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Jacobus (James) Joralemon b. 16 Jan 1752 m. in Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey, Margaret Hill bpt 16 Apr 1752 St. John's Church, Elizabethtown, New Jersey daughter of John Hill and wife Margaret who had removed to Sparta before Dec 1773 (date of marriage of son, Thomas Hill). He is not the James Joralemon who m. 18 Oct 1779 Mary Kingsland as several have claimed in the past for DAR and SAR membership, etc.

Benjamin Carter took action against James Joralemon and Isaac Potts in the Inferior Court of Common Pleas of Sussex County (File 1), 16 Aug 1773 for putting a skunk in his spring. Ordered to pay damages of two pounds plus court costs of one pound, two shillings, eleven pence. James Joralemon requested an appeal from the judgement that Benjamin Carter obtained against him. His sisters Charity and Blandina Joralemon were subpoenaed to appear. James and John Joralemon agreed to pay Benjamin Carter ten pounds, dated 17 Aug 1773, if judgement was confirmed. Both James and John signed their names as Joralemon. Case held over to Nov 1773 term with no further information as to action taken.

“James Joroloman” was listed on the 1793 military census of Hardyston, Sussex County, New Jersey. On 4 Nov 1794 John Williams brought suit against James Joralemon in the Inferior Court of Common Pleas (File 89) held at Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey seeking a sum of sixty four pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence. James signed a note dated 23 Mar 1780 promising to pay John Williams the aforementioned sum on or before 1 Apr 1790. The case was held over to the Feb 1795 term and again to May 1795. On 21 Aug 1795 the sheriff of Sussex County was issued a Writ to seize the goods, chattels, real estate, lands, and tenements of James Joralemon for payment of the above mentioned sum. James Hyndshaw, sheriff, seized one hundred acres of land with appurtenances, eleven head of cattle, two horses, beds and bedding, house furniture, and farming utensils.

In 1799, Martin Connett, Capt. Thomas Hill and James Jerolemon, all dwelling in the village of  Sparta, were paid $4.56 for burying a pauper. Thomas Hill was the brother of Margaret Hill Joralemon and he had m. Charity Joralemon, sister of James. "Margaret Joralemon wife of James" was received as a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Hardyston (now Sparta) on 23 Apr 1808. Written beside her name is "came from Mr. Grover's church." She was named in the Will of her brother Edward Hill, dated 5 Feb 1810 Bernards township, Somerset County as "sister, Margaret wife of James Jerolamon, $150 in trust, $50 for herself, $50 to Margaret Maloy and $50 to Nancy Philips." In a codicil dated 1 Mar 1810 he revoked bequest to Margaret Maloy and Nancy Philips, "sister Margaret to keep entire $150." Margaret's name appears in the 1810, 1819, and 1828 registers of the church. Beside her name in the 1828 register is written "died," this entry recorded sometime later. Both James and Margaret were still living during the 1830 census enumeration of Hardyston, both between the ages of seventy and eighty. On 25 June 1831 James Joralemon, farmer, and Margaret his  wife of Sussex County gave a mortgage to John Nicholls and Sarah his wife of Pike County, Pennsylvania, two lots of land in Upper Smithfield, Pike County, one of 66 acres and another adjoining lot of 32 acres. Date and place of death unknown, but perhaps Sparta in unmarked graves, as son John was still living there in 1832. Neither son had anyone of James or Margaret's age residing with them in the 1840 census enumeration. Two known children.

 1.  John Joralemon b. perhaps c. 1787.
 2.  James Joralemon, Jr., b. 1793.

Second Generation:
 1.  John Joralemon b. perhaps c. 1787. His date of birth is uncertain. No bible record or other vital    record has been found to substantiate this date. From the 1830 census he was of age 20 and under 30    placing his birth at 1801 to 1810. On the 1840 census he was of age 40 and under age 50 placing his
  birth at 1791 to 1800. In 1850 he was age 55; in 1860 age 70; in 1870 age 70; and in 1880 he was age   93; and when he died in Jan 1882 his obituary related that he was 95. In a letter dated 16 Mar 1929,    Lillian Joralemon Barker, granddaughter of John, wrote to her cousin William R. Joralemon, and    stated "Grandfather John Joralemon died Jan. 16, 1882. Five of his children were living at the time of   his death - none of them knew the day of his birth but all said he would have been 96 years sometime    in the year 1882 therefore he must have been born say 1787."

  Both Lillian Barker and William R. Joralemon who joined the DAR and SAR erroneously assumed    that John was the grandson of James and Mary Kingsland Joralemon having acquired research from    Mrs. Edward Harte Jones.

  John m. 5 Nov 1814 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Azuba DeWitt born 1793 Frankford Township,    Sussex County daughter of Abraham DeWitt and Mehitable Hopkins. Their marriage appears in    the Sussex County marriage records. "John Jorelomon of Vernon married 5 November 1814 Subah    DeWitt of Frankford by Rev. William Hough." Azuba's parents resided in Frankford township, Sussex   County, New Jersey and were m. 28 Mar 1787 by Judge Francis Price in Frankford township. Several    members of her DeWitt family removed to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, including brothers, Joseph   H., John B., and D. Barnet DeWitt and sister, Elizabeth DeWitt Joralemon.

  John and Azuba resided near Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey. "In 1822 when Stephen Lyon and    his wife, Elizabeth became residents of Sparta village, there were in the village or near it, according    to Mrs. Lyons recollections, but three members of the Methodist church besides herself. They were    Ziba Nichols and the wives of James and John Geroloman, farmers near by." This is taken from the    History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey by James Snell. The first attempt to hold services   was about 1830.

  John Joralemon brought action against Anthony Peters and John Moore in the Inferior Court of    Common Pleas of Sussex County (File 12) for nonpayment of eighteen days of service of a horse    owned by John Joralemon. Judgement was given to Joralemon. Peters and Moore acknowledged that    they were indebted to John Joralemon in the amount of one hundred dollars, 15 May 1828, but    appealed. On 30 June 1828 the parties proceeded to trial. Judgement was against the defendants in    favor of plaintiff (Joralemon) of thirteen dollars and fifty cents and two dollars and twenty cents court   costs.

  John, Azuba and their family were enumerated in the 1830 census of Hardyston township. They    removed from Sussex County sometime after November 1832 and before 1839 (youngest son, William   born in Pennsylvania) to Middle Smithfield, Monroe County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated    there in 1840. Their son, John married at Middle Smithfield 1 October 1838, which may indicate    John and Azuba had removed to Middle Smithfield prior to that date. The family removed from    Middle Smithfield to northwestern Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1842, either Wells or Columbia   Township. The biographical sketches in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by H. C.    Bradsby of Charles and Joseph Joralemon, both sons of John and Azuba, state 1843 as the arrival    date. However, in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by L. H. Everts, Charles Joralemon    related that he had been in the county since 1842. Also, John Hopkins Joralemon, a son of John and    Azuba, had a son die in January 1843 who is buried in the Judson Hill Cemetery in Wells township,    which would place the arrival of his family in Bradford County before January 1843 and probably in    1842 at which time the entire family perhaps removed to Bradford County. John first appears on the    1843 tax list of Wells. Daughter, Margaret VanKirk and her family preceded the family to Bradford    County by a few years as did also John’s brother, James Joralemon Jr., and his family.

  1843 Wells - John Jerralmen, 1 horse, 2 oxen, 2 cows
  1844 Wells - John Joralman, 2 horses, 1 cow, 2 stags
  1844 Columbia - John Jerolomon, 10 improved acres and house, 10 unimproved acres
  1845 Columbia - John Joralamon, 100 unimproved acres
  1846 Columbia - John Joralamon, 10 improved acres, 90 unimproved acres, 2 cows, 2 horses
  1847 Columbia - John Joralamon, 20 improved acres, 92 unimproved acres, 3 cows, 2 horses

  Azuba Joralemon died 14 November 1845 aged 52 years. This date and age are taken from the bible o   of her son, John Hopkins Joralemon and the same date and age are inscribed on the Joralemon    monument in Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The Joralemon    monument is a four-sided monument with the names of five members of the Joralemon family    inscribed. This monument was certainly not erected in 1845 when Azuba died, but at a much later    date. The Joralemons and DeWitts have the oldest dated markers in the cemetery and are believed to    be the first burials in the cemetery, which was perhaps originally a DeWitt and Joralemon family    cemetery. Several members of the DeWitt family also removed from Middle Smithfield to Wells    Township, some of them removing in a few years to Sullivan township, Tioga County. A very    deteriorated structure presently stands across the road from the Judson Hill Cemetery, being the old    Methodist Church built after the first church was destroyed by fire. Azuba and Elizabeth Joralemon    were instrumental in forming the Methodist class at Judson Hill. It is related that they were devout    Methodists, which may account for Elizabeth having a son who was a Methodist minister and Azuba    having three grandsons who were Methodist ministers.

  John Joralemon married sometime after Azuba's death and before the 1850 census enumeration, Mrs.    Eliza Sawyer McClelland b. c. 1807, widow of Andrew McClelland who died in 1836. Andrew and   Eliza were the parents of Eleanor Jane McClelland, Joseph McClelland, and Catherine McClelland b.   c. 1834.

  John and Eliza Joralemon removed in 1852 to Armenia Township, Bradford County. On 28 August    1852 Eliza Joralemon of Armenia township, late widow and relict of Andrew McClelland, late of    Columbia Township, sold (37:181) land as her surrender of dower to Eleanor Jane McClelland, eldest   daughter. The land transaction involved 112 acres and was signed in the presence of John Joralemon.   John first appears in the 1853 tax assessment list (compiled in the fall of 1852) of Armenia with 160    unimproved acres, 8 improved acres, 2 horses, 2 cows. The acreage remained the same until the 1859   assessment when John had 39 unimproved acres and 4 improved acres. John and son, Joseph and    family were living in the same household in Armenia in the 1860 census enumeration. Eliza was    residing with daughter, Eleanor Battin and family in Fox township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania in   1860. She was not enumerated with her daughter and family in 1870.

  John last appears on the 1864 assessment list of Armenia with 4 improved acres and 39 unimproved    acres. John is enumerated in the 1870 census of Troy borough in Bradford County, occupation being a   constable, his occupation previously recorded as farmer in other census records. John was age 70 on    the 1870 census and within his household was a Susan Joralemon age 53 and an Isaac Joralemon    age 19, the latter recorded as an idiot, unable to read or write. John and Susan Joralemon were    married sometime after 1860 and before September 1869, but her identity is unknown. The identity of   the Isaac Joralemon in the 1870 household is also unknown. No Isaac Joralemon appears on the 1860    census in the Joralemon households nor is he a grandson of John Joralemon. He is presumed to be a    child of Susan’s by a previous marriage. The only other record found of Susan Joralemon is on 4    September 1869 when Joseph Joralemon and Melissa his wife of the village of Otisville, Orange    County, New York deeded (108:347) a house and lot on Canton Street in Troy to Susan Joralemon.    Joseph Joralemon was a son of John and Azuba DeWitt Joralemon. Joseph Joralemon and wife,    Melissa of Orange County, New York gave (129:109)life lease of a house on the east side of Canton    Street in Troy to John Joralemon and all three signed. The next record of John Joralemon is in 1880    when he was enumerated with son, Charles and family in Columbia township. John Joralemon died    16 January 1882. His obituary relates that he died in Wells township. None of his children were    residing in Wells township at that date, so it is unknown who he may have been residing with unless    it was a grandchild who was residing in Wells township. He may have died in Columbia township if    he was residing with son, Charles. The biography of Charles Joralemon states "parents died upon    farm settled," but there are several inaccuracies in the biography. The date of death is recorded in the    1882 diary of Dunning Killgore who had married Helen M. VanKirk, a granddaughter of John and    Azuba Joralemon and this same date was also among records of Lillian Joralemon Barker, another    granddaughter. It is presumed John is buried in the Judson Hill Cemetery in Wells township. His    name is inscribed on the Joralemon monument in Judson Hill Cemetery with that of his wife and    other family members, but no date of death or age was inscribed, the monument evidently erected    sometime before 1882 and his date of death was not inscribed after his decease. Azuba's named    inscribed as "Zuba" and also sons, J. L., E. H., and William are on the monument with their dates of    death.

  DIED. Joralemon - In Wells, Jan. 16, of old age, John Joralemon, aged 95 years (Northern Tier    Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, January 19, 1882).

  In the biography of Charles Joralemon in the History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania by Bradsby it    is related seven children were born to John and Azuba DeWitt Joralemon, but as previously indicated    there are inaccuracies in this biography. In the obituary of Charles it relates there were eight children.   In notes of Lillian Joralemon Barker, she related that there were nine children, and that her father,    Joseph was the eighth child and that the youngest, William died of typhoid fever during the Civil War   and that one child died in infancy. Other notes indicate that the child who died in infancy was named    Barnabas.

  3.  Margaret Joralemon b. 27 Mar 1816 Sparta, New Jersey.
  4.  John Hopkins Joralemon b. 15 Mar 1818 Sparta.
  5.  James Ludlam Joralemon b. 1821 Sparta, assessed in Wells Township in 1844 as a single     freeman and in Columbia Township in 1845 and 1846 for one cow, d. 24 Dec 1845 aged 24 years     (ts) buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. He either died     in 1846 or the 1846 tax assessment was conducted in 1845 since he appears on the 1846 list.
  6.  Barnabas Joralemon d. infancy or early childhood.
  7.  Charles Wesley Joralemon b. 12 Apr 1827 Sparta.
  8.  Abraham DeWitt Joralemon b. November 1828 Sparta.
  9.  Edward H. Joralemon b. c. 1830 Sparta d. 28 November 1845 aged 16 years (ts), Joralemon     monument, Judson Hill Cemetery. His age does not seem to be correct on the Joralemon      monument, since he is not accounted for in his parents household in the 1830 census      enumeration, though he could have been born in the latter part of 1830 and was one of the two     males of age five and under age ten in the 1840 census enumeration. It would seem that he was     more likely fifteen years of age or even fourteen at the time of his death.
  10.  Joseph H. Joralemon b. 23 Nov 1832 Sparta.
  11.  William M. Joralemon b. c. 1838 Middle Smithfield, Pennsylvania enlisted in Company E, 11th     Pennsylvania Cavalry during the Civil War, d. 7 May 1865 25y (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.     Perhaps confusion with nephew William F. Joralemon. Entry says William M. Joralemon.     William was not named as a son of John and Azuba in the biography of Charles Joralemon in the     History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, however there are several inaccuracies in this      biography. The obituary of Charles Joralemon states there were eight children and notes of     Lillian Joralemon Barker related that William was the ninth child, one child dying in infancy.     William was the male child under age five enumerated with John and Azuba in 1840 and the     same William Joralemon who was age thirteen and enumerated in Columbia township with his     father in 1850. His age of thirteen in 1850 would place his birth at about 1837 while his age on     the Joralemon monument would place his birth at between 8 May 1839 and 6 May 1840. He has     not been located in the 1860 census enumeration. He is related to have died of typhoid fever     during the Civil War.

 2.  James Joralemon Jr., b. 1793 m. 23 Feb 1817 Elizabeth DeWitt b. 23 Jan 1790 daughter of    Abraham DeWitt and Mehitable Hopkins. Their marriage is recorded in Sussex County, New    Jersey records, "James Jerolemon of Sparta married 23 February 1817 Eliza DeWitt of Frankford by    Rev. William Hough." Elizabeth Joralemon's name appears as both Eliza and Betsey in some records,   both versions of Elizabeth. James and Elizabeth removed from New Jersey sometime after April 1826   when son John was born there, to Pike County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated there in 1830, no    township listed, but perhaps it was Milford Township as they were enumerated next to Elizabeth's    brother, John B. DeWitt and his family who were enumerated in Milford township in 1840. The    family removed to Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania perhaps in 1838 and first appear    on the 1839 tax list (compiled fall of 1838).

  1839 - James Jeroleman, 1 horse, 2 cows
  1840 - James Jeroleman
  1841 - James Joralemon, 2 horses, 3 cows
  1842 - James Joraleman, 50 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
  1843 - James Jerralmen, 50 acres, 1 horse, 2 cows
  1844 - James Joralman, 50 unimproved acres, 2 cows
  1845 - not listed
  1846 - not listed

   Enumerated in Wells in 1840. They were perhaps still residing in Wells as late as November 1845    when a daughter died and is buried in the Judson Hill Cemetery. Sometime after that date they    removed to Waterloo, Seneca County, New York and were enumerated there in 1850. They returned    to Wells Township sometime after the 1850 census enumeration and in April 1855, James Joralemon    purchased ten and one fourth acres in Wells township at Judson Hill. The same ten acres were sold in   August 1857 to John Joralemon of Painted Post, Steuben County, New York. John and wife, Louisa    A., of Seneca, Ontario County, New York sold (94:435) the same land, 2 April 1869 to Eliza    Dunning. James Joralemon died 5 May 1860 aged 66 years and 6 months (ts) and his marker is in the   Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The 1860 Pennsylvania    mortality schedule relates he died May 1860 age 67, born New Jersey, farmer, consumption of lungs,    died in the borough of Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. In the 1860 census enumeration,    Elizabeth Joralemon was residing with son, John at Wellsboro and in the 1870 census enumeration    she was residing with John at Seneca, Ontario County, New York. Her marker in the Judson Hill    Cemetery reads:

  departed this life
  MARCH 7,1871
  81 YRS. 1 MO & 12 DS.
  The soul of our mother is gone,
  To heighten the triumph above.
  Exalted in Jesus throne,
  And clasped in the arms of his love.

  From the 1830 census, James and Elizabeth Joralemon had five children in their household, two sons    and three daughters. Two names of the five children are known. Of the three unknown children, they    were all born between 1821 and 1825 according to the 1830 census. These three children were not in    the 1840 household, suggesting they were deceased or had married before the 1840 enumeration. If    they were deceased, the location of their interment is unknown to me or if they married, to whom is    unknown. There are no records after 1830 to indicate that these children were living or are there any    names involved with the remaining members of the family to indicate any other relationships.    Elizabeth Joralemon after her decease was living with son, John. Also, her tombstone is inscribed    "my mother," which perhaps indicates only one living child in 1871, her son, John.

  Notes of Henry VanFossen Harper relates that James and Betsey had children, Jonas, Mary Jane,    William, John, and seven more. Mrs. Charlotte Cooper Jones, a granddaughter of Betsey's sister    Sarah Jane DeWitt Miller also named these same four children.

  12.  Jonas Joralemon.
  13.  perhaps a child b. c. 1818.
  14.  child b. c. 1820.
  15.  child b. c. 1822.
  16.  child b. c. 1824.
  17.  John Joralemon b. 3 Apr 1826 New Jersey.
  18.  Mary J. Joralemon b. 25 Apr 1828 d. 10 Nov 1845 17y 6m 16d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  19.  child.
  20.  William D. Joralemon b. 17 Aug 1832 d. 12 Aug 1844 11y 11m 26d (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery.
  21.  child.
  22.  child.

Third Generation:
 3.  Margaret Joralemon b. 27 Mar 1816 m. sometime in 1835 or 1836 in New Jersey, Joseph     VanKirk b. 26 May 1813. Joseph and Margaret's first child was born in December of 1836 in New    Jersey, perhaps Warren County. They removed sometime after that date to Pennsylvania, perhaps    Columbia Township, Bradford County or perhaps Middle Smithfield, Monroe County. They had    removed to Columbia Township by 1840 when they were enumerated in the 1840 census there,    residing in northern Columbia near Baptist Hill. Margaret's uncle, Joseph H. DeWitt and family had    also removed in the 1830's to Columbia Township and her uncle, James Joralemon and family had    removed to neighboring Wells Township in the 1830's. Joseph first appears on the 1841 assessment of   Columbia and again in 1842 but also appears in neighboring Wells Township in 1842. Below are the    assessment years and property that Joseph was taxed on.

  1841 Columbia - 2 cows
  1842 Columbia - 3 cows
  1842 Wells - 8 improved acres, 72 unimproved acres
  1843 Wells - 4 improved acres, 6 unimproved acres
  1844 Wells - 22 improved acres, 90 unimproved acres, 2 oxen, 1 cow
  1845 Wells - 15 improved acres, 95 unimproved acres, 2 cows
  1846 Wells - 15 improved acres, 41 unimproved acres, 1 cow

   They removed from Wells to South Creek Township in Bradford County and were enumerated there    in 1850 and 1860. Joseph VanKirk of South Creek township purchased one hundred acres, 1 Dec    1854 of the William Bingham trustees (Liber 47:445) and twelve acres of Asa Gillette of South    Creek, 4 June 1855 (Liber 47:443). Their residence was in western South Creek near the Wells    Township line. The family removed from South Creek township sometime before 1867 to Smithfield    Township in Bradford County. Daughter, Tempie was married 1 Jan 1867 in Smithfield Township.    Joseph VanKirk of Smithfield township purchased 80 acres, 25 Feb 1867 in Smithfield Township    from Merit Wood (Liber 84:301) and 2 Mar 1867 Joseph VanKirk of Smithfield Township purchased   98 acres in Springfield township from John Wagner and William Wagner (Liber 84:300). In the 1869   atlas their residence was in southwest Smithfield Township in School District 3. They removed    sometime soon after to the borough of Troy, Bradford County where they were enumerated in 1870.    They returned to Smithfield Township and were enumerated there in 1880. From the August 7, 1884    issue of the Bradford Reporter newspaper published at Towanda is taken the following concerning    Smithfield Township - "Joseph VanKirk, formerly of New Jersey, carries a good dairy and general    farming, giving some attention to young stock. Walter Wolf, an enterprising young man, has charge    of the farm." Walter Wolf was their grandson. Sometime after the 1880 census enumeration they    removed to a farm at East Troy, Troy Township, Bradford County.

  Margaret VanKirk d. 22 Mar 1889 (ts and bible). Will of Joseph VanKirk of Troy Township dated 25   Apr 1894, named Adeline Wolf, Helen Killgore, Martha Mosher, Tempy Campbell, Alida Vernier,    Alice VanKirk, and children of dec'd daughter, Emma Fanning, to receive household goods. Son,    Joseph J. VanKirk, farming tools, horses, cattle, hay, grain, and farm in Troy township of one    hundred acres. Sons, John VanKirk and James VanKirk, $400 each. Daughter, Helen Killgore, $400    and daughter, Martha Mosher, $300. Remainder of estate divided among children. Executor, son,    Joseph J. VanKirk. Witnessed by Delos Rockwell and H. K. Mitchell. Proved 20 Sept 1895.

  Joseph VanKirk d. 14 Sept 1895 (ts, bible, and Bradford County death record) at East Troy, buried    with Margaret in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania. The Troy newspapers that may have    contained their obituaries are missing from the newspaper office collection.

  The VanKirk family bible with the family of Joseph and Margaret VanKirk is in the possession of the   compiler.

  Adaline VanKirk b. 23 Dec 1836 New Jersey.
  John VanKirk b. 19 Dec 1838 Milford, Pennsylvania.
  James Ludwin VanKirk b. 5 Apr 1840 Pennsylvania.
  Helen Margaret VanKirk b. 20 Jan 1842 Wells Township, Bradford County.
  Mary Emma VanKirk b. 16 Aug 1843 Wells Township d. 16 Apr 1844 Wells Township,      place of interment unknown.
  Martha Jane VanKirk b. 20 June 1845 Wells Township.
  Tempy Almira VanKirk b. 20 Apr 1847 Bradford County.
  Alida Eleanor VanKirk b. 9 Aug 1848 Bradford County.
  Mary Emma VanKirk b. 20 Sept 1850 South Creek township.
  Joseph Juner VanKirk b. 9 Oct 1853 South Creek township.

4.   John Hopkins Joralemon b. 15 Mar 1818 m. 1 Oct 1838 (bible) at Middle Smithfield, Monroe    County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth Albert b. 20 Aug 1819 (bible) Middle Smithfield, bpt 5 Mar 1820    (Shawnee Brick Church), daughter of Peter Albert and Margaret Transue. John, Elizabeth, and    their two sons, Albanus and Peter were enumerated in the 1840 census of Middle Smithfield. They    removed, perhaps in 1841, to Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where John was    taxed in 1842.

  1842 - John H. Joramon, 50 acres land and house, 1 yoke oxen, 2 cows
  1843 - John H. Jerolmon, 50 acres land and house, 1 pair oxen, 1 cow
  1844 - John H. Jerolomon, 55 unimproved acres and house, 1 pair oxen, 1 cow
  1845 - John H. Joralemon, 50 unimproved acres, 10 improved acres, 2 oxen
  1846 - John H. Joralamon, 10 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 1 cow
  1847 - John Joralamon Jr., 1 horse

  Their eldest son d. 17 Jan 1843 buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township. John is identified in    the tax rolls from his father with the middle initial of H. The family has never been located in the    1850 census, perhaps never being enumerated in that census year. Elizabeth Joralemon was the    mother of nine children before her death 3 June 1858 (ts and bible) buried Judson Hill Cemetery. J. H.   Joralemon m. 13 Feb 1859 (bible) (2)Ambrosia Brown b. c. 1832 and they were enumerated in 1860    in Troy borough, Bradford County, his occupation listed as day laborer. Ambrosia was perhaps m.    before her marriage to J. H. Joralemon. Her name in the bible is given as Ambrosia Brown and also    on the death certificates of her two sons. The death certificate of her daughter, states Ambrosia    Brown Renue. The death record of Ambrosia's son, Fred relates that she was born in Corning, New    York; death record of daughter, Harriette relates that she was born in Troy, New York. Ambrosia d.    13 Oct 1869 (bible), location of interment unknown. J. H. Joralemon was enumerated in Troy    Township in 1870 with his three by his second marriage, his occupation listed as stage driver. J. H.    Joralemon m. 15 Sept 1872 (bible) (3)Lydia Aurelia Bristol b. 21 Jan 1850 Towanda, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania daughter of Lyman Bristol and Nancy Ripley. They were enumerated on    Church Street in Smithfield, Bradford County in 1880, his occupation being mail carrier. John d. 30    Oct 1891 at Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania buried Main Street Cemetery in Canton. Lydia    Joralemon resided at 135 Exchange Street in Troy and d. there 5 July 1930 buried with her husband    at Canton.

  The sudden death last Friday morning of J. H. Joralemon was a shock to the community. He had    attended to his morning work, and after splitting a few slabs of wood went into the house and chatted    with his wife a few minutes, after which he commenced reading a newspaper. His wife was attending    to her household duties when she heard a groan and turning quickly saw her husband was stricken.    He expired with scarcely a struggle within a few moments. Heart failure was the cause. Mr.     Joralemon was about 77 years of age, but in spite of poor health, would have passed for a much    younger man. He had been feeling in good spirits that morning and indeed for several weeks had    enjoyed much better health than for some time past. Besides his wife he leaves several children and 2    brothers to mourn his loss. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, and a consientious,    upright man, enjoying the friendship and esteem of all who came in contact with him. The funeral    was held at his late residence Monday Rev. E. J. Rosengrant officiating, assisted by Revs. C. H.    Kilmer and F. Sherer (Canton Sentiel, Canton, Pennsylvania, Thursday, November 5, 1891).

  Lydia A. Joralemon, aged 80, died in her home on Saturday, July 5th, at 10 p.m., after an illness of    only a day. She was born in Towanda on January 1st, 1850, and was a life long resident of Bradford    County. On September 15th, 1872, she was united in marriage to John Hopkins Joralemon and to
  them was born one son, Ernest Hopkins Joralemon, who survives, with two grandchildren, Mrs.    Edmund Fanning, of Troy, and Mrs. Carol Esser, of Cooper's Plains, N. Y., and three great-    grandchildren, William, Barbara, and Graydon Fanning. A step-daughter, Mrs. Harriett Tabor, of    Plainfield, N. J., and a step-son, Fred Joralemon, of Elmira, also survive. Mrs. Joralemon, a woman    devoted to her family, became known to an unusually wide circle of friends through her practical    nursing of some years ago and through her connection with the Joralemon garage on Center Street.    She was a member of the First M. E. Church here and Presiding Elder, Rev. Eli Pittman, of Elmira,    officiated at the funeral from the church at eleven Tuesday morning. She was laid at rest by the side    of her husband in the family lot in the Main Street Cemetery, Canton (Troy Gazette Register, Troy,    Pennsylvania, Thursday, July 10, 1930).

  Children and dates taken from John Hopkins Joralemon family bible in possession of Mrs. Charles    Baldwin, Troy, Pennsylvania. Photocopy in possession of compiler.

  Children of J. H. and Elizabeth:
  Albanus Joralemon b. 13 Mar 1839 d. 17 Jan 1843 (bible and ts) buried Judson Hill Cemetery.   Peter Marion Joralemon b. 17 Apr 1840 Middle Smithfield township, Monroe County,      Pennsylvania about nine miles from the water gap on Delaware River.
  Margaret Jane Joralemon b. 1 Nov 1841 perhaps Middle Smithfield.
  Mary Adelia Joralemon b. 13 Aug 1842.
  William Freeman Joralemon b. 5 Apr 1844 Columbia Township, enlisted 1 Jan 1864 (noted as     age 18) at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in Company E, 11th Pennsylvania Cavalry as a private.     Described as having blue eyes, brown hair, light complexion, 5 feet 6 inches tall, farmer. He    received a bounty  for enlisting in the amount of $302, with $42 paid at enlistment and $260     owing to him. His enlistment papers were signed by mark only. He was captured at the battle of     Ream's Station, Virginia on 29 June 1864. He was confined at Richmond, Virginia on 2 July     1864 and then sent to the Confederate prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia on 16 July 1864.     There is no further record of William F. Joralemon and he may have perished at Andersonville     among the many "unknowns" and buried there.
  Azuba Ann Joralemon b. 28 Sept 1847 d. 10 July 1864 (bible and ts) buried Judson Hill      Cemetery.
  James Edward Joralemon b. 2 Nov 1849.
  Samuel B. Joralemon b. 12 June 1852 d. 5 Oct 1853.
  John Albert Joralemon b. 20 Jan 1854.

  Children of J. H. and Ambrosia:
  Olin Bernard Joralemon b. 3 Apr 1861 Troy, Pennsylvania.
  Frederick Lewis Joralemon b. 28 Dec 1863 Troy.
  Harriette Louise Joralemon b. 26 Nov 1866 Troy.

  Child of J. H. and Lydia:
  Ernest Hopkins Joralemon b. 15 Sept 1873 East Smithfield, Pennsylvania.

 7.  Charles Wesley Joralemon b. 12 April 1827. His biography in the History of Bradford County,    Pennsylvania by H. C. Bradsby states he was born 12 April 1828, but there are at least three known    errors in this biography. From his age on census records he was more likely born in 1827, which is    the date also inscribed on his monument in Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township. His brother,    Abraham is related to have been born in November 1828, which would not allow for Charles's birth    in April of 1828. His age on his death record is 78, which would place his birth at Apr 1826. His    marriage is recorded in the biography as 4 May 1851 to Lydia A. Wolfe. This date is incorrect, since    they were living in the same household in the 1850 census and enumerated as being married within    the census year. Their marriage occurred 4 May 1850. Lydia was b. 28 Mar 1827 (ts) Columbia    Township daughter of George Wolfe and Leefe Kennedy. It is related in the biography that Charles    was raised in Sussex County, New Jersey until the age of fifteen when he removed with his parents to    Columbia Township. Again, this is an error as the family removed from Sussex County to Monroe    County, Pennsylvania before removing to Bradford County. The age of fifteen is seemingly correct    when the family removed to Bradford County in 1842. The Joralemon farm in northern Columbia    Township was purchased February 1857 by Charles Joralemon from the William Bingham trustees.    Charles and Lydia resided on their farm the remainder of their lives. In the 1900 Columbia Township   directory the farm consisted of 230 acres. Lydia d. 3 Apr 1899 Columbia township (ts and Bradford    County death record) and Charles d. 30 Apr 1904 (ts and Bradford County death record) buried    Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

  Mrs. Lydia Wolfe, wife of Charles Joralemon, died Monday afternoon, April 3rd, 1899, at her home    in Columbia township, after a short illness with pneumonia. The deceased was 73 years of age,    having spent all her life in Columbia township. She was married in 1846 to Charles Joralemon by
  Rev. Wilkinson. The funeral services were held Thursday at her late home, Rev. Fisher Wilson of    Elmira, a former pastor, and Rev. Mr. Brundage of Roseville officiated. Mr. Wilson spoke of the    loving character and devoted christian life of deceased. The casket was covered with lilies, white    carnations and a wreath of roses from loving friends, which showed the high esteem felt for her by    her many friends. Mrs. Joralemon was a devoted wife, and kind and loving mother, and was loved    and respected by all those who knew her. In her early life she united with the Columbia and Wells    Baptist church, and has always been a true, devoted christian woman, always ready to do a kind deed    or say a kind word. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Mrs. Stephen Budd, two sons,    Edwin Joralemon of Wells and Hosia W. Joralemon, adopted son, Lewis D. Joralemon, also three    sisters and one brother, J. D. Wolfe, Mrs. Jefferson Warner, Mrs. Rhoda Wolfe and Mrs. Susan    Besley (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Saturday, April 8, 1899).

  Charles Joralemon of Columbia township, died at his home on April 30, 1904, of heart disease, after    an illness of only twenty minutes. He was born at Sparta, New Jersey, April 12, 1828, and was the son   of John and Zuba Joralemon, who settled in Columbia township in 1843. He located on the farm
  occupied by him at the time of his death. In May 1851, he married Lydia Wolfe, daughter of George    and Lydia Wolfe, who died April 4, 1899. They had three children, Edward, Hosea, Leefy, Mrs. Sturn   Budd, who survives him. Mr. Joralemon was one of a family of eight children all of whom, except    Joseph Joralemon of Troy, Pa., are dead. He was a man of sterling and upright character, held in high   esteem by all who knew him (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, May
  12, 1904).

  Edward Wolfe Joralemon b. Apr 1855 Columbia township.
  Leitha D. Joralemon b. Aug 1858 Columbia township.
  Hosea W. Joralemon b. 1 Nov 1864 Columbia township.
  Lewis D. Joralemon (adopted) b. Aug 1871 m. 25 Dec 1895 (Bradford County marriage Book     10:365) at the home of his bride on East Hill, Ruby A. Chase b. Apr 1874 daughter of William     P.  Chase and wife Elizabeth. In the Bradford County marriage records the parents of      Lewis are given as Charles and Lydia. His occupation was given as farmer and Ruby a teacher.     They were enumerated in South Creek township in 1900 with daughter, Elizabeth b. 14 Apr     1899 Gillett (Bradford County birth record). Daughter, Hildred b. 11 Aug 1901 Gillett      (Bradford County birth record). Listed in the 1908 Elmira, New York city directory, clerk,     residing 759 East Second Street, Ruby a dressmaker.

 8.  Abraham DeWitt Joralemon b. November 1828 m. 7/17 Jan 1852 Alice Ann Wolfe b. 24 Feb 1833    daughter of Renselear Wolfe and Emma Brown of Columbia Township, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania. Alice’s mother died 3 Nov 1836 age 21y 7m 8d (ts) Wolf Settlement Cemetery and    Alice and her sister, Hester b. Apr 1836 d. 12 Dec 1847 11y 8m (ts) were raised by Renselear's second   wife, Margaret Fries. Abram, as he was usually known, and Alice were enumerated in Columbia    township, Bradford County in 1860. In the 1869 atlas their residence was a farm on Armenia Road    (now Fallbrook Road) just outside the village of Troy, Bradford County. Enumerated in Troy    township, Bradford County in 1870. Abram owned the Troy Marble Works for a few years which he    sold in August of 1876 to two young men in his employ and returned to farming. Abram d. 3 Aug    1886 58y 8m (ts) and Alice d. 17 Jan 1891 57y (ts) buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy. Alice’s date    of birth is taken from records of Harold VanFossen Harper, a grandson. She was perhaps born 24 Feb   1834. She was age sixteen in the 1850 census enumeration and twenty six in the 1860 census    enumeration, both of which would place her birth at 24 Feb 1834, since both census enumerations    were conducted later in the year after her birth in February.

  Abram D. Joralemon died in Troy on Tuesday (Troy Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August    12, 1886).

  Died. Joralemon - In Troy, Jan. 17, 1891, of pnuemonia, Mrs. Alice, widow of the late A. D.     Joralemon, aged 55 years (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Saturday, January 24, 1891).

  Renselear Wolfe Joralemon b. Feb 1854 Columbia township.
  Charles W. Joralemon b. May 1856 Columbia township.
  Ida May Joralemon b. 11 Mar 1862 d. 24 Nov 1863 (ts) Glenwood Cemetery.
  Clark Howard Joralemon b. 17 Mar 1864.
  Adaline B. Joralemon b. 1866.
  Minnie Esther Joralemon b. 20 Aug 1868.
  Evangeline Joralemon b. Dec 1870 (age 9 in 1880 census) 1874 (1900 census) Troy township.

10.  Joseph H. Joralemon b. 23 Nov 1832. His biography in the History of Bradford County,     Pennsylvania relates that he was born in 1834 as well as his cemetery marker, both of which are in    error and other records cite 1832 as his date of birth, including his death certificate. Joseph first    appears in the 1854 tax assessment list of Armenia with one cow. In 1857 he had acquired 50    unimproved acres. Joseph m. 28 Apr 1857 (obituary of wife) Melissa Elnora Hall b. 3 May 1841    Union Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Hiram H. Hall and Hannah Kniffen.    Melissa was age nine in the 1850 census enumeration, residing with Andrew and Mary Kniffen in    Union township, placing her birth at 1841. Her obituary also indicates she was born in 1841, but her    age on several other census records would seem to indicate that she was born in 1842, which was also   the date given in the 1900 census enumeration and the date inscribed on her cemetery marker. Joseph   and Melissa were enumerated in Armenia township, Bradford County in 1860, son Mertin and    Joseph's father in their household. Joseph Joseph appears in the 1862 assessment list (compiled late    1861) of Armenia with 5 improved acres, 75 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 2 oxen, 1 cow. In 1861 they   are related to have removed to Troy, Bradford County where Joseph operated a meat market. Joseph    continued to retain property in Armenia Township for several years.

  During the Civil War he was related to be the proprietor of the "Bradford House" in Troy and in 1864   he is related to have had a clothing store in Troy. His biography, above mentioned, states he engaged    in lumbering from 1865 to 1871 in Orange County, New York. Other records would indicate the    family more likely were in Otisville, Orange County, New York from 1867 to 1872 where his uncle    Rev. William F. DeWitt and family resided. They were enumerated in the town of Mt. Hope (the    village of Otisville is within the town of Mt. Hope), Orange County, New York in Sept 1870, Joseph    listed as a saloon keeper. Operated grocery business at Troy after return from Otisville, New York,    except for 1876, when Joseph is related to have operated a boarding house in Philadelphia. Residence    was on Canton Street in Troy. In the 1900 directory he was listed with oysters, green groceries and    fruit in the Opera House Block on Canton Street. Joseph d. 19 Apr 1906 (Pennsylvania state death    record) Troy  borough. After his death, Melissa and Effie operated a boarding house at Troy until    Melissa's death 3 Jan 1914, buried with husband and son in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania.   The Troy newspaper that would have contained Joseph's obituary is missing from the collection.

  Mrs. Melissa E. Joralemon, the daughter of Hiram and Hannah Hall, was born in Union township, a    few miles from Canton, May 3, 1841. She was married April 28, 1857 to Joseph Joralemon, whose    death April 19, 1906 occurred a few days before the 49th anniversary of their wedding. Mr. and Mrs.    Joralemon came to Troy in 1861, and with the exception of five years in Orange County, while Mr.    Joralemon was engaged in the lumber business there, this village was ever afterward their home.    Three children were born to them, one son and two daughters. The son who was the eldest, died in his   sixteenth year. The two daughters survive, Lillian, wife of Dr. P. N. Barker, and Effie M., wife of    George G. Beardsley, both of this place. Married when she was scarcely sixteen years of age, and    assuming thus early the responsibilities of a household, Mrs. Joralemon gladly and unsparingly gave    the strength of her life to her home and family. Her husband found in her both a loyal wife, and an    unfailing and efficient helper; and her children a devoted and self-sacrificing mother. In the midst of    these home duties she found time also to cultivate the friendship of her neighbors and relatives, and    the fellowship of the church. She gained and held a high place in the esteem and affection of those    who knew her in these varied relations. Her church relations in Troy were first with the Methodist    church, and later with the Presbyterian; and to the end of her life the christian faith which she had    gained in early years remained her strength and consolation. A number of years ago Mrs. Joralemon    suffered from a severe form of blood poisoning, from the effects of which she never fully recovered. A   few years later, about four years ago, she had a stroke of paralysis which still further increased her    physical infirmities. Another and severer shock occurred on Sunday evening, December 28th. She    lingered, with little evidence of consciousness, until Saturday evening, Jan. 3d, when she quietly    passed away. The funeral was held from her former home on Tuesday, Jan. 6th, conducted by her    pastor, Rev. E. P. Morse. The burial was in Glenwood, by the side of her husband and son. The pall    bearers were six of her nephews of the Joralemon family, Charles, Clark, and Ernest of Troy. Edward    and Hosea of Columbia township, and Olin of Elmira (Troy Gazette-Register, Troy, Pennsylvania,    Friday, January 9, 1914).

  Mertin Eldridge Joralemon b. 6 Aug 1859 Armenia township d. 6 May 1875 Troy. Mertin      appears with his parents in the June 1860 census enumeration at the age of eight months and     thus could not have been born in Aug 1860 per family records. His cemetery marker is also     inscribed with a date of 1860. His age in the obituary, below, agrees with an Aug 1859 date of     birth.
  Lillian Joralemon b. 16 Aug 1862 Troy, Pennsylvania.
  Effie Mae Joralemon b. 6 Feb 1865/6 Troy.

  DIED. Joralemon - In Troy, May 6th, of congestion of the brain, Mertin E., son of Mr. and Mrs.    Joseph Joralemon, aged 15 years (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, May 6,    1875).

17.  John Joralemon b. 3 Apr 1826 m. 16 June 1847 (New Jersey Conference obituary of Louisa) Louisa Adelaide White b. 21 Sept 1831/2 Cayuga County, New York and they were enumerated in the village of Waterloo, Cayuga County, New York in Aug 1850, John a tailor. They returned to the Elmira, New York area sometime after that date and there John followed the call of the ministry of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His first call was Andover, Allegany County, New York. Sometime in late 1854 they removed to the town of Caton, Steuben County, New York and were enumerated there in 1855, remaining until 1856 when his next church was at Painted Post, Steuben County. In August of 1857 they were still residing at Painted Post. Sometime after that date they removed to Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated in the village of Wellsboro in 1860. His parents resided with them and his father d. in Wellsboro. His mother continued to reside with them until her death. From Wellsboro they removed to Horseheads, Chemung County, New York and then to Mecklenburg, Schuyler County, New York; Havana, Schuyler County; North Hector, Schuyler County. In 1865 and 1866 resided Logan, Schuyler County, New York. In April of 1869 resided Seneca, Ontario County, New York and were enumerated there in June 1870. He was pastor of the church at Caton again in 1872 to 1873. Sometime during his ministry he was pastor at the Methodist Episcopal Church at Greenwood, Steuben County, New York. John and Louisa removed to New Jersey where he had charge of several churches. Enumerated in Waterford Township, Camden County, New Jersey in 1880. Ill health forced John to leave the ministry and to return to the home of his boyhood in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Rev. John Joralemon d. 4 Sept 1883 57y 5m 1d (ts) at the home of his cousin, Joseph Joralemon, Troy, Pennsylvania, buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. After John’s death, Louisa made her home in Elmira, New York with Chauncey C. and Tempie A. VanKirk Campbell at 627 West Water Street. Louisa d. 30 Mar 1903 (Methodist Church, Southern New Jersey Conference) at the home of Chauncey and Tempie VanKirk Campbell, buried Judson Hill Cemetery with John, no marker. Adopted daughter Sarah A., b. 1850/1 Seneca County, New York.

  Rev. John Joralemon, son of James Joralemon, was born in Sussex Co., N. J., April 3d, 1826. He was    converted under the ministration of Rev. Colson when about 17 years old, and entered the ministry at    Elmira, in Aug., 1851. He was a minister of the East Genesee Conference for 22 years, serving the    following charges: Andover, Caton, Painted Post, Wellsboro, Horseheads, Mecklenburgh, Havana,    North Hector and Logan, Castleton and Orleans, and some years afterward was re-appointed to    Painted Post and Caton. He removed on account of ill health to Hammonton, N. J., and during ten    years was connected with the New Jersey Conference at various stations. About the first of July, Rev.    John Joralemon and his wife, acting under the advice of a physician, left the charge at Medford, N. J.,   for a vacation, his health having been affected by overwork. Going to Troy, N. Y. (misprint and    should have read Pa.), they visited among relatives, making their home at Joseph Joralemon's, a    cousin's, house. Here his health began to fail. He was confined to the house by severe and continued    affection of the brain. His noble wife was with him, and all that affection and assiduous care could do    was done to alleviate his sufferings. Slowly, but surely, he sank, despite the efforts of his physician,    Dr. E. G. Tracy, and was confined to his bed, from which he did not rise. He died quietly at one    o'clock Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1883. A day or so before his death he roused from the stupor that was    coming over him, and conversed about the great change that was about to come. His success as a    minister in all departments of his work has been very marked. His warm Christian heart and social    qualities drew all people to him, and was a proof of what he said among his last words to Brother M.    F. Dewitt, "I am going to heaven and shall soon see many that I trust I have helped to get there." A    day or two before his death he sang one of the old hymns with power. He leaves his griefª stricken    wife and many mourning friends (Minutes of the Forty-Eighth Session of the New Jersey Annual    Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, held at Camden, March 12, 1884).

Rev. John Joralemon
  John Joralemon was born in Sussex County, N. J., April 3, 1826, and died in Troy, Pa., Sept. 4, 1883.   He was blessed with godly parents. He thought he was converted at four. Though he did not retain the   grace, it influenced his youthful life. In his 15th year he was converted under the labors of the Rev.    Ebenezer Colson. His church life was uniform and blameless, and his secular activity regular and    faithful. But he was not at ease; he felt moved by the Holy Spirt to give his life fully to calling sinners   to repentance. In 1853 his spiritual exercises became known to his presiding elder. Meekly, yet    firmly, he accepted the proposal to enter the ministry and that same year he was received on trial in    East Genesee Conference. Various brethern voluntarily stepped forward and provided his necessary    outfit at merely nominal prices. With great humility he entered upon his first charge. From his    agonizing wrestling in private, where, like a prince, he had power with God, he entered the crowded    church on Sabbath morning. The hour was one of victory. God gave him favor with the people and he   took courage. The year was prosperous. In trial and triumph his faithful and loving wife was with him   in heartiest sympathy. For 22 years he served in East Genesee Conference in the following charges:    Andover, Caton, Painted Post, Wellsborough, Horseheads, Mecklenburg, Havana, North Hector, and    Logan. To Painted Post and Caton he was reappointed with marked revivals in the latter place both    terms. At length he took a supernumerary relation and retired to his native State, New Jersey, hoping    thereby to improve his health. In New Jersey Conference he received to following appointments:    Hammonton, Cinnaminson, Berlin, Medford. In those places he met with many kind friends, who to    him in his last sickness, and to his widow after his decease, tendered loving sympathy. Brother    Joralemon was a good pastor, and acceptable preacher, and earnest worker. At Caton, Mecklenburg,    Wellsborough, Painted Post, Seneca Castle, and other places he had marked revivals. In both his    terms at Caton he was blessed with great revivals. In many of his charges the membership rose to    much greater strength. His gifts, in the pulpit and out, were owned by God. He stood well among his    ministral brethren, and in his social life with the churches he was agreeable, faithful, and useful. The    last months bore equal testimony of love for Christ and devotedness to his work. He had often    repeated the wish that he might labor to the last. His prayer was answered. He received his last    appointment in March, 1883, and after a few Sabbaths was obliged to desist. His people granted him    a release after three months. Is was a furlough that ended in an honorable discharge. He conversed    freely about dying, and expressed his willingness to depart. When talking about heaven he said, "This   is what I have been living for so many years, and I hope to see in heaven many that I have helped to    get there." And not only had he helped many into the kingdom, but several into the ministry. "I am    almost home," he said; "it will be a happy greeting on the other side." His talents had gained other    talents, his life had been a blessing, and his end was peace (New York Christian Advocate, New    York, N. Y., April 24, 1884).

  Mrs. Louisa A. Joralemon, widow of Rev. John Joralemon, of the New Jersey Conference, was born    September 21, 1831, and died March 30, 1903. Her many years of absence from the vicinity of the    Conference, and the impossibility of finding any relatives with whom to communicate, will render    this memorial less full in its delineations than is usual for the deceased companions of our ministers.    We find, however, that on June 16, 1847, she was united in marriage to Brother Jaroleman, and with    him served the Church in a Western Conference, until his transfer to New Jersey, and afterward here,   either in traveling or supernumerary relations until September 4, 1883, when he was called to join the   ranks of Christ’s soldiery in heaven. After this event her home was made with the family of Mr. C. C.   Campbell, in Elmira, N. Y., where she was tenderly cared for until the close of life. We are without    information regarding her companionship in the ministry previously to her coming to us, except that    her life was blameless, which record attended all the period of her residence here. The testimony of    Mr. Campbell describes her as a noble Christian woman interested in all the organizations of the    Church, as well as the regular institutions of worship. Her church work was always faithfully    performed without pretences, without demand for appreciation, but always with faithful adherence to    its duties. While a patient, she as always a cheerful nature, finding a bright side to whatever came    under her observation. This was noticeably prominent during the last ten years of her life in which    her care devolved upon Brother and Sister Campbell, and while all that time an invalid. Mr.     Campbell writes: “For all these ten years we cared for her without fee or reward, as we would for a    mother, and felt that she was a blessing to us all the time.” Her close of life was peaceful, full of    trustful faith in the Gospel which had been her stay in life, and was found to be a still stronger    support while being translated to the world where her husband for so long a period has bee awaiting    her (Minutes of the Sixty-Eighth Session of the New Jersey Annual Conference of Methodist    Episcopal Church Held at Trenton, March 9 to 15, 1904).

  The funeral of Mrs. Adelaide Joralemon was held at 9 o’clock this morning at the home, 627 West    Water Street. The interment was at Judson Hill (Elmira Daily Gazette and Press, Elmira, New York,    Wednesday, April 1, 1903).

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