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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
(Badger to Borum)


Joseph Badger first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells.


Benjamin Bailey first appears on the 1827 (compiled in 1826) assessment list of Wells. He does not appear on the 1837 list and later.

William S. Bailey appears on the 1836 and 1837 assessment list.

Asa Bailey first appears on the 1838 assessment list.

D. Bailey in southwest Wells, 1858 map.


William Baker b. 176_ m. Mary Hills b. 1776 daughter of Stephen Hills. William first appears on the 1817 assessment list of Wells, compiled in the fall of 1816. On the 1820 assessment (compiled fall of 1819) they were living on warrant parcel 1411, which was a 1,060 acre tract in the northwest corner of Wells Township and northeastern Tioga County (Jackson Township). Their residence was in the Hammond Creek Valley between the state line and the county line. William was a male over age 26 and under age 45 with a family in the 1820 census enumeration of Wells and of age 50 and under age 60 in the 1830 census enumeration. On the 1822 assessment, resided on 90 acres. William purchased (11:232) the farm on which they resided of 100 acres on 29 May 1834 from the William Bingham trustees. William d. intestate 23 Sept 1834 (Bradford County Probate file 235). Mary renounced her right to administer the estate of her husband on account of “advanced age and ill health” and requested eldest son Samuel H. Baker be appointed administrator, dated 5 Feb 1835, Mary signing by signature. Inventory made 3 Mar 1835 by Caleb H. Miller and Humphrey Mosher, filed 10 Mar 1835. There were 48 notes listed in the estate ranging from $1 to $50, most of whom were Wells residents, indicating William was a man of means and prominence and able to make loans to other residents of the township. Mary was enumerated in Wells in 1840 with a daughter residing with her. Mary d. 1 Jan 1844 in Wells (obituary). Place of interment unknown, but perhaps on the farm where they resided. Any evidence of a family burial plot on the farm is unknown. Floods in the 1800’s and 1900’s removed some three to four acres of sand bluffs on the west side of Hammond Creek on a part of the farm where they resided. Also, the railroad was built through their property and behind the home in which they resided, which may have also impacted a family burial plot. The closest public cemeteries were Millerton and Mosherville, neither of which contain markers for Williamand Mary.

Died in Wells, Bradford Co., Pa., on the 1st inst., Mrs. Mary Baker, aged 67 years. She was a native of Boston, and the daughter of Captain Stephen Hills, late of that city, who was one of the first to assert the liberties of his country, and brave the proud oppressors, and capture their ships, upon their boasted element. It was ever the boast of the deceased, that she always endeavored to inculcate, in the minds of her children, the principles of patriotism imbibed in her childhood. Ever the friend of suffering humanity, she departed this life without fear, and without an enemy (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, January 25, 1844). A long poetic tribute, written by son Samuel, followed.

 1.  Samuel H. Baker b. c. 1800 (possibly the Samuel Baker bpt 15 Oct 1800 New Rhinebeck Reformed    Church, Schoharie County, New York).
 2.  William H. Baker, Jr., b. c. 1802 (age twenty-one or over on 1823 assessment when first appears as    single).
 3.  daughter b. 1806-10.
 4.  daughter b. 1806-10.
 5.  daughter b. 1811-15.

Second Generation:
 1.  Samuel H. Baker b. c. 1800 first appears on the 1823 Wells assessment as a single freeman. Listed as a single freeman in 1824 but then crossed out so perhaps married in that year. Samuel m. Elvira Gates White b. 31 Jan 1799 daughter of Dr. Amos Gates White and Abigail Marvin of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in 1830, age 30 and under age 40 with a wife and a male child under the age of 5 and a female child of age 5 and under age 10 in their household. In 1830 Samuel transfered some of his acreage to William S. Ingals. Will of Amos Gates White dated 7 Sept 1831 Southport named daughter Elvira wife of Samuel Baker. In 1832 and later assessments Samuel was listed as a justice of the peace. Elvira was a member of the North Church of Wells, a Presbyterian Church at the state line.

  On 8 Jan 1844 Samuel sold (23:76) 144 acres in the northwest corner of the township (bounded on    the north by New York state and on the west by Tioga County and on the east by land on which    Samuel resided and on the south by land lately owned by William Baker) to Austin Jones and a lot of    30 acres (bounded on the east by James Seely, on north by land on which Samuel resided, on west by    lot lately owned by William Baker and on the south by Bingham lands). Also, on 8 Jan 1844 Samuel    and Elvira his wife sold (23:77) to Austin Jones the land of 100 acres on which they resided (lot lately   owned by William Baker beginning at northeast corner of lot surveyed for Lemuel Gaylord, thence    west, thence south, thence east to southwest corner of Gaylord lot, then north). Signed Samuel H.    Baker and Elvira G. Baker. On 19 Feb 1852 Samuel and Elvira were residing at Sun Prairie, Dane    County, Wisconsin and sold (26:267) the 100 acres that had reverted back to them to William and    John Vandecar of Arcadia, Wayne County, New York.

  Elvira was enumerated in the household of daughter Meridian in Bristol, Dane County, Wisconsin in 1850. Enumerated as a lady in the household of daughter Meridian in 1860 with personal income of $2,000 higher than that of other enumerated households in the area.

  6.  Meridian Baker b. c. 1824 Wells.
  7.  son b. 1826-30.

 2.  William H. Baker, Jr., b. c. 1802 first appears as a single freeman on the 1823 assessment list of    Wells. Still single in 1825. On the 1830 census enumeration he was age 20 and under age 30 with a    family. There were two William H. Bakers as there was a William H. Baker enumerated in Southport,   Chemung County, New York in 1830 of age 20 and under 30. By the 1835 assessment he is no longer   called William Baker, Jr., but William H. Baker. The William H. Baker of Southport d. 22 Aug 1862    56y 4m 2d (ts) and wife Sarah d. 22 Apr 1868 60y 7m 4d (ts) Roushy Cemetery, Town of Ashland,    Chemung County, New York.

Third Generation:
 6.  Meridian Baker b. c. 1824 m. John Jackson b. c. 1818 New York. Farmer, enumerated in Bristol, Dane County, Wisconsin in 1850. Enumerated in Sun Prairie, Dane County in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in Sun Prairie in 1870, retired farmer with a personal estate of $4,000. Meridian and daughter Elvira enumerated in Sun Prairie in 1880 with grand daughter Frances Rood in household. Meridian enumerated as married but John was not enumerated in the household.

  Mary Jackson b. c. 1844 Pennsylvania.
  Emily Jackson b. c. 1845 Pennsylvania, school teacher in 1870.
  Meridian Jackson b. c. 1847 Wisconsin, dress maker in 1870.
  Evaline Jackson b. c. 1849 Wisconsin.
  Elizabeth W. Jackson b. c. 1851 Wisconsin.
  Alvira Jackson b. c. 1855 Wisconsin.
  Margaret Jackson b. c. 1857 Wisconsin.
  John B.  Jackson b. 1860 Wisconsin.
  Andrew J. Jackson b. c. 1862 Wisconsin.
  George E. Jackson b. c. 1866 Wisconsin.
  Earl G. Jackson b. c. 1869 Wisconsin.

Charity Baker b. c. 1790 New York state enumerated 1850 census of Wells with two children in household.

 1.  Lewis Baker b. c. 1825 New York.
 2.  Abigail Baker b. c. 1826 New York..

Lucinda wife of Thomas L. Baker d. 14 Sept 1855 43y 3d with her infant by her side (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

Amos Baker b. 10 Aug 1792 New Haven, Connecticut, soldier War of 1812, m. 3 July 1814 at Hector, Tompkins County, New York, Ruth Warner b. 12 Oct 1798 Connecticut daughter of Thomas Warner and Belinda Dickerson of Wells. Removed to Wells Township from Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and first appear on the 1835 assessment list. Resided at Warnertown, where Jefferson Warner afterwards resided. Amos d. 11 Jan 1874 (ts) and Ruth d. 11 Aug 1877 (ts) Webb Mills Cemetery, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York.

 1. Belinda Baker b. 17 Jul 1816 m. 3 Oct 1833 Leslie Lawrence.
 2.  Hiram Baker b. 24 July 1817.
 3. Joanna Baker b. 1 Feb 1819.
 4. Harriet Baker b. 30 Oct 1820 m. 28 Nov 1839 John Rowlee.
 5. Thomas B. Warner Baker b. 22 May 1822.
 6. Sarah Ann Baker b. 30 Dec 1823.
 7. Viola Matilda Baker b. 18 Aug 1825.
 8. Diadama Baker b. 3 Sept 1827.
 9.  Amos Baker b. 21 Jun 1829.
10. Arminda Baker b. 12 May 1831 m. David G. Knapp.
11. Julia Ann Baker b. 20 Feb 1833 d. 8 Nov 1840 7y 9m 14d (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells township.
12. Ammon Baker b. 22 Mar 1836.
13. Horace D. Baker b. 22 Feb 1838.
14. Elizabeth Baker b. 5 Mar 1840.

Second Generation:
 2.  Hiram Baker b. 24 July 1817 m. 7 Mar 1846 Eleanor Kennedy and she d. 24 Apr 1858 38y (ts)    Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia township. Hiram m. (2)Elizabeth Gordon b. 8 Aug 1819. Resided    Warnertown, Wells township. Hiram d. 24 Apr 1894 (ts) and Elizabeth d. 25 Jan 1901 (ts) Pine City    Cemetery.

  Elsie Baker b. c. 1845.
  Daniel Baker b. Aug 1847 d. 17 Sept 1848 1y 19d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  George Baker b. c. 1849.
  Harriet Baker b. c. 1852 m. a Carman.

 3. Joanna Baker b. 1 Feb 1819 m. 10 Dec 1837 Marvin Metcalf.

  John Metcalf.
  Hester Metcalf m. a Kizer.
  Sarah Metcalf.
  Minnie Metcalf m. a Surtland.

 5. Thomas B. Warner Baker b. 22 May 1822 m. Susan J. Frost b. 9 Mar 1825 New York daughter of John Frost and Phebe Hubbell. Resided Judson Hill, Wells township. Thomas d. 8 June 1893 (ts) and Susan d. 12 Mar 1895 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

  Julia A. Baker b. 1852 m. a Carman and she d. 1902 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  Theresa Laura Baker b. 16 July 1854 m. 22 Dec 1878 (Methodist Church Record) William R.     Priest and she d. 20 Mar 1896 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
   Irene Priest b. 15 Apr d. 18 Apr 1880 3d at 212 Hoffman Street, Elmira, New York buried Wells      (Elmira City Death Record).
   infant male b. and d. 7 July 1881 630 W. Gray Street buried Wells (Elmira City Death Record).
  infant son d. 2 Feb 1856 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  Floyd U. Baker b. Nov 1856 d. 30 July 1859 2y 8m 8d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery. A Uriah F. Baker     d. Apr 1860 age 2, scalded (1860 mortality schedule). Perhaps the same.
  Willis Milton Baker b. 26 July 1859 m. Fannie Ludlow b. 17 Mar 1862 Milo, New York. Willis d.     22 Sept 1925 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
   Laverne Baker b. c. 1884.
   Roy M. Baker b. c. 1886.
   Bessie Irene Baker b. c. 1890.
   Ralph Raymond Baker b. 12 July 1894 m. Rhoda Marie Barrett b. 11 Mar 1894 and he d. 15      Nov 1948 and Rhoda d. 9 Jan 1963 buried Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.
  Wilmot Baker.
  Charles Baker.

 6. Sarah Ann Baker b. 30 Dec 1823 m. 19 May 1847 Alfred Searles b. 1 May 1820 son of John    Searles and Abigail Bell. Alfred d. 11 Apr 1896 and Sarah d. 23 Nov 1901 buried Searles Cemetery,   Town of Ashland, Chemung County, New York.

  Josephine Lucy Searles b. 24 Sept 1849 m. Dr. Thomas Lucy and she d. 1890 buried Searles     Cemetery.
  Milton Searles b. 1855 d. 1864 buried Searles Cemetery.
  Forrest Searles b. 1857 d. 1864 buried Searles Cemetery.
  Hattie Lowman Searles b. 24 Feb 1859 m. Charles Elliott.

 7. Viola Matilda Baker b. 18 Aug 1825 m. Alson Larew (Laeriu, Lariew, etc.) b. 1827 Trumansburg,   Seneca County, New York and he d. 16 July 1879. Viola m. (2)_____ Giles and she d. 5 Apr 1898    Elmira, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  John R. Larew b. 24 Mar 1851.
  Alice M. Larew b. 1856.

 8. Diadama Baker b. 3 Sept 1827 m. 1 May 1850 John R. Wright b. 23 June 1825. Diadama d. 6 Mar    1887 (ts) and John d. 8 Jan 1892 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery, Wells township.

  Charles Wright b. 1857.
  Alice Wright b. 1861 m. James H. Heater.

 9.  Amos Baker b. 21 Jun 1829 m. c. 1866 Ann Eliza Swain b. c. 1847. Resided Town of Southport,    Chemung County, New York. Ann d. before 1892 and Amos d. 25 Oct 1897.

  Frankie Baker b. c. 1867.
  Charles H. Baker b. c. 1869.
  Jennie Baker b. c. 1872.
  Clara B. Baker b. c. 1873.
  Clarence Baker b. c. 1879.

13. Horace D. Baker b. 22 Feb 1838 m. Eliza Roosa b. 20 Sept 1848 daughter of John Roosa and Julia    Smith. Horace d. 1920 (ts) and Eliza d. 5 May 1926 buried Webb Mills Cemetery, Town of     Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Jesse M. Baker b. 1871 d. 1931.
  Minnie J. Baker b. 21 Feb 1873 d. 2 Jan 1880 6y 9m 11d.
  Berton H. Baker b. 11 July 1875 d. 27 Mar 1901 25y 8m 16d.
  Stella Baker b. Feb 1879.
  Ernest Baker b. 28 Mar 1883 d. 6 Feb 1906 22y 10m 8d.

14. Elizabeth Baker b. 5 Mar 1840 m. John D. Miller b. c. 1836 son of William Edmund Miller and    Pamela DuBois. Elizabeth d. 12 Mar 1880 40y 7d at 209 Fulton Street, Elmira, New York buried    Pine City (Elmira City Death Record) and John d. 6 June 1887.

  Cora Miller m. a Comstock.
  Grace Miller m. a Miller.

Jacob Baker b. 15 Sept 1798 Accord, Ulster County, New York son of Simon Baker and Annetje Enderly m. Christina Relyea bpt 12 June 1797 New Paltz, Ulster County daughter of David Relyea and Laura Ostrander. Christina and her mother Laura (incorrectly enumerated at Elizabeth) enumerated in the 1850 census of South Creek Township in the household of Christina’s son Levi. Christina d. 6 Oct 1880 83y 2m 25d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia township.

 1.  Levi Elemdorf Baker b. 4 Aug 1819 New York.

Second Generation:
 1.  Levi Elemdorf Baker b. 4 Aug 1819 and wife Emily A. b. 1820 New York enumerated 1850 census    of South Creek, farmer, and 1860 census of Wells. Emily d. 28 Mar 1877 56y 6m (ts) and Levi d. 7    Aug 1879 60y 3d (ts and Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, August 28, 1879) in Wells buried    with Emily in Baptist Hill Cemetery.

  Laura Baker b. c. 1844 New York state.
  Maria Baker b. c. 1846 New York state.
  Esther C. Baker b. 14 June 1849 Orange County, New York m. John Roy b. 1846. Esther d. 1911     (ts) and John d. 1922 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  Eliza Baker b. c. 1851 New York state.
  Isaac E. Baker b. c. 1855 m. Mary E.

George R. Baker b. 1846 d. 1919 served in Company K, 23 New York Volunteers during Civil War buried Judson Hill Cemetery. Wife, Susan T. b. 1834 d. 1900.

Isaac Baker, Jr., b. 1801-10 m. Susan Shepard daughter of Nathan Shepard and Temperance Ayers of Southport and later Wells. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1825. Susan d. and daughters Harriet and Helen were raised by her sister Mehitable Shepard wife of George Kymer who resided in Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York and Wells, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

 son b. 1821-25.
 son b. 1826-30.
 daughter b. 1826-30.
 daughter b. 1826-30.
 Harriet R. Baker b. 2 Nov 1841 m. John J. Vannoy.
 Helen S. Baker b. 1848-9 d. 21 June 1872 23y (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.

Jacob Baker enumerated 1830 census of Wells, age 60 and under age 70.


Nathaniel Barber first appears on the 1835 assessment of Wells. He does not appear in 1838 or thereafter.


John Jefferson Barnes b. 28 May 1807 Plattsburg, Clinton County, New York son of Ezekiel Barnes and Mary Hayes who removed to Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania m. 19 Sept 1830 Phebe Ann Miller b. 15 June 1813 Elmira, New York. She was perhaps a daughter of Jonathan and Milicent Miller of Wells as they were seemingly residing in Elmira at the time of her birth, resided near each other in Wells, and John and Phebe named a daughter Millie. John and Phebe are related to have removed to Wells in 1833 from Knoxville, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and settled at Judson Hill on property acquired from Joseph Livings. Members of Methodist Church. Enumerated 1840 census of Wells. John d. 17 Apr 1863 (ts) intestate (probate 1548). Bond dated 29 Apr 1863 and administration sale dated 9 May 1863. Phebe signed by mark. Phebe was enumerated in Wells in 1870 with son William in her household. Phebe d. 9 Feb 1878 (ts) buried with John in Judson Hill Cemetery.

 1.  Mary Elizabeth Barnes b. 17 Aug 1831 m. Shuble H. Patchen b. c. 1822 New York. He was an early constable in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin. Enumerated in Knowlton, Marathon County, Wisconsin in 1880, farmer. Mary was enumerated in Pike Lake, Marathon County in 1900, farmer, widow, mother of one child not living. Mary d. 27 Dec 1906 buried Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
 2.  James Hayes Barnes b. 14 Mar 1833 has never been found. Family tradition states he was a civilian    captured by Southerners, perhaps in Missouri.
 3.  Celestia Reuamy Barnes b. 28 Dec 1834 m. John M. Derby. Enumerated in Wells in 1860. Celestia   d. 6 June 1912 Willard, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
 4.  Miller Washington Barnes b. 25 Oct 1837 served as corporal in Company C, 41st PA Regiment    during Civil War and 11th Kansas Cavalry, m. 15 July 1868 in Andrew County, Missouri, Susan    Adelaide Rose. Miller d. 4 Dec 1884 perhaps Dennison, Texas. Sarah and daughters resided Tulare,    California.
 5.  Milicent A. Barnes b. 10 July 1839 m. Myron Capron.
 6.  Sarah Lucinda Barnes b. 18 Aug 1841 m. 15 July 1862 Joseph Morton Berry son of John Berry    of Berry Settlement and she d. in Wells 12 Feb 1909 (Pennsylvania death record) 19 Mar 1907 71y    9m 25d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery. Adopted daughter, Minnie.
 7.  John Jefferson Barnes, Jr., b. 16 Apr 1847 d. 1864 Plainfield, Wisconsin.
 8.  Runnion Whiting Barnes b. 14 Aug 1850 d. 25 Aug 1862 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
 9.  William Henry Barnes b. 19 Apr 1854 m. 2 July 1878 (Mansfield Advertiser, July 17, 1878) at    Roseville, Pennsylvania, Harriet Idell Lucas. Harriet d. 20 Aug 1914 buried Judson Hill Cemetery    between Joseph Berry lot and Hewitt lot, no marker. William d. 20 Apr 1922 California.


Artemas Barnhart b. 10 Mar 1810 Ulysses, Tompkins County, New York son of John Barnhart settled in Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1827. Artemas m. 22 Dec 1833 Ann Wood of Rutland. Artemas first appears on the 1836 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County in 1840.

 1.  daughter b. 1831-35.
 2.  son b. 1836-40.

Merrick Barnhart b. c. 1820 state of Pennsylvania and wife, Susan b. c. 1822 Pennsylvania resided northern Wells on Bird Creek, later the Ellison place.

 1.  Samuel Barnhart b. c. 1842.
 2.  Miles Barnhart b. c. 1844.
 3.  Henry H. Barnhart b. c. 1848.

Merrick Barnhart b. c. 1811 Tompkins County, New York enumerated 1865 census of Southport with wife, Rachel, age 51, b. Tompkins County, mother of eight children. Enumerated in Southport in 1880, granddaughter Nora b. c. 1866 residing with them. Rachel d. 20 Jan 1886 70y (ts) Pine City Cemetery. Merrick m. 2 Jan 1887 (Methodist Church Record) Ruby Jane Lawrence Larrison widow of Jacob Larison of Jackson, Tioga County, Pennsylvania born Reading, Steuben County, New York and he m. 7 Nov 1889 Mrs. Betsy Wheeler.

 1.  Lydia Barnhart b. c. 1844 Pennsylvania d. 19 Jan 1872 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
 2.  Sarah E. Barnhart b. c. 1847 Chemung County.
 3.  Edward A. Barnhart b. c. 1851 Pennsylvania m. Lucy b. c. 1850 and they were enumerated in    Southport in 1880.

Alvin Barnhart b. c. 1836 and wife Melissa b. c. 1837 enumerated Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1880 with four children.


Sarlls Barrett (sometimes Searls) b. 17 May 1782 New York, served War of 1812, m. 1832 as the second husband of Lucy Ward b. 11 Jan 1797 Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts daughter of Seth Ward and Mary Manley. Seth Ward and Mary Manley removed in 1811 from Massachusetts to Smithfield, Bradford County, arriving Dec 10th, and located one and one half mile south of Smithfield Center where they resided eight years before removing to Ridgebury and remained there a few years before removing to Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Sarlls first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1840 with three young sons in their household. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Lucy was the mother of nine children. Sarlls d. 14 Sept 1864 (ts). Lucy, 1883 list of pensioners, widow of soldier, d. 12 Feb 1891 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

Mrs. Lucy Barrett - Death at an Advanced Age. Died, In Wells township, Bradford Co., Pa., Feb. 13th, at the residence of her son, A. C. Barrett, Mrs. Lucy Barrett, aged 94 years. The funeral and interment were held at Mosherville on Sunday, the 15th, and was largely attended. Rev. Dewitt, of Austinville, officiating. Deceased was the last person in the town here in the last century, and the last one drawing a pension for the war of 1812. The following clipping is from the Wells correspondence of the Towanda Reporter- Journal of Jan. 22,1891. The Wm. Barrett and Mrs. Aurilla Robinson spoken of live in Jackson, near the Summit. The "Rev." used as a prefex to David Griswold's name is incorrect. One day last week your correspondent had the pleasure of an "interview" with Mrs. Lucy Barrett, who on Sunday, the 11th instant celebrated her ninety-fourth birthday. The following are a few facts gleaned from her life: Mrs. Barrett, whose maiden name was Lucy Ward, was born in Sanders Township, Bershire County, Mass. on Jan 11, 1797, and is of a family of eleven children. Her parents were of English descent. They moved from Mass. to Smithfield township, this county, 1811, where shortly afterwards Lucy was married to Samuel Nichols, by whom she had four children, two of whom are still living, namely, Mrs. Aurilla Robinson of Tioga, Pa. and Mrs. Abraham Post of Erie County, Pa. After six years of married life she was left a widow with the care of two small children. Her parents having moved to Illinois. She shortly afterwards moved to this town where she was married to Sarlis Barrett by Rev. David Griswold in 1832, by whom she had five children, three of whom are living, namely, George Barrett of Saginaw County, Mich.; William Barrett of Tioga, Pa., and Arvine, who is one of our most respected citizens." Mrs. Barrett's last husband died in 1864 and she has since lived with her youngest son, Arvine, where she enjoys one of the pleasentest of homes and draws a pension from the war of 1812. She had upwards of thirty grandchildren, the youngest one being less than three years old and her and her great grandchildren are few. Her marvellous mental powes are still unimpaired. She has never worn glasses, and is still very vigorous for one of her age. Her life has been an eventful one. She has lived under the administration of every President from Washington to Harrison. She has seen the country rise from thirteen weak struggling colonies on the Atlantic coast to an ocean bound Republic, the most powerful Nation on earth. She was born before there was a locomotive, a mile of railroad, a cable, a telephone, a sewing machine, a mowing machine or any of the great improvements that surpass the tales of the "1,001 nights in Bagdad." When she was born, Bradford County was "out west" and she has lived to see a woman go around the earth in seventy-two days - less time than it took her father to move his family from Eastern Mass. to this county nearly eighty years ago. Her sturdy virtues and Christian fortitude carried her uncomplainingly through the privations and hard ships of frontier life. She has been a resident of Wells for the last sixty years, with the exception of two years, when she and her husband resided on Mt. Zoar, Chemung Co., N.Y. She is a great favorite in the neighborhood where she resides and it is a most enjoyable pasttime to hear her relate many interesting incidents which transpired years ago when this country abounded with nearly all kinds of "wild animals of the forest". That she may enjoy a very long and pleasant life here, eternal happiness hereafter is the wish of all.

 1.  George Barrett b. c. 1833.
 2.  James Barrett b. c. 1836.
 3.  William Barrett b. c. 1837.
 4.  Arvine C. Barrettt b. 1842 m. Rhoda Wolfe b. 1840. Rhoda d. 1904 (ts) and Arvine d. 1914 (ts)    Mosherville Cemetery.

James Arvine Barrett d. 14 Apr 1940 town of Catlin buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads, New York.


Stephen Bates b. 1756-1765 (of age 26 and under age 45 on the 1800 census and over age 45 on 1810 census). Enumerated in Wysox Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in 1800 and in Smithfield Township (included present Columbia, Ridgebury, Springfield, Smithfield, South Creek, Wells, and portions of Athens, Ulster, and Troy Townships), Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1810. Stephen was of Athens, Ontario County (named Ontario for a short period before the name Bradford County was adopted), Pennsylvania when he acquired land in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, 7 May 1811. Stephen appears on the 1814 Wells (included present South Creek and a part of Ridgebury Townships) assessment list with the thirteenth highest assessment in the township. Stephen perhaps resided in what is now Wells Township and perhaps was related to Amos Bates. Wife b. 1775-84.

 1.  daughter b. 1796-1800.
 2.  son b. 1801-10.
 3.  daughter b. 1801-10.
 4.  daughter b. 1801-10.

Amos Bates b. 1776-94 m. Nancy Cooper b. 1776-94 daughter of Richard Cooper, a Revolutionary Soldier of Wells. Amos first appears on the 1815 assessment list and he may be the Aaron Bates on the 1814 assessment list. Amos does not appear in 1818, 1819, and 1820. Amos appears on the 1820 assessment list (compiled fall of 1819) of neighboring Jackson Township, Tioga County. Enumerated in Wells in 1820. On the 1821 assessment list of Jackson is the notation “removed.” Amos appears on the 1821 assessment list of Wells. Parents of “poor children” on the assessment lists, unable to pay for their schooling. They resided in Wells for a few years and then on the 1827 assessment list there is a notation that Amos Bates “had removed” and his property was transfered to Uriah Lucas. He is perhaps the Amos Bates enumerated in Centerville, Allegany County, New York in 1830 with one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one male of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90). A. Bates enumerated in Centerville in 1840 with one male of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one male of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90). Amos enumerated in Centerville in 1850, age 66, farmer, born Connecticut, with Elsy, age 24, born New York, Sarah E. Hewitt, age 43, born Vermont, Malissa Hewitt, age 20, born New York, Ellen L. Hewitt, age 13, born New York, Emily Hewitt, age 5, born Wisconsin.

 1.  son b. 1805-10.
 2.  daughter b. 1805-10.
 3.  daughter b. 1805-10.
 4.  Emeline Bates b. c. 1812.
 5.  Lydia Bates b. c. 1814.
 6.  Francis Bates b. c. 1816.
 7.  Amos Bates, Jr., b. c. 1818.

Possibly Sarah Ann Bates b. 12 Sept 1805 was a daughter of Amos and Nancy or Stephen and she m. William Goff b. 3 Mar 1803 son of Solomon and Huldah Goff of Wells, enumerated 1830 census of Wells and in Granger, Medina County, Ohio in 1840.

There was an S. Bates enumerated in Hume, Allegany County, New York in 1830 and a few households away was Elisha Goff, brother of William Goff.


Wade Beardsley b. c. 1828 m. 8 Nov 1849 Elizabeth Ayers b. 17 Apr 1830 Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Jehial and Emily Ayers. Wade and Elizabeth enumerated 1850 census of Wells. An Elias Beardslee, age 20, in household. Elizabeth d. 11 Dec 1862 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

 1.  Anna M. Beardsley b. c. 1851 m. 7 Jan 1874 (Methodist Church Record) O. J. Insco of Wells.
 2.  Howard Beardsley b. c. 1852.
 3.  Sarah Beardsley b. c. 1854.
 4.  Wade Beardsley b. 1855 d. 13 Apr 1856 9m 8d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
 5.  Ida Beardsley b. c. 1857.

Peter S. Beardsley b. 13 Dec 1823 New Jersey, removed to Wells in the early 1850's from New Jersey. He was a farmer in southeast Wells, later Courtright and J. J. Ayers farm. Wife, Emeline Hammond b. 10 June 1823 New Jersey. Charles Beardsley, age 24, enumerated in their household in 1860. Emeline d. 21 Apr 1885 (ts) and Peter d. 19 Sept 1891 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.

 1.  Ada Beardsley b. c. 1852 New Jersey.
 2.  Sarah Beardsley b. c. 1854 Wells (Mrs. Boughton).
 3.  Adaline Beardsley b. c. 1858 Wells.
 4.  Estelle Beardsley b. c. 1863.
 5.  Guy Beardsley b. c. 1868.


Richard Ransom Beckwith Jr., b. 1800 one of sixteen children born to Richard R. Beckwith and Sarah Halbert. Richard Sr., was sheriff of Chemung County. Members of the Beckwith family were buried in the Wisner Burying Ground, Elmira. Richard Jr's first wife, Sarah b. 1803 d. 22 Apr 1841 37y 8m 16d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport, New York. Second wife, Elizabeth A. b. 1812 New York state. Richard and Elizabeth enumerated 1850 and 1860 census of Wells Township. Resided central Wells on east side of main road from Mosherville to Coryland. Richard d. intestate (probate file 1528) 2 Dec 1862 Wells age 62 (Elmira newspaper, December 20, 1862). Widow Elizabeth A., and heirs Abbey S. Huston, David Beckwith, Zemanda Beckwith, William Beckwith, and Melissa Wickham requested court to appoint Edwin R. Beckwith administrator, dated 22 Dec 1862 Wells. Elizabeth d. 3 Apr 1876 63y 8m 23d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 1. John Beckwith b. 1825 d. 5 Feb 1826 2m (ts) Fitzimmons Cemetery, Southport, New York.
 2. William Beckwith b. c. 1828 New York.
 3. Malissa Beckwith b. 14 Aug 1830 m. Ellison Wickham.
 4. Fidelo Beckwith b. Mar 1833 d. 16 Dec 1838 5y 8m 17d (ts) Fitzimmons Cemetery.
 5. Abagail S. Beckwith b. c. 1836 New York.
 6. David Beckwith b. 14 Dec 1838 New York.
 7. Amanda Beckwith b. c. 1841 New York m. Ephraim Andrus, resided Gillett, South Creek     Township.

Second Generation:
 6.  David Beckwith b. 14 Dec 1838 m. Mary A. Harr b. 12 Oct 1845 Wells township daughter of    Simon and Arvilla A. Harr of Mosherville. David d. 14 Dec 1907 (ts) and Mary d. 1 May 1918 (ts)    Mosherville Cemetery.

  8.  Charles Beckwith b. c. 1870.
  9.  Anna Beckwith d. 31 July 1874 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, August 6, 1874).
  10.  Anna Beckwith b. c. 1879.

Samuel Beckwith b. 15 Feb 1781 son of Silas Beckwith (b. 28 Dec 1752 - 3 Aug 1834) and wife Anna (b. 10 Aug 1752 - 18 May 1837) m. 29 Oct 1809 Hannah English b. 11 July 1793 daughter of John English (12 Mar 1755 - 22 May 1832) and wife Liddie (18 Mar 1755 - 8 Mar 1798). Hannah d. 3 Apr 1853.

 1.  Stella Beckwith b. 19 Aug 1810 m. 14 Dec 1829 Isaac Cooley and she d. 23 Jan 1831 and he m. 3    Dec 1837 Elizabeth Cummins.
 2.  Seth S. Beckwith b. 15 Jan 1813 m. 22 May 1834 Emily Relly and 31 Mar 1840 (2)Rebecca    Stevens.
 3.  Betsey Cole Beckwith b. 6 Sept 1815 d. 29 Oct 1830.
 4.  Alma Beckwith b. 20 Jan 1818 m. 31 Aug 1837 Henry Oldroyd.
 5.  Lydia W. S. Beckwith b. 20 July 1820 m. 13 Oct 1840 Uriah Stevens.
 6.  Roxy Beckwith b. 26 Aug 1822 m. 13 Aug 1840 Anson A. Hall.
 7.  Harriet Beckwith b. 23 June 1825 m. 29 Oct 1842 Samuel ________.
 8.  John E. Beckwith b. 9 June 1827 m. 5 Feb 1846 Mary Ann Henry.
 9.  James Beckwith b. 18 Sept 1829 d. 2 Nov 1829.
10.  Levi Beckwith b. 12 Jan 1831 d. 5 July 1852.
11.  Samuel Beckwith Jr., b. 6 June 1833.


Augustine Beebe first appears on the 1836 assessment list of Wells. He does not appear on the 1838 assessment list or thereafter.


Hezekiah Beers appears on the 1814 assessment list of Wells.

“The following history of the Beers (O'Bears) family, is the best the writer can get, and it was through the kindness of Mrs Wilson Miller, that we have the following information, of the sons and daughters and their descendants. We have no information except on Jabez Holly Beers, but it should be an easy matter to trace out all the different branches. Also, no doubt that all the information wanted on Timothy O'Bears ancestors, could be found in the Catholic Church Records in County Cork, Ireland” (from a booklet by George Nicewonger and others).

Timothy Beers (O’Bears in Ireland) is related to have been b. 26 Sept 1749 County Cork, Ireland m. 5 Oct 1773 Susanna Randall b. 15 June 1750. It is further related that sometime after Timothy O'Beers arrival in America, he changed his name to Timothy Beers, and discontinued his Catholic Religion, and affiliated with the Baptist Church. Timothy was in the Revolutionary Army for a short period. Timothy appears on the 1775 assessment list of Orange County in District 9, comprising the southern portion of the present town of Goshen, the Florida neighborhood of Warwick, and southward to the vicinity of Mount Eve. Enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1790 and still there in 1800 and 1810. On the 1810 census enumeration, son Jabez was in their household and also a male and female under the age of ten. Sons John and Henry preceeded their parents to Chemung County (then Tioga County), New York where both were enumerated in 1810. Timothy first appears on the 1819 (compiled in the fall of 1818) assessment list of Wells as do sons William and Jabez. They resided on warrant parcel 1386 which was situated in eastern Wells Township between Rowley Hill and the future South Creek Township line. Settlement was sparse and their neighbors were few, the Osgood and Rowley families nearby. Timothy and Susanna were enumerated in Wells in 1820. Timothy last appears on the 1825 assessment list (compiled fall of 1824). Timothy d. 17 Nov 1825 Wells Township, but the above referenced booklet states Orange County, New York (a daughter was living there so perhaps returned for a visit) place of burial unknown (the closest public cemetery in Wells was Coryland). Susanna perhaps removed to Elmira, New York with one or more children and d. there 8 July 1834 84y 6m (ts) Wisner Burying Ground, Elmira, New York, removed to Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York when Wisner was closed to create a park.

wife of
Timothy Beers
died July 8
AE 84 Y & 6 M

Died in Elmira, 8th inst., Mrs. Susanna Beers, aged 84 (Geneva Gazette, Geneva, New York, July 16, 1834).

Children perhaps all born Warwick, Orange County, New York.
 1.  Mary Beers b. 17 Sept 1774 m. Phineas Tompkins, Jr.
 2.  John Beers b. 2 June 1776.
 3.  Elizabeth Beers b. 12 Feb 1778.
 4.  Henry Beers b. 16 Feb 1780.
 5.  Alice Beers, known as Elsie, b. 1 Feb 1782.
 6.  Anna Beers b. 17 Nov 1784.
 7.  Susanna Beers b. 19 Dec 1788.
 8.  William Beers b. 15 Dec 1791.
 9.  Jabez Holly Beers b. 16 Feb 1794.

Second Generation:
 1.  Mary Beers b. 17 Sept 1774, known as Polly, m. Phineas Tompkins, Jr. Phineas was enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1800 with one male under age ten (b. 1791-1800), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1756-74), two females under age ten (b. 1791-1800), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1756-74). Phineas enumerated in Warwick in 1810 with two males under age ten (b. 1801-10), one male of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84), one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84). Phineas enumerated in Goshen, Orange County in 1820 with one male under age ten (b. 1811-20), one male of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1795-1804), one male over age forty five (b. before 1775), one female of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one female of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1795-1804), one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94), and one female over age forty five (b. before 1775). Mary is related to have m. (2)Joseph Livings.

  daughter b. 1791-1800.
  daughter b. 1795-1800.
  son b. 1795-1800.
  Phineas Tompkins b. c. 1802.
  son b. 1805-10.
  son b. 1811-20.
  daughter b. 1805-10.

 2.  John Beers b. 2 June 1776 m. Keziah Moore b. c. 1784 daughter of William Moore of Wells.    Enumerated in Elmira, Tioga County, New York in 1810 (that portion that is now the Town of    Southport, Chemung County) residing in the Seeley Creek Valley with three sons and two daughters    under the age of ten. John perhaps d. sometime between the 1810 census enumeration and before    1820 when Keziah was listed on the 1820 assessment of Wells (compiled fall of 1819) with son John    listed as poor child (unable to pay for his schooling). Keziah was enumerated in Elmira, Tioga (now    Chemung) County in 1820 with one male of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one male of    age sixteen and under age eighteen (b. 1802-4), one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b.    1795-1804), two females of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), and one female of age twenty    six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94). Keziah was enumerated with daughter Amanda in 1830 in    Elmira; with daughter Amanda and family in Angelica, Allegany County, New York in 1840; and    with daughter Amanda and family in Elmira in Aug 1850, age 67. On the 1860 census enumeration    Keziah was age 74. Keziah is the Mrs. K. Beers who d. 18 Mar 1864 79y (ts) Second Street     Cemetery, Elmira, marker no longer located.

  10.  Areminta Beers b. 19 Jan 1802 d. 1 Oct 1811 (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Town of Southport.
  11.  William Moore Beers b. c. 1803 d. 3 Apr 1822 18y (ts) Wisner Park Burying Ground, removed     to Woodlawn Cemetery.
  12.  daughter b. c. 1805-7 (1810 and 1820 census enumerations and perhaps 1830).
  13.  Smith Beers b. c. 1805-7.
  14.  George W. Beers b. c. 1809.
  15.  Amanda Malvina Beers b. 22 Oct 1810.
  16.  John N. Beers b. 1 Apr 1812.

 3.  Elizabeth Beers b. 12 Feb 1778 m. Matthew Rowlee b. 30 Sept 1777 son of Heman Rowlee and    Lydia Seeley. Enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1800 and 1820. Elizabeth d. 6    Oct 1849 and Matthew d. 28 June 1851.

  Charles Rowlee b. 5 May 1802.
  Sarah Maria Rowlee b. 16 Jul 1804.
  John Beers Rowlee b. 20 Feb 1807 m. Sarah Ann Gedney.
  Elizabeth Ann Rowlee b. 16 Sept 1809.
  Lois Rowlee b. 30 Apr 1812.
  Eliza Jane Rowlee b. 27 Feb 1815.
  Lydia Rowlee b. 18 Feb 1817.
  Daniel Corwin Hopkins Rowlee b. 8 May 1820 m. Mary Adelia Parrott.

 4.  Henry Beers b. 16 Feb 1780. Wife Catherine b. 1785/6. Resided Seeley Creek Valley in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1810 where they were enumerated with two sons and three daughters under the age of ten. Enumerated there in 1820 with two sons under age ten, a son of age sixteen and under age eighteen, a son of age sixteen and under age twenty six, three daughters under age ten, and a female of age sixteen and under age twenty six. There was no female of Catherine’s age in the household in 1820 and perhaps Catherine was a second wife and only the mother of Charles and Smith. Enumerated in Southport in 1830 with two sons of age five and under age ten and a daughter of age ten and under age fifteen. Henry first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1840. Catherine d. 15 Feb 1849 63y (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Henry was enumerated with son Charles in 1850 in Wells. Henry appears on the 1851 assessment list (compiled Oct 1850) with one cow and does not appear in later assessment lists.

  17.  daughter b. 1800-10.
  18.  John Beers 1800-04.
  19.  Timothy Beers b. 1800-04.
   20.  Alice Beers b. c. 1808.
  21.  Azuba H. Beers b. Mar 1810.
  22.  son b. 1811-20.
  23.  Joseph Husten Beers b. 13 Aug 1814 New York.
  24.  daughter b. 1811-20.
  25.  daughter b. 1816-20.
  26.  Charles Beers b. 3 Feb 1821 New York.
  27.  Smith Beers b. 1824 New York.

 8.  William Beers b. 15 Dec 1791 m. Mary A. Frost b. 6 June 1792. William first appears on the 1819    assessment list of Wells. Resided on warrant parcel 1386. Enumerated in Wells in 1820. On the 1822    assessment list, resided on 90 acres. Their children attended school at Aspinwall Corners (now    Coryland) as Sabra Seeley taught school there in 1822 or 1823 and she stated one of the pupils was    Mrs. Webster (Susan Beers) (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania, June 4, 1885). William d.    19 Feb 1842 51y 2m 4d (ts). Mary, widow in 1850 census enumeration of Wells Township with    daughter Susan Beers and Jerome Beers b. 1850 enumerated in same household; residing with son    Jackson in 1860 in Wells Township, d. 19 Sept 1864 buried with William in Coryland Cemetery.

   28.  Susan A. Beers b. 7 July 1813.
       29.  Maria Beers b. 14 Sept 1815/6.
  30.  Elizabeth Beers b. 11 Mar 1818.
  31.  Andrew Jackson Beers b. 28 Jan 1821.
  32.  Sarah Beers b. 31 Aug 1823 d. 14 Mar 1893.
  33.  Mary Ann Beers b. 14 Apr 1827.
  34.  Amarilla Beers b. 22 July 1828.
  35.  William Harrison Beers b. 8 July 1831 d. 23 Jan 1833.
  36.  William Harrison Beers b. 16 Jan 1835 Wells.
       37.  Johnson Beers b. 23 Aug 1837.

 9.  Jabez Holly Beers b. 16 Feb 1794 m. 28 Jan 1815 Rebecca Wood b. 31 Aug 1796 and they removed   from Orange County, New York to Wells in 1818. Jabez first appears on the 1819 assessment list of    Wells. Resided on warrant parcel 1386. Enumerated in Wells in 1820. On the 1822 assessment list is    the notation that Jabez had settled in the township, but had no lands taxed to him. They removed to    Elmira, New York in 1827 when Jabez last appears on the 1828 assessment list of Wells. They    resided on what is now West Water Street in a double log home with brother William and his family.    Jabez was a carpenter and builder. Rebecca d. 6 Nov 1849 53y 2m (ts). Enumerated with second wife    Susan, age 42, in 1850. Jabez enumerated with son William and family in Elmira in 1860. Jabez d. 4    Sept 1860 66y (ts) Second Street Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

      38.  Susan M. Beers b. 12 Oct 1815.
  39.  John W. Beers b. 25 May 1817 d. 27 Apr 1840 22y 11m (ts) Second Street Cemetery. Death     notice in Geneva Gazette, May 5, 1840, Geneva, New York.
  40.  Eliza Marie Beers b. 13/18 Jan 1819 Wells.
  41.  Thomas Wood Beers b. 15 Jan 1821 Wells.
  42.  George Hyde Beers b. 29 Nov 1822 Wells.
   43.  William Hoffman Beers b. 25 Sept 1824 Wells.
  44.  Mary Ann Beers b. 30 Nov 1826 Wells.
  45.  Edmund O’Fling Beers b. 4 Apr 1829 Elmira, New York.
  46.  Amanda M. Beers b. 12 Apr 1831 Elmira.
  47.  Frances Elizabeth Beers b. 14 Feb 1833 Elmira
  48.  Jacob Hoffman Beers b. 27 Feb 1835 Elmira.
  49.  Joseph D. Beers b. 20 Dec 1836 Elmira.
  50.  Alice Beers, known as Elsie, b. 10 Aug 1840 Elmira.

Third Generation:
13.  Smith Beers b. c. 1805-7 (age 45 on 1850 census and age 63 at death in Dec 1871) m. 19 Jan 1829 at Middlesex, Yates County, New York, Jerusha Aldrich b. c. 1810 daughter of Stephen Aldrich and Lucy A. Willams. Enumerated in Ellington, Chatauqua County, New York in 1830. Enumerated in Milo, Yates County, New York in 1840. Enumerated in Keating, McKean County, Pennsylvania in 1850, carpenter. Family members buried Moody Hollow Cemetery, Eldred Township, McKean County. Smith not found in 1860 and 1870 census enumerations. Smith, widower, d. 29 Dec 1871 63y at 51 West Water Street, carpenter, son of John and Keziah Beers, buried Second Street Cemetery (Elmira City Death Record).

       51.  John Beers b. 1829 New York.
       52.  Susan Beers b. c. 1833 New York.
53.  Sarah Beers b. c. 1835 New York.
       54.  Frank Beers b. c. 1841 New York enumerated with sister Sarah in 1860.
       55.  Lucy Beers b. c. 1843 Michigan
56.  George F. Beers b. 16 Jan 1845 Michigan.
  57.  Charles Beers b. May 1849 Michigan.

14.  George W. Beers b. c. 1809 m. Harriet Jemima Huggett b. c. 1811 near London, England.    Enumerated in Phelps, Ontario County, New York in 1840. George was a coach maker (biography of    son George). George d. 1 Apr 1842 33y Southport (Elmira Gazette, April 7, 1842). Harriet m. 30    June 1847 at Trinity Church, Elmira, New York, (2)Ingham Beaumont b. 1 July 1801. Harriet d. c.    1852. Ingham d. 28 Nov 1875 buried Second Street Cemetery.

  58.  John B. Beers b. c. 1832.
  59.  George Washington Beers b. 10 June 1836 Hopewell, New York bpt 29 Sept 1847 Trinity Episcopal Church, Elmira, New York
  60.  daughter b. c. 1838 (1840 census).
  61. Mary Ann Beers b. c. 1840 bpt 7 Jan 1849 Trinity Episcopal  Church.
  62.  Sarah Maria Beers b. c. 1842 bpt 29 Sept 1847 Trinity Episcopal Church.

15.  Amanda Malvina Beers b. 22 Oct 1810 m. 16 July 1834 at Angelica, New York, Alexander Samuel   Diven b. 15 Feb 1809 Dix, Schuyler County, New York. Resided Elmira, New York. Amanda d. 18    Aug 1875 63y 9m 27d (Elmira City Death Record) buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

  The following is from the History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins, and Schuyler Counties:

  General Diven was born in the town of Catharine, Tioga Co. (now the town of Dix, Schuyler Co.), N.    Y., Feb. 15, 1809. He received his education at the Penn Yan and Ovid Academies, after which he    commenced the study of law with Judge Gray, of Elmira, and was admitted to practice in 1832. He    prosecuted his professional career in the firm of Diven, Hathaway & Woods, of Elmira, for many    years, and until the commencement of the war, "winning reputation as much by his diligent attention    to business as by the talent he displayed in managing the cases placed under his charge." The general    entered early into political life, and was an active member of the Republican party from the date of its   organization. He served in the New York State Senate in 1858-59. In 1859 he was the "Free-Soil"    candidate for Governor of New York, and a candidate in the State Convention at the time Judge    Henry E. Davies was nominated for judge of the Court of Appeals. In 1860 he was elected to     Congress, from the 27th Congressional District. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, and as a    member of the House during the early part of the Rebellion, he was a stanch and devoted Unionist,    and gave the administration unstinted support. His loyal utterances are a matter of record. The    proceedings of the Thirty-seventh Congress bear witness to his patriotic devotion. As an anti-slavery    man he was well known to the public at large, and although not an extremist, he gave a cordial    support to the bill abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia. "When the proposition was made to    confiscate the property of the rebels, he shrank from it as involving an amount of human suffering    and misery too fearful to contemplate. The speech delivered by him on the subject is one of which he    may well feel proud. It must ever remain a monument to his humanity; it was the utterance of a    Christian and a chivalric man," and the same sentiments influenced his subsequent action on the    battle-field. We make a brief extract from the speech: "Now, sir, it is for civilized warfare that I plead,   -it is against barbarian warfare that I protest, -when I declare that the pittance of the women and    children, the private property upon which families rely for sustenance, shall not be taken, and an    unnecessary punishment inflicted upon them... while the barbarian spares the life of the non-resistant,   the savage takes it, and decorates his war-belt with the glossy curls of helpless women and the flaxen    hair of innocent children, and, around his hellish war-fires, gloats on these wanton murders. That is    savage warfare. But civilized warfare stops with the striking down of the enemy on the battle-field;    with conquering by the strong right arm. Sir, valiant men will go no farther.... Let me tell you that if    you enact certain laws that will require valiant men, after they have stricken down their enemies on    the field, and captured them and all their munitions of war, to go into the homes of their enemies and    desolate them; to lift their hands against unoffending women and children, rob them of their     substance, and turn them penniless on the world, -valiant men will never do it. I was taught early to    bend a very little knee, and lift tiny hands, and ask God to forgive me as I forgave those who     trespassed against me. And, Sir, daring the troubled voyage of life, in sunshine and in storm, in    tempest and in calm, I have never forgotten that anchor of my hope, -that trust which is all my    religion. I have been taught that the difference between the demon of darkness and the angel of light    is, that the one is guided by charity and love, and the other by hate and malice." He was the first to    introduce measures providing for the employment of colored troops in the army, -drafting and    introducing the first bill on the subject. In 1862 Mr. Diven left his seat in Congress to aid with his    sword in suppressing the rebellion. He assisted in raising the 107th Regiment, New York Volunteers,    and went into service as its lieutenant-colonel, August 12. He distinguished himself in the Virginia    campaigns of 1862-63 by his gallantry and skill. After the battle of Antietam he was commissioned    colonel, and led the regiment at Chancellorsville, amid the fiercest conflict. In May, 1863, he was    commissioned adjutant-general with the rank of major, and appointed to the cargo of the rendezvous    for troops at Elmira. Aug. 30, 18h he was brevetted brigadier-general, and assigned to special duty as    assistant provost-marshal-general for the western district of New York, and subsequently appointed to   the command of the northern and western districts, which he retained until the close of the war,    performing the duties with energy and success. In the spring of 1865 he retired from martial to civil    life. In 1844 he became a director of the New York and Erie Railroad, and was its attorney until 1865,   when he was chosen its vice-president, which position he held for three years. During the period from    1844 to 1850, Mr. Diven was conspicuous in his labors and efforts to re-establish the waning credit of   the road, and in raising the necessary millions to prosecute its erection, which he did to completion.    In 1844 came the crisis in the affairs of Erie; the road was built only to Binghamton, funds were    exhausted, and its officials discouraged. The fate of this great enterprise hung in the balance. At a    meeting of its directors, held in New York City, that year, a resolution was presented recommending    the abandonment of the enterprise. Mr. Diven opposed it so strongly, that his resolution,     recommending its prosecution, was substituted, and a new era of effort inaugurated, into which Mr.    Diven threw all his energies, and labored zealously for years. He drew up the bills passed by the    Legislature in aid of the road; he was instrumental in procuring their passage by the legislative body;    the first issues of bonds and mortgages were drafted by him; he was commissioner of construction    during its building, -the pay of contractors passing through his hands. In 1849 he organized the    company (and for a time was one of its stockholders) composed of Messrs. Arnot, Cook, etc., who    built the road from Binghamton to Corning. Elmira is largely indebted to him that it has the termini    of the Williamsport and Elmira Railroad, instead of Corning. He was president of the latter road    during the entire process of its construction, and later became interested in all its connections, since    consolidated and now known under the general title of the Pennsylvania Northern Central Railway.    As a contractor he has been eminently successful. In connection with General Thomas Price and    James P. Kirkwood he contracted for the construction of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and, under the   firm name of Diven, Stancliff & Co., engaged in the construction of the southwestern branch of that    road. He is president of the Elmira and Horseheads Street-Car Company; and he, with his sons, are    the owners and operators of the Elmira Water-Works. General Diven was married, in 1835, to Miss    Amanda Beers, of Elmira, and has four sons and four daughters. The sons seem to inherit their    father’s energy and enterprise, and are worthy scions of a noble sire. Mr. Diven is modest,     unassuming, and very domestic in his tastes, although methodical in his habits., and an indefatigable    worker. He is now retired from active business, except the management of his estate, embracing a    large farm lying in the suburbs of Elmira, and another in Florida, and in watching the developing    careers of his sons. In every capacity in which he has figured, he has brought to the discharge of his    arduous labors unswerving rectitude and pre-eminent ability. But that in which he takes most pride,    and which most entitles him to consideration in this history, is what he has achieved for the internal    improvements so largely affecting the material interests and prosperity of the locality about which we    write.

  63.  George Miles Diven b. 28 Aug 1835 Angelica.
  64.  Eleanor Means Diven b. 28 Apr 1837.
  65.  Amanda Diven b. 18 July 1839.
  66.  Alexander Diven b. 22 Aug 1841.
  67.  Eugene Diven b. 21 June 1843-4.
  68.  Mary Diven b. 1 May 1846.
  69.  Alice Diven b. 2 May 1850, single, d. 3 Mar 1875 Fort Lyon, Colorado Territory (Elmira City Death Record) buried Woodlawn.
  70.  John M. Diven b. 24 Apr 1852.

16.  John N. Beers b. 1 Apr 1812 m. 22 May 1833 (Elmira Republican, May 25, 1833) Elizabeth    Holdstock b. 1815. Enumerated 1835 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York with three    males and two females in the household. Elizabeth d. 5 Mar 1844 28y 5m 7d (ts) Fitzsimmons    Cemetery, Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Elizabeth’s death notice in the Elmira    Gazette, March 14, 1844 issue relates died “after a painful and protracted illness.” John m. 26 Nov    1845 (Elmira Gazette, December 11, 1845) (2)Bridget Shoemaker b. 1810. Enumerated in Catlin,    Chemung County, New York in 1850, farmer. John was Chair of the Board of Supervisors in    Chemung County 1852-4. Enumerated in Horseheads, Chemung County in 1860, gentleman. John d.    24 Sept 1861 49y 4m 5d (ts) Old Marsh Cemetery, Wygant Road, Horseheads, New York. His age at    death would place his birth at May 1812 and does not agree with his date of birth on the 1820 Wells    assessment, but is in close proximity. Bridget m. a Ferenbaugh after John’s death. Bridget d. 2 Sept    1888 78y (ts) buried with John.

  Children of John and Elizabeth:
  71.  daughter b. c. 1834 (1840 census).
  72.  Eliza M. Beers b. 1836-7.
  73.  Julia Howell Beers b. 1839 d. 8 Aug 1841 1y 11m (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery (death notice in     Elmira Gazette, August 12, 1841).

  Children of John and Bridget:
  74.  Ada Beers b. c. 1847 (presumed adopted as she was not on the 1850 census with the other children, but was enumerated in the household in 1860).
  75.  William M. Beers b. 1848 d. 15 Mar 1853 4y 3m 21d (ts) Old Marsh Cemetery.
  76.  Frances Elizabeth Beers b. 6 Jan 1851 d. 10 Mar 1855 4y 2m 4d (ts) Old Marsh Cemetery (death notice in Elmira Weekly Gazette, March 22, 1855).

18.  John Beers 1800-04 m. Mary B. Welton b. 29 June 1802 Vermont daughter of Elias Welton and    Hannah VanPelt. Enumerated 1830 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated    in Southport in 1840. Mary was evidently widowed by 1850 when she was enumerated in Dryden,    Tompkins County, New York, age 47, born Vermont with Angeline age 17, Sarah (who was actually    Silas) age 11, and Candice age 5. Mary was enumerated in the 1855 state census of Orange, Schuyler    County, New York, age 51, born Vermont with Silas and Candace. Enumerated in Wells in 1860 with   Silas age 20, Catherine age 15, and James age 12 in household. Mary was enumerated with son Silas    and family in East Charleston, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1870 and enumerated with son Silas   and family in 1880 in Duncan, Tioga County. Mary d. 8 July 1889 (Wellsboro Gazette, July 18, 1889)   Antrim, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

  77.  William Henry Beers b. 16 Nov 1828 Blossburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  78.  Elias P. Beers b. 1830 d. 14 Apr 1838 7y 8m 24d (ts) Wisner Park Burying Ground, removed to     Woodlawn.
  79.  Angeline Beers b. c. 1833.
  80.  Silas H. Beers b. c. 1839 Chemung County, New York
    81.  Candace Beers b. c. 1845.

19.  Timothy Beers b. 1800-04 m. Alvina Carr b. 5/6 Jan 1806/7 daughter of John Carr and Amy Armstrong of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in Southport in 1830 with three males under age five (b. 1862-30), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), and one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10). Timothy served in the Mexican War. Elvina was listed in the 1852/53 New York City Directory as widow of Timothy, house 315 5th Street. Alvina enumerated with daughter Alvina and husband in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1860. Alvina enumerated with daughter Melissa and family in Westchester County, New York in 1870.

  son b. c. 1826.
  Lewis Albert Beers b. 24 July 1828.
  Andrew John Beers b. c. 1830 New York.
  Orin Beers b. c. 1834 New York.
  Melissa Beers b. c. 1836.
       Samuel Alonzo Beers b. 3 May 1838 New York.
  Alvina Beers b. c. 1840 New York.

  Charles Beers b. c. 1829.
  James Beers b. c. 1837.

20.  Alice Beers, known as Elsie, b. c. 1808 m. 2 Nov 1845 (Elmira Gazette, November 6, 1845) John    Fitzsimmons as his second wife. Resided Wells. Elsie d. 16 Jan 1887 Wells. Joseph H. Beers, brother,   administrator of estate.

21.  Azuba H. Beers b. Mar 1810 m. Daniel Holdredge, Jr., and she d. 9 July 1886 76y 3m 14d (ts)    Mosherville Cemetery, Wells Township.

22.  Joseph Husten Beers b. 13 Aug 1814 m. Maria Beers b. 14 Sept 1815/6 daughter of William Beers and Mary A. Frost. Joseph first appears on the 1837 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated 1840 and 1850 censuses of Wells. Resided on 30 acres in the Seeley Creek Valley that contained two dwelling houses and a sawmill erected by Lawrence Copley that they purchased from Lawrence Copley. This was on part of the fourth farm in the valley from the state line. Enumerated in Bath, Steuben County, New York in 1855, innkeeper, having resided there one year. Enumerated there in 1860. Enumerated in Lindley, Steuben County, New York in 1870, lumberman. Removed to Elmira, New York. Enumerated there in 1880. Joseph d. 24 Oct 1887 and Maria d. 20 Oct 1898 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  DIED. Beers - At 116 Sullivan street at 12 o’clock October 24 1887, Joseph H. Beers, aged 70 years    (Elmira Daily Advertiser, Elmira, New York, Wednesday, October 26, 1887).

  Uriah S. Beers b. 17 May 1840 Pennsylvania m. (1)unknown (2)Ida M. Beers b. 1857. Uri d. 7 Nov 1910 and Ida d. 20 Jan 1945 buried Woodlawn Cemetery.
   Joseph Beers b. 1866.
              Fred F. Beers b. 24 Mar 1879 d. 28 Jan 1909 buried Woodlawn Cemetery.
              Anna D. Beers b. 1887.
  Schuyler Beers b. 13 Jan 1842 Wells enlisted  31 Aug 1864 at Elmira, New York as Artificer in     Company C, 50th New York Engineers. In Sept 1864 he was treated in hospital near City Point,     Virginia, about ten days with fever and ague and in Dec 1864 he was sick in front of Petersburg     with rheumatism about two weeks; his services consisted of building fortifications, bridges and     laying pontoons, and was honorably discharged 13 June 1865 at Fort Berry, Virginia. Schuyler     m. 3 July 1868 at Hornellsville, New York, Ruth Swartwood b. 13 Oct 1846 Burlington,     Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Frederick Swartwood and Ellen Burgess. Settled     Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1869. Farmer. Ruth d. 1900 (ts) and  Schuyler d. 1921 (ts)     Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga, Pennsylvania.
       Frederick Husten Beers b. 13 May 1870 d. 9 Sept 1874.
      Ella Maria Beers b. 2 Mar 1873.
  Guy Beers b. c. 1845 served in Company A, 100 New York Volunteer Infantry, during the Civil     War, was wounded at the battle of the Wilderness, captured at the evacuation of Richmond and     held until the surrender of Lee.
  Joseph Beers b. 1846 m. Frances A. b. 1850. Resided Elmira, New York. Joseph d. 2 Dec 1921 and     Frances d. 6 Dec 1924 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  Adelphia S. Beers b. c. 1847, single, d. 29 Apr 1926 78y at Elmira buried with parents.

26.  Charles Beers b. 3 Feb 1821 New York m. Ervilla Tickner b. c. 1821 New York and they were    enumerated in Wells in 1850. His father was enumerated in their household and also, Welthy    Tickner b. c. 1780 New York state. Charles m. (2)Sarah Elizabeth Carr b. c. 1837 daughter of    Moses J. and Jane Carr of Wells. Charles d. 12 Dec 1874 53y 10m 9d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. In   the 1900 directory of Wells, Sarah resided on Roaring Run Road a short distance from the Coryland    Road with 45 acres. Sarah d. 23 Aug 1917 at home of son Charles in Wells survived by daughters    Mrs. Ida M. Beers, Mrs. Carrie Davis, Mrs. Charles Morhouse all of Elmira, Mrs. W. H. Wilson of    Jackson, Pa., sons Edward of Hammondsport, Henry and Charles at home and brother Harrison Carr    of State Line, buried Mosherville (obituary).

  Children of Charles and Ervilla:
  Marian Beers b. c. 1849, teacher in 1870.
  Howard Beers b. 3 June 1850 d. 12 Dec 1872 22y 6m 3d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

  Children of Charles and Sarah:
  Adelbert Beers b. c. 1854  was living in Wells in 1900 and perhaps d. soon after that.
  Ida M. Beers b. 1856 m. Uriah S. Beers and she d. 20 Jan 1945 88y at 202 Home Street, Elmira,     New York survived by daughters Mrs. W. J. Foster of Cohocton, Miss Avra at home, brother     Charles of Seeley Creek, sister Mrs. W. H. Wilson of Pine City, granddaughter Mrs. R. B. White     of Elmira and grandson Egbert Phillips of Alfred, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery     (obituary).
  Areminta Beers b. c. 1858 not enumerated with family in 1870.
  Carrie Beers b. c. 1860 m. a Davis.
  Henry Beers b. c. 1862 d. 25 July 1936 74y at home of brother Charles in Wells, survived by brother     Edward of Hammondsport, sisters Ida Beers, Mrs. Chalres Moorhess of Elmira and Mrs. William    Wilson of Wellsburg buried Mosherville Cemetery (obituary).
  Charles Beers b. 14 Jan 1865 m. Elizabeth and he d. 26 May 1946 Seeley Creek, Town of      Southport, Chemung County, New York survived by wife and daughter Mrs. Warren C. Stevens     of Mosherville and sister Mrs. William Wilson of Pine City buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira,     New York.
  Edward Beers b. 1868 d. 23 Jan 1937 69y Mitchellsville near Bath, New York survived by son Earl     of Bath, brother Charles of Gillett and three sisters, Mrs. William Wilson, Miss Ida, Mrs. Charles    Morehead all of Elmira buried Pleasant Valley.
  Catherine Beers b. 24 Jan 1870 m. William H. Wilson.
  Dora Beers b. c. 1874 m. Charles Morehouse.

27.  Smith Beers b. Apr 1823 m. Elizabeth Beers b. 11 Mar 1818 daughter of William Beers and Mary A. Frost. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells, sawyer. On 1858 map, residence was south of Mosherville on west side of main road to Coryland. Enumerated in Lawrence Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860, farm laborer. Enumerated in Tioga Township, Tioga County in 1870, laborer, and in Tioga Township in 1880, farmer. Smith enumerated in Tioga Township in 1900, daughter Anna and family residing with him, Elizabeth deceased prior to 1900.

  William Beers b. c. 1844.
  Helen Beers b. c. 1846 m. 25 July 1866 Delinas Whitehead. Helen d. Tioga Township age 50 and     left three children (Mansfield Advertiser, December 9, 1896).
  Henry Beers b. c. 1849.
  Judson Beers b. 21 Oct 1852 Wells d. 1922 (ts). Wife, Encie L. b. 1855. Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga, Pennsylvania.
  Fremont Beers b. c. 1856.
  Anna Beers b. c. 1861 m. Frank W. Goodrich.

  Judson Beers, aged 69 years, died April 11. He was born in Wells, Bradford county Oct. 21, 1852. In 1878 he married Encie L. Green, of Lawrenceville. Three children were born to them: Mrs. E. A. Anderson and Miss M. Grace Beers, of Kanona, N.Y., and Manley J. Beers, of Riverdale, N.J. Besides his widow, there also survive one brother and a sister, Henry Beers and Mrs. Anna Goodrich, of Tioga, and four grandchildren, Everett, Ruth, James E., and F. Marian Anderson, of Kanona (The Agitator, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, Wednseday, April 19, 1922).

28.  Susan A. Beers b. 7 July 1813 m. James C. Webster b. 1806. James was enumerated in Southport in 1850, farmer, age 43, with wife Elizabeth, age 50, son Alexander, age 20 (b. 10 Sept 1830), son Charles K., age 13. James operated the Pine Woods Hotel after Henry McKibbins rebuilt it in the spring of 1856 after the first hotel burned. McKibbins operated it for a year when James succeeded him. James and Susan enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860. Enumerated in Southport in 1870. James d. 1873 (ts). Susan enumerated in Southport in 1880, widow, with grandson Willie Seeley, age 11, residing with her. Susan d. 13 Sept 1906 buried Pine City Cemetery with James.

James and Susan Webster are enumerated at Southport, Chemung County, NY in 1860 with Elizabeth, 6, who might have been a daughter or granddaughter and is possibly Mrs. Elizabeth Webster Sheive, who died in 1935. Curiously, a Jerome Beers, 7 months, is listed with William and Mary Beers in 1850 and a Jerome Webster, 10, is listed in the 1860 census with Jackson, Emily and Mary but his relationship to Susan, if any, is not known.

Jerome Webster b. 1849/50, teamster in 1880 census enumeration, enumerated with wife Elizabeth and son Clare at Pine City, town of Southport. Jerome d. 14 Mar 1924 74y Chemung, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery. Wife, Fanny E. d. 27 Apr 1927 buried Woodlawn.

  Elizabeth Webster b. c. 1853 m. Alanson Sheive b. 1853.

Mrs. Elizabeth Webster Sheive, 83, died Saturday evening, Feb. 15, 1936 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert J. Husted, 213 Franklin Street, after an extended illness. She was for 50 years a member of the Daggett, Pa. M. E. Church, a past noble grand of Geraldine Rebekah Lodge. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. A. J. Husted, Mrs. Herbert P. Jewell and Mrs. Helen Mandeville; one granddaughter, Mrs. Pearl A. White, all of Elmira, and two nephews, Frank and Clarris Webster of Oneida. The body is at the family home where the funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Willard Basford of Troy, Pa., will officiate assisted by the Rev. Irving J. Shafer of the South Presbyterian Church. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. Elmira Rebekah Lodge holds a special meeting tonight at 7 o’clock at 111 Pennsylvania Ave.

29.  Maria Beers b. 14 Sept 1816 m. Joseph Husten Beers.

31.  Andrew Jackson Beers b. 28 Jan 1821 m. Emily Smith b. 1835 daughter of Rebecca Smith. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1869, farmer. Emily d. 4 May 1864 28y 6m 16d (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township. Jackson enumerated in Chemung, Chemung County, New York in 1880, widower, laborer. Jackson d. 12 Mar 1899 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Edwin William Beers b. 12 July 1858 d. 11 Apr 1937 buried Woodlawn Cemetery.
  Franklin Beers b. 1860 m. Alice V. Osborn b. 11 May 1867 d. 25 Aug 1890 (Woodlawn Cemetery     burial record) and (2)Harriet P Harrington b. 21 Sept 1868. Frank d. 15 Oct 1900 and Harriet     d. 17 Mar 1943 buried with Alice.
  Benjamin S. Beers b. 1861 d. 2 Feb 1862 8 wks (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Cora M. Beers b. 27 Sept 1863 d. 15 Aug 1864 11m 19d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

33.  Mary Ann Beers b. 14 Apr 1827 enumerated with sister Maria and family in Wells in 1850, m.    Edmund O. Beers b. 4 Apr 1829.

34.  Amarilla Beers b. 22 July 1828 m. Minor W. Ferguson and she d. 14 Apr 1924.

  Mrs. Amarilla Ferguson, widow of Minor W. Ferguson, died at the residence of her son, William E.    Ferguson, 517 Perine Street, Tuesday morning, aged ninety-five years. Besides her son she is survived   by a daughter, Mrs. Daelle Spencer of Painted Post and a brother, Johnson Beers of this city. The    funeral will be held at the home Thursday at 2 o’clock. The Rev. A. G. Cornwell will officiate. Burial   in Woodlawn Cemetery. Kindly omit flowers. (handwritten on article April 15, 1924).

36.  William Harrison Beers b. 16 Jan 1835 removed to Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1857, also    resided Wayne County, Pennsylvania, m. 1864 Sarah Frances Wells. Foreman at tannery in Niles    Valley, d. 11 Oct 1920.

37.  Johnson Beers b. 23 Aug 1837 served in Company H, 50th New York Engineers during the Civil    War, attained the rank of Sergeant, m. 14 Sept 1861 Elizabeth A. Elmendorf b. 1844 and he d. 22    Feb 1932.

  Jay Maxwell Beers b. 1 Jan 1870 Lindley, New York m. Helena M. DeWitt b. 1875 d. 1941. He     was mayor of Elmira, New York, d. 29 Nov 1941.

38.  Susanna Beers b. 12 Oct 1815 m. 29 Aug 1839 at Horseheads, New York (Tioga Eagle, Wellsboro,    Pennsylvania, September 11, 1839) Cyrus Norwood. Resided Hornellsville, New York. Susan d. 31    May 1896.

40.  Eliza Marie Beers b. 13/18 Jan 1819 m. 6 Sept 1838 (Elmira Gazette, September 8, 1838) Edwin    C. Oliver of Troy, Pennsylvania, b. 19 Feb 1816. Resided Troy. Edwin d. 1 Aug 1881 (ts) and Eliza    d. 20 Feb 1904 (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy.

  Lyman H. Oliver b. 1844 m. Sarah Catherine Walton.

41.  Thomas Wood Beers b. 15 Jan 1821 m. 24 Oct 1844 (Elmira Gazette, October 31, 1844) Amy    Carr b. 31 Oct 1827 Southport, Chemung County, New York daughter of Nathan Carr and Sarah    Kerr of Southport. Resided Warren County, Illinois in the 1850 census enumeration, residing with    Amy’s parents. Amy d. 15 July 1883 and Thomas d. 21 Aug 1906.

  Sarah Rebecca Beers b. 10 Aug 1845 m. William Wallace Pease.
  Lawrence Beers b. c. 1848.
  Edna Beers b. 185_ m. 1884 E. A. Rankin.
  Hattie M. Beers b. 1859 Illinois.

42.  George Hyde Beers b. 29 Nov 1822 m. 6 Oct 1847 (Elmira Gazette, October 21, 1847) Elizabeth    Ann Beckwith b. 2 May 1829 Chemung County, New York daughter of Henry Beckwith. Butcher,    enumerated in Elmira, New York in 1860. Elizabeth d. 16 May 1901 and George d. 1 Oct 1903    Elmira.

  George Hyde Bears, who was born in this county in 1822, was a brother of Mrs. E. C. Oliver of Troy,    died at the home of his sister, Mrs. John T. Davidson in Elmira, Thursday afternoon. He was one of a    family of 13 children of whom eight are living. He was a member of the old Southern Tier rifles from    which the Thirtieth Separate company was formed. One son, Lester H., of Syracuse, survives, besides    the brothers and sisters. – Reporter-Journal, Oct. 8 (Troy Gazette Register, Thursday, October 22,    1903).

  Lillian A. Beers b. 26 May 1848 m. 30 Dec 1868 Theodore G. Smith and she d. 31 Oct 1912 Elmira.
  Lester H. Beers b. c. 1852.
  Carrie Augusta Beers b. 26 May 1856 Pine City, New York m. 24 Feb 1875 Alexander Nicewonger    of Ogle County, Illinois, resided Ogle County, Illinois until spring of 1884 when they removed to    Gage County, Nebraska. Alexander d. 5 Aug 1891. Carrie m. 30 June 1896 in Elmira,      (2)William Bailey and she d. 11 June 1931 Elmira.

43.  William H. Beers b. 25 Sept 1824 m. 31 Oct 1850 (Elmira Republican, November 8, 1850) Mary E.   Gillett of Caton, New York b. c. 1826. Carpenter, enumerated in Elmira, New York in 1860. William   d. 16 Dec 1881 on the Erie Railroad Bridge, Elmira.

  Phidel Beers b. 1851 d. 1856 buried Red School House Cemetery, Caton, New York.
  Harriet E. Beers b. c. 1857 m. a Horton, resided Syracuse, New York in 1880.
  Elsie Beers m. a Merrill and resided Brooklyn, New York in 1880.
  John E. Beers resided DeRuyter, New York in 1880.

44.  Mary Ann Beers b. 30 Nov 1826 m. 13 Oct 1847 (Elmira Gazette, October 31, 1847) William    Lowman, resided Lowman, and she d. 5/6 Feb 1901.

45.  Edmund O’Fling Beers b. 4 Apr 1829 m. Mary A. Beers b. 14 Apr 1827 daughter of William    Beers and Mary A. Frost. Edmund served in Company H, 50th New York Engineers during the Civil   War and attained the rank of Major. Practiced dentistry in Elmira. Edmund was sheriff in Chemung    County, New York 1877-79. Edmund d. 12 Mar 1913 Washington, District of Columbia, where their    only child resided, buried Elmira, New York.

  Emma H. Beers b. 1855 m. 1877 Daniel J. Weyman.

46.  Amanda M. Beers b. 12 Apr 1831 m. 1849 John Theodore Davidson and she d. 21 Jan 1931.

  Emily Davidson m. Nelson A. Miller.
  Clara A. Davidson m. Robert Hornby White.

47.  Frances Elizabeth Beers b. 14 Feb 1833 m. 2 Aug 1850 (Elmira Republican, August 9, 1850) in    Elmira, Orlando N. Smith of Elmira and she d. 11 Feb 1911.

48.  Jacob H. Beers b. 27 Feb 1835 and wife Ann Eliza resided Trenton, New Jersey. He served in the    Civil War and he d. 11 Nov 1909.

  Isabel Beers b. Feb 1868 m. a Reider.
  Stella Beers b. c. 1870.
  Ezra Beers b. Aug 1871.
  Harry Beers b. Sept 1873.
  Zelma Beers b. c. 1877.

49.  Joseph D. Beers b. 20 Dec 1836 served in Company H, 50th New York Engineers during the Civil    War, attaining the rank of Lieutenant, m. Marian Affleck b. 1859, resided New York City and he d.    30/31 Oct 1906. Marian d. 1940.

  Joan Louise Beers b. 1886 m. John Poppe and she d. 1969.
  Edmund Affleck Beers b. July 1888 m. Antoinette Locke and he d. 1960.
  J. Marjorie Beers b. c. 1890 m. Harry W. Carpenter.

50.  Alice Beers, known as Elsie, b. 10 Aug 1840 m. Dr. Ezra Corwin Terry and she d. 31 July 1910.

Fourth Generation:
53.  Sarah Beers b. c. 1835 New York m. Anson R. Fowler. Enumerated in Eldred, McKean County in 1860.

56.  George F. Beers b. 16 Jan 1845 Michigan enumerated with sister Sarah in 1860 m. Ellen C. Pendleton.

59.  George Washington Beers b. 10 June 1836 Hopewell, New York bpt 29 Sept 1847 Trinity Episcopal Church, Elmira, New York, located in Iroquois County, Illinois in 1856 and worked on a farm, m. 25 Nov 1860 Esther Ann Johnson b. 13 June 1842 Belfast, New York. George continued working on the farm until 1862 when he enlisted in the Civil War. In 1868 settled in Osawatomie, Kansas and in 1870 in Cloud County, Kansas and filed a homestead in Solomon Township on Fisher Creek. George d. 11 Feb 1914 Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas buried Glasco Cemetery.

63.  George Miles Diven b. 28 Aug 1835 m. Lucy Minerva Brown.

65.  Amanda Diven b. 18 July 1839 m. Henry C. Silsbee.

66.  Alexander Diven b. 22 Aug 1841 m. Annie McQuhae.

67.  Eugene Diven b. 21 June 1843-4 m. Julia Hart Patridge.

68.  Mary Diven b. 1 May 1846 m. Emerson H. Liscum.

70.  John M. Diven b. 24 Apr 1852 m. Susan H. Hepburn.

77.  William Henry Beers b. 16 Nov 1828 m. 31 Dec 1848 Mary Catherine Baldwin b. 18 May 1827 Sugar Hill, Schuyler County, New York daughter of Ephraim Baldwin and Sarah Cole Palmer. William d. 7 Jan 1853 Town of Orange, Schuyler County, New York. Mary d. after 1909 Buffalo, New York.

  Arthur Howard Beers b. 24 Nov 1849 Orange, Schuyler County.
  Evelyn Baldwin Beers b. 25 Jan 1852 d. 7/11 Jan 1853 Monterey, Orange, Schuyler County.

80.  Silas H. Beers b. c. 1839 m. 17 Jan 1865 (Tioga Agitator, January 25, 1865) in Charleston, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Mary Neal daughter of Joseph Neal and Elizabeth Hopper. Enumerated in Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880. Silas d. Starkey, Yates County, New York.

  Carrie A. Beers b. c. 1866 m. Edward Bellinger.
       Jennie M. Beers b. c. 1868 m. a Green.
       Nellie R. Beers b. c. 1870 m. Harry Wickham.
       Effie B. Beers b. 1873 Tioga County m. Francis Longstreet.
      Minnie E. Beers b. c. 1877 m. Robert Grimes.

81.  Candace Beers b. c. 1845 m. 14 Mar 1865 (Tioga Agitator, March 29, 1865) William L. Freeland    of Farmington, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

83.  Lewis Albert Beers b. 24 July 1828 and wife Mary A., b. c. 1830 Canada were enumerated in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1850, blacksmith. Lewis m. 21 Dec 1853 (2)Malissa Jackson b. 14 May 1839 Monroe County, Ohio. Enumerated in Moline, Rock Island Illinois in 1860, blacksmith. Enumerated in Moline in 1870, Lewis employed in a plow factory. Enumerated in South Moline in 1880, Lewis a blacksmith in a plow factory. Lewis d. 27 Mar 1895 Bismark, Hot Springs County, Arkansas.

  Child of Lewis and Mary:
  Alonzo Beers b. 1850 New Jersey m. 21 Dec

  Children of Lewis and Malissa:
  William Henry Beers b. 20 Apr 1857 Iowa m. 1 May 1787 Sarah J. Heck.
  Albert Nathan Beers b. 14 June 1859 Davenport, Scott County, Iowa m. 9 Feb 1881 Ellen May Peterson.
  Mary Ellen Beers b. 27 Mar 1862 Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois m. Charles A. Belding.
  Ada A. Beers b. 18 Oct 1865 Iowa.
  Catherine Beers b. 12 Feb 1868 Iowa m. 10 Feb 1885 John Owen Allen.
  Alice May Beers b. 30 Dec 1870 Illinois m. Robert Washington Mitchell.
  Lewis Francis Beers b. 2 Oct 1872 Illinois m. 4 Mar 1897 Kansadia N. Johnson.
  Anneta Grace Beers b. 29 Jan 1874 Illinois m. Oliver Eugene Bagwell.

Andrew John Beers b. c. 1830 m. Josephine Young b. c. 1836 New York. Enumerated in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1860, wood moulder. Enumerated in Republic Township, Republic County, Kansas in 1870, farmer, with wife Sarah b. c. 1840 New York, next to household of brother Alonzo. They returned to New York and were enumerated in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1880, Andrew a bank clerk.

  Alonzo J. Beers b. July 1853 New York m. Julia A. Litsinger and they were enumerated in Freedom, Republic County, Kansas in 1880. Alonzo enumerated in Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas in 1900, widower, with eight children in the household.
  Elvina Beers b. c. 1856 New York.
  William Beers b. c. 1858 New York.
  Andrew Beers b. c. 1861 New York.

85.  Orin Beers b. c. 1834 was enumerated in Orange, Essex County, New Jersey in 1850, shoemaker, in a Titus household. Orin m. c. 1854 in Essex County, New Jersey, Henrietta Lockwood b. c. 1833 New Jersey. Enumerated in New Haven, Connecticut in 1860, shoemaker. Orin served in Company E, 15th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Orin d. 2 Jan 1866 Westville, New Haven, Connecticut. Henrietta and five children enumerated in Westville, New Haven County in 1870.

  Harriet L. Beers b. c. 1855 Connecticut.
  Alfred E. Beers b. c. 1857 Connecticut.
  Orin J. Beers b. c. 1859 Connecticut.
  Anna Beers b. c. 1861.
  Frank A. Beers b. c. 1863.

Melissa Beers b. c. 1836 m. Thomas Thwaite b. c. 1832 New York. Enumerated in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1860, expressman. Enumerated in Westchester, Westchester County, New York in 1870, milk producer. Enumerated in Westchester in 1880, farmer.

  Frances M. Thwaite. b. c. 1857, teacher in 1880.
  Henry L. Thwaite b. c. 1859, milkman in 1880.
  Thomas Thwaite b. c. 1861.
  Ann Thwaite b. c. 1863.
  Edwin Thwaite b. c. 1866.
  William Thwaite b. c. 1869.
  Joseph Thwaite b. c. 1874.
  Herbert Thwaite b. c. 1878.

89.  Samuel Alonzo Beers b. 3 May 1838 was enumerated as Alonzo with brother Andrew in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1860, wood moulder in a mill, m. 4 Oct 1860 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, Susan Eliza Letterman (Wetherman in 1860 census enumeration) b. 24 Feb 1843 New York City. Enumerated as Alonzo in Republic Township, Republic County, Kansas in 1870, farmer, next to household of borther Andrew. Enumerated in Jennings Township, Decatur County, Kansas in 1880 as S. A. Beers, merchant. Enumerated as Samuel A. in 1900 in El Paso County, Colorado with the four youngest children in their household. Susan d. 24 Oct 1911 Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado. Samuel d. 2 June 1920 Spokane County, Washington.

  Alonzo Beers b. 9 Sept 1861 New York City m. Utie Fawcett.
  Ida Beers b. 16 Sept 1864 Westchester County, New York d. 10 Nov 1868 New York City.
  Mary Louise Beers b. 15 Mar 1867 Brooklyn, Kings County, New York d. 23 Nov 1868 New York City.
  Charles Beers b. 31 May 1869 Brooklyn d. 25 Oct 1873 Belleville, Republic County, Kansas.
  Franklin Beers b. 8 Sept 1871 Republic County, Kansas m. 25 Dec 1892 Mary Ellen Henry.
  Sarah Elizabeth Beers b. 10 Feb 1874 Belleville, Republic County, Kansas m. Richard Bayly.
  Emma Beers b. 31 Mar 1876 Belleville m. John Carper.
  Edwin D. Beers b. 15 Sept 1878 Jackson County, Kansas m. Myrtle Macoy.
  Winfield Scott Beers b. 15 Oct 1880 Jackson County, Kansas.
  George Beers b. 19 Dec 1882 Jackson County, Kansas.
  Pauline Maude Beers b. 12 Jan 1885 Jackson County, Kansas m. Michael Reilly.
  Carl Beers b. 14 June 1888 Jackson County, Kansas.

Alvina Beers b. c. 1840 m. John C. Herlschler b. c. 1836 New York. Enumerated in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1860, engineer; 1870, boiler inspector. Enumerated in New York, New York in 1880, engineer, residing on Pearl Street.

  Nellie Herlschler b. c. 1865 New York.

Wellsboro Agitator 1881 15-Feb D Allen, Seth Died Seth Allen, a former resident of Jackson, died at the residence of his father-in-law, Jacob R. Miller of Millerton, Pa., last Tue. Morning. Mr. Allen's first wife, daughter of Mr., died about 5 yrs ago, leaving two little boys, who have since resided with their grandparents. About 3 mos., ago he married a second wife, a Miss Beers of Wells, Bradford Co., who survives him. Interment was at Caton Center


Marcus Benedict first appears on the 1836 assessment lists of Wells.


Jeremiah Bird m. 2 Nov 1768 at Elizabeth, New Jersey, Elizabeth Marsh. Resided Elizabeth, New Jersey.

 1.  Abigail Bird b. 1 July 1770 Elizabeth.
 2.  Charles Marsh Bird b. 26 Apr 1772 Elizabeth.
 3.  Susanna Bird b. 19 Sept 1773 Elizabeth.
 4.  Samuel Jacques Bird b. 7 May 1775 Elizabeth.
 5.  Benjamin Freeman Bird b. 19 Jan 1778 Elizabeth or Rahway.
 6.  James Bird b. 1780.
 7.  Richard Bird b. 1782.
 8.  Asa Bird b. 1785.
 9.  Kelsey Bird b. 1788.
10.  Esther Bird b. 1789.
11.  Elizabeth Bird b. 29 Feb 1794.

Second Generation:
 5.  Benjamin Freeman Bird b. 19 Jan 1778 m. 22 Feb 1801 in Morris County, New Jersey, Meribah    Reeves b. 8 May 1784 Rahway, New Jersey daughter of Phineas Reeves and Mary Taylor.     Benjamin first appears on the 1817 asessment list of Wells (compiled fall of 1816), farmer.     Enumerated in Wells in 1820. Benjamin last appears on the 1825 assessment list when he transfered    his property to William T. Knapp and Marcus White. Enumerated in Southport, Tioga (that portion    that is now Chemung) County, New York in 1825 with 6 males (including Benjamin) and 3 females    in the household. Meribah d. 13 Feb 1833 Chemung County, New York. Benjamin enumerated 1835    census of Southport, Chemung County, New York with four males (including Benjamin) and three    females in the household. Benjamin d. 23 Feb 1862 Springville, Utah.

  Departed this life, after an illness of seven days, Meribeth Bird, wife of Benjamin T. Bird of the town    of Southport, Tioga co., aged 49 years, 9 months and 6 days. The deceased was a member of the    Methodist E. Church for more than thirty years, during all of which, her walk was irreproachable    (Elmira Republican, February 23, 1833).

  Phineas Reeves Bird b. 29 Jan 1802 New Jersey enumerated 1825 census of Southport with 3 males     (including Phineas) and 1 female in the household and in 1835 with six males (including Phineas)    and one female in the household.
  Charles Bird b. 19 Sept 1803 Roxbury, New Jersey m. 22 Mar 1826 Covington, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania, Mary Ann Kennedy.
  Samuel Bird b. 19 Mar 1805 Flanders, New Jersey d. 13 Feb 1828.
  James Bird b. 22 Dec 1806 Roxbury or Flanders enumerated 1835 census of Southport with three     males (including James) and two females in the household.
  Elizabeth Bird b. 8 Feb 1809 Roxbury d. 16 Jan 1813.
  George Bird b. 6 Jan 1811 Hector, Tompkins (now Schuyler) County, New York d. 13 Oct 1813.
  Kelsey Bird b. 30 Mar 1813 Hector d. 9 Nov 1836.
  Mary Bird b. 23 June 1815 Hector.
  George Bird b. 12 May 1817 Hector d. 24 Feb 1818.
  Amanda Ann Bird b. 24 Jan 1819.
  Richard Bird b. 13 Oct 1820.
  William Bird b. 16 July 1823.

 9.  Kelsey Bird b. 1788 appears on the 1815 and 1816 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Raisin, Lenawee County, Michigan in 1850.  Kelsey d. 27 Oct 1863.

John Bird appears on 1819 assessment list of Wells.

Thomas William Bird enumerated 1820 census of Wells and first appears on the 1822 asessment list of Wells. He sometimes appears as William Thomas Bird. He was age over 45 in 1820 with a female under age 10 and a female of age 16 and under age 26 in his household. On the 1825 assessment list there is a notation “removed by death - transfered to [Peter P.] French.

Gates M. Bird b. 1822 New York state m. (1)Eliza, who d. 25 Aug 1843 19y 10m 4d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery. Her death notice in the Elmira Gazette, August 31, 1843 issue relates she was age 22 and died in Wells. Gates m. (2)Harriet Sedinger b. 1826 daughter of John Sedinger and Lydia Sheive. Gates and Harriet enumerated 1850 census of Wells and 1860 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Gates d. 27 Oct 1862 (Tioga Agitator, November 5, 1862) at Daggett. Harriet named administrator of estate, probated 13 Dec 1862. Harriet was a widow in 1900 and a resident of Wells, m. sometime after that date to a Faringer, possibly Albert Faringer who was a resident of Wells in 1900. Harriet d. 1913 (ts) buried with Gates in Jobs Corners Cemetery. Miranda Bird wife of Tunis Bond of Wells perhaps a sister to Gates.

 1.  Susanna Bird b. 16 Aug 1846 d. 20 Nov 1846 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
 2.  Mary E. Bird b. 1848 m. Eugene L. Ayers b. 1845 d. 1919 (ts) and Mary d. 1933 (ts) Jobs Corners    Cemetery. Her marker incorrectly inscribed 1846 for date of birth.
 3.  Susannah Bird b. 1849 d. Oct 1849 age 3 months (1850 Wells township, Bradford County mortality    schedule).
 4.  Lydia Bird b. 1850 d. young.
 5.  Estella Bird b. 14 Apr 1853 d. 20 Jan 1856 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
 6.  Isabella Bird b. Nov 1856 m. an Updyke (2)Frank H. Thorp and she d. 6 Dec 1890 34y 22d (ts)    Jobs Corners Cemetery.
 7.  Harriet Maud Bird b. 1860/1 m. Ansel E. Garrison.

Emma Bird of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania m. 2 Jan 1840 (Elmira Gazette, January 11, 1840) at Southport, Chemung County, New York, James Clinton of Jackson.

Miranda S. Bird b. c. 1819 m. Tunis Bond b. c. 1819.


Charles Bolton d. 7 Nov 1847 25y 5m 12d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.


Tunis Bond b. 1819 m. Miranda S. Bird b. c. 1819. Resided Judson Hill. Tunis was among a list of men from Wells drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. Tunis d. 22 Feb 1873 53y 6m (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery. Miranda was a member of the Methodist Class at Judson Hill. Miranda d. 22 Feb 1905 85y (obituary), no marker.

 1.  Jerusha A. Bond b. c. 1846, teacher, m. 18 June 1871 (Methodist Church Record) Moses C.    Armstrong, carpenter. Members of Methodist Church at Judson Hill, removed by letter 22 Dec 1872.   Jerusha d. 1876. Moses perhaps m. again in 1882 to a Barber.
  Helen Armstrong b. 26 Apr 1872 Wells.
  Eva Armstrong b. c. 1874.
 2.  Mary Bond b. c. 1848.
 3.  Huldah A. Bond b. c. 1850 m. 7 Oct 1869 (Methodist Church Record) David T. Hayton of Wells.
 4.  William E. Bond b. 1858 (ts - age 14 in 1870) m. Julia Millham b. 1867. Farmer, resided South    Creek Township. William d. 1933 (ts) and Julia in 1943 (ts) Upper Gillett Cemetery, South Creek    Township.
 5.  Cornelia Bond b. c. 1860.
 6.  Helen V. Bond b. Apr 1863 m. 30 Apr 1884 (Methodist Church Record) Orr Osgood.


Peter Bortle b. c. 1805 New York and wife, Maria b. c. 1815 New York enumerated 1860 census of Wells.

 1.  Henry Bortle b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania.
 2.  Mary Bortle b. c. 1848 Pennsylvania.
 3.  Charles Bortle b. c. 1850 Pennsylvania.

Richard Bortle m. Sally Garrison b. 22 Oct 1814 daughter of Justus Garrison and Phebe Barber.


Joseph Borum (sometimes Boram) b. c. 1801 New Jersey and wife, Elsie b. c. 1807 New York first appear on the 1835 assessment list of Wells, enumerated 1840 and 1850 census of Wells.

 1.  Fanny Borum b. c. 1827 New York.
 2.  Abigail Borum b. c. 1829 New York.
 3.  David Borum b. c. 1830 Pennsylvania.
 4.  William Borum b. c. 1833 Pennsylvania.
 5.  Nicholas Borum b. c. 1835 d. July 1849 age 13, sudden accident (1850 Wells township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania mortality schedule).
 6.  Harvey Borum b. c. 1839 Pennsylvania.
 7.  John Borum b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania.
 8.  Adaline Borum b. c. 1846 Pennsylvania.
 9.  George W. Borum b. c. 1849 Pennsylvania

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