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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition
(Mapes to McWhorter)
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones 2006 Edition
published by Joyce M. Tice
Photo October 1998 by Joyce M. Tice


John Mapes appears on the 1816 assessment list of Wells acquiring the property of Reuben Horton. John appears on the 1817 assessment list, but not later assessment lists.

Partial (sometimes Parshall) Mapes b. c. 1792 New York served War of 1812. In a biography of son Alexander in The History of Cherokee County, Iowa, Alexander stated he removed to Bradford County with his parents when seven years old, which would place their arrival about 1823. Partial was one of the original members of the Presbyterian Church of Southport, Chemung County, New York formed in 1821. Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1830. He was one of the original fifteen members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland), 22 Feb 1832 and chosen elder. He first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells. He was dismissed by letter from the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall in 1837. He joined the North Church of Wells, a Presbyterian church constituted at the state line, 22 Nov 1836. Enumerated in Wells in 1840. First wife, Maria. Partial and wife, Sally M. b. c. 1797 New York state enumerated 1850 census of Wells. On the 1858 map of Wells their residence was on the south side of present Barrett Road not far from Coryland Road in central Wells. Enumerated in 1860 with wife, Margaret b. c. 1802. Partial d. 1869 (The Semi-Centennial of the Presbyterian Church of Wells and Columbia at Aspinwall, Pa., February 22, 1882). Place of interment unknown.

Children John and Alexander were related to be sons of Maria. Fanny, Lewis, and Harriet children of Sally.

 1.  John W. Mapes b. 1814 received as member of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in    1832 d. 6 July 1887 Indiana.
 2.  Alexander Milton Mapes b. 1 Apr 1816 Orange County, New York, often known as Milton, first    appears on the 1838 assessment list of Wells as single and the same for 1839 and 1840, was of    Southport, Chemung County, New York when he m. 4 July 1845 (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York,   July 10, 1845) Eleanor E. Baker of Southport and he d. 26 July 1883 Cherokee County, Iowa.
 3.  daughter b. 1821-25.
 4.  daughter b. c. 1826.
 5.  daughter b. c. 1828.
 6.  Fanny Mapes b. c. 1830 Pennsylvania.
 7.  daughter b. c. 1832/3.
 8.  Lewis C. Mapes b. c. 1835 Pennsylvania, private Company D 161st Regiment killed 5 Apr 1865 at    Amelia Springs, Virginia.
 9.  daughter b. 1836-40.
10. Harriet Mapes b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.

David Mapes b. 25 Sept 1767 was enumerated with a family in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1800. Enumerated 1810 census of Elmira, Tioga County, New York (that portion that is now the Town of Southport, Chemung County). Resided in the Seeley Creek Valley. Wife, Sarah b. 1 Apr 1767. David d. 19 Sept 1854 Nelson, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

 1.  daughter b. c. 1795.
 2.  Hiram Mapes b. 20 Nov 1797.
 3.  daughter b. c. 1799.
 4.  daughter b. c. 1801.
 5.  daughter b. c. 1803.
 6.  daughter b. c. 1805.
 7.  Edward H. Mapes b. 25 Apr 1808 Horseheads, New York m. Eliza Locke.
  8.  James P. Mapes b. 1810 m. Hannah.

David Mapes b. 1781-90 enumerated 1830 census of Wells with a family at which time he probably arrived in Wells as he first appears on the 1831 assessment list.

 1.  son b. 1801-1810.
 2.  son b. 1811-15.
 3.  daughter b. 1811-15.
 4.  daughter b. 1821-25.

Nathaniel Halleck Mapes b. c. 1812 appears on the 1834 assessment list of Wells. Nathaniel m. 13 July 1837 in Scioto County, Ohio, Sarah Titus b. 1817 Ontario County, New York.

J. R. Mapes b. 27 Nov 1819 d. 6 Aug 1903 (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Wife, Lury b. 14 Oct 1835 d. 15 Jan 1868 (ts).

Frances E. Mapes, 73, widow, born New York, enumerated 1880 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Frances Brees, 39, widowed daughter, residing with her and Harriet Brees, 10, granddaughter.

Harriet Mapes m. Alonzo Bly b. c. 1817 and she was deceased before 1850 and was the mother of Edgar Milton Bly b. 1844 and Adelaide Bly b. c. 1846.


Alexander Martin b. c. 1796 France and wife, Susan b. c. 1811 New York enumerated 1850 census of Wells.

 1.  Lacy A. Martin b. c. 1834 New York.
 2.  George E. Martin b. c. 1837 New York.


Hiram Mason b. c. 1807 New York and wife, Jane b. c. 1811 Pennsylvania enumerated 1850 census of Wells.

 1.  Emily Mason b. c. 1833 Pennsylvania.
 2.  Furman Mason b. c. 1834 Pennsylvania.
 3.  James Mason b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania.
 4.  Walter Mason b. c. 1837 Pennsylvania.
 5.  Helen Mason b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.
 6.  Laura Mason b. c. 1848 Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Bird (nee Mason) m. Stephen Jennings.


James McLane, a native of Ireland, settled in Wells. His father sickened and died upon the voyage and was buried at sea. D. C. McLane, son of James occupied the family farm in Wells near Aspinwall (now Coryland).


Alanson G. McLean first appears on the 1826 assessment list of Wells and was enumerated on the 1830 census of Wells with a wife and two sons under the age of five. Alanson m. Elizabeth Rowley b. 18 June 1801 daughter of Shubal Rowley and Elizabeth Wright of Wells. Alanson last appears on the 1831 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated 1835 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York with three males (including Alanson) and three females in the household. Enumerated as A. G. Maclan in York Township, Sandusky County, Ohio in 1840. Enumerated as Alexander McLene in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1850, carpenter. Elizabeth d. 20 Mar 1854 (ts) Vanderhoef Cemetery, Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio.

 1.  son b. 1826-30 (not enumerated with family in 1840).
 2.  Ezra Kelly McLean b. c. 1830 Wells.
 3.  daughter b. c. 1830 (1840 census enumeration).
 4.  daughter b. c. 1832 (not enumerated with family in 1850).
 5.  daughter b. c. 1834 (not enumerated with family in 1850).
 6.  John McLean b. c. 1841 New York.


John W. McMullin b. 13 Nov 1807 New York m. 8 June 1830 (Sussex County, New Jersey marriage record) Jerusha Ann Caton b. 1 July 1810 New York. Enumerated in Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey in 1830 with one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), and one female of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10). Enumerated in Frankford in 1840 with one male under age five (b. 1836-40), one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10), two females under age five (b. 1836-40), two females of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25). John was one of the petitioners 11 May 1843 requesting charter be granted to the Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now Coryland). Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1870 and 1880, farmer. Jerusha d. 16 Mar 1887 76y 8m 15d (ts) and John d. 1 Apr 1890 82y 4m ?d (ts) Upper Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township.

Child of John and first wife:
 1.  Jane McMullin b. 8 Mar 1829 m. William Relyea.

Children of John and Jerusha:
 2.  Catharine Ann McMullin b. c. 1832 New Jersey.
 3.  Mary Elizabeth McMullin b. c. 1834 New Jersey.
 4.  Martha N. McMullin b. c. 1836 New Jersey.
 5.  Seth McMullin b. c. 1838 New Jersey.
 6. Matilda J. McMullin b. c. 1840 New Jersey d. young.
 7.  Albion Budd McMullin b. c. 1843 Pennsylvania.
 8.  Brittin McMullin d. young.
 9.  John C. McMullin b. 4 July 1849 Wells Township.
10.  Sarah Helen McMullin b. Nov 1852.

Second Generation:
7.  Albion Budd McMullin b. c. 1843 enumerated in a Gernet household in Columbia Township in 1860. Enumerated in South Creek in 1870 in the household of his parents with a wife Vashti b. c. 1846 New York.

Jerusha Ann McMullin b. c. 1864.
Getha Lou McMullin b. c. 1866.

8.  John C. McMullin b. 4 July 1849 m. Dorleska M. Thompson b. 15 June 1848 South Creek Township. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1870 and 1880, farmer. Dorleksa d. 5 May 1883 34y 10m 20d (ts) and John d. 30 Dec 1886 37y 5m 26d (ts) Upper Gillett Cemetery.

  Seth Albion McMullin b. 15 Nov 1869 Gillett, Pennsylvania m. 2 Nov 1872 in Wells Township, Catherine Belle Roy daughter of John Roy and Esther Baker. Katie d. 15 May 1939 Vida, Oregon and Albion d. 23 Apr 1940 Eugene, Oregon.
   Pearl E. McMullin b. 12 Dec 1892 Elmira m. Frank Kruse and she d. 1951 Azalea, Oregon.    Earl John McMullin b. 29 July 1894 Elmira, New York m. Catherine F. Clark and he d. 5 Jan     1946 Grants Pass, Oregon.
   Merl Seth McMullin b. 13 Aug 1905 Elmira m. Elizabeth Ellen Wechter and he d. 25 May      1999 Veneta, Oregon.
  Katherine Belle McMullin.
  Effa McMullin b. May 1873 Gillett.
  Oscar Lee McMullin b. 14 Feb 1878 Gillett.

11.  Sarah Helen McMullin b. Nov 1852 m. Reuben Faulkner b. Aug 1849. Farmer, enumerated in South Creek Township in 1880 and 1900. Reuben d. 1935 (ts) Upper Gillett Cemetery.

David B. Faulker b. Dec 1876, school teacher in 1900, residing with parents.
Charles K. Faulker b. Oct 1884.


Thomas McWhorter m. Mary.

 1.  Gilbert McWhorter b. Ireland.
 2.  Hugh McWhorter b. 1737.
 3.  Mary McWhorter b. 1740 m. William Alexander Buchanan, resided Avoca, New York.

Second Generation:
 1.  Gilbert McWhorter m. Sarah.

  4.  Robert McWhorter d. 1813 Vernon Township, Sussex County, New Jersey.
  5.  Thomas McWhorter b. c. 1755 m. Elizabeth Lawrence and he d. 1807 Allentown, Pennsylvania    and she d. 1812.
  6.  James McWhorter b. c. 1759.
  7.  Henry McWhorter b. 13 Nov 1760 m. Mary Fields and he d. 4 Feb 1848 Lewis County, West     Virginia.
  8.  John McWhorter b. 1762.
  9.  Gilbert McWhorter b. c. 1765.

 2.  Hugh McWhorter b. 1737 m. Keziah Tyler b. 9 Sept 1747 and she d. 10 May 1841.

  10.  Thomas McWhorter b. 15 Jan 1768 m. Sarah Buchanan.
      11.  Tyler McWhorter b. 10 Dec 1777 m. Sarah Armstrong (2)Mary.
      12.  James McWhorter b. 3 Sept 1785 m. Anthusa (2)Anna Parker.
      13.  Kezia McWhorter b. 20 Mar 1788 m. William Buchanan.
      14.  Elizabeth McWhorter b. 9 July 1792 Northumberland County, Pennsylvania d. 20 Oct 1814     Avoca, Steuben County, New York.
      15.  John McWhorter b. 1797 Northumberland.

Third Generation:
 8.  John McWhorter b. 1762 m. Margaret Carr b. c. 1765. John signed Revolutionary Pledge 1775 in    Cornwall, Orange County, New York. John d. 5 June 1797 Vernon Township, Sussex County, New    Jersey. John was intestate 7 June 1797 (747S). Inventory filed 24 July 1806. Children: Sarah, Samuel,   Gilbert, Polly, and Hanna, all minors. Margaret m. (2)William Owen b. 5 Oct 1777 son of Israel    Owen and Jane Ferrier. William was a farmer and kept a public house in Vernon. William d. 20    Dec 1829 and Margaret about 1848 age 83 (History of Sussex County, New Jersey).

  16.  John McWhorter.
  17.  Sarah McWhorter b. 2 Sept 1789 m. Joseph Holly and settled in Wells, Bradford County,     Pennsylvania.
  18.  Samuel McWhorter b. 1791.
  19.  Gilbert McWhorter b. 1793.
  20.  Mary McWhorter b. 1795 m. Estill Wilson and settled in Wells, Bradford County,      Pennsylvania.
  21.  Hannah McWhorter b. 1797.

  Children of William and Jane:
  22.  Jane Owen m. Uri Terry.
  23.  Robert Owen b. 6 July 1806 m. 5 Feb 1825 Rebecca Dunn.

  9.  Gilbert McWhorter b. c. 1765 and wife Huldah b. c. 1768 resided Orange County, New York.    Second wife, Lavina. Gilbert d. 1834 Orange County.

  Children of Gilbert and Huldah:
  24.  Matilda McWhorter.
  25.  Huldah Caroline McWhorter m. Theodore Satterly and she d. 1830 Horseheads, Chemung     County, New York.
  26.  William Pinckney McWhorter d. 31 May 1835.
  27.  Submit Ann McWhorter.
     28.  John McWhorter b. c. 1788 m. Catherine Berthoff and he d. 1831 Warwick, Orange County,     New York.
  29.  Joanna McWhorter b. 11 Oct 1789 m. Alexander Roy and settled in Wells Township, Bradford    County, Pennsylvania.
  30.  James McWhorter b. 11 Oct 1797 m. Hannah Howell and he d. Tompkins County, New York.
      31.  Lydia McWhorter b. 1801 d. 1872/3.

      Child of Gilbert and Lavina:
  32.  Levi McWhorter b. c. 1812 Warwick, New York m. Hannah A. Corry.

Fourth Generation:
18.  Samuel McWhorter b. 1791 m. Sarah Mecker b. 1807 daughter of David Mecker. Samuel d. 11    Feb 1841 Sussex County and Sarah d. 1876 Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  33.  Mary McWhorter.
  34.  Samuel McWhorter.
  35.  John McWhorter b. 14 Mar 1824.
  36.  David McWhorter b. 24 Jan 1826 Sussex County, New Jersey.
  37.  Caleb Taylor McWhorter b. 5 May 1828.
  38.  William H. McWhorter b. 1830 d. at home of brother David on Bird Creek Road, Town of     Southport survived by brothers John, David, and Stephen (obituary).
  39.  Robert C. McWhorter b. 5 Aug 1832.
  40.  Stephen McWhorter b. 1837.

19.  Gilbert McWhorter b. 1793. Wife, Hannah. She is perhaps the Hannah McWhorter who became a    member of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland), Wells Township in 1832. Resided    Southport, Chemung County, New York. Gilbert d. 11 Sept 1871 78y 6m (Elmira City Death Record)   Elmira, New York from the injuries received when he was thrown from a wagon at 9 South Main    Street buried Pine City Cemetery, Town of Southport, no marker.

  Last week Thursday, a Mr. McWhorter, aged 77 years, was killed and Mrs. Thos. D. Gustin seriously    injured by the running away of their horse in Southport. Mr. McWhorter was on his way to visit his    son in Columbia township (Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, Thursday, September, 21,    1871).

  41.  Gilbert McWhorter b. c. 1820.
  42.  Leonard McWhorter b. c. 1821.
  43.  Amanda McWhorter b. 1827.
  44.  Sarah McWhorter b. 1831 Pennsylvania.
  45.  William E. McWhorter b. 1837.

Fifth Generation:
35.  John McWhorter b. 14 Mar 1824 Sussex County, New Jersey removed to Southport, Chemung    County, New York in 1846, m. Sarah Kelly b. 11 May 1826 Southport daughter of John Kelly and    Martha Jones. John d. 10 Feb 1903 Southport buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Mary E. McWhorter b. 26 Sept 1849.
  Caleb T. McWhorter b. 21 Sept 1861.
  Colon McWhorter b. 16 Oct 1863.
  Mabel McWhorter b. 20 Nov 1868.

36.  David McWhorter b. 24 Jan 1826 located in Elmira, New York in 1845 and then purchased a farm    at Seeley Creek, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York, m. 2 Apr 1848 Huldah Moshier b.   1828 daughter of Eli Mosher and Naomi Conley. Huldah d. 1906 and David d. 25 Aug 1917 buried    Webb Mills Cemetery.

  Mary Elizabeth McWhorter b. Mar 1851 m. John Allen Pellet as his second wife and she d. 1943     buried with her parents.
  Clarissa A. McWhorter b. 1853 m. J. H. Cadoo of Elmira.
  Samuel McWhorter b. 1855 d. 28 Apr 1916 buried Webb Mills.
  Miles H. McWhorter b. 1856 m. Eva L. Breese and he d. 1899 buried Webb Mills.
  Alice McWhorter b. 1859, teacher, single, d. 22 Oct 1908 buried Webb Mills.
  Nettie McWhorter (twin) b. 1866 d. young buried Pine City.
  Nellie McWhorter (twin) b. 1866, single, d. 1930 buried Webb Mills.
  Minnie B. McWhorter b. 1867, single, d. 1957 buried Webb Mills.

37.  Caleb Taylor McWhorter b. 5 May 1828 m. Ruth A. Mosher b. 1831 daughter of Eli Mosher and    Naomi Conley. Caleb d. 7 June 1861 33y 1m 2d (ts) Pine City Cemetery, Town of Southport,    Chemung County, New York.

   Martha A. McWhorter.
      Sarah E. McWhorter b. 1857.

39.  Robert C. McWhorter b. 5 Aug 1832 m. Caroline B. McIntyre b. 30 July 1842 daughter of    Waterman McIntyre and Mary Melvina Holdredge. Robert d. 1901 and Caroline d. 16 Oct 1914    buried Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

  Leman R. McWhorter b. 25 Jan 1869 d. 23 Sept 1878 buried Jobs Corners.

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