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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice
(Dewitt only
See Page D2 for other D names in Wells)

Abraham DeWitt b. 5 Nov 1765 (notes of Helen Perry say Pike County, Pennsylvania) m. 27 Mar 1787 in Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey, Mehitable Hopkins b. 15 Mar 1766 daughter of Silas Hopkins and Mary Swayze who removed to Canada in 1801 as United Empire Loyalists. Abraham DeWitt is perhaps the Abraham listed in the 1793 militia census in New Town (Newton township). Frankford township was formed in 1797 from Newton township. On 16 Sept 1808 Martin Ryerson of Hamburg, Sussex County conveyed 30 acres in Frankford to Abraham of Frankford, being "land lying on westerly side of said DeWitts other lands," recorded 19 Feb 1812. On 6 Nov 1808 Isaac DeWitt and Jerusha his wife of Frankford township sold four acres in Frankford township to Abraham DeWitt, "being part of the real estate of the late John DeWitt, deceased," "by which (Isaac) claims right unto as heir at law of the late John DeWitt deceased and by purchase of the different heirs at law of sd John DeWitt deceased" and also one lot of land situate in the township containing twelve acres and known as a timber lot. On 7 Mar 1810 Peter DeWitt of Frankford deeded land to Abraham DeWitt of Frankford, being the land of "John DeWitt Junr late of Newton now Frankford died intestate seized and possessed of a certain lot or parcel of land and premises situtated in the said township adjoining Sharps upper tract on Pepocoting (Papakating) . . . and leaving issue two daughters named Anna DeWitt and Mary DeWitt the said Anna since married to William Wilson and the sd Anna and William (the said Anna being of full age) did on the 13 day of October 1798 sell and convey one undivided half part of the said lands," containing 22 acres where said Abraham now lives, recorded 8 May 1811. There was a land indenture in 1820 between Abraham and Mehitable of Frankford and Samuel Price of Frankford, real estate of John DeWitt, deceased.

Enumerated in Frankford Township in 1830 with 1 male of age 5 and under age 10, 1 male of age 15 and under age 20, 3 males of age 20 and under 30 (William, Silas, Barnet), 1 male of age 50 and under age 60, 1 male of age 60 and under age 70 (Abraham), 2 females of age 15 and under age 20 (Sarah Jane), 1 female of age 60 and under age 70 (Mehitable).

Abraham d. 30 Jan 1835. Mehitable renounced her right to administer the estate, 18 Feb 1835 and appointed son, Silas. Mehitable signed by mark. Silas H. DeWitt was appointed administrator of the estate of Abraham DeWitt, 19 Feb 1835 (Sussex County probate file 58945). Col. Joseph H. DeWitt protested the appointment of administrator (#2875). An inventory of the estate filed 3 Mar 1835 amounted to $259.38 and was recorded 10 Mar 1835. The farm in Frankford township upon which Abraham and Mehitable had resided was sold to satisfy debts, containing about fifty acres and situated on the west side of the road leading from Newton to Deckertown. Also, a woodlot and pasture in Frankford township containing about ten acres. In the Sussex Orphans Court (Minutes Volume C p. 161) of 1836 (August term) it was determined there was a balance of $627.99 after the sale of the land and settling of debts and the estate, which was to be distributed in equal amounts to Mary Cooley, the wife of Jonathan Cooley, Elizabeth Jeroloman, the wife of James Jeroloman, Azuba Jeroloman, the wife of John Jeroloman, John B. DeWitt, Joseph H. DeWitt, William F. DeWitt, Silas H. DeWitt, Doctor B. DeWitt, and Sarah Jane Miller, the wife of Nicholas P. Miller, "being all the children and heirs of the said deceased." Mehitable d. 31 Mar 1841 (DAR application of great granddaugther Charlotte Cooper Jones) 3 Mar 1841 (notes of Helen Perry) or 31 Aug 1841 (DAR application of descendant Lois Ann DeWitt Skinner).

 1. Mary DeWitt b. 1 Nov 1788 m. Jonathan Cooley.
 2. Elizabeth DeWitt b. 23 Jan 1790.
 3. Azuba DeWitt b. 16 July 1793.
 4. John Bostwick DeWitt b. 30 Apr 1796.
 5. Joseph Hopkins DeWitt b. 23 Apr 1798.
 6. Benjamin DeWitt b. 18 Oct 1800.
 7. William F. DeWitt b. 23 Oct 1804.
 8. Silas Hopkins DeWitt b. 9 May 1806.
 9. Doctor Barnet DeWitt b. 30 Nov 1808.
 10. Sarah Jane DeWitt b. 21 Mar 1811.

Second Generation:
2.  Elizabeth DeWitt b. 23 Jan 1790 m. 23 Feb 1817 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record)  James Joralemon, Jr., b. 1793 son of James Joralemon and Margaret Hill. Their marriage is  recorded in Sussex County, New Jersey records, "James Jerolemon of Sparta married 23 February 1817  Eliza DeWitt of Frankford by Rev. William Hough." Elizabeth Joralemon's name appears as both Eliza  and Betsey in some records, both versions of Elizabeth. James and Elizabeth removed from New Jersey  sometime after April 1826 when son John was born there, to Pike County, Pennsylvania and were  enumerated there in 1830, no township listed, but perhaps it was Milford township as they were  enumerated next to Elizabeth's brother, John B. DeWitt and his family who were enumerated in  Milford township in 1840. The family next appears in Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania  in the 1840 census enumeration. They were perhaps still residing in Wells as late as November 1845  when a daughter died and is buried in the Judson Hill Cemetery. Sometime after that date they  removed to Waterloo, Seneca County, New York and were enumerated there in 1850. They returned to  Wells township sometime after the 1850 census enumeration and in April 1855, James Joralemon  purchased ten and one fourth acres in Wells township at Judson Hill. The same ten acres were sold in  August 1857 to John Joralemon of Painted Post, Steuben County, New York. John and wife, Louisa A.,  of Seneca, Ontario County, New York sold (94:435) the same land, 2 April 1869 to Eliza Dunning.  James Joralemon died 5 May 1860 aged 66 years and 6 months (ts) and his tombstone is in the Judson  Hill Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The 1860 Pennsylvania mortality  schedule relates he died May 1860 age 67, born New Jersey, farmer, consumption of lungs, died in the  borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. In the 1860 census enumeration, Elizabeth  Joralemon was residing with son, John at Wellsboro and in the 1870 census enumeration she was  residing with John at Seneca, Ontario County, New York. Her tombstone in the Judson Hill Cemetery  reads:

  departed this life
  MARCH 7,1871
  81 YRS. 1 MO & 12 DS.
  The soul of our mother is gone,
  To heighten the triumph above.
  Exalted in Jesus throne,
  And clasped in the arms of his love.

  From the 1830 census, James and Elizabeth Joralemon had five children in their household, two sons  and three daughters. Two names of the five children are known. Of the three unknown children, they  were all born between 1821 and 1825 according to the 1830 census. These three children were not in  the 1840 household, suggesting they were deceased or had married before the 1840 enumeration. If  they were deceased, the location of their interment is unknown to me or if they married, to whom is  unknown. There are no records after 1830 to indicate that these children were living or are there any  names involved with the remaining members of the family to indicate any other relationships.  Elizabeth Joralemon after her decease was living with son, John. Also, her tombstone is inscribed "my  mother," which perhaps indicates only one living child in 1871, her son, John.

  Notes of Henry VanFossen Harper relates that James and Betsey had children, Jonas, Mary Jane,  William, John, and seven more. Mrs. Charlotte Cooper Jones, a granddaughter of Betsey's sister Sarah  Jane DeWitt Miller also named these same four children.

  Jonas Joralemon.
  perhaps a child b. c. 1818.
  child b. c. 1820.
  child b. c. 1822.
  child b. c. 1824.
  John Joralemon b. 3 Apr 1826 New Jersey.
  Mary J. Joralemon b. 25 Apr 1828 d. 10 Nov 1845 17y 6m 16d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  William D. Joralemon b. 17 Aug 1832 d. 12 Aug 1844 11y 11m 26d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.

3.  Azuba DeWitt b. 16 July 1793 m. 5 Nov 1814 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record) John  Joralemon b. perhaps c. 1787 son of James Joralemon and Margaret Hill. His date of birth is  uncertain. No bible record or other vital record has been found to substantiate this date. From the 1830  census he was of age 20 and under 30 placing his birth at 1801 to 1810. On the 1840 census he was of  age 40 and under age 50 placing his birth at 1791 to 1800. In 1850 he was age 55; in 1860 age 70; in  1870 age 70; and in 1880 he was age 93; and when he died in Jan 1882 his obituary related that he  was 95. In a letter dated 16 Mar 1929, Lillian Joralemon Barker, granddaughter of John, wrote to her  cousin William R. Joralemon, and stated "Grandfather John Joralemon died Jan. 16, 1882. Five of his  children were living at the time of his death - none of them knew the day of his birth but all said he  would have been 96 years sometime in the year 1882 therefore he must have been born say 1787."

  John and Azuba resided near Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey. "In 1822 when Stephen Lyon and his  wife, Elizabeth became residents of Sparta village, there were in the village or near it, according to  Mrs. Lyons recollections, but three members of the Methodist church besides herself. They were Ziba  Nichols and the wives of James and John Geroloman, farmers near by." This is taken from the History  of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey by James Snell. The first attempt to hold services was  about 1830.

  John Joralemon brought action against Anthony Peters and John Moore in the Inferior Court of   Common Pleas of Sussex County (File 12) for nonpayment of eighteen days of service of a horse  owned by John Joralemon. Judgement was given to Joralemon. Peters and Moore acknowledged that  they were indebted to John Joralemon in the amount of one hundred dollars, 15 May 1828, but  appealed. On 30 June 1828 the parties proceeded to trial. Judgement was against the defendants in  favor of plaintiff (Joralemon) of thirteen dollars and fifty cents and two dollars and twenty cents court  costs.

  John, Azuba and their family were enumerated in the 1830 census of Hardyston township. They  removed from Sussex County sometime after November 1832 and before 1839 (youngest son, William  born in Pennsylvania) to Middle Smithfield, Monroe County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated there  in 1840. Their son, John married at Middle Smithfield 1 October 1838, which may indicate John and  Azuba had removed to Middle Smithfield prior to that date. The family removed from Middle  Smithfield to northwestern Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1842, either Wells or Columbia  township. The biographical sketches in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by H. C. Bradsby  of Charles and Joseph Joralemon, both sons of John and Azuba, state 1843 as the arrival date.  However, in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by L. H. Everts, Charles Joralemon related  that he had been in the county since 1842. Also, John Hopkins Joralemon, a son of John and Azuba,  had a son die in January 1843 who is buried in the Judson Hill Cemetery in Wells township, which  would place the arrival of his family in Bradford County before January 1843 and probably in 1842 at  which time the entire family perhaps removed to Bradford County. Daughter, Margaret VanKirk and  her family preceded the family to Bradford County sometime after 1836 and before 1840 as did also  her uncle, James Joralemon Jr., and his family.

  Azuba Joralemon died 14 November 1845 aged 52 years. This date and age are taken from the bible of  her son, John Hopkins Joralemon and the same date and age are inscribed on the Joralemon monument  in Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The Joralemon monument  is a four-sided monument with the names of five members of the Joralemon family inscribed. This  monument was certainly not erected in 1845 when Azuba died, but at a much later date. The  Joralemons and DeWitts have the oldest dated markers in the cemetery and are believed to be the first  burials in the cemetery, which was perhaps originally a DeWitt and Joralemon family cemetery.  Several members of the DeWitt family also removed from Middle Smithfield to Wells township, some  of them removing in a few years to Sullivan township, Tioga County. A very deteriorated structure  presently stands across the road from the Judson Hill Cemetery, being the old Methodist Church built  after the first church was destroyed by fire. Azuba and Elizabeth Joralemon were instrumental in  forming the Methodist class at Judson Hill. It is related that they were devout Methodists, which may  account for Elizabeth having a son who was a Methodist minister and Azuba having three grandsons  who were Methodist ministers.

  John Joralemon married sometime after Azuba's death and before the 1850 census enumeration, Mrs.  Eliza Sawyer McClelland b. c. 1807, widow of Andrew McClelland who died in 1836. Within the  John and Eliza Joralemon household of 1850 in Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania  was Joseph Joralemon age 17, Catherine Joralemon age 16, and William Joralemon age 13. Catherine  Joralemon was listed before Joseph and William and is believed to be a daughter of Eliza's first  marriage and thus not a member of the Joralemon family.

  John and Eliza Joralemon had removed sometime after October 1850 and before August 1852 to  Armenia township in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, when on 28 August 1852 Eliza Joralemon of  Armenia township, late widow and relict of Andrew McClelland, late of Columbia township, sold  (37:181) land as her surrender of dower to Eleanor Jane McClelland, eldest daughter. The land  transaction involved 112 acres and was signed in the presence of John Joralemon.

  John Joralemon was living with his son, Joseph and family in Armenia township, Bradford County in  the 1860 census enumeration. Eliza Joralemon, John's second wife, was residing with daughter,  Eleanor Battin and family in Fox township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania in 1860. She was not  enumerated with her daughter and family in 1870. John is enumerated in the 1870 census of Troy  borough in Bradford County, occupation being a constable, his occupation previously recorded as  farmer in other census records. John was age 70 on the 1870 census and within his household was a  Susan Joralemon age 53 and an Isaac Joralemon age 19, the latter recorded to be an idiot, unable to  read or  write. John and Susan Joralemon were married sometime after 1860 and before September  1869, but her identity is unknown. The identity of the Isaac Joralemon in the 1870 household is also  unknown. No Isaac Joralemon appears on the 1860 census in the Joralemon households nor is he a  grandson of John Joralemon. If he was a son of John Joralemon he could only be a child by wife, Eliza  Sawyer McClelland Joralemon. He was more likely a child of Susan Joralemon by a previous marriage.  The only other record found of Susan Joralemon is on 4 September 1869 when Joseph Joralemon and  Melissa his wife of the village of Otisville, Orange County, New York deeded (108:347) a house and  lot on Canton Street in Troy to Susan Joralemon. Joseph Joralemon was a son of John and Azuba  DeWitt Joralemon. Joseph Joralemon and wife, Melissa of Orange County, New York gave  (129:109)life lease of a house on the east side of Canton Street in Troy to John Joralemon and all three  signed. The next record of John Joralemon is in 1880 when he was enumerated with son, Charles and  family in Columbia township. John Joralemon died 16 January 1882. His obituary relates that he died  in Wells township. None of his children were residing in Wells township at that date, so it is unknown  who he may have been residing with unless it was a grandchild who was residing in Wells township.  He may have died in Columbia township if he was residing with son, Charles. The biography of  Charles Joralemon states "parents died upon farm settled," but there are several inaccuracies in the  biography. The date of death is recorded in the 1882 diary of Dunning Killgore who had married  Helen M. VanKirk, a granddaughter of John and Azuba Joralemon and this same date was also among  records of Lillian Joralemon Barker, another granddaughter. It is presumed John is buried in the  Judson Hill Cemetery in Wells township. His name is inscribed on the Joralemon monument in Judson  Hill Cemetery with that of his wife and other family members, but no date of death or age was  inscribed, the monument evidently erected sometime before 1882 and his date of death was not  inscribed after his decease. Azuba's named inscribed as "Zuba" and also sons, J. L., E. H., and William  are on the monument with their dates of death.

  DIED. Joralemon - In Wells, Jan. 16, of old age, John Joralemon, aged 95 years (Northern Tier  Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, January 19, 1882).

  In the biography of Charles Joralemon in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by Bradsby it  is related seven children were born to John and Azuba DeWitt Joralemon, but as previously indicated  there are inaccuracies in this biography. In the obituary of Charles it relates there were eight children.  In notes of Lillian Joralemon Barker, she related that there were nine children, and that her father,  Joseph was the eighth child and that the youngest, William died of typhoid fever during the Civil War  and that one child died in infancy. Other notes indicate that the child who died in infancy was named  Barnabas.

  Margaret Joralemon b. 27 Mar 1816 Sparta, New Jersey.
  John Hopkins Joralemon b. 15 Mar 1818 Sparta.
  James Ludlam Joralemon b. 1821 Sparta d. 24 Dec 1845 aged 24 years (ts) buried Judson Hill    Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  Barnabas Joralemon d. infancy or early childhood.
  Charles Wesley Joralemon b. 12 Apr 1827 Sparta.
  Abraham DeWitt Joralemon b. November 1828 Sparta.
  Edward H. Joralemon b. c. 1830 Sparta d. 28 November 1845 aged 16 years (ts), Joralemon     monument, Judson Hill Cemetery. His age does not seem to be correct on the Joralemon     monument, since he is not accounted for in his parents household in the 1830 census     enumeration, though he could have been born in the latter part of 1830 and was one of the two    males of age five and under age ten in the 1840 census enumeration. It would seem that he was    more likely fifteen years of age or even fourteen at the time of his death.
  Joseph H. Joralemon b. 23 Nov 1832 Sparta.
  William Joralemon b. c. 1838 Middle Smithfield, Pennsylvania d. 7 May 1865 25y (ts) Judson    Hill Cemetery. William was not named as a son of John and Azuba in the biography of Charles    Joralemon in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, however there are several     inaccuracies in this biography. The obituary of Charles Joralemon states there were eight     children and notes of Lillian Joralemon Barker related that William was the ninth child, one    child dying in infancy. William must certainly be the male child under age five enumerated with    John and Azuba in 1840 and the same William Joralemon who was age thirteen and enumerated    in Columbia township with his father in 1850. His age of thirteen in 1850 would place his birth    at about 1837 while his age on the Joralemon monument would place his birth at between 8 May    1839 and 6 May 1840. He has not been located in the 1860 census enumeration. He is related to    have died of typhoid fever during the Civil War.

4.  John Bostwick DeWitt b. 30 Apr 1796 was named for Rev. John Bostwick of Frankford Township,  Sussex County, New Jersey, m. 24 July 1818 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Ann Goble of Wantage  township, Sussex County, b. 28 May 1795 Hardwick, Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Nathan  Goble and Azubah Price who removed to Frankford township, Sussex County when she was a child.  John and Ann resided in Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey after their marriage until  their removal to Upper Smithfield, Pike County, Pennsylvania, perhaps about 1823 where her parents  had removed to in 1820. John enumerated as a head of household in Pike County, Pennsylvania in  1830 next to James Joralemon, his brother in law. No township given in 1830, but it was perhaps  Milford where they are related to have resided. Enumerated in Milford township, Pike County,  Pennsylvania in 1840. They sold a farm of 176 acres, 27 June 1849 to his brother, Silas and conveyed  several other parcels in the area and removed in that year to northern Columbia township, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania and resided near Baptist Hill where other members of his family had preceeded  him. Enumerated there in 1850, farmer. They attended the Methodist Episcopal Church at Judson Hill  in Wells township. On 8 May 1854, John B. DeWitt of Columbia township purchased (43:120) 86  acres at Baptist Hill in Columbia township. They removed in that same year to neighboring Wells  township, Bradford County, residing in the southwest portion of the township. 83 of the 86 acre farm  in Columbia township was sold (43:121)1 Jan 1855 by John and Ann, Ann signing by mark. On 8 Jan  1856 John B. DeWitt and Ann, his wife of Wells township sold (48:237) the remaining three acres of  land in Columbia township to Thomas D. Gustin, Ann signing by mark. On the 1858 atlas their  residence was on the east side of the Judson Hill Road a short distance north of Ameigh Valley Road.  Enumerated there in 1860, farmer. John purchased (59:448) 40 acres in Wells township, 2 Apr 1860,  which was sold (68:62)10 May 1864 by John and Ann to Allen W. Ayers, Ann signing by mark. They  were members of the Methodist Class that met at Daggett, Jackson Township in 1866 with a notation  that they resided in Wells and removed by letter to Roseville in April 1866 and another notation later  in the records that they removed by letter in 1872. Enumerated in Rutland township, Tioga County,  Pennsylvania in 1870. They were listed in the 1873 Daggett Methodist Church register. The obituary  of daughter, Hettie relates that "she was a daughter of Uncle John DeWitt, a Methodist exhorter. Her  early life was spent in serving others, her father keeping a public house for many years. Besides  entertaining travelers, he furnished house room and board for ministers free of charge, helped to build  churches and to advance Christ's kingdom. In all this she labored with him, finally taking care of an  invalid mother for many years. Later she was married to the Rev. Amos Mansfield..." In 1871/2 their  son, Abraham was proprietor of the Elmira Hotel at 184 & 186 Water Street, Elmira, New York and in  1872/3 the Pennsylvania House Hotel at 215 & 217 Water Street, so perhaps John was associated with  him, since the obituary of Hettie relates John kept a public house. Ann d. 18 Nov 1873 (Wells and  Jackson Methodist church record). After John’s name in the church records is the notation Elmira,  indicating he perhaps removed to Elmira. In the 1876-77 directory, John was boarding at the  Pennsylvania House, a hotel operated by his son Abraham. John d. 30 May 1877/79, place of death and  burial unknown, but perhaps Judson Hill.
 11.  Francis Hopkins DeWitt b. 7 Jan 1821 Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey.
 12.  John Joralemon DeWitt b. 7 Dec 1822 New Jersey.
 13.  Benjamin Hopkins DeWitt b. 6 June 1825 Pennsylvania.
 14.  Sarah Jane DeWitt b. 10 May 1827 d. 29 Aug 1828.
 15.  Abraham Bostwick DeWitt b. 7/10/19 Mar 1829 Pennsylvania.
 16.  Mehitable Ann DeWitt, known as Hettie, b. 16 Oct 1833 Milford, Pennsylvania.
 17.  Manning Force DeWitt b. 26 Aug 1836 Milford.
5.  Joseph Hopkins DeWitt b. 23 Apr 1798 m. 24 July 1819 Sarah Goble. Sarah Goble perhaps the  Sarah Goble b. 5 Nov 1793 Hardwick, Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Enos Goble and  Abigail Dildine or the Sarah Goble b. 16 Apr 1803 daughter of Nathan Goble and Azubah Price.  Joseph m. 12 May 1822 (2)Sarah Edwards, known as Sally, b. 1798. Sally was the mother of  Catherine Cecelia Edwards b. 19 Oct 1818 m. Nelson Wolfe, resided Bradford County, Pennsylvania.  Joseph, Sarah, and family were enumerated in Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey in  1830. Warren Bartlett of Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania conveyed (12:488) for $1  to Joseph H. DeWitt of Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey, 38 1/2 acres of a 77 acre tract  in Columbia township, 4 May 1836. Also, on that same day, James Seeley Jr., and his wife, Laura of  Wells township, Bradford County, conveyed (12:486) 199 acres in Columbia township to Joseph. The  family perhaps removed at that date (1836) to northern Columbia township, Bradford County,  Pennsylvania near Baptist Hill. Joseph first appears on the 1837 tax list of Columbia. Below are the  assessment years and property that Joseph was taxed for:

 1840 Columbia - 120 improved acres, 520 unimproved acres, 1 house, 2 horses, 1 yoke oxen, 12 cows
 1841 Columbia - 120 improved acres, 354 unimproved acres, 3 horses, 9 cows (notation add 120 acres)
 1841 Wells - 14 unimproved acres
 1842 Columbia - 660 acres and house, 4 horses, 1 yoke oxen, 13 cows
 1842 Wells - 15 unimproved acres
 1843 Columbia - 660 acres and house, 3 horses, 1 pair oxen, 12 cows
 1843 Wells - 11 acres (2 unimproved)
 1844 Columbia - 150 improved acres and house, 390 unimproved acres, 3 horses, 1 pair oxen, 16 cows
 1844 Wells - 11 unimproved acres
 1845 Columbia - 540 acres (140 improved and house), 2 horses, 13 cows
 1845 Wells - 11 unimproved acres
 1846 Columbia - 140 improved acres, 400 unimproved acres, 20 cows, 2 oxen, 6 horses
 1846 Wells - 11 unimproved acres

 Enumerated in Columbia township in 1840, farmer. They attended the Methodist Episcopal Church at  Judson Hill in Wells township. Sarah d. 24 Oct 1842 44y 7m (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells  township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Joseph m. 4 Dec 1843 (3)Olivia Pitts Rumsey b. 1816/7  daughter of Noah Rumsey and Susannah Cudworth of Sullivan township, Tioga County,  Pennsylvania. Joseph purchased (51:185) 63 acres in Columbia township, 10 June 1846 from the  William Bingham trustees. Enumerated in Columbia township in 1850, farmer, value of real estate  $12,000. Joseph and Olivia sold (51:187) the 63 acres, 10 Dec 1857 to son, George W. DeWitt and  George in turn assigned (51:188) the land to brother Caleb, 29 Dec 1857. On 2 Dec 1857, Joseph and  Olivia DeWitt of Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania deeded 242 acres (51:50) and 199  acres (51:51) of land in Columbia township to William R. DeWitt of the city of Portage, state of  Wisconsin. Joseph and Olivia removed to Missouri and were enumerated in Moniteau Township,  Cooper County, post office address California, in 1860. The family then removed to Iowa County, Iowa  where Joseph perhaps d. sometime in the 1860’s. Olivia and her three youngest children were  enumerated in York Township, Iowa County, Iowa in 1870, farmers. In the early 1870’s her children  removed to Nebraska and Olivia was enumerated with daughter Minerva and family in Atlanta  Precinct, Saline County, Nebraska in 1880.
 Child of Joseph and Sarah Goble:
 18.  Caleb Hopkins DeWitt b. 1 Nov 1820 Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey.

 Children of Joseph and Sarah Edwards:
 19.  William Ryerson DeWitt b. 31 Mar 1823.
 20.  Mehitable Jane DeWitt b. 14 Jan 1825 Frankford township.
 21.  Mary Ann DeWitt b. 4 Mar 1827 Frankford township.
 22.  George Washington DeWitt b. 4 Nov 1829 New Jersey.
 23.  John Wesley DeWitt b. 4 July 1831 New Jersey.
 24.  Sarah Rebecca DeWitt b. 9 Dec 1833 New Jersey.
 25.  Tempy Almira DeWitt b. 10 Nov 1835 d. 3 Apr 1845 9y 4m 24d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
 Children of Joseph and Olivia:
 26.  Helen Rumsey DeWitt b. 3 Sept 1844 Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
 27.  Joseph Clinton DeWitt b. 4 June 1846 Columbia township.
 28.  Martha Minerva DeWitt b. 21 Jan 1848 Columbia township.
 29.  Nancy Elizabeth DeWitt b. July 1855 Columbia township.
 30.  Abraham Lincoln DeWitt b. c. 1860 Iowa.

7.  William F. DeWitt b. 23 Oct 1804 m. Adaline Skinner b. c. 1806 New York. Enumerated in the town  of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York in 1840, engaged in manufacturing and or trade. They  removed before the 1850 census enumeration to the neighboring town of Deerpark in Orange County,  New York, where William was enumerated as a farmer. About 1855 they removed a short distance to  the neighboring town of Mt. Hope in Orange County and resided in the village of Otisville. The  History of Orange County relates that W. F. DeWitt was a local preacher and class leader of the  Methodist Episcopal Church of Otisville. "Mr. DeWitt has been in the ministry about forty years and  has resided here twenty-five years, doing a large amount of Christian work in connection with this  church." His nephew, Olin DeWitt in a letter related, "I remember one Bro. of my Fathers, his name  was William - he was a Methodist minister." Enumerated in the town of Mt. Hope in 1860, William a  cabinet maker and Adaline a school teacher. Enumerated there in 1870, William an undertaker and the  same for 1880. Adaline d. 6 Apr 1885 79y (ts) and William d. 4 Jan 1886 82y (ts) Mt Hope Cemetery.  Estate of William dated 1886 Orange County Surrogate Court Book 49 page 52. Adaline d.
 Gracie daughter of N.B. and Nellie Smith d. 20 Jan 1878 3y 3m (ts) buried on lot.

  31.  daughter b. c. 1834.
  32.  John Wesley DeWitt b. June 1838 Sullivan County, New York.
  33.  Lydia Jane DeWitt b. c. 1840 Sullivan County.
  34.  Martha DeWitt b. c. 1844 Orange County, New York enumerated with parents in 1865.
  35.  Benson M. Dewitt b. Sept 1846 Orange County.
8. Silas Hopkins DeWitt b. 9 May 1806 m. 6 June 1833 Joanna J. Hibler b. 26 Dec 1814 New Jersey  daughter of Mathias Hibler and wife Phebe. Enumerated in Frankford township, Sussex County, New
 Jersey in 1840. They removed to a 176 acre farm in Dingman and Milford townships, Pike County,  Pennsylvania which they purchased from his brother, John B. DeWitt, 27 June 1849. Enumerated in  Dingman township in 1850. Silas d. 11 Apr 1858 51y 11m 1d (ts) and Joanna d. 27 Dec 1864 50y 1d  (ts) Frankford Plains Cemetery, Frankford township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Silas d. intestate in  Dingman township owning a farm of 176 acres in Dingman and Milford townships. The farm was sold  to satisfy debts of the decedent.
  36.  Phebe H. DeWitt b. c. 1834 Frankford township m. Henry B. Wells.
  37.  Mahetable Jane DeWitt b. 12 June 1836 Frankford township m. 16 Feb 1854 Samuel H. Hough    b. 31 Jan 1828. Mahetable d. 1 (death record) 2 (bible) May 1895 and Samuel d. 9 Aug 1895    buried Frankford Plains. "Obituary - Jane M. Hough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins DeWitt    who for many years lived on the Pa. side of the Delaware River beyond Dingmans" (Wantage    Recorder, Wantage, New Jersey, May 17, 1895).
   Anna Laura Hough b. 13 Jan 1855 m. 1 May 1886 Henry S. Philips.
   Ella Frances Hough b. 22 Sept 1856 m. 18 Jan 1882 David C. Truex.
   Ida Agusuta Hough b. 12 Feb 1859 m. 3 Jan 1883 Morris A. Wyker.
   Carrie Estella Hough b. 23 Mar 1862 m. 18 Feb 1891 Jacob S. Wolfe, M. D.
   Maggie Olive Hough b. 8 Dec 1864 m. 25 Dec 1888 John A. Roe, M. D.
   Austin DeWitt Hough b. 29 Jan 1873 m. 14 Dec 1892 Bertha Amanda VanSyckle b. 14 Jan     1875.
   Samuel Ernest Hough b. 2 May 1876 m. 18 Feb 1896 Mattie E. Roe.
  38.  Elizabeth A. DeWitt b. 22 Feb 1839 Frankford township, removed in 1885 to Illinois and m.    Thomas H. Smith. Resided Hoopeston, Illinois. Elizabeth d. 22 Feb 1911 Illinois buried with    brother, William in Sussex County, New Jersey.
  39.  Temperance U. DeWitt b. c. 1840 Frankford township.
  40.  Mary O. DeWitt b. c. 12 May 1842/4 Frankford township d. 11 June 1905, single, buried with    brother, William.
  41.  perhaps a child d. young.
  42.  William W. DeWitt b. 5 Sept 1848 Frankford township m. Belle S. Phillips b. 23 Aug 1859.    Belle d. 30 July 1902 and William d. 27 July 1927 buried Frankford Plains.
  43.  Margaret O. DeWitt b. c. 1850 Frankford township m. Edgar L. Albertson.
  44.  Olin DeWitt b. July 1852 near Milford, Pennsylvania, single in 1880, resided Fort Calhoun,    Nebraska in 1911 and 1917.
  45.  Edgar A. DeWitt b. May 1854 resided Danville, Illinois in 1911.
  46.  Alice B. DeWitt b. 30 May 1857, single in 1880.

9.  Doctor Barnet DeWitt b. 30 Nov 1808 and wife Mary (she is refered to as Sarah Brown of Sussex  County in notes compiled by Helen Perry and was perhaps Mary Brown) were enumerated in the town  of Mamakating, Sullivan County, New York in 1840, Barnet engaged in manufacturing and or trade.  They removed sometime in the 1840’s to South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The  census indicates that daughter Jerusha was born in 1843 in Pennsylvania, but Barnet does not appear  on the tax lists of South Creek until 1848. Mary d. in the 1840's and Barnet m. (2)Rebecca Jane  Ingersoll b. c. 1823 New York state daughter of Gideon Ingersoll and Sarah Hough who had  removed from Sussex County, New Jersey to Hector, Tompkins (that portion that is now Schuyler)  County, New York and then to southeastern Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Barnet  and Rebecca enumerated in South Creek township, Bradford County in 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880,  residing in the western portion of the town near southeastern Wells township. They attended the  Methodist Episcopal Church at Judson Hill in Wells township. Barnet purchased (82:258) 66 acres in  South Creek township from the William Bingham trustees, 5 Nov 1866. Barnet and Rebecca  conveyed (140:573) 52 acres in South Creek township to S. H. Ingersoll, 21 Feb 1880. Barnet d. 31  July 1885 South Creek (Bradford County Estate 4070) buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells township  with first wife, no markers. S. H. and Mary E. Ingersoll conveyed (142:225) 52 acres in South Creek  township to Rebecca, 18 May 1880. Galletta Edith Andrus and her husband, Frank E., sold  (181:94)one half acre in the village of Gillett in South Creek township to Rebecca for $625, 9 Nov  1889. Rebecca conveyed (222:264) the one half acre to Jesse M. DeWitt, 11 May 1898 for $1. Rebecca  was not enumerated in South Creek township in 1900. Rebecca d. 17 July 1908 83y (ts) buried with  parents in Judson Hill Cemetery.
  Mosherville, Pa., Aug. 1. - Yesterday forenoon Barnum Dewitt, aged sixty, who has been demented for  some time, went into his own hay mow and set it on fire. The barn, full of hay, harness, and all  contents, including the unfortunate man himself, were burned. A few of his bones were found. It is  supposed he chose that manner of suicide. He leaves a family. His son saw the flames, and emerged  from the house a moment later. Running to the door he endeavored to open it, but found it locked.  With a crowbar he pried an entrance into the barn, which was by this time a mass of flames and  smoke. In the middle of the floor stood his father, his clothing ablaze and his flesh sizzling. The  horrified young man called to the maniac to come out, and was answered by a shriek of derisive  laughter. Rushing inside, the brave boy tried to pull his father outside of the blazing barn, but the man  retreated to a corner, which was a mass of fire, and threw himself into the raging flames, and there  expired. DeWitt is well known throughout this section and has a brother-in-law Mr. M. W. Dunning  who lives in the Fifth ward in Elmira. He was partially demented. This was the second time he tried to  take his life. Squire Moore, of Gillets, took charge of the remains (Bradford Republican, Towanda,  Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 6, 1885).

  Wells News.
  Last Friday occurred, just over the line in South Creek township, one of the most shocking affairs one  is ever called upon to report. Barnet Dewitt, a man who has been considered slightly deranged for over  thirty years, and for several years past has been growing worse, set fire to a large pile of loose straw in
 his barn and placing himself in the midst, perished in the flames. The occurrence, as related by his  family, is as follows: On Friday morning his wife drove to South Creek, leaving her daughter-in-law to  keep house during her absence. The husband admonished her not to stay long, and then took a  morning nap, awaking about ten o'clock and going immediately to the barn, where in ten minutes' time  the flames were discovered by his son, who was working in a field near by. Rushing in, he found his  father standing in the midst of the fire, and calling to him to run received the insane reply, "My God!  the barn's on fire!" and with no other cry or groan retained his position and sank in the midst of the  flames. The wife arrived, neighbors gathered around, but the fire had gained such headway and the  heat was so intense that nothing could be done to rescue the unfortunate man, and when at last the  remains were taken from the ruins, only a few bones were left. Mrs. Dewitt is a sister of S. H.  Ingersoll, who was notified, and with his wife hastened to the scene, but was too late to do more than  compose the charred bones of the victim. The funeral took place on Judson Hill on Sunday, being  conducted by Rev. A. King, of Daggett's Mills, and he was laid to rest by the side of his first wife. He  leaves four children by his former marriage and two by his last wife, all adults (undated obituary from  scrapbook collection).
  Barnett Dewitt died Aspinwall Fri, burned to death (Mansfield Advertiser, August 5, 1885).

  Children of D. Barnet and Mary:
  47.  George DeWitt b. c. 1834 New York.
  48.  Eliza A. DeWitt b. c. 1836 New York.
  49.  James B. DeWitt b. c. 1838 New York appears in the class list of the Methodist Church which    met at the school house on Rowley Hill, Wells Township in the late 1860’s and listed as     married. There was a James DeWitt b. Mar 1839 PA in the 1900 census enumeration of     Bloomsburg, Columbia County, Pennsylvania residing at 443 Third with wife Phoebe b. Mar    1847, son Elliot b. Oct 1870, daughter Atta C., b. Dec 1877, and daughter Gertrude b. May 1884.    There was a James DeWitt at North Chemung, New York in the 1868-9 directory.
  50.  Ellen G. DeWitt b. c. 1841 New York.
  51.  Jerusha M. DeWitt b. 3 Apr 1843 Pennsylvania d. 15 Nov 1860 17y 7m 12d (ts) Judson Hill    Cemetery, Wells township.
  Children of D. Barnet and Rebecca:
  52.  Charles I. DeWitt b. Mar 1849.
  53.  John DeWitt b. c. 1853, living 1860 census enumeration, d. young.
  54.  Jesse M. DeWitt b. c. 1863 was listed in the 1885, 1886, and 1887 South Creek tax assessment    lists. Not found in 1900 NY or PA soundex.
10.  Sarah Jane DeWitt b. 21 Mar 1811 m. 30 Sept 1832 Nicholas Parker Miller b. 21 Apr 1809 son of James Miller and Sarah Brown. Resided New York state (perhaps Sullivan County) after marriage, removing in late 1840's or early in 1850 to Michigan. Enumerated in Emmett, Calhoun County, Michigan in 1850, Nicholas a mason. Enumerated in Battle Creek Township, Calhoun County in 1860 and 1870, mason. Nicholas d. 9 May 1874. Sally enumerated in household of son James in 1880 in Battle Creek. Sally d. 4 Aug 1887.
  55.  Amanda Maria Miller b. 4 Dec 1837 Worleyboro, Sullivan County, New York.
  56.  James Benson Miller b. c. 1840 New York.
  57.  John Franklin Miller b. c. 1843 New York.
  58.  William Jewett Miller b. c. 1845 New York.
  59.  Foster D. Miller b. c. 1848 New York.
  60.  Charles Wesley Miller b. c. 1855.
  61.  Elizabeth Miller b. c. 1858.

Third Generation:

11.  Francis Hopkins DeWitt b. 7 Jan 1821 m. 23 Jan 1842 Mary Ellen Rockwell b. 24 Sept 1827. Mary  Ellen d. 7 June 1848 Milford, Pike County, Pennsylvania. Francis and his two sons were enumerated  with his parents in 1850 in Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Francis m. 1 Dec  1852 at South Creek, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, (2)Mary Ann Ward b. 25 May 1825 South  Creek township, Bradford County daughter of Moses and Mary Ward. Francis enlisted 1 Feb 1862 at  Troy, Pennsylvania in Company B, 2nd Battery, 14th Regiment United States Infantry during the Civil  War. His description: age, near 35; height, five feet eight inches; complexion, dark; eyes, blue; hair,  brown. During the Civil War he left Elmira, New York and went to New York and then to Fort  Trumble, New London, Connecticut where he became ill and was discharged 24 Dec 1862. Farm  laborer, resided Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Peter and Ann Wagner deeded 48  acres in Wells township to Francis and Mary Ann DeWitt, 9 Jan 1869 (89:847). The 48 acres in Wells  township were deeded, 12 Mar 1888 to John Knapp (174:464). William A. Nichols conveyed 43 acres  in Wells township for $1 to Mary A. DeWitt. Francis d. 27 Jan 1899 (ts and pension application of  Mary) Millerton, Tioga County, Pennsylvania buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells township. Mary was  enumerated in Millerton, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1900, living alone. Mary  d. 6 May 1909.
  Children of Francis and Mary E.:
  62.  William Edward DeWitt b. 25 Nov 1843 d. in the Civil War, 23 June 1862 18y 5m (ts) Judson    Hill Cemetery.
   63.  George Hamilton or Houlton DeWitt b. 20 July 1846 was enumerated with uncle, Abram in    Elmira, New York in 1870, clerk in hotel. Operated the Troy House in Troy, Pennsylvania.
  Child of Francis and Mary Ann:
  64.  Charles Rockwell DeWitt b. 8 July 1854 d. 1 Apr 1879 24y 8m 22d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
12.  John Joralemon DeWitt b. 7 Dec 1822 m. 1 May 1853 Amanda Ann Covert and she d. 8 Sept 1855.  Her marker in McIntosh Cemetery, Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania reads: “Amanda A.,  wife of John DeWitt died Sept 8, 1855 32y 5m 26d.” John m. 2 Aug 1856 (2)Melissa Adams b. c.  1825 Pennsylvania. Enumerated in southeastern Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in  1860, day laborer. Hiram Hodge and his wife, Almira conveyed four acres in South Creek township to  Melissa, 9 June 1867 (Liber 83). Enumerated in South Creek township in 1870, laborer; South Creek  township in 1880, farm laborer. John appears on the South Creek Township assessment lists in the  1880’s with a house and lot. John admitted 7 Dec 1893 to Bradford County Home in Burlington  from Springfield d. 24 Aug 1896 County Home (County Home record, Bradford County death record,  and Bradford Star, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Thursday, September 3, 1896) of inflammation of bowels,  buried Gillett.
65.  Amanda N. DeWitt b. c. 1858 enumerated as a domestic in Pettengill household in South Creek in 1880.
  66.  Saloma DeWitt b. c. 1860.
  67.  Mary E. DeWitt b. c. 1866.
  68.  Eliza N. DeWitt b. c. 1868.

13.  Benjamin Hopkins DeWitt b. 6 June 1825 m. 9 Dec 1849 in Columbia Cross Roads, Columbia  Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Eleanor Hurlburt b. 1828. Enumerated in Troy township,  Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850, farmer. Removed in 1854 or 1855 to Michigan, but returned  to Pennsylvania and were enumerated in Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1860,  farmer residing in the northern portion of the town in the area of Wolfe Hollow and Baptist Hill. He  enlisted 29 Feb 1864 at Troy,  Pennsylvania during the Civil War in Company H, 7th Pennsylvania  Cavalry. Benjamin was taken prisoner while in the service. In the 1880 census enumeration, Benjamin  was living with brother, Francis and enumerated as married. In June 1880 he applied for a pension and  his description at that time was: height, five feet ten and one half inches; complexion, sandy; hair,  gray; eyes, blue; residence, Wells Township, p.o. address Daggett Mills; occupation, farmer. Benjamin  d. 10 Apr 1883 Elmira, New York. Place of interment unknown. In 1883 when Eleanor applied for a  widow’s pension she was residing in Roseville, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and signed by mark. In  Sept 1884 resided 262 Jones Lane, Elmira, New York. In 1891 Eleanor was living in the Paggett  Block, West Water Street, Elmira, New York. Eleanor d. 1906 (ts) Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson  township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  69.  Holden Taylor DeWitt b. 1 Aug 1850 Pennsylvania.
  70.  Samantha Ann DeWitt b. 23 Mar 1852 Pennsylvania.
  71.  William Force DeWitt b. 29 Feb 1854 Pennsylvania.
  72.  John Bostwick DeWitt b. 24 Sept 1855 Michigan.
  73.  Benjamin Hopkins DeWitt, Jr., b. 18 June 1858 d. Sept (1860 mortality schedule) 12 Nov 1859    1y 4m (family record) of croup.
15.  Abraham Bostwick DeWitt b. 7/10/19 Mar 1829 m. 9 Mar 1851 Jane Wilson Fairbanks b. 16 Nov  1828/9 Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Samuel Fairbanks and Lois  Willey. He is perhaps the Abram B. DeWitt who was postmaster at Webb Mills, Town of Southport,  Chemung County, New York 9 Aug 1853. Sylvester W. Brees became postmater 19 Apr 1854. Resided  Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in June 1859 when Abraham and Jane with other  members of her family conveyed their portion of the farm of her father to her brother, Morris  Fairbanks (Liber 55:340). Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860,  blacksmith. Served in the 35th Regiment during the Civil War, mustered out 1 July 1863. Resided  Roseville, Pennsylvania before removing to Elmira, New York. Enumerated in Elmira in July 1870,  keeping a hotel. In the 1871-2 Elmira, New York city directory, he was proprietor of the Elmira Hotel  at 184 & 186 Water Street. In 1872/3 he was proprietor of the Pennsylvania House at 215 & 217 Water  Street. By 1874/5 he had formed a partnership with Thomas Spence, which became known as DeWitt  & Spence and operated the Pennsylvania House. Charles DeWitt became a partner and the firm  became known as DeWitt, Spence & Company, operating the Pennsylvania House at 115 West Water  Street in 1875/6. Enumerated at 50 Pennsylvania Avenue, Elmira in 1880, hotel keeper. On 12 Oct  1886, A. B. DeWitt and Jane his wife, of the city of Chicago, state of Illinois, by a quit claim deed,  conveyed 52 acres in Columbia Township to her brother, Morris Fairbanks (Liber 168:287). Jane d. 11  Dec 1887 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Abraham  m. (2)Amanda Miller Cooper, his cousin. Abraham d. 24 June 1896.
  74.  Henry M. DeWitt b. c. 1855, known as Harry, was a clerk in his father’s hotel in the 1876-77    Elmira City Directory.
  75.  Lois Ann DeWitt b. c. 1858 Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  76.  Morris F. DeWitt b. c. 1862.
16.  Mehitable Ann DeWitt, known as Hettie, b. 16 Oct 1833 was a member of the Methodist Class that  meant at Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and removed by letter in Apr 1866  with her parents to Roseville, m. sometime in the 1870's Amos Mansfield Jr., as his third wife, b. 2  Mar 1800 Dumerston, Windham County, Vermont son of Amos Mansfield and Elizabeth Fiske.  Amos left Vermont and traveled to Syracuse, New York in 1823, m. 1825 (1)Eliza Thompson of  DeWitt, Onondaga County, New York b. 10 Sept 1801 daughter of Andrew Thompson and Elizabeth  Young. Removed from Onondaga County, New York to Chenango County, New York and then to  Rutland Hill, Rutland township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1835. His father also settled on  Rutland Hill. Amos ministered the first sermon in a barn on Burton Hill and two years later gave land  for the Methodist Church on Rutland Hill. Eliza d. 5 Dec 1864 63y (ts). Amos had a second wife, Julia  who signed a deed with him in May 1869 in Columbia township, Bradford County. Amos and Hettie  were enumerated in Roseville, Rutland township in 1880. Amos d. 7 Dec 1888 buried with Eliza in  Wood Hill Cemetery in northern Sullivan township. Hettie enumerated in Roseville in 1900, living  alone. Hettie d. 8 Jan 1909 (obituary) buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville, Pennsylvania Section 5 Lot  16 G1. No children.
17.  Manning Force DeWitt b. 26 Aug 1836 was named for Manning Force, a Methodist minister, m. 1859 Ellen Ann Bodine of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania b. Dec 1837 daughter of Ellis M. Bodine and Margaret Shearer of Tioga County, Pennsylvania. In 1859 he was licensed to minister in the Methodist faith at Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. In 1863-4 ministered at Dushore, Pennsylvania; 1865, Enfield, Tompkins County, New York; 1866-8, North Chemung, town of Baldwin, Chemung County, New York; 1869-70, Catharine, Schuyler County, New York (enumerated there in 1870) and then appears in the 1869-71 Elmira New York city directory and in the 1873 directory; 1873-4, Caton, Steuben County, New York; 1875, Millport, Chemung County, New York; 1876-8 North Hector, Schuyler County, New York; 1879, Jacksonville, Tompkins County, New York and then appears in the 1882-4 Elmira City directory with a house at 114 Main Street; 1884-5 Wells, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and appears in the 1885 and 1886 Elmira city directories with a house at 318 West Gray Street; 1886 Erin and Breesport, Chemung County, New York. In the 1887 Elmira City directory resided 318 West Gray and with his son was an insurance agent for Connecticut Mutual Life at 203 West Water Street. In 1888, 1889, 1890 and Elmira City directories, resided 614 Park Place, Elmira, New York. He does not appear in the 1891 Elmira City directory. An undated newspaper notice reads: "Rev. M. F. Dewitt lying seriously ill in the Presbyterian hospital in Chicago. He has just submitted to a fourth severe surgical operation for a throat difficulty." Manning d. 25 Apr 1893 (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Friday, April 28, 1893) at a hospital in Brooklyn, New York buried Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Ellen was enumerated in the household of daughter Clara in Washington, DC in 1900, d. Chicago.
  Rev. M. F. Dewitt, of Elmira, died last Tuesday morning at the hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y., his son  Walter being with him at the time. He was a Methodist minister who was particularly well known  through this section, and a brother, Francis H. Dewitt, resides in this village. Rev. Dewitt was  popularly known as the "marrying minister," and his services were in great demand by Pennsylvania  couples who skipped over the line to avoid the necessity of obtaining a license. He has been a great  sufferer from a terrible affliction for years and operation after operation were performed upon him with  the hopes of relieving him. He was a highly respected and Christian gentleman and his loss will be  sincerely mourned. He is survived by a wife, one son and one daughter (undated obituary from  Millerton Advocate newspaper in scrapbook collection).
  The Rev. Manning Force DeWitt, for twenty-seven years an honored member of the East Genesee and  Central New York Conferences, fell asleep in Jesus in the Brooklyn Methodist Episcopal Hospital,  April 25, 1893. About five weeks before he went thither to have a fifth operation performed for a  cancer, which made its appearance on the lower lip eight years ago. The surgeons in Elmira told him  there was just one chance that he would survive the operation, and he answered: “I have decided to  take that one chance and trust in God.” He went, accompanied by his wife and other members of his  family. He fearlessly endured the operation, from which, seemingly, he came off conqueror. A few days  later, however, he was again summoned to the operating table, when he rallied only a few hours, and  then became speechless. For five days he lay in a comatose condition, guarded with loving devotion by  his son, Walter F., till at last the summons came and he peacefully passed away to his glorious reward.  The Rev. M. F. DeWitt was born in Milford, Pa., Aug. 26, 1836, and being converted in early  manhood he was licensed to exhort by the Rev. John Hutchins, at Jackson, Pa., in 1858. In 1859 he  was licensed to preach by Presiding Elder S. W. Alden, at Wellsboro, Pa., and was admitted to full  connection to the East Genesee Conference Sept. 4, 1865. He filled very efficiently the following  appointments: 1865, Enfield; 1866-8, Baldwin; 1869-70, Catharine; 1871, supernumeracy; 1872,  changed from East Genesee to Central New York Conference by changes of boundaries; 1873-4,  Caton; 1875, Millport; 1876-8, North Hector; 1879, Jacksonville; 1800-2, superannuated. Served as  supply Dushore charge, 1863-4; Wells charge, 1884-5, and Erin and Breesport in 1886. In 1880 he left  the active ranks, enfeebled health compelling him to lay down the burdens and toils of the itinerary.  He was pre-eminently a soul winner, and many whom he led to the Saviour call Brother DeWitt  blessed. He had the faculty to draw men, first to himself and then to God. 1859 Brother DeWitt  married Ellen Ann Bodine, of Wellsboro, Pa., who survives him with three children of adult age, viz:  Walter F.; Clara E. (Mrs. Seward E. Covert, of Washington, D. C.) and Mary (Mrs. Milton G. Lamb,  of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.). The funeral took place on Thursday, April 26, and was held in Hedding Church,  Elmira, N. Y., in deference to the wish of a large circle of friends. The edifice was well filled. The  floral designs were beautiful. The services were in charge of the Rev. Dr. Liston H. Pearce. The  following ministers took part in the services: E. M. Mills, D. D., of the First Methodist Episcopal  Church; B. W. Hamilton, D. D., of the Centenary Church; C. C. Wilbor, and J. R. Boyle, of Wilkes- Barre, Pa. Both Dr. Mills and The Rev. J. A. Roberts, an intimate friend, paid glowing tributes to the  departed, dwelling upon his ministerial and private life. The next day the body was taken,  accompanied by the family, Dr. Mills and the Rev. J. A. Roberts, to Wellsboro, Pa., for burial. Brother  DeWitt was a man of charming personality, profound in his convictions, with manly courage yet  childlike simplicity defending the cause of God, which he served so well. He was loved and revered by  all. His sympathizing heart was always going out after the welfare of others, self being ever out of  sight. The eulogies pronounced upon him by the press of Elmira were evidence of the esteem in which  he was held by all its citizens. He stooped to the lowest to lift them up to God and his Christ. Many an  aching heart was soothed and comforted by his godlike sympathy. The writer, having been his bosom  friend for more than thirteen years, feels free to say that he never knew another man so consistent in  character and demeanor, so closely assimilated to the blessed image of the Master. In his home life he  was a tender, loving husband and father, with but one aim, the highest good of his loved ones, both  spiritually and temporally. Their every desire was a mandate for him. He devoted himself with untiring  zeal to their happiness and comfort. He was the sunshine of his home, his genial face a benediction.  His hospitality, which the writer and all his friends so often shared, was boundless. He suffered  heroically, patiently and uncomplainingly, lest at any time he should give pain to the hearts of his  loved ones. In December last, the last time the writer met him, when overwhelmed with pain, he  walked the floor and sang: “There won’t be sorrow there,” “Meet me there, meet me there,” “Some  sweet day, by-and-by.” And then, when we were about to say good-by, he quoted those favorite lines of  his, written upon the tombstone of his wife’s mother in Wellsboro:
  “This languishing head is at rest,
  Its aching and thinking are o’er;
  This quiet, immovable breast
  Is moved by affliction no more.”
  (Twenty-Sixth Annual Session of the Central New York Conference of the Methodist Episcopal  Church, Held October 11th to 16th, 1893. Ithaca, N. Y.)

  77.  Clara E. DeWitt b. Aug 1860 Pennsylvania.
  78.  Walter F. DeWitt b. c. 1861 Pennsylvania.
  79.  Mary B. DeWitt b. May 1869 New York.
18.  Caleb Hopkins DeWitt b. 1 Nov 1820 was assessed for 1 horse in Columbia Township, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania in 1843 and 1 cow in 1844. Caleb m. 26 Dec 1844 Mary Magdalena Albert b.  11 Apr 1823 Middle Smithfield Township, bpt 22 June 1823 (Shawnee Brick Church) Monroe County,  Pennsylvania daughter of Peter Albert and Margaret Transue. Enumerated in Middle Smithfield  township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Returned to Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1858  and in 1859 to Mainesburg, Sullivan township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Sullivan  township in 1860, farmer. Caleb d. 10 Sept 1880 59y (ts) and Mary d. 31 May 1894 71y (ts)  Mainesburg Cemetery, Sullivan township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  80.  Joseph Hopkins DeWitt b. 20 Dec 1846 Middle Smithfield township.
  81.  William Freeman DeWitt b. 24 Aug 1848 Monroe County, Pennsylvania.
  82.  John W. DeWitt b. 5 Nov 1850.
  83.  Calvin Hudson DeWitt b. 29 Oct 1853 Monroe County.
  84.  Horace C. DeWitt b. 24 Dec 1855 d. 24 July 1863 7y (ts) Mainesburg Cemetery.
19.  William Ryerson DeWitt b. 31 Mar 1823 was assessed for 1 cow in Columbia Township, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania in 1846. He was an attorney in Bradford County in 1848. William m. Elizabeth  Porter b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania. He is perhaps the William R. DeWitt who purchased 40 acres in  Wisconsin 10 Nov 1855 (Vol 44 p. 1). Enumerated in Portage, Columbia County, Wisconsin in 1860,  attorney. William m. 26 Feb 1872 in Muscatine County, Iowa (2)Deborah Ann Alice Fry b. 15 Feb  1843 Johnstown, Somerset County, Pennsylvania  daughter of Reuben Fry and Eve Fitzgerald.  Enumerated in Limestone County, Texas in 1880, farmer. William d. 30 Oct 1881 Mexia, Limestone  County, Texas and has a marker in Cranston, Iowa. Deborah was residing in Cedar Township,  Muscatine County, Iowa in the 1900 census enumeration. Deborah d. 20 Dec 1915 Davenport, Iowa  buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Cranston, Muscatine County, Iowa.

  Child of William and Elizabeth:
 85.  Mary Helen DeWitt b. c. 1855 Wisconsin.

 Children of William and Deborah:
  86.  William Ryerson DeWitt b. 27 Aug 1873 Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri.
  87.  Ellen Zoe DeWitt b. 13 Dec 1874 Maryville d. 16 Feb 1890.
  88.  George Burton DeWitt b. 19 Mar 1876 Muscatine County, Iowa d. 28 Sept/Dec 1961.
  89.  Harriet May DeWitt b. 5 Dec 1877 Maryville.
20.  Mehitable Jane DeWitt, known as Jennie, b. 14 Jan 1825 m. 8 May 1857 (obituary of Sanford) in  Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Sanford Wells b. 18 July 1824 Orwell, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania son of Theron Wells and Maranda Chaffee. They removed in 1859 (obituary  of Sanford) to Missouri and were enumerated in California, Moniteau County in 1860, Sanford a  carpenter. They removed in April 1861 to Waterloo, Iowa and were enumerated there in 1870 in the  fourth ward, Sanford engaged in roofing and stone work. Enumerated on 7th Street in Waterloo in  1880, Sanford a carpenter and school teacher. Sanford d. 27 Mar 1888 Waterloo, Iowa and Jennie d.  19 Feb 1901 at home of son William in Davenport, Iowa buried Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, Iowa.

  Sanford Wells died Tuesday morning about 1 o’clock, of paralysis of the brain. He was taken suddenly  ill the evening before while rehearsing for the “Deestrick Skule” at Grace Church. A physician was  called and he was taken home, but gradually sank away. We will publish a more extended notice of his  life and death next week (Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, March 28, 1888).

  The sudden death of Sanford Wells of which brief mention was made last week, has taken another of  the old settlers of Waterloo - a man well-known and respected by everyone. Deceased was born in  Bradford County, Pennsylvania, July 18, 1824. He was married at Rutland, Tioga County,  Pennsylvania, to Miss Jennie M. DeWitt, daughter of Col. Joseph DeWitt, on May 8, 1857. Two years  later they came west, and located in the central portion of Missouri, remaining there until April, 1861,  when they came to this city, and have resided here ever since. To them was born three children: Mrs.  Grace Wells Farwell of LaMoure, Dakota; Mrs. Sarah Wells Ellsworth of Herman, Minn., and  William D. Wells, of Le Claire, Iowa. Mr. Wells has been a consistent member of the Grace Methodist  Episcopal church, of this city, since it’s organization and was always active in church work. He was  also for many years a prominent member of the order of Odd Fellows in this city. His death, which  occurred on Tuesday, March 27, at 1 a.m., was caused by paralysis, the result of a weakened  circulation from heart affection. The funeral was held from Grace Methodist Episcopal church last  Friday at 2 p.m., and was in the charge of the lodge of Odd Fellows. Deceased was an honest and  upright man, a good Citizen, highly respected by the people and who was beloved and honoured in his  home life and who leaves a deeply sorrowing household and circle of sympathizing friends to mourn  his death (Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, April 14, 1888).
  The death of Mrs. Jennie Wells mother of Prof. W. D. Wells of this city, occurred this morning at the  Wells home here. Mrs. Wells was brought here by her son from her home in Waterloo last September  after she had suffered from a severe fall that left her with a fractured hip. She spent three months at St.  Luke’s hospital, and has been at the home of Prof. Wells since she was able to leave the hospital. Mrs.  Wells was born in Sussex county, N.J., Jan. 14, 1825. She was married to Sanford Wells in Tioga  county, Pa., in 1856, and they removed to Waterloo, Ia., in April, 1861. Her husband died there in  March, 1888. Of their three children Mrs. G. D. Farwell died in Seattle, Wash., in 1890 and Mrs. E.  G. Ellsworth is living in Lewiston, Idaho and W. D. Wells in this city. The deceased was a member of  the Methodist Episcopal church for most of her life, and also a member of the Daughters of Rebekah.  A short funeral service will be held at the residence, 1716 Park avenue, Wednesday morning, and the  remains will be taken to Waterloo, leaving here over the Northwestern road at noon (Davenport,  Democrat, Davenport, Iowa, Tuesday, February 19, 1901).

  90.  William D. Wells b. Aug 1858 Pennsylvania.
  91.  Sarah M. Wells b. c. 1862 Waterloo, Iowa.
  92.  Harriet Grace Wells b. c. 1864 Waterloo.

21.  Mary Ann DeWitt b. 4 Mar 1827 m. after the 1850 census enumeration Erastus Dean Yule b. 7 Oct 1815. In the History of Tioga County, Pennsylvania it relates that in 1853, Erastus D. Yule removed to Jackson Township and practiced medicine for several years. In Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania is a marker inscribed - Sarah Frances Yule d. Mar 21, 1853 5m 18d. Perhaps a daughter of Mary and Erastus. Enumerated in Clarksburg, Moniteau County, Missouri in 1860. Erastus  enrolled 9 June 1862 as an Assistant Surgeon in Iowa Cavalry 2nd Regiment during the Civil War. In  his pension application he states “when I enlisted I had changed my residence twice during four years previous to the war and one year after coming to Iowa.” Erastus became a prisoner of war when captured 4 May 1863 at Jackson, Mississippi; taken to Atlanta, Georgia and then confined in Libby Prison at Richmond, Virginia 10 June 1863. He was honorably discharged 30 July 1864 at Memphis, Tennessee. Enumerated in Clarence City, Cedar County, Iowa in 1870, physician. Removed to Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa. Erastus d. 13 Dec 1891 Marshalltown. Mary enumerated a their residence on Third Street in Marshalltown in 1900, mother of one child. Mary d. 8 Aug 1903 buried Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown.

  Dr. E. D. Yule died very suddenly last night at 11:30, of heart disease, at his residence, 115 North  Third street, aged 76 years. He has been as well as usual all day and retired for the night at his  accustomed hour. About 11 o’clock he awoke his wife, saying he did not feel well, and would get up  and sit in her easy chair awhile. In a short time he told his wife that she had better send for a  physician, but to be in no hurry about it. Mrs. Yule went to a neighbor’s, awoke them, and asked them  to send for a physician, but before he arrived Dr. Yule was past all human aid. Relations outside the  city were at once notified of his death by telegraph, and Mrs. A. M. Culbertson, of Cedar Falls, arrived  here at 5 o’clock this morning. The time of the funeral will depend on the arrival of other relatives,  who desire to be present. Dr. Yule was a native of New York and came to this city about twelve years  ago from Clarence, Cedar county, Ia., where he practiced his profession for several years. He was  examined for a pension last Saturday, he having held the position of assistant surgeon in the Second  Iowa cavalry volunteers. He leaves a wife to mourn his sudden demise (Times Republican,  Marshalltown, Iowa, Monday, December 14, 1891).

 Mrs. Mary A. DeWitt Yule, aged 76, relict of the late Erastus D. Yule died at her home, No.115 North  Third Street this morning at 4 o'clock of organic heart disease complicated with dropsy. Mrs. Yule  was among the older residents of the city and was born in New Jersey March 6, 1827. The late Dr.  Yule died in this city December 13,1891. She leaves no relatives living in Marshalltown but E. D. Y.   Culbertson of Des Moines a nephew was with her at the time of her death. A niece resides in Lincoln,  Neb. and another in Troy, Pa. The former is expected to arrive in time to attend the funeral which will  be held from the residence Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock conducted by Rev. David. Dempster. The  internment will be in the Riverside (Times Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, Saturday, August 8,  1903).

  Half blood heirs by first marriage of Joseph H. DeWitt to Sarah Goble.
  Name   Address    Age Relationship to Mary Yule
  Joseph H. DeWitt  Mainesburg PA   58 ½ nephew
  Wm. F. DeWitt  Troy PA    56 same
  John W. DeWitt  Williamsport PA   54 same
 C. H. DeWitt   Mansfield PA   51 same

 Half blood heirs by first marriage of Sallie Edwards (mother of Mary A. Yule)
 Mary F. Chace  Troy PA    49 ½ niece
 Sarah Shepard  Athens PA   64 same
 J. D. Wolfe   Ramden OK   61 ½ nephew

  Half blood heirs by third marriage of Joseph H. DeWitt to Olivia P. Rumsey
 Daniel Clinton Dorward Friend NE   31 ½ nephew
 Mrs. Ida Mae Proudfit  Friend NE   38 ½ niece
 Rebecca Helen Dorward Friend NE   35 ½ niece
 Dewitt Yule Dorward  Friend NE   37 ½ nephew
 Mrs. Minnie Anna Morse Friend NE   33 ½ niece
 Mrs. Carrie E. Green  Fairmont NE   29 ½ niece
 Lynn Blance Dorward  Friend NE   25 ½ niece
 Jason M. Dorward  Friend NE   23 ½ nephew
 Miss Maud Wallace  Tobias NE   32 ½ niece
 Frank Wallace  Tobias NE   28 ½ nephew
 Miss Bertha Wallace  Tobias NE   30 ½ niece
 A. L. DeWitt   Middleton WY   full age ½ nephew (should read ½             brother)
 Joseph Clinton DeWitt  Crete NE   57 ½ nephew (should read ½             brother)
 Nancy Elizabeth Barlow York NE   full age ½ niece (should read ½             sister)

 Full blood heirs of marriage of Joseph H. DeWitt & Sallie Edwards (father and mother of Mary Yule)
 Matie Helen Schmidt  Cedar Rapids IA   full age niece
 Hattie M. DeWitt  Letts IA    26 niece
 George B. DeWitt  Letts IA    27 nephew
 William R. DeWitt  Letts IA    30 nephew
 George Wells Farwell  Seattle WA   20 nephew
 Gurden J. Farwell  Seattle WA   18 nephew
      (only children of a dec’d niece of Mary A. Yule, Grace Farwell. Address G. D. Farwell, Baily    Blvd, Seattle, WA)
 Sarah M. Ellsworth  Lewiston ID   42 niece
 William D. Wells  Davenport IA   46 nephew
 Bertha Y. Hubbard  Kenosha WI    niece
 Blanche C. DeWitt  Lincoln NE   30 niece
 Lola North   Lincoln NE   22 niece
 E. D. Y. Culbertson  Fairfield IA    nephew

22.  George Washington DeWitt b. 4 Nov 1829 m. Nancy A. Wells b. 5 Jan 1835 Pennsylvania daughter of Benjamin Wells and wife Eliza of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in northern Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1860 and Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1870, farmer. In the Elmira, New York city directory of 1875/6, farmer on West Water, near city limits. George, Nancy and their daughter were enumerated in Troy, Bradford County in 1880, though Nancy was also enumerated in Jackson township in 1880 as a dressmaker, daughter Sarah enumerated with her, but not George. Residence was in or near Daggett. George d. 3 Jan 1882 52y 3m 20d (ts). Nancy enumerated in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania in 1900 as a boarder in the home of Sarah Cruttenden who is called daughter in Nancy’s obituary. However, in the 1900 census Nancy was not enumerated as having children and Sarah was not named as an heir in the estate of aunt Mary DeWitt Yule and was perhaps an adopted daughter. Nancy enumerated with Sarah in 1910 in Wilkes Barre and again not enumerated as the mother of any children. Nancy d. 28 Sept 1911 (ts) Daggett Cemetery, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  Mrs. Nancy Dewitt, widow of George Dewitt, died yesterday morning at the home of her daughter,  Mrs. W. M. Cruttenden at Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt resided many years on a farm on  West Water street, where the F. E. Doolittle residence now stands. She is survived by her daughter;  sisters: Mrs. Shaw of Mansfield, Pa.; Mrs. Lida Garrison and Mrs. J. D. Garrison of Elmira; two  brothers: N. C. Wells of Towanda, Pa., and W. B. Wells of Ovid, N.Y. The remains will arrive in  Elmira on the Lackawanna railroad Saturday at 4 a.m. and the remains will be removed to Daggett,  where the funeral will be held at 10:30 a.m. Burial will be in the Daggett cemetery (Elmira Star- Gazette, Elmira, New York, Friday, September 28, 1911).
 93.  Sarah E. DeWitt b. May 1874 m. Walter M. Cruttenden.

23.  John Wesley DeWitt b. 4 July 1831 was enumerated in Moniteau Township, Cooper County, Missouri, post office California, in 1860, farmer, next to his father and family. John m. Mary A. Smith b. 29 Jan 1836 Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Rufus Smith and Eunice Northrup Wilson. Enumerated in the City of Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa in 1870, nurseryman and enumerated in Crete, Saline County, Nebraska in 1880, nurseryman. John was in Friend, Saline County in the 1890 business directory.  Removed to Lincoln, Nebraska where John d. 7 Mar 1898 (ts and Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 8, 1898). Mary enumerated on North 25th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska in 1900. All three daughters and granddaughter Eunice Regnier were residing with her. Mary was enumerated in household of daughter Blanche in Lincoln in 1910. Mary d. 22 June 1913 (ts and Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, Nebraska, June 24, 1913 and Lincoln Star, Lincoln, Nebraska, June 23, 1913) buried with John in Wyuka Cemetery, Lincoln.

  94.  Josiah Edward DeWitt b. 1857 Pennsylvania enumerated with parents in 1860 and 1870, d.    July 1879 age 22 (The Wellsboro Agitator, July 22, 1879 and Mansfield Advertiser, July 16, 1879)   Crete, Nebraska.
  95.  Bertha Y. DeWitt b. Nov 1867 Iowa.
  96.  Blanche C. DeWitt b. Sept 1872 Iowa.
  97.  Lola E. DeWitt b. Nov 1879 Nebraska.

24.  Sarah Rebecca DeWitt b. 9 Dec 1833 New Jersey m. John Richey Culbertson b. 13 Aug 1832    Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio. Enumerated in Cedar Township, Muscatine County, Iowa in 1870    and 1880, farmer. Sarah d. sometime after the 1870 census enumeration. J. R. m. 31 Mar 1873/4 Blue   Grass, Scott County, Iowa, (2)Cornelia Herrick b. 20 Mar 1851 Buskirk, Rensselaer County, New    York daughter of Stephen Herrick and Gertrude Breese. John d. 7 Feb 1912 Fairfield, Jefferson    County, Iowa.

  Children of J. R. and Sarah:
  98.  Edward D. Y. Culbertson b. c. 1860 Ohio, resided Fairfield, Jefferson County, Iowa in 1904-5.
  99.  William Culbertson b. c. 1864 Iowa.
  100. Mary Ann Culbertson b. c. 1867 Iowa.

  Children of J. R. and Cornelia:
  Harry B. Culbertson b. 9 Nov 1875/6 Letts, Louisa County, Iowa.
  Gertrude Rebecca Culbertson b. c. 1877 Letts.
 N. Blanche Culbertson b. 7 June 1881.
 Verner Herrick Culbertson b. 21 Mar 1888.

26.  Helen Rumsey DeWitt b. 3 Sept 1844 m. Dec 1864 at Genoa Bluff, Iowa County, Iowa, Jason  Watson Dorwart b. 14 Sept 1840 New Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio son of Daniel Dorwart and  Rebecca Warrenton Watson. Jason removed with his father in 1851 to Lisbon, Iowa, where his father  engaged in general merchandise. Jason clerked in the store until 1856, when he went to Iowa City and  became the manager of a wholesale and retail dry goods house for his father. In 1859 he commenced to  read medicine with Dr. W. H. White at Iowa City. In 1860 and 61 he attended the College of  Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa. In October 1861, while in St. Louis on a visit, he enlisted in  the Western Sharpshooters, then transferred to the Fourteenth Missouri Infantry, then to the Sixty- sixth Illinois Infantry (riflemen). Jason was at the capture of Fort Donelson, Shiloh, at the siege and  battle of Corinth, on the 3d and 4th of October, 1862, and was there taken prisoner, carried to  Vicksburg, Mississippi, paroled and sent to Benton Barracks; was exchanged, returned to his regiment  and took part in the battle of Iuka, and in Sherman's Atlanta campaign. The term for which he had  enlisted having expired he was mustered out at Atlanta, Georgia in 1864. Jason went to Johnson  County, Iowa, where he practiced medicine. In 1865 he moved to South English, Iowa, and practiced  until 1871, when the family moved to Saline County, Nebraska and homesteaded nine miles south of  Friend, on Section 14, Town 6, Range 1 East, where Jason practiced medicine and improved his claim  until 1878, when they moved to Friend. Enumerated in Atlanta Precinct, Saline County in 1880. In  1879 he was elected Coroner of Saline County and in 1881 was re-elected. Helen d. 22 July 1888  buried Andrew Cemetery. Jason m. 1888/9 (2)Ella Morgan b. 12 Nov 1865 Iowa. Enumerated on  Cherry Street, village of Friend in 1900. Jason d. 22 Nov 1903 buried with Helen. Ella d. 22 Nov 1949  (cemetery record) buried Andrew Cemetery.

 101.  Ida Mae Dorwart b. 17 Sept 1865 North English, Iowa County, Iowa.
 102.  DeWitt Yule Dorwart b. 11 Feb 1867 North English.
 103.  Helen Rebecca Dorwart b. 19 Sept 1869 North English, resided Friend, Saline County,    Nebraska in 1904-5.
 104.  Anna Minerva Dorwart b. 5 Feb 1871 North English.
 105.  Daniel Clinton Dorwart b. 5 Oct 1872/3 Friend, Saline County, Nebraska.
 106.  Carrie Elizabeth Dorwart b. 25 Oct 1875 Friend m. ______ Green, resided Fairmont,    Nebraska in 1904-5.
 107.  Lynn Blanche Dorwart b. 3 Aug 1878 Friend.
 108.  Jason Watson Dorwart b. 20 May 1881 Friend.

 Child of Jason and Ella:
 Florence F. Dorwart b. Sept 1894 Saline County, Nebraska.

27.  Joseph Clinton DeWitt b. 4 June 1846 and wife, Ida E., b. 31 Jan 1852 Ohio were enumerated in  Pleasant Hill Precinct, Saline County, Nebraska in June 1880, farmer, his brother Lincoln DeWitt  residing with them. Still of Pleasant Hill in the 1890 business directory. Enumerated in Pleasant Hill  in 1900. PO address was Crete in 1904-5. Joseph d. 2 Aug 1911 and Ida d. 23 Sept 1943 buried  Riverside Cemetery, Crete, Nebraska, block V lot 17.
 109.  Frances Helen DeWitt b. May 1878 Nebraska m. in Saline County, Nebraska, G. Russell    Trace.
  110.  Ross R. DeWitt b. 25 July 1881 Nebraska d. 12 Feb 1921 buried on lot of parents in Riverside    Cemetery.
  111.  P. Clinton DeWitt b. Dec 1889 Nebraska (perhaps the Clinton DeWitt b. 31 Dec 1889, resided    California, d. May 1965 (social security death index).

28.  Martha Minerva DeWitt b. 21 Jan 1848 m. 22 Dec 1869 at Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa, William  Montgomery Wallace b. 22 Apr 1843 Roundhead, Hardin County, Ohio. William resided at North  English, Iowa County, Iowa when he enlisted 15 Aug 1862 at Millersburg, Iowa County during the  Civil War in Company I, 28th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. His description at enlistment was: height, five  feeth 11 ¾  inches; complexion, fair; eyes, gray; hair, light; occupation, farmer. He was honorably  discharged 31 July 1865 at Davenport, Iowa. Enumerated in English Township, p.o. Millersburg, Iowa  County, Iowa in 1870, blacksmith. They removed in the spring of 1874 to the state of Nebraska and  located in Saline County. Enumerated in Atlanta Precinct, Saline County, Nebraska in 1880, farmer.  Removed to Tobias, Saline County. Martha d. 13 Mar 1899 (Saline County Gazette, March 17, 1899).  William and daughters enumerated in the village of Tobias in 1900. William was the postmaster at  Tobias. William later resided Fairbury, Jefferson County, Nebraska. William d. 14 (pension) 18 Sept  1924 buried Atlanta Center Cemetery, Saline County with Martha. William has an unmarked grave.

  112.  Maud H. Wallace b. 12 (1915 pension questionnaire of William) 16 (1899 pension     questionniare of William) May 1871 Iowa, resided Tobias, Saline County, Nebraska in 1904-5,    single, d. 1919.
  113.  Clinton Wallace b. 15 July 1872 d. 6 Jan 1877 4y 5m 12d (ts) Atlanta City Cemetery.
  114.  Bertha O. Wallace b. 14 Sept 1873 Iowa or Saline County, Nebraska, resided Tobias, Saline    County, Nebraska in 1904-5, single, d. 20 Oct 1956 (Fairbury Journal, October 25, 1956).
  115.  Frank R. Wallace b. 12 Sept 1875, resided Tobias, Saline County, Nebraska in 1904-5.

29.  Nancy Elizabeth DeWitt b. July 1855 m. 1883 in Saline County, Nebraska, Frank E. Boslaw b. Nov 1861 Wisconsin. Enumerated in York, York Township, York County, Nebraska in 1900, general merchant. Nancy enumerated as divorced in 1910, milliner with own store, residing in University Place, Lancaster County, Nebraska with her three youngest children in the household. Nancy was enumerated on Holdredge Street in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1920 with a boarding house daughter Frances residing with her. Frank was enumerated in Jordan, Garfield County, Montana, farmer, with a second wife. Nancy was enumerated in the household of daughter Helen in Lincoln in 1930.

  116.  Helen E. Boslaw b. Apr 1885 Nebraska.
  116a.Mae A. Boslaw b. Nov 1887 Nebraska.
  116b.Frances O. Boslaw b. Jan 1891 Nebraska.
  116c.Clarence C. Boslaw b. Aug 1893 Nebraska.
 116d.Pauline M. Boslaw b. Feb 1895 Nebraska.

30.  Abraham Lincoln DeWitt b. c. 1860 Iowa, resided Saline County, Nebraska with brother Clinton in 1880 and was residing in Middleton, Big Horn County, Wyoming in 1904-5, a post office on the South Fork of Owl Creek and in that portion of Big Horn County that became Hot Springs County. Stock raising was the principal industry. Abraham was not included in the population of ten in 1901-2. Abraham was issued 127.74 acres on 19 Oct 1908 by the Federal Government in Hot Springs County. An Elizabeth DeWitt was granted 125.57 acres on 25 May 1908 in the same township (43-N). Abraham and wife Sarah E. b. c. 1865 Ohio were m. c. 1890 and were enumerated in Ember, Big Horn County, Wyoming in 1910, farmer.

32.  John Wesley DeWitt b. June 1838 was enumerated with his parents in Otisville, Orange County, New  York in 1865, merchant. Also, in the household was Adaline, age 25, enumerated as a daughter of  John’s parents, but this was most likely his wife. Enumerated with parents in 1870, cabinetmaker, his  wife evidently deceased. His son resided with John and John's parents. John was enumerated with his  parents in 1880, undertaker. John m. c. 1882 Charlotte J., b. Oct 1852 New York state. Enumerated   in Otisville in 1900, John a farmer. John d. 1906 (ts) buried with parents at Mt Hope Cemetery.
  117.  William B. DeWitt b. Apr 1866.
33.  Lydia Jane DeWitt b. c. 1840 m. D. A. Eddy. Jennie d. 1880 buried Otisville, New York.

  Burials - Mrs. Jennie Eddy, wife of D. A. Eddy and sister of Benton and John DeWitt died March 20,  1890 at Yonkers, N.Y., Otisville Cemetery (Orange County newspaper dated April 30, 1880).

35.  Benson M. Dewitt b. Sept 1846 m. c. 1890 Jennie b. Mar 1853 New Jersey. Enumerated in Port  Jervis, Orange County, New York in 1900, Benson an undertaker and both boarding at a hotel at 18  West Main Street. No children.
47.  George DeWitt b. c. 1834 is perhaps the George K. DeWitt assessed in Columbia Township, Bradford  County, Pennsylvania in 1845 and 1846 for one cow.

48.  Eliza A. DeWitt b. c. 1836 m. John King Leonard b. June 1831 son of Curtis Hodge Leonard and  wife Electa. Resided Wells Township, Bradford County in 1858 when the name J. K. Leonard appears.  Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870, sawyer. Removed to  Elmira, New York and first appear in the 1874-5 city directory, traveling agent, with a house at 461  Mt Zoar Street. In the 1875-76 directory, John was a patent right dealer, with a house at Mt Zoar  corner Balsam. In the 76-77 directory, patent rights, house 416 Mt Zoar. In the 78-79, patents, with a  house at 328 South Broadway. Same for 80-82. Enumerated at 328 Broadway, Elmira, New York in  1880. John does not appear in the city directory after 1880-82. Electa was living in the 1880 census  enumeration but evidently died shortly thereafter, since John was enumerated in 1900 in Big Flats,  Chemung County with a wife Alice K. b. Mar 1856 and daughters Huldah born June 1884 and Esther  born July 1888. No estate filed in Chemung County for Eliza or John and place of interment unknown.  Alice buried 30 Dec 1941 Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  118.  Ella Leonard b. c. 1860 Minnesota.
  119.  Willis B. Leonard b. c. 1862 Pennsylvania.
  120.  Sherman Curtis Leonard b. 18 July 1865 Wells Township.
  121.  Gettie Leonard b. c. 1866 d. 1 Sept 1869 2y 9m (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  122.  Frederick F. Leonard b. c. 1872.

50.  Ellen G. DeWitt b. c. 1841 m. John DeWitt Wolfe b. c. 1839 son of Nelson Wolfe and Catherine  Cecelia Edwards. Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870 and  1880, farmer, residing with his parents. Residing in Columbia in 1885 when their daughter married.  In 1904 or 1905 resided Ramden, Oklahoma.

  123.  Geneveive A. Wolfe b. c. 1863.

52.  Charles I. DeWitt b. Mar 1849 m. Mary Jane Knapp b. 1847 daughter of Ananias W. Knapp and  Rachel Gordon. Enumerated in Bath, Steuben County, New York in 1880, Charles working in a  carriage shop. Mary d. 30 Nov 1896 Hornellsville, Steuben County, New York survived by husband  and four children (Reporter Journal, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Thursday, December 10, 1896). Charles  had a second wife Herettia b. July 1854 and they were enumerated in Nichols, Tioga County, New  York in 1900, Charles an insurance agent. Charles d. Jan 1903 (obituary) buried (ts) with Mary in  Coryland Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  Charles I. DeWitt, formerly an insurance solicitor in this city, committed suicide in Norwich yesterday  by cutting his throat with a razor. DeWitt went to Norwich two months ago. He has lived in  Hornellsville; Troy, Pa., and this city - Elmira Gazette. Mr. DeWitt was in this place for a number of  weeks a few years ago and done considerable work for the New York Life Co (Spencer Needle,  Spencer, New York, January 22, 1903).
  124.  Eugene DeWitt b. c. 1877 New York.
  125.  Harry B. DeWitt b. 1880 d. 14 Aug 1906 at George H. Wolfe residence, Columbia Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania survived by brothers Paul and Eugene of Hornell, New York    (Reporter Journal, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 23, 1906 and same for Bradford    Republican).
  126.  Paul DeWitt.
  127.  child.

55.  Amanda Maria Miller b. 4 Dec 1837 m. 10 June/3 Oct 1854 Hamilton Cooper b. 14 Apr 1827 d. 17 Oct 1879. Amanda m. (2)Abraham Bostwick DeWitt, her cousin and Amanda d. 1 Sept 1899.
  Charlotte Bennett Cooper b. Battle Creek, Michigan, DAR member, m. Edward Harte Jones.
Fourth Generation:
69.  Holden Taylor DeWitt b. 1 Aug 1850 was enumerated in Columbia township, Bradford County,  Pennsylvania in 1870, farm laborer in a Wolfe household. Wife, Mary Melinda b. Apr 1851  Pennsylvania. One half acre in South Creek township deeded 31 Dec 1879 by Margaret Rosetta Dixson  Gordon and Martha Gordon to Melinda (Liber 91:153). Enumerated in South Creek township in 1880  and Holden is listed in the 1883 South Creek assessment list with a house and lot. In 1885 listed with 7  acres and in 1886 with 8 acres. Enumerated in the town of Elmira, Chemung County, New York in  1900, farmer. Resided Lockwood, New York, near Spencer in 1915 when brother, John died and  resided Spencer in 1927 when brother, William died.
  Jennie L. DeWitt b. c. 1872.
  Russell D. DeWitt b. Apr 1884 Pennsylvania. He could be the Russell DeWitt b. 19 Apr 1884, resided    New York state, d. Oct 1962 (social security death register).
70.  Samantha Ann DeWitt b. 23 Mar 1852 was a domestic in Columbia township, Bradford County,  Pennsylvania in the 1870 census enumeration. Samantha m. 2 Jan 1872 (Tioga Agitator, January 17,  1872) Solomon Wood b. 3 Aug 1849 son of Aaron and Catharine Wood. Enumerated in Rutland  township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880, farmer. Solomon d. 29 Dec 1884 buried Watson  Cemetery, Roseville, Pennsylvania. Samantha was of Rutland township when she m. 17 Feb 1889 at  Webb Mills, New York, Mahlon T. White of Jackson township b. Sept 1846 son of Sidney M. White.  Enumerated in Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1900. Samantha d. 1927 (ts) and  Mahlon d. 1932 (ts) Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.
  Children of Solomon and Samantha:
  child b. c. 1873 d. young.
  Anna B. Wood b. c. 1875.
  Verne A. Wood b. c. 1878.
  child b. c. 1880 d. young.
  child b. c. 1882 d. young.
  Maud Wood b. Jan 1884.
  Children of Samantha and Mahlon:
  Arvilla E. White b. Dec 1889 m. _______ Moffett.
  Erwin White b. Dec 1891.
71.  William Force DeWitt b. 29 Feb 1854 m. c. 1873 Mary Etta Seeley b. Aug 1854 daughter of Alfred  Seeley and wife Eliza. Enumerated in Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880, 1900,  and 1910. Mary d. 4 Feb 1924. In her Will she bequeathed 44 acre farm in Jackson township to son,  Frank H. DeWitt. Also, mentions daughter, Cora Oldroyd and grandson, Francis G. Oldroyd. Instructs  executors to erect monument for her four deceased children. William d. 6 Oct 1927 (ts) buried Daggett  Cemetery, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Six children, two living in 1900 census  enumeration.
  William Force DeWitt, 73, of Millerton Pa., died at the home of his son, Frank, Thursday morning at  8:40 o'clock, after an extended illness. He is survived by a son Frank of Millerton and a daughter, Mrs.  George Oldroyd of Rutland, Pa., a brother, Holden of Spencer, N.Y. The funeral will be held at the  home of his son, today at 2 p.m. Burial in the Daggett Cemetery (The Elmira Advertiser, Elmira, New  York, Saturday morning, October 8, 1927).
  Lydia DeWitt d. young.
  Benjamin DeWitt d. young.
  Samantha DeWitt d. young.
  Sarah DeWitt b. July 1879 d. parent's home near Trowbridge, Jackson township, age 22, buried    Daggett. Obituary relates she was 22, but perhaps she was almost 21 as she was deceased before    the 1900 census enumeration.
  Francis H. DeWitt b. Aug 1884 (ts) 1885 (1900 census) m. Kate B. b. 1898 and she d. 1947 (ts)    Daggett Cemetery.
  Cora DeWitt b. Aug 1888/9 m. George Milton Oldroyd b. 1874. Cora d. 1947.
   William Oldroyd b. 1908 d. 1908 buried Daggett.
   Francis George Oldroyd b. 1910 m. Zelma Loretta Wilbur b. 1912.
   Mary Elizabeth Oldroyd b. 1912 m. Kenneth N. Coon.
   Sarah Oldroyd b. 1916.

72.  John Bostwick DeWitt b. 24 Sept 1855 was enumerated in a White household in 1880 in Jackson  township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania near Trowbridge and Alder Run, m. in 1880 Susan B. White  b. 13 July 1851 daughter of Sidney M. White. Resided Southport, Chemung County, New York in  1896. Enumerated in the town of Erin, Chemung County in 1900, farmer. Susan d. 17 Dec 1903 (ts)  and John d. 19 May 1915 (Chemung County, New York probate 9428) Elmira, New York, buried  Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. On same marker with John is  his mother, Eleanor Hurlburt DeWitt b. 1828 d. 1906. No children in estate, evidently both dying  without heirs. John's heirs in the estate were brother, Holden T. of Lockwood, New York; brother,  William F., of Trowbridge; and sister, Samantha A. White, wife of Mahlon T. White of Trowbridge.
  child b. 1880's living 1900.
  Sidney DeWitt b. Aug 1892 New York state.

75.  Lois Ann DeWitt b. c. 1858 Roseville m. Charles Lewis Skinner, resided Chicago, Illinois.

77.  Clara E. DeWitt b. Aug 1860 m. c. 1882 Seward T. Covert b. Mar 1860. Seward was involved in the printing business in Elmira, New York. When her father died in 1893 they resided Washington, DC. Enumerated in Washington, DC in 1900. Seward was involved with the government printing office. No children.

78.  Walter F. DeWitt b. c. 1861 m. at 614 Park Place, Elmira, New York, Etta May Hinckley of North  Hector, Schuyler County, New York. Walter was an insurance agent in the Elmira, New York city  directories during the 1880’s.

79.  Mary B. DeWitt b. May 1869 m. Dec 1889 in Washington, DC, Milton G. Lamb of Chester, Pennsylvania formerly of Wellsboro and a night clerk in the Adams Express Office on Railroad Avenue, Elmira, New York. Resided Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania in 1893. Mary enumerated in the household of sister Clara in Washington, DC in 1900.
80.  Joseph Hopkins DeWitt b. 20 Dec 1846 m. 12 Mar 1867 (Tioga Agitator, March 27, 1867 and  Northern Tier Gazette, March 21, 1867) in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, Frances Helen Maine b. 7 Nov  1846 daughter of Horace S. Maine of Mansfield. Frankie d. 10 Nov 1873 27y 3d (Mansfield  Advertiser, November 11, 1873) buried Mainesburg Cemetery. Joseph m. 14 Nov 1874 (The Wellsboro  Agitator, November 24, 1874) in Roseville, Martha J.  Smith daughter of George Smith and Mary  Tears of Sullivan Township. In the 1899 Tioga County directory he had a dairy of 21 cows and 127  acres at Mainesburg. Joseph d. 10 Sept 1912 buried Mainesburg Cemetery.
  Blanche DeWitt b. 1869 m. 22 Jan 1891 at her grandmother DeWitt's home, Lyman Reynolds.
  Mary H. DeWitt b. 15 Jan 1878 d. 18 Mar 1897 age 19 at Mainesburg of spinal meningitis.
81.  William Freeman DeWitt b. 24 Aug 1848 m. 16 Feb 1871 Jennie B. Rooker b. 2 Dec 1849 daughter  of John Rooker and wife Mary of Muncy, Pennsylvania. Removed to Troy, Pennsylvania in 1869.  Jennie d. 14 May 1881 32y (ts). William m. (2)Blanche L. Armstrong b. 1851 daughter of George  Armstrong and wife Elizabeth of Muncy. William d. 23 Apr 1922 (Troy Gazette Register, Troy,  Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 15, 1929) and Blanche d. 1933 (ts) buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy,  Pennsylvania.
  Children of William and Jennie:
  Helena May DeWitt b. 31 Oct 1874 Troy, graduated from Troy High School in 1893, m. 20 Sept    1898 at Troy, Pennsylvania, Jay Maxwell Beers of Elmira, New York b. 1 Jan 1870 near    Lindley, Steuben County, New York son of Johnson and Elizabeth Beers. Maxwell was    associated with Elmira newspapers in various editorial capacities. He served as alderman in the    city of Elmira and was elected mayor in 1935 which position he held until his death. Helena d. 1    July 1941 and Maxwell d. 29 Nov 1941 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  Fanny M. DeWitt b. 1876 d. 10 Aug 1876 7m (ts).
  Child of William and Blanche:
  William Armstrong DeWitt b. 29 Sept 1886 (Mansfield Advertiser, October 6, 1886 and obituary)    1887 (ts) Troy, Pennsylvania, graduated from Troy High School in June 1904, studied medicine    at University of Pennsylvania and then associated himself with the Presbyterian Hospital of    Philadelphia for two years. He left there and became chief surgeon of the Cottage State Hospital,    Blossburg, Pennsylvania. He m. Mary Treat of Ardmore, Pennsylvania. William d. 30 Sept    1918 at his home in Blossburg of pneumonia buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.
   William Treat DeWitt resided Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1942.
   Howard Treat DeWitt resided Wayne, Pennsylvania in 1942.
   Frederick Treat DeWitt b. 1915 d. 1916 (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery.
82.  John W. DeWitt b. 5 Nov 1850 m. 13 Oct 1871 (Tioga Agitator, October 18, 1871) in Mansfield,  Pennsylvania, Catherine G. Maine. John m. 5 Sept 1872 (Tioga Agitator, October 8, 1872) Julia L.  Cudworth b. 1851. In the 1899 Tioga County directory John and son, Ray had a dry good business,  groceries, boots and shoes, and hardware store at Mainesburg. Julia d. 15 Apr 1912 Troy (Bradford  Star, Towanda, Pennsylvania, April 18, 1912) buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania. John m.  30 June 1914 (Bradford Star, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Thursday, July 2, 1914) Wetona, Pennsylvania  (3)Florence Antis Fanning b. 16 July 1872 daughter of Melvin David Fanning and Mary Emma  VanKirk. Florence was a graduate of Mansfield State Normal (now Mansfield University) and was a  teacher in the Troy schools. John and Florence were fourth cousins. John d. 24 Feb 1918 buried with  Julia. Florence d. 11 Apr 1948 buried with parents at Wetona, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
  James Ray DeWitt b. 1874 m. Elizabeth A. Cudworth b. 1873. Resided Troy, Pennsylvania in 1943.   Elizabeth d. 1943 (ts) and Ray d. 22 Nov 1957 buried Oak Hill Cemetery.
   Homer J. DeWitt b. 1896 m. a Tomlinson, resided Troy, Pennsylvania and then removed to     Williamsport, d. 1949.
   Walter Maurice DeWitt b. 18 Oct 1900 m. 16 July 1928 in Kenmore, New York, Elizabeth     Pierce Belknap b. 13 Mar 1904 daughter of Arthur Train Belknap of Mansfield,     Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was a graduate of Mansfield State Teachers College (now     Mansfield University) and University of Illinois, taught at Coudersport, Pennsylvania     High School for two years and for a year at Mansfield State Teachers College. Walter     attended Syracuse University. Walter d. 16 May 1972 (ts) and Elizabeth d. 4 July 1988     (ts) buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy.
    Susan DeWitt Wilder at 603 756-6372 is a granddaughter of      Walter.
   Mary Frances DeWitt m. 4 Apr 1942 in Williamsport, Robert Person Haight. Resided Elmira,    New York and then Canton, Pennsylvania in 1943.
   daughter m. Albert Grace, resided Troy.
   Vera DeWitt m. 29 May 1943 Hagerstown, Maryland, Frederick Weaver.
  Claude W. DeWitt b. Apr 1880 m. 8 Aug 1900 Fern Mitchell b. 1880 Mansfield, Ohio. Resided on    the main road between Troy and Sylvania. Fern d. 5 Mar 1936 age 55 at their home buried    Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy. Claude m. 1938 (2)Edna M. Hertel Fuller of Elmira, New York.    Claude d. 1952 (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery.
   Grace DeWitt b. 7 Nov 1901 Alba, Pennsylvania, graduated from Troy High School in 1920, m.    1926 George Thawley Hayman, resided Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 1936. Grace d. 5 June     1981 Florida.
   John Mitchell DeWitt b. 23 Aug 1903 Troy, graduated from Troy High School in 1922, m. 15     Apr 1927 (Troy Gazette Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, April 21, 1927) in Elmira,     New York, Isadore Robinson daughter of Horace Robinson of Troy, Pennsylvania. John m.     (2)Alvera E. Phillips b. 1913. John d. 29 May 1973 Macedonia, Bradford County,      Pennsylvania buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy. Alvera d. 2000 (ts).
   John Mitchell DeWitt, 69, died suddenly Tuesday evening at his home in Macedonia. He was    born in Troy Aug. 23, 1903, the son of Claude and Fern Mitchell DeWitt. He retired five years    ago from Penelec. He was a member of the Wysox Presbyterian Church and treasurer at one time.   He was also a charter member of the Troy Lions Club and a past member of the Towanda Lions    Club. He was a member of the Wheel Inn at Roaring Branch, Trojan Lodge No. 306 F&AM,    Union Royal Arch Chapter, former high priest member of the Northern Commandry Knights    Templar No. 16. He was a graduate of Troy school system and of Meeker Business Institute,    Elmira. He is survived by his wife, the former Alvera Phillips; two sons, William F. of Utica,    N.Y.; John R. of Vienna, Va.; a daughter, Mrs. Thomas (Jean) Kutney of Wilkes-Barre; a sister,    Mrs. Grace Hayman of Doylestown; a stepmother Mrs. Edna DeWitt of Elmira; a stepdaughter,    Mrs. Gerald (Claudia) Barnes of Macedonia; a stepson, Chief Petty Officer Arthur T. Kutter, Jr.    of San Diego, Calif; and 13 grandchildren. Plans for funeral services are incomplete (Daily    Review, Towanda, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, May 30, 1973).

83.  Calvin Hudson DeWitt b. 29 Oct 1853 m. 20 Nov 1873 Josephine Smith b. 1853 daughter of George  Smith and Mary Tears. Calvin entered store at Troy, Pennsylvania in 1873, remaining eighteen  months, returned to family farm at Mainesburg and followed farming until 1890 when elected county  commissioner. Returned to farming. In the 1899 directory he had a dairy of 30 cows and 165 acres at  Mainesburg. Calvin d. 6 July 1923 Mansfield and Josephine d. 1931 (ts) Mainesburg Cemetery.
  Fannie M. DeWitt b. 1877 m. Dennis J. Johns b. 1872. Dennis d 1933 (ts) and Fannie d. 23 May    1958 buried Mainesburg.
  George C. DeWitt b. 14 Sept 1879 d. 12 Dec 1910.
  Charles C. DeWitt b. 12 Oct 1884 d. 1916.
  Jennie DeWitt b. 6 Mar 1887 Mainesburg d. 16 Aug 1959.
  Ethel DeWitt b. c. 1889.
  Josephine DeWitt b. 14 Apr 1891 m. E. M. Perkins. E. M. d. 1956. Josephine resided 53 West Main    Street, Dryden, New York, d. Apr 1978 (social security death register). Two sons, both living    within three miles of Dryden.

85.  Mary Helen DeWitt, known as Matie, b. c. 1855 Wisconsin, enumerated with aunt Jennie DeWitt  Wells in Waterloo, Iowa in 1870, m. 12 Sept 1895 in Muscatine County, Iowa, Jacob Schmidt,  resided Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1904-5. He is perhaps the Jacob Schmidt b. 1855 d. 1926 buried Oak  Hill Cemetery, Cedar Rapids.

86.  William Ryerson DeWitt b. 27 Aug 1873 m. 12 Feb 1902 in Louisa County, Iowa, Mary Olive  Knott b. 14 Mar 1883 John Day Valley, Union County, Oregon daughter of Oliver Roscoe Knott and  Melissa Jane Wright. Mary d. 23 Feb 1940 Washington, Washington County, Iowa and William d. 1  Feb 1946 Fredonia, Louisa County, Iowa buried Indian Creek Cemetery, Louisa County, Iowa.

  William Harold DeWitt b. 30 Apr 1905 Fredonia, Iowa d. 28 July 1905.
  Paul Wilber DeWitt b. 18 July 1910 Fredonia d. 18 Jan 1952.
  Laurence Merle DeWitt b. 8 Dec 1914 Fredonia d. 20 July 1967.
  Pearl Arlene DeWitt b. 16 Aug 1922 Fredonia d. 3 Jan 1984

89.  Harriet May DeWitt b. 5 Dec 1877 m. 1919 Leonard E. Wilson and she d. 5/6 Oct 1954.

90.  William D. Wells b. Aug 1858 and wife Edvena K. b. May 1859 Iowa were m. c. 1886 and enumerated in Davenport, Iowa in 1900. Edvena mother of seven children, five living in 1900. William was a professor.

  Jennie Wells b. Jan 1887.
  Joseph L. Wells b. Jan 1890.
  William B. Wells b. Oct 1892.
  Katherine Edvena Wells b. July 1895.
  Edgar D. Wells b. Jan 1899.

91.  Sarah M. Wells b. c. 1862 m. E. G. Ellsworth, resided Herman, Minnesota in March 1888 and  Lewiston, Idaho in 1901.

92.  Grace Wells b. c. 1864 m. c. 1883 George DeForrest Farwell b. Fargo, North Dakota. Resided  LaMoure, North Dakota in Mar 1888 and then removed to Seattle, Washington. Grace d. 20 Mar 1890  Seattle of malignant toncilitis buried Fairview Cemetery, Waterloo, Iowa.

  News was received here last Monday of the death of Mrs. George Farwell, of Seattle, Washington. She  was the youngest daughter of the late Sanford Wells. Seven years ago she was married to Mr. Farwell,  and now he, with two little boys, are called upon to mourn her loss. To Mrs. Wells, the mother, the  death of her daughter is unexpected and crushing blow. Mrs. Farwell’s body will be brought to  Waterloo for burial (Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, Wednesday, March 26, 1890).

  George Wells Farwell b. 1883 Fargo, North Dakota.
  Gurdon Joseph Farwell b. 1885 South Dakota.

  Kim Farwell Forsman is a descendant

95.  Bertha Y. DeWitt b. Nov 1867 m. 8 Nov 1887 at Lincoln, Nebraska a Regnier. Enumerated with mother in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1900. She m. (2)Hubbard and was of Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1904-5. Enumerated in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1910, mother of three children, two living.

  Eunice Regnier b. Oct 1891 Nebraska was a check clerk in a street car office in Lincoln in 1910.
  Edward Regnier b. c. 1895 Nebraska.

96.  Blanche C. DeWitt b. Sept 1872 m. c. 1908 Edward B. Ransom b. c. 1867 Missouri. Enumerated in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1910 Assistant Secretary and Cashier of a Street Car Company. Enumerated in Omaha, Nebraska in 1920, secretary and treasurer of a bakery. No children.

97.  Lola E. DeWitt b. Nov 1879 m. Samuel North b. c 1879 Nebraska. Enumerated in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1910, printer.

  Margaret A. North b. c. 1907.

101.  Ida Mae Dorwart b. 17 Sept 1865 m. 28 Aug 1889 at Friend, Saline County, Nebraska, Robert  Morton Proudfit. Resided Friend, Nebraska in 1904-5.

102.  DeWitt Yule Dorwart b. 11 Feb 1867 m. Mary M. Andrew. Resided Friend, Saline County,  Nebraska in 1904-5.

  Wallace Yule Dorwart.

104.  Anna Minerva Dorwart b. 5 Feb 1871 m. 4 Jan 1890 at Friend, Saline County, Nebraska, Wallace  Travis Morse, resided Friend, Saline County, Nebraska in 1904-5.

105.  Daniel Clinton Dorwart b. 5 Oct 1872/3 m. Anne (perhaps Reilly) b. 1872. Medical doctor, Daniel d.  4 May 1930 (marker inscribed 1872 for date of birth) and Anne d. 1962 (ts) St. Joseph Catholic  Cemetery, Friend, Nebraska.

  Thomas Dorwart.
  Jason Dorwart.

107.  Lynn Blanche Dorwart b. 3 Aug 1879, school teacher, m. 27 July 1904 at Friend, Saline County,  Nebraska, Rex Bernard Lamphere.

108.  Jason Watson Dorwart b. 20 May 1881 Friend, resided Friend, Saline County, Nebraska in    1904-5, dentist, m. 8 July 1908 in Aurora, Nebraska, Carrie Mae Cole. They removed to Seattle,   Washington.
  Eleanor Jane Dorwart b. 9 June 1914 m. John Edwardsen of Seattle, Washington. Eleanor d. 26    Dec 1956.
   John Christian Edwardsen, attorney, resides Portland, Oregon.
   Randi Lee Edwardsen m. a Holland and resides Vancouver, Washington. or
   Robert Jason Edwardsen resides Seattle.
   Sue Ellen Edwardsen m. and resides Seattle.
  Robert Jason Dorwart, WWII aviator and Boeing engineer, still living.

115.  Frank Wallace b. c. 1876, resided Tobias, Saline County, Nebraska in 1904-5, d. 1932.

  Wally Wallace.

116.  Helen E. Boslaw b. Apr 1885 m. c. 1905 Peter L. Larimer b. c. 1885 Nebraska. Enumerated in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1910, switchman for railroad. Enumerated in Lincoln in 1920 and 1930, Peter salesman of plumbing supplies and Helen a nurse for an insurance company in 1920 and for a private family in 1930.

  Leon D. Larimer b. 1909, musician in orchestra in 1930.
  Donald F. Larimer b. c. 1911, musician in orchestra in 1930.

116a.Mae A. Boslaw b. Nov 1887 m. c. 1909 William E. Chaffee b. c. 1874 Michigan. Enumerated in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1910, carpenter. They divorced and Mae was residing with sister Helen and family in Lincoln in 1920, dressmaker. Mae m. (2)Theodore Karr, Jr., b. c. 1887 Nebraska son of Theodore and Sarah A. Karr. Enumerated in Lincoln in 1930 on Tenth Street, Theodore a plumber and Mae a silk finisher in their home.

  Francis W. Chaffee b. c. 1911 Nebraska, drill teacher at university in 1930.
  Donald L. Karr b. c. 1925 South Dakota.

116b.Frances O. Boslaw b. Jan 1891 Nebraska.

116c.Clarence C. Boslaw b. Aug 1893 Nebraska.

116d.Pauline M. Boslaw b. Feb 1895 Nebraska.

119.  Willis B. Leonard b. c. 1862 resided Elmira, New York. Wife, Susie C. Will of Willis dated 1 June  1926 admited to probate 13 Nov 1933.

  Ralph E. Leonard m. and had.
   Robert H. Leonard.
   William C. Leonard.
   Eleanor Leonard.
  Grace Leonard (Mrs. Sutfin).
   Betty Sutfin.
   Dorothy Sutfin.

120.  Sherman Curtis Leonard b. 18 July 1865 perhaps resided Petaluma, California. He had a  granddaughter Isabelle May Beavor who resided Costa Mesa, California in 1973.
122.  Frederick F. Leonard b. c. 1872 is perhaps the Fred Leonard who d. 30 Aug 1949 Elmira, New York  survived by widow Sadie M. No children.

123.  Geneveive A. Wolfe b. c. 1863 m. 21 Oct 1885 (Bradford County marriage record) George W.   McGlenn, bookkeeper of Troy, b. c. 1862 son of John and Margaret McGlenn.

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