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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition
(Keeny to Kymer)
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones 2006 Edition
published by Joyce M. Tice
Photo November 1998 by Joyce M. Tice


George Keeny d. 10 July 1855 54y 6m 12d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.


John Kelly b. before 1765 resided Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York in the Seeley Creek Valley near the state line. On 1 Oct 1807 Seth Marvin and wife Mary of Blooming Grove, Orange County, New York sold to John Kelly, two hundred acres of the Wells & Holbrook purchase in the Seeley Creek Valley in the Town of Southport, Chemung County (that portion that was known as Newtown, Tioga County at that time), New York. The property began at the 79th mile marker on the Pennsylvania and New York state line, west of Seeley Creek at the edge of the valley and thence north along said tract (said tract extended from the state line and encompassed the Seeley Creek Valley north towards the Chemung River Valley and inclued 1,178 acres), thence east crossing Seeley Creek to the eastern line of said tract and then south to the Pennsylvania and New York state line (eastern edge of valley) and thence along the state line to the place of beginning. First wife Hannah b. before 1765 was evidently living in the 1800 and 1810 census enumerations, but she was not enumerated with the family in 1820. Second wife Martha Jones b. 30 June 1781 widow of John Wade and daughter of Elijah Jones and Hannah Raymond. John Kelly appears on the 1824 assessment list of Wells where son Ezra had removed to a few years earlier. On the 1825 assessment list the property had been transfered to Jesse Kelly. Enumerated 1825 census of Southport with two males (including John) and four females in the household.

Will of John Kelly dated 19 Feb 1824 Southport; wife, Martha to have 1/3 of real estate and household furniture, also the other 2/3 of 70 acres purchased of Samuel Criss whereon Rev. John Smith dec’d formerly lived in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Farm of 62 acres on Seeley Creek where I live was sold to son Ezra. Children of first wife, Hannah; son David, “I have already all that I ever intend to give him” who I gave a mechanical trade and his circumstances is that he needs no assistance from me; son, Ezra, “I have gave him all that I intend;” sons, Jesse and George, “I have already given them all that I ever intend;” daughters, Anna, Julia, Lanor, Fanny, and Eliza I give them all that may remain due to me by my son Ezra. Son, James owes $80 for yoke of oxen and he shall pay to my five daughters, unless he pays within one year which will exonerate him. Witnessed by A. Gates White, Harvey Jones, William T. Knapp. Proved 19 Nov 1825 (Tioga County, New York Estate, C:148-9).

Article of agreement dated 17 Jan 1826 between Samuel Criss of Wells, County of Bradford, State of Pennsylvania; Stephen Curren of same; William Strock of Jackson, County of Tioga, State of Pennsylvania; Nathan Miller of same; Stephen Gardner of same, and Ezra Kelly of Southport, County of Tioga, State of New York. Where as a mortgage was executed by Ezra Kelly payable to John Kelly and Martha his wife dated 27 Dec 1823 securing payment which accrues to Samuel Criss, Stephen Curren, William Strock, Nathan Miller, and Stephen Gardner as heirs of the said John Kelly, dec’d, they agree to give up and release said payments to Ezra Kelly. Witnessed by Sam’l Baker, Jesse Kelly, and George Miller. Signed Samuel Criss, mark of Stephen Curren, William Strock, Nathan Miller, mark of Stephen Gardner (Tioga County, New York Estate, Box 10).

In 1827 Martha was assessed for property in Wells received from Jesse Kelly and on the 1830 assessment list the property was transfered to Samuel Criss. Martha was enumerated in Southport in 1830 with three daughters in her household. Martha m. (3)Rickliff Albertson b. c. 1782 and they resided in Southport. Martha enumerated in the Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860 in household of daughter Sarah McWhorter and she d. Jan 1865.

John and Hannah Kelly are buried upon the farm where they resided. Some of the very oldest residents remembered two leaning markers on the the west side of Route 328 in the early 1930’s. The road has been widened twice and it is believed the burials are under the west side of the highway or the shoulder of the road. The whereabouts of the markers is unknown. The State Line Hotel that still stands is on the west side of the road, then a house beside the hotel and north of the hotel and then about 100 feet north of the house would be the location of where John and Hannah and perhaps some other family members were buried. Unless a bible record or some other family record surfaces we may never know the exact dates of their deaths and ages.

Children of John and Hannah:
 1.  David Kelly b. c. 1780.
 2.  Anna Kelly b. 178_ m. Samuel Criss.
 3. James Kelly b. before 1785.
 4.  Eleanor Kelly b. Jan 1785 m. William Strock.
 5.  Julia Kelly b. c. 1786.
 6.  Ezra Kelly b. 15 May 1790.
 7.  Fanny Kelly b. Jan 1793 m. Nathaniel Miller and she d. 5 June 1876 83y 4m 15d (ts) Millerton    Cemetery.
 8.  Jesse Kelly b. c. 1795.
 9.  George Kelly b. perhaps 1791-4.
10.  Eliza Kelly b. 1796-1800.

Children of John and Martha:
11.  Hannah J. Kelly b. c. 1822 m. 2 June 1844 (Elmira Gazette, June 6, 1844) James R. Sparke of    Vicksburg, Mississippi.
12.  Susan O. Kelly b. c. 1824 m. David Bailey Stryker.
13.  Sarah Kelly b. 11 May 1826 m. John McWhorter.

Second Generation:
 1.  David Kelly b. c. 1780 and family were enumerated in Tioga County (that portion that became    Chemung), New York in 1810. David first appears on the 1827 assessment of Wells and had removed   from Wells before the 1830 census enumeration and on the 1831assessment list his property had been   transfered to Isaac and Samuel Kelly. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania   in 1840. Enumerated in Jackson in 1850 with wife Betsy, age 70, both born New York state, sons Ora   and Charles in household. Betsey, age 80, enumerated with son Ora and family in Jackson Township    in 1860.

  14.  Isaac Kelly b. 4 May 1800.
  15.  Samuel Kelly b. 1801-10.
  16.  Amos Kelly b. 1803.
  17.  Nathaniel Kelly b. 1801-10.
  18.  daughter b. 1801-10.
  19.  daughter b. 1811-20.
  20.  George Kelly b. 1811-20.
  21.  John Kelly b. c. 1815.
  22.  Ora Kelly b. 3 Sept 1821.

 3.  James Kelly b. before 1785 enumerated 1810 census of Elmira, Tioga County, New York (that    portion that is now Southport, Chemung County, New York), residence in the Seeley Creek Valley    near the state line. James was of age 26 and under age 45 with a wife of age 16 and under age 26 and    two daughters under the age of ten in his household. He was perhaps deceased before the 1820 census   enumeration when Catherine Kelly b. 1795-1804 was enumerated in Elmira, Tioga (that portion that   became Chemung) County, New York.

  23.  daughter b. 1801-10.
  24.  daughter b. 1801-10.
  25.  son b. 1811-20.
  26.  son b. 1811-20.
  27.  daughter b. 1811-20.

 5.  Julia Kelly b. c. 1786 m. Stephen Curren b. c. 1777 New Jersey. Stephen first appears on the 1817    assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County with 100 acres. Farmer, 1818 assessment,    transfering property to Stephen Gardner. Enumerated 1820 census of Tioga County (that portion that    became Chemung County), New York. Enumerated 1830 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County,   Pennsylvania where they continued to reside. On the 1831 assessment list of Jackson Township    unable to pay for schooling of children, Fanny, Eliza, and Morris; 1832, Fanny, Eliza, Stephen, and    Hannah; 1833, Fanny, Eliza, Morris, and Stephen; 1834, Eliza, Morris, Stephen. Stephen d. 2 Oct    1852 75y (ts) Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township. Julia living in 1860 census enumeration. She    has a marker in Millerton Cemetery that has broken and is unreadable except for part of her age of 26   days.

  son b. c. 1806.
  Esther Curren b. 1808.
  son b. c. 1810.
  daughter b. c. 1812.
  Jesse Curren b. 27 Aug 1814 m. Anna Miller.
  daughter b. 1816.
  Hannah Curren b. Nov 1818 m. John Morris and she d. 10 Jan 1847 28y 1m 13d (ts) Millerton     Cemetery.
  daughter b. c. 1820.
  Fanny Curren b. c. 1822.
  Eliza Curren b. c. 1824.
  Morris Curren b. 12 Jan 1826 d. 15 Aug 1849 23y 7m 3d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
  Stephen Curren b. 1827 served Company D, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry during the Civil War, d.     1898 (ts). Wife, Julian b. 1838 d. 1916 (ts) Alder Run Cemetery, Jackson Township.

 6.  Ezra Kelly b. 15 May 1790 m. Martha Rowley, known as Patty, b. 11 Jan 1795 daughter of Shubel Rowley and Elizabeth Wright. Ezra first appears on the 1820 assessment (compiled in the fall of 1819) of Wells. Resided on Rowley Hill in the south central portion of the township on warrant parcel 1389. Enumerated in Elmira, Tioga (that portion that became Chemung) County, New York in 1820. On the 1824 assessment list of Wells, Ezra’s property was transfered to James Wilson. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1825 and 1830. Ezra again appears on the 1830 assessment list of Wells, but does not appear after 1831. Enumerated in Homer, Medina County, Ohio in 1840 where other Wells residents (Judson, Osgood, Rowley, Goff) also resided. Enumerated in Homer in 1850. Martha d. 31 Oct 1855 60y 8m 20d (ts) Vanderhoef Cemetery, Homer Township. Her age at death would place her birth at 11 Feb 1795 but the bible record from her father’s pension application records a birth of 11 Jan 1795. Ezra was enumerated with son Ananias and family in 1860 in Homer Township. Ezra m. 3 Mar 1861 in Homer, Elizabeth Breland, known as Betsey, b. c. 1788. Ezra was called Rev. in the newspaper announcement of the marriage and both were of Spenser. Ezra and Elizabeth were enumerated in the household of Ezra’s daughter Hannah Park in 1870 in Homer Township. Elizabeth d. 1 Aug 1871 83y (ts) and Ezra d. 18 Apr 1874 83y 11m 3d (ts) buried with Martha in Vanderhoef Cemetery. Buried with the Kellys in Vanderhoef Cemetery is Sarah Albro daughter of E. P. & E. Albro d. 6 Mar 1850 5m 15d (ts). E. Albro was Elizabeth Rowley wife of Sanford Encom Pierce Albro and daughter of Jonathan Rowley and Elizabeth Stryker, Jonathan being a brother to Martha Rowley wife of Ezra Kelly. Also, buried there is Elizabeth Rowley wife of Alanson McLean and sister of Ezra.

  In the name of the Benovelent Father of All. I Ezra Kelley of Homer, Medina County Ohio do make    and publish this my last Will and Testament. Item 1st. My will is that all my just debts shall be paid
  out of my estate. Item 2nd. After the payment of all my debts I give to each of my children name    herein. Elizabeth Kelley, James Kelley, Hannah Park, my daughter and Caroline White, my daughter    and Anna Halian?, my daughter and Annias Kelley also, my son, George Kelley, deceased heirs there   fathers share equally divided among them and also my daughter Moriah Mc Calister, deceased heirs    there mothers share to be equally divided among them. The above named heirs shall have equal share   of my Real and personal Estate which I may have at my decease. The farm which I now own situate    in Homer, Medina County Ohio, containing about 44 acres of land. Item 3rd. The above described    farm and personal property to be sold and the money divided among the above named heirs by my    executor hereinafter mentioned as soon as after my decease as conveniently may be done.

  Be it remembered that on the 5th. of May A.D. 1874 the last will and Testament of Ezra Kelly late of    the township of Homer within and for the County of Medina and State of Ohio was produced and    probated in the Probate Court of said County.

  28.  Elizabeth Kelly b. c. 1814 New York enumerated with parents in 1850 m. late in life Arnold Maid and removed to Iowa.
  29.  George Kelly b. c. 1816.
  30.  Hannah Kelly b. c. 1818.
  31.  James Kelly b. 20 Nov 1820 New York.
  32.  Caroline Kelly b. c. 1823.
  33.  Ananias Kelly b. c. 1825 New York.
  34.  Maria Kelly b. c. 1829 New York.
  35.  Francis Kelly b. c. 1834 New York.

 8.  Jesse Kelly b. c. 1795-6 m. Nancy Pedrick b. c. 1803 daughter of John Pedrick and Hannah Wheeler. Enumerated in Wells in 1820 with no children in household. First appears on the 1821 assessment of Wells and in 1822 there is the notation “moved out.” He again appears on the 1825 assessment list when property was transfered to him from his father. On the 1827 list he had moved and the property transfered to Martha Kelly, widow. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1830. Enumerated in Pike, Wyoming County, New York in 1850, 1860, and 1870, farmer.

  36.  Floyd Kelly b. 7 Sept 1822.
  37.  son b. 1821-25.
  38.  Matilda Kelly b. c. 1827, single in 1870 and 1880, milliner.
  39.  Minerva Kelly b. c. 1829.
  40.  Hannah Kelly b. c. 1831.
  41.  Josiah Kelly b. c. 1834.
  42.  Wistley Kelly b. c. 1838.
  43.  William W. Kelly b. 1840.

 9.  George Kelly b. perhaps 1791-4 first appears on the 1826 assessment list of Wells, removed before    the 1830 census enumeration and on the 1831 assessment list his property was transfered to David    Mapes.

10.  Eliza Kelly b. 1796-1800 m. Stephen Gardner b. 1791-1800. Stephen first appears on the 1818    assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania with Abner Gardner. Stephen    appears on the 1819 assessment list, but not thereafter. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania in 1830. On the 1832 Jackson Township assessment unable to pay for     schooling of children Hannah, Polly, Abner, and Sally; 1833, Hannah, Sally Ann, Abner, and Polly;    1834, Sally Ann, Abner, and Polly.

  daughter b. 1816-20.
  Abner Gardner b. 1821-25.
  daughter b. 1821-25.
  daughter b. 1821-25.
  daughter b. 1826-30.
  daughter b. 1826-30.

Third Generation:
14.  Isaac Kelly b. 4 May 1800 m. Jane Buchanan b. 26 Jan 1808 daughter of George Buchanan and    Elizabeth Miller. Jane was a teacher in Jackson Township. Isaac had property transfered to him on    the 1831 assessment of Wells along with Samuel Kelly from David Kelly. Enumerated in Jackson    Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840. Isaac d. 9 May 1886 (ts) and Jane d. 29 June 1888    (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery, Town of Caton, Steuben County, NewYork.

  Charles Kelly b. 26 Mar 1828 m. Esther Merrills b. 2 June 1835. Esther d. 26 Apr 1895 (ts) and     Charles d. 13 July 1898 (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery, Town of Caton, Steuben County, New York.
  Samuel Kelly b. 8 Dec 1829.
  Jesse Kelly b. 15 Feb 1831.
  Hiram Kelly b. 4 May 1833.
  Sarah Kelly b. 26 Feb 1836.
  James T. Kelly b. 2 Sept 1839.
  Rebecca Kelly b. 29 Jan 1841.
  Mary Kelly b. 15 July 1843.
  Benjamin Kelly b. 18 Sept 1845.
  Floyd Kelly b. 17 Feb 1849.

15.  Samuel Kelly b. 1801-10 had property transfered to him along with Isaac Kelly on the 1831     assessment of Wells from David Kelly.

16.  Amos Kelly b. 1803 m. Elizabeth Strock b. 13 Jan 1808 daughter of William and Eleanor Strock.    Amos first appears on the 1830 assessment list of Wells and enumerated 1830 census of Wells.    Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1850. Elizabeth d. 17 May 1855 47y 4m    4d (ts) Millerton Cemetery. Wife, Lucinda in 1860 census enumeration. Amos d. 6 Feb 1874 70y 2m    (ts) buried with Elizabeth in Millerton Cemetery.

  male child b. 1820-25.
  David Kelly b. 1825 d. 1904.
  Nelson Kelly b. 1828 d. 17 May 1853 (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Pine City, New York.
  Darius Kelly b. 1831 d. 17 Jan 1851 19y 9m 7d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
  Eleanor Kelly b. 5 Mar 1833 m. Daniel Hogencamp and she d. 8 Nov 1918 (ts) Bechtol Cemetery,     Jackson Township.
  Albert J. Kelly b. 1835 d. 1901 buried Wheeler, New York.
  Sarah A. Kelly b. 1836 m. Perry Fillman and she is buried Luling, Texas.
  Frederick H. Kelly b. 1839.
  Harriet M. Kelly b. 1841 m. Andrew J. Fillman and she d. 1919 buried Higland Cemetery,     Elkland, Pennsylvania.
  Andrew J. Kelly b. 1844 m. Eliza Mack and he d. 7 July 1887 43y (ts) Highland Cemetery, Elkland,    Pennsylvania.
  Mary Kelly b. 16 May 1846 d. 27 July 1849 3y 2m 11d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
  Lucy Ann Kelly b. 13 Mar 1848 d. 31 July 1849 1y 4m 18d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.
  Sophia E. Kelly b. 1849 m. William W. Graves and she is buried Elmira, New York.

17.  Nathaniel Kelly b. 1801-10 was enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, New York in    1830 with a wife and family.

  son b. 1826-30.
  son b. 1826-30.
  son b. 1826-30.
  daughter b. 1826-30.

20.  George Kelly b. 1811-20 and family were enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania in 1840.

  son b. 1836-40.

21.  John Kelly b. c. 1815 and wife Mary b. c. 1815 enumerated 1840 census of Jackson Township,    Tioga County, Pennsylvania and 1850 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York residing    near Pennsylvania and Caton town line. William Kelly, age 21, and Gage? Kelly, age 22, enumerated   with family in 1850.

  Amanda Kelly b. c. 1837.
  John Kelly b. c. 1842.
  Uri Kelly b. c. 1843.

22.  Ora Kelly b. 3 Sept 1821 (ts) m. Sarah Ann Johnson b. 23 July 1831 daughter of William A. and    Louisa Johnson. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1860 and Southport, Chemung County, New    York in 1880. Resided Sagetown, Town of Southport. Ora d. 23 Aug 1893 (ts) and Sarah d. 22 Oct    1909 (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery, town of Caton, Steuben County, New York.

  Sagetown, Oct. 25. - Mrs. Sarah Ann Kelley, aged 79 years, died Friday morning of Bright's disease    at the home of her son Ora Kelley. She is survived by four sons and two daughters, Lemond, Ora and    James of Sagetown, Enoch of Elmira, Mrs. Marcia Cornell of Caton and Mrs. Amanda Hunt of    Elmira. Several grandchildren also survive (obituary).

  William Clarence Kelly b. 3 Sept 1853 Sagetown d. 16 May 1879 25y (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery.
  Amanda Kelly b. 15 Mar 1855 Sagetown d. 1 Jan 1925.
  Louisa Kelly b. 23 May 1857 Sagetown d. 27 Aug 1884 (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery.
  Leman Kelly b. 24 Aug 1859 Sagetown m. Hattie Mayhood b. 1863 and she d. 1892 (ts) and he d.     1927 (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery.
  Ora Kelly b. 28 June 1864 Sagetown d. 23 Aug 1893.
  Jay Kelly b. 1 Sept 1866 Sagetown d. 5 Nov 1868 2y (ts) Kelly Hill Cemetery.
  James L. Kelly b. 4 Apr 1869 Sagetown m. Cora E. Ames and he d. 19 Apr 1937.
  Marcia Ann Kelly b. 28 Oct 1872 Sagetown m. Chancy Lewis Cornell and she d. 15 Dec 1941     Elmira.
  Enoch J. Kelly b. 28 Jan 1876 Sagetown d. 17 May 1966 Elmira.

29.  George Kelly b. c. 1816 m. Patience Miller b. c. 1817 Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania daughter of Samuel Miller and Mary Gardner. George d. 1 July 1849 (ts) Vanderhoef Cemetery, Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio. George Kelly, age 32, male, married, born NY, occupation, farmer (1850 mortality schedule). Patience was enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1850 with three children. Enumerated in Homer Township in 1860 with the same three children and Mary E. Kelly age 5. Enumerated in West Salem, Wayne County, Ohio in 1870 residing with son William who was operating a livery with brother Robert. In the household was Libbie Kelly, age 17, perhaps the  nickname for Elizabeth and perhaps known as Mary Elizabeth and the same person enumerated in the household in 1860. If she was a daughter of Patience the identity of her father is unknown.

   Robert Miller Kelly b. c. 1840.
  William H. Kelly b. c. 1843.
  Adaline Kelly b. c. 1846.

30.  Hannah Kelly b. c. 1818 m. 24 Dec 1835 in Huntington, Lorain County, Ohio, Joseph Park b. c. 1810 Pennsylvania son of David Park and Margaret Patterson. Farmer, enumerated in Homer, Medina Township in 1840; Harrisville Township in 1850; Homer Townshihp in 1870.

  Adam Park b. c. 1837 Ohio.
  Sarah Jane Park b. 11 Nov 1838 Ohio.
  George Park b. 22 Apr 1841 Ohio.
  Mary Park b. 15 Dec 1843 m. 2 May 1866 (History of Medina County, Ohio -1882) Robert Lowe.
  Martha Park b. c. 1845.
  David K. Park b. c. 1847.
  Archilles Park b. c. 1849.
  Ellen Park b. c. 1852.
  Rosetta Park b. c. 1854.
  Ida M. Park b. c. 1856.
  Belden Nelson Park b. 1 Dec 1859.

31.  James Kelly b. 20 Nov 1820 m. 16 Sept 1847 Lydia Melissa Griffin b. 6 Apr 1828 Lodi, Medina County, Ohio daughter of Ralzemond Griffin and Sarah Jason. Enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1850, farmer. In 1853 they removed with Melissa’s brother and wife to Ionia County, Michigan. James d. 2 Aug 1871 North Plains Township, Ionia County. Melissa m. 21 Feb 1882 (2)Charles Swarthout and (3)Daniel Chase. Melissa d. 17 Apr 1915 North Plains Township, Ionia County, Michigan buried Palo Cemetery.

  Robert Wilson Kelly b. 8 Apr 1848 Lodi, Medina County, Ohio m. Elizabeth Evans.
  Albina Kelly b. 14 Feb 1852 Homer Township m. Charles N. Race.
  Emma Elnora Kelly b. 28 Aug 1859 North Plains Township, Ionia County, Michigan m. Amos W.     Palmer.
  Phila Etta Kelly b. 23 June 1862 North Plains Township m. Wellington A. Jordan.

32.  Caroline Kelly b. c. 1823 m. Giles W. White b. c. 1822 New York. Enumerated in Whitestown, Bad Ax County, Wisconsin in 1860, farm laborer. Enumerated in Whitestown, Vernon County (created as Bad Ax and name changed to Vernon), Wisconsin in 1870, lumberman. Enumerated in Whitestown in 1880, no occupation.

  Angeline White b. c. 1845, enumerated with parents in 1870, school teacher.
  Mary White b. c. 1848.
  Cassius Francis White b. c. 1860, lumberman in 1880, residing with parents.

33.  Ananias Kelly b. c. 1825 m. 30 Dec 1847 in Medina County, Ohio Valeria Judson b. c. 1826 Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Isaac Judson and Clarissa Goff. Enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1850 and 1860, farmer. Enumerated in Capioma, Nemaha County, Kansas in 1880, farmer, with son Albert and wife enumerated in the next household.

  Lorenzo Kelly b. c. 1849.
  Albert Kelly b. c. 1851.

34.  Maria Kelly b. c. 1829 m. James McCalister b. c. 1820 Ohio. Farmer, enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1850 and 1860.

  Ezra McCalister b. 1849.
  George McCalister b. c. 1852.
  Ellen McCalister b. c. 1854.
  Caroline McCalister b. c. 1856.


Peabody Keyes b. 1 Nov 1763 Shrewsbury, Massachusetts son of Cyprian Keyes and Martha Bush m. 12 Jan 1789 at Princeton, Massachusetts, Persis Brooks b. 4 Jan 1762 Marlborough, Massachusetts daughter of Charles Brooks and Mary Hapgood. Peabody and Persis are related to have removed to Wells Township in the spring of 1808 from Princeton, Massachusetts with their family. This date may be accurate as Peabody does not appear on the 1808 assessment list (compiled 1807) of Tioga Township (included present Wells at that date). Peabody was involved in lumbering. Enumerated in 1810 with one male under age ten (b. 1801-10), one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1785-94), three females under age ten (b. 1801-10), one female of age ten and under age sixteen and under age sixteen (b. 1795-1800), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1766-84). Peabody was not the first death of an adult as recorded in The History of Bradford County by Bradsby, but it was his son, William Keyes who died in 1813. Documentation is lacking that William was the first death of an adult in the township. Elizabeth Wright wife of Shubel Rowley is related to have d. 7 Apr 1813. The Keyes family is related to have returned to New England which must have been before the 1813 assessment list of Wells as Peabody does not appear.

 1.  William Keyes b. c. 1790 Princeton, Massachusetts.
 2.  Mary Keyes b. c. 1793.
 3.  Roxanna Keyes b. c. 1795.
 4.  Asenath Keyes b. c. 1798 m. in Dunstable, Massachusetts, Samuel Kress, Jr., resided Yates County, New York.
 5.  son b. 1801-10.
 6.  daughter b. 1801-10.
 7.  daughter b. 1801-10.
 8.  daughter b. 1801-10.

Second Generation:
1.  William Keyes b. c. 1790 m. 1809 near Elmira, New York, Saloma Daggett b. 3 July 1790 Westmoreland, New Hampshire daughter of Reuben Daggett and Esther Cobb. The Daggett family settled in 1805-7 in the valley a short distance south of Mosherville in Jackson Township, Tioga County near the county line at what became known as Daggetts Mills. William Keyes d. in 1813 and his marker inscribed "W. Keys 1813" is in the Mosherville Cemetery. Saloma is related to have returned to New England with the Keyes family in 1814 with her two young sons and there m. Alexander Harris b. 9 June 1783 Manchester, Bennington County, Vermont son of Alexander Harris and wife Diadama. Alexander had an unknown first wife by whom he had three daughters. Saloma returned to the area with Alexander and he appears on the first assessment of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1816. They resided in that portion that became Rutland Township, which had not yet been created. Alexander last appears on the 1819 assessment list (compiled fall of 1818). They returned to Vermont and were enumerated in Ferrisburg, Addison County, Vermontin 1820 with three males under age ten (b. 1811-20), one male of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), one male of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94), two females under age ten (b. 1811-20), two females of age ten and under age sixteen (b. 1805-10), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94). They returned to Rutland Township. Enumerated in Rutland in 1840 with one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one male of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), two females of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90). Enumerated in Rutland in 1850, farmer. Alexander d. 28 July 1855 73y 1m 19d (ts). Administration of estate dated 5 Feb 1856, William B. Keyes, executor; wife, Selome; daughters, Julia, Ursula, Hannah, Polly, Opela, Didema, Selome; sons, Alexander and Abel M. Saloma d. 2 May 1856 65y 9m 30d (ts) buried with Alexander in Harris Family Cemetery, Rutland Township.

  Children of Alexander and first wife:
  Julia Harris b. 1805-10.
  Ursula Harris b. 1805-10.
  Hannah Harris b. 1811-14.

  5. Seth Q. Keyes b. 3 July 1810 Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, lost at sea on trip     to Liverpool, England.
  6. William Brooks Keyes b. 16 Mar 1812 Jackson Township.
  7. Alexander Harris Jr., b. 19 June 1815 Jackson Township.
  8. Abel Moore Harris b. 10 Aug 1817 Rutland Township.
  9. Diadama Harris b. 30 July 1819 Vermont m. Collins W. Soper.
  10. Mary Ann Harris b. 23 Oct 1822 Brattleboro, Vermont m. Gibbons Baker.
  11. Saloma Daggett Harris b. 1823 Vermont m. Edwin Rozell.
  12. Ophelia Harris b. 28 Nov 1825 Vermont m. Mial Watkins.

Third Generation:
 6. William Brooks Keyes b. 16 Mar 1812 returned to area when nineteen, m. 1841 Sarah M. Wells    daughter of Norman Wells of Jackson township. Resided Jobs Corners, Jackson township and later,    Tioga, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

William B. Keyes died Monday morning about 11 o’clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. G. W. Hazlett, No. 210 West Hudson Street, Elmira, aged 87 years. The deceased was born in Jackson, Tioga County, Pa. March 16, 1812. His widowed mother took him at the age of two and another son and went to Vermont, where he remained until nineteen years of age. He then return to his old home and was employed by his uncle, Major Seth Daggett, in the lumbering business. At the age of thirty he married Sarah M. Wells and they were the parents of six chldren, four of whom survive; one son, S. C. Keyes of Marysville, Cal., and three daughters, Mrs. William Hazlett of Lake Bluff, Illinois; Mrs. George Hazlett and Mrs. Lewis Mann of Elmira, also one sister, Mrs. Edwin Rosell of Brookfield, Potter County, Pa. A few years after his marriage, the timber having failed in eastern Jackson, he formed a partnership with his brothers-in-law, Warren and Benjamin Wells, under the name of Keyes & Wells, and purchased a large tract of pine timber on Lambs and Crooked Creek, manufacturing the same which was sent by raft down the Tioga, Chemung and Susquehanna rivers to market at Baltimore. Physically he was a man of fine proportion, being over six feet in height. He always enjoyed excellent health, and was beloved by all who knew him for his many kind acts, and abundance of good nature. Mr. Keyes moved his family to Tioga in 1858. And has since remained there until the past three years. He has gone to his reward, and his record was that of an honest, generous and manly man all through his life. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at the house at 3 o’clock after which the remains were taken to Tioga for burial (obituary).

 7. Alexander Harris Jr., b. 19 June 1815 was enumerated in Rutland in 1840 with one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20) and one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25). Enumerated in Rutland in 1850, with wife Adrian b. 25 Aug 1823 New York, farmer. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1860 and 1870, farmer. Alex d. 24 June 1889 (ts) and Adrian d. 11 Nov 1898 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township.

  Minerva Harris b. c. 1841 m. a Lemon and resided Binghamton, New York.
  Clarissa Harris b. c. 1843 m. Lyman Hoagland.
Willard Harris b. c. 1845 m. 25 Dec 1868 (Tioga Agitator, January 13, 1869) in Columbia Township, Mary Budd.

 8.  Abel Moore Harris b. 10 Aug 1817 m. 28 Apr 1838 Harriet Job b. 2 Jan 1821. Enumerated in Rutland in 1840 with one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20) and one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25). Enumerated in Rutland in 1850, farmer. Removed in 1855 to Pine Grove, Portage County, Wisconsin with several other families of the area and were enumerated there in 1860, farmer. Abel d. 21 July 1897 (ts) Pine Grove and Harriet d. 4 Apr 1904 (ts) Plainfield Cemetery, Plainfield Township, Waushara County.

  Charles Elijah Harris b. c. 1841.
  Anson K. Harris b. 2 June 1843 enlisted during Civil War and d. 28 Jan 1865 (ts) Murfreesboro Prison, Tennessee, buried Plainfield Cemetery.
  Myron S. Harris b. 1845 d. 1924.
  Margaret Verna Harris b. c. 1847.
  Louisa Harris b. c. 1852.
  Flora Harris b. c. 1858 Wisconsin.


John and Cornelia King b. c. 1806 New York arrived in Wells in the 1840’s. Cornelia was enumerated in Wells Township in 1850, perhaps a widow, in the household of Perry and Eliza King, presumably her daughter, with several children in the household.

 1.  Eliza King b. c. 1827 New York m. Philander Perry.
 2.  Phebe King b. c. 1833 New York.
 3.  James King b. c. 1835 New York m. Lydia Lewis Miller who had m. John D. Miller and daughter of Stephen Y. and Johanna C. Lewis. James d. 1888 (ts) and Lydia d. 1899 (ts) Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township, his marker incorrectly inscribed with a date of birth of 1830.
 4.  Charles King b. c. 1840 New York.
 5.  John King b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania.


see Coykendall


Zephaniah Knapp b. 6 Dec 1781 Pochuck, town of Warwick, Orange County, New York, son of Charles Knapp, a Revolutionary Soldier, and Hannah Finch, m. Amy Wright b. 6 Sept 1781. They removed from Orange County, New York to Tioga (that portion that became Chemung) County, New York. Zephaniah does not appear on the 1810 census enumeration of Tioga County, New York. They located on Bird Creek near the state line and the place later known as the Tanner farm. The family is related to have resided on Bird Creek about three years before they removed to a location just north of Aspinwall Corners (now Coryland) on the main road between Aspinwall Corners and Mosherville. Zephaniah does not appear on the 1810 census of Smithfield, Lycoming County (Wells was a part of Smithfield until it was created). Zephaniah appears on the first assessment list of Wells in 1812-13. Also appears on the 1813 assessment list of Smithfield Township as a “new settler.” Columbia Township was formed from Smithfield Township and part of their land was in Columbia Township at Aspinwall. Amy d. 14 Apr 1857 74y 7m 8d (ts) and Zephaniah d. 4 Mar 1859 (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania, May 14, 1885) buried Coryland Cemetery. Will of Zephaniah named wife Amy if she survives, real and personal property to remain as is. After her decease both real and personal property sold and proceeds divided equally among heirs, except David G. Knapp, executors to deduct $100. Peter R. Knapp and Ananias W. Knapp of Wells, executors. Filed 29 Mar 1859 (probate file 1266). Inventory dated Apr 1859 and mentions notes against Peter R. Knapp, A. W. Knapp, and Charles Knapp.

 1.  child b. c. 1806.
 2.  child b. c. 1808.
 3. Charles Wright Knapp b. 23 Nov 1809 (date from 1820 Wells assessment) Tioga (that portion that    became Chemung) County, New York.
 4. Peter R. Knapp b. 5 June 1811 (date from 1820 Wells assessment).
 5. Clarissa W. Knapp b. 13 Oct 1813 (date from 1820 Wells assessment) m. Martin M. Carr.
 6. James W. Knapp b. 21 Feb 1816 Wells.
 7. Ananias W. Knapp b. 3 Mar 1818 Wells.
 8. David G. Knapp b. 13 May 1820 Wells.
 9. child b. c. 1822.
10. Thomas D. Knapp b. 8 Nov 1824 Wells (tenth of thirteen children according to his biography in    History of Ionia and Montcalm Counties, Michigan, 1891).
11. Abner W. Knapp b. c. 1827 Wells.
12. Sheldon Zephaniah Knapp b. Oct 1829 Wells.
13.  child.

Second Generation:
 3.  Charles Wright Knapp b. 23 Nov 1809 was enumerated on the 1830 census of Wells with a wife b. 1811-15. Listed as single on the 1834 assessment list and does not appear after that, removed to Ohio and m. c. 1836 in Medina County, (2)Elvira W. Judson b. 1818 Wells, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Harrisville, Medina County, Ohio in 1840. Farmer, enumerated in Chatham Township, Medina County in 1850. In 1851 removed to Palo, Ionia County, Michigan. Enumerated in Bloomer Township, Montcalm County, Michigan in 1860, farmer. Elvira d. 3 Jan 1864 buried Van Vleck Cemetery, Palo, Ionia County, Michigan. Charles m. 16 Jan 1865 (Ionia County marriage record) (3)Eliza Miller. Eliza d. Oct 1870. Charles m. 23 Apr 1871 (Montcalm County marriage record) (4)Rhoda H. Butterfield Newberry. Charles d. 6 Aug 1892 buried Van Vleck Cemetery with Elvira. Rhoda d. 11 Aug 1897 buried Van Vleck Cemetery. There are two markers on lot 35 where Charles, Elvira, and Calista are buried, both markers very worn and the ages illegible.

  Samuel Judson Knapp b. 10 Nov 1836 Medina County, Ohio, enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1860 in Goff household, wife Mary A. b. 1838. Judson d. 1911 buried Van Vleck Cemetery.
  Amy Knapp b. 1838 Medina County.
  Almeron Nathan Knapp b. 24 Jan 1840 Harrisville, Medina County enlisted in Company I, First     U.S. Sharpshooters during the Civil War, m. 15 Aug 1865 (Ionia County marriage record) Phoebe    A. Peters. Almeron m. 8 Sept 1876 (Montcalm County marriage record) (2)Harriet Rosetta     Mosier. Almeron d. 30 Aug 1921 Ionia County, Michigan and Harriet d. 11 Oct 1942. Children:     Ama Ida May, Charles Asa Lorenzo, Sarah Jane Elizabeth, Minnie Maud, Willard Oren, Iva B.
  Orin Knapp b. 1841 Medina County.
  Angelina Knapp b. 1842 Medina County.
  Zephaniah David Knapp b. 12 Jan 1844 Medina County m. 30 Dec 1869 (Montcalm County     marriage record) Almina L. Sebring b. 17 June 1848 Liberty, Jackson County, Michigan     daughter of David G. Sebring and Elizabeth G. Howe. Almina d. 5 Dec 1891 Bloomer Center,     Michigan buried Bloomer Center, Cemetery. Zephaniah m. 28 Mar 1894 in North Plains      Township, Adelia Thomas b. c. 1855 daughter of Jefferson Thomas and Charlotte Corey.      Zephaniah d. 3 Feb 1934 Crystal, Montcalm County, Michigan. Children: Jay J., Jeanette b. 11     Feb 1872, Lula b. c. 1878, Dee J. b. 30 Dec 1897.
  Clarissa R. Knapp b. 1846 Medina County.
  Charles Knapp b. c. 1853.
  Calista Knapp d. 13 Sept 1855 (ts) Van Vleck Cemetery.

 4.  Peter R. Knapp b. 5 June 1811 m. 20 Dec 1838 Mary Ann Gordon b. 28 Sept 1816 daughter of James Gordon and Esther Owens of Wells. Peter was a constable and followed general farming in Wells Township. Peter was received as a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1854 and chosen elder in 1863 and served until death 18 Mar 1875 (ts). Mary enumerated in Wells in 1880 with children Amy and Orley in the household. Mary d. 30 Nov 1893 (ts) buried with Peter in Coryland Cemetery.

  Harriet Knapp b. c. 1839.
  infant son b. Mar 1842 d. 9 Apr 1842 19d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  George H. Knapp b. 1843 served in Company A, 20th PA Regiment during Civil War.
  Bradley Knapp b. c. 1847.
  James Knapp b. Oct 1848 d. 13 Nov 1860 12y 1m 8d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Amy Knapp b. 26 July 1850 d. 15 Apr 1886.
  Orrison P. Knapp b. c. 1858 d. 14 Feb 1919 age 60 in Elmira (Woodlawn Cemetery record).

 6. James W. Knapp b. 21 Feb 1816 appeared on the 1838 Wells assessment list as single, but not thereafter. James is presumed to be the James Knapp enumerated beside brother Charles Knapp in Harrisville, Medina County, Ohio in 1840 though his age is incorrect in that census. James perhaps had a wife and children as there were others in his household in the 1840 census. James is related to have d. from the fall of a tree at a chopping bee 22 June 1844 28y 4m 1d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

 7.  Ananias W. Knapp b. 3 Mar 1818 m. 29 Dec 1841 Rachel Gordon b. Mar 1822 New York daughter of James Gordon and Esther Owens. Farmer, resided Wells. Ananias d. 1 Dec 1896. Rachel was enumerated in the household of daughter Belle in Columbia Township, Bradford County, in 1900, mother of ten children, two living.

  Angeline Knapp b. 18 July 1843 m. James L. VanKirk.
  child b. 1845 d. young.
  Mary Jane Knapp b. 1847 m. Charles I. DeWitt and she d. 30 Nov 1896 (obituary) buried      Coryland.
  child b. c. 1849 d. young.
  Esther Knapp b. c. 1851 d. 1899.
  Judson Knapp b. 23 Aug 1853 d. 26 Nov 1899 age 46 in Southport (Woodlawn Cemetery record).
  Emma Knapp b. 17 Aug 1856 (LDS file) d. 3 May 1863 6y 9m 16d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Charles E. Knapp b. 19 Oct 1858.
  Albert Knapp (twin) b. 1 Oct 1860 d. Mar 1861 5m 12d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Anna Belle Knapp (twin) b. 1 Oct 1860 m. George Henry Wolfe.

 8. David G. Knapp b. 13 May 1820 m. 18 Sept 1850 Arminda Baker b. 12 May 1831 daughter of Amos Baker and Ruth Warner of Wells. Enumerated in Wells Township in 1850, laborer. Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County in 1860, farmer. David m. 19 Feb 1864 (2)Mary M. Bandell b. 1 July 1840 Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Salem, Washtenaw County, Michigan in 1870, farm laborer. Mary and some of her children were enumerated in East Waverly, town of Barton, Tioga County, New York in 1880, Mary enumerated as widowed or divorced. Third wife, Deborah Ann b. 24 Jan 1828 d. 24 Dec 1897 (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Chemung County, New York. David d. 25 Jan 1899 age 78 at Gillett, South Creek Township, buried Gillett (Bradford County death record).

  Children of David and Arminda:
  Charles Wilmot Knapp b. 6 Mar 1851 Wells.
  Burton W. Knapp b. 1 July 1855 Wells.
  Ruth Adelle Knapp b. 13 Apr 1857 Columbia m. Albert O. Trask (2)Charles Smith.

  Children of David and Mary:
  Sarah Elizabeth Knapp b. 16 Mar 1866 Wells (b. Michigan on 1870 census)
  Minnie Knapp b. 10 Feb 1868 Troy (b. New York on 1870 census) enumerated in household of aunt Clarissa Carr in South Creek Township in 1880.
  Jennie A. Knapp b. 20 Mar 1869 (b. Oct in New York on 1870 census and Michigan on 1880 census).
  Emma Knapp b. 20 Jan 1873 Ridgebury Township, Bradford County.
  Frank K. Knapp b. 3 July 1874 Ridgebury d. 5 Sept 1949 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.
  Harriet M. Knapp b. 19 Nov 1876 Southport, seamstress in the 1900 census in Elmira, m. after 1910 William C. McCaffery b. c. 1871. William d. 18 Feb 1949 and Harriet d. 5 Aug 1963 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

10.  Thomas D. Knapp b. 8 Nov 1824 m. 28 Feb 1856 Lucy L. Coates b. 8 July 1826 New York    daughter of Chester Coats and Lucy Mason. They removed in 1856 to Michigan, settling in Ronald    Township, Ionia County where Thomas was engaged in carpentry. Sometime after their marriage they   returned to Bradford County, Pennsylvania where they remained two years, but returned to Michigan.   Carpenter, enumerated in North Plains Township, Ionia County, Michigan in 1860. Farm of 195    acres in Ronald and North Plains Townships and also maintained a farm of 40 acres in Boomer    Township, Montcalm County. See biography in Ionia and Montcalm County History. Thomas d. 8    Mar 1900 and Lucy d. 14 May 1912 buried North Plains Cemetery.

  Arthur M. Knapp b. c. 1859 m. Eliza Borden.
  Ernest Knapp d. age 3y 3m.

11.  Abner W. Knapp b. c. 1827 and wife, Ruth F. b. c. 1831 enumerated 1860 census of Wells. Abner enlisted 1 Sept 1864 in Company A, 207 PA during Civil War. Enumerated in Wells in 1870 with wife R. S., b. c. 1831. Abner d. 29 May 1879 52y Water Street, from injuries in a train mishap, married, buried South Creek (Elmira City Death record). Abner Knapp of South Creek Township d. 26 May 1879 Elmira (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1879). Ruth enumerated in South Creek Township in 1880.

  John S. Knapp b. 1860.
  Samuel D. Knapp b. c. 1862.
  Sarah A. Knapp b. c. 1864.
  Mary Bell Knapp b. c. 1867.
  Frank A. Knapp b. c. 1871.

12. Sheldon Zephaniah Knapp b. Oct 1829 was enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860, farm tenant, m. c. 1860 Emma A. Couch b. June 1841. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1870, 1880, and 1900, farmer. Emma d. 28 Jan 1906 74y (obituary) and Sheldon d. 26 May 1912 83y buried Pine City Cemetery (obituary). No markers.

  Adaline Knapp b. 1864 d. 4 May 1864 3m 17d (ts) Pine City Cemetery.
  Fred A. Knapp b. Feb 1867 Southport, single in 1910.

John Knapp and Maria Ayers removed from Beemerville, Sussex County, New Jersey to Wells in 1848. In 1852 they removed to Steuben County, New York where they died.

 1.  William Knapp.
 2.  Hannah Knapp.
 3.  Catherine Knapp.
 4.  Edson R. Knapp b. 24 Apr 1850 Wells.
 5.  Franklin P. Knapp.
 6.  Charles Knapp.
 7.  Samuel A. Knapp.

Second Generation:
 4.  Edson R. Knapp b. 24 Apr 1850 Wells was reared in New Jersey from seven years of age and    educated at Newton Seminary. He engaged in farming in Wantage Township, Sussex County when he   returned to his native town of Wells, m. 24 Nov 1875 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania,    December 2, 1875) in Columbia Township, Harriet Wright, known as Hattie, of Columbia b.    1854 daughter of Owen Wright and Amanda Parcel. Edson chosen elder in 1877 at Presbyterian    Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland). Removed to Columbia Township in 1881 near Aspinwall (now    Coryland). Edson R. Knapp d. 7 Jan 1894 43y 8m (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

  Owen Knapp.
  George Parcel Knapp.
  Lillian Knapp.
  Bertha Knapp.
  Lewis Knapp.
  Edith Knapp b. Aug 1885 d. 20 Sept 1885 1m 13d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

Lasker W. Knapp b. c. 1813 New York first appears on the 1838 assessment list of Wells, single. Enumerated 1840 census, resided south of Mosherville on east side of main road leading to Coryland. Wife, Martha E. b. 1818 d. 1893 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 1.  Francis A. Knapp b. 1840 d. 11 July 1864 24y 2m 18d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
 2.  Alzoa Knapp b. 5 Oct 1841 d. 6 Jan 1843 1y 3m 1d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
 3.  Cora Susan Knapp b. 25 Sept 1846 d. 28 Nov 1862 16y 2m 3d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.
 4.  Alice A. Knapp b. c. 1854.
 5.  Susan Knapp b. c. 1857.

William Rundell Knapp b. 24 Aug 1785 son of William Knapp and Mary Holly m. Sarah Payne, known as Sally, b. 1788. Enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1810, no children in the household. William first appears on the 1826 assessment list of Wells. Sally d. 17 Mar 1829 40y 3m 25d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. William acquired the second farm from the state line in the Seeley Creek Valley where the road forks and goes south to Millerton and south to Mosherville in 1830 (Liber 13:4). William m. 15 Apr 1838 (Elmira Gazette, March 3, 1838) at Charleston, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Irene Dart Wilson of Charleston. William conveyed his farm to Henry T. Benedict. William d. 10 Dec 1858 73y 3m (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 1.  Mary Knapp m. 3 Oct 1838 (Elmira Gazette, October 20, 1838) in Wells, Enoch Blackwell, resided   Nelson, Tioga County, Pennsylvania where she d. 1868.

William T. Knapp b. 19 May 1793 Goshen, Orange County, New York son of Jabez Knapp and Hannah Holly, m. 30 Mar 1816 Sarah Ann Benedict, known as Sally, b. 20 Apr 1796. William first appears on the 1825 assessment list of Wells and owned a business with Marcus White. Farmer, removed over the state line and resided on west side of main road in Seeley Creek Valley in the town of Southport, Chemung County, New York near the state line. Sally d. 13 Aug 1868 (ts) and William d. 26 July 1878 (ts) Webb Mills Cemetery, town of Southport. Will of William named David and Martha Miller, Eliz. Knapp, Mary Bartholomew, Bethia Dunham of Athens, Pa., George Sayre, Emma Harris of Jefferson, Wisconsin. Henry Jones and Henry Knapp, executors.

 1.  Adrianna Knapp b. 12 July 1817 Orange County m. 10 Nov 1835 (Elmira Gazette, November 14,    1835) William Mann Sayre b. 6 Nov 1811 son of Whittington Sayre and Elizabeth Johnson.    Enumerated 1840 census of Wells, removed from there in 1846 to Jefferson, Wisconsin.
 2.  Hannah Knapp b. 18 Apr 1819 Orange County m. 1 Dec 1838 (Elmira Gazette, December 22, 1838)   in Seeley Creek, Wright Dunham of Southport and she d. 18 May 1849 (ts) buried Millerton,    Jackson Township, Tioga County.
 3.  Jane Benedict Knapp b. 22 June 1822 Elmira m. 24 Jan 1844 (Elmira Gazette, February 1, 1844)    Samuel Miller, Jr., of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania b. 31 May 1822 d. 4 Aug    1879 (ts) and she d. 22 Feb 1902 (ts) buried Webb Mills, town of Southport.
 4.  Mary Knapp b. 23 Sept 1824 m. 6 Dec 1843 Peter Bartholomew and she d. 23 Jan 1898.
 5.  Henry Benedict Knapp b. 4 Feb 1828 Elmira.
 6.  Bethiah Knapp b. 17 Mar 1830 m. 2 Oct 1849 Wright Dunham. Wright d. 31 May 1893 78y 3m    29d (ts) Millerton Cemetery. Bethiah d. 6 Apr 1911.
 7.  Elizabeth Knapp b. 19 Sept 1834 m. Nelson Collier (2)Israel Brown.
 8.  Martha Knapp b. 8 May 1841 m. 3 June 1860 Squire Miller and she d. Mar 1915.

Second Generation:
 5.  Henry Benedict Knapp b. 4 Feb 1828 m. 28 Jan 1849 Eleanor Miller and she d. 28 May 1876 46y    (ts) and he m. 24 Feb 1878 Margaret E. Oakley b. 1847. Either marriage date or date of birth of    daughter Mary Amelia is incorrect as her birth is before the marriage date. Henry d. 1909 (ts) and    Margaret d. 1911 (ts) buried Webb Mills.

  Children of Henry and Eleanor:
  William Henry Knapp b. 23 Sept 1850 m. Dorothy Holliday.
  Morris Helme Knapp b. 23 Feb 1853 m. Angeline Strouse.
  John Holly Knapp b. 9 May 1855 m. Sarah J. Morrell.

  Children of Henry and Margaret:
  Mary Amelia Knapp b. 1 Nov 1877 m. 6 Jan 1897 Fletcher C. Mathews.
  Grace Oakley Knapp b. 1881 m. Burtis Knox.
  Jesse Leverick Knapp b. 1883.

Issac Morris of Cattaraugus County, New York and Susan M. Knapp of Wells m. 2 Mar 1852 by Rev. Joseph Riggs.


Andrew Kniffin b. c. 1801 first appears on the 1832 assessment list of Wells and last appears on the 1834 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Union Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840 and 1850.


George Kymer b. 4 Feb 1801 m. Mehitable Shepard b. 1809 daughter of Nathan Shepard and Temperance Ayers of Sussex County, New Jersey who removed to Southport, Chemung County, New York, then to Tyrone, New York and then to Wells. George enumerated in Wantage Township, Sussex County in 1830. Enumerated in Tyrone, Steuben (that portion that became Schuyler) County, New York in 1840 next to Mehitable’s parents, with one male under age five (b. 1836-40), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10). Enumerated in Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York in 1850, farmer. Mehitable d. 6 Nov 1854 45y (ts) Weston Cemetery, Town of Tyrone, Schuyler County, New York. George and daughter Miriam became members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1855. Enumerated in Wells in 1860. George chosen elder at the church in 1863. Residence was in southwest Wells. Enumerated in Troy, Bradford County in 1870, farmer. George d. 16 Apr 1877 76y 2m 12d (ts) Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy, Pennsylvania. George and Mehitable raised Harriet and Helen Baker, daughters of her deceased sister Susan.

 1.  son b. 1821-25 (1830 census).
 2. Miriam Kymer b. 1828 Sussex County, New Jersey.
 3. Temperance Jane Kymer b. c. 1834 Sussex County.
 4. Milton S. Kymer b. 30 Jan 1838 New York.

Second Generation:
 2. Miriam Kymer b. 1828 m. John J. Vannoy as his second wife and she d. 1909 buried with her    father in Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy. No children.

 4.  Milton S. Kymer b. 30 Jan 1838 entered the ministry. Wife, Fannie F. b. 28 May 1841 d. 6 Mar 1863 (ts) Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township. In 1867 and 1868 he was pastor at the Methodist Church in Blossburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Lawrence Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1870, Methodist clergyman. Wife, Harriet S. b. 29 June 1836 d. 25 Oct 1894 (ts). Rev. Kymer d. 26 July 1912 (ts) buried with wife and father in Oak Hill Cemetery.

  Miriam A. Kymer b. 20 May 1870 d. 17 Dec 1894.

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