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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones 2006 Edition
published by Joyce M. Tice
Red Oak Leaves
Photo November 1998 by Joyce M. Tice


Robert Killgore was born 11 June 1772 in Ireland of Scotch ancestry and sailed from Londonderry, Ireland, 14 June 1791. These dates are recorded in the Killgore bible. He perhaps came with other family members and a William Killgore was believed to be his father or brother. In the General Index to the Laws of the State of New York 1866, William Kilgore was an alien authorized and allowed to purchase and hold real estate in 1801. This William Kilgore is not found in the 1800 New York state census index. He is perhaps the same William Killgore who died 9 Oct 1810 recorded in the Killgore bible. Six years after Robert's arrival in America he was living in the Minisink country, an area on the Delaware River in Sussex County, New Jersey. This area had at an early date been settled by a number of Scotch-Irish families, but the predominant families were of Dutch extraction. It was in the Minisink region that Robert married 1 August 1797 Rachel Hasbrouck Kyte born 31 Aug 1778 Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Thomas Kyte and Leah Keator. Through her mother, Rachel was descended from many of the early and prominent Dutch families who settled in New Amsterdam in the 1600's. Of Thomas Kyte, I can say nothing of his nationality, though it is believed he was one of those Scotch Irishmen who came before the Revolutionary War and with a certificate from the church of Rochester, Ulster County, New York proceeded to teach school in the Minisink area where are recorded the births and baptisms of his six children. Rachel Kyte was baptized 1 November 1780, John Hasbrouck and Mary Hasbrouck, witnesses. For further details of the Kyte family, see the Wantage Recorder newspaper, commencing March 12,1937 and Old Dutch Records of Machackemeck by J. B. Teneyck.

The two eldest children of Robert and Rachel Killgore are recorded in the Minisink Dutch Reformed Church baptismal records. On 10 May 1804, Robert Killgore purchased land in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Three of their children are recorded in the Clove Dutch Reformed Church baptismal records in Wantage township. Robert became a man of prominence in Wantage and bore the title of Esquire. He bought and sold several more parcels of land in Wantage. A final deed, dated 1 April 1835 in which Robert Killgore, and wife, Rachel, sold two parcels of land, 48 acres and 26 acres to their son, William C. Killgore, and land of less than 1 acre to Harvey Howell. Robert and Rachel Killgore removed from Wantage to Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania perhaps in 1835 when their land was sold in New Jersey and presumably with son, John Killgore and family. Daughter Anna Gustin and family had settled in Wells in 1833. Their son, John and his wife became members of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia (now Coryland Presbyterian Church) situated in southern Wells township in 1838, but there is no record of Robert and Rachel becoming members of this church though they were later buried in the churchyard cemetery. Removed to neighboring Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and located on a farm on Gernert Hill between Sylvania and Austinville. Robert purchased the farm of 60 acres in May 1841 and sold the farm in July 1844 to son, John H. Killgore. Robert and Rachel's daughter, Eliza Dunning and her family arrived in neighboring South Creek township in 1837 from Fleming, Cayuga County, New York. Then their son, William followed from Wantage, New Jersey and arrived in Wells township in 1839 with his family. Daughter, Polly Holly and her family arrived from Wantage to Wells township in the early 1840's. Before Robert's death in 1848, five of his children were living in Bradford County and after his death, Phebe Struble and her family arrived from Wantage, New Jersey to Wells township and the last to arrive was daughter, Harriet Fuller and her family who resided in nearby Caton, Steuben County, New York.

Robert was assessed for the following in Columbia Township in the years indicated:
1841 - 60 acres, 1 horse, 3 cows, 1 house
1842 - 60 acres and house, 1 cow
1843 - 60 acres and house, 1 horse
1844 - 30 improved acres, 30 unimproved acres, 1 horse, 1 cow
1845 - 1 cow
1846 - 1 horse, 1 cow

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ROBERT KILLGORE. I Robert Killgore of the Town of Columbia County of Bradford and State of Pennsylvania Being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this for my last will and testament. 1st After all my funeral charges and all my just debts are paid which I order and direct my executors to discharge. 2nd I bequeath to my dear wife Rachel Killgore the clock and bed and bedding and all necessary clothing that she may require and to be supported out of my estate everything she wants for her own use and to be at liberty to board where she chooses, but the executors to choose a good and suitable place for her and to see is well dealt by. And I bequeath to my executors or the survivor of them his executors and administrators twelve hundred dollars in trust now in the hands of John H. Killgore if it is not taken up before my decease which sum is now on interest for the support of me and my wife as long as we live. And is my will that the said interest be paid annually for the support of my wife is she out lives me as long as she lives and it is my will she shall not be compelled to stay any place against her will. 3rd And it is my will after the decease of my wife if she outlives me that in two years after decease the money be called in from John H. Killgore if he has not paid it before which is specified in his deed and divided as follows and if any of my children have accounts standing unsettled on by Book against my children it is my will they pay the same to the executors of the presents if they are able to be applied with the rest of the money. 4th I bequeath to my two grandsons, John and William Gustin seventy dollars, thirty dollars to John and forty to William if they do not receive it sooner. To my grandson Robert Holly I bequeath fifty dollars when he arrives of the age of fourteen, but to receive the interest annually from my decease from the executors. And to my grandsons Dunning and William C. Killgore sons of my son William C. Killgore to Dunning fifty dollars and Wm. C. thirty dollars and I give to my daughter Jane Dunning fifty dollars. I give to my two grandsons James and Peter Struble fifty dollars each and to their brother John Struble twenty five dollars. I give to my grandson David Morrow fifty dollars and to my grandson Robert Killgore I give fifty dollars and to his brothers William and Coe twenty five dollars each and to Raymond G. Killgore I give fifty dollars and to Harriet Killgore daughter of John H. Killgore I leave her the sheep that I own in her fathers possession excepting one that I gave to her brother Robert. And to my grandson John Fuller I give fifty dollars and a note of honor I hold against his father of one hundred dollars. I leave to my two grandsons Abram and David Dunning fifty dollars each. I give to my daughter Anna Gustin ten dollars and Polly Holly my daughter ten dollars and to my daughters Jane, Phebe, and Harriet Fuller ten dollars each and to my two sons Wm. and John ten dollars each and all my moveable property to be converted into cash as soon as possible and put into common stock. To Jane Killgore daughter of Wm. C. Killgore I give twenty dollars and to Edward Holly I leave fifty dollars and Rachel Holly twenty dollars and to Isaac Holly fifty $ and to Timothy Gustin twenty five dollars and John Holly fifty. I appoint Isaac Strait and Charles Bradford exs of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 10th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six signed sealed and published and declared by the said Robert Killgore to be his last will and testament in the presence of the undersigners. NB if there be any money over these legacies let it be divided in proportion with the other legacies. I also give to my grand daughter Harriet Killgore twenty five dollars. Witness my hand and seal in presence of T. B. Warner Harrison Smith.

Robert Killgore

Letters of testimony granted to Isaac Strait and Charles Bradford, 5 Sept 1848 upon the estate of Robert Killgore and an inventory was filed 7 Oct 1848.

Robert Killgore died 8 July 1848. Rachel lived with her children after his death and was living in the household of son, William in Wells township in the 1850 census enumeration. She was not enumerated in 1860 with any of her six children who were living at that date. Rachel died 9 Apr 1861 buried beside Robert. Their markers are in the Coryland Presbyterian churchyard, Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Robert Killgore
July 8,1848
aged 76 Years

Rachel H.,
wife of
Robert Killgore
April 9,1861
Aged 82 y'rs
7 mo's & 9 d's.

The Robert and Rachel Killgore family bible is in possession of a descendant, Mr. Lee A. Kilgore, Murrysville, Pennsylvania and photocopies of the births, marriages, and deaths from this bible are in possession of the compiler. The births and baptisms of the eldest five children are recorded in the Minisink and Clove Dutch Reformed Church records.

Children of Robert and Rachel Kyte Killgore:
 1.  Anna Killgore b. 29 June 1799 bpt 14 Oct 1807 Minisink, New Jersey.
 2.  Polly Milford Killgore b. 29 Nov 1801 bpt 2 Oct 1802 Minisink.
 3.  William Creger Killgore b. 16 Aug 1804 bpt 25 Aug 1805 Wantage, New Jersey.
 4.  John Hamilton Killgore b. 29 Feb 1808 bpt 4 Sept 1808 Wantage.
 5.  Eliza Jane Killgore b. 9 Oct 1810 bpt 7 July 1811 Wantage.
 6.  Phebe W. Killgore b. 27 May 1813 Wantage.
 7.  Harriet Killgore (twin) b. 15 Dec 1815 Wantage d. 3 Aug 1816.
 8.  Sarah C. Killgore (twin) b. 15 Dec 1815 Wantage.
 9.  Harriet Killgore b. 25 Sept 1819 Wantage.

Second Generation:
 1.  Anna Killgore b. 29 June 1799 m. 1 Sept 1820 (bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey, Thomas D.    Gustin b. 17 July 1802 New York state perhaps Orange County son of Jesse Gustin and Mary    Knapp. Resided Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey until their removal to Wells    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania perhaps in 1833 acquiring property of Aaron Burr. First    appear on the 1834 assessment list of Wells. Resided in Wells township for a few years and then    removed to neighboring Columbia township, same county before the 1840 census enumeration.    Residence was in northern Columbia township at Baptist Hill. In the 1840 tax assessment, Thomas    was asssessed for 80 improved acres, 157 unimproved acres, 2 cows, 2 horses. Thomas was one of six   members of the first Board of Trustees for the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia formed at    Aspinwall (now Coryland) in Wells township. Anna became a member of the church (now the    Coryland Presbyterian) in 1855. Anna d. 10 Sept 1876 77y 2m 27d (ts) and Thomas d. 4 Apr 1887    84y 8m 18d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia township.

  10.  John Gustin b. Mar 1821 Wantage, New Jersey.
  11.  William Gustin b. May 1823 Wantage.
  12.  Mary Gustin b. 11 Aug 1825 Wantage.
  13.  Timothy Gustin b. 20 Feb 1836 Wells.

 2.  Polly Milford Killgore b. 29 Nov 1801 m. 21 Jan 1835 (bible) Isaac Holly. Resided Wantage    township, Sussex County, New Jersey until their removal to Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Isaac    first appears in the 1846 tax list of Columbia Township with 1 cow. Polly d. 11 Nov 1853 (bible)    buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Monument inscribed 14 Nov and possibly she was    interred there from another cemetery. Cemetery office record: Polly M. Holly d. 14 Nov 1853 51y    11m 15d. Isaac is not buried with his wife and four children.

  14.  Edward A. Holly b. 4 Feb 1836 Wantage, New Jersey.
  15.  Rachel Ann Holly b. 24 Dec 1839 Wantage.
  16.  Robert F. Holly b. 8 June 1841 Wantage enlisted 10 Sept 1862 at Troy, Pennsylvania in Co D,     16th Pennsylvania Cavalry. He received a gunshot wound to the skull 27 Oct 1864 at Petersburg,     Virginia and was honorably discharged 17 June 1865 with the rank of Sergeant. After service     resided South Creek township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, mercantile business. Applied for     and received pension due to serious affliction of skull fracture received during the war. In Mar     1869 he was residing at Troy, Pennsylvania, saloon keeper. Feb 1880 residing 300 Maple     Avenue, Elmira, New York. Conducted real estate and furniture business in Elmira where he d.     29 Dec 1903, single, buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  17.  Isaac Holly Jr., b. 22 Apr 1844 Pennsylvania enlisted during the Civil War in Company C, 16th    Pennsylvania Reserves, promoted to Sergeant, discharged 11 June 1864 and d. 15 Oct 1864 (ts)     buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  18.  John Holly b. 1846, living 10 Nov 1846, deceased before 1850 census enumeration.

 3.  William Creger Killgore b. 16 Aug 1804 m. 24 Dec 1831 (bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey,    Catherine Ayers b. 17 Sept 1807 Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Enoch Ayers and     Catherine Hoppaugh. William purchased his father's land in Wantage, Sussex County, New Jersey    in 1835 and sold this same land in 1839 (Catherine signed by mark) when they removed from    Wantage to a farm in southeastern Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. His brother, John   had removed to Wells township a few years earlier and sister, Eliza Dunning and family had removed   in 1837 to South Creek township, which bordered Wells township and another sister, Anna Gustin    and family had removed to Columbia township in the early 1830's, which also bordered Wells    township. William first appears in the 1844 assessment list of Wells.

  1844 - 40 improved acres, 30 unimproved acres, 1 cow, 1 horse, 1 house
  1845 - 1 house, 30 improved acres, 40 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 4 cows
  1846 - 20 improved acres, 25 unimproved acres, 2 horses, 3 cows, 1 house

   William was received as a member of the Presybterian Church of Wells and Columbia at Aspinwall    (now Coryland) in 1846. In the 1850 census enumeration they were enumerated in Columbia t   township, but returned to Wells shortly thereafter where they resided the remainder of their lives.    William was installed as an elder of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia in 1877.    Catherine perhaps attended the church, but there is no record of her ever becoming a member.

  Will of William C. Killgore of Wells township dated 16 Nov 1878. Farm of 200 acres in Wells to son,   William C. Killgore on condition he pay his brother, Dunning Killgore, $2,266.06. Son, Dunning    Killgore, notes and debts I hold against him. Wife, Catherine Killgore, one third of real estate and    personal property. Executor, John J. Vannoy. Proved 20 May 1885.

  William d. 20 Apr 1885 (ts) and Catherine d. 18 June 1887 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells township.

  Died. Killgore - In Aspinwall, April 21, 1885, of infirmities of age, Wm. C. Killgore, in his 81st year    (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, April 23, 1885).

  William and Catherine Killgore family bible in possession of compiler. Adopted daughter, Mary Jane    Ayers b. 4 Jan 1845 Sussex County, New Jersey m. Raymond G. Killgore.

  19.  Dunning Killgore b. 6 Jan 1833 Wantage, New Jersey.
  20.  Eliza Jane Killgore b. 9 Aug 1834 Wantage d. 1 Aug 1852 17y 51wks (ts and bible).
  21.  William Clinton Killgore b. 20 Feb 1841 Wells.

 4.  John Hamilton Killgore b. 29 Feb 1808 m. 30 Sept 1829 (bible) Lydia W. Haynes b. 1810 New    York state. She was perhaps a member of the Haynes (Haines) family of Orange County, New York.    Enumerated in Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1830. Removed from Wantage    township to Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and first appear on the 1838 tax    assessment list. John and Lydia were received as members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall    (now Coryland), Wells township in 1838. Removed from Wells in 1839, settling at Sylvania,    Columbia township where he was a tailor. Resided there a few years when they removed to a farm at    Gernert Hill between Sylvania and Austinville.

  1838 Wells - John Killgore, 3 improved acres, 24 unimproved acres, 23 unimproved acres, 1 horse, 2    cows
  1839 Wells - John Killgore, 3 improved acres, 24 unimproved acres, transfered to William Smith
  1840 Columbia - John H. Killgore, tailor, 1 horse, 5 improved acres, 2 cows, 1 village lot
  1841 Columbia - John Killgore, 5 improved acres, 1 horse, 1 cow, house and lot
  1842 Columbia - John H. Killgore, 97 acres and house, 2 horses, 3 cows
  1843 Columbia - John H. Killgore, 97 acres and house, 2 horses, 3 cows
  1844 Columbia - John H. Killgore, 30 improved acres and house, 66 unimproved acres, 1 horse, 2    cows
  1845 Columbia - John H. Killgore, 150 acres 70 of them improved, house, 2 horses, 1 cow
  1846 Columbia - John H. Killgore, 70 improved acres, 36 unimproved acres, 2 cows, 2 horses

  Lydia d. 8 Dec 1870 60y (ts) buried Gladding (now called Sylvan Hill) Cemetery, Altus, Columbia    township. John m. 13 Apr 1871 (Bradford Argus, Towanda, Pennsylvania, April 20, 1871 and    Methodist Church record) at the Presbyterian Church at Mosherville in Wells township where the    Methodist held services, Mrs. Mary A. White Rightmire daughter of Tylee White and wife Maria    of Jackson Township. John and Mary resided on the Killgore farm in Columbia township. The farm    was situated at a crossroads and became known as Killgore's Corners. They resided there until 1877    when John retired to Sylvania, son Raymond remaining of the home farm. John was chosen deacon    and elder of the Presbyterian Church at Sylvania, 11 Sept 1874.

  Will of John H. Killgore of Sylvania borough, dated 10 Nov 1886. Wife, Mary Killgore, house and lot   in Sylvania borough, household furniture and $100 annually while widow. Trustees of the First    Presbyterian Church in Sylvania, $500 in trust, income to support pastor. Son, Robert Killgore, $400    in addition to $100 received. Daughter, Harriet Mahon, wife of John Mahon, $500 deducting from the   amount of any notes against her husband, John Mahon. Son, Coe Killgore, $500. Son Raymond G.    Killgore, $500. Son, William H. Killgore, $450 in addition to $50 received. Daughter, Sarah Morgan,   wife of John H. Morgan, $500. Daughter, Anna Decker, wife of William H. Decker, $500. Grandson,    John H. Killgore, son of Raymond G. Killgore, $100. Grandson, John J. Killgore, son of Robert    Killgore, $100. Stepdaughter, Nettie Peck, wife of Floyd P. Peck, $100. Residue of estate divided    among children. Son, Raymond G. Killgore, farm in Columbia township, to pay other heirs     proportionate interest if he chooses, otherwise farm to be sold in such manner by executors deemed    best and proceeds applied to foregoing bequests. Executors, wife, Mary Killgore and friends, Daniel    Bradford and George P. Monro. Witnessed by Moses Hill and Myron Ripley. Probate stated John H.    Killgore died 12 Nov 1890 and proved 6 Dec 1890. Renunciation of widow filed 6 Dec 1890.

  John Killgore d. 12 Nov 1890 82y (ts) buried with Lydia. Mary Killgore d. 5 May 1896 Elmira, New    York age 68 years at home of daughter, Mrs. J. E. Osborne. Buried family plot, Daggett Cemetery,    Daggett, Jackson township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. No marker.

  DIED. Killgore - In Sylvania, Dec 8th, Lydia W., consort of John H. Killgore, aged 60 years (The    Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, December 15, 1870).

  Died. Kilgore - In Sylvania, Nov. 12th, 1890, of general debility, John Kilgore, aged 82 years (The    Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, November 13, 1890).

  22.  Robert Killgore b. 10 Jan 1831 Wantage, New Jersey.
  23.  Harriet Killgore b. 19 Jan 1833 Wantage.
  24.  Coe Killgore b. 3 Mar 1836 Wells.
  25.  William H. Killgore b. Aug 1839 Columbia.
  26.  Raymond Gernert Killgore b. 14 Feb 1841 Columbia.
  27.  Sarah Jane Killgore b. 18 July 1844 Columbia.
  28.  Huldah Ellen Killgore b. 1846 Columbia d. 22 Dec 1861 15y (ts) Gladding Cemetery.    29.  Lydia H. Killgore b. 1849 Columbia d. 18 June 1852 3y (ts) Gladding Cemetery.
  30.  Anna C. Killgore b. Dec 1851 Columbia.

 5.  Eliza Jane Killgore b. 5 (Dunning bible) 9 (Killgore bible) 10 (ts) Oct 1810 m. 8 (Dunning bible and   Sussex County marriage record) 15 (Killgore bible) Oct 1831 in Sussex County, New Jersey, Eben    Dunning b. 7 Mar 1800 Scipio, Cayuga County, New York one of eleven children born to Abraham    Dunning and Lydia Strong. Eben was perhaps b. in Orange County, New York. They removed soon    after their marriage to the town of Fleming, Cayuga County, New York. Abraham's father d. there 19    Oct 1834 65y 8m 13d and his mother had d. there earlier, 25 Aug 1821 47y buried Fleming Hill    Cemetery. Eben had evidently returned to Sussex County, New Jersey from Cayuga County, New    York before his marriage. Eben and Eliza sold land in Jan 1836 and Nov 1836 in Fleming and    removed the following year in 1837 to South Creek township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.    Several parcels of land in Fleming sold in June and July 1839 after their removal to South Creek.    Eben built a sawmill and conducted extensive lumbering manufacturing operations. The railroad had    a depot near their residence, which was called the Dunning station. Eben owned considerable real    estate as did also, Eliza in her own name.

  Eben d. 8 Aug 1879 South Creek, intestate. The 1880 mortality schedule for South Creek relates he    died in March of old age, age 79, 53 years in county. Evidently some confusion as to his date of death   as the month of his birth was incorrectly given, instead of the month of his death. Bradford Argus,    Towanda, Pennsylvania, August 28, 1879 confirms date of death as Aug 8. Eliza Jane granted    administration of estate. Will of Eliza Jane Dunning dated 27 Mar 1889. Son, David F.; Lydia    Killgore, wife of William C. Killgore; grandsons, Louden B., Joseph, and David Roy Dunning;    granddaughter, Frank wife of George Wilson, named in Will. Probate cites Eliza Jane Dunning d. 2    July 1889.

  Eben d. 8 Aug 1879 (ts) and Eliza Jane d. 2 July 1889 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

  DIED. Dunning - In South Creek, August 8th of consumption, Eben Dunning, aged 79 years (The    Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 14, 1879).

  The Dunning family bible is in the possession of LaRue and Dora Ann May Avery of Gillett,    Pennsylvania, Dora a Dunning descendant, and owners and residents in the house in which Eben and   Eliza Jane resided in.

  31.  Abraham Montgomery Dunning b. 11 Sept 1834 Fleming, New York.
  32.  David Francis Dunning b. 30 May 1841 South Creek.

 6.  Phebe W. Killgore b. 27 May 1813 m. 29 Jan 1831 (bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey, Jacob    Struble b. 18 Aug 1809 Sussex County, New Jersey son of Peter Heinrich Struble and Elizabeth    Struble, cousins. Jacob was a farmer and stonemason, resided Wantage township, Sussex County,    New Jersey after their marriage. They removed in the 1850's from Wantage township, Sussex County    to Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania where brothers and sisters of Phebe had removed    to earlier and were enumerated there in 1860. They removed to neighboring Columbia township and    were enumerated in Sylvania borough, Columbia township in 1870, farmer; and Columbia township    in 1880, stonemason. Jacob and Phebe were both living in 1891 in Columbia township according to    the biography of son James in The History of Bradford County by Bradsby. Two of their sons died in    1879 and are buried in the Fries Cemetery in Columbia township and Jacob and Phebe are perhaps    buried there without markers. Jacob d. 25 Nov 1891, date of death taken from written record in    possession of Mrs. M. Shirley Andrews, a Struble descendant. Date of death for Phebe unknown, but    evidently sometime between 1891 and 1900 as she is not found in the 1900 census enumeration,    residing alone or with any of her four sons living at that time.

  The Struble family bible record is in the possession of a Struble descendant, Mrs. M. Shirley Kole    Andrews of North Chemung, New York. The record contains the dates of birth of Jacob and Phebe    and their six sons and the marriage date of Jacob and Phebe.

  33.  James H. Struble b. 13 Aug 1833 Wantage, New Jersey.
  34.  Peter K. Struble b. 8 Oct 1835 Wantage.
  35.  John M. Struble b. 14 May 1840 Wantage.
  36.  Theodore K. Struble b. 7 Aug 1844 Wantage.
  37.  Jacob L. Struble b. 17 Apr 1847 Wantage.
  38.  Robert M. Struble b. 17 Dec 1849 Wantage (bible and New Jersey vr).

 8.  Sarah C. Killgore b. 15 Dec 1815 m. 31 Jan 1835 (bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey, Samuel    Morrow b. c. 1810 Montague, Sussex County son of Solomon Morrow and wife Nancy. Resided    Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey. Sarah d. 5 June 1837 two weeks after the birth of her   only child at the age of 21 years. Samuel and his second wife, Jeanette were enumerated in Wantage    in 1850, Samuel a post rider; 1860, blacksmith; 1870, farmer. Samuel and Jeanette were the parents    of Charles superintendent of schools in Wantage 1863-4, Samuel Jr. studied law at Newark and was    an attorney, Caroline, Elias, William, Sarah, James, A. Lewis studied law at Newark and was an    attorney at Deckertown, and Rosannah. Samuel d. 16 May 1876 age 68 in Wantage of consumption    (New Jersey vr).

  39.  David Morrow b. May 1837 Wantage, New Jersey.

 9.  Harriet Killgore b. 25 Sept 1819 m. 28 Jan 1838 (bible) in Sussex County, New Jersey, Constant    Fuller b. c. 1814. Resided Wantage township, Sussex County, New Jersey after their marriage.    Constant appears on the 1842 tax assessment list of Columbia Township, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania with 2 horses and 1 cow, the same township in which Harriet’s parents, brother, and    sister were residing. They returned to Wantage. Constant's occupation was a cooper on the 1849 birth   record of son, Floyd. Enumerated in Wantage township in 1850 and 1860, farmer. Their married    daughter and youngest son were enumerated in the town of Caton, Steuben County, New York in    1870, but Constant and Harriet were not living there nor were they living there in the 1865 state    census. Harriet d. 14 Nov 1873 54y 1m 19d (ts) Elmwood Cemetery, village of Caton. Constant,    cooper, resided Sylvania borough, Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the 1880    census enumeraation with a second wife, Emma A., b. c. 1825. Constant d. 11 Apr 1887 73y (ts)    buried with Harriet in Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, New York.

  wife of
  Constant Fuller
  Nov. 14, 1873
  54 yrs, 1 mo. & 19d's.
  Dearest Mother thou hast gone
  And left us here to weep alone
  But Jesus called, thou could not stay
  And Angels beckoned thee away
  I see thee now in that bright land
  A golden harp is in the hand
  Forever free from evil and pain
  Dearest Mother rest we will meet again

  40.  John H. Fuller b. c. 1840 Wantage.
  41.  Lydia Jane Fuller b. Feb 1844 Wantage.
  42.  Floyd D. Fuller b. 1 July 1849 Wantage (vr).

Third Generation:
10.  John Gustin b. Mar 1821 m. 7 Apr 1847 in Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania by Rev.     Riggs, Margaret R. Cory b. 19 Apr 1822 Sparta, Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of William    M. Cory and Elizabeth Maria Roe of Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Farmer,    resided Columbia township. Margaret d. 12 July 1881 (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania. John was living in June 1900 during that year's census enumeration    with daughter, Anna in South Creek township near Gillett, d. 4 Feb 1904 Judson Hill, Wells     Township, buried Coryland, no marker.

  Thomas Cory Gustin b. 22 Jan 1848 d. 27 Jan 1853 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Anna E. Gustin b. 6 Jan 1855 Columbia. Nurse, single, d. 1 Jan 1942 buried Coryland Cemetery.     Will dated 27 Nov 1935 Columbia township. Bequeathed home at Austinville to Austinville     Baptist Church; $100 to trustees of Coryland Cemetery for annual care: $200 each to      Presbyterian Church of Coryland, Columbia and Wells Baptist Church, Mosherville Methodist     Church, Austinville Baptist Church, Community Church of Columbia Cross Roads, Sylvania     Church of Christ, Troy Church of Christ, Sylvania Presbyterian Church, Baptist Churches at     Gillett, Fassett, and Springfield, all in Bradford County; $200 each to Christ Home for the Aged     at Warminster, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Green Home for the Aged at Roaring Branch,     Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, Home for the Aged at Elmira, New York; $200 each to Richard    Wilson, Mary Saunders, James I. Wilson, and Arthur Sweeney; $1,000 to Elmer Dartt of     Bradford County and $100 each to his five children, Wesley Dartt, John William Dartt, Elmer     Eugene Dartt, Esther Dartt, and Lawrence Dartt. Friend, James I. Wilson, executor. Codicil dated    9 Jan 1936 bequeathing silver table furnishings and complete wearing apparel to Mary Saunders     and all canned goods to Bradford County Home for Poor at Burlington. Admitted to probate, 6     Jan 1942, real estate valued at $100 and personal at $2,250.
  Josephine Gustin b. 14 May 1857/8 Columbia.

11.  William Gustin b. May 1823 m. c. 1847 Sarah Edsall b. Mar 1827 daughter of Jesse Edsall and    Clarissa Wright. Farmer, resided Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania where they    were enumerated in 1850 and 1860. In 1870 enumerated in the second ward, city of Elmira, New    York. In the 1872-3 Elmira city directory they were residing at 12 Hudson Street and William had    patent rights. Resided at 610 Main Street in the 1874-5 directory. Not found there in 1880.     Enumerated at 416 Jefferson Street, Elmira, New York in 1900. Sarah d. 21 Aug 1906 Elmira and    William d. 1912 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. No    death record filed for William in Chemung County, New York, perhaps d. Pennsylvania.

  Mrs. Sarah E. Gustin, wife of William Gustin, died at her home, 416 Jefferson Street, at 6 o’clock last   evening. She is survived by her aged husband, one sister Mrs. Emily Dalrymple of Bulkhead, and two   brothers, Austin Edsall of Pine City and Jesse J. Edsall of Jersey Shore, Pa. A prayer service will be    held at the home Friday morning at 8:30 o’clock and a funeral service will be held at the Columbia-   Wells Baptist Church, Coryland, Pa. Burial will be made in the Baptist Hill Cemetery there (Elmira    Gazette and Free Press, Elmira, New York, Wednesday evening, August 22, 1906).

  Jesse Edsall Gustin b. 1848, single in 1870 and residing with parents, bookkeeper; clerk in the     1872-3 city directory at 129 Water, residing with parents, d. 1873 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  Jonas E. Gustin b. 26 Dec 1853 Southport, Chemung County, New York.

12.  Mary Gustin b. 11 Aug 1825 m. 22 Apr 1846 in Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania by    Rev. Riggs, James Wilson b. 16 Feb 1815 town of Southport, Chemung County, New York son of    George Wilson and Jane Fowler of Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Farmer,    resided Columbia township. James d. 4 Jan 1888 (ts). Mary was residing with daughter, Eva in Troy    township in the 1900 census enumeration. Mary d. 29 Apr 1910 (ts) buried with James in Baptist Hill   Cemetery, Columbia township.

  Judd Wilson b. 20 June 1850 Columbia.
  Anna Jane Wilson b. 1 Sept 1853 Columbia d. 24 Apr 1861 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.    Eva Wilson b. 24 Jan 1856 Columbia.
  Stephen Fowler Wilson b. 25 Sept 1858 Columbia.
  Harriet Wilson b. June 1861 Columbia.
  Jessie Wilson b. Jan 1865 Columbia.
  Frances Wilson b. May 1868 Columbia.

13.  Timothy Gustin b. 20 Feb 1836 m. Emma D. Noble b. 15 Nov 1843 either Springfield or Wells    Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Alonzo C. Noble and Aurelia Landers of    Wells Township. Timothy enlisted 29 Sept 1864 20 Battery New York Light Artillery as a private,    transferred 12 Independent Battery New York Light Artillery and was honorably discharged 14 June    1865 at Albany, New York. His enlistment description: height, 4 feet 6 inches; complexion, light;    eyes, dark; hair, dark; occupation, farmer. They resided South Creek Township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania for one year after his war service and in 1866 removed to Columbia Township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Emma d. 22 Oct 1880 36y 11m 7d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery,    Columbia Township. Timothy m. 15 Nov 1881 (pension application) at Austinville, Columbia    Township, Mrs. Laura Stevens Bovier b. June 1840, widow of Allen Bovier. They removed in 1888    to Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Farm and residence was on present Mott Town    Road. In the 1900 directory he had a registered herd of thirteen Jersey cattle and owned 340 acres.    Timothy d. 31 Dec 1911 Wells Township buried with Emma and infant son at Baptist Hill. Timothy    received a pension for war service and Laura applied for pension, 23 Jan 1912. Laura d. 31 Oct 1917    Elmira, New York.

  DIED. GUSTIN - In Columbia, Oct. 22, of pneumonia, Emma wife of Timothy Gustin and daughter    of G. W. Noble, aged 36 years (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, October    28, 1880). Misprint, should have read daughter of A. C. Noble or sister of G. W. Noble.

  Thomas Noble Gustin b. 8 Jan 1864 d. 19 July 1864 6m 11d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  William Timothy Gustin b. 8 Aug 1866 South Creek.
  Frances Emma Gustin b. 14 Aug 1868 Columbia.

14.  Edward A. Holly b. 4 Feb 1836 was enumerated in Brookville borough, Jefferson County,     Pennsylvania in 1860, laborer, residing in a Sage household. Edward enlisted 16 Sept 1864 at    Brookville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Company B, 211 Regiment   Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was discharged 2 June 1865 at Pittsburgh. His enlistment description:    age 28 years, height 5 feet 6 inches, complexion light, hair light, eyes blue, occupation wagonmaker.    Edward m. 26 Dec 1867 at Luthersburg, Brady township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, Hannah    Draucker b. 28 Apr 1839 and they resided at Brookville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania and then    removed to Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. They were enumerated in 1880 in Alba borough,    Canton township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and then returned again to Troy and were residing    there in April 1894. In 1899 they were residing at Elmira, New York. In the 1901 city directory their    residence was at 214 Mt. Zoar, Edward a laborer. Edward d. 18 Apr 1909 at 213 Mt Zoar Street,    Elmira, New York and Hannah d. there 6 Nov 1922 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.    Edward received a pension for war service and Hannah received a pension as his widow.

  William Isaac Holly b. 1 Mar 1869 Troy, Pennsylvania.
  Hattie May Holly b. 24 May 1871 Troy.

15.  Rachel Ann Holly b. 24 Dec 1839 became Mrs. Empey and she d. 16 Apr 1878 (ts) Woodlawn    Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Her marker inscribed 1834 for date of birth, which is incorrect.

  James R. Empey b. Feb 1870 Illinois.
  Lafayette Empey.
  Isaac Empey.

19.  Dunning Killgore b. 6 Jan 1833 was received as a member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall    (now Coryland), Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1859, m. 27 June 1861 Helen    Margaret VanKirk b. 20 Jan 1842 South Creek township, Bradford County, daughter of Joseph    VanKirk and Margaret Joralemon. Resided on Gabriel Besley farm in Columbia township after    marriage and then they removed to the Dr. Smith farm and then returned to southwestern Wells    township where Dunning's parents resided. Owned farm of 165 acres. An 1884 newspaper furnished    the following - “Dunning Killgore has his handsome new residence nearly completed. It is one of the    handsomest edifices in Northwestern Bradford, is perfectly designed, and is painted with all of the    showy colors of the season. If a beautiful home and loving family contribute to a man's happiness, Mr.   Killgore must truly be the happiest man in Wells.”

  Diaries of Dunning Killgore in possession of Mrs. Shirley Noble of Gillett, Pennsylvania and Mrs.    Esther Warner of Jonesville, South Carolina.

  Dunning d. 22 Mar 1913 at the family home and Helen d. there 3 May 1915 buried Coryland    Cemetery, Wells township.

  Enoch Ayers Killgore b. 16 Nov 1862 Gabriel Besley farm, Columbia township.
  Ida Mae Killgore b. 6 Aug 1864.
  Margaret Jane Killgore b. 6 Oct 1867.
  William Harrison Killgore b. 30 Aug 1873 Wells township.

21.  William Clinton Killgore b. 20 Feb 1841 was among a list of men drafted at Towanda on 16 Oct    1862 during the Civil War. Clinton m. 14 Nov 1866 Lydia Ann Lewis b. Nov 1836 New Jersey    daughter of Dennis Lewis and Ann Fries of Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.    Resided on a farm in southeastern Wells township. Clinton was a school director in Wells township    (Bradford Reporter, Towanda, Pennsylvania, December 18, 1884).

  Will of Clinton Killgore of Wells dated 28 Apr 1885. Son, Judd L. Killgore, farm on which I now    reside of about 200 acres which was Willed to me by my father, on condition he pay my daughter,    Katie A. Killgore, $2,000, commencing in ten annual payments when she is twenty one. Wife, Lydia    A. Killgore, house and lot in Southport, Chemung County, New York and one third of real estate and    personal property while widow. Executors, Lydia A. Killgore and John J. Ayers, who have the right to   sell my Wright farm of 140 acres to pay debts and for care of family. Witnessed by J. J. Vannoy and J.   J. Ayers. Probate cited Clinton Killgore d. 4 Aug 1885 and proved 15 Aug 1885.

  W. Clinton Killgore d. 4 Aug 1885 44y (ts) of consumption. Lydia d. 7 Feb 1905 Wells township of    cancer (Bradford County death record) buried Coryland Cemetery with Clinton. Her marker inscribed   1837 for date of birth which is incorrect.

  Died. Killgore - At Aspinwall, Aug. 4, 1885, of cancer of the throat, Mr. Wm. Clinton Killgore, aged    44 years (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 6, 1885.

  William Frank Killgore b. 14 Jan 1868 Wells d. 1 Aug 1884 16y (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
  Judson Lewis Killgore b. Aug 1872 Wells.
  Catherine Ann Killgore b. 29 Dec 1875 Wells.

22.  Robert Killgore b. 10 Jan 1831 m. Isabelle Keyes b. 1835/6 daughter of Edmund Keyes and Susan    Burrell of Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. They were enumerated in Rutland    township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860. In the 1870 census enumeration, Isabelle and Robert    were not living together, having separated, Isabelle residing in Columbia township in the Stephen    Keyes household. None of her children were residing with her. Son, Charles was a farm laborer in the   J. H. Jewell residence in Columbia township and son, Alton was residing with his grandparents, John   and Lydia Killgore in Columbia township. No record of son, Floyd found in the 1870 census. Perhaps   residing with his father who has not been located in the 1870 census. Robert m. at Arnot, Tioga    County, Pennsylvania, Mary Jane ______ b. c. 1846 Wales. They removed to Gibbon, Buffalo    County, Nebraska. Enumerated in 1880 in Center township, Buffalo County, Nebraska with three    children, Alton, John, and Lydia. Robert was director of the school board for district 28 in 1880. An    eight plot burial lot in the Kearney City Cemetery was purchased by Robert Killgore and the first to    be buried there was his wife, Jennie (nickname for Jane) and she d. 10 Apr 1881 (ts). The only other    family member buried on the plot was Charles Killgore, son of Robert and Isabelle and he d. 2 Aug    1887. Robert’s sister, Harriet Mahon and family were later buried on the lot. Robert returned to    Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania after the death of Jennie. Robert m. 13 Dec 1882   Sarah A. Dann b. c. 1833 daughter of James B.  Dann and wife Caroline. Mary E. Dann charged    Robert with bigamy for having two wives at one time (Criminal Court Index, Quarter Session #4 Feb    1883) and a warrant was issued for Robert's arrest 27 Dec 1882. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania   arrested Robert for bigamy and he pleaded not guilty. Brother, Raymond posted $500 bond required    until the hearing on the first Monday of February 1883. Jury found Robert insane since Apr 1882 and    committed him to the custody of his brother, Raymond who was given ten days to take Robert to the    asylum at Danville, Montour County, Pennsylvania.

  The following article appeared in a Troy newspaper.
  Attempt at Poisoning. Some months ago, Robert Kilgore, of Sylvania, who had a short time before    returned from Nebraska, married Sarah A. Dann. He had buried his wife, a woman whom he had    married at Arnot, while living in Nebraska. It seems that some time before this he had married Belle    Keyes, of Sylvania, but a separation had been arranged between them. On his marriage to Sarah Dann   he was arrested for bigamy, but a committee in lunacy was appointed on his case and he was declared   insane and sent to the asylum at Danville, about two weeks ago. Last Saturday, Sarah A. Dann, the    daughter of Jas. Dann, who was married to Kilgore, but who has been living at home since he was    declared insane, came to Troy and purchased ten cents worth of strychnine at Capt. B. B. Mitchell's    store, enough to kill half a dozen persons. On Sunday, while at the breakfast table, Mr. Dann noticed    that some tea which had been poured for him had a milky look, and said at once, "Sarah you have put   milk in my tea. You know I don't like it." Some words ensued and he tasted of the tea, and found it    bitter enough to demand an explanation. On searching the table, a paper was found containing a    white powder labeled poison. When threatened and questioned, Sarah admitted her guilt, and said    that she had procured the poison at Stuart Bros., intending to kill her father. Inquiry revealed where    she procured the deadly drug. The case suggests that somebody needs very severe punishment, also    that our drug stores should be more careful about letting such deadly articles go to irresponsible    persons (Troy newspaper, Troy, Pennsylvania, Feb 1883).

  Robert's father wrote a letter to Judge Morrow dated 9 July 1883, requesting that Robert be allowed to   live with him, the doctors at the hospital feeling it would be beneficial for Robert to do so. The judge    allowed Robert to return to Columbia township.

  Isaac A. Killgore petitioned the Buffalo County, Nebraska probate court that he was a minor child of    fourteen years of Belle Killgore and Robert Killgore, both now insane and incompetent to transact    business, late of Buffalo County, and he desires John Mahon as guardian. Signed 14 Feb 1882 by   Isaac A. Killgore. John Mahon also petitioned court for guardianship of John and Anna Killgore,    residents of Buffalo County, minor children under fourteen years of Jane Killgore, deceased, late of    Buffalo County, and Robert Killgore, now insane and unable to transact business. Signed 14 Feb 1882   by John Mahon.

  John Mahon had married Harriet Killgore, Robert Killgore's sister and they had also removed to the    site of Kearney, Nebraska. On 19 Apr 1882 John Mahon relinquished guardianship back to Robert    Killgore. Robert granted William H. Killgore, his brother, of Kearney Junction, Buffalo County,    Nebraska, power of attorney to take charge of his real estate situated in Buffalo County, 22 Feb 1884.    On 8 Apr 1884 Robert Killgore, single, of Bradford County, Pennsylvania conveyed to Joseph Young    of Buffalo County, Nebraska, land of 80 acres in Buffalo County. These records would seem to    indicate that Robert did not remain for very long in the insane asylum and returned to Columbia    township.

  Isabelle became a resident of the Warren Asylum (now the Warren State Hospital) at Warren, Warren   County, Pennsylvania, 18 Oct 1881, which opened in 1880. From there she was admitted to the    Bradford County Home in West Burlington, Bradford County, 8 Jan 1897. She d. at the home 24 Feb    1904 of insanity (Bradford County death record and Bradford County home record) buried Sylvania,    Columbia township, no marker.

  In the 1901 Elmira, New York city directory, Robert Killgore was residing at 19 Pulford Lane. In    1905 he was residing with sister, Sarah Morgan at 622 Winsor Avenue, Elmira, where he continued    to reside until his death 16 May 1919. Buried Gladding Cemetery, Altus, Columbia township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Will of Robert Killgore (Chemung County, New York probate    10559) dated 11 Sept 1913 Elmira, New York. Sons, Floyd B. and Isaac A. Killgore. Sister, Sarah M.   Morgan, executor. Floyd B. Killgore was of Elmira, New York and Isaac A. Killgore was of 1204    Military Street, Fremont, Nebraska, sons and sole heirs.

  Children of Robert and Isabelle:
  Charles E. Killgore b. c. 1856, enumerated Columbia township in 1870 age 15, d. 2 Aug 1887     buried Kearney City Cemetery, Kearney, Nebraska.
  Raymond A. Killgore b. 4 May 1861 d. 5 Aug 1865 4y 3m 1d (ts) Gladding Cemetery.
  Isaac Alton Killgore b. 6 Feb 1866.
  Floyd B. Killgore b. 14 Aug 1868.

  Children of Robert and Jane:
  John J. Killgore b. 31 Jan 1872 Buffalo County, Nebraska, enumerated 1900 census in Troy,      Bradford County, Pennsylvania, single, d. 3 Sept 1900 (ts) Gladding Cemetery.
  Lydia Ann Killgore b. c. 1878, living 14 Feb 1882, no further record.

  Mr. John Kilgore, for a number of years past in the employ of Mr. Henry Gernert, died Monday night    of this week during an operation for a bowel trouble, aged 27 years. He was taken ill on Thursday of    last week, and his sudden death is a severe shock to his many friends (The Troy Register, Troy,    Pennsylvania, Wednesday, September 5, 1900).

23.  Harriet Killgore b. 19 Jan 1833 m. Apr 1870 at Troy, Pennsylvania, John Mahon b. 5 Oct 1824    Delhi, Delaware County, New York son of Paul Mahon and Lydia Moore. John enlisted Apr 1846    Brooklyn, New York navy yard and served one year in Mexican War and was discharged at Norfolk,    Virginia navy yard. After marriage removed to Idaho and were enumerated in Ada County in July    1870, post office Boise, John a blacksmith. In October 1870 they were the first settlers at the present    site of Kearney, Nebraska and built the first house. John Mahon d. 10 June 1894 buried Kearney City    Cemetery, Kearney, Nebraska. Harriet and their son, William removed to Denver, Colorado and first    appear in the 1902 city directory, William a conductor for Tramway Company and both rooming at    30 2411 15th. They continued to reside in Denver at various locations until Harriet d. 12 Nov 1915    (death record) at 845 South Logan Street, Denver, Colorado. Death certificate indicates she had    resided in Colorado for fifteen years and at that residence for five months. Buried with John in    Kearney City Cemetery.

  The body of Mrs. Hattie Mahon, who died at Denver Saturday arrived in the city this morning. The    funeral held from the Methodist Church this afternoon, Rev. E. Freeman officiating. Interment at    Kearney Cemetery. Mrs. Mahon, a sister of Coe Kilgore was 82 years old, at the time of her death.    She was a resident of Kearney but has been making her home in Denver the past few years (The    Kearney Daily Hub, Kearney, Nebraska, Monday, November 15, 1915).

  William Walter Mahon b. 23 July 1876 Kearney, Nebraska.

24.  Coe Killgore b. 3 Mar 1836 m. 1858 Lydia Jane Lord b. Jan 1842 New York state. They removed to   Missouri and were enumerated in Moniteau Township, Cooper County, Missouri in 1860, farmer,    with a post office address of California, Missouri. They perhaps removed in company with the DeWitt   families who also left the same area. They removed from Missouri to Illinois where Coe enlisted 7    Aug 1862 in Company A, 95 Regiment Illinois Volunteers during the Civil War at Marengo,    McHenry County, Illinois. Description at enlistment: height, 5 feet 11 1/2 inches; complexion, light;    hair, brown; eyes, blue; occupation, tinsmith. He was honorably discharged, 17 Aug 1865,     Springfield, Illinois. After the war they resided at Troy, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and were    enumerated there in August 1870, Coe a tanner. Removed in 1871 to Gibbon, Buffalo County,    Nebraska with a party of settlers. One year later they located in Custer County, being one of the first    three families to settle in that county. Coe raised cattle in central Nebraska on an extensive level and    formed the Loup Valley Livestock Company with son in law, Joshua Wood. They drove cattle to Fort    Burford, Montana in the early 1880's, taking nearly two months to make the trek. While in Montana,    Coe met Anna Peterson. Coe and Lydia divorced, 29 May 1883 at Kearney, Nebraska. On 1 Oct    1883, Coe and Anna were married at Ogden, Utah. Anna b. c. 1858 Denmark daughter of Thomas    Peterson and wife Anna, Mormon immigrants.

  Lydia Killgore m. c. 1888 Thomas D. Wood b. Aug 1840 England and they resided in Custer    County, Nebraska. In 1901 they were operating a general store in Mason City, Nebraska. Thomas    preceded Lydia in death. In the 1910 census enumeration, Lydia was enumerated in the household of    Marquis Depue and Edith A. Hilficker at Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska. Lydia resided in later   life in Sumner, Nebraska with daughter, Etta, where she d. 1922/3 and is buried.

  Anna Killgore d. 21 Mar 1919 age 60 at Kearney. Coe Killgore resided at their residence at 2307    Avenue G and d. 16 May 1925 buried with Anna in Kearney City Cemetery. His Will dated 14 June    1921 named daughter, Etta Wood of Sumner, $1,000; great granddaughter, Mildred Overmire of    Sumner, $500; daughter, Ella Ullrich of Portland, Oregon, $1,000; granddaughter, Catherine Knight    of Portland, $500; great grandson, Robert Knight of Portland, $500; great granddaughter, Latola    Knight of Portland, $200; Matilda Peterson, sister of late wife, of Ogden, Utah, $1,500; great    grandson, Leo Wood of Sumner, $500; friend, Lon Kelly of Kearney, $500. Remainder of real and    personal estate to heirs. Codicil dated Nov 1923; daughter, Ella Ulrich of Portland, deceased. Deducts   money originally bequeathed to deceased daughter and to Mildred Overmire as she received money    for college. Administration papers cite daughter, Etta Wood, about 65 of Sumner, Nebraska and    granddaughter, Catherine Knight, about 35 of Portland, Oregon, being daughter of deceased     daughter.

  Coe Kilgore Helped to Organize Custer County.
  The funeral of Coe Kilgore, 89, was held on Monday afternoon, from Bower Funeral Home. The    service was presided over by Rev. D. I. Coon, pastor of the Baptist church, with the G.A.R. in charge    and the Masons conducting the burial service at the grave. Coe Kilgore was born in Bradford county,    Pa., on March 3, 1836. His father was John H. Kilgore, his mother Lydia Hainez, who came from    New Jersey in 1858. That year Mr. Kilgore was married to Libbie Lord. In 1871 he came to Buffalo    county, Nebraska, being among the original Gibbon Homestead colonists. One year later he relocated    in Custer county, being one of three white settlers in that district at the time. He was one of the    organizers of the county and served as the first assessor. In 1883 he was married to Anna Peterson. Of   this union one child survives, Etta E. Wood. In addition there are three grandchildren, Frank and    Walter Wood, living on the original ranch, north of Sumner, which was homesteaded forty-seven    years ago and Mrs. Mel Overmire, now of Kearney. Nine great grandchildren also survive. Mr.    Kilgore was one of the most extensive raisers of cattle in Central Nebraska for many years, a pioneer    in that field. He was among the real builders of the state. Having served in the Civil war he was a    member of the G.A.R., and he was also active in Masonic circles for more than a half century. He had   been confined to his home for nearly five years, but was not seriously stricken until about two weeks    preceding his death, which occurred Saturday night. Mrs. Kilgore preceded him in death about seven    years (Kearney Hub, Kearney, Nebraska, May 20, 1925).

  Children of Coe and Lydia:
  Etta Etheleen Killgore b. 11 Dec 1858 Troy, Pennsylvania.
  William Killgore b. and d. 1861.
  Ellen Killgore b. 1863 Pennsylvania.

  Child of Coe and Anna:
  child stillborn 8 Apr 1888.

25.  William H. Killgore b. Aug 1839 enlisted 11 June 1861 in Company E,1st Pennsylvania light    artillery during the Civil War. Description at enlistment: age, 29 years; height, 5 feet 7 1/2 inches;    complexion, fair; hair, brown; eyes, grey. William was honorably discharged, 31 Ded 1863,     Yorktown, Virginia and enlisted again, 1 Jan 1864, same company and regiment and was discharged    31 May 1864 by reason of promotion. Final discharge, 5 Aug 1865, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.    William returned to his native Columbia township and operated a sawmill. He m. 18 Aug 1867 in    East Smithfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Sophia S. Dilts b. c. 1844 daughter of Philip Dilts.    They removed in 1872 to Buffalo County, Nebraska, remaining four years before removing in 1876 to   Custer County, where he engaged in stock raising. In 1883 they removed to the city of Kearney,    Nebraska for one year and then to the territories of Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Left Montana for Iowa   and Minnesota, but returned to Kearney, Nebraska and bought land on Drover Island in the Platte    River, opposite old Fort Kearney, where they made their final home. Owned over 1,500 acres and    raised cattle. Applied for and received pension for war service. William d. 11 Apr 1905 at his home.    Sophie applied for husband's pension, 22 June 1908, age 64, post office Gibbon, Nebraska.     Application approved. She d. 18 May 1914 buried with husband in Kearney City Cemetery. No    children.

  Stricken Friday While Directing Work at His Home.
  William H. Kilgore expired suddenly at his home on the large island southeast of this city about five    o'clock Friday afternoon. Deceased had apparently been in his usual health and had been to Kearney    the day before. Just prior to his death he had been out to the barn giving the men in his employ some    directions in regard to the work. He turned and walked to the house and as he mounted the steps to    the porch the men heard him utter a cry. They looked in time to seem him throw up his hands and    fall. Hurrying to the stricken man they were horrified to find him quite dead. He was picked up and    carried into the house and Dr. Packard hastily summoned. He found Mr. Kilgore beyond human aid,    however, and his brother who lives in this city, was at once notified. Deceased has long suffered from    rheumatic ailment and it is supposed this acting upon his heart is what caused death. William H.    Kilgore was one of the pioneers of this region, coming here from Pennsylvania in 1872. He settled on    a farm on Wood river, northeast of the city, where he resided for some time. Later he purchased land    on the island to which he removed. To this he added by purchase from time to time until at the time    of his death he was the owner of about fifteen hundred acres of the most fertile and valuable land in    this section. In farming and in other business matters he was uniformly successful and besides his    land his estate consists of fine stock and other personal property, the whole being of large value.    Deceased was a man of modest demeanor and quiet habits and was possessed of a large circle of    friends. He leaves a wife but no children. The war record of deceased was not only honorable but    brilliant. He served for four years in a Pennsylvania regiment in the army of the Potomac, being a    lieutenant of artillery. Numerous acts of gallantry are credited to him and his old captain some time    ago wrote a history of his army career for the organ of the G.A.R. in which he paid him a high    tribute. Funeral services will be held at the Presbyterian church Monday afternoon at half past two    o'clock (Kearney Daily Hub, Kearney, Nebraska, Saturday, April 12, 1905).

26.  Raymond Gernert Killgore b. 14 Feb 1841 was drafted into the Civil War (Troy Times, October 1,    1863). Raymond m. Mary Jane Ayers b. 4 Jan 1845 Sussex County, New Jersey raised by William    C. Killgore and Catherine Ayers in Wells township, Bradford County, Catherine being her aunt.    Resided on Killgore farm in Columbia township. Mary d. 19 Sept 1893 at Altus, Columbia township    of heart disease buried Aspinwall (Bradford County death record). Raymond d. 27 Nov 1900 at home    of sister, Sarah Morgan, 622 Windsor Avenue, Elmira, New York buried with Mary in Coryland    Cemetery, Wells township, Bradford County.

  Mrs. Ray Kilgore died Austinville last Thursday (Mansfield Advertister, Mansfield, Pennsylvania,    September 27, 1893).

  John H. Killgore b. c. 1869.
  Mark A. Killgore b. c. 1877.
  Walter M. Killgore b. c. 1879 resided Montana, single.
  Lida Ellen Killgore b. Nov 1883.
  Harriet May Killgore b. 1884 residing with aunt Sarah Morgan in 1905, single, d. 1915 (ts)     buried Coryland Cemetery.

27.  Sarah Jane Killgore b. 18 July 1844 m. c. 1860 John Henry Morgan b. Aug 1842. Resided in or    near Austinville, Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and then removed to Elmira,    New York, residing at 622 Winsor Avenue. John d. 20 Oct 1908. Sarah m. (2)_________ McCabe.    Resided Elmira, New York. Sarah d. 4 Sept 1934 at home of niece, Mrs. Ellen Killgore Bucy, 250    College Avenue, Elmira, New York buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York with John.

  Walter W. Morgan b. 14 Oct 1861 Austinville, photographer in Elmira, New York before      illness, taken to state hospital in Binghamton, New York, d. 7 June 1900 at the family residence     on Winsor Avenue, Elmira, single buried Woodlawn Cemetery.

30.  Anna C. Killgore b. Dec 1851 m. William H. Decker. His identity is uncertain. Anna first appears    in the 1885 Elmira, New York city directory, seamstress, residing Austin block corner of Main and    West Water Streets, evidently separated or divorced at that time. There was a William H. Decker who   first appears in the 1878-9 Elmira city directory, tanner, house at 710 East Clinton, same for the    1880-2 directory. Also, in the 1880-2 directory was a William A. Decker, farmer on Mt. Zoar Street    near the city limits. The William H. Decker who was residing at 710 East Clinton Street was born 21    Sept 1842 (ts) 1846 (1900 census) and served in Company H, 179 Regular New York volunteers    during the Civil War. This William H. Decker removed to 814 West Church Street and then to 223    Front Street where he was enumerated in 1900 with a daughter in law, Mary E. Decker born Sept    1870 in his household. He died 21 Feb 1901 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. There is   an Anna A. Decker who died 12 Jan 1892 4y Elmira buried same lot, no marker. There is also a    William H. Decker buried Woodlawn Cemetery who died 8 Sept 1912 81y 1m 8d and also buried    with him is a wife, Tryphena and daughter, Harriet J. Abbott. There is also a William H. Decker b.    1835 who died 21 Sept 1918 buried Gillett Cemetery, South Creek township, Bradford County with    wife, Sarah A. who died 11 Feb 1896.

  Anna's occupation and residence was the same in the 1886 and 1887 directories. In the directory of    1890, nurse, residing 600 East Church Street. Same for 1891 and 1892. In 1899 she married Horace    S. Thomas. In the 1903 city directory they were not living together and she assumed her former name   of Decker, nurse, residing 228 South Main. In the 1910 census enumeration she was residing with her   daughter in Elmira. Anna d. 15 Aug 1922 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Estate    11521 Chemung County, New York. Anna C. Thomas, otherwise known as Anna C. Decker. Will    dated 19 July 1900, all property to daughter, Jennie E. Decker.

  Jennie E. Decker b. 10 June 1872.
  child stillborn or d. young.

31.  Abraham Montgomery Dunning b. 11 Sept 1834 was drafted into the Civil War (Troy Times,    October 1, 1863), m. Amanda M. Edsall b. 1836 daughter of Jesse Edsall and Clarissa Wright of    Wells township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Farmer, enumerated in South Creek township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1860. Enumerated there in 1870, miller. Abram, miller, d. 18 Nov    1875 Jefferson Street, Elmira, New York (Elmira City death record) buried Baptist Hill, Columbia    township, Bradford County. In the 1892 Elmira city directory, Amanda was residing at 460 Franklin    Street, son Eben residing with her. Amanda d. 1899 (ts) buried with Abram.

  Eben Dunning b. 1859 first appears in the 1902 Elmira, New York city directory, employee of     Eclipse Manufacturing Company, boarding 480 South Avenue, d. 3 June 1902 (Dunning bible)     buried Baptist Hill Cemetery.

  Ebin Dunham, aged 42 years, died at the Arnot-Ogden hospital yesterday morning at 10 o'clock    of hemorrhage of the lungs. The remains were removed to Hubbel's undertaking parlors. The    funeral arrangements, which have not been completed, will be announced later (The Elmira     Daily Advertiser, Elmira, New York, Tuesday, Jume 3, 1902).

  Virtus. The remains of Eben Dunning of Elmira were brought to the Baptist church here for     burial last Thursday (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, June 12, 1902).

  Coryland. The remains of Eben E. Dunning, who died at the Arnot-Ogden Hospital in Elmira    last Monday, of hemorrhage of the lungs was brought to this place for interment last Thursday.    Mr. and Mrs. William Gustin of Elmira, Mr. and Mrs. O. Edsall of Pine City accompanied the    remains (The Troy Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, June 12, 1902).

32.  David Francis Dunning b. 30 May 1841 m. 12 Mar 1866 in Elmira, New York, Anna Margaret    Hinchman b. 22 Jan 1846 daughter of Joseph Hinchman and wife Emeline. In the 1869 atlas of    South Creek township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, David was a custom miller and dealer in    lumber, shingles, and grain. In the 1900 directory he was a station agent for the Northern Central    Railroad, dealer in coal and fertilizers and farmed twenty acres. David d. 16 Sept 1902 of pneumonia    (Bradford County death record) and Anna d. 11 Dec 1904 hemorrage of lungs (Bradford County    death record) buried Gillett Cemetery, South Creek township.

  Deaths. David Dunning of Dunning, Tuesday, Sept. 6, aged 61 years, of pneumonia (The Troy    Register, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, September 18, 1902).

  Frankie Jane Dunning b. 22 Aug 1868 South Creek.
  Louden Bud Dunning b. 20 Feb 1871 South Creek.
  Catherine L. Dunning b. 24 Apr 1875 South Creek d. 5 (obituary) 6 (ts and bible) Aug 1881 6y     3m 13d (ts) Gillett Cemetery. Obituary, marker, and Dunning bible call her Chubby. In the 1880     census she is called Catherine.
  Joseph Hinchman Dunning b. 13 Nov 1880 South Creek.
  David Roy Dunning b. 17 May 1885 South Creek.

  DIED. Dunning - In South Creek, Aug. 5th, of diptheria, Chubby, daughter of David F. Dunning,    aged 6 years (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, August 11, 1881).

33.  James H. Struble b. 13 Aug 1833 was enumerated in the 1860 census enumeration as a farm laborer    in Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the household of Mrs. Harriet Furman    Gernert b. 1806, a widow with children. They were m. 6 Mar 186_ (Struble bible, page torn) and    resided in Columbia township. Harriet d. 25 July 1881 75y 4m (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery, Columbia    township. James m. c. 1885 (2)Nancy Pennock of Columbia township b. 25 Sept 1838. In the 1900    Columbia township directory James was a farmer with 140 acres. James d. 3 Oct 1912 (ts) Besley    Cemetery, Columbia township. Nancy survived him. No children.

  DIED. Struble. - In Columbia, July 25th, Harriet, wife of Jas. Struble, aged 75 years (The Northern    Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, July 28, 1881).

  Columbia Cross Roads, Oct. 7 - James H. Struble died Friday at his home here following a serious    illness. He was born in Fantago (misprint, should have read Wantage) township, Sussex county, N.J.,    August 13, 1833, and was a son of Jacob and Phoebe (Kilgore) Struble. His paternal grandfather,    Peter Struble, was of Dutch descent, a native of Sussex county. His maternal grandfather was Robert    Kilgore, who was a native of Ireland and a pioneer of Columbia township, this county. Mr. Struble    came with his parents to Columbia township from New Jersey and in 1861 he purchased a farm in    Columbia township which he partially cleared and improved and resided there until 1885, when he    removed to Columbia Cross Roads. He was twice married, his first wife being Mrs. Harriet Furman    Gernert, and the second Miss Nancy Pennock, who survives him. He was a prominent citizen and a    member of the Patrons of Husbandry. The funeral was held on Sunday at 1 o'clock from his late    home (Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York, Monday, October 7, 1912).

34.  Peter K. Struble b. 8 Oct 1835 m. 30 Nov 1860 Laura Ann Relyea b. 1845 South Creek township,    Bradford County, Pennsylvania daughter of Daniel Relyea and Eliza Murdock who settled in South    Creek township in 1835. Peter was drafted into the Civil War (Troy Times, Troy, Pennsylvania,    October 1, 1863). Resided in western South Creek Township in the 1869 atlas near Laura’s parents.    Enumerated in South Creek in 1870. Peter and Laura became members of the Presbyterian Church of    Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells township in 1875. Removed to Canton township, same county,    where Peter d. 9 Aug 1879 44y (ts) buried Fries Cemetery, Columbia township, Bradford County,    Pennsylvania. Laura was not enumerated in Columbia or South Creek township in 1880 and place of    residence unknown. Laura m. (2)Isaac W. Hall b. 1852. Laura d. 1913 (ts) and Isaac d. 1933 (ts)    Gillett Cemetery, South Creek township.

  Peter K. Struble, 44, married, b. NJ, parents b. NJ, hackster, d. Aug 1879, dropsy brights disease,    resident of county 30 years (1880 Canton township, Bradford County mortality schedule).

  DIED. STRUBLE - In Minnequa, August 10th, of dropsy, Peter K. Struble, aged 45 years (The    Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, August 14, 1879).

  Milo R. Struble b. 4 Nov 1861.
  Elmer M. Struble b. 7 July 1865, enumerated in Columbia township in 1880, farm laborer in     Andrew and Abigail Relyea Moore household, Abigail being his aunt.
  Margaret L. Struble b. Mar 1868.

35.  John M. Struble b. 14 May 1840 (not 1841 per pension application and 1900 census) m. 6 Sept 1862   at Gray Valley, Sullivan township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Lydia Jane Woodward b. May    1841. John enrolled 24 Oct 1862 at Camp Curtain, Pennsylvania in Company G, 171st Pennsylvania    drafted militia during the Civil War. His description at enlistment: height, five feet seven and one    half inches; hair, dark; eyes, gray; occupation, blacksmith. He was honorably discharged 8 Aug 1863    at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Blacksmith, resided on Church Street, borough of Sylvania, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania (1869 atlas) and enumerated there in 1870. Same occupation, enumerated in    Canton township, Bradford County in 1880. Returned to Columbia township and resided at     Austinville. In the 1900 Columbia township directory, residence was on Main Street in Austinville,    blacksmith and horseshoer, agent for Syracuse plows and Perry harrows, and proprietor with E.    Andrus of Martindale's common sense fence. His Will, dated 24 Dec 1908 named wife, Lydia Jane    and wife's half sister, Lula Gates and her children. John d. 13 Nov 1909. Lydia d. 23 Oct 1920 at    home of Anna Gustin. Buried Besley Cemetery, Columbia township. No children.

36.  Theodore Struble b. 7 Aug 1844 and wife, Mary E. b. c. 1857 Pennsylvania were enumerated in    Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1880. They evidently removed to Armenia    township shortly thereafter as daughter, Julia is related to have been born in Armenia township. They   evidently returned to Columbia township. Theodore was admitted to the county home at West    Burlington, Bradford County, 8 Nov 1893, from Columbia township. Theodore d. 14 Feb 1894    (county home record and Struble family record) of dropsy buried County Farm Cemetery. Bradford    County death record relates he d. 14 Jan 1894 at the County Home. Mary and her children were    admitted to the county home, 7 Aug 1894, from Columbia township. Mary was discharged in 1895 to    William Tracy of Hoblet, Smithfield township, Bradford County. No further record.

  Henry Struble b. c. 1878 admitted to the county home, 7 Aug 1894 from Columbia township,     discharged 6 Apr 1896.
  Julia N. Struble b. 1880 (county home record) Jan 1883 (1900 census) Armenia township,      admitted to the county home, 7 Aug 1894 from Columbia township, discharged 8 Sept 1894 to     Henry McKenna of Rummerfield. Enumerated in 1900 in Herrick township, Bradford County,     domestic in aMcGowan household. Admitted 23 July 1902 to the county home from Standing     Stone township, discharged 9 Sept 1902, admitted 20 Nov 1906 from Pike township, d. 4 Feb     1907 (county home record). County home record also relates she was buried Philadelphia,     Pennsylvania, but this would seem unlikely. She was the mother of a child b. 28 Jan 1907 at the     county home and d. 28 Jan 1907 buried county home.
  Ory B. Struble b. c. 1885 admitted to the county home, 7 Aug 1894 from Columbia township,      discharged 1 Dec 1894 to Lewis Edsall of Austinville.

37.  Jacob L. Struble b. 17 Apr 1847 and wife Emma were m. Oct 1869 and in 1870 were enumerated in   Columbia township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, residing with his parents. Removed to borough    of Canton, Bradford County, Pennsylvania where Jacob d. 6 Sept 1879 32y (ts) Fries Cemetery,    Columbia township, Bradford County. Jacob Struble, 32, married, b. Pa, parents b. Pa, farmer, d. Sept   1879 of consumption (1880 Canton borough, Bradford County mortality schedule).

  DIED. STRUBLE - In Minnequa, Pa., Sept. 7th, Jacob Struble, aged 32 years (The Northern Tier    Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, September 18, 1879).

38.  Robert M. Struble b. 17 Dec 1849 m. c. 1871 M. Elizabeth J. Andrus b. July 1853 Pennsylvania    perhaps daughter of Abel A. Andrus and wife Mary A., of Canton township. Farm laborer,     enumerated in Canton township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1880. Enumerated in Columbia    township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1900, Elizabeth mother of nine children, seven living.    Residence in the 1900 Columbia township directory was between Austinville and the Bradford and    Tioga county line, renting the 119 acre farm of Frank Baker with a dairy of ten cows. Removed to    Chemung County, New York where Robert d. 7 Apr 1909 town of Veteran, buried Maple Grove    Cemetery, Horseheads, New York. In the 1910 census, Elizabeth was renting a farm on Youngs Hill,    town of Erin, Chemung County, New York, children Elmer, Jennie, Walter, and grandson Arthur    residing with her. In her later years she resided with her children and d. 1934 (ts) at the home of    daughter, Jennie in Endicott, New York buried with Robert at Horseheads, New York.

  Robert M. Struble died Wednesday morning at his home in the town of Veteran, aged fifty-nine years.   He is survived by his widow, five sons: Richard M. of Breesport, Jesse P. of Veteran, James L. of    Spencer, Elmer and Walter M. of Veteran; two daughters, Mrs. Grant Leonard of Spencer and Jennie    M. Struble of Veteran; two brothers: James of Columbia X Roads, John of Austinville, Pa. The    funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home. Burial will be in Maple Grove    Cemetery (Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira, New York, Friday, April 9, 1909).

  Richard Manson Struble b. 16 Sept 1871.
  Jesse Clifford Struble b. July 1877.
  James L. Struble b. 29 Feb 1880 Canton township.
  Elmer R. Struble b. Feb 1888.
  Clara Elizabeth Struble b. 7 Dec 1889 Troy township.
  Jennie M. Struble b. Jan 1893 Troy township.
  Mabel Struble b. 1895 Troy township d. 28 Sept 1895 Troy township of cholera infantum,      duration six days (Bradford County death record). Death notice in Reporter Journal, Towanda,     Pennsylvania, October 10, 1895, relating her age was six months, but perhaps she was only six     days of age at death.
  Walter M. Struble b. Aug 1897.
  son d. young.

39.  David Morrow b. May 1837 is perhaps the David Morrow of Wantage township, Sussex County,    New Jersey who m. the eldest daughter of Moses Jones of Montague township. Marriage record not    found in Sussex County, New Jersey marriages or New Jersey index of marriages. He may also be the    David Morrow who was a teacher at the schoolhouse located one mile from Millville in Montague,    since in the 1860 census enumeration of Wantage two of his brothers and one sister were school    teachers.

41.  Lydia Jane Fuller b. Feb 1844 m. c. 1868 Earl A. Hill b. Apr 1845 son of Noble Hill and Jane    Brees. They resided on a farm in the town of Caton, Steuben County, New York. Later, removed to    Corning, New York. Earl d. 1921 (ts) and Jennie d. 1931 (ts) Elmwood Cemetery, Caton, New York.    No children. No estate filed for her in Steuben County.

  The funeral of Earl A. Hill of 410 East Third street was held Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the    home and at 2 o'clock at the Methodist Church in Caton. Rev. G. S. G. Hare pastor of the First United   Methodist Church officiated. Burial in Caton (obituary clipping, undated at Steele Memorial Library,    Elmira, New York)

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