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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2010 Edition

Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice

(Easton to Evans)

William S. Easton b. New Jersey and wife, Mary A., b. Pennsylvania enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Resided east side of Judson Hill Road just north of the cemetery, 1858 map. Evidently removed from
Wells before 1869 as Sturdevant family was residing there.

1.  Marietta Easton b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.
2.  Eliza Ophelia Easton b. 1845 Pennsylvania d. 1 or 4 Nov 1860 15y 1 or 4m 16d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery (marker in very deteriorated condition).
3.  Marquis L. Easton b. c. 1847 Pennsylvania.
4.  Esther A. Easton b. 1850 Pennsylvania.


John Eddy first appears in the 1835 assessment list of Wells. On the 1836 assessment list he had transfered his holdings to Morris Shepard.


Samuel Edsall b. 14 Feb 1768 Orange County, New York son of Jacobus (James) Edsall and Charlotte Barton m. Sarah Seeley b. 8 Oct 1772 daughter of Nathaniel Seeley and Jemima Collins. On 3 Nov 1788, lot 100 of 2,553 acres was surveyed to Nathaniel Seeley, Jr., James Seeley, Adam Seeley, Abner Hetfield, and Samuel Edsall in what is now the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. They also acquired lot 143 of 1,426 acres. Their residence was in the Seeley Creek Valley, Town of Southport. Enumerated as Samuel Headsall in 1790 in Chemung, Montgomery County (that portion that became Southport, Chemung County), New York with one male over age sixteen and two females in the household. Samuel listed as a taxpayer in 1794. Enumerated in Newtown (that portion that is now Southport), Tioga (that portion that is now Chemung) County, New York in 1800. Samuel and Sarah are related to have removed in 1805 from Sussex County, New Jersey to the southern part of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania on land where Adam Seeley had made a beginning. This is an error as they had resided in neighboring Southport for several years prior to their removal to Wells. Another record (Dalrymple biography in Four County History) relates they settled in Columbia Township in 1803. They left the fertile Seeley Creek Valley for the highest elevation in Wells Township. Their residence was in southern Wells on warrant parcel 1392 where the Fries residence and later the Brown residence was located on Old Hickory Road just west of the Presbyterian Church. A portion of their property was in Columbia Township. They do not appear on the 1810 census of Smithfield, Lycoming County, which included that portion that became Wells Township. Samuel is related to have built the first frame house in the township in 1812. Samuel voted in the first election of Bradford County, 13 Oct 1812. At a Republican meeting held in Towanda, delegates were chosen and two men from each township in the County were appointed to the Committee of Vigilance and Correspondence. Samuel Edsall was appointed for Wells (Bradford Gazette, Towanda, Pennsylvania, September 21, 1813). His name appears on a list of grand jurors, 24 Nov 1814, at Towanda, occupation farmer. His name appears on a list of Travers Jurors drawn for December Session 1815, Columbia Township, farmer. A post office was established and named Edsallville, which appears in 1828 in a national directory of post offices, Samuel Edsall, post master. Samuel d. 3 July 1845 77y 4m 19d (ts). Sarah renounced her right to administer the estate of Samuel and requested eldest son Jesse Edsall be appointed administrator on 7 July 1845 (Bradford County Probate file 504). Solomon Bovier, Elmira Bovier, and Jesse Edsall requested N. Alvord, Jr., be appointed one of the administrators, 7 July 1845. Inventory taken 9 and 16 July 1845 by David Prutzman and John Strong. Sarah d. 11 Apr 1853 80y 6m 3d (ts) buried with Samuel in Coryland Cemetery near their residence.

1. Parmelia Edsall b. 30 Nov 1788 m. Benjamin Seeley.
2. Jesse Edsall b. 29 Oct 1790 Southport, New York.
3.  Richard Edsall b. 1792.
4.  Barton Edsall b. 13 Nov 1794.
5.  Lewis Edsall b. c. 1797 perhaps d. young as only three males were under the age of ten in the 1800 census enumeration. He was not named in the distribution of his brother Barton’s estate, but sister Adelia and brother Seely were also not named.
6.  Charles Edsall b. 1799.
7.  Hila Edsall b. 1 Aug 1801 m. Nathan Alvord Jr.
8.  Elmira Edsall b. 21 May 1806 m. Solomon Bovier.
9.  James Madison Edsall b. Aug 1808 Wells Township.
10.  Adelia Edsall b. 14 June 1810 m. Hiram G. Warner.
11.  Seely Edsall b. 9 Dec 1812 Wells Township d. 27 Jan 1843 30y 1m 18d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
12.  Andrew Jackson Edsall b. c. 1815.

Second Generation:
2.  Jesse Edsall b. 29 Oct 1790, soldier War of 1812, appears on the first assessment of 1812-13, single.  At a meeting in Columbia Township on 14 Mar 1817 he was one of two clerks for the township. He appears as single on the assessment lists up through the 1824 assessment when it states “single - married,” m. c. 1823 (1824 assessment compiled fall of 1823) Clarissa Wright b. Feb 1801 daughter of Thomas Wright and Sarah Owens. Resided southern Wells at Aspinwall (now Coryland). Jesse d. 2 Oct 1861 70y 11m 3d (ts). Will of Jesse dated 22 Aug 1861 Columbia; son Jonas, 87 ½ acre farm in Wells and Columbia known as Horace Dunning farm, except burying ground and meeting house situate on north side of said farm and bounded by highway, 1 horse, and 50 acres out of Samuel Edsall farm; son Austin 100 acre farm from the east side of Samuel Edsall farm in Columbia and Wells now in possession of Austin, 1 horse, and 50 acres of Samuel Edsall farm having been surveyed and in his possession; wife Clarissa  use of 150 acres next to Wells Township line including the mansion house and out buildings and then same to son Jesse provided he provides for his mother and father; balance to seven children, Jonas, Austin, Jesse, Sally, Emily, Hilah, and Amanda; to wife Clarissa all my interest in Baptist Church near Thomas D. Gustins and to her and Jesse first stall in the shed which I built on church grounds, second stall to minister who may accompany the pulpit, third stall to Jonas, fourth to Austin, fifth to Sally Gustin, sixth to Emily Dalrymple, seventh to Hilah Havens, eighth to Amanda Dunning; household goods and furniture to Clarissa. Executors, sons Jonas and Austin. Inventory filed 16 Nov  1861. Clarissa d. 30 Aug 1876 75y 6m 26d (ts) buried with Jesse in Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County. Elmira, New York City death record relates Clarissa d. 31 Aug 1876 75y 6m 27d at 129 Henry Street.

13.  Hiram Edsall b. 5 Apr 1825 d. 3 July 1851 26y 2m 28d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
14.  Sarah E. Edsall b. 1827.
15.  Jonas Edsall b. 13 Sept 1828.
16.  Emily Edsall b. 18 Feb 1830 Columbia Township.
17.  Austin Edsall b. Mar 1832.
18.  Hila A. Edsall b. 18 May 1834.
19.  Amanda Edsall b. 1836.
20.  Jesse J. Edsall b. Nov 1838.
21.  Charles Edsall b. 22 Nov 1840 d. 4 Jan 1861 20y 1m 13d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
22.  Harriet Edsall b. 3 Nov 1842 d. 5 Aug 1853 10y 9m 2d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.

3.  Richard Edsall b. 1792, soldier War of 1812, was listed on the 1814 assessment list of Smithfield Township (included Columbia Township residents from which Columbia was formed), Bradford County, as a single freeman, m. Julia Bartholomew b. 16 July 1798 Bristol, Connecticut daughter of Isaac Bartholomew and Lydia Deming. Richard appears on the 1820 assessment list of Columbia Township. Enumerated in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, New York in 1820 with no children in their household. Enumerated there in 1830, 1840, and 1850. In 1850, Richard was an innkeeper. They resided in that portion of Madrid that became Waddington and were enumerated in Waddington in 1860. Julia d. Feb 1877.

Samuel Edsall b. 15 Mar 1821 m. Anna Maria Bockus and he d. 17 May 1871 buried St. John’s Cemetery, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.
Sarah Edsall b. c. 1823.
Hannah Edsall b. c. 1825 m. 31 May 1849 (vital record) John F. Seeley of Ogdensburg.
Barton Edsall b. c. 1827.
Charlotte Edsall b. c. 1829.
Charles Edsall b. c. 1831.
son b. c. 1833 (1840 census).
Maria Edsall b. c. 1834.
Emily Edsall b. c. 1836.
son b. c. 1838 (1840 census).
Harriet Edsall b. c. 1841.

One of the above unknown named sons was perhaps named Wallace.

4.  Barton Edsall b. 13 Nov 1794. At a town meeting at the house of John Osgood on March 20, 1818 Barton was appointed clerk. Barton d. 1 Feb 1830 35y 2m 19d (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Letter of David R. Haswell dated 25 Mar 1830 to brother William Haswell in Bennington, Vermont stated – “I had at that time for two weeks been attending as much as I could stand it, on one of Mr. Edsall’s sons who died – the stench was awful and but few could do for him.” Will of Barton dated 25 Jan 1830 (Bradford County Probate file 162) Wells, beloved mother Sally $500, remainder to father Samuel and brothers Jesse, Richard, Charles, James M., Andrew J., and sisters Pemela Seely, Hila Alvord, and Elmira Bovier, divided equally. Executors, Joseph Beaman and David Griswold. Witnessed by Ezra Wood, Nathan Alvord, Jr., and David R. Haswell. On 9 Mar 1830 David R. Haswell certified Barton’s signature. Inventory 17 Mar 1830 by David R. Haswell and Samuel Ingals.

6.  Charles Edsall b. 1799 first appears on the 1821 assessment list of Wells, single on the 1822 assessment list, does not appear on the 1823 list. Charles appears on the 1823 list of neighboring Jackson Township, Tioga County. Again appears on the 1824 list of Wells, single; does not appear in 1825, appears in 1826 but not noted as single, m. Mary Miller b. 1808 daughter of Samuel Miller and Polly Gardner of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Farmers, resided Jackson Township near Millerton. Mary d. 1866 (ts) and Charles d. 1877 (ts) Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township.

Sarah Edsall b. 26 Nov 1828 m. Philo Jones, Jr.
Parmelia Edsall b. c. 1834.
Frances M. Edsall b. c. 1837 m. George W. Kimball and she d. Warren, Pennsylvania, age 52.
Elizabeth M. Edsall b. c. 1839 m. 28 Dec 1854 (Elmira Gazette, January 11, 1855) Jackson Morrell of Jackson.
Harriet Edsall b. c. 1842.
Miller Edsall b. Nov 1845 d. 30 Jan 1846 2m 22d (ts) Stewart Cemetery, Jackson Township.
Laura Edsall b. c. 1847.
Miller Edsall b. 1849 d. Dec 1849 4m of kidney failure (1850 Jackson Township mortality schedule).

9.  James Madison Edsall b. Aug 1808 m. Sarah Ann Wright b. 6 May 1813 daughter of Thomas Wright and Sarah Owens of Columbia Township. They divorced. Sarah Ann m. (2)James McClure by whom she had children and she d. 3 Feb 1890 at her daughter’s in Tioga, buried Wells. James m. 30 Apr 1840 Jerusha B. Gladding b. 20 Feb 1815 (ts and obituary) Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Resided southern Wells. James d. 19 Oct 1876 68y 2m 11d (ts). After his death Jerusha resided with brother C. E. Gladding at Altus, Columbia Township. When the post office was established at Altus in 1880 she became the postmistress and filled the office for nine years. Jerusha d. 5 Sept 1895 (ts and Bradford County death record) Gladding (now called Sylvan Hill) Cemetery, Columbia Township.

Child of James and Sarah:
Lewis C. Edsall b. 25 July 1833 Columbia Township m. Charlotte Fairbanks and they were enumerated in Columbia Township in 1880 with daughter Cora Edsall (adopted) b. c. 1862. Lewis C. Edsall’s death certificate records father as James Edsall. Lewis d. 1919 buried Baptist Hill.

Children of James and Jerusha:
Josephine Edsall b. 1841 d. 18 Aug 1844 3y 3m 28d (ts) Gladding Cemetery.
Celestia Edsall b. c. 1846.

12.  Andrew Jackson Edsall b. c. 1815 appeared on the 1838 assessment list of Wells as single. He appeared in 1839, but was not listed as single and does not appear thereafter. He is not found in later census records.

Third Generation:
14.  Sarah E. Edsall b. 1827 m. William Gustin.

15.  Jonas Edsall b. 13 Sept 1828 and wife Clara b. c. 1830 enumerated in Wells in 1860, farmer. Jonas d. 29 June 1869 40y 9m 11d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery. The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, July 22, 1869 relates d. of typhoid pneumonia in Wells.

Harriet Edsall b. c. 1854.

16.  Emily Edsall b. 18 Feb 1830 m. Daniel Dalrymple.

17.  Austin Edsall b. Mar 1832 m. c. 1862 Sarah Beaman b. Mar 1839 Columbia Township daughter of Joseph Beaman, Jr., and Almira Burrell. Enumerated in Wells in 1870. They removed to Pine City, Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York on 17 Apr 1871 and engaged in the butcher business (Our County and its People - A History of the Valley and County of Chemung by Towner). Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1880, cattle dealer. Nephew, William Edsall, age 14, residing with family in 1880. Enumerated in Southport in 1900, butcher. Residence was at Pine City in 1906. Austin d. 14 Aug 1908 Town of Southport and Sarah d. 4 Dec 1908 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

Jesse B. Edsall b. c. 1863 m. 16 Sept 1890 (Southport marriage record) Julia M. Miller. Resided Pine City, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Jesse d. 18 Mar 1947 survived by wife, Julia; sons Leland and Alton B. of Pine City.
Helen Edsall b. c. 1871 was a teacher in Meadville, Pennsylvania m. 1903 at her parent’s home in Pine City, William Douglass Powell who had been an instructor in music at Meadville. They removed to Nashville, Tennessee.
Grace Edsall b. c. 1877.

18.  Hila A. Edsall b. 18 May 1834 m. Charles Oscar Haven b. Sept 1829 son of Charles Haven and Clarissa Dart. Hila d. 12 Apr 1863 29y 25d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery. Will (probate file 1555) of Hila dated 31 Mar 1863 Columbia, husband Charles O. and daughter Clara Frances the farm of 152 acres and husband guardian of daughter until 21.

Clara Frances Haven b. 1858.

19.  Amanda Edsall b. 1836 m. Abraham Montgomery Dunning.

20.  Jesse J. Edsall b. Nov 1838 was enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1880 fireman on railroad. Enumerated in Jersey Shore, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1900, locomotive engineer, with wife Annie b. 1863, m. fourteen years, no children, residence on Alleghany Street. Enumerated in Jersey Shore in 1910, locomotive engineer, no children, residence on Alleghany Street. Enumerated at 910 Alleghany Street in 1920. Annie was enumerated at the family home in 1930, widow.


Lawrence, Abraham, and John Ameigh/Emeigh were perhaps brothers, all three near the same age and resided in Bradford and Tioga Counties, Pennsylvania. They most likely descend from Lawrence Emigh and Anna Maria Booken of Dutchess County, New York.

L. Lawrence Ameigh b. c. 1800 New York first appears on the 1830 assessment list of Wells. Often spelled Amy in early records and today is found as Eighmey and Ameigh. Wife, Eliza Ann b. c. 1805 New York. Enumerated 1830 (spelled Ama) census of Wells with one male under age five (b. 1826-30), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), and one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10). Enumerated 1840 (spelled Amy) census of Wells with three males under age five (b. 1836-40), one male of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1791-1800), one female under age five (b. 1836-40), two females of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1791-1800). Enumerated 1850 and 1860 (spelled Amy) census of Wells. Farmer, resided western Wells near Tioga County line. Eliza Ann d. 28 June (remainder of marker broke and missing) sometime before the 1870 census enumeration, buried Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Lawrence was enumerated in Ridgebury Township, Bradford County in 1870, farmer, with several children residing with him. Enumerated in Ridgebury, Bradford County in 1880 as Ameigh. Lawrence d. 19 Oct 1892 92 years (cemetery record) buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

1.  Jane Ameigh b. c. 1827 New York.
2.  son b. 1826-28 not enumerated with family in 1840.
3.  Lavina Ameigh (twin) b. Apr 1834 d. 9 May 1852 18y 1m 20d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
5.  George A. Ameigh b. Jan 1836 Pennsylvania.
6.  Jerome Ameigh b. c. 1838 Pennsylvania.
7.  Julius Charles Ameigh (twin) b. July 1840 Pennsylvania.
8.  Caroline Ameigh (twin) b. July 1840 Pennsylvania.
9.  William Jay Ameigh b. c. 1843.
10.  Sarah Ameigh b. c. 1845.
11.  Eliza Ann Ameigh b. c. 1848.
12.  Ellen Ameigh b. c. 1855.

Second Generation:
1.  Jane Ameigh b. c. 1827 was of Wells when she m. 10 Apr 1845 (Elmira Gazette, April 17, 1845) Homer P. Stafford (in early records he is called Coomer or Comer and that is the name in the marriage record and in the account book of Peter P. French of Wells, b. c. 1822 Rhode Island, by the Rev. Simeon R. Jones, at his residence in Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in Lawrence Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850, 1860, and 1870, laborer. Homer enumerated as unable to read and write in 1870. Homer d. 1874 (ts) East Lawrence Cemetery. Jane enumerated in Lawrence Township in 1880 with several children in household.

E. Jane Stafford b. c. 1848 New York.
Monroe Stafford b. c. 1850 Pennsylvania.
Lemuel Stafford b. c. 1853 Pennsylvania d. 1887 34y (ts) East Lawrence Cemetery.
Helen Stafford b. c. 1855 Pennsylvania.
Jerome Stafford b. c. 1857 Pennsylvania.
Richard Stafford b. 1860 Pennsylvania.
William J. Stafford b. c. 1862 Pennsylvania.
Walter Milton Stafford (twin) b. 1865 Pennsylvania d. 1917 (ts) East Lawrence Cemetery.
Wallace Force Stafford (twin) b. 1865 Pennsylvania.
Albert Stafford b. c. 1868 Pennsylvania.
Mary Stafford b. Oct 1869 Pennsylvania.
John Stafford b. c. 1873 Pennsylvania.

6.  George A. Ameigh b. Jan 1836 and wife Susan C. b. Apr 1847 (1900 census) 1848 (ts) enumerated in Baldwin, Chemung County, New York in 1880, lumberman; Baldwin in 1900, farmer, m. 30 years; Baldwin in 1930 in household of son-in-law Richard D. Casterline. George d. 1922 (ts) and Susan d. 1931 (ts) Chemung Village Cemetery.

Mary Ann Ameigh b. Aug 1872 m. c. 1895 Richard D. Casterline b. Feb 1870.

7.  Jerome Ameigh b. c. 1838 was among a list of men from Wells drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct 1862 during the Civil War.

8.  Julius Charles Ameigh b. July 1840 served in Company G, 76 Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. Enumerated with wife Delphenia b. Mar 1848 in Ridgebury Township, Bradford County in 1870 residing with his father and other family members. They were m. c. 1864. Enumerated in Chemung, Chemung County, New York in 1880, wagonmaker; Chemung in 1900, farmer, Delphenia mother of eight children, eight living. Delphenia d. Feb 1919 (ts) and Julius d. Jan 1921 (ts) Chemung Village Cemetery, Chemung, Chemung County, New York.

Julius Edgar Ameigh b. Nov 1864 New York.
Corryette Ameigh b. c. 1868 Pennsylvania.
Bertha Mahala May Ameigh b. July 1872 Pennsylvania.
Dora Ameigh b. c. 1875 New York.
Judson Seeley Ameigh b. 30 Sept 1877 New York.
Fred Arnold Ameigh b. 28 July 1882.
Flora Ameigh b. c. 1888.
Guy E. Ameigh b. 11 Aug 1891.

Julius E. Ameigh, 93, of 551 E. Water St., Saturary, June 20, 1953. Survived by brother, Judd Ameigh of Odessa, granddaughter, Hazel Edminster of Sullivanville, several nieces and nephews. The body is at the MacPherson-McInerny Funeral Home, 1003 Walnut St., where friends may call tonight from 7 to 9 and where funeral will be held Tuesday at 11 a.m. Rev. Charles E. Corey, burial in Chemung NY (obituary).

Abraham Ameigh, sometimes known as Abram, b. 22 Dec 1809 New York (New Jersey on 1870 census) m. Belinda Ann Daggett b. Feb 1810 perhaps a daughter of Reuben Daggett, Jr., and Jane Briggs who resided briefly in Jackson Township. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1830. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County in 1840. Belinda d. 11 May 1841 31y 2m 14d (ts) Old Daggett Burying Ground, Jackson Township. Abraham m. (2)Elizabeth Nichols, known as Betsey, b. 29 Apr 1815 Fairfield County, Connecticut daughter of Nathaniel Nichols and Elizabeth Wood. Enumerated in Sullivan Township, Tioga County in 1850, farmer. Enumerated in Sullivan in 1860, farm laborer with $100 personal estate and no real estate. Betsey d. 16 Apr 1863 58y (ts) Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township. Abraham and wife Betsey, age 57, b. Connecticut, enumerated with son Abram in southeast Wells in 1870, both Abraham and Betsey unable to read and write, Abraham’s mother of foreign birth. If Abraham did have another wife Betsey she was nearly of the same age as Betsey Nichols and born in the same state, so perhaps the marker in Gillett Cemetery was transcribed incorrectly. Abraham enumerated on Clinton Street, City of Hastings, Barry County, Michigan in 1880, laborer, son Jesse and family residing with him. Abraham d. 29 Dec 1892 (Reporter Journal, Towanda, Pennsylvania, January 5, 1893) at home of son James in Gillett buried Gillett.

Children of Abraham and Belinda:
1.  son b. 1831-35 (1840 census).
2.  daughter b. 1831-35 (1840 census).
3. John Ameigh b. 1834 Pennsylvania.
4.  William Ameigh b. c. 1837 Pennsylvania.
5.  son b. c. 1836-40 (1840 census and not enumerated with family in 1850).

Children of Abraham and Betsey:
6.  Abraham Ameigh b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.
7.  George D. Ameigh (twin) b. 27 Nov 1844 New York.
8.  James K. Ameigh (twin) b. 27 Nov 1844 New York.
9.  Jesse S. Ameigh b. 30 Nov 1846 Wellsburg, Chemung County, New York.
10.  Hannah R. Ameigh b. Aug 1848 Pennsylvania.
11.  Judson Ameigh b. 7 Sept 1849 Pennsylvania.
12.  Mary Elizabeth Ameigh b. 1852 Pennsylvania.

Second Generation:
6.  Abraham Ameigh b. c. 1843 was enumerated in Wells in 1870, farm laborer. Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County in 1880 as A. N. Eighmey with wife Sarah E. b. c. 1849 New York. Abraham admitted to the Bradford County Home from Gillett, 11 July 1913, age 70, d. 22 Aug 1915 buried Gillett (Bradford County Home Record).

Cora E. Ameigh b. c. 1873.
Lula Ameigh b. c. 1878.
7.  George D. Ameigh b. 27 Nov 1844 served in Company G, 16th Regiment, Michigan Volunteers during the Civil War, m. 22 Mar 1867 Anna Marie Kerrick b. 10 Feb 1853 (1900 census) 1854 (ts) daughter of Mahlon Kerrick and Elizabeth Southard. Enumerated with father in Wells in 1870, farm laborer. Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County in 1880. George d. 31 Aug 1899 Horseheads, New York (Bradford County death record) buried Upper Gillett Cemetery. Anna enumerated in South Creek Township in 1900, mother of five children, five living. Anna d. 13 Mar 1926 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township with George.

Ada Ameigh b. c. 1872.
Francis Ameigh b. c. 1873.
George M. Ameigh b. Feb 1875 d. 1957 (ts) Lower Gillett Cemetery. Wife, Jennie Hammond.
Frederick Ameigh b. 1877 d. 1955 (ts) Lower Gillett Cemetery. Wife, Bessie.
Daniel M. Ameigh b. June 1882 m. Minnie May West and he d. 1950 (ts) Lower Gillett Cemetery.

8.  James K. Ameigh b. 27 Nov 1844 served in Company C, 16th Regiment, Michigan Volunteers during the Civil War, m. 24 Mar 1867 Sarah Jane Kerrick b. 1 June 1851 daughter of Mahlon Kerrick and Elizabeth Southard. James d. 31 Jan 1899 Horseheads, New York (Bradford County Death Record). Sarah enumerated in South Creek Township in 1900. Sarah d. 16 Nov 1910 Gillett buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.

Gertrude A. Ameigh b. 30 June 1868 m. a Barrett and she d. 1931 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.
Ruth L. Ameigh b. 20 Nov 1870.
Bertha A. Ameigh b. 19 Oct 1872.
Nelson George Ameigh b. 11 July 1876 m. Laura Alice Mason.
Albert J. Ameigh b. 1878 d. 1954 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.
Lewis Daniel Ameigh b. 14 July 1880 m. 25 Mar 1907 Leunetta Clark Wilcox b. 1877 d. 1911 and Lewis d. 7 Aug 1919 Ridgebury Township, Bradford County buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.
Ephraim Ameigh b. 26 July 1882.

9.  Jesse S. Ameigh b. 30 Nov 1846 enlisted in Company C, 7th PA Cavalry at Troy, during the Civil War, m. 12 Aug 1871 Louisa A. Marshall b. 24 Mar 1850 Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Ebenezer Marshall and Amy Burgess. They were enumerated on Clinton Street, City of Hastings, Barry County, Michigan in 1880, laborer, residing with his father. Louisa d. 12 May 1889 Gillett, South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Jesse m. 19 July 1891 in Wellsburg, New York, (2)Addie Lamphear Vanderburg Frally as her third husband b. 25 Dec 1839 Covington, Pennsylvania daughter of William Lanphear and Amanda Landon. Jesse, mason, d. 1917 Gillett buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.

John K. Ameigh b. c. 1876 Pennsylvania.
Rowland Jesse Ameigh b. c. Nov 1880.
Albert Ameigh b. 2 Oct 1886 Gillett m. Lillian Kleiman.

10.  Hannah R. Ameigh b. Aug 1848 m. 1866 (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania, January 25, 1866) Ephraim Batterson of South Creek b. Apr 1839 (1900 census) son of Charles and Harriet Batterson. Ephraim had enliseted as a private in Company D, 50th New York Engineers during the Civil War on 17 Sept 1861, age 23, transferred to Company H, honorably discharged 13 June 1865. Enumerated in southeast Wells in 1870, farm laborer, residing with her father and family. Enumerated on State Street, City of Hastings, Barry County, Michigan in 1880, laborer. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1900, farmer, Hannah mother of four children, two living. Ephraim d. 4 Nov 1912 and Hannah d. 9 Feb 1917 buried Lower Gillett Cemetery.

Mrs. Ephraim Batterson was buried from the church last Thursday. The Rev. A. J. Osborn officiated. Mrs. Batterson was sixty-nine years old and had been in very poor health for a long time but was able to be about the house as usual and went riding the day of her death. She was suddenly stricken by paralysis while waiting upon her daughter, who was ill, and only lived an hour after she was stricken. The daughter, Mrs. Bryon Ames, was not able to attend the funeral. Besides the daughter she leaves one son and six grandchildren and a sister, Mrs. Mary Cuffman. Her remains were laid beside those of her husband in Gillett cemetery (handwritten on obituary Feb. 9, 1917).

Frank H. Batterson b. 22 Nov 1866 Pennsylvania d. 2 Dec 1866 (ts) Lower Gillett Cemetery.
Nettie Josephine Batterson b. c. 1871 Pennsylvania d. 12 July 1887 Barry County, Michigan.
William James Batterson b. 2 May 1876 Pennsylvania m. 3 Nov 1895 Mary Ella Dillin.
Bertha M. Batterson b. Jan 1887 Michigan m. Byron Milton Ames.

11.  Judson Ameigh b. 7 Sept 1849 m. Sarah and he d. 8 Sept 1911 Gillett.

Gillett, Pa., Sept 15 – Judson Ameigh was born September 7, 1849 and died September 8, 1911, at his home near Gillett. Mr. Ameigh was a son of Abram and Betsy Ameigh and is survived by his widow and son Berton, two brothers and two sisters, Abram Ameigh of Canton, Pa., Jesse Ameigh of Wellsburg, N.Y., Mrs. Hannah Batterson of Gillett, Mrs. Mary Kaufman of Elmira. The funeral was held from the Baptist church here on the 11th instant and well attended. The Rev. S. Banet of Snedeker officiated (obituary).

Berton Ameigh b. c. 1875.

12.  Mary Elizabeth Ameigh b. 1852 m. Theodore T. Cuffman b. 1846. Theodore d. 1901 and Mary d. 1921 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.

Walter J. Cuffman b. c. 1872.
Frances E. Cuffman b. c. 1875.
Herman D. Cuffman b. c. 1877.

John Eighmey b. c. 1807 New York m. Henrietta Woodward b. c. 1808 New York were enumerated in Athens, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850 (spelled Amy), laborer. Henriette enumerated in the 1860 census enumeration (spelled Eighmey), residing Barton, Tioga County, New York as head of household. Henriette enumerated as head of household in Athens in 1870. Henrietta enumerated in village of Sayre in 1880, son Jerome residing with her. Henrietta and John had separated or divorced Henrietta d. 1 Nov 1883 76y (ts) Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens, Pennsylvania. John d. 1885 77y (biography of son Lewis).

1.  daughter b. c. 1831.
2.  Lewis Eighmey b. 17 Apr 1833 Durham, Greene County, New York.
3.  Margaret H. Eighmey b. Feb 1836 New York.
4.  Lawrence W. Eighmey b. 17 Apr 1838 Durham, Greene County, New York.
5.  John Eighmey b. c. 1840 New York served  Company D, 171 Regiment, Pennsylvania Vounteers during Civil War, d. 2 June 1862 buried Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.
6.  Woodward J. Eighmey b. c. 1842 New York.
7.  Lucy Ann Eighmey b. Dec 1846 New York.
8.  Louisa Eighmey b. 1848 New York.
9.  Henrietta Eighmey b. 1850 Pennsylvania.
10.  George W. Eighmey b. June 1853 Pennsylvania.
11.  Jerome Eighmey b. c. 1855 Pennsylvania, resided Los Angeles, California in 1912; residing with sister Lucy in Jasper, Steuben County, New York in 1930.

Second Generation:
1.  Lewis Eighmey b. 17 Apr 1833. Biography below from History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by H. C. Bradsby. Lewis d. 16 Nov 1908 (ts) and Susan d. 23 Feb 1915 (ts) buried Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.

LEWIS EIGHMEY, proprietor of Opera House, Sayre, is a native of Durham, Greene Co., N. Y., and was born April 17, 1833; his parents were John and Henrietta (Woodward) Eighmey, natives of New York State; his father was a farmer, and died in 1885, in his seventy-seventh year; his mother died in 1882, in her seventy-third year. Lewis is the second of a family of six sons and five daughters; received a fair public school education, and commenced life on his own account in the timber business and also ran a sawmill, and followed this a greater part of the time until 1884, when he removed from his native place to Athens township, in February, 1849; in 1861 went to Troy, this county and enlisted, in October 1861, in Company C, Seventh Cavalry; and was in the commands of Gens. Buell, Rosecrans and Sherman; was taken prisoner August 21, 1862, at Gallatin, Tenn., by Gen. Monroe, and was paroled after three days, and sent to Annapolis, Md., and returned to his command March 1, 1863. When his term of service expired he re-enlisted and served until the close of the war, and was mustered out at Macon, Ga., August 25, 1865; returned to Athens and remained there about a year, then went to Pine Creek township, Tioga county, and was there two years, and from there went to Warren, then to Pittsfield, and remained there until 1873; then to Bradford, and during the time he was there drilled oil wells; he remained in this place until 1882, when he removed to Sayre, and commenced building the "Opera House" which was furnished in 1884; the building is 80 x 51, three stories: first floor, stores, second, dwellings, and the third, an opera hall, 80x51, and stage 51x24, and 455 chairs. He married, in Athens township, in 1857, Susan, daughter of John and Katy (Decker) Westfall, natives of New Jersey; she is the fourth of a family of seven children, and was born in Sussex county, March 10, 1844. To this happy marriage was born a daughter, Linnia; they are members of the Episcopal Church; he is a member of the G. A. R., Mallory Post, No. 285, Union Veteran Legion, No. 28, Athens and Union Veterans Union, No. 18, Sayre; a member of the school board of Sayre, and is a Republican.

Linnia Eighmey.

3.  Margaret H. Eighmey b. Feb 1836, tailoress in 1860 census enumeration, m. Jefferson Starkey Newton as his second wife b. Feb 1829 son of Amasa Newton and Lucinda Pollard. Resided Elmira, New York. Starkey d. 21 Jan 1906 Elmira and Margaret d. 23 Jan 1912 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. No children.

J. Starkey Newton, aged seventy-six years, died Sunday at his home, 409 South Broadway. He is survived by his wife, one daughter Mrs. Clara Morrison of Tioga, Pa., one brother Daniel (should have read David) of this city and one sister Mrs. Augusta Lawhead (should have read Loughead) of Seeley Creek. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house. Burial will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. Rev. Francis Sherer will officiate (Elmira Gazette and Free Press, Monday Evening, January 22, 1906).

Mrs. Margaret H. Newton.
Mrs. Margaret Newton died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Lewis E. Sadler, 511 South Broadway yesterday afternoon at 3:45 o'clock. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Lucy Sadler, of Elmira, three brothers, Lawrence Eighmey of Athens; George Eighmey, of Daggett, Pa., and Jerome Eighmey, of Los Angeles, Cal. The funeral will be held at the home on Broadway, Thursday at 2 p.m. Burial will be in Woodlawn cemetery. The Rev. L. N. Stirrell of the Southside Baptist church will officiate (Elmira Star-Gazette, Wednesday, January 24, 1912).

4.  Lawrence W. Eighmey b. 17 Apr 1838 was enumerated in Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1860, miller, in Viele household. Lawrence and wife Frances Theresa b. 25 Apr 1838 Pennsylvania were enumerated in Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1870, hardware merchant. Enumerated on Canton Street, Troy in 1880, hardware and oil dealer. Frances d. 30 June 1884 (ts). Lawrence m. 17 Oct 1889 (Mansfield Advertiser, Mansfield, Pennsylvania, October 23, 1889) (2)Lovina I. Spencer of Canoe Camp, Tioga County, Pennsylvania b. June 1847 daughter of A. M. Spencer. Enumerated Main Street, Athens, Bradford County in 1900, bank president. Enumerated in 1910 at 618 South Main Street, Athens. Lawrence d. 15 Jan 1916 (ts) Athens buried Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania with Frances.

Lawrence W. Eighmey, aged 78 years, died at his home in Athens on Jan. 15, after an illness of two months of hardening of the arteries.  He was born at Durham, Greene county, NY, and in early manhood lived in Troy, Pa.  He later engaged in the oil business in the Bradford field.  He was a director in the Chemung Trust Company, of Elmira, and the Miners' National Bank of Blossburg.  (The Agitator, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, January 26, 1916)

Burton W. Eighmey b. c. 1863 Pennsylvania was enumerated at the Illinois Eastern Hospital for the Insane, married, in Kankakee, Illinois in 1900.

7.  Lucy Ann Ameigh b. Dec 1846 m. Lewis E. Shrader. Enumerated in Wells in 1880, farmer. Enumerated in Horseheads, New York in 1900, widow, two children, none living, residing Prescott Avenue. Enumerated in Elmira in 1910, residing with niece Ada Lain and family. Resided Elmira, New York in 1912. Lucy enumerated in Jasper, Steuben County, New York in 1930, brother Jerome residing with her, d. 4 Mar 1934 Jasper buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

Jasper - Mrs. Lucy A. Shrader, 87, died Sunday morning at the family home here. Survivors include a brother, Jerome Eighmey, Jasper, and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the home of a niece, Mrs. John D. Lain, 513 West Fourth Street, Elmira. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira (handwritten on article Mar. 4, 1934)

 9.  Henrietta Eighmey b. 1850 m. Theodore Shipman son of Horace Shipman and Abigail Ann Williams. Theodore m. (2)Mattie Parks of Union, New York.


10.  George W. Eighmey b. June 1853 m. c. 1874 Clara M. Benson b. Jan 1856 daughter of John Benson and Narcissa E. Marcellus of Columbia Township, Bradford County and owned flouring mill at Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1880 and 1900, miller, Clara mother of seven children, six living in 1900. Clara was deceased before the 1930 census enumeration. George d. 30 Aug 1933 buried with Clara in Watson Cemetery, Roseville, Rutland Township.

George W. Eighmey, aged 80 years, died Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the home of his son, Jerome Eighmey at Daggett, Pa. For many years before retiring he conducted a grist mill on the Daggett-Jobs Corners Highway. He is survived by the following children; Mrs. John D. Lain, Elmira; John H. Eighmey, Mosherville, Pa.; Jerome L. Eighmey, Daggett; Rev. Lawrence J. Eighmey, Youngsville, Pa.; Mrs. Pearl Noble, Elmira; Mrs. Dean Webster, Hepburnville, Pa.; eighteen grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren; one sister, Mrs. Lucy Schrader, Elmira; one brother, Jerome Eighmey, Jasper. The funeral will be held at the residence Saturday at 12:30 p.m. the Rev. Ora. Crippen officiating. Burial will be in Watson Cemetery, Tioga, Pa (obituary).

Ada Eighmey b. c. 1876 Pennsylvania m. John D. Lain.
John Henry Eighmey b. 20 June 1877 Pennsylvania m. Dora Everitt Sheive, buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville.
Jerome L. Eighmey b. c. 1879 Pennsylvania.
George Eighmey b. Dec 1881 d. 16 Feb 1888 6y 1m 22d (ts) Watson Cemetery.
Lawrence J. Eighmey b. July 1885.
Pearl A. Eigmey b. 1887 m. Alonzo Pellet Noble as his second wife.
Helen Eighmey b. 1889 m. Dean Webster.

John D. Ameigh b. 12 Apr 1807 first appears on the 1833 assessment list of Wells acquiring property of Ephraim Sixby. John m. Peggy Maria Crandall b. 30 June c. 1812 daughter of Benjamin Crandall and Margaret Ann Thorne. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840. John appeared on the 1845 Wells Township assessment list. John d. 7 Mar 1847 39y 10m 26d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township. Maria and children were enumerated in Jackson Township in 1850, her mother Peggy Sturdevant (Margaret Ann Thorne, known as Peggy, had m. for her second husband Jonathan Sturdevant), residing with them. Maria m. (2)Joshua D. Naramore of Rutland Township, Tioga County, b. c. 1801 Vermont. Joshua’s first wife was Sophronia Stiles. On 1 Mar 1836 Joshua D. Naramore purchased a house and lot and tanyard in Daggett, Jackson Township for $400.00. He was listed on the assessment records of the time as a shoemaker. On 1 Mar 1837, he and his wife, Sophronia, sold the house and lot and tanyard to Dr. Hiram B. Roberts. Joshua and Maria enumerated in Lima, Livingston County, New York in 1860, shoemaker. Enumerated in Pine Grove, Portage County, Wisconsin in 1870, shoemaker. They returned to Tioga County, Pennsylvania, enumerated in Covington, Tioga County in 1880, bootk and shoemaker, Maria enumerated as unable to write. Joshua d. 6 June 1885 Covington, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Maria m. (3)John Butts. Maria enumerated in household of son Richmond in 1900 and 1905 state census. Maria d. 26 Aug 1905 buried Plainfield.

Mr. J. D. Naramore, an old citizen of this county, died at his residence near Covington on the 6th instant.  He was a native of Vermont, but had spent most of his life in this county. The funeral was held at Covington last week Monday afternoon at the Baptist Church, of which society he had been a member for fifty six years. The remains were taken to Painted Post, N. Y. for burial. Mr. Naramore leaves a wife living at Covington, and a daughter, Mrs. Williams, residing at Painted Post (Agitator, Wellsboro, Pennsyvlania, June 16, 1885).

An Aged Lady Passes Away.
Maria Crandall Butts was born in Sussex Co., Penn., June 30, 1810, and died at Plainfield, Aug. 26, 1905, and was therefore 95 years, 1 month and 26 days old. Mrs. Butts leaves three children to mourn her loss, Mrs. Phoeba Updike of Penn., Mrs. Losana Cornwell and R. J. Ameigh, of Plainfield. Mrs. Butts has been a faithful member of the M. E. church for over eight years, her home has always been open to the itinerant and next to the interests of her family have come those of her church. No one who gazed on her peaceful face could doubt that she had been one of Christ’s servants, and often she would say “How happy I will be when Jesus comes.” Besides her children she also leaves twenty-two grand-children and three great grand-children, she being one of five generations. The children and grand-children were all present except Mrs. Updike, of Penn., who was unable to be present. The services were held Aug. 27th at the town hall, conducted by Rev. Smith assisted by Rev. Dejebaroff. Many friends and neighbors came to pay their last respects to one who had lived among them so many years.
Dear grandma, we are loney now,
That dimpled cheek, that furrowed brow,
Were dear to us, we loved thee well,
Faithful and true, farewell, farewell.
Mrs. A. W. C.

1.  Cyrus Ameigh b. 1833.
2.  Losanea Ameigh b. 16 Apr 1835.
3.  Phebe Ann Ameigh b. 24 Dec 1838 Columbia Township m. 25 Sept 1859 Reuben Updyke.
4.  Richmond James Ameigh b. 30 Apr 1842.

Second Generation:
1.  Cyrus Ameigh b. 1833 was enumerated in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania in 1860, carpenter, with wife Julia C. b. c. 1834 Pennsylvania. Cyrus d. 1866 (ts) Maple Cemetery, Addison, New York. Julia m. (2)George W. Parcels b. c. 1838 New York as his second wife. Enumerated in Woodhull, Steuben County, New York in 1870, farmer; Tuscarora, Steuben County, New York in 1880, lumber manufacturer.

Martha M. Ameigh b. 31 May 1859 Pennsylvania d. 17 Nov 1899 (ts) Addison Cemetery.
George J. Ameigh b. 1860 Pennsylvania m. Sarah Stewart and he d. 1897 (ts) Addison Cemetery.
Richmond D. Ameigh b. June 1862 Pennsylvania.
Fred C. Ameigh b. Jan 1866 New York d. 1923 (ts) Maple Cemetery, Addison.
Benson Benjamin Parcels b. May 1867 New York.

2.  Losanea Ameigh b. 16 Apr 1835 m. 20 Feb 1853 Henry Cornwell b. 1 Dec 1823 New York. Enumerated in Woodhull, Steuben County, New York in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1870 and 1880, farmer. Henry d. 4 June 1893. Losanea d. 10 June 1913. Buried Plainfield Cemetery.

Plainfield - Henry Cornwell, an old resident of this town, died Sunday, leaving a wife and several grown children. Rev. Robert Sparks preached the funeral sermon on Monday (Daily Journal, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Saturday, June 10, 1893).

Mrs Locena Cornwell died last Tuesday at the home of her son, A. W. Cornwell, aged 78 years.
The funeral was held Thursday. Mrs. Cornwell was an old resident and leaves nine adult children (The Gazette, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Wednesday, June 25, 1913).

Mrs. Losanea Cornwell passed from this life Tuesday, June 10, 1913, at the home of her son Arthur, after an illness of five weeks, caused by a tumor. Losanea Ameigh was born in Pennsylvania, April 16, 1835, and was married to Henry Cornwell Feb. 10, 1853, and came to Wisconsin in 1865, settling in Pine Grove for a time, soon purchasing the farm now owned by her sons, Ed. and Arthur Cornwell. Her husband died June 4, 1893, and Mrs. Cornwell lived on in the old home until failing health made it necessary for her to live with her children. She was the mother of twelve children, two of whom, a son and a daughter, preceded her to the better land. Then children are left to mourn the loss of a mother, three daughters, Mrs. Elmina Stevens of Eau Claire, Mrs. Ella Cornwell of Bancroft and Mrs. Isabell Cornwell of Medford, Wis., and seven sons, Steward and Richmond of Bancroft, Daniel of Antigo, Alson of Mikana, Charles of Bancroft and Ed. and Arthur of the town of Plainfield. There are also thirty grand-children and twenty great-grand-children. Mrs. Cornwell is survived by one brother, Richmond Ameigh, of West Plainfield and one sister, Mrs. Phoebe Updike of Gilettes (should have been Gillett), Pa. Mrs. Cornwell was a woman who was devoted to her home and family, a good neighbor who will be greatly missed by a large circle of friends and neighbors. The floral tribues were many and beautiful, for which the family extend their thanks. The funeral was held Thursday at 2 p. m. at the Harris schoolhouse, with interment in the Plainfield cemetery, beside her husband and children.
“You have reached sweet heaven,
Led by the Saviour’s hand
And joined among the holy
The missing of our band.

And one by one we’re coming,
Obedient to his word.
And through his grace abounding
May all sit down with God.”

Stewart Cornwell b. 1854 New York.
Richmond Cornwell b. 29 Dec 1855 New York m. Annetta N. Ingraham.
Elmina Cornwell b. 20 Apr 1857 New York m. 14 Mar 1875 Vercyl Edward Stevens.
Ella M. Cornwell b. 15 Nov 1858 New York m. 8 Sept 1883 Lindon L. Cornwell.
Daniel N. Cornewell b. June 1861 New York.
Alson Cornwell b. Feb 1863 New York.
Cyrus Cornwell b. 11 June 1864 d. 5 Jan 1868 3y 6m 25d (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.
Charles P. Cornwell b. May 1866 Wisconsin.
Edgar Cornwell b. 5 Apr 1869 Wisconsin m. 20 Dec 1892 Lillie Wilson.
Isabel Cornwell b. Dec 1872 m. Wilbur Cornwell.
Arthur W. Cornwell b. Aug 1874 m. 29 Aug 1897 Anna E. Clark.
Estella Cornwell b. 24 June 1876 d. 15 July 1881 5y 21d (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.

4.  Richmond James Ameigh b. 30 Apr 1842 enlisted 22 May 1861 at Erwin, Steuben County, New York in Company K, 74th New York Regiment during the Civil War. Richmond m. 1874 Sarah Ellen Landsdown b. 31 Dec 1852 North Carolina. Enumerated in Plainfield Village, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1900, engineer sawmill, Sarah mother of seven children, seven children living. Enumerated in Plainfield in 1910, farmer, Sarah mother of nine children, seven living. Enumerated in Pine Grove, Portage County, Wisconsin in 1920. Richmond d. 18 Feb 1921 Pvt 74 NY Inf (ts) Plainfield Cemetery, Plainfield, Wisconsin. Sarah d. 25 Aug 1939 Prentice, Price County, Wisconsin buried with Richmond.

Bancroft - The many friends of R. J. Ameigh were grieved to hear of his death at Stevens Point last Friday. Mr. Ameigh lived here before moving to Stevens Point last fall (Daily Journal, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, February 23, 1921).

Mrs. Sarah Ameigh, 84, a former resident of West Plainfield and widow of Richmond Ameigh, died suddenly this morning of a heart attack at the home of her son, William Ameigh, at Prentice. Tentative funeral arrangements have been made for Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock at the Plainfield Baptist church. Surviving are five children, H. R. Ameigh, 522 South Illinois avenue, Mrs. Charles Marvin and Mrs. Grover Tripp of Tacoma, Washington. Wilbur Ameigh, 602 Shaurette street, is a nephew (Daily Journal, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Friday, August 25, 1939).

George W. Ameigh b. 23 May 1876 Indiana.
daughter b. June 1882 Wisconsin.
Winifred M. Ameigh b. May 1886 Wisconsin.
William Harvey Ameigh b. 27 Aug 1891 Wisconsin.
Walter Edward Ameigh b. 15 May 1893 Wisconsin.
Harley R. Ameigh b. 6 Mar 1896 Wisconsin.


Nathaniel Ellison b. 5 Sept 1829 Sullivan County, New York removed to northeastern Wells on Bird Creek Road and occupied the place begun by Merrick Barnhart. Dairy farmer. Wife, Angeline S. b. 26 Dec 1833 d. 22 Dec 1890 (ts) Pine City Cemetery. In the 1900 Wells directory, Nathaniel was a farmer with 75 acres. In the 1907-8 Wells directory, Nathaniel was retired. No date of death inscribed on marker in Pine City Cemetery. Thomas Ellison, age 16, enumerated in household in 1860.

1.  David H. Ellison (twin) b. 19 Dec 1858 d. 25 Jan 1864 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
2.  Ira H. Ellison (twin) b. 19 Dec 1858 d. 16 Apr 1864 (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
3.  Grant S. Ellison b. c. 1866.
4.  Nathaniel H. Ellison b. c. 1869.

Nathaniel H. Ellison, an employee of the Postal Telegraph Company, died of bronchial pneumonia, at the home of his brother, in Wells, Pa., aged sixty-one years. His brother, Grant S., Ellison, at whose home he died is the only near surviving relative. The funeral will be held at the Baptist Church in Pine City, Thursday at 2 p.m., the Rev. Charles Pittman will officiate. Burial in the Pine City Cemetery. (handwritten on obituary Mar. 15, 1920)


Huldah Evans of Wells m. William Retan of Wells, 1 Apr 1852 by Rev. Joseph Riggs.

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