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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2010 Edition

Road in Bradford County
Photo by Joyce M. Tice

(Grinell to Gustin)


Lorenzo Grinnell b. 23 May 1806 son of Charles and Sarah Grinnell, removed from Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York to Wells in 1836. Lorenzo appears on the 1837 assessment list of Wells along with half brother Elijah Grinnell b. 28 Nov 1808 Bainbridge son of Charles Grinnell and Jane Crawford. Lorenzo m. 4 Mar 1839 in Wells, Rhoda Griffin b. 1 Oct 1810 Greene County, New York daughter of Henry Griffin and Mary Mosher of Dutchess County, New York. Mary Mosher m. (2)James A. Wilson and also removed to Wells. Lorenzo was fifteen years justice of the peace, elected state legislature in 1865 serving two years. Lorenzo d. 18 May 1867 61y (ts) and Rhoda d. 6 Jan 1899 88y 3m 5d (ts and Bradford County death record) Mosherville Cemetery.

1.  Harrison Grinnell b. 1840 d. 15 Feb 1914 73y 11m 7d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
2.  Susan Grinnell b. c. 1842 d. 30 Sept 1865 23y (ts) Mosherville Cemetery, her funeral preached at their home 2 Oct 1865 by Rev. Joel Jewell.
3.  Henry Griffin Grinnell b. 26 Nov 1844.
4.  Mary E. Grinnell b. 1848 d. 30 Nov 1864 16y 2m 22d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

Second Generation:
3.  Henry Griffin Grinnell b. 26 Nov 1844 was a member of First New York Light Artillery during the Civil War, m. Dec 1865 Alice H. Daggett b. 7 Jan 1847 daughter of Cornelius C. Daggett and  Martha Jane Seeley and she d. 2 Aug 1880. Henry m. 22 Dec 1881 (2)Elsa Brewer Hogaboom b. 1846 daughter of William Brewer and Lucy Barber and widow of Vincent Hogaboom. Farmer, Henry d. 1907 (ts) 20 Aug age 62 at Elmira (obituary) buried with Alice, Mosherville Cemetery. Elsa  d. 2 Sept 1912 Elmira, New York buried with Vincent at Jobs Corners.

5.  Stowell Elijah Grinnell b. 8 Apr 1867, carpenter, m. 17 June 1892 Nellie Calkins, teacher of Columbia Township, b. c. 1867 daughter of John Henry Calkins, resided Elmira, New York.
6.  Henry G. Grinnell b. 1868.
7.  Mary A. Grinnell m. Charles Wylie and resided Chicago, Illinois.
8.  Lorenzo S. Grinnell.
9.  Jennie Grinnell m. William S. Knapp.

Third Generation:
6.  Henry G. Grinnell b. 1868 m. Carrie Sheive b. 1868 daughter of Jacob Sheive and Margaret A. Bortle. Carrie d. 1934 and Henry d. 1957.

Charles H. Grinnell b. 1890 d. 29 Mar 1911 age 21.
Margaret Grinnell b. 8 Apr 1892 m. Clarence Osgood.
Ella Grinnell (twin) b. 1895 m. Clifford Schofield.
Nellie Grinnell (twin) b. 1895 m. Lawrence Palmer.
Louise Grinnell b. 1898 m. Jesse Bryant.
Marie Grinnell b. 1900 d. 1900.
Lee Grinnell b. 1901 m. Marie Doty.
Lorenzo Grinnell b. 1904 d. 1905.
Shirley Grinnell b. 1906 m. Doris Hamilton.
Edgar Grinnell b. 1909 m. thrice.
Harold Grinnell b. 1911 m. Marie Price.

8. Lorenzo S. Grinnell m. 16 May at Virtus, Columbia Township, Myrtie Warner, daughter of J. E. Warner. Resided Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a period of time.


Elijah Griswold and Abigail Thomas resided Tyringham, Berkshire County, Massachusetts and Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York and later on Chemung River flats in Chemung County, New York. Elijah b. c. 1735 d. after 1818 buried Riverside Cemetery, town of Chemung.

1.  Elijah Griswold.
2.  David Griswold b. 12 Mar 1761 Tyringham, Massachusetts.
3.  Sybil Griswold b. Feb 1765 m. Enoch Kinyon and she d. 2 Apr 1838 73y 1m 14d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport, Chemung County, New York.

Second Generation:
2.  David Griswold b. 12 Mar 1761 enlisted at age fifteen in the New York militia during Revolutionary War while residing with his parents at Hillsdale, New York. After the war he m. Sarah Beckwith. They removed from Hillsdale to Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1787 coming up the Susquehanna River from Orange County, New York. They located on the south side of the Chemung River between Elmira and Wellsburg. David “Grissell” received 104 acres on lot 62, 4 Nov 1788 in the town of Southport. Sarah d. 16 Dec 1796 34y (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery. David m. summer of 1799 Mrs. Jane Dunham Stull b. 19 Feb 1773 by William Jenkins, justice of the peace. David applied for and received a pension for war service. Will of David Griswold dated 18 June 1845 Southport probated 1 June 1847 named sons John, Jonas, David; grandchildren, Sally Hetfield, Mary Hetfield, David Smith, James Smith, Sarah Smith; son, Thomas dec’d and his wife Betsey; wife, Jane. Three sons executors. David d. 29 Mar 1847 86y 17d and Jane d. 18 Aug 1859 86y 5m 29d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery, town of Southport.

Children of David and Sarah:
4.  Mary Griswold b. 1782 m. a Smith.
5.  David Griswold Jr., b. 1 Jan 1787 Tioga Point, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
6.  Thomas Griswold b. 22 Feb 1790 Southport, New York.

Children of David and Jane:
7.  Nancy Griswold b. 28 Dec 1800 m. Hiram Hatfield.
8.  John Griswold b. 22 May 1803.
9.  Sarah Griswold b. 22 Aug 1806.
10.  Jonas Griswold b. 16 Apr 1810 d. 12 July 1891.

Third Generation:
5.  David Griswold Jr. b. 1 Jan 1787 m. Frances Wells b. New York daughter of Abner Wells and Keturah Tracy of Southport. David is related to have settled in Wells in 1818, purchasing lands of George Hyde. However, he first appears on the 1817 assessment list indicating he perhaps arrived in 1816 or earlier. Residence was in southern Wells on warrant parcel 1390 at or near Aspinwall (now Coryland). He was appointed one of two judges at a town meeting held March 20, 1818. Enumerated 1820 census of Wells with one male under age ten, one male of age ten and under age sixteen, one male of age twenty six and under age forty five and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five in the household. In 1837 David was commissioned justice of the peace, which role he filled for many years. Fanny d. 30 June 1851 60y (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. David m. 20 Mar 1852 (Elmira Republican, March 26, 1852) in Southport, Sarah Ann Giles of Southport. David d. 18 Apr 1865 78y 3m 17d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Probate dated 19 July 1865 (Bradford County file 1801). Sarah Ann d. 22 Jan 1868.

son b. 1805-10.
son b. 1811-20.

6.  Thomas Griswold b. 22 Feb 1790, served War of 1812, m. 11 Aug 1816 at Elmira, New York, Elizabeth Waeir, known as Betsey, b. 16 Oct 1798 Southport, New York daughter of John Waier and Sarah Clauson. Thomas and family removed in the spring of 1825 to Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan. They were some of the first settlers, he building the first frame house into which his family moved in November 1825. During 1826 there were only four families in the vicinity. Thomas d. 15 Oct 1836. Betsey m. (2)Samuel Willard and she d. 25 Dec 1871 buried Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh.

Martha Griswold b. 1817.
Charles Griswold b. 1818.
George Griswold b. 1822.
David Griswold b. 1824.
Julia Griswold b. 1828.
Sarah Ann Griswold b. 1831.
John W. Griswold b. 22 July 1834 m. Harriet Bangs.

8.  John Griswold b. 22 May 1803. Wife, Sally d. 19 Nov 1838 31y 3m 23d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery. John d. 9 Jan 1879.

9.  Sarah Griswold b. 22 Aug 1806 m. Richard Hatfield and she d. 13 Dec 1828 22y 3m 9d (ts) Fitzsimmons Cemetery.

Sarah Hatfield.
Mary Hatfield.

Lemuel Griswold appears on the 1820 assessment list, single, assistant assessor.

J. Griswold residing central Wells, 1858 map.


J. Grover owned a sawmill on Bird Creek, known as J. Grover and Company.


John Gustin b. 5 Nov 1691 Lynn, Massachusetts m. c. 1713 Mary Bushnell. John was baptized "owning the covenant in public" at Stonington, Connecticut 7 July 1714. He removed from Stonington to Hebron, Connecticut, moving thence to Glastonbury, where he remained for some years and where he became an extensive landowner. The land records of Glastonbury speak of John Gustin coming from Hebron and record deeds of land to John, Jr., Alpheus, Eliphalet and Amos Gustin, and they disposed of much of their property as the above deeds show, about 1753 to 1754. About 1745 John Gustin moved to Florida, Orange County,  New York and then to Sussex County, New Jersey. Mary d. 3 Dec 1762 Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, buried between Branchville and Augusta. John d. 15 Oct 1777. Tombs of John and Mary Gustin, and their son Diadem or Deadem still remain. The stones read:  "Here lies ye body of John Gustin, Deceased Oct. 15, A.D. 1777 being in ye 88 year of his age." "Here lyeth ye body of Mary Gustin, 70 years old Deceased Dec. 3, A.D. 1762.”

1.  Elizabeth Gustin b. 5 Jan 1714 Stonington, Connecticut m. 27 June 1728 John Douglas.
2.  John Gustin b. 18 Oct 1716 Stonington d. after 1750.
3.  Amos Gustin b. Oct 1718 Stonington m. Lydia Belding and he d. 1748 Glastonbury.
4.  Jemima Gustin b. Oct 1720 Stonington m. 1 Oct 1744 in Norwich, Connecticut, David Gardner.
5.  Samuel Alpheus Gustin b. 29 Nov 1722 Stonington.
6.  Eliphalet Gustin b. 18 Dec 1724 Stonington.
7.  Mary Gustin b. 16 Mar 1727 Hebron.
8.  Diadem Gustin b. 23 Apr 1729 Hebron d. 1762 Frankford, Sussex County, New Jersey.
9.  Benajah Gustin b. 3 May 1731 Hebron.
10.  Thomas H. Gustin b. 12 Jan 1735 Glastonbury.
11.  Kezia Gustin b. 29 Mar 1738 Glastonbury m. c. 1764 Abner Skinner.
12.  Jeremiah Gustin b. 26 July 1740 Glastonbury.

Second Generation:
5.  Samuel Alpheus Gustin b. 29 Nov 1722 Stonington m. 1744 Elizabeth Neville b. 1726 Stonington daughter of John Neville and Sarah Sherlocke d. c. 1754 perhaps Orange County, New York, m. (2)Mary Aberdy in Orange County, New York. Resided Berkeley, Virginia near Clarksburg where he settled at about the time of the Revolution purchasing immense tracts of land, much of which was lost by squatters acquiring title. Samuel d. 1800 Morgantown, Virginia.

6.  Eliphalet Gustin b. 18 Dec 1724 Stonington m. 1754 in Norwich, Connecticut, Mary Whitman. Settled prior to 1763 in Sussex County, New Jersey. About 1777, during the Revolutionary War, he and his wife in company with others, started overland for Canada. They were never again heard of. The entire party is supposed to have been killed while enroute by Indian allies of the British. This Eliphalet Gustin might possibly be the Eliphalet Gustin who was in Whittingham, Vermont as early as 1781. Their two youngest sons did not accompany them, but were left with their uncle Benajah.

13.  Whitman Gustin resided Spencer, Tioga County, New York.
14.  Lorenda Gustin.
15.  George Gustin.
16.  John Gustin b. 15 Nov 1762 Sussex County, New Jersey m. Abigail Smith b. 27 Mar 1766  Sussex County d. Ontario, Canada. John d. Ontario, Canada, resided Long Point, Norfolk County, Ontario. John and Abigail settled prior to 1800 at Long Point where he operated a grist mill, one near Victoria and another near Wyndham. He m. after Abigail’s death.
17.  Eliphalet Gustin b. 2 Feb 1766 Sussex County.

9.  Benajah Gustin b. 3 May 1731 Hebron m. 2 Jan 1765 Anna Jayne b. 13 Feb 1736/7 Setauket, Suffolk County, New York daughter of William Jayne and Tabitha Norton. Eliphalet, Jr., and John, children of his brother Eliphalet, were left in his custody when their parents went to Canada and were never heard of again. Benajah and his wife had no children of their own. Benajah d. 18 Jan 1808 Sussex County, New Jersey buried Frankford Plains Cemetery. Anna d. 10 June 1821 Middle Smithfield, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

10.  Thomas H. Gustin b. 12 Jan 1734/5 Glastonbury m. c. 1758/9 in Orange County, New York, Ruth Owen b. 1735 Goshen or Florida, Orange County daughter of Timothy Eleazer Owen and Ruth Mowbray d. aft. 1790 Warwick, Orange County buried Old Church, Florida, Orange County, m. (2)Sarah Allen. Thomas d. Apr 1814 Warwick, Orange County buried Old Church.

18.  Hannah Gustin.
19.  Jane Gustin.
20.  John Gustin b. 8 June 1760.
21.  Timothy Gustin b. 2 June 1762 Florida, Orange County.
22.  Thomas Gustin b. 1763.
23.  Samuel Gustin b. 1766.
24.  Jesse Gustin b. 25 June 1768.
25.  David Gustin b. 7 Jul 1771.
26.  Mary Gustin b. 27 Apr 1773.
27.  Benajah Gustin b. 7 Feb 1784 m. 1805 Sarah/Mary (Shirrod) Sherrod b. 4 June 1786 daughter of John Shirrod and Mary, m. (2)Nancy Stewart, resided  Sandusky, Ohio.

12.  Jeremiah Gustin b. 26 July 1740 Glastonbury m. 1763 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Bethany Fuller b. 1746 Mansfield, Connecticut daughter of Elkanah Fuller. Settled four miles west of Lebanon, Ohio in 1798 from Pennsylvania on a flatboat and landed at Jaretts Station, at the mouth of the Little Miami, six miles above what is now Cincinatti. Jeremiah d. 31 Aug 1823 Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio. Bethany d. 1829 Warren County, Ohio.

28.  Benajah Gustin b. 1763 Sussex County d. 1764 Sussex County.
29.  Benajah Gustin b. 1766 Sussex County, served American Revolution (W7610) m. 1789 Eleanor Bunton and he d. 1835.
30.  Samuel Gustin b. 1767 Sussex County m. Permelia Morris and he d. 1852 Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio.
31.  Namoi Gustin b. 1770 Sussex County.
32.  Jeremiah Gustin b. 1772 Sussex County m. 1797 Sarah Betts (2)Mary Newland and he d. 1863 Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio.
33.  Elkanah Fuller Gustin b. 1774 Sussex County m. Hannah Morris, divorced m. 1826 in Wayne County, Indiana (2)Nancy Troxel and he d. 1852 Anderson Township, Madison County, Indiana.
34.  John Gustin b. 1776 Sussex County m. Jane Howe and he d. 1829 Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio.
35.  Mary Gustin b. 1779 Sussex County m. John Stephenson and she d. Madison County, Indiana.

Third Generation:
17.  Eliphalet Gustin b. 2 Feb 1766 Sussex County m. Jemima Horton daughter of Elijah Horton and they removed from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania to Sheshequin, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1791 making their journey up the river in a canoe with household goods and two children. In 1800 they sold their improvements at Hornbrook and removed across the river to the mouth of Hemlock Run where they remained three years and then located in Burlington Township, Bradford County. Eliphalet m. 4 Aug 1822 at Burlington (2)Sarah Mills. Sarah d. 5 May 1837 57y (ts) and Eliphalet d. 1 July 1860 94y 4m 20d (ts) upon his farm at Luthers Mills.

Timothy Horton Gustin d. War of 1812. Letters of administration granted to Eliphalet Gustin of Burlington, 4 Dec 1815.
Freelove Gustin.
Joshua Gustin.
Simeon Gustin.
John H. Gustin b. 29 May 1796 m. Frances Lane (2)Elizabeth Mead.
Sarah Gustin.
Polly Gustin.
Phebe Gustin.
Rosanna Gustin.
Rosilla Gustin m. Samuel Wright.
Eliphalet Gustin, Jr., b. 7 Sept 1809 m. 31 Mar 1833 Cynthia Clark.
Mary A. Gustin m. Richard Rundell.

20.  John Gustin b. 8 June 1760 m. Esther Price b. 10 Sept 1766 Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Francis Price and Esther Dunn. John was Captain of the 1st Company of Grenadiers - Newton (1793 New Jersey State Militia census). Esther d. 25 Aug 1793 Sussex buried Frankford Plains Cemetery. John m. (2)Sarah Allen b. Jan 1769 daughter of Thomas Allen d. 23 Mar 1844 Sussex. John d. 11 Apr 1830 Augusta, Sussex County buried Frankford Plains. He served as a private in the Revolutionary War. He was a Colonel of the Sussex Militia in 1793 and in 1798 was elected a member of the New Jersey Assembly. Sworn in as sheriff 20 Oct 1807 and was a Colonel in the War of 1812, stationed in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas 18 Feb 1818; director of the Sussex Bank and the first postmaster at Augusta.

Children of John and Esther:
36.  Francis Gustin b. 26 Feb 1783.
37.  Thomas Price Gustin b. 16 July 1784.
38.  John Gustin b. 14 Aug 1785.

Child of John and Sarah:
39.  Joseph Gustin b. 7 May 1799 Sussex County, New Jersey d. 11 Dec 1804 Sussex.

21.  Timothy Gustin b. 2 June 1762 Florida, Orange County m. 26 Dec 1781 in Frankford, Sussex County, New Jersey, Elizabeth Longcor Hough b. 26 Dec 1773 Wantage, Sussex County daughter of John Hough and Maria Longcor. Timothy was a member of the 1st Company of Grenadiers - Newton, Capt. John Gustin (1793 New Jersey State Militia census). Timothy d. 10 Dec 1834 Wayne County, Pennsylvania and Elizabeth d. 22 Sep 1846 Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

40.  Esther Gustin b. 20 Dec 1792 Wantage m. Jesse Miller b. c. 1790. Esther d. 1813.
41.  Mary Gustin b. 5 Jul 1795 Wantage d. c. 1800 Wantage.
42.  John Anning Gustin b. 11 Aug 1798 Wantage.
43.  Benajah Gustin b. 2 June 1801 New Jersey.     .
44.  Maria Gustin b. 21 Nov 1803.
45.  Catherine Gustin b. 6 Mar 1806.
46.  Sarah Jane Gustin b. 10 Jul 1808.
47.  Timothy Austin Gustin b. 26 Dec 1811.
48.  Elizabeth Gustin b. 27 Aug 1818.

22.  Thomas Gustin b. 1763 m. Jane Huie b. July 1771 d. 10 Jul 1816. Thomas d. 30 Sept 1840 perhaps buried Frankford Plains Cemetery, Sussex County, New Jersey.

49.  Sarah Gustin b. 9 Mar 1799.
51.  Marguerite Gustin b. 18 Aug 1804 Sussex County, New Jersey.
52.  Jane Gustin b. c. 1806.
53.  Mary Gustin m. a Mann and she d. 30 Sept 1840.

23.  Samuel Gustin b. 1766 m. Charity Decker b. 22 May 1773 daughter of Daniel Decker and Charity Owen. Samuel was a member of the 1st Company of Grenadiers - Newton, Capt. John Gustin (1793 New Jersey State Militia census). Charity d. 12 Feb 1839 65y 7m 18d (ts). Samuel m. (2)Elizabeth Perrington. Samuel d. 6 Aug 1848 82y (ts) buried with Charity in Gabriel Cemetery, Town of Reading, Schuyler County, New York.

Children of Samuel and Charity:
54.  Temperance Gustin b. c. 1790 m. Daniel Washburn buried Gabriel Cemetery.
55.  David Gustin b. 31 Oct 1796 d. 22 Mar 1820 23y 4m 22d (ts) Gabriel Cemetery.
56.  Benajah Gustin b. 24 Sept 1798.
57.  daughter b. 1795-1800 (1810 census).
58.  Mary Gustin b. 20 Jan 1802 m. Isaac Smith and she d. 29 Apr 183129y 3m 9d (ts) Gabriel Cemetery.
59.  Samuel J. Gustin b. 3 Nov 1803 d. 2 Nov 1841 41y (ts) or perhaps 44y Gabriel Cemetery.
60.  Horace Gustin b. 1805.
61.  daughter b. 1801-10 (1810 census).
62.  Moses Gustin b. 26 Aug 1812.
63.  John Gustin b. 29 Aug 1814 d. 2 July 1817 2y 10m 3d (ts) Gabriel Cemetery.
64.  Owen Gustin b. 22 Dec 1816 d. 29 Apr 1817 4m 7d (ts) Gabriel Cemetery.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:
65.  Jesse Gustin b. c. 1840.
66.  Ruth Gustin b. c. 1841.
67.  Sarah Gustin b. c. 1843.
68.  Elizabeth Gustin b. c. 1845.

24.  Jesse Gustin b. 25 Jun 1768 m. c. 1790 Mary Knapp b. 18 May 1774 daughter of Samuel Knapp. Enumerated in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1830 with two males of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one male of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1771-80). Jesse first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells (compiled fall of 1834). On the 1839 assessment list he was a non-resident and had transfered property to Jehiel Ayers and on the 1840 list “moved away.” Removed to Troy, Bradford County, Pennnsylvania and were enumerated there in 1840 with one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), one male of age seventy and under age eighty (b. 1761-70), one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20), one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10), and one female of age sixty and under age seventy (b. 1771-80). Will of Jesse dated 1 Apr 1842 named present wife Mary and children Samuel, Thomas D., Mary, Jane, Julia and grandson Jesse Roe son of deceased daughter Sarah. Probated 10 May 1842. Jesse d. 19 Apr 1842 73y 9m 24d (ts). Mary and daughter Jane were enumerated in the household of daughter Julia and her family in Troy in 1850. Mary d. 22 Jan 1861 86y 7m 4d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.

69.  Sarah Gustin b. 18 Apr 1800.
70.  Thomas D. Gustin b. 17 July 1802 New York.
71.  Maria Gustin b. c. 1806 d. 4 Mar 1844 38y (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
72.  Samuel Knapp Gustin b. 18 Nov 1807 New York.
73.  Julia Ann Gustin b. 1 Sept 1812.
74.  Jane A. Gustin b. 27 Oct 1815 d. 3 May 1902 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.

25.  David Gustin b. 7 Jul 1771 m. 16 July 1803 (2)Margaret Roy daughter of John Roy and Margaret Schaeffer and she d. c. 1807. David m. 1 May 1808 (3)Elizabeth Roy b. c. 1781 sister of Margaret. David d. 10 July 1816 or c. 1824. Elizabeth d. 30 Oct 1851 70y (ts) Old Newton Cemetery.

Children of David and first wife:
75.  Benajah Gustin.
76.  Thomas Hugh Gustin b. 26 Nov 1793.

Children of David and Margaret:
77.  John Roy Gustin b. c. 1804 is related to have d. single.
78.  Susan Margaret Gustin b. 31 May 1806 m. Jacob Losey and she d. 1878.

Children of David and Elizabeth:
79.  Samuel Insley Gustin m. Adeline Woodruff and he d. 6 July 1879.
80.  Sarah Roy Gustin b. 1810-11 m. 18 Nov 1830 James Deazley and she d. 26 July 1874 63y (ts) Old Newton Cemetery.
81.  Bernard Owen Gustin d. young.

26.  Mary Gustin b. 27 Apr 1773 m. Daniel Havens b. 11 Feb 1773. Daniel d. 11 Feb 1833 and Mary d. 11 June 1836 Delaware County, Ohio.

Fourth Generation:
36.  Francis Gustin b. 26 Feb 1783 m. 1 Oct 1803 in Sussex County, Eleanor Shepherd daughter of Elisha Shepherd. Francis d. 23 Dec 1808.

82.  Sarah Ann Gustin b. 28 May 1804 New York, New York.
83.  John Shephard Gustin b. 18 Sep 1805 New York City.
84.  Violetta Gustin b. 26 May 1807 New York City.
85.  George Gustin b. 16 Sep 1808 New York City d. 18 Aug 1813.

37.  Thomas Price Gustin b. 16 July 1784 m. 15 Apr 1812 in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey, Susan Morse b. c. 1787 Elizabeth or Rahway, Union County daughter of Anthony Morse and Hannah Burrows.

"Thomas P. Gustin, son of Colonel Gustin, becoming financially embarrassed while in business with his brother in New York, returned to Augusta. He was followed by his creditors who requested Coroner Ephraim Green to apprehend him. Gustin, who was seated in the store, knowing the object of Green, sprang over the counter and seizing a pistol, fired at him, the ball entering his leg near the knee. For sometime his life was dispaired of, but after painful illness he recovered. Gustin immediately escaped to the West." From 1872 Historical Directory of Sussex County, New Jersey, page 25.

Thomas d. 1860.

86.  Mary Gustin b. 7 Jun 1813.
87.  Anthony Morse Gustin b. 11 Aug 1814.
88.  Sarah H. Gustin b. 15 Nov 1816.

38.  John Gustin b. 14 Aug 1785 m. 31 Dec 1808 in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey, Phebe Morse b. c. 1788 Elizabeth daughter of Anthony Morse and Hannah Burrows. John d. 29 Nov 1849.

89.  Amos Morse Gustin b. 8 Nov 1809 Elizabeth, New Jersey.
90.  John Alpheus Gustin b. 30 Apr 1811 Elizabeth.
91.  George Washington Gustin b. 18 Aug 1816 Elizabeth.
92.  Alexander Hamilton Gustin b. 18 Aug 1816 Elizabeth m. 1860 Ellen Smith b. May 1830 Ireland.

42.  John Anning Gustin b. 11 Aug 1798 Wantage m. Dec 1825 in Bethany, Wayne County, Sylvia Carr b. 28 Jul 1801 Mt. Holy, Burlington County, New Jersey daughter of James Carr and Esther Varnell d. 7 Aug 1883 Honesdale, Wayne County. John d. 30 Dec 1854 Honesdale. John was a merchant and postmaster in Honesdale. At the age of 18 he was appointed on 4 Dec 1816 as Deputy Sheriff of Wayne County by Solomon Jones, Sheriff. Appointed postmaster at Honesdale by President Filmore in June 1849.

93.  Frances Adelia Whitney Gustin b. 23 Oct 1826 Bethany, Wayne County m. Thomas Nicholas.

43.  Benajah Gustin b. 2 June 1801 New Jersey m. Margaret Snover b. 6 May bpt 18 Nov 1810 (Stillwater Church record) Stillwater, New Jersey daughter of George Snover and wife Elizabeth. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Removed in the 1850’s to Ward township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Benajah d. 24 Aug 1876 and Margaret d. 8 Feb 1893 buried Cummings Cemetery, Armenia township, Bradford County.

94.  Elizabeth Gustin b. 8 July 1838 New Jersey.
95.  Sarah Jane Gustin b. 3 Oct 1840 New Jersey.
96.  Catherine Gustin b. 14 Dec 1842 New Jersey.
97.  John Anning Gustin b. 21 May 1845 Bradford County d. 11 Feb 1865 Ft. Johnson,  Pennsylvania buried Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia township.
98.  Marcella Gustin b. 9 Apr 1847.
99.  Mary E. Gustin b. 21 Dec 1850.

49.  Sarah Gustin b. 9 Mar 1799 m. 27 Nov 1819 in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey, George W. Lane b. 30 Nov 1788 Cameron Mills, Steuben County, New York son of Mathias Lane and Altje Covenhoven. Sarah d. 4 Sept 1841 Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and George d. 15 June 1854 Troy.

100.  Alice Lane b. 3 Dec 1820 d. 1 Feb 1821.
101.  Lucilla Lane b. 5 Jan 1822 m. George Northrup.
102.  Cornelius W. Lane b. 10 Dec 1824 d. 3 Aug 1890 m. Margaret Elizabeth Royer.
103.  Alice Jane Lane b. 2 Feb 1826 m. Peter Northrup.
104.  Mary Gustin Lane b. 12 Oct 1828 m. James Holton Drake.
105.  Lorahnah Lane b. 25 June 1832 m. Allen Jack.
106.  Thomas Gustin Lane b. 9 May 1834.
107.  George Lane b. 7 Feb 1836 m. Clara Arvilla Drake.
108.  Sarah Bale Lane b. 14 Aug 1838 m. George Chilson.
109.  John Conover Lane b. 20 August 1841 Troy, Pennsylvania.

51.  Marguerite Gustin b. 18 Aug 1804 m. 12 Nov 1825 in Sussex County, New Jersey, William Stull b. 20 June 1799 son of Henry and Catherine Stull. Most of their children resided Baldwin, Chemung County, New York and Wellsburg, New York.

110.  Emily C. Stull b. 1830 m. Richard C. Gustin.
111.  Charlotte A. Stull b. 16 Mar 1832 m. James Fellows.
112.  Ezra D. Stull b. 1833.
113.  Jane Stull b. 1836.
114.  Austin Stull b. 1838.
115.  Thomas G. Stull b. 1842.
116.  William H. Stull b. 1844.

52.  Jane Gustin b. c. 1806 m. 14 Sept 1839 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Seely Mann. Enumerated in Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Jane d. 31 Oct 1876 71y (ts) Glenwood Cemetery,  Troy, Pennsylvania.

62.  Moses Gustin b. 26 Aug 1812 m. 1835 Phebe Miller. Phebe d. 30 July 1843 31y (ts) Gabriel Cemetery, Town of Reading, Schuyler County, New York. Moses m. (2)Miss Perington. Removed to Troy, Pennsylvania, photographer. Moses m. 26 Aug 1856 (3)Mary L. Salisbury b. 10 Mar 1833 Phelps, Ontario County, New York daughter of John Salisbury and Hannah Grace of Springfield Township. Moses d. 27 Dec 1891 and Mary d. Jan 1911 buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy.

Moses Gustin, whose death occurred at his residence in Troy, Pa, December 27, 1891, was born at Reading, Steuben Co., N.Y., 26 August 1812. He was the son of Samuel and Charity Gustin. He was married to Phebe Miller in 1835 and her death occured some eight years afterward. There were left to survive her two children, Sarah Louise, now Mrs. O. C. Hatfield of Watkins, N. Y., and James Madison, who died at Troy in 1886. Mr. Gustin was married again in 1857 to Mary Salisbury, eldest daughter of Captain John Salisbury of Springfield, who with their son Ray Gustin, a young man just  at his majority, survives him. Mr. Gustin moved to Troy in 1852 and established his business as a photographer, which has continued in his name til within a few years past. Moses Gustin will be remembered in this community as one of its most valued and respected citizens. His life has been characterized throughout by a broad christian charity, a genial friendly spirit, and he dies with a conscience void of offence toward God and man. As a citizen he was patriotic, public spirited, and progressive. As a friend he was both true and just, and mingled his friendly counsels with timely rebuke when the occasion called for it. As a man he was unselfish and ever devoted to the best interests of his fellow men. He was a abolitionist and republican in politics, never deviating from his party principles except, as he expressed it, to give more emphasis to his temperance sentiments than he was able to do within party lines. For many years he was an esteemed member of Priam Lodge of the independent order of Odd Fellows and at his request his brothers bore his remains tenderly to his last resting plasce. In his faith he was broad and liberal, beliving firmly in God, and his creedid best  expressed by the lines of Whittier:
"I know not where his islands lift
Their fonded palms in the air;
I only know I cannot drift
Beyond his love and care."
He was a man of remarkable intelligence, a close student and careful observer of the events of his day, and in many scientific subjects he had advanced as far as there was any substantial literature  concerning them. He spent a large amount of money and time in the endeavor to make an improved code for his signal service and his code and system of signals received high praise from government officials of this and other countries. He leaves a legacy of good example to the community in which he lived (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1892).

Children of Moses and Phebe:
Sarah Louise Gustin m. O. C. Hatfield.
James Madison Gustin b. 3 June 1839 served in Company F, 5th Regiment Pennsylvania RVC during the Civil War, m. 7 Oct 1869 (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, October 14, 1869) Charlotte Wolfe b. 1845. James d. 29 Apr 1886 46y 10m 26d (ts) and Charlotte d. 1918 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy.

Child of Moses and Mary:
Ray Gustin b. 26 Sept 1870 m. 14 Oct 1896 Bessie Louise Johnson.

69.  Sarah Gustin b. 18 Apr 1800 m. Leonard Roe b. 23 June 1798 son of George Roe and Margaret Struble. Sarah d. 3 Nov 1840. Leonard m. 19 Apr 1842 (Sussex County marriage record) Mary Jane Totten. Leonard d. 24 Oct 1872 Branchville, Sussex County, New Jersey.

117.  Mary Gustin Roe b. 1820 m. John Linn Everett.
118.  Margaret Roe b. 10 Nov 1821 m. 5 Aug 1843 (Sussex County marriage record) Henry Shepherd Fountain.
119.  Jesse Gustin Roe b. 16 Nov 1823 m. 22 Dec 1858 Harriet Roe b. 1832 and he d. 1906.
120.  Julia A. Roe b. 1826 m. Martin R. Everett.
121.  Sarah Jane Roe b. 1828 m. William Mattison.
122.  Karen H. Roe b. 1830 m. George F. Chapman.
123.  Morris S. Roe b. 8 Sept 1831 m. Rachel Ann Tuttle.
124.  Charles Roe b. 1836 m. Emma Cole b. 19 Jan 1819 and she d. 25 Feb 1882 buried Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
125.  Henrietta C. Roe b. 1838 d. bef. 1891.
126.  Phebe A. Roe m. 30 Nov 1876 (Sussex County marriage record) Timothy Longwell.

70.  Thomas D. Gustin b. 17 July 1802 m. 1 Sept 1820 (Killgore bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey, Anna Killgore b. 29 June 1799 daughter of Robert Killgore and Rachel Hasbrouck Kyte of Wantage Township, Sussex County. Enumerated in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1830. They removed to Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania perhaps in 1833 acquiring property of Aaron Burr. Thomas first appears on the 1834 assessment list of Wells. Resided in Wells Township for a few years and then removed to neighboring Columbia Township, same county before the 1840 census enumeration. Residence was in northern Columbia at Baptist Hill. In the 1840 tax assessment, Thomas was asssessed for 80 improved acres, 157 unimproved acres, 2 cows, 2 horses. Thomas was one of six members of the first Board of Trustees for the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia formed at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in Wells Township. Anna became a member of the church (now the Coryland Presbyterian) in 1855. Anna d. 10 Sept 1876 77y 2m 27d (ts) and Thomas d. 4 Apr 1887 84y 8m 18d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.

127.  John Gustin b. Mar 1821 Wantage, New Jersey.
128.  William Gustin b. May 1823 Wantage.
129.  Mary Gustin b. 11 Aug 1825 Wantage.
130.  Timothy Gustin b. 20 Feb 1836 Wells Township.

72.  Samuel Knapp Gustin b. 18 Nov 1807 first appears on the 1835 assessment list (compiled fall of 1834) of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, m. 12 Dec 1835 in Wells, Hannah Wortendyke b. 3 Oct 1818 New Jersey daughter of Abraham Wortendyke and Rachel Doremus. On the 1839 list Samuel was a non-resident having transfered property to Andrew P. Bowman and on the 1840 list “moved away.” Enumerated in Troy in 1840 with a male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10) and a female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20). Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850, peddlar. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1860, farmer; 1870, laborer. Hannah d. 4 Feb 1884 and Samuel d. 4 Feb 1892 buried Gillett, Bradford County.

131.  infant son b. 17 Dec 1836 d. 18 Dec 1836 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.
132.  Oscar Gustin b. c. 1840 d. 27 Mar 1883.
133.  Emma Jane Gustin b. 26 Feb 1843 m. 20 Oct 1868 James B. Gordon.
134.  Mary O. Gustin b. 1849 m. 20 Oct 1868 C. F. Moore of Troy, resided Fassett.
135.  John Gustin b. Nov 1850 m. Abigail (2)Susan Jane Hilfiger widow of Hiram Zenus Hakes.
136.  Daniel W. Gustin b. c. 1853.
137.  Jesse N. Gustin b. Oct 1859 m. Elma Brown.
138.  Samuel A. Gustin b. 1 Aug 1862 d. 23 Feb 1863 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

73.  Julia Ann Gustin b. 1 Sept 1812 m. 19 Dec 1833 (Sussex County marriage record) Daniel Wood b. c. 1809 New York. Resided Troy, Pennsylvania. Julia d. 24 Aug 1850 37y 11m 23d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery, Troy.

139.  Jesse Gustin Wood b. 21 Aug 1834 New York d. 24 Aug 1861 27y 3d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
140.  Horatio N. Wood b. 21 Mar 1836 New York d. 18 Mar 1854 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
141.  Jane Wood b. c. 1837 New York.
142.  Mary Etta Wood b. 1841 New York d. 2 Feb 1866 24y 9m 24d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
143.  George R. Wood b. 1843 New York drowned 26 Dec 1857 14y 6m 22d (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
144.  James Wood b. c. 1846 New York.
145.  William Wood b. c. 1847 New York.

76.  Thomas Hugh Gustin b. 26 Nov 1793 m. 29 Nov 1823 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Matilda Abers b. c. 1802. Enumerated in Troy Township in 1840 and in Columbia Township in 1850 d. 19 Oct 1854 (ts) Fries Cemetery, Columbia Township. Matilda renounced administration and requested court appoint son Anson Gustin, 6 Nov 1854. Anson and Elias Gustin appointed adminstrators. Inventory filed 10 Nov 1854.

146.  Elizabeth Jane Gustin b. 9 June 1825 m. Alfred Furman and she d. 11 Sept 1859 (ts) Fries Cemetery.
147.  Anson Gustin b. 1826-30.
148.  Elias Gustin b. c. 1831.
149.  Almira Gustin b. c. 1834.
150.  Isaiah Gustin b. c. 1839.
151.  Mary Gustin b. 5 Aug 1844 d. 16 Sept 1849 5y 1m 11d (ts) Fries Cemetery.

Fifth Generation:
82.  Sarah Ann Gustin b. 28 May 1804 m. 7 Apr 1827 Bennett Dunbar b. c. 1800 m. (2)Lambert Norton.

Violetta Dunbar b. c. 1828 m. Luke Savage and she d. 1861.
Elisha? Dunbar b. c. 1830 m. Eugene Luscom.
James Dunbar b. c. 1832 d. 27 Sep 1861.
David Dunbar b. c. 1834 m. Josephine Reed.
Eleanor Dunbar b. c. 1836 d. 28 May 1844.

83.  John Shephard Gustin b. 18 Sep 1805 m. 29 Apr 1826 in New York City, Susan H. McComb b. 9 Jan 1800 New York City d. 7 Mar 1879. John d. 18 Feb 1869, Boston, Massachusetts.

84.  Violetta Gustin b. 26 May 1807 m. George Peacock b. c. 1804 Liverpool, England d. 1857 Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey and Violetta d. 3 Mar 1861 Boston.

88.  Sarah H. Gustin b. 15 Nov 1816 m. 1836 Amos Allen Aller b. 6 Mar 1809 d. 30 Sep 1874 and Sarah d. 25 Oct 1905.

94.  Elizabeth Gustin b. 8 July 1838 m. 8 Sept 1859 in Ward township, Tioga County, James Soper of Union.

95.  Sarah Jane Gustin b. 3 Oct 1840 m. 27 Dec 1864 Richard Malachi Howland b. Feb 1840 d. 20 June 1908 and Sarah Jane d. 13 Dec 1910 buried Fries Cemetery, Columbia township.

Jesse M. Howland b. 1868 m. Alden Swayze and she d. 1895.
Margaret E. Howland b. 1869 m. Charles Pearson.
Lynda M. Howland b. 1873 m. Frank Williams.
Orilla J. Howland b. 1876 d. 13 Mar 1877.
Mary Howland b. 1879 m. George Yates.
Ethel D. Howland b. 1884 d. 8 Jan 1892.

96.  Catherine Gustin b. 14 Dec 1842 m. P. Swaney.

Thomas Swaney.
Margaret Swaney.
Frank Swaney.
George Swaney.

98.  Marcella Gustin b. 9 Apr 1847 m. before 1860 Charles L. Smith.

Julia Smith b. c. 1873.
Zella Smith b. c. 1876.
Lydia Smith b. c. 1878.
Charles LaFayette Smith b. c. 1881.
Ettie Smith b. aft. 1881.
Margaret Smith b. aft. 1881.

99.  Mary E. Gustin b. 21 Dec 1850 m. c. 1866 Samuel Levi Kniffin b. 25 Dec 1846. Mary d. 25 July 1876 buried Cummings Cemetery, Armenia Township, Bradford County.

John D. Kniffin b. 1868.
Edward Kniffin b. c. 1870.
Elizabeth Kniffin b. c. 1874.
Nellie Almira Kniffin b. c. 1876.

146.  Elizabeth Jane Gustin b. 9 June 1825 m. Alfred Furman b. c. 1822. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850, farmer. Elizabeth d. 11 Sept 1859 (ts) Fries  Cemetery, Columbia Township. Alfred and children enumerated in Columbia in 1860, farmer. Alfred m. (2)Martha Howe b. c. 1843. Enumerated in Ward Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1870 and 1880. Alfred d. 14 Apr 1887 65y 1m 9d (ts) Ward Township buried Furman Cemetery, Ward Township.

Emma Furman b. 1847 m. William Love (2)Emmanuel Zacharias.
Howard Gustin Furman b. June 1848 d. 1942 Nebraska.
Thomas Paul Furman b. 15 July 1851.
Mary Jane Furman b. c. 1852.
Anson H. Furman b. c. 1854.
Alfred William Furman b. c. 1856.

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