustus Aspinwall b. 4 Apr 1807 d. 19 Feb 1828.
 3.  Edson Aspinwall b. 25 Apr 1811.
 4.  Thomas Aspinwall b. 23 July 1815 d. 13 Jan 1818.
 5.  Sarah E. Aspinwall b. 27 Mar 1823 d. 7 Oct 1832.

Second Generation:
 1.  Nathaniel Pomeroy Aspinwall b. 22 Mar 1805 Lebanon, New London Connecticut, baptised 5 Jan 1817 First Presbyterian Church, Genoa, Cayuga County, New York son of Nathaniel Aspinwall and Eudocia Pomeroy m. 3 Mar 1829 at Aurora, New York, Angelina Brush b. 8 Mar 1805 Aurora, New York daughter of  Samuel Brush and Mary Ferris. They resided Genoa, New York and then removed to Southport, Chemung County, New York. Pomeroy first appears on the 1837 assessment list of Wells where they resided a few years and then removed to Elmira, New York. Pomeroy d. 3 Mar 1879 Elmira and Angelina d. 8 Dec 1886 Buffalo, New York.

  Augustus Aspinwall b. 19 Mar 1830 Genoa.
  Mary Brush Aspinwall b. 11 July 1831 Genoa d. 26 June 1833.
  Judson Aspinwall b. 24 Feb 1833 Northville, New York.
  Edward Payson Aspinwall b. 18 Mar 1834 Southport, New York.
  Nathaniel Pomeroy Aspinwall, Jr., b. 27 Feb 1836 Southport.
  Samuel Brush Aspinwall b. 4 June 1838 Wells.
  James Aspinwall b. 25 Apr 1841 Elmira d. 11 Feb 1842.
  Sarah Angelina Aspinwall b. 27 Nov 1850 Elmira d. 2 Sept 1852.

 3.  Edson Aspinwall b. 25 Apr 1811 Lebanon, New London, Connecticut baptised 5 Jan 1817 First Presbyterian Church, Genoa, Cayuga County, New York son of Nathaniel Aspinwall and Eudocia Pomeroy m. 29 Mar 1831 Esther Maria Beardsley b. 29 Decc 1811 Genoa, New York. Acquired property of James Roe in 1836 in southern Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1840 with a wife, two sons and a daughter. Edson and family removed to Towanda, Bradford County. Enumerated in Towanda in 1850 (September 4th), farmer. Edson died 25 Sept 1850. E. Maria and N. Pomeroy Aspinwall appointed administrators, 1 Nov 1850 (Bradford County Probate file 737). Appraisal 4 Oct 1850 which included notes payable to the estate from: Michael Wolf, Gideon Ingersoll, J. R. Hazen (runaway), Abram Shuart, John Bailey, J. H. Kilgore, Jonathan Owen, Joseph Gorden, W. S. Ingals, B. Seely, Abram Wortendyke, D. Cash, Peter R. Knapp, John Brasted, William Lewis, ?. B. Ryerson, Silas C. Davy, Gibson H. Davy, George B. Sheive, Silas Jones, Elisha Gifford, John Cash, Jesse Edsall, David B. Fries, Joel Ferris, Jehiel Ayres, R. B. Slade.

 Sherman Nathaniel Aspinwall b. 3 Apr 1832 m. 21 June 1854 Sarah Helen Meyer.
 Charles Augustus Aspinwall b. 5 June 1835.
 Ellen Maria Aspinwall b. 9 Jan 1839.
 Mary Cornelia Aspinwall b. 22/23 Dec 1844.
 Frances Aurelia Aspinwall b. 20 Oct 1846.
 Edson Marion Aspinwall b. 7 Oct 1849 d. 27 Aug 1850 10 months Towanda.


Samuel Atkins b. c. 1788 first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells and last appears on the 1834 list and was one of the families who removed to Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio. Enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County in 1840 b. 1791-1800 with a wife b. 1791-1800 and a male in the household b. 1821-25. Enumerated in Chatham Township, Medina County in 1850, age 64, farmer, born New York and Hannah Atkins, age 36, born NewYork.


Andrus Austin first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells, carpenter. Enumerated in Wells in 1840 with a wife, son, and daughter. Levi Austin appears in 1835 and 1836.


Levi Ayers m. Temperance Wick. Various dates of birth and a marriage date are given for Levi and Temperance by earlier researchers, but documentation is lacking to substantiate those dates. On 3 Apr 1770, Levi Ayers, blacksmith, received a mortgage from Elisha Wicks for a lot in Bernards township, Somerset County. He was pewholder #25 in the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church from 1769-76. Evidently, shortly after that date the family removed to Wantage Township, Sussex County, New Jersey near Beemerville, when on 28 Apr 1777 Peter Ayers of Wantage deeded (G:126) to Levi Ayers of Wantage, 76.28 acres in Wantage. Levi is related to have served in the American Revolution but documentation is lacking. He is further related to have d. 1786 by earlier researchers, but this is not accurate as deeds after this date would seem to refer to Levi versus his son Levi. On 1 May 1791 James Parker of Pert Amboy, Middesex County, deeded (G:127) 30.97 acres in Wantage on Mill Creek, a branch of Peppocating, to Levi Ayers of Wantage. On 13 Dec 1796 David Compton of Wantage deeded (G:128) 39.12 acres to Levi Ayers of Wantage (quit claim deed). On 22 Nov 1799 Levi Ayers of Wantage deeded (F:325) 17.59 acres in Wantage to Israel Ayers of Wantage, “part of Levi’s farm where he now lives, which was conveyed to Levi Ayers by Peter Ayers on 28 Apr 1777.” On 15 June 1803 “Temperence Wick, the wife of Levi Ayers” became a member of the Clove Dutch Reformed Church of Wantage.

 1.  Levi Ayers b. 4 Dec 1767.
 2.  Edward Ayers b. 21 Sept 1763/5.
 3.  Israel Ayers.
 4. Temperance Ayers b. c. 1774.
 5.  Enoch Ayers b. 4 Oct 1776 Sussex County (1850 census).

Second Generation:
 1.  Levi Ayers, Jr., b. c. 1762 m. 18 Mar 1787 Phebe Russel. On 15 June 1803 Levi Ayers, Jr., became a member of the Clove Dutch Reformed Church, Wantage Township and on 18 June 1803 Phebe Russel the wife of Levi Ayers, Jr., became a member. Enumerated in Wantage Township in 1830 with one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one male of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1761-70), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), and one female of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1761-70). Enumerated in Frankford Township in 1840 with one male of age seventy and under age eighty (b. 1761-70) and one female of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80).

  5.  Mary Ayers b. 2 Mar 1788 bpt Jan 1797 (Clove Dutch Reformed Church).
  6.  Israel Ayers b. 12 Oct 1789 bpt Jan 1797 (Clove) m. 10 Mar 1811 (Sussex County marriage record) Catherine Haggerty.
  7.  Elizabeth Ayers b. 21 July 1791 bpt Jan 1797 (Clove).
  8.  Charlotte Ayers b. 21 Aug 1793 bpt Jan 1797) (Clove).
  9.  Sarah Ayers b. 5 May 1795 bpt Jan 1797 (Clove).
  10.  Levi Ayers b. 22 Aug 1797 bpt Jan 1797 (Clove) m. Elizabeth Randolph.
  11.  Isaac Ayers b. 23 Feb 1799 bpt 22 Oct 1799 (Clove).
  12.  Irah Ayers b. 30 Oct 1800 bpt 12 July 1801 (Clove).
  13.  David Russel Ayers b. 20 Feb 1803 bpt 3 July 1803 (Clove).
  14.  Edward Ayers b. 3 Apr 1805 bpt 29 Aug 1807 (Clove).
  15.  Caleb Ayers b. 30 Mar 1806 bpt 29 Aug 1807 (Clove).
  16.  Phebe Ayers b. 11 Aug 1808 bpt 14 Jan 1810 (Clove).

 2.  Edward Ayers b. 21 Sept 1763 m. Anna DeWitt b. 30 Oct 1771 daughter of Isaac DeWitt and Jerusha Price. Edward was a member of the 1st Company of Grenadiers - Newton, Capt. John Gustin (1793 New Jersey State militia census). Edward d. 18 Feb 1828 buried Beemerville. Anna d. 7 Nov 1847 76y 8d Wantage buried Beemerville. Her marker reads “a member of the Presby Ch for 28 years.”

  17.  Enoch A. Ayers b. 21 May 1796.
  18.   Lucy Ayers b. Sept 1796.
  19.  John A. Ayers b. 28 Jan 1800.
  20.  Jehiel Ayers b. 1804 New Jersey.
  21.  Nancy Ayers b. 1806.
  22.  Edward A. Ayers b.  c. 1807.

 3.  Israel Ayers was a member of the 1st Company of Grenadiers - Newton, Capt. John Gustin (1793 New Jersey State militia census) m. 11 Feb 1794 Margaret Hoppaugh b. Hunterdon County, New Jersey daughter of John Hoppaugh and Elizabeth Rockefeller. Margaret Hoppaugh, wife of Israel Ayers became a member of the Clove Dutch Reformed Church, Wantage Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, 15 June 1803. Israel d. 1829 buried Old Beemerville Cemetery. Estate of Israel Ayers of Wantage named Elisha Ayers, Harriet Ayers, Israel Ayers, heirs of Elizabeth Dunning dec’d, Patty Decker, Susan Beemer. Recorded 22 Apr 1830. Margaret Ayers a widow in the 1830 census of Wantage with one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1771-80).

  23.  Elisha Ayers b. 17 Oct 1796.
  24.  Elizabeth Ayers b. 1797.
  25.  Julia Ann Ayers b. 1799 d. 28 Oct 1825 26y (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.
  26.  Martha Ayers b. 12 May 1802.
  27.  Selah Ayers b. c. 1806 d. 8 Sept 1827 21y (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.
  28.  Israel Ayers b. c. 1803/8.
  29.  Susan Ayers m. _________ Beemer.
  30.  Harriet Ayers b. c. 1801/11 m. Gabriel Coykendall. Enumerated 1880 census of Wantage.

 4.  Temperance Ayers b. c. 1774 m. 3 Aug 1800 (Sussex County marriage record) Nathan Shepard b. 16 Dec 1773. Resided Frankford, Sussex County, New Jersey. Enumerated in Wantage Township, Sussex County in 1830 with one male under age five (b. 1826-30), one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one male of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90). They removed to Southport, Chemung County, New York and were enumerated in the 1835 state census with two males (including Nathan) and one female in the household. Enumerated in the 1840 census of Tyrone, Steuben (that portion that became Schuyler) County, New York with one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one male of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80), one female under age five (b. 1836-40), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20), one female of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80), and one colored female of age ten and under age twenty four. Temperance d. 20 Feb 1849 74y (ts) Weston Cemetery, Town of Tyrone, Schuyler County, New York. Nathan removed to Wells where sons Jesse and Nathan and their families were residing. Nathan d. 26 Mar 1855 81y 3m 10d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  Jesse Shepard b. 1801 m. Mary Holton and he d. 1876.
  Harriet Shepard b. 25 July 1804 m. Nathaniel Roe and she d. 6 June 1876.
  Moses Shepard.
  Mehitable Shepard b. 1809 m. George Kymer and she d. 6 Nov 1854.
  Morris Shepard b. 1809 m. Eleanor Ann Phillips and he d. 18 June 1837.
  Nathan Shepard b. 29 Jan 1811 Deckertown, New Jersey m. Jane Case and he d. 4 Feb 1862.
  Levi Shepard b. 28 Oct 1813 Frankford Township m. Nancy Decker.
  Susan Shepard b. 1815-16 m. Isaac Baker, Jr., and she d. 29 July 1849.

 5.  Enoch Ayers b. 4 Oct 1776 m. Catherine Hoppaugh b. 19 Apr 1778 Hunterdon County, New Jersey daughter of John Hoppaugh and Elizabeth Rockefeller. Enumerated in Wantage Township in 1830 with one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one male of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1771-80), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1771-80). Enumerated in Frankford Township, Sussex County in 1840 with one male of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one male of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80), two females of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), and one female of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80). Enumerated in Frankford in 1850, farmer, daughter Maria Vannoy and two of her five children residing in their household. Will of Enoch dated 23 Sept 1849 Frankford Township; wife Catherine use of all personal and real estate during her life, then same to ten children, John Ayers, William Ayers, Squire Ayers, Enoch Ayers Jr., Jefferson Ayers, Elizabeth Compton wife of Jacob Compton, Catherine Killgore wife of William C. Killgore, Mariah Vanoa widow of Jacob Vanoa dec’d, heirs of Emeline Roe dec’d wife of Schuyler Roe, Hetty Ager wife of Thomas Ager. Will proved 29 Aug 1854. Enoch d. 19 Aug 1854 77y 10m 15d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery. Catherine enumerated as “lady” with daughter Elizabeth and husband in 1860 in Wantage Township with a personal estate of $3,500. Catherine d. 23 Aug 1869 91y 4m 4d (ts) New Beemerville Cemetery.

  DIED, near Beemerville, on the 4th inst., ENOCH AYERS, aged 76 years (The Sussex Register,    Newton, New Jersey, August 26, 1854).

  DIED. AYERS - at Beemerville, on the 23d ult., Catharine Ayers, in the 95th years of her age (Sussex   Register, Newton, New Jersey, September 9, 1869).

  31.  John Ayers b. 16 Sept 1798.
  32.  William Ayers b. c. 1799.
  33.  Squire Ayers b. 15 July 1801.
  34.  Elizabeth Ayers b. Jan 1803.
35.  Catherine Ayers b. 17 Sept 1807
36.  Enoch Ayers Jr., b. c. 1809.
  37.  Maria Ayers b. c. 1815.
  38.  Emeline Ayers.
  39.  Mehitable Ayers.
  40.  Thomas Jefferson Ayers b. 1820.

Third Generation:
17.  Enoch A. Ayers b. 21 May 1796 m. 1 July 1820 (Sussex County marriage record) Mary Decker b.    c. 1803. Enumerated in Wantage, Sussex County in 1850, farmer. Mary d. 10 Aug 1851 48y. Enumerated in Wantage in 1860, farmer, with wife Julia Ann. Enoch d. Apr 1867 Wantage buried Beemerville. Julia Ann d. 5 Feb 1882 72y.

   daughter b. c. 1822 (1830 census).
  41.  Decker E. Ayers b. May 1824.
   daughter b. 1826-30 (1830 census).
  42.  Selaer E. Ayers b. 10 May 1828 Sussex County, New Jersey.
  43.  Jacob E. Ayers b. 1834.
  44.  Rebecca E. Ayers b. c. 1842 m. Warren Clark.
  45.  Judson E. Ayers b. c. 1845.
  46.  Hortense D. Ayers b. 23 Dec 1847 m. 27 Oct 1870 in Sussex County, New Jersey, William Merritt Clark and she d. 23 Jan 1922 Springfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania..
  47.  Caroline Ayers.
  48.  Mary Ann Ayers.

18.  Lucy Ayers b. Sept 1796 m. 26 Mar 1814 (Sussex County marriage record) Philip Wyker b. 23 Dec    1790 son of John Wyker and Catherine Knauff. Lucy d. 5 Apr 1844 47y 6m 12d (ts). Philip m.    (2)Lucy Ann _______ d. 5 Dec 1845 35y (ts). Philip m. 4 July 1846 (Sussex County marriage record)   (3)Mrs. Phebe Ackerson b. c. 1800 who was enumerated with him in 1870. Philip d. 26 Feb 1872.

19.  John A. Ayers b. 28 Jan 1800 m. 4 Mar 1830 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record) Catherine Williams b. 2 Aug 1808 New Jersey. They removed from Sussex County, New Jersey to Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1840. John was one of the petitioners to grant a charter to the Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now Coryland), 11 May 1843, along with his two brothers Jehiel and Edward. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. John A. and Catherine became members of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall in 1855. In the History of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) it is related that “in ’55 there were seven (received as members), one of them in his last illness, at his own home, was baptised and received. We refer to John A. Ayers.” John d. 8 Aug 1855 (ts). In 1858 Allen W., Cornelia D., and Rosilla Ayers became members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall. Catherine d. 24 Mar 1889 (ts) buried Coryland Cemetery with John. On 8 June 1891 Amanda Seely of Mansfield, Cornelia Ayers, Frederick Ayers, Gertrude Ayers, Percillia Inscho and  Dyer Inscho her husband, all of Elmira, Sarah E. Sherman and J. N. Sherman her husband of Chemung County, Nancy M. Voorhees and J. M. Voorhees her husband of Jackson, and Rosilla Titus and Charles Titus her husband of Elmira, deeded land in Wells to Edward Coke of Wells (Bradford County deed 191:530).

  49.  Allen W. Ayers b. Jan 1831 Sussex County, New Jersey.
  50.  Amanda J. Ayers b. 8 Feb 1833 Sussex County.
  51.  Nancy M. Ayers b. 8 Feb 1835 Sussex County.
  52.  Ira H. Ayers b. 8 June 1837 Sussex County.
  53.  Priscilla Ayers (twin) b. 25 Nov 1839.
  54.  Rosilla Ayers (twin) b. 25 Nov 1839.
  55. Jehial Ayers b. 6 Mar 1842 d. 24 June 1849 (ts and 1850 census mortality schedule) Coryland     Cemetery.
  56.  Sarah Elizabeth Ayers b. 1844.
  57.  Isadora Ayers b. 18 May 1846 d. 30 July 1850 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

20.  Jehial Ayers b. 1804 m. 10 Oct 1823 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record) Emily Ellison b.    1 Oct 1805 Sullivan County, New York. Removed to Wells from Sussex County, New Jersey in the    spring of 1838 supposedly in company with Thomas Ferguson and William VanWert families.    However, Thomas Ferguson appears on the 1838 assessment list of Wells, which was compiled in the    fall of 1837. Obituary of son, Ellison relates he was fifteen years of age when he removed with his    parents to Wells which would place the date at 1841 or 1842, however Jehial appears on the 1839    assessment list of Wells, which was compiled in 1838. Jehial was one of the petitioners, 11 May    1843, when a charter was granted to the Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now Coryland), along    with brothers John and Edward. Charity and Sarah Amelia Ayers became members of Presbyterian    Church at Aspinwall, 1854. Removed to Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in    Southport in 1860, farmer. Jehiel d. 3 Apr 1867 65y 1m (Woodlawn Cemetery Burial Record and    Elmira Weekly Advertiser, April 6, 1867) Southport and Emily d. 25 Apr 1890 Elmira buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. Obituary of son Ellison relates there were eleven children.

  59.  Catherine Ayers b. 1824 Sussex County, New Jersey.
  60.  Ellison A. Ayers b. 3 May 1826 Sussex County.
  61.  Lucy Ann Ayers b. 1828 Sussex County m. 11 Jan 1851 her cousin Edward Ellis Dillistin.
  62.  Elizabeth Ayres b. 17 Apr 1830 Sussex County m. 8 Nov 1849 Wade Beardsley.
  63.  Emeline J. Ayers b. c. 1832 Sussex County.
  64.  Charity Ayres b. c. 1834 Sussex County.
  65.  Sarah Amelia Ayers b. 1838 Sussex County.
  66.  Adelaide Ayers b. c. 1842 Wells m. Frank Carter.
  67. Jehial Ayers, Jr., b. Jan 1844 Wells d. 2 May 1861 17y 3m 13d (Woodlawn Cemetery burial     record).
  68.  Jeline Ayers b. c. 1851 Wells m. J. H. Harris.
  69.  Dietta Ayers.

21.  Nancy Ayers b. 1806 m. 18 Mar 1824 John Dillistin b. 9 Apr 1800 son of Israel Dillistin and    Elizabeth Kymer. John d. 22 Nov 1872 and Nancy d. 12 Jan 1881 buried Branchville, Sussex    County, New Jersey.

  70.  Alfred Dillistin b. 14 Sept 1824.
  71.  Edward Ellis Dillistin b. 1827 m. Lucy Ann Ayers, resided Wells.
  72.  Ann Ayers Dillistin b. c. 1829.
  73.  Lucy Ann Dillistin b. 2 Aug 1837 m. Charles L. Beemer and she d. 11 Apr 1878.
  74.  Mary E. Dillistin b. 21 Nov 1840 m. John C. Hunt and she d. 2 Feb 1873.
  75.  John A. Dillistin b. 5 Nov 1846 d. 29 Sept 1847.

22.  Edward A. Ayers b. c. 1807 and wife Elizabeth removed to Wells in 1838 and Edward first appears    on the 1839 assessment list acquiring property of Isaac Drake. Edward appears on the 1840     assessment list of Wells with a tavern. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1840. Edward was one of    the petitioners 11 May 1843 when charter was granted to Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now    Coryland), along with brothers John and Jehiel. Elizabeth is perhaps the Elizabeth Ayers who became   a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall, 1844. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung    County, New York in 1850, 1855, and 1860. Removed to Salamanca, New York c. 1866. Edward d.    14 Dec 1867 (ts) Salamanca and Elizabeth b. Dec 1809 (1900 census) or c. Mar 1811 (ts calculation)    d. 12 June 1901 90y 3m (ts) Salamanca buried Crawford Cemetery, Salamanca.

  Mrs. Eliza Ayers Reaches the Good Old Age of 90 Years.
  Mrs. Eliza Ayers died at noon on Wednesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S.H. Brainard, on    Wilson Street, at the venerable age of 90 years. Mrs. Ayers was born in New Jersey in 1810. Her early   life was spent in the state of her birth, where she married Edward A. Ayers. About 1845 the family    removed to Elmira, N.Y. and for 15 years Mr Ayers was engaged there in the hotel business. In 1860    the family removed to Salamanca and from that time until 1867, when Mr Ayers died, he was    proprietor of the Eagle hotel. Salamanca was at that time what is now known as West Salamanca, and   the hotel was in that village. Mrs. Ayers ran the hotel for about two years after her husband's death,    when it was destroyed by fire. Mrs. Ayers after that time she made her home with her daughters, the    late Mrs. Ira N. McKibbin and Mrs. Brainard. She was a woman of good natural attainments and was   much respected by all who knew her. She was a member of the Congregational church of this city.    The funeral services will be held at the home of Mr. Brainard this afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. M.O.    VauKeuren officiating. Interment in the cemetery at West Salamanca. The surviving members of    Mrs. Ayers' family are three daughters, Mrs. Lucy Shoemaker of Elmira, Mrs. Eunice Cadmus and    Mrs. Brainard of this city (Salamanca Republican, Friday, June 14, 1901).

  76.  Lucy Ayers b. c. 1832 New Jersey m. after the 1860 census enumeration Millory Shoemaker.
  77.  Eunice Ayers b. Mar 1833 New Jersey m. after the 1860 census enumeration James Cadmus.
  78.  Julia Ann Ayers b. 1835 New Jersey d. 11 Apr 1843 7y 11m 14d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  79.  Margaret Ayers b. c. 1837 New Jersey m. after the 1860 census enumeration Ira McKibbin.
  80.  Julietta Ayers b. 3 Mar 1840 Wells m. 14 Apr 1863 Joseph H. Thompson.
  81.  Mary Jane Ayers b. c. 1842 Wells d. 7 June 1873 31y (ts) Crawford Cemetery.
  82.  Alice Ayers b. Oct 1844/45 Southport m. Seth H. Brainard.
  83.  Edward Holton Ayers b. 25 Mar 1847 (vr) Southport, Chemung County, New York d. young.
  84.  Sanford Ayers b. 1853 Southport d. 1863 (ts) Crawford Cemetery.
  85.  Edward S. Ayers b. c.  1855 Southport.

23.  Elisha Ayers b. 17 Oct 1796 m. Harriet Dunning b. 10 Apr 1806 daughter of Abraham Dunning    and  Elizabeth Jackson. Resided Wantage. Harriet d. 29 Dec 1840 34y (ts) and Elisha d. 13 Mar    1853 56y 4m 24d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.

  86.  Jane E. Ayers b. c. 1827 m. a Dunning (2)Robert McMickle.
  87.  Coursen G. Ayers b. c. 1830 d. 3 Sept 1853 22y 8m 13d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.
  88.  Martha Ayers b. 15 Sept 1835 m. Barret Havens.

24.  Elizabeth Ayers b. c. 1797 m. 6 June 1816 (Sussex County marriage record) John Dunning b. 1 Dec   1797 Orange County, New York son of Abraham Dunning and Elizabeth Jackson. Elizabeth d. 16    Dec 1823 26y (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery and John d. 6 July 1892 Wantage.

  89.  Rosetta Dunning m. Benjamin Couse.
  90.  Jane Dunning m. Warren D. Haggerty.

26.  Martha Ayers b. 12 May 1802 m. 20 Nov 1819 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record)    John Decker and she d. 24 Nov 1842 40y 6m 12d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.

31.  John Ayers b. 16 Sept 1798 m. Anna VanSickle b. 25 Aug 1800 daughter of Peter VanSickle and    Rebecca Beemer. Anna d. 4 Oct 1844 44y 1m 10d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery, Beemerville, New   Jersey. John and some of his children removed to Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania    where he d. 27 May 1881 (Killgore bible) buried Coryland Cemetery.

  91.  Britton Ayers b. c. 1820
  92.  Peter VanSickle Ayers b. 1821 d. 20 Nov 1853 32y (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  93.  Maria Ayers.
  94.  Enoch J. Ayers b. 20 Sept 1828.
  95.  Benjamin Ayers b. 1832.
  96.  James Ayers.

32.  William Ayers b. c. 1799 m. 29 Dec 1822 (Sussex County marriage record) Catherine Richard    (2)Rachel Richard (3)_______ Courtright. A William Ayers m. 12 Nov 1831 Harriet McCann,    possibly this William. Enumerated in Wantage in 1860 with children Arminda, Chandler, Adeline,    Margaret, Jacob, and Beldon, no wife in household. Prominent farmer in Wantage d. 2 Oct 1887    buried Beemerville (History of Northwestern New Jersey).

  Children of William and Catherine:
  97.  Nelson Ayers b. 1823 m. Eliza Baisley/Barsley.
  98.  Chandler Ayers b. c. 1825 or c. 1833.
  99.  Arminda Ayers b. 1828, single.

  Children of William and Rachel:
  100.  Harriet Ayers b. 28 June 1836 m. William Lewis Decker.
  101.  Elizabeth Ayers b. 19 Jan 1838 m. Benjamin S. Coss.
  102.  Jane Ayers m. Abraham Wood.

  Children of third marriage:
  103.  Adeline Ayers b. c. 1846, single.
  104.  Margaret A. Ayers b. c. 1849.
  105.  Jacob J. Ayers b. 1851.
  106.  Beldon O. Ayers b. c. 1855 d. age 33 buried Beemerville. On same plot is William Ayers age     88, Chandler Ayers age 64, Lucinda Ayers age 64.
  107.  Caroline Ayers m. a Harrison.

33.  Squire Ayers b. 15 July 1800 enumerated in Wantage in 1830, in early legislature when Iowa filed    for statehood, d. 30 Jan 1859 58y 6m 15d (ts) Bonaparte Cemetery, VanBuren County, Iowa.

34.  Elizabeth Ayers b. Jan 1803 m. 1 Mar 1823 (Sussex County marriage record) Jacob Compton who    d. 19 Mar 1863 64y (ts) and Elizabeth d. 4 Dec 1874 71y 10m 19d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery.

36.  Enoch Ayers Jr., b. c. 1809 d. 3 Dec 1889 (ts). Enumerated 1850 census of Wantage. Wife, Mary d.    12 Aug 1896 (ts) New Beemerville Cemetery. No heirs.

37.  Maria Ayers b. c. 1815 m. Jacob Vannoy. Maria and two of her children were enumerated with her parents in 1850 in Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Children Jefferson and  Jane were enumerated with their aunt Elizabeth Compton. Maria and children removed to Wells Township in 1855. Maria became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1855. Maria d. 25 (obituary) or 26 (Killgore bible) Oct 1880.

  Died at Columbia Cross Roads, Oct. 25, of general debility, Mrs. Maria Vannoy, aged 65 years (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1880).

  John J. Vannoy b. 14 Sept 1834.
  Sidney Vannoy.
  Jefferson Vannoy b. 1838.
  Jane Vannoy b. 26 Oct 1841.
  Jacob R. Vannoy b. 25 Dec 1842 Sandyston Township, Sussex County.

38.  Emeline Ayers m. Schuyler Roe b. 1814. Emeline was deceased before the 1850 census enumeration when Schuyler was enumerated in Frankford Township, Sussex County, shoemaker. Schuyler m. 21 July 1851 in Sussex County, Sarah Stoll. Enumerated in Orange Township, Delaware County, Ohio in 1860, tailor, with wife Mary Catherine b. 1837 New York. Mary Roe, age 18, enumerated in household perhaps daughter of Emeline. Enumerated in northern Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870, farmer. Fannie Roe, age 16, born New Jersey in household, possibly a daughter of Sarah. Enumerated in Athens Township, Bradford County in 1880, farmer. Mary Catherine d. 1890 (ts) and Schuyler d. 1901 (ts) Chemung Village Cemetery, Chemung, Chemung County, New York.

  Children of Schuyler and Emeline:
  Elmira Roe b. c. 1844 was enumerated in the household of Enoch Ayers, Jr., in 1850 and 1860 and is believed to be Emeline’s daughter.

  Children of Schuyler and Mary:
  Arminda Roe b. 1860 Ohio.
  Charles H. Roe b. 1867 Pennsylvania d. 1938 (ts) Chemung Village Cemetery.
  John Schuyler Roe b. Aug 1869 (ts inscribed 1871) Pennsylvania d. 1936 (ts) Chemung Village Cemetery.

40.  Thomas Jefferson Ayers b. 1820 m. Diana Johnson b. 2 Feb 1821. Jefferson d. 21 Oct 1855 35y (ts)   and Diana d. 5 Apr 1895 (ts) New Beemerville Cemetery.

  108.  Harrison Ayers b. 28 Oct 1840 d. 18 Apr 1899.
  109.  Dayton Ayers b. 6 Feb 1843 m. Sarah Ann Roe, no children.
  110.  Sidney Ayers b. 29 Oct 1845 m. Susan Merring and he d. 10 Apr 1916.
  111.  Lebon Ayers b. 14 Mar 1848 m. Rebecca Merring and he d. 3 Feb 1917.
  112.  Dolson Ayers b. 15 Dec 1850 m. Martha Cosner and he d. 21 Oct 1901.
  113.  Alice J. Ayers b. 21 Aug 1853 m. Lynch D. Wyker b. 19 June 1846. Alice d. 11 June 1912     and Lynch d. 17 June 1926 Frankford Plains Cemetery, Sussex County, New Jersey.

Fourth Generation:
41.  Decker E. Ayers b. May 1824 m. Maria Casad b. c. 1827. Enumerated in Hardyston, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1850, acquired the Prutsman farm in 1854 in southwest Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1860, farmer. Removed to Elmira, New York. Decker d. 11 June 1895 71y 28d Elmira and Maria d. 3 June 1900 Elmira buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  Mrs. Maria C. Ayers, widow of Decker Ayers, died at her home, 716 West Water Street, Elmira on    Sunday last, aged seventy-three years. The deceased, a most estimable lady, had been in poor health    for some time and her life had been despaired of for several months. She is survived by four children:    C. A. Ayers and Decker E. Ayers, Elmira and Mrs. James P. Slocum of Wells, PA and Miss Ione    Slocum, a granddaughter, has resided with Mrs. Ayers for the past seventeen years and was her    constant companion. The funeral was held at the home of Decker E. Ayers, 720 West Water Street,    Elmira, Tuesday afternoon at 1:30, Rev. Huff of Pine City officiating. Burial was in the family plot in    Woodlawn Cemetery (obituary).

  Eugene Ayers b. c. 1845.
  Casad A. Ayers b. c. 1847 m. 27 Dec 1871(Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, January 4,     1872 and Methodist Church Record) Mary E. Slocum of Jackson Township, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania.
   Carrie Ayers d. 22 Jan 1875 1y 10m 2d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford      County, Pennsylvania.
   Cora Ayers d. 19 May 1877 1y 10m 18d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  Almira Frances Ayers b. 1849 m. 8 Nov 1870 (Methodist Church marriage record) James P.     Slocum.
  Maria Ayers b. 1 Mar 1851 d. 28 July 28 1863 12y 4m 27d (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells      Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  Caroline Ayers b. 2 Sept 1853 d. 3 Aug 1863 9y 11m 1d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Decker E. Ayers b. 1855 Wells m. Louise McNulty b. 14 Nov 1865 Big Flats, Chemung County,     New York daughter of D. LeGrand McNulty and Margaret Tuttle. Decker d. 10 Nov 1917     buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ayres, of Job's Corners, have the sympathy of numerous friends in their late    bereavement through the loss of one of their twin sons, aged about fourteen years, whose death    occurred a little over two weeks ago (obituary).

  Mr. and Mrs. Decker E. Ayres, of No. 720 West Water Street, have been sadly bereaved by the death    of their only child, Lucy Dillistin Ayres, aged thirty-four months. The little girl was sick eleven days,    with diphtheria, and her sweet life, so full of sunshine and joy to her loving parents, ended Sunday    morning, leaving this world as a golden cloud of the evening sinks to rest beyond the western    horizon. The lives of both the fond mother and father were so wrapped up in this tender little bud that   blossomed in their happy home, that their loss seemed well nigh inconsolable. They had hoped beside   their darling's couch that the hand of death might be stayed and the faint spark of life might again    illuminate their home. But the cruel disease held its sway and the angel of death came and bore the    little sufferer away to the realms of the blest, and the parents wept as Rachel wept and could not be    comforted. There were many sympathizing friends and many beautiful floral tributes to relieve death    of its gloom and to assuage the grief of the mourning ones. Their friends came to the house Monday    afternoon, and just as the sun sank to rest they laid the remains away in Woodlawn. Bereavements of    this kind are the hardest to bear, but beyond the gloom, the grief, the tears, safe in the arms of Him    who wanted little children to come, the beloved little girl rests secure from all the storms of this life    for such is that kingdom of the beautiful shore's still waters green pastures and never ending life.

  Mrs. Decker E. Thursday, at her home, No. 720 West Water street of neuralgia, aged thirty-eight    years. Funeral from the house yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock (obituary).

42.  Selaer E. Ayers b. 10 May 1828 m. 20 Mar 1851 at Beemerville, Sussex County, New Jersey,
  Julia Ann Collum b. 31 Oct 1826 the youngest of fifteen children born to Jesse and Anna Collum.    Selaer, farmer near Tioga line in southwestern Wells, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, occupying    place begun by John Searls. Selaer taught school in younger days in 1848 at Warren, Ohio. He taught    at the Garrison Hill School as did his daughter, Kit who became Mrs. C. E. Jennings and her son,    Selaer Jennings taught school at the same school. Selaer d. 10 July 1900 (ts and Bradford County    death record) and Julia d. 11 June 1930 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

  Selaer E. Ayers, an aged and respected resident of Wells, died at his home July 10, 1900. Mr. Ayers    was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, May 10, 1828. A greater part of his early life was spent in    teaching school in New Jersey, Ohio, and in Pennsylvania. He was married to Julia A. Collum March    20, 1851 and from that time since has lived in the same house. Mr. Ayers was a prosperous and    progressive farmer and had been a life-long democrat. He is survived by a widow and two daughters,    Mrs. Edwin Jennings and Mrs. Willard Jennings, both of Daggett. His death was caused by a    tumorous cancer of the liver (obituary).

  Mrs. Julia Ann Collum Ayers, 104, died this morning at 11 o’clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs.   Edward Jennings at Daggett, Pa. She was a native of New Jersey and had passed nearly all of her long   life at Daggett, Pa. She was the last of a family of 14 children. Mrs. Ayers is survived by two    daughters, Mrs. Willard Jennings and Mrs. Edward Jennings both of Daggett, Pa., a grandson Sealer    Jennings; two granddaughters, Miss Grace Jennings and Mrs. Harry Slocum; a great grandson    Charles E. Jennings all of Daggett. The funeral will be held at the family home Friday at 2 p.m.    Burial in the Judson Hill, Pa., Cemetery (obituary).

  Anna Maria Ayers b. Feb 1852 m. 20 Mar 1878 (Methodist Church Record) Charles Edwin Jennings, resided Wells.
  Elizabeth Ayers b. Sept 1853 m. 25 Nov 1875 (Methodist Church Record and Mansfield Advertiser,     December 8, 1875) Willard Jennings, resided Wells.
  Fernando S. Ayers b. 1855 d. 13 Apr 1871 15y 10m 12d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

49. Allen W. Ayers b. Jan 1831 m. Cornelia D. Ferguson b. 6 Jan 1838. Allen was among a list of men    from Wells drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. Engaged in the marble business   in Elmira, New York. Allen d. 4 Aug 1890 59y 6m 7d Elmira and Cornelia d. 23 May 1897 Elmira    buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  The sudden, but expected, death of Mrs. Cornelia D. Ayers occurred at her home, No. 110 West    Chemung place, Sunday afternoon, as a result of the paralytic stroke which she suffered Saturday    morning, and which was reported in the Telegram. Death came quietly, and the beloved woman    passed into her rest. The deceased was fifty-nine years of age, and had never recovered from the death   of her husband, who died in 1890. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Ayers-Decker, and   one son, Frederick Carew Ayers, also an aged mother, Mrs. W. H. Ferguson. The funeral was held    from the house Tuesday morning, the Rev. Thomas K. Beecher officiating (obituary).

  Frederick Carew Ayers b. 4 Sept 1862 Wells. Engaged in business with father under firm name of     A. W. Ayers & Son, Elmira, New York. He left a wife and two children at his death.
   Gertrude Ayers.
  Allen Ayers b. 1875 d. 2 May 1878 3y 2m at 110 West Water Street, Elmira, buried Woodlawn     Cemetery.
  Florence D. Ayers b. 1877 d. 2 May 1878 1y at 110 West Water Street, Elmira buried Woodlawn     Cemetery.

50.  Amanda J. Ayers b. 8 Feb 1833 m. 5 Mar 1855 Thomas Albert Strong b. 29 Aug 1832 son of John    Pierson Strong and Ann Burt. Thomas d. 8 Nov 1855 23y (ts) Mosherville Cemetery, Wells    Township. Amanda m. after the 1860 census enumeration (2)Leander Drinkwater Rumsey b. 13    Nov 1809 Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania son of Noah Rumsey and Susannah    Cudworth and widower of Sarah Catherine Strong sister to Thomas Albert Strong. Resided    Mainesburg, Sullivan Township. Leander d. 23 Sept 1864 buried Mainesburg Cemetery with first    wife Sarah Catherine Strong. Amanda m. 10 June 1866 (3)Lent D. Seelye b. 18 Apr 1814 son of    Isaiah Seelye. Lent d. 10 Apr 1882 (ts) Sullivan Township buried Mainesburg Cemetery. Amanda    was living in Mansfield, Pennsylvania in 1891. Amanda d. 6 July 1896 Golden, Jefferson County,    Colorado.

  Child of Thomas and Amanda:
  Arabella Strong b. 1856 m. 2 Oct 1877 (Mansfield Advertiser, October 10, 1877) in Sullivan     Township, J. Fremont Rose b. 1856 Sullivan Township son of Russel Ball Rose and Jane E.     Morgan and resided Colorado Springs, Colorado. Two daughters, Glennie A. Rose b. 1879 and     Bird L. Rose b. May 1880.

  Children of Leander and Amanda:
  infant daughter d. 4 Aug 1863 buried Mainesburg Cemetery.
  infant daughter d. 19 Feb 1865 buried Mainesburg Cemetery.

51.  Nancy M. Ayers b. 8 Feb 1835 m. John M. Voorhees b. 22 Feb 1823. Nancy d. 21 Mar 1896 (ts)    and John d. 29 Feb 1904 (ts) Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

52.  Ira H. Ayers b. 8 June 1837 d. 20 Oct 1889 (ts). Wife, M. Libbie b. 11 Jan 1846 d. 16 Apr 1904 (ts)    Daggett Cemetery.

53.  Priscilla Ayers (twin) b. 25 Nov 1839 m. Dyer Inscho and was of Elmira, New York in 1891.

54. Rosilla Ayers (twin) b. 25 Nov 1839 m. Charles H. Titus b. 16 June 1837. Rosilla d. 23 Dec 1893    (ts) and Charles d. 29 May 1914 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

56. Sarah Elizabeth Ayers b. c. 1844 m. J. N. Sherman and resided Chemung County, New York in    1891.

59.  Catherine Ayers b. c. 1824 m. 13 July 1843 John Howard Cole b. 24 Oct 1817 Binghamton, New    York son of Benjamin Cole and Abigail Fanning. John began study of medicine under Dr. W.    Hopkins at Wellsburg, New York, then attended Washington Medical College in Baltimore two terms   1839-40, subsequently one term at Buffalo Medical College, graduating in 1854. First practice at    Bentley Creek for two years, then to Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells township where he practiced    twenty five years and then to Gillett. John was one of the petitioners, 11 May 1843 requesting grant of   charter to Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Sold manse and eight   acres to Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall in 1855 for $900. Postmaster at Aspinwall seven years and    town clerk. Catherine and Dorleski A. Cole received as members of the Presbyterian Church at    Aspinwall, 1859. Catherine d. 14 June 1903 Elmira buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. Elmira    newspaper obituary relates she d. at her home on Pleasant Street, Elmira 14 June 1903 78y buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira survived by sisters, Sarah A. Stringer of Wellsburg; Mrs. Lucy A.    Dillistin of Franklin Street, Elmira with whom she resided after the death of her husband; Peline    Harris, Adelaide Carter, and Dietta ___lord of Elmira; Charity Thornton; and Emily Stryker of    Camden, New Jersey (obituary).

  (Gillett News) The funeral of Mrs. Catherine Cole, who died very suddenly Sunday morning, was    held yesterday at the home of her sister Mrs. Dillitson in Elmira. Mrs. Cole has been a resident of this   place for many years but early in the winter she removed to Elmira to be near her sister. She was the    wife of the late Dr. Cole and is survived by several sisters and a granddaughter, Mrs. C. F. Breakey of   Camden, N. Y (Troy Register, Thursday, June 18, 1903).

  Dorleski A. Cole b. c. 1846 Wells.
  Inez Cole b. c. 1852 Wells.
  child d. infancy.

60.  Ellison A. Ayers b. 3 May 1826 m. 25 Dec 1854 Nancy E. Stryker of Southport, Chemung County,    New York b. c. 1833 daughter of Abram Stryker. Enumerated 1860 census of Wells. Removed to
  Cayuta, Schuyler County, New York engaged in farming and then to Elmira, New York. Ellison d. 13   Nov 1886 Elmira and Nancy d. 25 June 1898 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  Ellison A. Ayers died at his home, No. 1,016 Hoffman street, Friday morning, aged seventy years,    being born in New York city May 3, 1826. At the age of fifteen years he removed with his parents to    Wells township, Bradford county, Pa., residing there until about thirty years ago, when he removed to   Cayuta, Schuyler county, and actively engaged in farming pursuits. About twenty years ago he    removed to this city. Mr. Ayers was the son of the late Jehial Ayers, one of the pioneers of this    section. He was one of eleven children, and is survived by seven sisters, namely: Mrs. Dr. J. H.Cole,    of Gilletts, Pa.; Mrs. C. M. Stringer, of Wellsburg, and Mrs. E. E. Dillitson, Mrs. George S. Stryder,    Mrs. H. A. Thornton, Mrs. Frank Carter and Mrs. J. H. Harris, of this city. Mr. Ayers had an    extensive acquaintance and made friends wherever he went, for his was a wholesome nature,    shedding comfort and cheer upon all who came under its influence. His hearty hand-grasp will be    missed by the friends who knew him so well. On Christmas, 1852, he was married to Nancy E.    Stryker, a daughter of the late Abram Stryker. The immediate cause of his death was paralysis, he    having received his first shock some four years ago from which he only partially recovered, but death    came to him painlessly and found him ready. Besides his wife the deceased leaves two sons and one    daughter, E. W. Ayers, of No. 416 Franklin street, and Ellison Ayers, jr., and Mrs. Frank Fuller, all    of this city. The funeral will be held at his late residence at 2 o’clock this afternoon. The interment    will be in Woodlawn. Mr. Ayres was regarded by all who knew him as a good neighbor and friend.

  E. Willis Ayers b. c. 1856 New York state d. 27 Feb 1912 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania buried      Woodlawn.
  Carrie Etta Ayers b. 1859 Wells Township m. Frank Fuller.
  Ellison A. Ayers, Jr.
  Emily Ayers b. 1864 Horseheads, New York d. 21 Mar 1872 7y 8m Schuyler County buried      Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira (Elmira City Death Record).

63. Emeline J. Ayers b. c. 1832 m. 23 Nov 1854 (Elmira Republican, November 27, 1854) in Southport,    George Smith Stryker b. 23 May 1825/6 son of Abraham Stryker and Rachel Scribener Giles of    Southport as his second wife. First wife, Abigail Little and they were the parents of a daughter    Elizabeth. Blacksmith, resided Southport, removed to Horseheads and were enumerated there in    1880. Resided Camden, New Jersey in 1903.

  Abigail Stryker b. c. 1856.
  Catherine Stryker b. c. 1859.

64. Charity Ayres b. c. 1834 m. Harvey A. Thornton. Harvey d. 19 May 1912 74y Elmira and Charity    d. 14 May 1925 90y Elmira buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

65. Sarah Amelia Ayers b. 1838 m. 16 May 1861 (Elmira newspaper, May 25, 1861) in Southport,    Chemung County, New York, Charles M. Stringer b. 18 Nov 1828 as his second wife. First wife,    Mary Burt d. 23 Mar 1859 30y 9m 5d (ts) Ashland Cemetery, Wellsburg, New York. Charles d. 21    May 1893 (ts) and Sarah d. 1919 (ts) Ashland Cemetery.

  Charles J. Stringer b. 1862 d. 1918 (ts) Ashland Cemetery.
  Lee Stringer b. 1874 d. 9 Sept 1879 4y 9m 13d (ts) Ashland Cemetery.

91.  Britton Ayers b. c. 1820 d. 19 Jul 1846 26y 6m 19d (ts) Old Beemerville Cemetery. In the 1860 census enumeration children Caroline and Britton were residing with Jacob and Elizabeth Compton and Elizabeth’s mother Catherine Ayers.

  John J. Ayers b. Dec 1842 served 1919 Company H 27th Reg New Jersey Volunteers during Civil War, m. 13 Oct 1866 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 18, 1866) Elsy Compton of Columbia and she d. 14 Sept 1888 45y (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Second wife, Flora L. Updyke d. 6 Dec 1893 33y (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Third wife, Esther Roy Courtright daughter of John Roy and Esther Dodder and widow of James Seeley Courtright. Enumerated in Wells in 1900, farmer. John d. 1919 (ts) Coryland Cemetery. No children.
  Caroline Ayers b. c. 1843.
  Mary Jane Ayers b. 4 Jan 1845 Sussex County raised in the household of William C.      Killgore and Catherine Ayers in Wells, m. Raymond Gernert Killgore b. 14 Feb 1841 son of     John Hamilton Killgore and Lydia W. Haynes, drafted into the Civil War (Troy Times,     October 1, 1863). Resided on Killgore farm in Columbia township. Mary d. 19 Sept 1893 at     Altus, Columbia township of heart disease buried Aspinwall (Bradford County death record).     Raymond d. 27 Nov 1900 at home of sister, Sarah Morgan, 622 Windsor Avenue, Elmira, New     York buried with Mary in Coryland Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County.
   John H. Killgore b. c. 1869.
   Mark A. Killgore b. c. 1877.
   Walter M. Killgore b. c. 1879 resided Montana, single.
   Lida Ellen Killgore b. Nov 1883.
   Harriet May Killgore b. 1884 residing with aunt Sarah Morgan in 1905, single, d. 1915 (ts)      buried Coryland Cemetery.
  Britton Ayers b. Oct 1846, single, enumerated with brother John in 1900, d. 1916 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

94.  Enoch J. Ayers b. 20 Sept 1828 removed to Paterson, New Jersey, engaged in mercantile business    and m. there 20 Sept 1855 Nancy Jackson. Removed in 1866 to Asylum, Bradford County. In 1882    elected representative to state legislature, d. 21 Aug 1914 at home on Main Street, Towanda, buried    Wysox.

  Anna Ayers b. 8 Sept 1866.

95.  Benjamin Ayers b. 1832 m. Helen M. Buell and he d. 1905.

Jacob J. Ayers b. 2 Mar 1816 Milton, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania son of Daniel Ayers (soldier War of 1812) and Elizabeth Sheive (d. 25 Mar 1863 Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson townhsip, Tioga County) and at age sixteen went to Philadelphia to learn carriage maker's trade. Served apprentice and then opened shop in Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and worked for fourteen years and then in 1851 removed to eastern Wells township where Roaring Run Creek has its beginning and purchased 94 acres of uncultivated timbered land without buildings. Became extensive farmer and fruit grower with large apple orchard. Locality became known as Ayers Corners, because of his location at the junction of Bird Creek and Roaring Run Road. Jacob m. 15 Sept 1839 at Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Delilah Parker b. 1820 daughter of Isaac and Amanda Parker. Delilah d. 22 May 1890 69y (obituary) and Jacob d. 1900 (ts) Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township.

 1. Sylvester Ayers b. c. 1840 resided Missouri.
 2. Lewis J. Ayers b. 1842 d. 29 Sept 1897 55y 4m 15d (ts). Wife, Margaret Cummings d. 27 Jan 1911   64y (ts) Gillett Cemetery.
 3. James K. P. Ayers b. 1844 d. 6 Aug 1847 2y 8m 27d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson township.
 4. Archibald Ayers b. c. 1846 resided Michigan.
 5. Sarah Ayers b. 1 July 1848 m. Isaac Dobbs, resided Elmira, New York and she d. 25 Jan 1930.
 6. George William Ayers b. 1856 resided Wells d. 10 Apr 1940. First wife, Ida L. b. 15 June 1861 d.    12 Apr 1883 (ts). Second wife, Mary R. b. 1864 d. 1937 (ts) Gillett Cemetery..

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