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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition
(Parker to Queal)
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones 2006 Edition
published by Joyce M. Tice
Photo January 2000 by Joyce M. Tice


Joseph Parker and Joseph Parker Jr., appear on the first assessment list of Wells 1812-13. On the 1817 assessment Joseph Jr., was single and a constable. In 1818 Joseph was listed on the assessment list as “removed” and Joseph Jr., was listed as a farmer. In 1819 both names appear, but no Junior is attached to either name and there is the notation “runaway” beside one of the names.


Jacob Peckham arrived in Wells in 1838 acquiring property of William Buchanan and Jared Mosher.


John W. Pellet was born 6 April 1815 at Pellettown, Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey the son of Obadiah Pellet and Charlotte Westbrook and was the eighth child of fourteen children of this marriage. He was of the sixth generation of Pellets in America, a descendant of Thomas Pellet of Concord,
Massachusetts and through his grandmother, Mary Bradford Pellet he was descended from William Bradford, a passenger on the Mayflower. John m. Sarah Ann Wyker born 1815 Sussex County, New Jersey the eldest child of Henry Wyker and Mary VanSickle. John and Sarah were farmers residing at Pellettown. John was bequeathed a total of 336 acres of land in the Will of his father, appointed guardian of a niece and nephew, and was one of the three executors of his father's will dated 14 January 1846 to
which was added a codicil 18 April 1848. His father died 12 May 1849 and was buried in the Beemer Meeting House Cemetery near Pellettown. John and Sarah had a son die in March and a daughter die in April of the same year who were buried beside their grandfather. Four years later another son died who was buried beside his brother and sister and John's mother died 19 April 1854. Seven days after her death, John sold his land in Pellettown and removed with Sarah and five children to the central part of Wells Township where many Sussex County, New Jersey families had settled. In May 1854 John W. Pellet purchased 216 acres of land from William S. Ingals and in July 1857 he purchased 54 acres of land from John F. Gillette. The Pellet farm was located on the main road between Coryland and Mosherville and their dwelling house was on the west side of the road. Their daughter, Mary married in 1856 George W. Noble who resided on the Noble farm situated two farms south of the Pellet farm. The Pellet family perhaps attended the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in Wells where their eldest son was buried who died in 1860 and in 1863 another son died who was laid to rest beside his elder brother. In 1864 John and Sarah sold the 54 acres to Aranthus Hyatt and in 1865 they sold the farm of 216 acres to Daniel Dalrymple. They remained in Wells, renting the farm they had sold. In 1869 the name of John W.
Pellet appears on a list of names of those who contributed money to move the Presbyterian Church at the state line to French Mill's (now Mosherville), John contributing $2. At this time the family perhaps attended the church which had been removed to French Mill's (now Mosherville) as it was in closer proximity to their residence. Daughter, Alice died in 1873 and is buried in the Mosherville Cemetery. John and Sarah lost six of their nine children in death before attaining adulthood. Sarah Pellet was alive in 1880 when she was enumerated in that year's federal census, but when she died is unknown. Every
possible record has been researched and many individuals contacted. She presumably died sometime in the 1880's or 1890's. The date of John Pellet's death was recorded in a letter written by a granddaughter, Grace Pellet Whitney, who was in search of her Pellet ancestry and in records of Frances Asenath Howell who recorded many of the Pellet descendants. Grace Pellet Whitney in a letter to John J. Stanton, a cousin and Pellet descendant, wrote "My father passed away June 24,1912. My grandfather died July 3,1892. They with my mother and grandmother are buried in the Mosherville Cemetery, Wells, Bradford Co., PA. The infant daughter of my parents is also buried in the same plot. She was the second child, her name was Charlotte." John Pellet d. 3 July 1892 and is buried in the Mosherville Cemetery. No monument marks his grave or that of his wife, Sarah. Buried on the same lot is daughter, Alice and son, John A. Pellet and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Davy and their daughter, Charlotte who died in 1873. Neither John or Mary have monuments, only Alice and Charlotte.

 1.  Bradford Cleveland Pellet b. 6 Aug 1835 Pellettown, New Jersey d. 20 Mar 1860 buried Coryland    Cemetery, Wells Township.
 2.  Mary Maria Pellet b. 28 Feb 1837 Pellettown m. 1856 George W. Noble.
 3.  Charlotte Rebecca Pellet b. 23 Dec 1839 Pellettown.
 4.  Henry Jansen Pellet b. 8 Aug 1842 Pellettown d. 23 Mar 1849 buried Beemer Meeting House    Cemetery, Wantage, New Jersey.
 5.  John Allen Pellet b. 14 May 1845 Pellettown.
 6.  Emily Pellet b. 23 May 1848 d. 20 Apr 1849 buried Beemer Meeting House Cemetery, Wantage.
 7.  Jacob Lantz Pellet b. 18 June 1850 Pellettown d. 12 Sept 1853 buried Beemer Meeting House    Cemetery, Wantage.
 8.  Charles Warren Pellet b. 2 July 1853 Pellettown d. 13 Feb 1863 buried Coryland Cemetery.
 9.  Alice Luretta Pellet b. 20 Sept 1856 Wells township d. 7 Oct 1873 buried Mosherville Cemetery,    Wells Township.

Second Generation:
 3.  Charlotte Rebecca Pellet b. 23 Dec 1839 m. 1 Jan 1861 at Elmira, New York by Dr. Hull, Foster    Garrison b. 30 Nov 1835 Pumpkin Hill, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania son of    William Garrison and Harriet Updyke. Foster Garrison enlisted Sept 1862 in the Civil War and    was discharged 17 June 1865 with the rank of quartermaster sergeant. Purchased a farm in Wells in    1865 on his return from the service. United with the Baptist Church of South Creek in 1868.     Charlotte d. 22 June 1869 (ts and pension application) Wells Township buried Jobs Corners     Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Foster m. 8 June 1870 at the bride's home   in Wells, Malvina Harriet Queal b. 7 May 1844 daughter of Robert Queal and Sarah J. Gordon.    Enumerated in South Creek Township, Bradford County in 1880. Purchased a farm in Sullivan    Township, Tioga County in 1881 near Elk Run. Foster and Melvina became members of the Elk Run    Methodist Episopal Church. Foster applied for a pension, which he received. In 1904 they removed to   Mansfield. He d. 15 Nov 1904 Mansfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania buried Jobs Corners Cemetery.   Malvina resided at Mansfield and d. 21 Jan 1926 at the home of son Herman in Austinville,     Columbia Township, Bradford County buried with Charlotte and Foster in Jobs Corners     Cemetery.

  Children of Foster and Charlotte:
  10.  Ottie Carl Garrison b. 3 Sept 1861 d. 22 Mar 1863 buried Jobs Corners Cemetery.
  11.  George Edwin Garrison b. 23 May 1867.

  Children of Foster and Melvina:
  12.  Herman D. Garrison b. 17 Oct 1871 was a farmer near Austinville, Columbia township,     Bradford County, Pennsylvania in the 1900 Columbia township directory.
  13.  Henry F. Garrison b. 11 Apr 1875.
  14.  Emet Burke Garrison b. 15 Dec 1881.

 5.   John Allen Pellet b. 14 May 1845 m. 1868 Mary Elizabeth Davy b. 1848 daughter of Norman A.    and Jeanette Davy of Wells. John purchased 2 acres in Wells from Strong and Sabrina Seeley, April    1870 and 20 acres in Wells from F. S. Ranney, Aug 1870. Sometime after the spring of 1871 John,    Mary, and their daughter removed to Elmira, New York and there a second daughter was born who    died at age four months and thirteen days, buried at Mosherville Cemetery, Wells Township. John    purchased 50 acres in Wells of Norman A. Davy, Jan 1874 and they returned to Wells. In Jan 1874    John and Mary sold the 20 acres purchased in 1870 to Arvine Barrett. In Apr 1874 John and Mary    sold the 2 acres purchased in 1870 to Frank Robinson. John and Mary resided on their farm of 50    acres in Wells which land bordered on the New York and Pennsylvania state line and was accessed by   way of Bird Creek Road in the town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. John purchased 71    acres in Wells from the Henry Johnson estate in 1889, adjoining the land he purchased in 1874. Mary   d. at their residence in Wells in 1890 age 41 years of tuberculosis and was buried at Mosherville. John   m. fourteen months after the death of his first wife on 3 Feb 1892 in the town of Southport, Mary    Elizabeth McWhorter of the town of Southport b. Mar 1851 town of Southport daughter of David    McWhorter and Huldah Mosher. John purchased 51 acres in Wells from Jeanette Davy estate in    1895, adjoining the previous purchases of 50 and 71 acres. His farm now comprised 172 acres and    was abundant with orchards and many varieties of fruit. Soon after his second marriage he and Mary    removed to the village of Webb Mills in the town of Southport, but continued to maintain the farm in    Wells. John d. 25 June 1912 at their home in Webb Mills buried Mosherville with Mary, no markers.    Mary Pellet sold the Pellet farm in Wells in consideration of $1 to Edith M. Knapp, Ella Snyder, and    Grace Whitney, 15 July 1912. She d. 1943 buried Webb Mills Cemetery on her parents lot.

  15.  Edith May Pellet b. 20 Feb 1871 Wells.
  16.  Charlotte Pellet b. 28 Apr 1873 Elmira, New York d. 10 Sept 1873 Elm Street, Elmira, New     York buried Mosherville Cemetery.
  17.  Grace Pellet b. 10 June 1878 Wells.
  18.  Ella Noble Pellet b. 29 Jan 1883 Wells.

Third Generation:
11.  George Edwin Garrison b. 23 May 1867 m. 1888 Margery Eliza Smith b. 17 Mar 1867 daughter    of Albert Ganung Smith and Louise Mansfield. Farmer, resided Bailey Creek Road, Rutland    Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. George d. 24 Apr 1907 Rutland. Margery m. (2)Ellery    Wilcox b. 1856. Margery d. Nov 1913. Ellery d. 1927 (ts) buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville,    Pennsylvania. George and Margery buried Jobs Corners, Jackson Township, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania.

  Roland A. Garrison b. 26 Mar 1891/2 m. Laura Wernke. No children.
  Louise Garrison b. 2 Oct 1897 Rutland m. Jan 1924 Carter Orr.

15.  Edith May Pellet b. 20 Feb 1871 m. 1891 Samuel Dense Knapp, divorced. Edith m. (2)Isaac    Samuels. Edith d. 21 June 1948 Elmira, New York buried with Isaac in Woodlawn Cemetery,    Elmira, New York.

  Grace Mildred Knapp b. 10 July 1892 Elmira, New York m. 4 Apr 1912 Clyde W. Dickinson.
  John Herbert Knapp b. 19 Apr 1895 Vincentown, New Jersey m. 11 Jan 1921 Mary Hanly.

17.  Grace Pellet b. 10 June 1878 (in the 1900 census related she was born June 1877) received teaching    certificate when seventeen and began teaching at #9 school in Elmira on the southside. When she was   eighteen she met Francis Luther Whitney and they m. 29 June 1907. He was b. 2 Sept 1878 Enfield,   Tompkins County, New York, gradaute of Cornell University and professor at Cornell Univeristy.    They removed to Austin, Texas where Francis was professor of geology at University of Texas. Grace    d. 27 Oct 1958 at Ruston, Louisiana, buried there. Dr. Whitney d. 25 Jan 1962 buried Woodlawn    Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Marion Isabelle Whitney b. 23 Apr 1911 Austin, Texas, single.

18.  Ella Noble Pellet b. 29 Jan 1883 m. 28/29 Mar 1907 at her parent's home, William George Snyder    b. 19 May 1881 son of John H. and May E. Snyder. Enumerated at 1413 Caton Avenue, town of    Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1915, William working for the railroad. Ella d. 14 Aug    1966 and Will d. 5 Nov 1975 at the Masonic Home, Utica, New York. Buried Woodlawn Cemetery,    Elmira, New York.

  Helen Frances Snyder b. 8 Mar 1909 Southport, Chemung County, New York m. 10 Sept 1949     Albert Ernest Ryan, Jr. No children.


Philander Perry b. c. 1825 New York and wife, Eliza b. c. 1827 New York enumerated 1850 census of Wells. In same household was:

 1.  Cornelia King b. c. 1806 New York.
 2.  Phebe Perry b. c. 1833 New York.
 3.  James Perry b. c. 1835 New York.
 4.  Charles Perry b. c. 1840 New York.
 5.  John Perry b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania.


George Dorrance Pettingill (Pettingill, Petingale, Petingall, etc.) b. 12 Aug 1773 Coventry, Rhode Island son of John Pettingill and Ann Green m. Eunice Murray b. 24 June 1775 Providence, Rhode Island. They settled at Mosherville, later where the Carr family resided. George first appears on the 1824 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in 1830, age 50 and under 60 with a family. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1840. Enumerated in 1850 in Jackson Township, Tioga County. Eunice d. 8 Apr 1856 80y 9m 14d (ts) Daggett Cemetery, Jackson Township. George d. 15 Feb 1863 buried Leona, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

 1.  Julia Ann Pettingill b. 27 Sept 1802 Providence, Rhode Island m. Israel Moore.
 2.  George William Pettingill b. 13 Sept 1804 Providence.
 3.  John Green Pettingill b. 18 Jan 1807 Providence.
 4.  Samuel B. Pettingill b. 29 June 1809 Providence d. 23 Sept 1809 Providence.
 5.  Daniel Pettingill b. 1 Apr 1811 Providence.
 6.  Harriet Pettingill b. 21 Oct 1812 Dutchess County, New York m. a son of Rev. Paul Smith of East Chemung, New York.
 7.  James Madison Pettingill b. 2 May 1815 Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York.
 8.  Andrew Jackson Pettingill b. 17 Oct 1818 Fishkill d. c. 1898 Utah.

Second Generation:
 2.  George William Pettingill b. 1804 m. 11 Jan 1845 at Daggett, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Mary Ann Colony b. 4 Dec 1823 Masonville, Delaware County, New York. Blacksmith, enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850. Removed to Leona, Springfield Township. George d. 30 Sept 1892 and Mary Ann d. 16 June 1904.

  Monroe Pettingill b. c. 1846.
  Martha Pettingill b. c. 1848.

 3.  John Green Pettingill b. 18 Jan 1807 m. 17 Oct 1832 in Wells, Amanda Cook. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1850 with three sons and one daughter in their household. John d. 9 Jan 1866 St. Charles, Kane County, Illinois.

 5.  Daniel Pettingill b. 1 Apr 1811 m. 14 Jan 1834 at Daggett, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Ann Eliza Stafford b. c. 1814. Enumerated in Rutland Township, Tioga County in 1840. Daniel d. 28 Feb 1854 Pike, Potter County, Pennsylvania and Ann d. c. 1894 Eldridge, Stutsman County, North Dakota.

  son b. 1836-40 (1840 census).
  daughter b. 1836-40 (1840 census).

 7.  James Madison Pettingill b. 2 May 1815 m. 9 May 1844 (Elmira Gazette, May 16, 1844) at Daggett, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Esther Lewis of Wells. James, blacksmith, and second wife, Clarissa Mott b. 7 July 1828 (age on marker would calculate date of birth of 1827 but family records state 1828) Pennsylvania. Enumerated 1850 census of Jackson Township, laborer, James unable to read and write. Enumerated 1860 census of Wells, master blacksmith. Enumerated in South Creek Township, Bradford County in 1870, blacksmith, James enumerated as unable to read and write. Enumerated in Tioga, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1880, laborer, James enumerated as unable to read and write. Clarissa wife of James Pettingill d. 6 Aug 1882 55y 22d (Clarasy on marker) at Painter Run, Tioga County, Pennsylvania buried Judson Hill Cemetery, Wells Township. James appears in the 1899 directory of Tioga County, residing at Mitchell Creek, Tioga Township. James was enumerated in the household of son George in Richmond Township, Tioga County in 1900. James d. 20 Feb 1901 Jobs Corners, Jackson Township or Coryland, Wells Township.

  Leora Edith Pettingill b. 4 Jan 1848 Daggett m. William Moore (2)Matthew Barber.
  Francis Leroy Pettingill b. 11 July 1849 Daggett d. before 1850 census enumeration.
  Charlotte Ruth Pettingill b. 17 Dec 1852 Daggett d. before 1860 census enumeration.
  Rosalany Pettingill b. 23 May 1853 Daggett.
  Mary Jane Pettengill b. 25 Oct 1855 Daggett.
  Elnora Pettengill b. 8 Feb 1860 Springfield, Bradford County.
  Eunice Pettingill b. 6 June 1862 Springfield.
  George Washington Pettingill b. 8 Dec 1864 Daggett m. Evaline Rounsville.
  Sarah F. Pettingill b. 22 Apr 1868 Springfield m. Charles Watson and she d. 27 Feb 1939 buried Hilton, Monroe County, New York.

John Pettengill, 14, b. New York, d. Mar 1859 of measles (1860 Wells township, Bradford County mortality schedule).


John Phelps first appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells, single. Still single in 1836, 1837, 1838, and 1839. On the 1840 assessment list he had “moved.”


Asa Pierce b. 25 Feb 1781 son of Joseph Pierce and Margaret Gates, appears on the first assessment list of Wells in 1813. His wife was Milicent Seeley b. 11 Jan 1793 daughter of Samuel Seeley and Mercy Bartlet of Southport, Chemung County (then Tioga County), New York. Asa appears on the first assessment list of Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania in 1813. Enumerated in Wells in 1820, younger brother Alfred Pierce enumerated in the next household, with one male of age sixteen and under age twenty six (b. 1795-1804), one male of age twenty six and under age forty fiv (b. 1776-94), two females under age ten (b. 1811-20), and one female of age twenty six and under age forty five (b. 1776-94). Resided on Judson Hill on warrant parcel 1394. Asa appeared on the assessment lists until 1830 (compiled fall of 1829) when he is listed as “gone” and removed before the 1830 census enumeration. They had removed in 1829 to Nunda, New York (obituary of daughter Diantha relates they removed there when she was thirteen). Nunda was part of Allegany County and now is in Livingston County. Asa is perhaps the Amos Pierce enumerated in Mt Morris, Livingston County in 1830 (Mt Morris and Nunda border each other) with one male of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), and one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800). Enumerated in Nunda, Allegany County, New York in 1840 with one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one male of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1791-1800). They removed to Belvidere, Boone County, Illinois in 1842 (obituary of daughter Julia) perhaps in company with her brother Bartlett Seeley and family who also resided in Belvidere. Asa d. 26 Sept 1846. There is no record of Asa’s death or burial in the Belvidere area. Milicent enumerated with daughter Julia Young and family in Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin in 1850 where she continued to reside. Milicent d. 25 Jan 1883 Delavan.

Mrs. M. Pierce, the aged mother of Mrs. E. Young, died on Wednesday evening. The funeral takes place today (Delavan Republican, Friday, Jan. 26, 1883).

 1.  daughter b. 1811-20.
 2.  Diantha Pierce b. 1 Dec 1815 Wells.
 3.  Julia Pierce b. 6 Sept 1821 Wells.
 4.  Marian Pierce b. c. 1827 Wells d. 9 Feb 1850 22y (ts). 1850 mortality schedule relates she d. Apr 1850 of fever, ill 5 weeks, born, Pennsylvania, age 22.
 5.  son b. 1826-30.
 6.  daughter b. 1831-35.

Second Generation:
 3.  Julia Pierce b. 6 Sept 1821 m. Emanuel Young b. 10 Nov 1819. Carpenter and cabinet maker,    resided Delavan, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Julia d. 15 Mar 1908.

  Emma Theresa Young b. 3 Dec 1847 d. 15 Dec 1877.
  Marion Young b. 20 Aug 1851 d. 11 Nov 1851.
  Charles Willard Young b. 11 Feb 1854 d. 29 June 1872.
  Frank Henry Young (twin) b. 14 Dec 1857.
  Fred Pierce Young (twin) b. 14 Dec 1857 d. 18 Oct 1926.

Alfred Pierce b. 9 Aug 1790, brother of Asa Pierce, first appears on the 1820 assessment list of Wells and resided on warrant parcel 1394 south of Mosherville on Judson Hill. Enumerated 1820 census of Wells beside brother Asa and appears on 1821 and 1822 assessment lists. Alfred d. 11 Apr 1822. On the 1823 assessment list appears the name of Obedience Pierce, widow. Also, in that same year she was the mother of Wilder Pierce, age 5, unable to pay for the child’s schooling. Alfred Pierce had a brother Wilder Pierce so it is almost certain that Obedience was the wife of Alfred. There may have been other children but the list only included those children of school age whose parents were unable to pay for their schooling. On the 1825 assessment list her property was transfered to Edward Spaulding.

 daughter b. 1811-20.
 daughter b. 1811-20.
 Wilder Pierce b. c. 1817 m. 29 Oct 1849 in Thetford, Genesee County, Michigan, Lucinda Clapp resided Genesee County, Michigan; removed to Kansas; enumerated in Multnomah County, Oregon in 1870; Clark County, Washington in 1880.

Isaac Pierce b. 14 Nov 1776 son of Daniel Pierce and Mary Hicks m. 19 Feb 1794 Elizabeth Taylor. Isaac first appears on the 1813 assessment list of Wells and last appears on the 1816 assessment list. Perhaps resided in that portion that became Ridgebury Township where brother Dyer lived. They removed from the town and Rev. Isaac Pierce d. 25 Feb 1860 Depeyster, St. Lawrence County, New York buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Oswegatchie.

Dyer Pierce b. 2 Apr 1785 Vermont son of Daniel Pierce and Mary Hicks m. Diana Barton b. 14 Jan 1789 Rhode Island daughter of David Barton and Rebecca Brightman. Noted in Hartford, Washington County, New York town minutes 1809 - 1815. Dyer served in the War of 1812, as sergeant under Captain James Covel in the Regiment of New York Militia. Farmer, appears on 1818 and 1819 assessment lists of Wells (that portion that became Ridgebury). Enumerated in Ridgebury in 1820. In 1828 the family removed to Castile, Wyoming County, New York and were enumerated there in 1830. Father Daniel, and brothers Mial and Truman settled there also. On 15 Feb 1837 purchased land in Sandusky County, Ohio. Enumerated in Townsend, Sandusky County in 1840 and 1850. Sold land in Sandusky County on 19 May 1851 and purchased land in Winneshiek County, Iowa. Dyer and Diana were Universalists and donated land for the Universalist Church and cemetery (Bloomfield) in Castalia, Iowa. Diana d. 4 Aug 1854 Castalia and Dyer d. 14 Mar 1857 from pneumonia at daughter Eliza Slocum’s home in Miami, Indiana. Body returned to Castalia.

 1.  Perlina Minerva Pierce b. 5 Apr 1812.
 2.  Seth Pierce b. 1813.
 3.  Will D. Pierce b. 1816.
 4.  Mial Hix Pierce b. 20 Feb 1819.
 5.  Daniel Brightman Pierce b. 27 Jan 1820.
 6.  Eliza Pierce b. c. 1822.
 7.  James Pierce b. 1830.
 8.  Marion Pierce b. c. 1832.


Jesse Pikendall b. New York and wife, Polly b. New Jersey enumerated 1850 census of Wells with no children in household. Not on 1858 map.


Hunt Pomeroy m. 14 Jan 1824 Hester Maria Clark b. 17 July 1803 daughter of Beaumont Clark II and Abigail Spencer. Hester d. 26 Jan 1827. Hunt m. Orlina Rebecca White daughter of Dr. Amos Gates White and Abigail Marvin.


Nicholas Potter first appears on the 1836 assessment list of Wells. On the 1838 assessment list he was single. Enumerated 1840 census of Wells, age 20 and under age 30 with a wife of the same age.

Sarah Potter first appears on the 1838 assessment list of Wells, widow. She also appears in 1839 and 1840.


David Prutsman b. 16 Jan 1802 bpt 29 Aug 1811 Lower Smithfield Lutheran and Reformed Church, Lower Smithfield, Northampton (that portion that is now Monroe County) County, Pennsyvlania son of David Brotzman and Elizabeth Francis m. Mary Fish b. 16 Dec 1799 New York. David appears on the first assessment of Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1829, which was formed from Jackson Township. Jackson Township assessments should be searched for when David first appears. Enumerated 1830 census of Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania with two males under age five (b. 1826-30), one male of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1801-10), one female under age five (b. 1826-30), and one female of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800). David first appears on the 1837 assessment list of neighboring Wells Township, Bradford County. Enumerated in Wells in 1840 with two males under age five (b. 1836-40), one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), two males of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1801-10), one female under age five (b. 1836-40), two females of age five and under age ten (b. 1831-35), one female of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1791-1800). Enumerated in Wells in 1850, farmer, residing in the southwestern portion of the township near the Rutland and Columbia township lines. David last appears on the 1855 asessment list (compiled late fall of 1854) of Wells with 2 horses, 3 cows, 40 improved acres, 60 unimproved acres, the farm transferred to Decker E. Ayers. David and Mary removed with many of their neighbors in 1855 to Wisconsin. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer, with sons John and David in the household. Mary d. 17 Jan 1868 67y 1m 11d (ts) and David d. 3 Mar 1868 66y 1m 14d (ts) buried Plainfield Cemetery, row 4 lot 19. Also, buried on lot is son John Prutsman and his wife Sarah E. Stowe. On the adjoining lot is buried son William Prutsman, daughter Laura Prutsman, daughter Maria Bentley and her husband  Samuel Y. Bentley and their son Samuel J. Bentley. Son David Prutsman is also buried on one of the two lots.

 1.  Jefferson Prutsman b. 30 Sept 1821.
 2.  Adam Prutsman b. 16 Sept 1825 New York.
 3.  Betsey Prutsman b. 28 June 1827 (1900 census) 1828 (ts).
 4.  John D. Prutsman b. c. 1830.
 5.  Emily Jane Prutsman b. 10 Mar 1833.
 6.  Charlotte Prutsman b. 2 Apr 1835.
 7.  Maria M. Prutsman b. 10 Jan 1837.
 8.  David Prutsman b. 1838 served in Civil War, LT Co D 37th Wisc Reg Volunteer, was killed near Petersburg 29 June 1864 26y (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.
 9.  William J. Prutsman b. c. 1840 d. 22 Aug 1859 (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.
10.  Laura M. Prutsman b. 11 Dec 1842 d. 18 Sept 1864 21y 9m 7d (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.

Second Generation:
 1.  Jefferson Prutsman b. 30 Sept 1821 (bible and ts) appears on the 1843 Wells assessment list with one cow, m. 26 May 1844 (bible) Eliza J. Brewer b. 4 Oct 1824 (ts and bible but perhaps b. 1823) daughter of William Brewer and Lucy Barber, a neighbor of Wells. Farmer, enumerated Rutland Township, Tioga County, Pennsyvlania in 1850 only a short distance from where he was raised and where they continued to reside. Jefferson served as Justice of the Peace in 1876; re-elected 1881, 1886, and 1891. Jefferson d. 3 May 1893 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jackson Township and Eliza d. 14 Aug 1900 (bible - no date of death inscribed for Eliza on monument).

  Jefferson Prutsman, old and highly respected resident of Rutland, dropped dead in a field while sowing oats on Wednesday of last week. Deceased was one of the most prominent citizens and farmers of Rutland. He was nearly seventy-three years old, having been born in 1821. In former days he was a great raftsman, having run the river for many years as a pilot, being considered one of the best, Mr. Prutsman was influential in his section of the county, and served three terms as justice of the peace. He leaves a widow and four children, two sons and two daughters. His health had been poor for some time, but his sudden death was a shock to a large circle of warm friends (obituary).

  11.  Mary Prutsman b. 5 Mar 1848 d. 29 Aug 1849 (bible) 1y 5m 24d (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery.
  12.  Damon D. Prutsman b. 30 Oct 1850.
  13.  Minerva Caroline Prutsman b. 11 July 1852.
  14.  William Brewer Prutsman b. 13 July 1856.
  15.  Lucy A. Prutsman b. 28 Sept 1859 d. 16 Feb 1862 (bible).
  16.  Rettie Mariah Prutsman b. 17 Feb 1863.

 2.  Adam Prutsman b. 16 Sept 1825 appears on the 1848 asessment list of Wells with one cow and again appears in 1850 with one cow. Adam was enumerated in Chatham Township, Tioga County in 1850. Adam m. 10 Sept 1850 Charlotte L. Brown of Chatham b. 13 Dec 1829 New York. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1860, farmer; Bloomfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1870, lumberman; Plainfield in 1880, farmer. His sister Charlotte and family were enumerated in the next household in 1880. Adam d. 13 June 1896. Charlotte was enumerated in Plainfield in 1900 in the home of daughter Ida. Charlotte d. 29 Feb 1904 buried with Adam in Plainfield Cemetery in Row 6, lot 22.

A. Prutsman, d. Saturday night
A. Prutsman one of the early settlers of this township died Saturday night at his home six miles west of here. Mr. Prutsman has been sick since last winter and failed gradually during the time. He was well known in Waushara county and several years ago operated a large sawmill at Tustin. He formerly owned the D. J. Barker farm in this town which he disposed of and moved to Tustin. He returned to Plainfield and purchased the old Sager farm, of T.P. Bovee, near Judge Walker’s farm in this town. Afterwards he bought the Anderson farm in Pine Grove where he lived 4 years and then exchanged farms with T.P. Bovee near this village which place is now owned by A. J. Steele. A few years ago he bought the M.V. Ferdon farm west of here where he resided up to the time of his death. He was the father of Mrs. A.J. Steele of this town and of Mrs. Cora M. Wilson, of Oshkosh. Besides his two children, his wife is left to mourn. The funeral was held last Tuesday and the remains were interred in the Plainfield cemetery (obituary dated June 18, 1896).

  17.  Ida Prutsman b. June 1851 Pennsylvania.
  18.  Cora M. Prutsman b. c. 1859 Wisconsin.
  19.  Frank Prutsman b. Apr 1868 d. 9 Jan 1869 8m 21d (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.

3.  Betsey Prutsman b. 28 June 1828 m. c. 1849 (1900 census) Albert Faringer b. 21 Jan 1824 Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Jackson Township, Tioga County in 1850 and 1860, farmer, residing near Jobs Corners. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford County in 1870, 1880, and 1900, farmer, residing in eastern central Wells near the South Creek Township. In the 1900 directory they had a 100 acre farm. Albert d. 5 Mar 1901 (ts) and Betsey d. 12 Oct 1908 (ts) Upper Gillett Cemetery, South Creek Township, Bradford County.

  20.  Lydia J. Faringer b. May 1851.
  21.  Frank Faringer b. c. 1865 New York.

 4.  John D. Prutsman b. c. 1830 m. 27 Aug 1860 in Oasis, Waushara County, Sarah E. Stowe b. 1840. Sarah d. 2 Feb 1861 20y 5 or 8 m 9d (ts) and John d. 18 May 1870 40y (ts) Plainfield Cemetery.

 5.  Emily Jane Prutsman b. 10 Mar 1833 m. Howard Baker b. c. 1833 Maine. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1860, riverman. Emily was a widow in 1870, residing Plainfield. Emily m. 19 Sept 1870 in Plainfield, Caleb Greenfield b. c. 1824 New York. Enumerated in Plainfield in 1880, hotel keeper. Caleb enumerated in Plainfield in 1910 with wife Nancy J., b. c. 1829 Ohio. Caleb d. Apr 1910 buried Plainfield Cemetery.

  David Baker b. c. 1857 Wisconsin.
  William Richard Baker b. c. 1862 Wisconsin.

 6.  Charlotte Prutsman b. 2 Apr 1835 m. 2 Mar 1856 (Waushara County, Wisconsin marriage record) Aaron Drake b. Jan 1826 New York. Enumerated in Mosinee, Marathon County, Wisconsin in 1860, lumberling. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County in 1870, farmer. Enumerated in the 1875 state census in Plainfield with two males and two females in the household. Enumerated in Plainfield in 1880, farmer and next to the household of her brother Adam and familiy. Charlotte d. 18 Jan 1894. Aaron was enumerated in the household of daughter Dora and family in Wautoma, Waushara County in 1900. Aaron d. Feb 1908 buried with Charlotte in Plainfield Cemetery in Row 6, lot 6.

Mrs. A. Drake, a pioneer resident of this town, died at her home at West Plainfield on Thursday of last week, aged about 61 years. She had been sick nearly all winter, suffering from a severe attack of la grippe which finally brought on a mild case of pneumonia. A few weeks ago it was supposed she had recovered, but jaundice set in and she failed gradually but was able to be up around the house for a short time to within a few days of her death. She was a daughter of David Prutsman, who was one of the early settlers of this town. She was the mother of two children, Mr. Chas. Drake of this town and Mrs. F, F. Wehsner of Wautoma. Her husband also survives her. The funeral was held from the West Plainfield school house last Saturday, Rev L. K. Palmer of Almond preaching the sermon and the remains were interred in the cemetery west of this village. The pall bearers were HarryWalker, Job Bound, John Weldon, Thomas Wood, Theo. Bound and H. C. Wood (The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Saturday, January 27, 1894).

  Charles E. Drake b. Feb 1857 Wisconsin and wife Kate resided Plainfield, had children, and he d. 14 May 1936 buried with parents.
  Dora Belle Drake b. June 1868 Wisconsin m. 23 Nov 1887 Frank Frederick Wilsner b. Jan 1865 and they had children.

 7.  Maria M. Prutsman b. Jan 1837 m. 29 Mar 1857 (Waushara County, Wisconsin marriage record) Samuel Youngman Bentley b. Oct 1833 Pennsylvania. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara Couty, Wisconsin in 1860 and 1870, farmer. Enumerated in Hull, Portage County, Wisconsin in 1880, lumberman. Enumerated in Sharon, Portage County in 1900, lumber manufacturer, Mary mother of six children, five living. Samuel d. Nov 1908 and Maria d. 20 Sept 1919 buried Plainfield Cemetery on lot next to parents.

  Eva Bentley b. c. 1857 m. Jacob Aultman.
  Flora Jane Bentley b. May 1860 m. 11 Oct 1874 in Portage County, John Campbell b. Mar 1856. Farmer and lumberman in Sharon Township in 1900.
  Samuel J. Bentley b. 1864 d. 1868 buried Plainfield Cemetery.
  Nellie Bentley b. 1869 m. 19 May 1889 George Jackson.
  Estella Bentley b. May 1873 m. 25 Dec 1892 in Portage County, Russell Strong b. Jan 1867. Farmer in Sharon Township in 1900.
  Adam P. Bentley b. 6 Aug 1879 m. 4 Oct 1901 in Sharon Township, Evelyn Brown.

 Third Generation:
 12.  Damon D. Prutsman b. 30 Oct 1850 m. Amanda May Soper b. 22 Mar 1854 daughter of William Soper and Rebecca Baker. Damon d. 2 July 1924 and Amanda d. 16 Apr 1943 buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville, Rutland Township.

  Damon D. Prutsman, a farmer residing at Jobs Corners, died unexpectedly this morning aged 74 years. Mr. Prutsman had started on his usual farm work when he became ill and returned to the residence. He suffered a heart seizure and death soon followed. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Amanda Prutsman; two sons, Jefferson of Columbia Cross Roads and Robert at home; two daughters, Mrs. Corn Holton of Jobs Corners and Mrs. J. Warner of Coryland, Pa. The funeral will be held at the Roseville Church Saturday at 2 p.m. the Rev. Seymour Barrett to officiate.

  Eliza Prutsman m. Jay Warner.
  Jefferson William Prutsman m. 11 Feb 1899 Leonara H. Wolfe.
  Cora Frances Prutsman b. 29 June 1876 m. 9 Feb 1895 Newman E. Holton.
  Austin D. Prutsman b. 1892 m. Mabel Claire White and he d. 1972.
  Catherine Prutsman b. 1896 d. 8 Aug 1898.

13.  Minerva Caroline Prutsman b. 11 July 1852 m. 3 Sept 1871 William Floyd Baker b. 9 Mar 1842 son of Harlin Baker and Sarah Longwell. William d. 22 Sept 1902 Athens, Pennsylvania buried Tioga Point Cemetery, Athens.

  Damon Baker.
  Bertha Baker.
  Guy Baker.
  Fannie Baker.

16.  Rettie Mariah Prutsman b. 17 Feb 1863 m. 16 Mar 1879 (Mansfield Advertiser, March 19, 1879) Charles Albert Saxton b. 26 Dec 1855 Tioga County, Pennsylvania son of George Hiram Saxton and Emeranda Carleton. Enumerated with her parents in 1880 in Rutland Township. Enumerated in Wells Township, Bradford County in 1900, farmer, Rettie mother of two children, one living. Listed in the 1900 directory of Wells, Township, Bradford County with 22 dairy cows and 136 acres.Listed in the 1907-8 directory of Wells. Enumerated with daughter Carrie and family at 1116 College Avenue, Elmira, Chemung County, New York in 1900, painter. Enumerated in Elmira in 1920, painter, residing with daughter and family. Rettie d. 1929 (ts) and Charles and widowed daughter Carrie were enumerated at the family home at 1114 Admiral Place in 1930. No date of death inscribed for Charles in Jobs Corners Cemetery.

  Carrie E. Saxton b. Feb 1880 m. 25 Dec 1901 (Rutland Methodist Episcopal Church record) Walter D. Taylor of Troy, Pennsylvania b. 1878 Texas. Enumerated at 1116 College Avenue, Elmira, New York in 1900, gym instructor at New York State Reformatory, Carrie mother of two children, one living – Hazel M. Taylor b. 1908. In the 1917 Elmira City directory, Walter was a physical instructor at the New York State Reformatory with a hous at 1114 Admiral Place. Enumerated at 1114 Admiral Place, Elmira in 1920, bookkeeper in factory. Walter d. 1922 (ts) Jobs Corners Cemetery. No date of death inscribed on marker for Carrie.
  Charles Saxton b. 1894 Wells d. 7 Apr 1895 4 months of pneumonia (Bradford County death record) buried Jobs Corners,  Jackson Township, Tioga County.

17.  Ida Prutsman b. June 1851 Pennsylvania m. c. 1871 Alvin J. Steele b. Jan 1842. Alvin d. Mar 1916 and Ida d. Feb 1926 buried Plainfield Cemetery with her parents. No children.

20.  Lydia J. Faringer b. May 1851 m. c. 1874 Cyrus Josiah Havens b. Jan 1843 (1900 census and ts but perhaps 1845 per other census) New Jersey. Josiah served during the Civil War in Company H, 2nd Regiment, New Jersey Cavalry and Company H, 27th Regular New Jersey Infantry. Enumerated with her parents in Wells Township in 1900, farmer. In the 1900 directory farmed with her parents on 100 acres. Enumerated in South Creek Township in 1910, farmer, grandson Harry Douglass, age ten, residing with them. Enumerated in Elmira, New York in 1920 residing at 205 Morrow Street with daughter Nettie and family. Josiah d. 2 Dec 1921 and Lydia d. 1922 (ts) buried Gillett Cemetery beside her parents.

  Mary E. Havens b. c. 1875 m. c. 1895 Samuel W. Heller, resided 617 Mt Zoar Street, Elmira, New York. Samuel d. Dec 1935 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
  Nettie M. Havens b. Sept 1885 m. c. 1899 Charles Douglass. Carpenter, enumerated in Wells in 1900, m. (2)Roy A. LaFrance b. c. 1875 and she d. 1958 (ts) buried with parents and grandparents in Gillett Cemetery.


Robert Queal b. 18 Nov 1800 New York m. Sarah Jane Gordon, known as Sally, b. 18 July 1808 New York daughter of James Gordon and Esther Owens. Enumerated 1830 census of Wells with no children in their household. Does not appear on assessment lists of Wells during that time period. Robert, Sally Jane, Mary Ann, and Esther Jane Queal became members of the Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1853. Margaret and Melvina became members in 1860. Robert d. 30 Sept 1889 (ts) and Sarah d. 24 Feb 1894 (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

Mrs. Queal, mother of James Queal of Richmond township, whose age was over 80 years, died while visiting friends at Jackson Summit whither with her sons family she was about to move (obituary).

 1. Mary Ann Queal b. c. 1831.
 2.  Elvira Queal b. Nov 1833 d. 6 Feb 1847 13y 2m 7d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.
 3. Esther Jane Queal b. July 1835 m. James K. Owen.
 4. James Gordon Queal b. 25 Sept 1837.
 5. Margaret Queal b. Sept 1840 m. Franklin Marion Warner.
 6. Melvina Harriet Queal b. 7 May 1844.
 7.  Rosilla Queal b. 1848 d. 10 Mar 1862 13y 5m 29d (ts) Coryland Cemetery.

Second Generation:
 4.  James Gordon Queal b. 25 Sept 1837 m. Mary Jane Tickner, known as Jennie, b. 7 Apr 1846 daughter of Joel B. and Sarah Tickner. James d. 1916 (ts). Jennie d. 20/30 Mar 1926 Horseheads, New York buried Gillett Cemetery with James.

  Harriet Queal b. 18 June 1869 m. Will Swartwood.
  Nellie Queal b. 25 Apr 1872 m. Adelbert Tears.
  Lillian Ainsely Queal b. 26 Nov 1873 m. Earl Benson Farren.
  Emma Queal b. 21 Apr 1875 d. 21 Sept 1881.
  Henry Queal b. 24 Nov 1876 d. 1975 (ts). Wife, Kate b. 1879 d. 1945 (ts) Gillett Cemetery.
  Willard Queal b. 7 May 1880 m. Nellie J. Knapp b. 1882. Willard d. 1944 (ts) and Nellie d. 1976     (ts) Gillett Cemetery.
  Robert Queal b. 10 July 1882 m. Edna Gates and he d. 1959 (ts) Gillett Cemetery.
  Edna Queal b. 17 Feb 1887 m. James Bert Congdon.


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