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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
(Cory to Cuyle)

William M. Cory was born 11 Dec 1794 at Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey of the sixth generation of Corys in America a son of Job Cory and Jane Morrow. Job Cory was a son of David Cory and Eunice Allen, David Cory a son of David Cory, David Cory a son of Isaac Cory, and Isaac Cory a son of John Cory the first known Cory of this lineage in this country, being of Southampton and Southold, New York. William Cory married 6 Apr 1820 in Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey, Elizabeth Maria Roe born 16 Oct 1800 near Branchville, Frankford township daughter of George Roe and Margaret Struble. William and Elizabeth were married at the home of her parents by Rev. Edward Osborn. William was a farmer and they resided near Hardyston (that portion of Hardyston township that became Sparta township in 1845), Sussex County. Elizabeth was received as a member of the Sparta Presbyterian in Oct 1827. They were enumerated in Hardyston township, Sussex County in the 1830 census enumeration. William was received as a member of the Sparta Presbyterian Church in Apr 1832. In 1838 they removed from New Jersey with six children to Baptist Hill in northern Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, settling on the west side of the main road between the Baptist Hill Cemetery and Aspinwall Corners (now Coryland). Elizabeth's brothers, James Madison Roe and Timothy Roe and families
had removed to Wells in 1830. William and Elizabeth were enumerated in the 1840 census of Columbia township. In the 1840 tax assessment list, William was assessed for 200 acres, 9 cows, 2 horses. In 1844, Elizabeth became a member of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia (now the Coryland Presbyterian Church), which was situated in southern Wells township about one half mile north of their residence. In 1846, William and children, William H. and Mary E. were received as members. Elizabeth died 6 Jan 1872. In the 1880 census enumeration, William was residing in Wells township with daughter, Ruhamah and her family. William died 9 July 1881 Columbia township buried Coryland Cemetery, Wells township with Elizabeth beneath the monument erected to their memory.

DIED. Cory. - In Columbia, Pa., July 3d of cholera morbus, William M. Cory, aged 87 years. He was born in Sparta, N.J., he married Miss Elizabeth M. Roe, in 1820, who died after 52 years of wedded
life. Of their eight children 5 remain (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, July 14, 1881).

 1.  Margaret R. Cory b. 19 Apr 1822 Sussex County, New Jersey.
 2.  George Roe Cory b. 26 Sept 1823 Sussex County.
 3.  David C. Cory b. 25 Apr 1825 Sussex County.
 4.  Mary Elizabeth Cory b. 15 Feb 1827 Sussex County.
 5.  William Harrison Cory, known as Harrison, b. 24 Jan 1829 Sussex County d. 7 Oct 1849 buried    Coryland Cemetery.
 6.  Loruhamah Wade Cory b. 3 Mar 1831 Sussex County.
 7.  William Tenant Cory b. 27 Mar 1837 d. 12 July 1837 Sussex County, New Jersey perhaps buried    Sparta Presbyterian Churchyard Cemetery, no marker.
 8.  Betsey Jane Cory b. 24 May 1839 Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania d. 14 Jan    1843 buried Coryland Cemetery.

The above son, William Harrison Cory was named for Eliza's brother, William Harrison Roe and he was known as Harrison Cory. For whatever reasons they named a second son, William Cory with the middle name of Tenant, he perhaps to be known by his first name, William. William Tenant died when only a few months old and is buried in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Second Generation:
 1.  Margaret R. Cory b. 19 Apr 1822 m. 7 Apr 1847 in Wells township, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania, John Gustin b. Mar 1821 Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey son of Thomas Gustin   and Ann Killgore of Columbia township, Bradford County. They were married by Rev. Joseph Riggs.   Farmers, resided Columbia townsip. On the 1858 atlas their residence was in northern Columbia at    Baptist Hill on the south side of present McClure Path Road. On the 1869 atlas they were residing in    the home of his parents at Baptist Hill on the west side of the Baptist Hill Road near the Baptist Hill    Cemetery. John was received as a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in   1846 and Margaret in 1853. Margaret d. 12 July 1881 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells township. John    d. 4 Feb 1904 buried Coryland Cemetery, no marker.

     9.  Thomas Cory Gustin b. 22 Jan 1848 d. 27 Jan 1853 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  10.  Anna E. Gustin b. Jan 1855, nurse and single, d. 1 Jan 1942 buried Coryland Cemetery.
  11.  Josephine Gustin b. 14 May 1857.

 2.  George Roe Cory b. 26 Sept 1823 m. perhaps 19 Sept 1855 Julia Ann Dunning b. 4 July 1836    Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Horace Dunning and Elizabeth Knapp and she removed    with her parents at an early age to Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Julia became a    member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1859. Farmer, enumerated in    Wells township in 1860 and Columbia township, Bradford County in 1870 and 1880. The 1858 atlas    of Bradford County indicates that they lived at Aspinwall Corners (later Coryland) in southern Wells    township. The 1869 atlas indicates that George owned a house at Aspinwall Corners (later Coryland)    in Wells township and three houses in northern Columbia township south of the Baptist Hill     Cemetery, one of these three homes being their residence. In the 1880's they returned to Wells    township. George d. 10 Dec 1891 (ts) and Julia d. 3 (obituary) 31 (ts) Dec 1915 in Wells township    buried Coryland Cemetery, Wells township.

  Died. CORY - In Wells, Dec. 10, 1891, of general debility, Geo. Cory, aged 68 years. Mr. Cory has    been a resident of Columbia and Wells for fifty years. He leaves a wife and one son (The Troy    Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Saturday, December 19,1891).

  Mrs. Julia A. Corey, a lifelong resident of Wells, died Friday evening, Dec. 3, at the home of her    grandson, George Corey, after a brief illness. The decedent was 79 years old. She was born in New    Jersey and came to Wells at an early age. She is survived by two sisters and a brother, Mrs. R. J.    Lucas of Washington, D. C., Mrs. Arminda Sweet of Middlebury, Pa., and E. J. Dunning of Cortland,   N. Y.; also by three grandchildren, George, James and Mildred Corey of Wells. The decedent was a    member of the Presbyterian church. The funeral was held at the Coryland church, burial being in the    Coryland cemetery (obituary).

  Obituary not found in Elmira newspapers, evidently from the Mansfield Advertiser or Troy     newspaper.

  12.  Eliza Jane Cory b. 2 June 1859 d. 5 Jan 1865 5y 7m 3d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Her name in     the 1860 census and family records is Eliza, her cemetery marker inscribed Ida.
  13.  son d. infancy. "Infant son" inscribed on same marker with sister, but no dates were inscribed.
  14.  William Roe Cory b. 2 Aug 1866 Columbia township.

 3.  David C. Cory b. 25 Apr 1825 m. 14 Jan 1860 in Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania at    the home of his bride's parents, Mary Jane Bowman b. 27 Dec 1832 Frankford township, Sussex    County, New Jersey daughter of Andrew Price Bowman and Ann Margaret Case who removed    to Rowley Hill in eastern Wells township in 1838, the same year the Cory family removed from    Sussex County. David’s name appears on a roll of men from Wells drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct    1862 during the Civil War. Mary Jane was received as a member of the Presbyterian Church of    Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1866. The 1858 atlas of Bradford County indicates that David owned a    house in northern Columbia township on the Baptist Hill Road between the Baptist Hill Cemetery and   Budds Corners. After their marriage David and Mary Jane resided there, but then removed in 1862 to   a farm in Wells township on Judson Hill and then they removed to Aspinwall Corners (now     Coryland) in southern Wells township on the northeast side of the intersection. David was a farmer    and prominent citizen. A stately home was built which he refered to as the "mansion house" in his    Will, but which fell into disrepair of late years and was finally torn down. The name of Aspinwall    Corners was dropped and the area became known as Coryland. Mary Jane d. 17 Aug 1876 age 43 her    youngest child less than one year old. David d. 7 Sept 1890 age 65 buried in the Coryland Cemetery    near their residence.

  Will of David Cory dated 22 Aug 1890 Wells township. Portion of home farm being northeast and    northwest corners as divided by public roads at Aspinwall Corners containing the mansion house   and barns to daughter, Grace H. Cory and son, David Cory Jr. Southeast corner to daughter, Helena    Noble wife of Alonzo P. Noble and son, Leman Cory. Southwest corner of farm to son, Mark R. Cory    subject to legacy of $300 which I direct him to pay to my son, Harry B. Cory within one year of my    decease. Remainder of estate divided among Grace H. Cory, David Cory Jr., Mark R. Cory, and    Helena Cory Noble. Life insurance policy divided among all of my children. Son, Harry B. Cory has    had previous advances of money for educational purposes. Household goods to daughter, Grace H.    Cory. I appoint Abram Buchanan guardian of the person and estate of Leman Cory. I appoint my son,   Mark R. Cory, executor. Admitted to probate 19 Sept 1890.

  David Corey was born in Sussex county, N. J., April 25, 1825; came to Bradford county, Pa., with his   father's family in 1838; married Miss Mary Jane Bowman in 1860, built and settled for life at    Aspinwall. He was blessed with a family of five sons and two daughters; one son died in infancy, the    remainder are living. He had three brothers, one of whom, George R., is still residing in Wells. Of    four sisters, the only one remaining is Mrs. Ruhama Brown, of Aspinwall. His loved companion    passed from earth in 1876, since which time he has been an invalid, suffering extremely with a    chronic rheumatic difficulty beyond remedy. In early manhood Mr. Corey obtained a hope in Christ,    received baptism, and has ever since lived a consistent christian life beyond men. Although not a a    member of any particular branch of Zion, he was a warm friend and liberal supporter of the     Presbyterian church at home, where he will be greatly missed, as well as in the family and the entire    community. Sabbath evening, September 7, 1890, this patient sufferer, while cheerfully counselling    his children and friends, sweetly fell on sleep in Jesus, aged sixty-five. "We a little longer wait. Yet    how little none may know." On Tuesday a large concourse sympathized in the services at Aspinwall,    which were conducted by Rev. H. Armstrong and Father Jewell (The Troy Register, Troy,     Pennsylvania, Saturday, September 13, 1890).

  CORY. - The death of David Cory, Sr., occurred on the 7th instant, at 5:20 p.m., at his home in    Aspinwall. For the past fifteen years he had been a great sufferer with inflammatory rheumatism, and   his suffering for the greater part of that time had been very severe, culminating in the last severe    attack. He was born near Branchville, N.J., April 25, 1825, where he resided with his parents,    William and Eliza Cory, until 1838, when they came to Apsinwall, traveling seven days in a wagon to   reach what was then a new country. They lived on the farm now owned by George R. Cory, where his   younger days were spent until his marriage with Mary J. Bowman, daughter of Andrew P. Bowman of   Wells. He them removed to the Judson Hill farm, living there until 1862, then again changing his    residence to the farm occupied by him at the time of his death. His wife died August 17, 1876, leaving   six children to his care. To them he had indeed been father and mother; he will be missed among the    pioneers of the town; among the farmers, and more than all, in his home by the children, who looked    upon him as the dearest of fathers. His life has been a busy and useful one - his industry alone brought   him the property which he has accumulated, and he had reason to look with pride upon the return of    his labors. He at all times had taken a prominent and active part in the public affairs of the town, and    was universally liked as a neighbor and a man. Men who stand as he stood in the place of his    adoption, can illy be spared (undated obituary from scrapbook collection).

  15.  Harry Bowman Cory b. 15 Feb 1861 Columbia township.
  16.  Grace Hortense Cory b. 18 July 1863 Wells township.
  17.  Helene Cory b. 1 Aug 1865 Wells township (no middle name).
  18.  Mark Roe Cory b. 18 Mar 1868 Wells township.
  19.  Frank W. Cory b. 1 July 1870 Wells township d. 22 June 1878 Wells township buried Coryland     Cemetery.
  20.  David C. Cory Jr., b. 4 Oct 1873 Wells township.
  21.  Leman Steven Cory b. 14 Nov 1875 Wells township.

 4.  Mary Elizabeth Cory b. 15 Feb 1827 became a member of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and    Columbia at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1846, m. 1859/60 (1860 census relates married within    census year) George Fairbanks b. c. 1825 son of Samuel Fairbanks and Lois Wiley of Columbia    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania who settled in Columbia township in 1822. George was a    farmer and they were enumerated in Columbia township in 1860. They removed to Elmira, New York   and appear in the 1868 city directory, residing at 18 John Street, George a farmer. They evidently    retained their farm in Columbia township, perhaps renting it, since their residence is shown on the    1869 atlas of Columbia township in northern Columbia on the east side of the Baptist Hill Road just    north of the Baptist Hill Cemetery. They were enumerated in the fourth ward of the city of Elmira,    New York in 1870, George owning or operating a ferry on the Chemung River in Elmira. In the    1871-2 city directory their residence was at 13 John Street, no occupation given for George. They    evidently returned to Columbia township as George does not appear in the next few years in the city    directories. George d. 28 Sept 1875 50y (ts) in Columbia township buried Baptist Hill Cemetery,    Columbia township. Mary and her two children were enumerated in Columbia township in 1880. In    the 1884-5 Elmira city directory, Mary was residing at 901 John Street. Mary d. 17 Feb 1888 61y 2d    (ts) buried with George.

  At Aspinwall Corners, Mr. George Fairbanks cut his throat with a jackknife, so successfully carrying    out his intentions that he died, Thursday night of last week. The jugular vein was cut. He had been    out of his head for some time, and no good reason can be assigned for his self-destruction, except for    causes arising from his aberration. He was a man of considerable means, and left a wife and two    children (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, October 7, 1875).

  22.  Charles R. Fairbanks b. 11 Sept 1861 Columbia township.
  23.  Harriet Fairbanks, known as Nettie, b. c. 1864 Columbia township.

 6.  Loruhamah Wade Cory b. 3 Mar 1831 m. 1850 Francis A. Brown b. 1828/9 Springfield township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania son of Aden Brown and wife Lydia of Springfield township. She was   named Loruhamah at birth after her aunt, but only in the 1850 census does her name appear by that    spelling. In all later records she is Ruhamah. On the 1858 map of Bradford County their residence    was in Springfield township on the north side of the main road between Springfield and Columbia    Cross Roads. Frank and Ruhamah removed in the 1860's to southern Wells township, perhaps after    the death of his father in Sept 1863, settling on the Edsall farm west of Aspinwall Corners (now    Coryland) on the north side of present Old Hickory Road and where a descendant, Cory Brown    resides. The July 2, 1885 issue of the Reporter Journal newspaper published at Towanda,     Pennsylvania indicated that Frank and his son were "large and progressive dairymen. They carry    from 35 to 40 cows, and 25 head of young stock." Frank d. 8 May 1895 age 66 in Wells township of    consumption buried Jobs Corners, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania (Bradford County    death record). Ruhamah d. 7 Mar 1898 age 67 in Wells township of pneumonia buried Judson Hill    Cemetery, Wells township (Bradford County death record). There are no markers for Frank and    Ruhamah in Judson Hill Cemetery. They are buried inside the front gate to the right, where their    granddaughter, Virda Varney was buried in 1894.

  24.  Mary Elizabeth Brown, known as Libbie, b. 1851 Springfield township, enumerated with     parents in the 1870 census enumeration, no further record after that date, only that family t    tradition states she ran away to marry, health deteriorated in early life and she died young.
  25.  Harrison Cory Brown b. 10 Dec 1855 Springfield township.
  26.  Maria Brown b. Dec 1865.

Third Generation:
11.  Josephine Gustin b. 14 May 1857 m. perhaps c. 1871 Edward M. Wright b. perhaps Jan 1854 son    of John Wright and his wife M. A. Enumerated in Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania    in 1880. Edward d. 8 Oct 1880 at the home of his father in law, John Gustin in Columbia township    where they resided. There is a lengthy article in The Northern Tier Gazette of his death, relating that    he and Hugh Longwell went to Troy, 5 Oct on business, became intoxicated in Troy and then stopped    again on the way home at the hotel in Austinville where he became further intoxicated, three miles    from his residence in northern Columbia township. A friendly tussle at the hotel resulted in a fight.    Edward was able to walk from the bar and ride home in the buggy and into his father in law's house,    but was becoming very stiff and went to bed. Paralysis set in, doctors were summoned and he died    three days later. His marker is incorrectly inscribed Oct 18, 1881 27y 9m 11d. Josie m. 9 Sept 1885 at   the house of Rev. Thomas Mitchell in Springfield township, Bradford County, (2)George W.    Howland, as his second wife, b. 2 May 1842. His first wife, Eliza A., d. 10 Apr 1873 27y 11m 10d    (ts) Fries Cemetery, Columbia township. Pension record relates she d. 8 Apr 1873. George was a    soldier during the Civil War in Company D, 132 Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers, enlisting 1 Aug    1862. He was honorably discharged 24 May 1863. George and Josie removed to Gillett, South Creek    township, Bradford County. He received a pension for his service during the war. George d. 6 Sept    1896 54y 4m 4d (ts and pension) Fries Cemetery, Columbia township. Josie in her widow's pension    application related that Edward had d. 8 Oct 1881, which cannot be correct, since the article of his    death appeared in an October 14, 1880 issue. Josie was enumerated in South Creek township,    Bradford County in 1900, owning a house near Gillett. In the 1900 census enumeration she was the    mother of two children, one living, which cannot be correct, since she was the mother of at least three   children. Evidently, only Margaret or Cora was living at that date. Josie d. 2 Nov 1901 (ts and    Bradford County death record) at Gillett buried with Edward in Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

  The year of Josie's birth is in question. In the 1900 census she was born May 1858, but her cemetery    marker is inscribed 1857. In the 1860 census enumeration she was age three, which would place her    birth at 1857, but in the 1870 and 1880 census enumerations she was age twelve and twenty two,    which would place her birth at 1858. When she applied for a widow's pension in Sept 1896 she was    age 39, which would place her birth at May 1857. Her age was 43 on the death record which would    place her birth at 1858.

  DIED. Wright - In Columbia, Oct 8th of fracture of the spine, Edward M. Wright, aged 25 years (The   Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, October 14, 1880).

  27.  Margaret Wright b. c. 1872.
  28.  Gustin Wright b. 1875 d. 2 Mar 1877 1y 7m 2d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  29.  Cory W. Wright b. July 1878.

  No death recorded for Margaret in the Bradford County death records of 1893 to 1901 and no    marriages found for either Margaret or Cory for the period of 1 Oct 1885 to 29 Nov 1913.

14.  William Roe Cory b. 2 Aug 1866 m. 28 Oct 1891 at Hedding Parsonage in Elmira, New York by    Elder Pierce, Cora May Holton b. 21 Dec 1874 Bailey Creek, Rutland township, Tioga County, New   York daughter of James Holton and Mary Ann Crum, her father a native of Tingwick,     Buckinghamshire, England. William was a farmer and they resided in western Wells township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania on Judson Hill on the west side of the main road. In the 1900 Wells    township directory he was a breeder of Jersey cattle with 25 cows and farming 200 acres. William d.    29 May 1913. In 1917 Cora moved to the village of Millerton, Tioga County and rented the farm in    Wells township. Cora d. 2 Feb 1952 Jackson Center, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania    at the home of her daughter. Buried Coryland Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania.

  Mrs. Cora May Corey, 77, of Jackson Township, Saturday, Feb. 2, 1952, at the home of her daughter,   Mrs. Norman Garrison of Jackson Township. She is also survived by two sons, George Corey of New    York City and James Corey of Washington, D. C., five grandchldren and several nieces and nephews.   The body is at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home in Mansfield and Monday morning will be    removed to the home of Mrs. Garrison where funeral services will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. The Rev.   P. C. Buono, Coreyland Cemetery (Elmira Sunday Telegram, Elmira, New York, Sunday, February 3,   1952).

  30.  George Holton Cory b. 7 Dec 1892 Wells township.
  31.  Cecil Roe Cory b. 5 Mar 1896 Wells township d. 28 Oct 1896 (ts and Bradford County death     record) of a tubercular abcess buried Coryland Cemetery.
  32.  James Edson Cory b. 10 Jan 1903 Wells township.
  33.  Mildred Elizabeth Cory b. 4 Feb 1905 Wells township.

15.  Harry Bowman Corey b. 15 Feb 1861 graduated 19 June 1884 from Mansfield State Normal (now    Mansfield University), Mansfield, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor in the Elements. Harry graduated    from Northern Indiana Normal College at Valparaiso with a bachelor degree in the scientific    department on 6 Aug 1885. He received a diploma if bachelor of law as a trial attorney from the law    department of Northern Indiana Normal College on 30 May 1887. He received a diploma allowing    him to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States signed by Chief Justice Joseph A. S.    Mitchell, 3 Nov 1889. On 3 Dec 1889 he received a certificate to practice law in Indiana Circuit    Court of the United States. On 25 June 1891 he received the degree Master of the Elements from    State College Normal School and two years later received the Master in Elementary Didactics. Harry    and a lawyer friend named Dodd had a law office in Valparaiso. Harry returned to his native county    and m. 16 May 1893 at Gillett, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Maria Louise Pettengill b. 30 May    1870 daughter of Samuel Benjamin Pettengill and  Sarah Margaret Carrick. Resided Gillett,    South Creek township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Harry purchased a portion of the 400 acre    Pettengill farm. In 1900 Harry received a certificate to practice in the Commonwealth of     Pennsylvania as an attorney and counselor in law. In 1901 he received a certificate to practice law in    Pennsylvania District Court. In 1910 they removed to Troy, Bradford County. Harry opened a law    office at Troy, Pennsylvania in 1911 and was a prominent attorney with cases in Towanda,     Pennsylvania, the county seat of Bradford County and in Harrisburg, the state capitol. Published a    book entitled Law Without Lawyers. Harry d. 30 Nov 1925 Troy. Maria m. 19 May 1928 (2)Riley M.   Judson of Columbia Cross Roads b. 9 July 1861. Maria d. 21 Sept 1954 in Columbia Cross Roads at    the home of her daughter, DeEtta buried Glenwood Cemetery in Troy with Harry.

  Harry B. Corey
  Born in Coryland on February 14th, 1861, the son of David and Mary Jane Corey and for many years    a practicing attorney in Troy, died in his East Main Street home on Monday night, November 30th at    10:10 o'clock. He was 64 years old and unusually well known in this section. Mr. Corey had been in    very poor health for the past few weeks but his passing came with shocking suddeness. Mr. Corey was   educated in Mansfield State Normal School, graduating with the class of 1884 and attended     Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, receiving a B.S. degree in 1885. He was admitted to the    bar and to the Grand Circuit court of the United States of the district of Indiana in 1889, practicing in   Indiana for two years. He came east in 1893 and married Miss Maria L. Pettingill of Gillett, living    there until 1910 when he came to Troy. He is survived by the widow and five children: Mrs. Louis    Judson of Columbia Cross Roads; Mrs. Harry F. Nice of San Antonio, Texas; Mrs. Paul H. Henry of    Alamosa, Col.; Miss Leora Corey of Butler, N.J.; Harry B. Corey, Jr., Butler, N.J. One sister survives,   Mrs. S. S. Leonard of Elmira, N.Y. The funeral will be held from the home on Saturday at two p.m.,    the Rev. William Jacques officiating and interment will be in Glenwood cemetery here (Troy    newspaper obituary).

  Mrs. Maria Judson dies at age of 84
  Funeral services will be held for Mrs. Maria Corey Judson of Troy, Pa. 2:30 p. m. at the Troy    Methodist Church of Saturday, Sept. 25. The Maxwell Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, will hold
  special services Friday, 8:30 p.m., Sept. 24, for Mrs. Judson at the home of Harry Corey, Porter Road,   Troy. Interment will be in the Glenwood cemetery, Troy. Mrs. Judson, 84, died Sept. 21, 1954 at the    home of her daughter, Mrs. Louis Judson, of Columbia Cross Roads. Mrs. Judson was a member of    the Troy Methodist Church and Maxwell Chapter, O.E.S., of Troy. A daughter of the late Sarah    Margaret and Samuel B. Pettingill of Gillett, she was preceded in death by two brothers, William of    Gillett and Charles of Minneapolis, Minn. She was married to Attorney Harry B. Corey of Aspinwall,   Pa., on May 16, 1893. He died on Nov. 30, 1925. Children surviving this marriage are four     daughters, Mrs. Louis Judson of Columbia Cross Roads, Mrs. William H. Esch of Troy, Mrs. Robert    D. Newman of Niles, Mich., Mrs. Paul H. Henry of Alamosa, Col.; and one son, Harry B. Corey of    Troy. On May 19, 1928, she married Riley M. Judson of Columbia Cross Roads, and is survived by    the following step-children; Mrs. Louie D. Kennedy of Newark, N. Y., and Louis and James Judson    of Columbia Cross Roads; 19 grandchildren and 35 great grandchildren. The body was at the Vickery   Funeral Home in Troy and was removed Thursday morning to the home of her son, Harry Corey of    Troy, where friends may call until Saturday noon. She will then be removed to the Troy Methodist    Church for funeral services (obituary).

  34.  Mary DeEtta Corey b. 14 Dec 1894 Gillett, South Creek Township, Bradford County,      Pennsylvania.
  35.  Sarah Margaret Corey b. 24 June 1897 Gillett
  36.  Harry Bowman Corey Jr., b. 4 Aug 1899 Gillett.
  37.  Leora Corey (twin) b. 17 Jan 1902 Gillett (Bradford County birth record).
  38.  Leola Corey (twin) b. 17 Jan 1902 Gillett (Bradford County birth record).

   Corey family bible relates twins were born 7 Jan 1902.

16.  Grace Hortense Corey b. 18 July 1863 resided in the family home at Coryland and cared for her    father in his last years. She then became a governess for a doctor in Elmira, New York before she m.    5 Aug 1905 in Elmira, Solomon Saxon Leonard, a widower with three children and a teacher. After    their marriage they removed to Hop Bottom, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania and remained there    four years before removing to Susquehanna where they resided two years. From Susquehanna they    removed to Mansfield, Pennsylvania where Solomon was a professor at the Mansfield State Normal    (now Mansfield University). In 1915 the family moved to Elmira, New York where they continued to    reside. Grace d. 10 Nov 1929 and Solomon d. 27 Oct 1937 of injuries received in a fall from a tree at    the home of his sister, Anna Taylor in Granville Summit, Bradford County. No children.

17.  Helene Corey b. 1 Aug 1865 m. 15 June 1887 at Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Alonzo Pellet Noble b. 13 May 1865 Wells township son of George    W. Noble and Mary Maria Pellet. Farmer, resided Noble farm in central Wells township. Helene d.    22 Mar 1920 at the family home as a result of breast cancer. Alonzo m. (2)Pearl A. Eighmey b.    1888. Alonzo d. 15 June 1928 at the family home in Wells buried with Helene in Woodlawn     Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Pearl resided Elmira, New York after his death.

  Mrs. Helena Corey Noble, wife of Alonzo P. Noble, died at the family home in Wells, Pa., Monday    evening after several months illness, aged fifty-four years. She is survived by her husband, a daughter   Mrs. Adair Tobias of Horseheads; a son Glenn C. Noble at home; also a sister, Mrs. S. S. Leonard of
  Elmira; two brothers, Mary Corey of Elmira and Attorney Harry B. Corey of Troy, Pa. Mrs. Noble    was a devoted christian woman and for many years a member of the Baptist Church at Coryland. She    had many friends, who will mourn her death. The funeral will be held at Woodlawn Chapel Elmira,    Thursday at 2 p.m. A short service at the family home in Wells Thursday at 11 a.m. The Rev.    Seymour Barrett, a former pastor will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery (Elmira Star-Gazette,    Elmira, New York, Tuesday, March 23, 1920).

  Alonzo P. Noble, 63, a respected farmer of Wells Township, near Mosherville, Pa., died unexpectedly   Friday night at the family home. He had passed his entire life in the home, where he was born and    was a thrifty worker, who held the esteem of many friends. Mr. Noble had been a member of the    Baptist Church at Coryland, Pa., about 40 years and had been a deacon of the church many years. He    is survived by his widow; a son, Glenn, at home; a daughter, Mildred, of Detroit, Mich.; a sister, Mrs.   Edward W. Joralemon of Pine City; five grandchildren: Ellsworth, Lavere, Alonzo jr., Marilyn and    Calvin Noble, all of Wells Township, Pa. The funeral will be held at the family home Monday at 2    p.m. The Rev. Orey Crippen will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira (Elmira Star-   Gazette, Elmira, New York, Saturday, June 16, 1928).

  39.  Glenn Corey Noble b. 5 Nov 1888 Wells township.
  40.  Loren David Noble b. 21 Apr 1890 Wells township.
  41.  Mildred Ella Noble b. 28 Mar 1898 Wells township.

18.  Mark Roe Corey b. 18 Mar 1868 m. 19 June 1918 Effie Margaret Warner b. Apr 1870 Wells    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Francis M. Warner and Margaret Queal.    Effie was an 1897 graduate of the Arnot Ogden School of Nursing in Elmira, New York. Resided    1027 Pennsylvania Avenue, town of Southport, Chemung County. Mark d. there 14 Sept 1922. Effie    d. 16 June 1930 from injuries received when the Gorton runway in Elmira collapsed. Buried     Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

20.  David C. Corey Jr., b. 4 Oct 1873 was a traveling salesman for the London Spice Company and    resided at the family home at Coryland before removing to New Haven, Connecticut. David m. 29    June 1911 Sadie O. Sweet. David d. 15 May 1914 Norwich State Hospital, Norwich, Connecticut    buried with parents in Coryland Cemetery. No children.

  David C. Corey, a former resident of Elmira and an employee of the New York State Reformatory,    died Friday at 10 o'clock at New Haven, Conn. The decedent was forty years old and was a son of    David Cory of Coryland, Pa. The decedent was a traveling salesman and had resided in New Haven    about ten years. He is survived by his widow, two sisters, Mrs. S. S. Leonard of Mansfield, Pa. and    Mrs. Alonzo P. Noble of Wells, Pa.; two brothers, Harry B. Corey of Troy, Pa., and Mark R. Corey of    Elmira. The remains arrived in Elmira today and the funeral will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. in the    Harrington undertaking rooms, the Rev. A. J. Saxe to officiate. Burial will be in the cemetery at    Coryland, Pa (obituary).

21.  Leman Steven Corey b. 14 Nov 1875 became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall    (now Coryland) in Wells Township in 1894. Leman m. 19 Feb 1896 Edith Janette Palmer b. 29    May 1876 daughter of Levi Smith Palmer and his wife, Emma. Farmer, resided Columbia     Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. In the 1900 Columbia township directory their residence    was at Altus between  Austinville and Sylvania, managing the Elmwood stock farm for D. F. Pomeroy   of Troy, containing 113 acres and a dairy of sixteen cows. Removed to Elmira, New York where he    operated a flour and feed store at 442 East Water Street. Residence was at 111 East Hudson Street.    Failing health compelled Leman to relinquish the business and they removed to his wife's parents on    the Canton Road south of Troy where Leman d. two weeks later of heart disease, 23 Nov 1908 age 33    buried Glenwood Cemetery, Troy. Edith returned briefly to Elmira and resided at 111 East Hudson    Street and then returned to Troy. Edith m. 30 Sept 1928 (2)Samuel McKean Canedy b. 13 Apr 1869   Troy township son of John Canedy and Harriet Button. Samuel was identified with a meat business   in Sylvania and Troy for over fifty years, purchasing the Clark Joralemon meat market on Canton    Street in Troy in 1915. Samuel d. 1943 at their home on Canton Street buried Sylvania Cemetery,    Sylvania, Pennsylvania with his first wife, Rose Marena Bristol who d. 1927 (ts). Edith d. 28 July    1970 Canton, Pennsylvania buried with Leman.

  The funeral of Leman S. Corey, aged thirty-three years, was held on Wednesday afternoon at the    home of his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Palmer, on the Canton Road, below Troy, Pa. Mr.    Corey was a former Elmiran, conducting a feed store on East Water street until failing health    compelled him to relinquish the business. He was a member of Ivy Lodge, No. 397, F. and A. M.,    whose officers went to Troy, and with the assistance of Trojan Lodge, No. 306, of Troy, officiated at    the funeral. He leaves his widow and two small children, LaRue, aged five, and James, two years old.    Three brothers and two sisters also survive: Mark R. of Elmira, Daniel C. of New York, Harry of    Gillett, Mrs. F. N. Leonard of Susquehanna and Mrs. A. P. Nobles of Wells, Pa. The young man    enjoyed a wide reputation for industry and honesty and his untimely death is sincerely mourned    (Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York, Friday, November 27, 1908).

  42.  David LaRue Corey b. 22 Aug 1903 Altus, Columbia township d. 1966 (ts) Glenwood      Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.
  43.  James Edward Corey b. 22 Sept 1906 Troy, Pennsylvania.

22.  Charles R. Fairbanks b. 11 Sept 1861 was enumerated with his widowed mother in Columbia    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1880 and then removed to Elmira, New York. In the    1882-4 Elmira city directory he was a laborer, residing at 901 John Street. In the 1884-5 directory he    was a clerk at 344 East Water Street, residing at 901 John Street. His mother was also residing at 901   John Street. In the 1885 directory he was a clerk boarding at 718 Benjamin; 1886, clerk, boarding    111East Hudson. Charles m. c. 1886 Alvirda _______ b. Mar 1872. In the 1887 directory he was a    clerk, residing at 110 East Hudson; 1888, clerk 340 East Water Street, boarding at 78 Pennsylvania    Avenue; 1892, clerk 109 Lake Street; house at 712 Spaulding Street where they continued to reside    for several years. In the 1900 census Charles was a clerk in a hardware store and they resided at 712    Spaulding Street. City employee in 1926 residing 260 Home Street. Alvirda d. 1930 (ts) and Charles    d. 13 May 1938 76y 8m 2d (cemetery record) buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Mrs. Alvirda Fairbanks of 260 Home Street, died this morning at 6:15 o'clock after an extended    illness. She was a member of Riverside M.E. Church and was a past noble grand of Golden Link    Rebekah Lodge, I.O.O.F. Mrs. Fairbanks is survived by her husband, Charles R. Fairbanks; a    daughter, Miss Mary E. Fairbanks of Elmira; a son, Ralph of Buffalo. The remains repose in the    Wilson funeral home and later will be removed to the family home. The funeral will be held in the    home Friday at 2 p.m. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. Golden Link Rebekah Lodge will meet at the    home Friday at 1:30 p.m. and will conduct the committal service at the cemetery (Elmira Star-   Gazette, Elmira, New York, Wednesday, July 30, 1930).

  Charles Fairbanks, 78, 260 Home St., died Friday, May 13, 1938, at 9:30 a.m. He is survived by a    daughter, Miss Mary Fairbanks at home a son Ralph of Perrysburg, N. Y., two grandchildren, Mrs.    Hilton Squires of Gowanda; Norman Fairbanks of Elmira. The body is in the Wilson funeral home,    where the funeral will be held Monday 2 p.m. Rev. Ernest L. Otter. Woodlawn Cemetery (Elmira    Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York, Friday, May 13, 1938).

  44.  Mary E. Fairbanks b. May 1888 (ts) 1889 (1900 census) d. 1950 (ts) buried with parents.
  45.  Ralph C. Fairbanks b. Nov 1891.

25.  Harrison Cory Brown b. 10 Dec 1855 m. c. 1874 Helen Ann Hammond b. Feb 1852 (she was age 8   in the 1860 census enumeration and age 18 in the 1870 census enumeration and was not born in 1856   per some records) daughter of Alfred and Margaret J. Hammond of Wells township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania. Furthermore, Margaret Hammond d. 26 Feb 1854 20y 11m 5d (ts) Coryland    Cemetery. Farmer, Cory and Helen resided home farm of his parents in Wells township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania. In the 1900 Wells township directory he was town commissioner, farmer with    16 dairy cows and 112 acres and leased 265 acres of D. B. Fries estate. In the 1907 directory he was a   farmer with 337 acres and 14 dairy cows. Cory d. 29 July 1933 at the home of son, Lew in Coryland    and Helen d. 1943 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.

  46.  Arbie B. Brown (daughter) b. Dec 1874 d. 14 Apr 1875 4m (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells     township.
  47.  Frank A. Brown b. Dec 1881.
  48.  Lewis Hammond Brown (twin) b. 14 Nov 1884.
  49.  son (twin) b. 14 Nov 1884 d. 14 Nov 1884.
  50.  Pearl Sophia Brown b. 3 Mar 1894.

26.  Maria Brown b. Dec 1865 m. Sidney C. Miller b. 19 Sept 1863 son of Emmet Miller and     Catherine Carpenter. Resided Edsallville, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Sidney    d. 7 Apr 1885, fifteen months after their marriage age 21y 6m buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, no marker. Maria m. c. 1887 (2)Henry Melville Varney    b. Nov 1865. In the 1900 Wells township directory, Melville was a farmer in southwest Wells    township with 18 dairy cows, and farming 175 acres. Their residence was on Old Hickory Road west    of the Judson Hill Road. He was also road superintendent in the 1907-8 directory. Maria d. 1935 (ts)    and Melville d. 1947 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.

  Died. Miller - In Edsallville, Bradford county, April 7th, of pneumonia, S. C. Miller, aged 21 years    (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, April 23, 1885).

  News reaches us today of the death, at Judson Hill, of Sidney Miller. He was an industrious young    man, the eldest of a large family, and leaves a wife and child, the latter only a few months old. His    death occurred at five o'clock Tuesday morning and the funeral will take place at the church near his    late home on Thursday (undated obituary in scrapbook collection from The Advocate, Millerton,    Pennsylvania).

  Death of a Young Man.
  Died, in Wells township, Bradford county, Penn'a, April 7th, Mr. Sidney C. Miller, aged 21 years and   6 months. He was sick only six days with pneumonia. He was the son of Emmit and Catharine Miller.   He had been married about fifteen months to Miss Maria, daughter of Frank Brown. She is left a    young widow, with a lovely babe aged about four months. They had started in life with bright    prospects and anticipations. Young Miller was industrious almost to a fault, and was highly esteemed    by all who knew him. A very large concourse of people followed him to the grave, with the most    tender sympathy for the bereaved ones. We mourn most of all because we shall see his face no more    in this world (undated obituary in scrapbook collection).

  The family of Emmet Miller seem sorely afflicted, several of the members having been very sick, and    he himself not being able to attend his son's funeral - a notice of whose death we gave in our last    letter. The latter died of pneumonia, having been sick only six days. The burial and funeral services    took place at Judson Hill conducted by Rev. Armstrong, who married him, some fifteen months since,   to Miss Maria, daughter of Frank Brown. He was twenty-one years of age. None can fail to     sympathize with the young widow in her bereavement (undated obituary in scrapbook collection from    The Advocate, Millerton, Pennsylvania).

  Child of Sidney and Maria:
  51.  Sidney Francis Miller (name changed to Varney) b. Dec 1884 Wells township.

  Children of Melville and Maria:
  52.  Virla Ruhamah Varney (twin) b. 17 Mar 1894 Wells township.
  53.  Virda Varney (twin) b. 17 Mar 1894 d. 20 Sept 1894 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.


John B. Coursen b. 6 Feb 1816 Beemerville, Sussex County, New Jersey m. Susan Crane b. Aug 1820 daughter of Obadiah Crane and Sarah Roy and they removed from Sussex County, New Jersey to Columbia Township in the late 1840’s. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1860. Susan d. 3 May 1882 61y 8m 25d (ts) and John d. 18 July 1898 (ts and Bradford County death record) Fassett, South Creek Township, buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township.

 1.  Martha Coursen b. c. 1841 Sussex County.
 2.  George H. Coursen b. 1843 Sussex County,
 3.  Obadiah P. Coursen b. c. 1845 Sussex County, private Company B 188th Regiment killed 1 July    1864 at Petersburg, Virginia during Civil War.
 4.  Sarah E. Coursen b. c. 1847 Sussex County.
 5.  William P. Coursen b. 17 Apr 1852 d. 25 Jan 1896 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
 6.  Linn R. Coursen b. 1858 d. 30 Apr 1859 11m 23d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
 7.  John Coursen, teacher in 1880.

Second Generation:
 2.  George H. Coursen b. 1843 served during the Civil War in Company F, 1st NY Light Artillery. Wife,   Libbie b. c. 1848. Enumerated in Wells in 1880, buried Judson Hill Cemetery.

  R. Linn Coursen b. c. 1870.

Emma Coursen (perhaps Sarah E. above) m. 7 Dec 1874 (Methodist Church Record) John J. Compton of Wells.


Luther Cowles first appears on the 1835 and 1836 assessment lists of Wells.


Jesse Coykendall first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells.


H. Crain (perhaps Crane), resided southwest Wells, 1858 map.


John Thorne Crandall b. 1797 Connecticut son of Benjamin Crandall and Margaret Ann Thorne (Margaret m. as her second husband Jonathan Sturdevant) m. Elizabeth A. Hagerman, often known as Betsey, b. 29 Apr 1803 New York daughter of immigrants from the Netherlands. Enumerated 1830 census of Wells with two males under age five (b. 1826-30), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), and one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800). John first appears on the 1831 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 with one male under age five (b. 1836-40), three males of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10), one female under age five (b. 1836-40), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10). Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Enumerated 1860 census of Pine Grove Township, Portage County, Wisconsin, John age 65, farmer, born Connecticut. Elizabeth, age 55, born New York. Enumerated in the next household was Caleb and Mary Seeley, also having resided in Wells Township. John d. 5 May 1865 67y 9m 19d (ts) Plainfield Cemetery. Betsey enumerated in Pine Grove Township in 1880, age 77, unable to read and write. Daughters, Julia and Mary and brother Henry Hagerman, age 83, residing with her. Betsey was enumerated in household of daughter Sarah and familiy in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1900, unable to read and write. Betsey d. 20 Nov 1903 (ts) buried Plainfield Cemetery with John. Daughter Julia Bowen and Emma Crandall who d. 17 Dec 1893 buried on same lot.

 1.  Julia Ann Crandall b. Apr 1826 New York enumerated as deaf and dumb in 1850. Enumerated with mother in 1880, widowed or divorced, deaf and dumb, and also enumerated in a Barker household as a servant, idiotic. Enumerated with sister Sarah and family in 1900 in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin as Julia Bowen able to read, write and speak English. Julia d. 24 Aug 1910 buried with parents..
 2.  Benjamin G. Crandall b. 1828 d. 28 June 1843 15y 3m (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
 3.  Martin Thorne Crandall b. c. 1829 New York enumerated with parents in 1860, physician, m. Amanda M. Crandall. Martin d. 15 Apr 1902 buried Plainfield Cemetery, Waushara County, Wisconsin, row 4, lot 31 and buried with him is Amanda, daughter Sarah A. Crandall d. 2 Oct 1874 1y 9m 23d (ts), daughter Anna M. Crandall d. 21 Mar 1877 7m 17d (ts), Lucinda D. Freeland, and William H. Freeland.
 4.  Thomas Burris Crandall b. c. 1832 Pennsylvania m. 29 Jan 1854 (Waushara County marriage record) Amelia A. Naranme b. c. 1833-35 New York. Enumerated in Pine Grove in 1860 near parents with three children, the eldest born Illinois. Amelia m. (2)Benjamin Seeley of Pine Grove.
 5.  Archibald Crandall b. c. 1833 Pennsylvania enumerated as deaf and dumb in 1850.
 6.  Hannah J. Crandall b. c. 1835 Pennsylvania perhaps m. Fillmore Seeley.
 7.  Albert Crandall b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania.
 8.  Seely E. Crandall b. c. 1840 Pennsylvania enumerated with parents in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in   Pine Grove in 1870, farmer, with wife Evaline, age 23, born New York and daughter, Myrta, age 2,   born Wisconsin. Enumerated in Almond Township in 1880, farmer, with wife Lucy E. (probably    Lucy Evaline), age 34, born Pennsylvania, and children, Myrtle, age 11, and William E., age 1.
 9.  Mary Emily Crandall b. c. 1844 Pennsylvania enumerated as deaf and dumb in 1850 and 1860. Enumerated with mother in 1880, single, deaf and dumb, unable to read and write.
 10.  Sarah Amelia Crandall b. Oct 1846 Pennsylvania m. Calvin A. Burrows.


Mercelia daughter of E? and Hannah Crapser d. 14 Apr 1856 2m 1d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.


Mary Ann Crawford received as member of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland), 1838.


Samuel Criss b. c. 1778 (stated he was age 71 in Will) or c. 1787 (age 62 at death) m. Anna Kelly b. 1781-90 daughter of John and Hannah Kelly of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Samuel does not appear on the 1810 census of Smithfield, Lycoming County, which included Wells Township at that time. Samuel was living in the Hammond Creek Valley on warrant parcel 1411 in May 1811 when mention is made of “Samuel Criss’s lot” in a deed of Lemuel Gaylord (1:352). Samuel appears on the first assessment of Wells in 1812-13. Enumerated in Wells in 1820. Still residing on warrant parcel 1411 on the 1822 assessment list of Wells. Also acquired 212 acres on warrant parcel 1388 formerly the property of Rev. John Smith and occupied by A. Gates White in 1822. Enumerated in Wells in 1830, age 50 and under age 60. At some point they removed from the Hammond Creek Valley to central Wells. They removed in 1831 to neighboring Chemung County, New York in the town of Southport. Samuel was enumerated in the 1840 census of Southport, age 60 and under age 70. Samuel dated a Will 10 May 1849 in Southport, named wife, Anna; son, Walter, age about 40; and grandson, Samuel Criss 2d, aged about 24 being the young man I have brought up and "being the son of one Maria Peva and by me believed to have been begotten by my son, Walter." Samuel Kress d. Oct 1849, age 62, farmer (1850 Southport census). Walter Criss made application for the proof of said Will of Samuel Criss Sr or the Elder, late of Southport who d. 21 Oct 1849, dated 3 Mar 1851. Proof cited that deceased left no widow and but one heir at law, Walter Criss of Southport. Samuel Criss and Walter Criss appeared 3 Apr 1851 and said Will was approved for probate. Anna evidently deceased before 3 Mar 1851. Location of burial of Samuel and Anna unknown. A Col. Samuel D. Kress d. 19 Oct 1840 37y in Southport leaving a wife and two children (Elmira Gazette, October 31, 1840).

There were others in the household in 1820 and 1830 that would appear to be children of Samuel and Anna or they were domestics or laborers. If they were children it would appear they died young or married and left no heirs according to the above estate.

 1.  Walter Criss b. 1803-5.

Second Generation:
 1.  Walter Criss b. 1803-5. The above mentioned Maria Peva, presumed domestic in Criss household,    per family tradition, had a child by Walter Criss. Her name is known only from the above Will. She    was probably of the family of Stephen S. Peavy who was in Jackson Township in the 1820’s and had    children that he was unable to pay for their schooling. Walter m. Sarah Pedrick, known as Sally, b.    2 May 1805. Walter first appears on the 1825 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1830.    Walter last appears on the 1831 assessment list of Wells. Walter Kress was enumerated in 1835 in    Southport with one male and four females in the household. In 1865, Sally age 59, mother of ten    children, Walter and Sally both b. Chemung County. Will dated 14 May 1868 and petition filed by    Jesse and Philip Criss, 6 Sept 1869. Walter d. 6 Aug 1869 66y 2m 4d (ts). Sally enumerated in    Southport in 1880, residing with son Philip and family. Sally d. 19 Dec 1880 75y 7m 17d (ts) Webb    Mills Cemetery, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Child of Walter and Maria Peva:
  2.  Samuel Criss b. 30 Apr 1823 (ts).

  Children of Walter and Sally:
  3.  daughter b. 1825-30 (1830 census enumeration).
  4.  Martha Criss b. c. 1832.
  5.  Sarah Jane Criss b. 30 July 1834.
  6.  Philip Criss b. 20 Mar 1836.
  7.  child b. 1837 d. young.
  8.  child b. 1839 d. young.
  9.  Jesse Criss b. 1841.
  10.  child b. 1843 d. young.
  11.  Susan Emily Criss b. 1845.
  12.  child d. young.

Third Generation:
 2. Samuel Criss b. 30 Apr 1823 m. Sally K. Daggett b. 25 Apr 1827 Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Rufus Daggett and Hannah Sharp. Enumerated 1860 census (name spelled Kress) of Wells, residing in northeastern Wells near Bird Creek. Sally K., wife of Samuel Kress d. 29 Mar 1866 39y 11m 3d (ts) Pine City Cemetery, town of Southport. She also has a marker at Daggett, Jackson township, Tioga County where she was later interred. Samuel m. (2)Miranda Daggett Lucas b. 18 Nov 1833 Daggett, sister to Sally and divorced from Furman Lucas by whom she had a son Joel Lucas b. c. 1856. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1870, farmer. Samuel d. 7 July 1896 (ts) and Miranda d. 1 Nov 1904 (ts) at home of son, Fred, Boardman Street, Elmira, New York. Buried Daggett Cemetery.

  Children of Samuel and Sally:
  13.   Hannah Jane Criss b. 10 Oct 1850 Southport, New York.
  14.   Estella Criss b. 15 Feb 1852 Southport.
  15.   Eugene Benjamin Criss b. 26 May 1853 Southport.
  16.   Melvin Daggett Criss b. 31 Dec 1855 b. Southport.
  17.   Samuel R. Criss b. 4 Dec 1858 Southport, single, possibly buried Daggett Cemetery.
  18.   infant son (ts) Daggett Cemetery.

  Children of Samuel and Miranda:
  19.  Delbert Criss (twin) d. age 5m (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
  20.   Albert Criss (twin) d. age 5m (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
 21.  Burt J. Criss b. 12 June 1873 Daggett.
  22.  Fred Grant Criss b. 1876 Daggett.

 4.   Martha Criss b. c. 1832 m. Edward Miller b. 1824. In 1869 resided Jackson Township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania. Edward d. 1894 and Martha d. 1900 at 305 Broadway, Elmira, New York.

 5.  Sarah Jane Criss b. 30 July 1834 m. 1851 John Miller b. 1828. In 1869 resided Jackson Township.    Sarah d. 4 June 1899 and John d. 1904.

 6. Philip Criss b. 20 Mar 1836 m. 24 Nov 1862 Mary Jane Daggett b. 17 Oct 1842. Philip d. 21 Dec    1901 65y 9m (ts) at his home at Seeley Creek, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York and    Mary d. 26 Feb 1905 62y (ts) Webb Mills Cemetery.

  23.  Nellie M. Criss b. 8 Jan 1864 d. 18 Apr 1864 3m 9d (ts) Webb Mills Cemetery.
  24.  Mary Belle Criss b. 6 Feb 1865.
  25.  Miles William Criss b. 2 June 1867.
  26.  Anna Mary Criss b. 16 July 1874.

 9. Jesse Criss b. 1841, residing Southport, 1849 probate petition, m. 3 July 1864 (1865 New York state    census) Abigail Miller. She was age 19 on marriage and age 17 in 1865 census enumeration. Jesse d.   1878. Abigail enumerated in Southport in 1880.

  27.  Ida Criss b. 1865 Chemung County.
  28.  Nelson Criss b. c. 1869.
  29.  Eva Criss b. c. 1874.
  30.  Martha Criss b. c. 1878.

11. Susan Emily Criss b. 1845, residing Southport in 1869 m. Thomas Jenkins and she d. 1916 Hudson   Street, Elmira, New York. Three sons and one daughter.

Fourth Generation:
15. Eugene Benjamin Criss b. 26 May 1853 m. Augusta Benson b. 31 July 1857 daughter of Benjamin    Benson and Miami Blaksley. Eugene d. 17 July 1900 (ts) at his home near Mosherville in Wells    township and Augusta d. 19 Mar 1919 (ts) Daggett Cemetery.

  28.  Samuel Benjamin Criss b. 21 Nov 1894 Wells.

16. Melvin Daggett Criss b. 31 Dec 1855 m. 6 Aug 1876 (Methodist Church record) at Daggett, Ella R.    Swartwood b. 14 Mar 1854 Mitchell Creek, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Daniel    Swartwood and Sarah Simerson. Ella d. 11 Jan 1900 at her home near Seeley Creek, town of    Southport, buried Daggett Cemetery.

  29.  Leon M. Criss b. 20 Aug 1877 Arnot d. 25 Jan 1878 (ts) Daggett Cemetery.
  30.  Eugene Daniel Criss b. 3 May 1879 Arnot, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  31.  Sarah Iva Criss b. 3 Dec 1880/4 Southport, Chemung County, New York.
  32.  Augusta Gertrude Criss b. 10 May 1890 Southport.

21.  Burt J. Criss b. 12 June 1873 m. Edith M. Hakes, resided Hector, New York.

22. Fred Grant Criss b. 1876 m. 23 Dec 1895 (Methodist Church Record) Edna Minerva Wright of    Jobs Corners and he d. 114 West Hudson Street, Elmira, New York, age 48 buried Woodlawn    Cemetery, Elmira.

  Otto Criss.
  Fred Criss.
  Mrs. Joseph Davis.

24.  Mary Belle Criss b. 6 Feb 1865 m. 11 Aug 1914 Frank Weller, resided Horseheads, New York and    she d. 22 Apr 1950.

25. Miles William Criss b. 2 June 1867 m. 23 Oct 1889 Emma P. Smith. Miles d. 22 May 1922    Millerton, Pennsylvania and Emma d. 11 Dec 1965.

  Floyd Marvin Criss b. 23 Apr 1893.
  Roy Philip Criss b. 12 Aug 1899.

26. Anna Mary Criss b. 16 July 1874 m. 4 Dec 1895 W. R. Tanner and she d. 4 Jan 1901 (ts) Pine City   Cemetery.

  Carl W. Tanner b. 3 Feb 1897.

Fifth Generation:
28. Samuel Benjamin Criss b. 21 Nov 1894 m. 11 Aug 1921 Odetta B. Carpenter b. 18 July 1903.    Resided Mosherville, Wells township. Samuel d. 1968 and Odetta d. 22 Dec 1977.

  Bessie Irene Criss b. 5 May 1921 m. Willis Baker.
  Augusta Muriel Criss b. 10 May 1923 m. Carl Bennett.
  Samuel Eugene Criss b. 18 Oct 1924 m. Jeannette Brock.
  Calvin Merton Criss b. 17 Mar 1926 m. Martha Lummaka.
  Majorie Marie Criss b. 31 July 1927 m. John Earl McCullum.
  Norma Jean Criss b. 5 Apr 1929 m. William Robert Phillips.
  Francis LeRoy Criss b. 11 Aug 1931 m. 3 Apr 1955 Theodora Scott.

30. Eugene Daniel Criss b. 3 May 1879 m 10 Sept 1902 at Elmira, New York, Lenah Mae Drake b. 30    Mar 1879 Jackson Summit, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of George Maurice Drake and    Ida Jane Locey. Eugene d. 2 July 1934 Elmira and Lenah d. 20 Apr 1931 Elmira buried Sagetown    Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Agatha Margaret Criss b. 10 Aug 1903 Southport m. 12 Mar 1923 Lee M. Kinner.
  Herbert LaRue Criss b. 15 Feb 1909 Southport d. 4 Sept 1909.
  Clair Wayne Criss b. 25 Dec 1911 m. 20 Aug 1935 Elizabeth Frankie Kinner.
  Arleigh Burdette Criss b. 4 Mar 1914 m. 26 June 1941 Doris Virginia Kinner.
  Beatrice May Criss b. 17 Aug 1916, single.
  Clifford Eugene Criss b. 8 Mar 1920, single.

31.  Sarah Iva Criss b. 3 Dec 1880/4 m. 17 Mar 1902/6 Guy Raymond Strock and she d. 20 Jan 1929.

32. Augusta Gertrude Criss b. 10 May 1890 m. 30 Oct 1912 Elmer Cecil Osborn, divorced, m. 1 Nov    1920 at Southport, (2)Richard Grant Sawyer b. 24 Apr 1885 d. 1957 (ts) and she d. 7/27 Oct 1940    buried Daggett Cemetery.

  Anna Belle Osborn, known as Iva, m. Sylvester L. Riley, reside Caton, New York.
  Melvin Richard Sawyer b. 24 Dec 1923 m. Dorothy Mae Button.
  Alma Mae Sawyer b. 28 May 1926 m. Kenneth Clayton Munson.


Joshua Crosby b. c. 1790-94 is believed to be a son of Elisha Crosby who d. 1 Mar 1818 55y buried East Side Cemetery, Afton, Chenango County, New York and his wife Susan. Joshua m. Nancy Johnston of Bettsburg, Chenango County, New York b. 2 Mar 1783 New Jersey daughter of John Johnston and Anne Marie Styres. Enumerated in Bainbridge (that portion that became Afton), Chenango County, New York in 1820 with three males under age ten (b. 1811-20), one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1795-1804), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94), one female under age ten (b. 1811-20), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94). On 23 Nov 1820 (Liber QQ:194) Joshua Crosby and Nancy his wife of Bainbridge deeded 15 acres on lot 85 to Jacob S. Hallett of same. Enumerated in Colesville, Broome County, New York in 1830. Joshua first apears on the 1832 assessment list (compliled fall of 1831) of Wells with a sawmill. In 1835, sons Johnston, Edward, and Elisha Crosby appear on the assessment list. Their cousin Alonzo C. Noble and family settled in Wells from Afton, New York in 1833. Joshua, Johnston and Elisha last appear on the 1837 assessment list. Edward last appeared in 1839 when he transfered property to Isaac Wells. Enumerated in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois in 1840. Joshua acquired 160 acres on 3 Mar 1843 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin and sons John and Elisha each acquired 40 acres at the same time. The Rhodes, Sayre, and Sixbee families of Wells also settled nearby. Joshua acquired 40 acres in Jefferson County on 10 Apr 1850. Not found in the 1850 census enumeration. In the 1860 census enumeration, Nancy was residing with son Nathaniel and family in Springville, Adams County, Wisconsin, “blind by inflamation.” Nancy d. 13 Aug 1865 (ts) Olin Cemetery, Springville Township, Adams County, Wisconsin.

 1.  Johnston Crosby, usually known as John, b. 13 Mar 1812 Charleston, Montgomery County, New York.
 2.  Elisha Foster Crosby b. 19 May 1814 Bainbridge (probably that portion that became Afton), Chenango County, New York.
 3.  Ann M. Crosby b. c. 1817 m. Whittington J. Sayre and resided Adams County, Wisconsin.
 4.  Edward T. Crosby b. 27 Mar 1819.
 5.  William H. Crosby b. 24 June 1822.
 6.  Sarah J. Crosby b. June 1824 d. 10 July 1824 13 months (ts) East Side Cemetery, Afton, New York.
 7.  Nathaniel Crosby b. 20 Feb 1826.
 8.  Eliza Jane Crosby b. c. 1828.

Second Generation:
 1.  Johnston Crosby b. 13 Mar 1812, usually known as John, m. 1833 in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Emily P. Crosby b. 6 Jan 1815 Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. Johnston first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells and last appears on the 1837 assessment list. Enumerated in Dixon, Lee County, Illinois in 1840. John acquired 80 acres on 3 Mar 1843 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Farmer, enumerated in Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1850, brother Elisha and family enumerated in the next household. Enumerated in Lake Mills, Jefferson County in 1870. John d. 2 Mar 1901 Jefferson County and Emily d. 1908 Jefferson County buried Waterloo City Cemetery.

  Lovina Crosby b. c. 1834 New York.
  Aurella Crosby.
  William A. Crosby.
  Elkanan Crosby b. c. 1839 Illinois.
  Adelaide Crosby b. c. 1843 Wisconsin.
  Hyatt Crosby b. c. 1851.
  Emmet Crosby b. c. 1854.

 2.  Elisha Foster Crosby b. 19 May 1814 first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells. He owned a    half interest in a sawmill with cousin Alonzo C. Noble. On the 1836 assessment they had disposed of    their sawmill to Hiram Ranney and his land and house to Jacob Snyder. On the 1837 assessment list,    listed as a single freeman. Enumerated in Whiteside County, Illinois in 1840 next to brother, Edward.   Elisha acquired 40 acres on 3 Mar 1843 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin and acquired several more    parcels after that. Wife, Betsey M., b. 1822 d. 4 Apr 1847 24y 10m 15d (ts) White School Cemetery,    south of Waterloo where the family resided. Elisha m. Sophia Richardson b. 2 May 1829 (ts).    Farmer, enumerated in Waterloo, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1850, brother Johnston and family    enumerated in the next household. Enumerated in Dell Prairie, Adams County, Wisconin in 1860,    1870, and 1880, farmer. Elisha d. 1 Apr 1898 (ts and death record) Adams County, Wisconsin and    Sophia d. 17 Sept 1902 (ts) buried Plainville Cemetery, Dell Prairie Township, Adams County.

  Children of Elisha and Betsey:
  Ann M. Crosby b. c. 1841.
  William Crosby b. c. 1843.
  Charles Crosby b. c. 1845.
  Elizabeth M. Crosby b. c. 1847, school teacher in 1870 census enumeration, m. 20 Sept 1871 in     Adams County, Cornelius A. Capron.

  Child of Elisha and Sophia:
  Elisha Foster Crosby, Jr., b. 26 Oct 1865 d. 15 Jan 1908 (death record) Adams County.

 4.  Edward T. Crosby b. 27 Mar 1819 is probably not the Edward who first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells as he would probably have been too young and it would more likely have been his relative Edward Crosby. Edward m. Susan A. Spalding b. c. 1819 daughter of Edward Spaulding and Julia Jenkins of Wells and later Carroll County, Illinois. Enumerated in Whiteside County, Illinois in 1840 next to brother Elisha. They removed to Wisconsin. Edward m. 26 Oct 1851 in Sauk County, Wisconsin, Fidelia Bailey b. 23 Jan 1832 Alleghany County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Springville Township, Adams County, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer, next to brother William Crosby and sister Ann Sayre. Edward acquired 160 acres on 1 Sept 1869 in Dunn County, Wisconsin. Enumerated in Sherman, Dunn County in 1870, farmer. Enumerated in Hay River, Dunn County, Wisconsin in 1880, farmer, brother Nathaniel and wife enumerated in the neighboring household. Edward d. 5 Apr 1886 Brookings County, South Dakota. Fidelia d. 11 June 1909 Cloquet, Minnesota.

  Children of Edward and Susan:
  Joshua Crosby b. 4 Nov 1837 Dixon Ferry, Lee County, Illinois enumerated next to his father in     1870, farmer, with a wife Amanda and four children in the household.
  Julia Crosby b. c. 1840 Illinois.
  Sarah Jane Crosby b. 31 Dec 1842 Wisconsin.
  Ellen A. Crosby b. c. 1844.
  Orson T. Crosby b. c. 1846.

  Children of Edward and Fidelia:
  Elisha Frank Crosby b. 1 Sept 1852 Adams County, Wisconsin.
  Susan Lydia Crosby b. May 1854 Wisconsin.
  Seth W. Crosby b. 15 Apr 1856 Adams County, Wisconsin d. 17 Apr 1857 1y 2d (ts) Townline     Cemetery, Adams County.
  Edward Taylor Crosby b. 23 Mar 1858 Adams County, Wisconsin.
  Darwin Crosby b. May 1860 Wisconsin.
  Ellen F. Crosby, known as Nellie, b. 1862.
  Charlotte Crosby b. 1864.
  George W. Crosby b. 23 May 1866 Dunn County, Wisconsin.
  Cora Belle Crosby b. c. 1870.
  Lena B. Crosby b. 21 Sept 1872.
  Jesse V. Crosby b. 25 Apr 1874.

 5.  William H. Crosby b. 24 June 1822 returned east from Wisconsin and m. 17 July 1845 (Elmira    Gazette, Elmira, New York, July 24, 1845) in Southport, Chemung County, New York, Elvira B.    Miller b. 20 Nov 1824 Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Samuel Miller    and Mary Gardner. Elvira and two daughters enumerated in household of William’s brother,    Nathaniel in Jefferson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin in 1850. Enumerated in Springville Township,    Adams County, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer, next to the household of sister Ann Sayre and brother    Edward Crosby, and enumerated there in 1870. Enumerated in the Village of Friendship, Adams    County in 1880, hotel keeper. Elvira d. 17 Dec 1887 (ts and death record) Adams County and    William d. 18 Feb 1892 69y 7m 25d (ts) Adams County buried Olin Cemetery, Springville Township,   Adams County.

  Nancy Crosby b. c. 1845 Adams County, Wisconsin.
  Mary A. Crosby b. c. 1847 Adams County.
  William M. Crosby b. c. 1851 Adams County.
  John F. Crosby b. c. 1857 Adams County, telegraph operator in 1880.
  Samuel Miller Crosby b. 1 June 1859 Adams County d. 4 Feb 1864 4y 7m 24d (ts) Olin Cemetery.
  Lewis G. Crosby b. 1865 Adams County m. 24 Dec 1885 in Adams County, E. Louise Harrison.
  Elvira K. Crosby b. c. 1866 Adams County.

 7.  Nathaniel Crosby b. 20 Feb 1826 m. before the 1850 census enumeration, Abigail Jackson     Bartholomew b. 17 Mar 1829 Canada. Enumerated in Jefferson, Jefferson County,      Wisconsin in 1850, farmer; Springville, Adams County, Wisconsin in 1860, lumberman;     Menomonie, Dunn County, Wisconsin in 1870, raft pilot; Hay River, Dunn County, Wisconsin in    1880, farmer. Nathaniel d. 30 May 1904 Dunn County, Wisconsin.

  Harriet Crosby b. c. 1857.

 8.  Eliza Jane Crosby b. c. 1828 m. Harvey G. Hildreth b. 1824. Enumerated in Summit, Waukesha    County, Wisconsin in 1850. Eliza Jane m. 8 May 1897 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Daniel Clark   Wood.


Noble J. Cuyle b. c. 1822 New York, sawyer and wife, Sally M. b. c. 1826 Pennsylvania enumerated 1850 census of Wells.

 1.  James H. Cuyle b. c. 1848 Pennsylvania.
 2.  George W. Cuyle b. 1851 d. 27 Sept 1851 8m 6d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.


Alexander and Rosanna Cummings received as members of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1836.


Stephen Curren b. c. 1777 New Jersey m. Julia Kelly b. c. 1786 daughter of John and Hannah Kelly who resided in the Seeley Creek Valley on a farm on the New York side of the state line. Stephen first appears on the 1817 assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County with 100 acres. Farmer, 1818 assessment, transfering property to Stephen Gardner. Enumerated 1820 census of Tioga County (that portion that became Chemung County), New York. Enumerated 1830 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania where they continued to reside. On the 1831 assessment list of Jackson Township unable to pay for schooling of children, Fanny, Eliza, and Morris; 1832, Fanny, Eliza, Stephen, and Hannah; 1833, Fanny, Eliza, Morris, and Stephen; 1834, Eliza, Morris, Stephen. Stephen d. 2 Oct 1852 75y (ts) Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township. Julia living in 1860 census enumeration. Julia has a marker in Millerton Cemetery that has broken and is unreadable except for part of her age of 26 days.

 1.  son b. c. 1806.
 2.  Esther Curren b. 1808.
 3.  son b. c. 1810.
 4.  daughter b. c. 1812.
 5.  Jesse Curren b. 27 Aug 1814 m. Anna Miller.
 6.  daughter b. 1816.
 7.  Hannah Curren b. Nov 1818 m. John Morris and she d. 10 Jan 1847 28y 1m 13d (ts) Millerton    Cemetery.
 8.  daughter b. c. 1820.
 9.  Fanny Curren b. c. 1822.
10.  Eliza Curren b. c. 1824.
11.  Morris Curren b. 12 Jan 1826 d. 15 Aug 1849 23y 7m 3d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
12.  Stephen Curren b. 1827 served Company D, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry during the Civil War, d.    1898 (ts). Wife, Julian b. 1838 d. 1916 (ts) Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township.

CUYLE see Cuile

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