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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
(Bovier to Burr)


Solomon Bovier (originally Bevier) was baptised 4 Dec 1748 Kingston, Ulster County, New York son of Abraham Bevier and Margaret Elting. Abraham was a son of Samuel Bevier and Magdalena Blanchan and grandson of Louis Bevier, a French Huguenot who m. Marie LeBlanc. Solomon m. Eleanor Griffin, often known as Nellie, b. 22 Nov 1745 New Paltz, Ulster County and they resided in New Paltz, New York and where their children were baptised in the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1772 he gave money towards the building of a church and in 1774 he signed the Articles of Association. He served in the Revolutionary War. On 13 Aug 1783 Solomon and Eleanor deeded land, which he signed by mark. On 6 Nov 1788, lot 171 of 1,000 acres in what is now the town of Tioga, Tioga County, New York was surveyed to Solomon Bevier. On 5 Nov 1788, lot 57 of 109 acres for George Hall was assigned to Solomon in what is now the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in Chemung, Montgomery County (that portion that is now Southport, Chemung County), New York in 1790 as Solomon Beauverie with two males over age sixteen, three males under age sixteen, and five females in the household. Solomon appears on the 1794 tax list of Newtown (formed from Chemung and included present Elmira, Southport and other towns). On 6 June 1795 Solomon Bovier was received as a member of the Baptist Church of Chemung and baptised the following day. Eleanor was baptised 21 Jan 1797 in the same church. Solomon appears on the 1 Oct 1798 assessment list. Solomon enumerated in Tioga County, New York (that portion that became Chemung) in 1800. In the church records, there was some difficulty, which was not explicity stated, between Solomon Bovier and Brother Townsend and on 16 Apr 1800 the church met in fellowship and withdrew the rite hand of fellowship from Solomon for neglecting to hear the church and suing Brother Townsend to the law contrary to the rule in the gospel. On 1 Aug 1801 Brother Rockwell made his return from Elenor Bovier “that he found her very hard against the Church for dealing with her husband and she refused to hear the call of the Church or meet with them for which we are under gospel obligation to withdraw the rite hand of fellowship from her.” Solomon was enumerated in Southport in 1810 with a wife and a female of age ten and under age sixteen in the household. Solomon d. 10 (bible) 11 (ts) Nov 1810 62y (ts and bible) and Eleanor d. 12 Aug 1840 94y 8m 21d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Town of Southport. Her death notice in the Elmira Gazette, August 22, 1840 gives the same date and age, except for 41 days, which is obviously a misprint.

 1.  Abraham Solomon Bovier bpt 26 June 1774 Reformed Dutch Church at New Paltz and baptised 11    Sept 1791 in the Baptist Church of Chemung.
 2.  Roelof (Ralph) Bovier bpt 21 Jan 1776 as “Roeleph” at New Paltz and baptised 12 Mar 1797 in the    Baptist Church of Chemung.
 3.  John Bovier b. 8 May bpt 15 June 1777 New Paltz.
 4.  Margrietje (Margaret) Bovier b. 8 Jan bpt 31 Jan 1779 New Paltz.
 5.  Catherine Bovier b. 17 Aug bpt 27 Aug 1780 New Paltz as “Caty Bovier” and 5 Mar 1797 in the    Baptist Church of Chemung. On 5 July 1800 the church “took up the matter of Catherine Bovier and    withdrew the rite hand of fellowship from her for vain conduct.”
 6.  Charity Bovier b. 31 Jan bpt 10 Feb 1782 New Paltz.
 7.  Eleanor Bovier, known as Nellie, b. 27 Nov 1783 bpt 4 Jan 1784 New Paltz.
 8.  Noah Bovier b. 25 Apr bpt 12 June 1785 New Paltz.
 9.  Maria Bovier b. 20 Oct 1787 bpt 11 Nov 1787 New Paltz.

Second Generation:
 1.  Abraham Solomon Bovier bpt 27 June 1774. On 5 May 1792 church members (Baptist Church of    Chemung) met to discuss the case of Abraham S. Bovier for “joining vain company and raffling and    drinking” and on 7 July 1792 the church met in fellowship and excluded Abraham S. Bovier from    fellowship for “gambling and drinking and leaving his father contrary to his order.” On 3 Oct 1795    he was restored to membership. On 5 Nov 1796 a charge was brought against him for “unruly    conduct” by Unes (Eunice) Bennitt and on 3 Dec he gave full satisfaction for the charge brought    against him. On 1 Apr 1797 a letter of fellowship was given to Abraham by the church. Wife, Mary    d. 1848.

  6.  Henry Bovier b. c. 1820 d. 1872 Rochester, New York.

 2.  Roelof Bovier, known as Ralph, bpt 21 Jan 1776 m. Mary Smith, known as Polly, b. 1781-90. Ralph was listed on the 1800 taxable list of Tioga Township, Lycoming County (included a part of present Wells) as Ralph Brevear, farmer, age 25. A mortgage dated 15 Oct 1806 to George Buchanan, describes land bound by Ralph Bever and Thomas Wilson. Ralph first appears on the 1815 assessment of Wells. On the 1820 assessment list, Ralph resided on warrant parcel 1384, which is in present South Creek Township. Enumerated 1820 census of Wells and 1830 census of Wells. Ralph acquired the property of George Hyde at Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells Township. Ralph last appears on the 1837 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840 with a wife and two older children in the household. Ralph appears on the 1841 tax assessment list of Rutland with 7 improved acres, 13 wild acres, 1 horse, and 3 cows. In 1842 assessed for one cow, same for 1843 and 1844. On the 1845 assessment list (compiled fall of 1844) is the notation removed.  Orin Bovier appears on the 1833 Wells assessment as a single freeman, believed to be a son. In the History of the Genesee Country Vol. 4 p. 628 it related that Ralph was a pioneer of Chemung County, New York and was buried near Elmira. Ralph d. 1866.

  Sandra Heaxt a descendant has in her possession a family bible for Solomon N. Bovier, son of Ralph.    The bible was dated 1848 and there is a note at the beginning of the entries that say they were    transfered from the old bible. It gives Ralph’s name as Reulief Bovier and his wife’s name as Polly,    but it gives no other information about them.

  10.  son b. 1795-1804.
  11.  Solomon N. Bovier b. 23 Sept 1803 (bible).
  12.  son b. 1805-10.
  13.  Noah Bovier II b. 24 Oct 1809 Southport, Chemung County, New York.
  14.  son b. 1816-20.
  15.  daughter b. 1811-20.
  16.  Sarah C. Bovier, known as Sally, b. c. 1818 New York.
  17.  daughter b. 1821-25.
  18.  daughter b. 1821-25.

  Lydia Ann Bovier of Elmira m. 7 Mar 1846 (Elmira Gazette, March 12, 1846) Joseph Roberts of Southport. Possibly a daughter of Ralph. They were enumerated in Elmira in 1850, Joseph age 33 b. NY, laborer, Lydia age 32 b. NY and children Sophronia age 4, and Julia age 2.

  A James M. Bovier appears on the 1841 assessment list of Rutland with Ralph. He appears in 1842, 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847. He could be the James Madison Bovier b. 2 June 1810 son of John Bovier and Hannah Smith or Ralph could have had a son James. There was a James Bovier enumerated in the town of Chemung, Chemung County, New York in 1870, age 44 (b. c. 1826) with wife Louisa, age 39, and children Asa, age 9, and Flora, age 9 months. James was deceased before 1870 when Louisa had m. Robert B. VanGorder b. c. 1839 and they were enumerated in Ashland, Chemung County with Asa and Flora E., in household. Robert and Louisa enumerated in Elmira in 1880 with daughter Flora in household. Asa d. 10 June 1912 age 61 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

 3.  John Bovier b. 8 May 1777 m. 22 Jan 1804 Hannah Smith b. 17 Dec 1787. Resided town of    Southport and were enumerated next to his father in 1810. Hannah was received as a member of the    Baptist Church of Chemung at Wellsburg, and baptised 4 Nov 1820. John received and baptised 1    Dec 1820. Hannah d. 28 Nov 1825 37y 11m 11d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery. John m. 22 Mar 1826    Margaret Anable and she d. 15 Nov 1861 76y 3m (ts) and John d. 18 Nov 1861 84y 7m 10d (ts)    Fitzsimmons Cemetery.

  Children of John and Hannah:
  19.  Ward Bovier b. 20 Apr 1806 Southport.
  20.  Sarah Bovier b. 11 Jan 1808.
  21.  James Madison Bovier b. 2 June 1810.
  22.  Diana Bovier b. 8 Apr 1812.
  23.  Hilah Bovier b. 17 Feb 1814.
  24.  John Bovier, Jr., b. 18 Jan 1816.
  25.  Sophia Bovier b. 14 Jan 1818 d. young.
  26.  Rebecca Bovier b. 15 Mar 1819.
  27.  Mary Bovier b. 2 Feb 1821.
  28.  Hannah Bovier b. 26 Feb 1823 d.  young.
  29.  Jane Bovier b. 30 Sept 1824.

  Child of John and Margaret:
  30.  Hannah E. Bovier b. 10 Feb 1830, single, d. 8 May 1857.

 8.  Noah Bovier b. 25 Apr 1785 m. 27 Apr 1811 Mary Comfort, known as Polly, b. 28 Oct 1793 Deer    Park, Orange County, New York daughter of Edward Comfort and Lavina Morgan. Noah appears    on the 1812-13 (the earliest assessment list) assessment of Wells and last appears on the 1820    assessment list. They removed to neighboring Columbia Township where Noah was enumerated in    1820. Noah and Polly were unable to pay of the schooling of their children on the 1821, 1822, 1823,    1824, 1825, and 1826 assessment lists of Columbia. Noah appears again in Wells on the 1827    assessment list and in 1828 but not 1829 or later. Not enumerated in Columbia or Wells in 1830.    Enumerated in Vernon Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan in 1840. Noah d. 7 Dec 1848. Mary    d. 20 June 1876 Caniseto, Steuben County, New York.

  31.  Eleanor Bovier b. 27 Apr 1812 Southport m. a Scott.
  32.  Lovina Bovier b. 15 Sept 1813 d. 6 Oct 1813.
  33.  Margaret Bovier (twin) b. 24 July 1814 m. D. Granger.
  34.  Elizabeth Bovier (twin) b. 24 July 1814 d. 15 Aug 1814.
  35.  Jesse Bovier b. 27 Mar 1816 South Creek.
  36.  Hannah Bovier b. 28 Feb 1818 South Creek d. 22 June 1819.
  37.  Edward Bovier b. 4 Jan 1820 South Creek.
  38.  Abraham Bovier b. 11 Feb 1822 Wells.
  39.  Thomas Morgan Bovier b. 22 Dec 1824 Wells.
  40.  John Comfort Bovier b. 15 Jan 1826 Wells.
  41.  Jerusha C. Bovier b. 3 Feb 1828 Southport.
  42.  Charlotte E. Bovier b. 22 July 1830 Canisteo, New York.
  43.  James Bovier b. 6 July 1833 Southport.
  44.  Phineas Reeves Bovier b. 27 Feb 1835 d. 21 Dec 1863 during the Civil War.

Third Generation:
11. Solomon N. Bovier b. 23 Sept 1803 was a member of the Baptist Church of Chemung near     Wellsburg, New York, first appears on the 1825 assessment list of Wells (compiled fall of 1824).    Solomon joined the Baptist Church of Columbia and Wells, 17 Feb 1825, m. 16 Aug 1829 Elmira    Edsall b. 21 May 1806 daughter of Samuel Edsall and Sarah Seeley. Enumerated 1830 census of    Wells (resided in that portion of Wells that became South Creek Township). Solomon was a physician   and farmer. Appears on the first (1836) assessment of South Creek, which was formed from Wells.    Removed to Granville, Bradford County and was enumerated there in 1840. Will of Solomon dated    14 Sept 1863 Granville named wife Elmira and sons Volney M., Allen, Seely, Solomon L. and    daughters Sarah E., and Sophia, both under twenty one. Wife, Elmira and sons V. M. and Allen    executors (probate file 1627). Solomon d. 8 Jan 1864 from injuries received by a bull, buried Windfall   Cemetery. Elmira d. 10 Nov 1886 Westfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

  Barton Bovier b. 5 June 1830 d. 16 May 1842 buried Windfall Cemetery.
  Diana Bovier b. 12 Jan 1832 d. 25 Oct 1841 buried Windfall Cemetery.
  Volney M. Bovier b. 19 Sept 1833 d. 24 July 1897 buried Windfall Cemetery.
  Celestia P. Bovier b. 24 Mar 1835 d. 31 Oct 1841 buried Windfall cemetery.
  Schuyler Bovier b. 8 Feb 1837 d. 19 Oct 1841 buried Windfall Cemetery.
  Allen Bovier b. 22 Dec 1839 m. 26 Sept 1866 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October     4, 1866) at East Troy, Pennsylvania, Laura Stevens b. 16 June 1840 East Troy daughter of     Benjamin Stevens and Lydia Lebaron and he d. 1 Feb 1879 buried Windfall Cemetery and she     m. 15 Nov 1881 (2)Timothy Gustin. One daughter, Harriet S. Bovier b. 27 July 1867.
  Sarah E. Bovier b. 22 Oct 1841 m. Johannes LeFever and 24 Aug 1865 (2)James D. Becker.
  Seeley Bovier b. 4 Aug 1843 Armenia, Bradford County, Pennsylvania m. Hannah Ayres, divorced     27 Mar 1872 and m. 29 Jan 1873 (2)Florence Emma Becker and he d. 7 Apr 1927 Granville     Center buried Windfall Cemetery.
  Nelson Bovier b. 10 Nov 1845 d. 2 July 1863 in Nashville, Tennessee during the Civil War buried     Windfall cemetery.
  Helen Sophia Bovier b. 24 Feb 1847 m. 19 Aug 1866 Theodore F. Porter.
  Solomon Leland Bovier b. 20 July 1849 graduate of Crozier Theological Seminary, ordained Baptist     minister in Mar 1879, m. Florence E. Titus and he d. 5 May 1914 Waverly, Ohio.
  Adeline Bovier b. 11 Oct 1851 d. 24 Mar 1855 buried Windfall Cemetery.

13. Noah Bovier II b. 24 Oct 1809 m. 1829 Sarah Goodwin Edsall b. 29 May 1810 Ogdensburg, New    York. Noah last appears on the 1834 assessment of Wells. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung    County, New York in 1835 with four males (including Noah) and two females in the household. Noah   d. 20 May 1842. Sarah m. 15 July 1843 (2)Ephraim Dalrymple b. 26 June 1792 Bennington,    Vermont son of William and Mary Dalrymple. Sarah d. 24/26 Dec 1880/3 at the Dalrymple home at   Bulkhead, Southport, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery.

  Children of Noah and Sarah:
  Phila Jane Bovier b. 29 Apr 1830 m. 31 Dec 1849 (Southport marriage record) Samuel Giles     Stryker b. 23 June 1827 son of Abraham Stryker and Rachel Giles and she d. 9 Mar 1895.
  William Terry Bovier b. Sept 1833 m. 1867 Helen Johnson and he d. Mar 1895.
  Mary Rutan Bovier b. 4 Mar 1836 m. Feb 1853 William Rowles.
  Lucy Ann Bovier b. June 1838 m. 19 Dec 1867 Richard J. Smith.
  Charlotte Tempie Bovier b. 29 Feb 1840 Michigan m. William Henry Wood, residing with her     mother in 1880, buried Second Street Cemetery.

  Children of Ephraim and Sarah:
  Mary Ann Dalrymple b. 12 Apr 1844 Southport.
  Sophronia Marie Dalrymple b. 20 July 1847.
  Maria Dalrymple b. 1848.
  Hannah Dalrymple b. 8 Dec 1849.
  Ephraim Dalrymple b. 17 June 1854 Southport, New York m. 4 June 1890 Mary Emily Sheely.

16.  Sarah C. Bovier, known as Sally, b. c. 1818 m. 5 Sept 1835 (pension application) by Shubal Rowley, justice of the peace of Wells Township, Chauncey F. Boylan b. 13 Nov 1813 Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Liberty Township, McKean County, Pennsylvania in 1840 with two males under age five (b. 1836-40), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20), and one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20). Enumerated in Pleasant Valley, Marquette County, Wisconsin in 1850, innkeeper. Enumerated in Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer. Chauncey enlisted during the Civil War on 6 Nov 1861 Company I, 11th Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers. Sally enumerated in Princeton in 1870. Chauncey d. 13 Feb 1876. On 12 May 1876 Sally applied for a widow’s pension, resident of Unionville, Appanoose County, Iowa, stating that Chauncey died from the effects of exposure while in the service. In 1885 Sally was residing at Sac City, Sac County, Iowa.

  Andrew Boylan b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania.
  Nathan M. Boylan b. c. 1839 Pennsylvania.
  Hudson L. Boylan b. c. 1843 Liberty, McKean County, Pennsylvania m. 26 Mar 1864 (Wisconsin marriage record) in Princeton, Green Lake, Wisconsin, Flora Lawrence and 7 Dec 1870 in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Henrietta Chapell.
  Henry Boylan b. 17 Apr 1847 Prinecton, Green Lake, Wisconsin m. Mary Strong, enumerated in Saint Olaf, Otter Tail, Minnesota in 1880, and he d. 18 Oct 1821 Ahston, Freemont County, Idaho.

19.  Ward Bovier b. 20 Apr 1806 m. 1 Oct 1835 Rhoda Stowell b. 11 Mar 1805 d. 29 Oct 1844 39y 7m    18d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery. Ward m. 26 June 1845 (2)Maria Wait b. c. 1812. Enumerated in    Chemung County in 1850 and Southport, Chemung County in 1860. Ward d. 8 Nov 1869.

  Children of Ward and Rhoda:
  Horace S. Bovier b. 13 May 1837 served Civil War d. 26 Nov 1879.
  James Henry Bovier b. 18 Jan 1839 m. Mary Emmeline Boynton and he d. 10 Dec 1896.
  Emmett Bovier b. 3 May 1842 d. 7 May 1866.
  Alice R. Bovier b. 26 Aug 1844 d. 23 May 1864.

  Children of Ward and Maria:
  Martha M. Bovier b. 1846 d. 13 Apr 1847 11 months (Southport birth record).
  female child b. 1847 (Southport birth record).
  Harriet Bovier b. c. 1849 d. young.
  Guy M. Bovier b. 5 Aug 1851 d. 28 Jan 1861 buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery.
  Cordelia Bovier b. 28 Apr 1853.

20.  Sarah Bovier b. 11 Jan 1808 m. 7 May 1829 John H. Cassada and she d. 24 Feb 1832.

21.  James Madison Bovier b. 2 June 1810 m. 18 Mar 1841 (Elmira Gazette, April 3, 1841) in     Southport, Lurana Brown of Southport b. 12 May 1822. Enumerated in Southport in 1860. Officer    in the Mexican War, d. 23 Apr 1884 73y 10m 23d and Lurana d. 15 Sept 1887 buried Woodlawn    Cemetery, Elmira.

  John Bovier b. 8 Oct 1842 d. 1 Nov 1842.
  Levi Bovier b. 13 June 1845 d. 7 Aug 1845.
  Charles B. Bovier b. 7 June 1849 m. Fannie Mae Sickles.
  Isaac T. Bovier b. 2 May 1854 d. 22 May 1854.
  William H. Bovier b. 22 July 1856 d. 4 Feb 1863.

22.  Diana Bovier b. 8 Apr 1812 m. 7 Mar 1839 Simon T. Bovier b. 21 Dec 1815 Ellenville, Ulster County, New York son of Johannes Bovier and Elizabeth Teachout. Johannis Bovier b. 15 Oct 1783 and d. 22 Feb 1842 58y 4m 7d (ts and Elmira Gazette, March 17, 1842) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Town of Southport. Enumerated in Bath, Steuben County, New York in 1860. Simon, mechanic, d. 29 Jan 1894 and Diana d. 14 Feb 1898 buried Grove Cemetery, Bath, Steuben County, New York.

  Helen Diana Bovier b. 16 Feb 1843 Bath, New York m. 20 Feb 1878 Edwin Russell Curtis.

23.  Hilah Bovier b. 17 Feb 1814 m. m. 22 Mar 1838 (Elmira Gazette, March 31, 1838) in Southport    Albert Tozer, resided Athens, Pennsylvania and she d. 1867.

  Samuel Tozer b. 19 July 1857.

24.  John Bovier, Jr., b. 18 Jan 1816 m. 21 Nov 1849 Louisa Parshall b. 24 Oct 1820 daughter of Asa    Parshall and Susannah Keeney. Resided Southport. John d. 11 Feb 1863.

  Richard Bovier.
  Asa Parshall Bovier b. 23 Apr 1851 Chemung County m. Emma Matthews and he d. 10 June 1912.
  Flora Edneth Bovier b. 21 Aug 1859 Chemung County m. Isaac B. Coykendall and she d. 27 Jan     1891.

26.  Rebecca Bovier b. 15 Mar 1819 m. 27 Mar 1851 in Owego, New York, Job Robbins. Job d. 16 Sept    1878 and Rebecca d. 30 Sept 1890.

  Alice A. Robbins b. 18 Feb 1853 d. 27 Feb 1853.
  John T. Robbins b. 8 Dec 1858.
  Elizabeth R. Robbins b. 22 Nov 1860.
  Herbert Robbins b. 11 July 1863 d. young.

29.  Jane Bovier b. 30 Sept 1824 m. 2 Apr 1846 (Elmira Gazette, April 9, 1846) in Southport, Jonathan    Henry Rogers of Cortland, New York.

  Frederick Rogers d. young.
  Henrietta Rogers m. William Pray.
  Emma Rogers m. Tobieskie Emmons.

35.  Jesse Bovier b. 27 Mar 1816 m. 7 June 1838 in Steuben County, New York, Lucretia Abby b. 19    June 1820 Enfield, Connecticut daughter of Harris Abby and Clarissa Wiggins. Resided Canisteo,    New York. Jesse d. 30 Sept 1864.

  Hannah Marie Bovier b. 25 Feb 1844.
  Rachel Vins Bovier b. 11 Sept 1846.
  Pamela Bovier.
  James Bovier.
  Lydia Jane Bovier b. 19 Apr 1851 m. Charles Campbell (2)Martin Brown.
  Mary Bovier b. 11 Sept 1854 m. Lute T. Howard.
  Sarah Adelaide Bovier b. 25 June 1862 d. 15 Mar 1895.

40.  John Comfort Bovier b. 15 Jan 1826 m. 18 Oct 1855 in Southport, Martha Goodspeed b. 20 Sept    1837 Dryden, Tompkins County, New York daughter of Adolphus Goodspeed and Betsoloma    Hemingway. John d. 10 July 1897 Ithaca, New York and Martha d. 15 Oct 1924 Peekskill, New    York.

  Harriet Eva Bovier b. 29 Nov 1857 Southport m. J. I. Whiting and she d. 13 May 1897 Bolivar,     New York.
  George Ira Bovier b. 7 Jan 1860 Woodward, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, m. Mary Elizabeth     Kane and he d.1 May 1911 Ithaca, New York.
  Cora Adell Bovier b. 24 Mar 1865 Southport m. Frederick W. Snow.
  Oscar Franklin Bovier b. 4 Aug 1867 Southport, single, d. 11 Apr 1911 Ithaca, NewYork.
  Nettie Mae Bovier b. 15 Nov 1870 Arcadia, Michigan, single, d. Nov 1971 New York.

41.  Jerusha C. Bovier b. 3 Feb 1828 m. 22 May 1847  (Elmira Gazette, May 27, 1847 and 1847 Southport marriage record) in Southport, Isaiah Hilliard of Elmira.

42.  Charlotte E. Bovier b. 22 July 1830 m. 27 Nov 1844 Jacob Booty.

43.  James Bovier b. 6 July 1833 m. 28 Feb 1858 in Canisteo, New York, Nancy M. Knapp b. c. 1842. Enumerated in Canisteo, Steuben County, New York in 1860, laborer. James served in the Civil War. Divorced. James d. Apr 1910 Gratiot County, Michigan.

  Edward Bovier b. 13 Feb 1859 Canisteo.
  Delilah Bovier b. 18 Oct 1860 Michigan m. 25 Dec 1880 James R. Vanwort.
  Carrie E. Bovier b. 27 Dec 1864 Michigan.
  Cora Bovier b. 11 Oct 1866 Michigan m. John S. Daniels.
  Amy Bovier b. 1870 d. 1870.
  Franklin Bovier b. 11 Dec 1875 Emerson Township, Gratiot County, Michigan.
  William Bovier b. 18 Apr 1878 Emerson Township.

44.  Phineas Reeves Bovier b. 27 Feb 1835 was enumerated in Canisteo, Steuben County, New York in 1860, day laborer, with a wife Jane b. c. 1840. Reeves d. 21 Dec 1863 during the Civil War.

  Amanda Bovier b. c. 1857.
  Charles Bovier b. c. 1859.


Andrew Price Bowman was born 6 Mar 1798 near Wykertown, Sussex County, New Jersey son of Gershom Bowman and Elizabeth Price. His father, Gershom Bowman was born 17 Sept 1747 at Frankford Plains, Sussex County son of John Bowman b. perhaps c. 1719, served American Revolution, d. 1783 buried Frankford Plains Cemetery. John Bowman b. c. 1719 is related to have been the son of John Bowman who was the son of John Bowman, the immigrant ancestor. Gershom Bowman married Elizabeth Stoll, a widow and daughter of Judge Francis Price and Esther Dunn of Frankford Township, Sussex County b. 17 Nov 1764. She was the mother of three sons at the time of her marriage to Gershom. Elizabeth Bowman died 5 July 1838 and Gershom Bowman died 17 Oct 1839 (bible record of Andrew and Ann Case Bowman).

Andrew Price Bowman was the fifth generation of his Bowman family within this country and was reared in his native county of New Jersey. In the spring of 1828 and perhaps longer his name appears as a constable in Inferior Court of Common Pleas records of Sussex County. Andrew married there 5 July 1828 Ann Margaret Case born 4 Feb 1805 Sussex County daughter of Stephen Case and Sarah Sausman of Sussex County. Andrew was a farmer and they resided in Frankford township, Sussex County until 1838 when they removed with five children to Rowley Hill in eastern Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, purchasing a farm of William Shuart in 1848, where they had resided since their removal from New Jersey. Andrew first appears in the 1839 tax assessment rolls:

1839 - 40 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 7 cows
1840 - 40 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 5 cows
1841 - 20 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 4 cows
1842 - 45 improved acres, 35 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 4 cows
1843 - 40 acres of which 7 are improved, 40 acres of which 2 are unimproved, 2 horses, 2 cows
1844 - 40 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 5 cows, 2 horses
1845 - 40 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 1 horse, 4 cows
1846 - 60 improved acres, 125 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 13 cows, 1 house

Their farm was on present Rowley Hill Road and anyone wishing to visit the site of their home can consult the 1858 and 1869 maps of Wells township. The house and barns are long gone, but the beauty of the area remains. Andrew's name appears on a petition, with thirteen other  names, requesting a charter be granted to the Presbyterian Church of Wells at Aspinwall (now Coryland), which was granted 11 May 1843. Andrew and Ann attended this church, but their names never appear in the list of those who became members through the years. Andrew and Ann resided on their farm, known as Pleasant Hill, the remainder of their lives, died there and are buried in the Coryland Cemetery, adjoining the Presbyterian Church, about five miles from their farm. The square, white pillared monument reads: A. P. Bowman died Sept. 8, 1877 Aged 79 Years 6 Mo's & 2 D's. Ann wife of A. P. Bowman died Jan. 20, 1871 Aged 65 Years 11 Mo's & 14 D's. These dates of death also agree with two Bowman bible records that were in the possession of a descendant, Jeanette Murray Wolfe. Photocopies in possession of compiler. Same bible record was in the possession of Ruth Furman Gleason. Dates of death for both Andrew and Ann's parents included, and the dates of birth for Andrew and Ann's children and their dates of marriage. Children of Andrew and Ann Bowman:

 1.  Sarah Elizabeth Bowman b. 25 Mar 1829 Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey.
 2.  Francis Price Bowman b. 30 Jan 1831 Frankford township.
 3.  Mary Jane Bowman b. 27 Dec 1832 Frankford township.
 4.  Margaret Hiles Bowman b. 21 Jan 1835 Frankford township.
 5.  Edward Wesley Bowman b. 5 June 1837 Frankford township.
 6.  Walter Scott Bowman b. 4 Apr 1840 Rowley Hill, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
 7.  Catherine Freese Bowman b. 2 Mar 1844 Rowley Hill, Wells township.

Second Generation:
 1.  Sarah Elizabeth Bowman b. 25 Mar 1829 m. 27 Oct 1847 in Wells township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania, Hiram Swayze b. 29 Aug 1821 Sussex County, New Jersey son of Obadiah Swayze    and Elizabeth Beemer who removed from Sussex County, New Jersey to southern Wells township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Hiram and Sarah resided on a farm in southern Wells township on    the present Coryland Road north of the crossroads. Hiram was among a list of men from Wells    drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. Hiram and Sarah became members of the    Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1866. Hiram d. 4 Sept 1899 (ts) Coryland    Cemetery, Wells township. In the 1900 census enumeration, Sarah was residing in Troy township,    Bradford County with daughter, Anna Furman and family. Sarah d. 26 Jan 1917 Horseheads,    Chemung County, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Frances Emeline Swayze b. 28 July 1848 Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells township, Bradford     County, Pennsylvania.
   Edwin Obadiah Swayze b. 17 Mar 1850 Aspinwall.
  Anna Elizabeth Swayze b. 5 Nov 1854 Aspinwall.

 2.  Francis Price Bowman b. 30 Jan 1831 m. 28 Feb 1856 Margaret Shepard b. June 1834 Wells    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Morris and Eleanor Ann Shepard of Wells    township. Margaret's mother d. 14 June 1837 26y 4m (ts) and her father d. 18 June 1837 28y (ts)    buried in the Coryland Cemetery, Wells township. Of her parents, the Presbyterian Church records of    Aspinwall (now Coryland) relate that "escpecially was it grevious to lose by death, in four days time,    the highly esteemed Morris Shepard and wife.” Margaret was raised in the home of her grandparents,   Nathan Shepard and Tempa Ayers in Wells township.

  Francis was among a list of men from Wells drafted at Towanda, Pennsylvania on 16 Oct 1862    during the Civil War. Francis and Margaret resided on his parent's farm in Wells township. The June   25, 1885 issue of the Reporter-Journal newspaper published at Towanda, Pennsylvania related that,    "F. P. Bowman is also located upon a large and prosperous farm, 200 acres of which are improved. A    dairy of thirty-five cows is kept and general farming successfully conducted. Mr. Bowman occupies    the homestead, which his father, A. P. Bowman, purchased in 1848 of William Shuart, who occupied    it for many years previously. Andrew Bowman came to the township in 1838 from Sussex county, N.    Y. (misprint and should have read N.J.), and died in the township in 1880 (misprint and should have    read 1877), at the age of 79 years. His children were Sarah E., Frank P., Mary J., Margaret H.,    Edward W., Walter S., and Catherine. All are living save Mary."

  Francis and Margaret removed to a farm in the town of Erin, Chemung County, New York after the    June 1885 article and before the 1892 New York state census. Enumerated in the town of Erin in    1892, son Clark and his wife, and grandson Harry residing with them. Enumerated with son, Clark at   North Chemung, town of Erin in 1900. Margaret d. 6 Aug 1900 and Francis d. 21 Dec 1908 buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, Chemung County, New York.

  Charles M. Bowman b. 3 Jan 1858 Rowley Hill, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.   Frederick Andrew Bowman b. 8 June 1859 Rowley Hill.
  Walter Bowman b. 29 Apr 1862 Rowley Hill d. 19 Apr 1863 11m 21d (ts) Coryland Cemetery,     Wells township.
  Clark Sylvester Bowman b. 29 Jan 1864 Rowley Hill.
  Eleanor Ann Bowman b. 27 Nov 1865 Rowley Hill d. 24 May 1878 12y 5m 27d (ts and Bradford     Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, June 6, 1878) Coryland Cemetery.
  Morris Shepard Bowman b. 29 Nov 1868 Rowley Hill.
  Margaret M. Bowman b. 11 June 1871 Rowley Hill.

  DIED. Bowman - In South Creek, Pa., May 24th, of diptheria, Ella, daughter of Frank P. Bowman,    aged 13 years (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, May 30, 1878).

 3.  Mary Jane Bowman b. 27 Dec 1832 m. 14 Jan 1860 at her parent's home in Wells township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania, David C. Cory b. 25 Apr 1825 Sussex County, New Jersey son of    William M. Cory and Elizabeth Maria Roe who removed to Columbia township in 1838. David and    Mary Jane resided on a farm at Aspinwall corners, their residence being in the northeast corner of the   crossroads, which he built and refered to as the "mansion house" in his Will. David was a farmer and    prominent citizen. The name Aspinwall gradually faded and the area became known as Coryland and   so called in present times. Mary became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall in 1866.    Mary Jane d. 17 Aug 1876 (ts and Bowman bible) and David d. 7 Sept 1890 (ts) buried Coryland    Cemetery. Named changed to Corey.

  Harry Bowman Corey b. 15 Feb 1861 Aspinwall (now Coryland) Wells township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania.
  Grace Hortense Corey b. 18 July 1863 Aspinwall.
  Helene Corey b. 1 Aug 1865 Aspinwall.
  Mark Roe Corey b. 18 Mar 1868 Aspinwall.
  Frank W. Corey b. 1 July 1870 Aspinwall d. 22 June 1878 buried Coryland Cemetery.
  David C. Corey Jr., b. 4 Oct 1873 Aspinwall.
  Leman Steven Corey b. 14 Nov 1875 Aspinwall.

 4.  Margaret Hiles Bowman b. 21 Jan 1835 m. 16 Aug 1856 her second cousin Abraham Buchanan,    known as Abram, b. 5 Sept 1828 Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey son of Henry    Buchanan and Eliza Brink of Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Abram removed to    Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850 perhaps in company with one or more of his    mother's brothers who settled in Wells township. Eliza Brink was a daughter of Garret and Mary Ann   Bowman Brink, Mary Bowman Brink a sister of Andrew Price Bowman. Abram and Margaret    resided on a farm in Wells township. Abram was on a list of men from Wells drafted at Towanda on    16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. They removed to neighboring Columbia township in 1870 owning   a farm near Austinville. Margaret d. 16 Jan 1896 (bible, ts, and Bradford County death record) of    apoplexy. In the 1900 Columbia township directory their farm was in northwestern Columbia    township consisting of 150 acres and 80 sheep. Abram d. 1 Feb 1902 (ts) buried with Margaret in    Coryland Cemetery, Wells township.

  Francis H. Buchanan b. 24 July 1859 Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania d. 11     June 1863 3y 10m 18d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Irvin Buchanan b. 10 May 1862 Wells township.
  Eliza Gertrude Buchanan b. 18 May 1864 Wells township.
  Andrew Bowman Buchanan b. 6 Dec 1866 Wells township d. 11 Nov 1923.

  In the Bowman and Buchanan family bible it relates that Leman Buchanan was b. 14 Nov 1875. This    refers to Leman Corey. Leman Corey was ten months old when his mother Mary Jane Bowman Corey   died and he was cared for by his aunt Margaret Bowman Buchanan. Leman was not enumerated in    the household of his father, David Corey in 1880, but neither was he enumerated in the Buchanan    household. David Corey, father of Leman, dated a Will 22 Aug 1890 in which he stated, "I appoint    Abram Buchanan guardian of the person and estate of Leman Cory." Thus, the close association of    these two families is the reason for the entry "Leman Buchanan" in the family bible, which in    actuality refers to Leman Corey.

 5.  Edward Wesley Bowman b. 5 June 1837 was among a list of men from Wells drafted at Towanda,    Pennsylvania on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. Edward m. 9 Dec 1878 Sarah Elizabeth Tice b.    15 Apr 1840. Resided Cleveland, Ohio; Jacksonville, Illinois where he was a carpenter and builder    and later in San Diego, California. Sarah d. 23 Nov 1902 (bible). Wesley d. 29 (death record) 30    (obituary) Apr 1912 San Diego.

  Francis Dennis Bowman b. 24 Sept 1881.

 6.  Walter Scott Bowman b. 14 Apr 1840 enlisted 10 Sept 1862 in Company D, 16th Pennsylvania    Calvary as a private during the Civil War. He was promoted to corporal and then sergeant. In June    1863 he contracted malaria during the march to Gettysburg and was hospitalized, where he remained    until late Feb or early Mar 1865. He was honorably discharged 17 June 1865 and returned to Wells    township. He was elected Bradford County, Pennsylvania auditor in 1869. Walter m. 1873 at Owego,    Tioga County, New York, Anna E. Covert. Walter S. Bowman vs. (divorce proceeding) Anna E.    Bowman (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, April 14, 1881). He applied for a pension 28 Dec   1889 and gave his description as: age, 49 years; height, six feet and one half inch; complexion, dark;    hair, gray; eyes, blue; occupation, merchant and farmer; post office address, Aspinwall. In the 1890's    he removed to North Chemung, Chemung County, New York where his brother Francis and members   of his family resided. In a pension questionare, dated 17 Jan 1898, Walter stated he had not seen his    wife in eighteen years. Sometime after that date he removed to Elmira, New York where he was    residing in 1900 and was janitor of the county courthouse. Walter d. 14 Dec 1901 (pension). No    children.

 7.  Catherine Freese Bowman b. 2 Mar 1844 m. 3 Feb 1866 Loudon G. Budd b. 30 May 1840    Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania son of Albion Budd and Aminta Gernert.    Resided on the farm of his parents in Columbia township near Austinville before removing to 609    West Water Street, Elmira, New York, where they resided seven years. First appear in the 1876-7 city   directory, Loudon an employee or member of the firm of A. B. Austin & Company, grocers at 202    West Water Street. Same information in city directories through the 1882-84 directory. They returned   to his parent's farm in Columbia township perhaps about 1883 and continued to reside there.    Sometime after 1891 and before the 1900 census enumeration they removed to Troy, Bradford County   where they were enumerated in 1900 and 1910. Their residence was just west of the borough limits on   present route 6. Louden was a cattle buyer in Troy. In the 1900 Bradford County directory he was a    dealer in livestock and produce, farmer, leasing of Horace Pomeroy estate 170 acre farm and with his    own 175 acre farm in Columbia township. Loudon d. 7 July 1915 and Catherine d. 30 Nov 1930 Troy   buried Glenwood Cemetery, Troy.

  Albion Loudon Budd b. 26 Nov 1867 Columbia township.
  Leon Wadsworth Budd b. 28 July 1870 Columbia township.
  Andrew Tracy Budd b. 1873 d. 23 May 1879 6y at 609 West Water Street, Elmira, New York     (Elmira City death record, ts, and Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, May 29, 1879)     buried Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.
  Wesley Loudon Budd b. 1878 d. 18 Jan 1879 9m at 609 West Water Street, Elmira (Elmira city     death record and ts) buried Baptist Hill Cemetery.


James Brasted b. 6 Nov 1776 New York son of William Brestead and Christina Bowman m. 22 Feb 1802 Mary Mills b. 1777. Mary d. 18 Jan 1828 in N.J. 50y 10m (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township. James enumerated 1850 census of Wells with son John. James became a member of the Presbyerian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1850. James d. 30 Nov 1856 80y 24d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. James d. Wells intestate (probate file 1134). Bond filed 6 Jan 1857 by John Brasted, Nathan Shepherd, William Brasted. Inventory filed 2 Feb 1857 and mentions notes against Robert Brasted, William Brasted, John Brasted, James Roe and William H. Roe.

 1.  William Brasted b. 1806 New Jersey.
 2.  Robert Brasted.
 3.  Elizabeth Braisted b. 2 Jan 1810 m. James Madison Roe.
 4.  John Brasted b. c. 1817 New York.

Second Generation:
 1.  William Brasted b. 1806 and wife Eliza Ann b. c. 1811 Pennsylvania, received as members of Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1834. William first appears on the 1835 assessment list (compiled in fall of 1834) of Wells. Enumerated 1840 census of Wells. William Brasted chosen elder in 1835, serving 37 years until removed by death. He was one of the petitioners, 11 May 1843 requesting charter be granted to Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall and served on the first board of trustees. William and Eliza enumerated 1850, 1860, and 1870 census of Wells. William d. 15 Feb 1874 68y 4m 7d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  5.  Amelia D. Brasted b. 2 May 1833 Pennsylvania (presumed to be the Adelia Brasted received as member of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall in 1856) m. Allen Shepard.
  6.  James R. Brasted b. c. 1841 Pennsylvania.

 4.  John Brasted b. c. 1817 New York m. Rebecca who became a member of the Presbyterian Church at   Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1849. John became a member in 1854, chosen elder in 1863 until    dismissed by letter, 1873. She is perhaps the same Rebecca Brasted who m. Alfred Hammond.

Third Generation:
 6.  James R. Brasted b. c. 1841 received as member of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now     Coryland) in 1859 m. Alice Ingersoll. James served in the Civil War, 1st New York Artillery. Buried   Mosherville Cemetery.

  Samuel J. Brasted d. 29 June 1942 age 69.


Jeremiah Breese b. 25 Feb 1786 Basking Ridge, Somerset County, New Jersey son of Henry Breese and Ruth Pierson who removed to Horseheads, Chemung County, New York was enumerated in Elmira, Tioga (that portion that is now Chemung) County in 1820. Jeremiah first appears on the 1830 assessment of Wells acquiring property of James Cole. Enumerated as Jeremiah Brace in 1830. Jeremiah appears on the 1831 assessment list but not in 1832 and again appears in 1833 and last appears on the 1837 assessment list. Enumerated in Chemung, Chemung County in 1840. Jeremiah d. 29 Apr 1847.

 1.  daughter b. 1805-10.
 2.  son b. 1805-10.
 3.  daughter b. 1811-20.
 4.  daughter b. 1811-15.
 5.  son b. 1816-20.
 6.  son b. 1816-20.
 7.  son b. 1821-25.
 8.  daughter b. 1821-25.
 9.  daughter b. 1821-25.

John Breese appears on 1831 assessment list of Wells.

David Breese appears on 1832 asssesment list of Wells.


William and Johnson Brewer, brothers and sons of Johnson Brewer removed from Fishkill, New York to near Trumansburg, Tompkins County, New York and married Lucy Barber and Samantha Barber, sisters and daughters of William and Charity Barber of Hector, Tompkins (now Schuyler) County, New York.

 1. William Brewer b. 22 Feb 1794 Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York.
 2. Johnson Brewer b. 6 May 1798.

Second Generation:
 1.  William Brewer b. 22 Feb 1794 removed with Isaac Farrington to Hector or Ulysses, Tompkins    County, New York, returned to Dutchess County and again returned to Tompkins (that portion that is   now Schuyler) County. William m. 1821 Lucy Barber b. 1803 daughter of William and Charity    Barber of Hector, New York. William and Lucy resided on the Foster Updyke farm in Tompkins    County, for five years when in February 1826 or 1827 with Uncle "Jake" Updyke they removed to    Jackson Township, Tioga County and settled into a log structure with a small clearing. In 1834 the    family removed over the county line into southwest Wells Township purchasing a farm of Edward    Curry and selling the land in Jackson to Sylvanus Robbins. William's brother, Johnson Brewer who    married Samantha Barber, sister to Lucy, also removed to southwest Wells as did Justus Garrison    and his wife, Phebe Barber, sister to Lucy and Samantha. Another possible sister could be Clarissa    Barber who m. Joel Ferris and she is buried in Wolfe Settlement Cemetery, Columbia Township.    William and Lucy continued to reside in Wells where she d. 30 Mar 1870 66y 8m (ts) Jobs Corners    Cemetery, Jackson Township. William d. 29 Dec 1880 86y 10m 4d. William’s marker is incribed    1881 and the Bradford Reporter, May 28, 1885 issue also relates he d. 1881. However, his obituary is    dated 3 Jan 1881, died at the home of his son, Hendrick, survived by six sons, five daughters, and    twenty three grandchildren buried Jobs Corners Cemetery. His farm was owned by Jefferson Prutsman   after his death.

  DIED. BREWER - in Wells, Pa., March 30, 1870, of heart disease, Lucy wife of Wm. Brewer, sen.,    aged 67 years (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, April 7, 1870).

  William Brewer
  The subject of our writing was born Feb. 22, 1794, in the township of Fishkill, Duchess County, N.Y.    and obtained such education as the facilities of those early days afforded. He continued to live with    his parents until 1819 when, impelled by the hope of bettering his condition he emigrated to Hector,    which is now in Schuyler Co. N.Y., and engaged his services, as a teamster to Col. Herman Camp,    merchant at Trumansburg, who distinguished himself by being the first man in Tompkins County    who discontinued the sale of liquor in his store. Young Brewer's duties consisted in drawing all kinds    of farm produce to New York city, and returning with goods and merchandise for the store of the    gentleman in whose employ he continued until 1822, at which time he married Miss Lucy Barber and   moved onto the farm of Foster Updyke, where he lived for five years, during which time three    children - two sons and a daughter - were born. In 1827 he removed to Jackson, Tioga Co., Pa., and    found a humble home in the grand old forests, in a little log structure which was erected in a small    clearing, on the farm now owned and occupied by John Voorhees, upon which he resided until 1834,    when he disposed fo that property to Sylvenus Robbins and removed to Wells, Bradford Co., Pa.,    where he purchased a farm of Edward Curry, upon which he resided and raised a family of fourteen    children, eleven of whom survive their father, namely: Ephraim Brewer, Mrs. Eliza Prutsman;    William Brewer, Jr.; Lyman Brewer; Jesse Brewer; Johnson Brewer; Mrs. Huldah Jewell; Mrs.    Caroline Woods; Hendrick Brewer; Mrs. Phebe Ann Simms and Mrs. Elsa Hogaboom - all residents    of Bradford county except Jesse, of Millerton, Pa, and Mrs. Prutsman, of Rutland, Pa. All these,    together with grandchildren, great grandchildren and neighbors fo the deceased, attended the funeral    and followed the remains to Job's Corners and laid them by the side of those of his wife, which had    rested there for about eleven years. It was on Thursday, Dec. 30th, at the residence of his youngest    son, Hendrick, he serenely breathed his last. Since deceased moved into this locality he has been    engaged in agricultural pursuits, and was considered one of the best practical farmers in this town. He   never sought nor held any office, preferring to occupy the post of honor, which is said to be the    private station. His moral character was of the highest standard; truthful and upright to the last    degree, kind to his friends and neighbors, helpful to the needy; devoted to his children; retaining his    mental powers until he entered into his rest. He made a home comfortable and happy; he raised a    family; in brief, the essential qualifications as presented in his life and character are readily     summarized in three words: industry, economy and honesty; all of which he possessed in a marked    degree. What more can we, who loved him, say in his praise? When we look at the beautiful picture of   his exemplary life, we can say, "It is well." All that was best lives still and can never cease to live.    Though old, he still retained His manly sense and energy of mind (undated obituary).

  3.   Ephraim Brewer b. 28 Apr 1822 Tompkins County, New York.
  4.  Eliza J. Brewer b. 4 Oct 1824 Tompkins County.
  5.  William J. Brewer b. 29 July 1826 Tompkins.
  6.  Aaron Brewer b. 10 Aug 1827 Jackson township d. 22 Dec 1850 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
  7.  Lyman Brewer b. Oct 1829.
  8.  Justus Garrison Brewer b. 29 Feb 1832.
  9.  Huldah J. Brewer b. 19 Sept 1834.
  10.  Johnson Brewer b. May 1836 Wells.
  11.  Mary Brewer b. 12 June 1838 Wells d. 6 Feb 1839 7m 25d (ts) Brewer Family Cemetery, Wells     Township.
  12.  Phoebe Ann Brewer (twin) b. 20 Aug 1840 Wells.
  13.  Hendrick Brewer (twin) b. 20 Aug 1840 Wells.
  14.  Caroline E. Brewer b. 9 Feb 1843 Wells.
  15.  Elsa Brewer b. Jan 1847 Wells.
  16.  Lovina Melvina Brewer b. 3 July 1849 Wells d. 8 Aug 1867 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.

  DIED in Wells August 8th of dyptheria and typhoid fever after an illness of five days, Lovina M.,    youngest daughter of William and Lucy Brewer, aged 18 years 1 month and 5 days (Northern Tier    Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, August 15, 1867).

 2.  Johnson Brewer b. 6 May 1798 m. Samantha Barber b. 4 Apr 1800. Enumerated in Hector, Schuyler County, New York in 1820. Enumerated 1830 census of Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. First appears on the 1832 assessment list of Wells. Johnson a brother to William Brewer and Samantha a sister to Lucy Barber Brewer and Phoebe Barber Garrison. Resided on farm in southwest Wells township. Will of Johnson dated 5 July 1862 named wife, Samantha; daughters, Polly Dickeson, Charity Besley, Olive Brewer, Phebe Jane Owen, Hila Colum; sons, Daniel, George, Elias, Nathan, Reuben, Frederick. Daughter, Charity to live in house on one acre that was sold to her husband now deceased. Filed 24 Feb 1868. Johnson d. 12 Feb 1868 69y 9m 6d (ts) and Samantha d. 8 Oct 1868 68y 6m 4d (ts) buried upon the farm where they resided, now (1996) the Donald and Leah Jennings farm. Also, buried there is Mary, daughter of William Brewer and Lucy Barber. The small family cemetery also contains a portion of an illegible marker.

  17.  Charity Brewer b. c. 1823 residing with parents in 1850 census enumeration.
  18.  Daniel Brewer b. c. 1821-25.
  19.  Polly Brewer b. 1821-25.
  20.  Elias K. Brewer b. c. 1828.
  21.  George W. Brewer b. c. 1829.
  22.  Nathaniel Brewer b. c. 1833.
  23.  Hila Brewer b. 23 June 1833.
  24.  Olive Brewer b. Nov 1835.
  25.  Phoebe Jane Brewer b. 7 June 1838.
  26.  Reuben Horton Brewer b. 8 Nov 1842.
  27.  Frederick Brewer b. c. 1844.

Third Generation:
 3.  Ephraim Brewer b. 28 Apr 1822 residing with wife, Mary and two children at Wells in 1850.    Resided northeastern Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1860 and 1880 with wife, Louisa and children.    Ephraim d. 18 Mar 1896 (ts) and Louisa d. 9 May 1897 (ts) Pine City Cemetery. Possibly Mary    and Louise are the same and she was named Mary Louise. Bradord County death record states Louisa   b. Schoharie County died Elmira.

  28.   Emma Brewer b. c. 1846.
  29.   Aaron Brewer b. May 1848.
  30. Henry Brewer b. Apr 1851 Wells (son of Ephraim and Eliza on death record) d. 25 Sept 1868     17y 5m 11d at 20 Railroad Avenue, Elmira, New York, farmer, buried Jobs Corners (Elmira,     New York City Death Record).
  31.   Joel Brewer b. c. 1854.
  32.   Levi Brewer b. b. 1856.
  33.   Ephraim Brewer b. c. 1858.
  34.  Nettie Brewer b. c. 1863.
  35.  Harriet Brewer b. c. 1872.

 4.  Eliza J. Brewer b. 4 Oct 1824 m. Jefferson Prutsman b. 30 Sept 1821 d. 3 May 1893 (ts) Jobs    Corners Cemetery and Eliza d. 4 Aug 1900 (no date of death inscribed on monument for Eliza).

  Jefferson Prutsman, old and highly respected resident of Rutland, dropped dead in a field while    sowing oats on Wednesday of last week. Deceased was one of the most prominent citizens and    farmers of Rutland. He was nearly seventy-three years old, having been born in 1821. In former days    he was a great raftsman, having run the river for many years as a pilot, being considered one of the    best, Mr. Prutsman was influential in his section of the county, and served three terms as justice of the   peace. He leaves a widow and four children, two sons and two daughters. His health had been poor for   some time, but his sudden death was a shock to a large circle of warm friends (obituary).

  Mrs. Jefferson Prutsman died at her home in Rutland on August 4th, at an advanced age.  She had been a widow for several years (The Agitator, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, August 15, 1900).

  Mary Prutsman b. 5 Mar 1848 d. 29 Aug 1849 1y 5m 24d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
  Damon Dean Prutsman b. 30 Oct 1850.
  Minerva Caroline Prutsman b. 11 July 1852.
  William Brewer Prutsman b. 13 July 1856.
  Lucy Prutsman b. 28 Sept 1859.
  Therissie Mariah Prutsman b. 17 Feb 1863.

5.  William J. Brewer b. 29 July 1826 m. Mary E. Colus or Roach? Enumerated 1860 census of Wells.  William d. 17 Aug 1888 62y 19d (ts) and Mary d. 14 Jan 1897 59y 5m 29d (ts) Mosherville  Cemetery.

  37.  Norton Brewer b. 12 Sept 1857 d. 4 Oct 1858 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  38.  Hendrick Brewer b. 31 Dec 1858 d. 1 Mar 1862 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  39.  Lenora B. Brewer b. 1860 m. ______ Congdon and she d. 1937 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  40.  Anna E. Brewer b. c. 1863 m. _______ Bowman.
  41.  Minnie M. Brewer b. c. 1866 m. ________ Jones.

 7. Lyman Brewer b. Oct 1829 was enumerated in Columbia township in 1850 with wife Elizabeth,    age 19. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County in 1860 with wife Almira Bly b. 5 July    1832 daughter of Joseph Bly and Sally Brainard. Almira d. 1 Sept 1881 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.    Her death notice in the Mansfield Advertiser of September 14, 1881 relates she died at Wellsboro,    Pennsylvania. Lyman m. (3)Elizabeth B. Updyke b. Dec 1859 daughter of Almon A. Updyke and    Sarah M. Osborn. Lyman d. 14 Mar 1912 (obituary) survived by wife and children, Joseph, Alice,    and Lena by a former marriage and William, Jerome, and Bert (obituary). Elizabeth d. 1944 (ts)    buried Mosherville Cemetery, beside Lyman, survived by 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren    (obituary).

  On the Lyman Brewer plot in Mosherville Cemetery is a marker for Alie Brewer Nov 29, 1850 Aug    24, 1909. Perhaps a child of Lyman’s first marriage.

  Children of Lyman and Almira:
  42.  Martha J. Brewer b. 1853.
  43.  Joseph W. Brewer b. 11 Aug 1854.
  44.  Sarah A. Brewer b. 12 Sept 1858.
  45.  Hattie Bell Brewer b. 1862 d. 5 Apr 1870 7y 7m 29d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  46.  Alice Brewer b. c. 1864.
  47. Almira Brewer b. c. 1866.
  48.  Lyman Alta Brewer d. 4 Mar 1874 1y (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  49.  Lena Brewer b. c. 1874.

  Children of Lyman and Elizabeth:
  50. Hendrick Brewer b. Feb 1886 (Mansfield Advertiser, February 17, 1886) d. 14 Apr 1886 2m     (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  51.  Harry Brewer b. 29 Apr 1888 d. 9 Apr 1890 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  52.  William H. Brewer b. Dec 1890.
  53.  Jerome Brewer (twin) b. Oct 1894.
  54.  Bert Brewer (twin) b. Oct 1894.

 8. Justus Garrison Brewer b. 29 Feb 1832 m. (1)Elizabeth "Betsey"_________ (2)Elizabeth "Lizzie"    ________. Enumerated 1860 census of Wells with wife, Betsey and daughter. Justus was among a list   of men from Wells drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War. In the 1908 directory of   Tioga County, Pennsylvania, resided Jackson Township, farmer. Resided Millerton d. 1911/12    Elmira, New York. His obituary states buried Jobs Corners. Lizzie living 1927 when step daughter,    Arminda died.

  Children of Jesse and Betsey:
  55.  Arminda Brewer b. c. 1858.
  56.  Clara Brewer.

  Child of Jesse and Lizzie:
  57.  Hendrick Brewer (called small son in father's obituary).

 9. Huldah J. Brewer b. 19 Sept 1834 m. Joseph H. Jewell b. 7 Dec 1827 son of Rev. Joel Jewell and    Mary Adriance. Joseph d. 25 Mar 1906 (ts) and Huldah d. 9 Aug 1928 (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy,   Pennsylvania.

  58.  Mary Frances Jewell b. 30 Apr 1856 d. 22 Mar 1872 16y (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery.
  59.  Rosa Elizabeth Jewell b. 20 Mar 1863 (1863 inscribed on marker but perhaps b. 1861) m. 7     Sept 1882 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, September 14, 1882) William A. Gernert     of Columbia Cross Roads, Columbia Township, Bradford County, b. 15 Apr 1861. William d. 8     Oct 1920 (ts) and Rosa d. 5 Dec 1948 (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy. Living descendants.

10. Johnson Brewer b. May 1836 (marker in Mosherville Cemetery incorrectly inscribed 1839) m. c. 1865 Harriet Oldroyd b. 28 Feb 1841 daughter of Henry Oldroyd and Alma Beckwith and sister to Roxy Oldroyd who m. his brother Hendrick Brewer. Johnson and Harriet enumerated 1860 census of Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1900 with grandson Charles Brewer in their household. Harriet d. 1904 (ts) 26 Mar age 62 at Mosherville (obituary). Johnson d. 1911 (ts).

  60.  William Henry Brewer.

12.  Phoebe Ann Brewer b. 20 Aug 1840 m. 26 Sept 1867 William R. Sims b. 26 Nov 1842 served    Company C 7th PA Cav during Civil War d. 16 Aug 1907 (ts) and Phoebe d. 14 Nov 1906 (ts) Oak    Hill Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.

  61. Frank E. Sims.

13. Hendrick Brewer b. 20 Aug 1840 m. 3 July 1864 Roxy Hall Oldroyd at her parent's home in    Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania b. 29 May 1847 daughter of Henry Oldroyd and    Alma Beckwith. Her sister Harriet m. Hendrick’s brother Johnson Brewer. Drick d. 30 July 1930 (ts)   and Roxy d. 30 Oct 1936 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Her marker incorrectly inscribed 1848 as date of   birth.

  Hendrick Brewer, 90, a life long resident of Wells Township, Pa. died this morning at the family    home at Mosherville, Pa. Mr. Brewer was born at Mosherville, Pa., Aug. 20, 1840, and was the last    surviving member of the family of fourteen children. Mr. and Mrs. Brewer were married at Mrs.    Brewers’ fathers home in Rutland, Pa., July 3, 1864. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Roxy Oldroyd   Brewer, two daughters, Mrs. John Sterling of Wells, Pa.; Mrs. Edward E. VanDine of Horseheads; 19   grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren. Mr. Brewer was a violin player of considerable ability and    took part in the old time fiddlers contest, held in Elmira several years ago. The funeral will be held in   the Mosherville, Pa. Church, Friday at 3 p.m. The Rev. George Burroughs of Pine City will officiate.    Burial in the Mosherville Cemetery (obituary).

  62.  Nellie E. Brewer b. 21 Nov 1867.
  63.  Alma Elizabeth Brewer b. 10 Aug 1871.
  64.  Lucy Pearl Brewer b. 3 Mar 1882.

14.  Caroline E. Brewer b. 9 Feb 1843 m. James H. Owen b. 1 Apr 1844 served Co A 207 PA Vol    during the Civil War. Enumerated in Wells in 1870 and in Columbia Township in 1880. Caroline d.    19 Sept 1906 (ts) and James d. 24 Dec 1915 (ts) Gladding Cemetery (now called Sylvan Hill),    Columbia Township.

  65.  Alida E. Owens b. c. 1866.
 66.  Jennie M. Owens b. c. 1872.
  67.  Lena Owens b. c. 1874.
  68.  Eva Owens b. c. 1874.

15. Elsa Brewer b. Jan 1847 m. (1)Vincent Hogaboom who d. 21 Dec 1874 31y (ts). Enumerated in borough of Troy, Bradford County in 1880, widow and dressmaker. Elsa m. c. 1881 (2)Henry Griffin Grinnell b. 1845 Wells son of  Lorenzo Grinnell and Rhoda Griffin, Elsa being his second wife. Henry m. Dec 1865 (1)Alice H. Daggett b. 7 Jan 1847 daughter of Cornelius C. Daggett and Martha Jane Seeley of Jackson Township. Henry and Alice had five children before her death 2 Aug 1880 (ts). Enumerated in Wells Township in 1900. Henry d. 1907 (ts) buried Mosherville Cemetery, with Alice. Elsa d. at her home in Elmira, 2 Sept 1912 65y (ts) buried at Jobs Corners beside Vincent.

  Edwin Hogaboom b. c. 1870.

20.  Elias K. Brewer b. c. 1828 m. Mary Margaret Youmans from Ulster County, New York b. 1835.    In 1870 resided Caton, New York. Elias m. (2)Sarah Ann Fuller.

  Fannie E. Brewer b. 1859.
  Georgiana M. Brewer b. 1863 Chemung County, New York.
  Edmund M. Brewer b. 1865 Steuben County, New York.
  Margaret Brewer b. 1867.
  Smith C. Brewer b. 1869.

21. George W. Brewer b. c. 1829 m. Rachel Ann _______ who d. 4 Apr 1861 34y 5m 14d (ts) Jobs    Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and he m. (2)Charlotte E.    __________.  George d. at his residence on Hopkins Street, Elmira, New York, age 77, buried    Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania (obituary).

  Charles J. Brewer b. 1852/62 d. 1896 (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
   Samuel K. Brewer b. 24 Dec 1863 d. 11 Oct 1887 (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
  Sarah S. Brewer b. c. 1866.
  William D. Brewer b. c. 1871.
  Anna L. Brewer b. Nov 1872 d. 11 Aug 1874 1y 8m 23d (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
  Fannie Brewer b. Nov 1875 d. 11 Apr 1900 24y 5m (ts) Daggett Cemetery.

22. Nathaniel Brewer b. c. 1833 possibly m. Harriet P. b. c. 1836. Nathaniel d. 8 Dec 1911 buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  George Brewer b. c. 1860.
  Clara M. Brewer b. c. 1863.
  Neta M. Brewer b. c. 1866.
  Mina B. Brewer b. c. 1869.
  Frederick N. Brewer b. c. 1872.

23. Hila Brewer b. 23 June 1833 m. Jesse Collum, Jr., b. 28 Oct 1821 Orange County, New York one of   fourteen children born to Jesse Collum and Ann Roloson. Farmer, enumerated 1860 census of    Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Removed to Wells Township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania and then purchased 50 acres 10 Nov 1864 in Barrington, Yates County, New York and    were enumerated in the 1865 census of Barrington. Jesse d. 19 May 1891 and Hila d. 17 Nov 1906    Rock Stream buried Hillside Cemetery, Dundee, New York.

  The death of Mrs. Hila Collum,occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Warner Hatfield, of Rock    Stream, November 17th. She was the widow of the late Jesse Collum, of Dundee. Mrs. Collum had a    wide cricle of friends who greatly mourn her loss. None knew her but to love her for genuine and true   friendship with her gentle and loving ways. Mrs. Collum was laid to rest beside her husband at    Dundee Cemetery. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Coe Owens, of Wells, PA, and two brothers,    Nathan and Reuben of Elmira. One son, Charles of Rock Stream, and three daughters, Mrs. C. C.    Wilcox of Lakemont, Mrs. Albert Overstein of Crystal Springs and Mrs. Warner Hatfield of Rock    Stream. She was a great sufferer for several months until rest came in her never failing faith of her    beloved Savior, at 73 years old. Rev. Delos Sprague, of Dundee and Rev. Calvin of Rock Stream    officiated at the funeral on Nov. 19th (The Chronicle Express, November 24, 1906).

  Samantha Elizabeth Collum b. June 1855 Pennsylvania, single, d. 1924 buried Hillside Cemetery.
  Isabelle Collum b. 1858 Pennsylvania m. Coreaell C. Wilcox.
  Frances A. Collum b. 1860 Pennsylvania m. William Albert Ovenshire.
  Martha M. Collum b. 21 Sept 1865 d. 21 Jan 1868 2y 4m (ts) Hillside Cemetery.
  Harriet A. Collum b. Dec 1869 Barrington m. c. 1898 Warner Hetfield.
  Jessie Elenora Collum b. 26 Aug 1872 d. 10 Mar 1875 2y 6m 15d (ts) Hillside Cemetery.
  Charles Sumner Collum b. Feb 1875 m. 16 Sept 1903 at Dundee, Augusta Fancher and he d. 20     June 1935 buired Rock Stream, Yates County.

24. Olive Brewer b. Nov 1835 was residing with brother, Reuben at Caton, New York in the 1870 census   enumeration, single, m. 9 Jan 1872 at Caton, New York, Rev. Stephen Tobey b. 13 Mar 1806    Butternuts, Otsego County, New York son of Christopher Tobey and Fidelia Preston. Stephen’s    first wife, Clarissa Salisbury was the mother of eight children and d. 9 Sept 1871 Caton buried Tobey    Family Cemetery, Caton. Resided Caton, New York. Stephen d. 23 June 1909 and Olive d. 1922    buried Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, New York.

25. Phoebe Jane Brewer b. 7 June 1838 m. Coe S. Owen b. 28 Aug 1837. Phoebe d. 10 Mar 1911 a life    long resident of Wells, survived by daughter, Mrs. Lillie Eaton wife of Delos Eaton of Wells; sister,    Mrs. Stephen Tobey of Caton; brothers, Nathan Brewer of Elmira and Frederick Brewer of Caton.    Coe d. 26 Dec 1921 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

  Lillie Owen m. Delos Eaton.

26.  Reuben Horton Brewer b. 8 Nov 1842 m. Arianna Douglas b. 26 Apr 1846 Coles Creek, Luzerne    County, Pennsylvania. In 1870 resided Caton, New York. Reuben owned hotel at Lopez,     Pennsylvania; owned team and made deliveries. Reuben d. 9 Feb and Arianna d. 1924 buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Mary B. Brewer b. 19 Dec 1869 Caton, New York.
  Olive M. Brewer b. 24 Nov 1872 Dushore, Pennsylvania.
  Harry H. Brewer b. 22 Dec 1874 Dushore.
  Anna Pearl Brewer b. 22 July 1881 Dushore.
  Stanley Brewer.

27.  Frederick Brewer b. c. 1844. Wife, Harriet b. c. 1850. Resided Caton, New York in 1870.

  Reuben G. Brewer b. 1868/9.

Fourth Generation:
29.  Aaron Brewer b. May 1848. Wife, Melona d. 18 July 1883 30y 11m 2d (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in the household of uncle Johnson Brewer in Wells Township in 1900, merchant. In the 1908 directory of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, he was a shoe repairer with a house and lot in Millerton. Wife, Alma J.

32.  Levi Brewer b. 1856. Widow, Wealtha A., d. 20 May 1929 69y (obituary).

36. Caroline Prutsman m. 3 Sept 1871 William Floyd Baker b. 9 Mar 1942 Rutland Township,    Tioga County, Pennsylvania son of Harlin Baker and Sarah A. Longwell. Resided Troy,

  Damon Baker.
  Bertha Baker.
  Guy Baker.
  Fannie Baker.

42.  Martha J. Brewer b. 1853 m. James Carr and he d. 29 May 1879 34y 5m 23d. Martha was residing   with brother Joseph in the 1880 census enumeration, m. (2)Charles J. Schofield. Buried Mosherville   with first husband.

  Fred Carr b. c. 1876.

43. Joseph W. Brewer b. 11 Aug 1854 m. 9 Oct 1878 (bible) at Gillett, Alice J. Schofield b. 8 Aug    1859. Joseph d. 24 Mar 1926 (ts) survived by widow; daughter, Mrs. Charles Besley and sons,    Lyman, Fred, Raymond, and Walter; sister, Mrs. C. J. French of Buffalo, New York (obituary). Alice    d. 1 May 1945 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Dates from family bible for Joseph, Alice, and children.

  69.  Lyman Brewer b. 28 July 1879.
  70.  Frank Brewer b. 8 Nov 1881 d. 7 Oct 1894 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
  71.  Louella Brewer b. 2 Aug 1883.
  72. Edson Smith Brewer b. 10 (bible) 13 (ts) Jan 1886.
  73.  Frederick H. Brewer b. 15 Apr 1892.
  74.  Raymond Brewer b. 15 June 1893.
  75. Walter J. Brewer b. 10 Mar (bible) May (ts) 1899, single, d. 14 Oct 1939 (ts) Mosherville     Cemetery.

44.  Sarah A. Brewer b. 12 Sept 1858 m. 27 Dec 1875 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania,    January 20, 1876 and Methodist Church record) at the home of her parent’s in Wells, Clark Updyke    of Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Sarah d. 6 Jan 1892 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

53. Jerome Brewer b. Oct 1894 m. Grace Lucky.

  Berdena Brewer m. Edward Strong.

54. Bert Brewer b. Oct 1894 m. Pearl Holton daughter of Emerson Holton and Carrie E. Benson.    Bert d. age 27 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York survived by wife and twin daughters.    Pearl d. 13 July 1987 Elmira, New York.

  Marion Brewer (twin) b. 24 Nov 1920 m. 30 Aug 1941 George Giroux.
  Muriel Brewer (twin) b. 24 Nov 1920 m. 16 May 1942 Victor Johnson and had two children.

55. Arminda Brewer b. 1858 m. Nathan Stewart b. 1856, resided Jackson township, Tioga County,    Pennsylvania. Nathan d. 1924 (ts) and Arminda d. 1927 (ts) Sagetown Cemetery, Southport,
  Chemung County, New York.

  Jesse B. Stewart.

56. Clara Brewer m. ______ Hurley, resided Elmira, New York.

59.  Rosa Elizabeth Jewell m. ________ Gernert.

  Anna Gernert m. ________ Murray.

62. Nellie E. Brewer b. 21 Nov 1867 m. Merritt L. Cook b. 15 Dec 1863 Rutland township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania son of Gamaliel J. Cook and Eleanor S. Benson. Nellie d. 8 May 1928    Rutland and Merritt d. 28 Nov 1938 buried Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson township.

  Hendrick Gamaliel Cook m. Stella DeBou.
  Charles Hayward Cook b. 27 Nov 1892 m. Ruby Belle Hoag.
  Lewis E. Cook b. 21 Mar 1895 m. Ruth Gellan.
  Mertie E. Cook b. 6 July 1897 m. George Baker.
  Ada Ellen Cook b. Feb 1900 m. Frank Weller.
  James Merritt Cook b. Feb m. Jean Casper.
  Orin Nye Cook b. 28 Apr 1905 m. Harriet Marie Garrison.
  Ray Cook b. 10 Aug 1908 m. Myrtle Griffin.

63. Alma Elizabeth Brewer b. 10 Aug 1871 m. John O. Sterling and she d. 1957 (ts) Mosherville    Cemetery.

  Bessie Sterling m. Vernet McWhorter.
  Oakly Sterling.
  Winifred Sterling (Mrs. Avery).
  Ruth Sterling m. Delbert Newberry.
  Millard Sterling.
  Arthur Sterling m. ______ Petty.
  Carl Sterling.

64.  Lucy Pearl Brewer b. 3 Mar 1881 m. Edward E. VanDyne and she d. Sept 1955.

  Dow VanDyne.
  Donald VanDyne.
  Colus VanDyne.

Fifth Generation:
69. Lyman Brewer b. 28 July 1879 m. 25 Dec 1900 at Pine City, New York, Mary Oldroyd. Resided    Wells Township. Lyman d. 4 Feb 1948.

  Helen Margaret Brewer m. Raymond Friends Smith.
  Alice Brewer (Mrs. Rynerson).
  Joseph Brewer m. (1)_______ Paris (2)_______ Andrews.
  Anna Brewer m. Warren Queal.
  Grant Brewer m. _______ Sturdivant.
  Mary Brewer m. Donald Butcher.
  Genevive Brewer (twin) m. William Andrews.
  Judson Brewer (twin) m. ______ Smith.

71. Louella Brewer b. 2 Aug 1883 m. 27 Dec 1907 at her parent’s home in Wells, Charles Besley.    Resided Wells township. Louella d. 8 Nov 1958.

  Frances Besley m. Glenn Balmer resided Wells Township on Bird Creek Road.
  Florence Besley m. Clarence Saunders resided Wells Township on Bird Creek Road.

72. Edson Smith Brewer b. 10 (bible) 13 (ts) Jan 1886 m. 25 Aug 1908/10 Alice Elizabeth Benson b.    11 June 1888 daughter of David Earl Benson and Sarah Elizabeth Buckley. Edson d. of typhoid 26   Dec 1910 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Alice m. 11 Oct 1916 in Elmira, New York, George Holton    Cory b. 7 Dec 1892. George and Alice divorced. George m. (2)Genevieve Saba, a widow of New    York City and they divorced. George m. 28 Sept 1946 (3)Elizabeth Helena Murphy daughter of    Patrick Joseph Murphy and Margaret M. Regan of Ballaghaderreen, County Rascommon, Ireland.   George d. 11 Nov 1958 Montclair, New Jersey buried with son, George at Madison, New Jersey but    later moved elsewhere by his widow. Alice buried old Methodist Church cemetery grounds in    Setauket, Long Island.

  Edson Glenn Brewer.

  Children of George and Alice:
  George Herbert Cory b. 1 Dec 1917 Washington DC d. 26 Feb 1956 buried Madison, New Jersey.    At the time of his death he was comptroller for Maxwell House Coffee division of General Foods    Corporation.
  Stanley Benson Cory b. 28 Mar 1920 Washington DC.

  Children of George and Elizabeth:
  Eileen Margaret Cory b. 27 June 1941.
  William James Cory b. 22 Oct 1949.

73. Frederick H. Brewer b. 15 Apr 1892 m. 1 Jan 1914 Blanche Updyke daughter of Lincoln     Adriance Updyke and wife Caroline. Fred d. 2 Mar 1964.

  Bradley Brewer resides Millerton, Pennsylvania.
  Marie Brewer m. a Seymour reside Elmira, New York.
  Burdette Brewer.
  Wilford Brewer.

74. Raymond E. Brewer b. 15 June 1893 m. Anna and she d. 7 Apr 1917 age 24. Raymond m. 6 Nov    1926 at Epworth Methodist parsonage in Elmira, New York  (2)Helen Bristol daughter of Herbert    Bristol and Grace Boughton. Raymond d. 30 Mar 1958.

  Child of Raymond and first wife:
  Eileen Marie Brewer b. 6 Apr 1917 (Mrs. Sisson).

  Children of Raymond and Helen:
  Norman Roy Brewer d. 14 Feb 1974 Woodbridge, Virginia buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira,     New York.
  Marion Bristol Brewer.
  Merle Raymond Brewer resides Virginia.
  Georgie Brewer (Mrs. Jenkins) resides East Troy, Pennsylvania.

Jeremiah Brewer age 40 and under age 50 enumerated 1830 census of Wells with a family.

Mrs. Mattie Davison d. Apr 7 at Sodus Point, buried Sodus Village Cemetery. Survived by husband, H. F.; son, Eugene of Rochester; daughters, Mrs. Benjamin Spring of Rochester, Mrs. Aubery Austin and Miss Edith of Sodus Point; three grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Minnie Barber of Elmira and Mrs. Clara Rozell in the west; brothers, William Brewer of Wellsburg, Fred Brewer of Elmira, and Frank Brewer of Corning (obituary).

Hattie Brewer of Wells m. William Hunt third child of James Hunt and Rebecca Fuller of Fassett. James Hunt and Rebecca Fuller m. Sept 1859.

Major David Brewer d. 5 June 1849 in Southport, Chemung County, New York of consumption age 52y 1m 8d (Elmira Gazette, June 21,1849).

James R. Brewer of Southport m. 8 Oct 1846 Phebe Cooper of Southport (Elmira Gazette, October 22,1846).

Maud J. Brewer daughter of William W. and Mary D. Brewer d. 15 Nov 1874 1y 1m 111 Pennsylvania Avenue buried South Creek (Elmira City Death record)


Isaiah Brink, age 50 and under age 60, enumerated 1830 census of Wells with a family and first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells. In the 1834 assessment he had transfered his sawmill and property to John Hoagland.

Samuel Brink first appears in the 1835 assessment list of Wells. He did not remain and in the 1836 assessment list he had transfered property to Lemuel Sherman.

Garret Brink m. 8 June 1809 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record) Mary Ann Bowman b. c. 1792 daughter of Gershom Bowman and Elizabeth Price, resided Branchville, Sussex County, New Jersey and had three sons and two daughters. Ann was a sister of Andrew Price Bowman who removed to Wells.

 1.  Eliza Brink b. 17 Nov 1810 m. Henry Buchanan as his second wife.
 2.  daughter.
 3.  James H. Brink b. c. 1814 New Jersey.
 4. Andrew Price Brink b. c. 1820 New Jersey.
 5.  George Washington Brink b. 26 Aug 1826 Branchville, New Jersey (fifth child).

Second Generation:
 3.  James H. Brink b. c. 1814 m. 7 Dec 1839 (Sussex County  marriage record) Elizabeth Lush b. c.    1820. Enumerated 1850 and 1860 census of Wells. Possibly, the Elizabeth J. Brink received as    member of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland), 1853. Residents of Judson Hill (1858    map). Residing Wells in 1885.

  Stephen Brink.
  Alfred Brink b. c. 1840 New Jersey.
  Franklin H. Brink b. c. 1841 New Jersey enlisted 8 Sept 1864 Company A 207 Pa Volunteers,     wounded Petersburg, 2 Apr 1865.
  Charles R. Brink b. c. 1843 enlisted Company G, 161 Regt, 16th Cav, lieutenant, killed in battle 27     Oct 1864 Boydton Plank Road, Virginia.
  Harrison Brink b. c. 1848 New York.
  Maria Brink b. c. 1850.

 4. Andrew Price Brink b. c. 1820 and wife Sarah b. 1829 New Jersey enumerated 1850 census of    Wells. A. P. and Sarah Brink received as members of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now    Coryland), 1859. Sarah d. 27 Sept 1871 42y 2m (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Andrew and wife Augusta    M., enumerated in South Creek Township in 1880, farmer.

  DIED - In Wells, Pa., Sept. 27th, of cancer, Sarah, wife of Andrew Brink, aged 42 years (Northern    Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1871).

  Anna E. Brink b. 1850 New Jersey m. 30 Mar 1870 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, April    7, 1870) in Columbia township, Jacob Wolfe b. c. 1839 son of Renselear Wolfe and Margaret     Fries.
  Allie D. Brink b. c. 1865 Iowa.

 5. George Washington Brink b. 26 Aug 1826 m. at the age of twenty to Susan Ann Johnson, daughter   of Lewis Johnson. They removed to Wells in 1856. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County,    New York in 1860. Susan Ann d. 25 Sept 1870 44y (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Methodist Church record   relates she d. Nov 1870. George m. 26 Dec 1875 Sarah Patterson. Removed in 1878 to Bentley    Creek. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1880, farmer. George d. 19 Aug 1900 South Creek    buried Coryland Cemetery (Bradford County death record), no marker. Children, all by wife, Susan.

  Andrew Brink b. 26 June 1846 New Jersey enlisted in Company B 16th PA Cavalry Volunteers     during the Civil War. Locomotive engineer with Northern Central Railroad, resided Elmira, m. 18    Jan 1872 (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1872) at Troy, Sybil Fish     daughter of Nelson and Martha Fish of Rhode Island.
  George Brink b. c. 1848 New Jersey.
  Benjamin Brink b. c. 1851 New Jersey.
  Willis Brink (twin) b. c. 1856 Wells.
  Alice Brink (twin) b. c. 1856 Wells.
  Alfred Brink b. c. 1858 Wells.
  Francis Brink.
  Frederick Brink b. c. 1869.

Memorial funeral discourse preached by Rev Jewell, 3 Sept 1865, on account of Brink's death, confined for nine months in rebel prison at Andersonville (diary of Rev. Joel Jewell).

A George W. Brink from Bradford County served in the Civil War in a New York company.


James H. Bristol b. 1826 New York state removed to Wells c. 1865. James d. 1916 (ts). Wife, Sophia E. 1833-1919 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 1.  George E. Bristol d. 30 Apr 1885 18y 4m (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

David E. Bristol b. 15 May 1819 removed to Wells in 1877 from Albany, New York onto a farm in northern Wells. Place contained only a log house and twenty acres cleared, none improved. Employed
twenty four years by Wheeler, Merrick, & Company, as foreman in blacksmith shop in Albany. He d. 1 Sept 1901 (ts). Wife, Catharine L. b. 16 Mar 1822 d. 12 Mar 1887 (ts) Webb Mills Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York.

 1.  Herbert S. Bristol b. 1860 Albany m. Grace Boughton daughter of Lyman Boughton and Cornelia   Adams. Herbert d. 9 Jan 1941 age 80 at his farm in Wells where he had resided 65 years. Survived    by wife; daughters, Mrs. Ray Brewer, Mrs. Charles Updyke, Miss Leila Bristol, and son, Clyde A.   Bristol; sister, Mrs. Kate Bristol of Albany. Buried Gillett Cemetery (obituary).
 2.  Catherine M. Bristol b. c. 1865 d. 14 Sept 1944 age 79 buried Webb Mills (obituary).


Lurana Brown b. 12 May 1822 m. 18 Mar 1841 (Elmira Gazette, April 3, 1841) in Southport, James Madison Bovier b. 2 June 1810. Officer in the Mexican War, d. 23 Apr 1884 73y 10m 23d and Lurana d. 15 Sept 1887 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

 1. John Bovier b. 8 Oct 1842 d. 1 Nov 1842.
 2. Levi Bovier b. 13 June 1845 d. 7 Aug 1845.
 3. Charles B. Bovier b. 7 June 1849 m. Fannie Mae Sickles.
 4. Isaac T. Bovier b. 2 May 1854 d. 22 May 1854.
 5. William H. Bovier b. 22 July 1856 d. 4 Feb 1863.

John and Phebe Brown resided northeast Wells on Bird Creek. John d. 19 May 1885 76y 11m 19d (ts) and Phebe d. 16 Nov 1891 83y 8m 26d (ts).

Alonzo Brown son of Nathaniel Brown and Melinda Baird, was b. 28 April 1832 (bible) Chemung County, New York, m. 19 May 1853 (Elmira Daily Republican, June 3, 1853) at Millport, Chemung County, Mary F. Adams b. 10 April 1836 (bible) Danbury, Connecticut daughter of Aaron Adams and Anna Banks. Alonzo was a carpenter at Millport, when he enlisted December 1863, at Elmira, New York in Company G, 50th N.Y. Eng. Inft., Eng. Brig., A.P., and fought at the battle of the Wilderness and all the engagements in which his company took part, during his term of service; but his duty consisted mainly of pontoon work and work on fortifications. On 30 July 1864, he entered the hospital at City Point, Virginia, and was ill about four weeks with typhoid fever, and was convalescent for a long time. He received his discharge in June, 1865, at Elmira, leaving the service as artificer. His brothers, Henry, of Company F, 23d N.Y.V.I., and transferred to Baty. B, 4th U.S. Art., was killed at Antietam while defending his gun, and Charles W., of Co. I, 141st V.Y.V.I., also served in the war. Enumerated in the 1865 state census of Veteran, Chemung County, New York. Mary d. 27 Mar 1869 32y 11m 19d (ts) Millport Cemetery. Alonzo m. 1 Sept 1870 (2)Alma E. Boughton b. 9 June 1846 Columbia Township daughter of Daniel Boughton and Maria Bailey. Farmer, resided northeastern Wells Township. Alonzo d. 22 Mar 1919 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township. Dates of birth of children recorded in family bible.

 Children of Alonzo and Mary:
 1.  Marianna Brown b. 9 Aug 1855 d. 18 Apr 1856 8m 9d (ts) Millport Cemetery.
 2.  Charles Olin Brown b. 22 June 1858.
 3.  Edith May Brown b. 20 Mar 1869 d. young.

 Children of Alonzo and Alma:
 4.  Ida Eliza Brown b. 3 Feb 1872.
 5.  Lena R. Brown b. 27 Oct 1876.
 6.  Etha E. Brown 1 Dec 1880.
 7.  Leroy A. Brown 13 Oct 1884.


John Brownell b. 12 Apr 1802 Schuylerville, Saratoga County, New York son of Pierce Brownell and Margaret Spike m. 3 Nov 1831 in Wells by Rev. Jonas Dody, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Mary Ann French b. 9 June 1806 Hampton, Washington County, New York daughter of Peter Price French and Sarah Stearne. John was appointed first postmaster of Seeley Creek post office established in 1833 in the town of Southport, Chemung, County, New York. John first appears on the 1834 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. In 1858 they removed to DeWitt, Iowa and purchased a farm. In addition to operating a farm, John was mechanically minded and invented and patented mechanical farm implements, one such invention for example being a mechanical seeder. John spent considerable time traveling in the eastern states, selling his inventions. Mary d. 8 June 1873 DeWitt, Clinton County, Iowa. John remained in DeWitt until 1883 when he removed to Cedar Rapids and spent his final days in the home of daughter Lucretia. John d. 14 Feb 1895 Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa buried Elmwood Cemetery, DeWitt with Mary.

Death of John Brownell, the Aged Father of Mrs. P. E. Hall
Sunday morning at 9:15 John Brownell, the aged father of Mrs. P. E. Hall, passed serenely to that final rest that waits a life well spent. Mr. Brownell was born at Saratoga, N.Y., April 12, 1802, and had almost
completed his ninety third year. He came west in 1858, making his home in DeWitt, Iowa, until twelve years ago, when he came to live with his daughter, Mrs. Hall. During his residence in Cedar Rapids Mr. Brownell endeared himself to all who know him by his cheerful friendliness, his genial, cordial manner and his interesting conversation. The latter part of his life was merely a physical decline, and that was not
perceptible as his eyes were as keen, his step as brisk and his carriage as erect as those of a man of sixty. To the last Mr. Brownell was clear and active in mind, keeping up his interest in affairs, reading books
and papers, adding constantly to a large fund of general information. He never tired of meeting people, or attending lectures and entertainments, and was always a welcome companion to young and old. Wednesday last he was attacked with pneumonia from which he might have rallied had he been younger. With very little suffering, and with his mind perfectly clear he lived until Sunday morning. Then, having
enjoyed all life's blessings and done all life's labors, he quietly fell asleep. In death the face of the good old man who had borne his many years so lightly is so peaceful that his age does not appear to be more then fifty. Five daughters, many grandchildren and four great grandchildren survive him. The daughters are Mrs. M. C. Murdough and Mrs. Solomon Maynard of Tama City, Iowa, Mrs. P. E. Hall, Cedar Rapids,
Mrs. Kirke W. Wheeler of Huron, Dakota, and Mrs. Harry O. Wheeler of Boone, Iowa. Funeral services will be held at the house tomorrow morning at 10:30 and interment will be at DeWitt, where Mrs. Brownell is buried (Cedar Rapids Gazette, February 15, 1895).

 1.  Sarah Margaret Brownell b. 22 July 1832 Southport, Chemung County, New York or Wells,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania, m. 5 Apr 1854 in Elmira, New York, Malachi C. Murdough and    she d. 4 June 1904 Tama County, Iowa.
 2.  James Stearne Brownell b. 24 Nov 1833 Southport d. 4 Jan 1837 Elkland, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania.
 3.  George Washington Brownell b. 18 May 1835 Wells d. 24 Dec 1836 Elkland, Pennsylvania.
 4.  John Henry Brownell b. 4 Apr 1837 Beecher’s Island, Pennsylvania or Elkland d. 1 Mar 1838    Elkland, Pennsylvania.
 5.  Mary Ann Brownell b. 3 Dec 1839 Elkland m. 13 Sept 1859 in DeWitt, Iowa, Solomon Maynard    and she d. 11 Dec 1922 Tama, Iowa.
 6.  Lucretia Cornelia Brownell b. 10 Nov 1841 Elkland m. 6 Aug 1865, Philo E. Hall and she d. 13    Oct 1917 Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
 7.  Catharine Tupper Brownell b. 11 July 1844 Wells m. 30 Apr 1863 in DeWitt, Iowa, Kirke White    Wheeler and she d. 7 Oct 1895 Huron, Beadle County, South Dakota.
 8.  Helen Stetson Brownell b. 17 Apr 1848 Wells m. 29 Apr 1869 Harry Osborne Wheeler and she d.    6 Aug 1930 Hollywood, California.


George Buchanan b. c. 1775 New York m. Elizabeth Miller, known as Betsey, b. c. 1786 (possibly 26 Sept) daughter of Garret Miller and Mary Smith. George acquired property by mortgage dated 15 Oct 1806 in Lycoming County (that portion that became either present Bradford or Tioga County) from Samuel Pleasants of Lycoming County, bounded by lands of Ralph Bever (Bovier) and Thomas Wilson. George first appears on the 1819 assessment of Wells. They resided in the Hammond Creek Valley between the state line and the Tioga County line on warrant parcel 1411. Enumerated in Wells in 1820. On the 1820 assessment of Wells, George and Elizabeth were listed as parents of two poor children (unable to pay for their schooling). George last appears on the 1825 assessment and removed to neighboring Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1830 and 1840. Members of the North Church of Wells (Presbyterian) at the State Line. Enumerated with son Samuel in Jackson Township in 1850. George d. 9 Feb 1859 (obituary) in Jackson, struck by a falling tree. Betsey enumerated in Jackson Township in 1860, related to have d. Michigan.

 1.  Nathaniel M. Buchanan b. 27 May 1805-6.
 2.  Jane Buchanan b. 26 Jan 1808 m. Isaac Kelly.
 3.  Samuel Buchanan b. 7 Feb 1811 Pennsylvania.
 4.  son b. 1826-30.

Second Generation:
 1.  Nathaniel M. Buchanan b. 27 May 1805-6 and wife Eleanor b. Dec 1810 were enumerated next to    his parents in Jackson Township in 1830. Enumerated in Jackson in 1840. Enumerated in the town of   Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1850. Eleanor d. 13 Feb 1872 61y 1m 22d (ts) and    Nathaniel d. 15 Mar 1876 69y 9m 18d (ts) Bechtol Cemetery, Jackson Township.

  George Buchanan b. c. 1831 Jackson.
  William Buchanan b. c. 1833 Jackson.
  Eliza Buchanan b. c. 1834 Jackson.
  Samantha Buchanan b. c. 1836 Jackson.
  son b. c. 1838 (1840 census), not enumerated with family in 1850.
  Jesse S. Buchanan b. Mar 1840 Jackson.
  Morrell Buchanan b. 1842 Jackson.
  Emeline Buchanan b. c. 1846 Southport.
  Martha Buchanan b. c. 1848 Southport.

 3.  Samuel Buchanan b. 7 Feb 1811 and wife Martha b. c. 1819 New York enumerated 1850 census of Jackson Township, farmer; 1860, carpenter. Samuel was enumerated in the household of son Leroy in Millburgh, Benton Township, Berrien County, Michigan in 1870.

  Edwin Buchanan b. c. 1834 enumerated in Watervliet, Berrien County, Michigan in 1870.
  Milford Buchanan b. c. 1836.
  Martin V. Buchanan b. c. 1838 enumerated with family in Benton, Berrien County, Michigan in 1870.
  Charles Buchanan b. c. 1840.
  Leroy Buchanan b. c. 1842 enumerated in Benton, Berrien County, Michigan in 1870.
  Sophronia Buchanan b. c. 1845.
  Ellen Buchanan b. c. 1847.
  John Buchanan b. c. 1849 enumerated in Benton, Berrien County, Michigan in 1870.
  Jane Buchanan b. c. 1852.
  Franklin Buchanan b. c. 1854.

Benjamin Buchanan b. c. 1823 and wife Emma b. c. 1828 enumerated 1850 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York residing near Pennsylvania and Caton town line.

 1.  Francis Buchanan b. 1849.

William Buchanan b. 12 Jan 1784 New Jersey m. Keziah McWhorter b. 20 Mar 1788 daughter of Hugh McWhorter and Keziah Tyler. Keziah d. 19 July 1819 Avoca, Steuben County, New York. William m. (2)Elizabeth Osgood, known as Betsey, b. 7 June/Dec 1789 (conflicting dates on the month of her birth) daughter of John Osgood and Sarah Merrill of Wells. Betsey had m. 28 Mar 1805 Richard Whitbeck. Richard is related to have left his family and removed to the Black River Country. William first appears on the 1828 assessment list of Wells, enumerated 1830 census of Wells, of age 40 and under age 50 and a wife of the same age and four children in the household. Betsey is related to have d. 27 July 1835 Wells, place of interment unknown. However, William’s son by his third wife would have been born less than nine months after Betsey’s decease. William m. (3)Phoebe Breese b. 9 July 1814. On the 1840 assessment list William had “moved out.” Enumerated in Woodhull, Steuben County, New York in 1850, farmer. Enumerated in Hornellsville, Steuben County in 1860, day laborer. William d. 19 July 1874 90y 3m 9d possibly Avoca, Steuben County, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

 Children of William and Keziah:
 1.  John Buchanan b. 9 Jan 1804.
 2.  George Buchanan b. 30 Nov 1806.
 3.  Michael Buchanan b. 8 Apr 1809.
 4.  Hugh Buchanan b. 29 July 1811.
 5.  Nancy Buchanan b. 21 Mar 1814.

 Children of Richard and Elizabeth:
 1.  Hannah Whitbeck b. 25 June 1806.
 2.  Isaac Whitbeck b. 21 Mar 1807.
 3.  child b. 1809.
 4.  John Whitbeck b. 1811.
 5.  Helen Whitbeck b. 1813.
 6.  Tunis Whitbeck b. 1815.
 7.  Leonard Whitbeck b. 1817.
 8.  Nelson Whitbeck b. 1819.

 Children of William and Elizabeth:
 1.  Wilber Buchanan b. 19 May 1822.
 2.  Keziah Helen Buchanan b. 9 Aug 1824.
 3.  Mary Buchanan b. 18 Aug 1826 m. Andrew Jackson Drake, enumerated Elmira, Chemung County, New York in 1850.
 4.  Sarah Jane Buchanan b. 17 Dec 1828 enumerated in Elmira in 1850.
 5.  Andrew Jackson Buchanan b. 11 Feb 1831 Wells d. Mahomet, Illinois.
 6.  Caroline Buchanan b. 7 Jan 1833 enumerated with sister Mary in 1850.
 7.  Emeretta Buchanan b. 27 Feb 1835 enumerated in Elmira in 1850.

 Children of William and Phoebe:
 1.  William Buchanan b. 3 Mar 1836.
 2.  Rebecca Buchanan b. 30 Mar 1838 Wells.
 3.  Jane Buchanan b. 2 July 1840.


Samuel Bullock appears on the 1838 assessment list of Wells, physician. In 1839 he appears as a non-resident and does not appear thereafter.


Schuyler Bundy first appears on the 1834 asssesment list of Wells with a sawmill. In 1835 Harlow Bundy appears. Schuyler listed as single in 1835. Harlow had a sawmill on the 1836 assessment. Neither appears on the 1837 list or later.


Joseph P. Burnham, age 31, b. Pennsylvania, and Matilda Burnham, age 28, b. New York enumerated 1850 census of Wells in Silas Odell household. Joseph P. Burnham d. 1 July 1851 33y (ts) Coryland


Aaron Burr b. 1801 Sussex County, New Jersey son of David and Frances Burr m. 20 Dec 1828 at Amity, Orange County, New York, Sarah Longwell, known as Sally, b. c. 1805. Removed to Hector, Tompkins (now Schuyler) County, New York and were enumerated there in 1830. Aaron first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells. On the 1839 assessment list he was listed as a non-resident. Enumerated in Wells in 1840 with a wife, two sons, and three daughters. Enumerated in Rutland, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Aaron d. 27 (death record) 28 (ts) June 1853 Chatham Township, Tioga County of consumption, farmer, buried Bentley Cemetery, Rutland township (death certificate filed by A. M. Harris) age 51y (ts). Sally d. 4 Apr 1888 Little Marsh, Tioga County.

 1.  daughter b. 1826-30.
 2.  Mary Burr b. 19 May 1832 m. Lewis Seely.
 3.  David Burr b. c. 1835.
 4.  Sarah E. Burr b. c. 1837.
 5.  Aaron Burr, Jr., b. c. 1840.
 6.  Lutecia Burr b. c. 1843.
 7.  Jane Burr b. c. 1845
 8.  Margaret Burr b. c. 1849.

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