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Families of Wells, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
By J. Kelsey Jones - 2006 Edition
(Roe to Rutan)
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones 2006 Edition
printed by permission of J. Kelsey Jones
Photo by Joyce M. Tice 1998

James Madison Roe b. 23 Dec 1808 Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey son of George Roe and Margaret Struble first appears in the 1831 assessment list of Wells, m. 28/29 Jan 1832 Elizabeth Braisted b. 2 Jan 1810 daughter of James Braisted and Mary Mills. James and Elizabeth received as members of Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall (now Coryland) in 1832. Charter of the Presbyterian Society at Aspinwall granted 11 May 1843, James one of the petitioners and on first board of trustees. His brother Timothy and sister Elizabeth Roe Cory and families removed to Baptist Hill, Columbia Township and Elizabeth's family removed to Wells Township. James and Elizabeth returned to New Jersey after the 1840 census enumeration. James d. 27 June 1877 Branchville and Elizabeth d. 29 May 1900.

Timothy Roe b. 22 Jan 1804 Frankford Township, Sussex County, New Jersey son of George Roe and Margaret Struble m. Elizabeth Stoll b. c. 1804 daughter of Jacob Stoll and first appears on the 1831 assessment list of Wells. On the 1836 assessment list he had transfered his property and removed from the township. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1840 and in Troy Township in 1850.

 1.  Maria Roe b. c. 1825.
 2.  Hugh Roe b. 15 Apr 1827 d. 17 Sept 1828.
 3.  Phoebe Roe b. c. 1829.
 4. George Roe b. c. 1831.
 5.  Jacob Roe b. c. 1833.
 6.  William Roe b. c. 1838.
 7.  Sarah Roe b. c. 1840.
 8.  Levi Roe b. c. 1844.
 9.  Ann Roe b. c. 1846.
 10.  Timothy Roe b. c. 1851.
 11.  Elizabeth Roe b. c. 1856.

Mrs. Emeline Roe m. at Wells 29 Mar 1871 (The Northern Tier Gazette, Troy, Pennsylvania, April 13, 1871) T. J. Otterson. Perhaps the Emeline Roe buried Baptist Hill, Columbia Township b. 19 Jan 1839 d. 25 Feb 1882.


O. Rolison on 1858 map of Wells in southeast Wells. H. Rolison residing there in 1869.


Egbert E. Roosa baptised 30 July 1792 Kingston, Ulster County, New York son of Jan Egbert Roosa and Elizabeth Houghtaling (Hoogteeling, etc.) m. Catherine Hinman b. c. 1799 Massachusetts. Egbert became pastor of the Congregational Church in Masonville, Delaware County, New York in 1822, pastor of Presbyterian Church at Aspinwall (now Coryland), 1836 to 1838, and first appears on the 1837 assessment list of Wells. With Rev. John Frost of Elmira he formed the North Church of Wells in 1836, a Presbyterian Church at the state line in the Seeley Creek Valley. Resided Hammond Creek Valley between Millerton and state line, afterwards the Seeley residence. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Rev. Roosa d. 14 Oct 1855 (Elmira Gazette, October 16, 1855) age 63 at residence on Water Street, Elmira, New York buried Second Street Cemetery. Catharine and Elizabeth Ann Roosa were two of the original twelve members of the North Church of Wells. David P. and Augustus P. Roosa became members.

 1.  Elizabeth Ann Roosa b. c. 1821 m. Rev. Joseph Lewis Riggs.
 2.  David Porter Roosa b. c. 1824.
 3.  Augustus Parker Roosa b. c. 1827 m. Amanda Wells daughter of Isaac L. Wells and Temperance    Smith.
 4.  John L. Roosa b. c. 1836 Pennsylvania.

ROSELL see Rozell


Shubal Rowley, Will dated 21 May 1795
Liber B, Page 105
Probated 21 Sep 1799
(Warwick, Orange Co., New York)
In the name of God, Amen I, Shubal Rowley of the town of Warwick in the County of Orange and state of New York farmer being weak in body, but of sound disposing mind and memory and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, viz. 1st I recommend my soul to that God who gave it and my body to the grave to be buried at the direction of my executors in decent Christian burial and as touching my worldly estate which God has been pleased to give me I dispose of it in manner and form following, viz. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Joanna, the full use of the house in which I now live together with all the household furniture, loom and tackling with all the implements, thereunto belonging, one side saddle, one horse, one cow, and six sheep; the house, cow and sheep to be kept by my son Jonathan during her natural life or widowhood and all the above premises to be at her disposal except the house and horse which my son Jonathan is to have at her decease or marriage. I give and bequeath unto my son Jonathan Rowlee all my lands and tenements together with all my other buildings, horses oxen, cows, young cattle, sheep, hogs and all implements of farming movable and unmovable now to me belonging. But if any person or persons
should dispossess my widow of the house I now leave to her use then my son Jonathan is obliged by this will to furnish his said mother with a comfortable house to live in and fire wood sufficient so long as she remain my widow. And lastly I do ordain constitute and appoint Jonathan Rowlee and Francis Armstrong, Sr., Executors of this my last will and testament and I do utterly disannul and make void all former wills by me made declaring this and this only to be my last will and testament. In testamony hereof I have here unto set my hand and seat this 21st day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-five. In presence of Jonathan Thompson, Isaac Allison and Isaac Smith.

 Patience Rowley b. 1756.
 Jonathan Rowley b. 22 Oct 1758 m. Amy Smith and he d. 2 Dec 1849.
 Mary Rowley b. 20 May 1762 m. 20 Aug 1783 at Chester, Orange County, New York, Garret     Durland.
 Constant Rowley b. 1764 m. Eunice Pruden d. 1821 Trumbull County, Ohio.
 Shubal Rowley, Jr., b. 10 May 1765.

Second Generation:
Shubal Rowley, Jr., b. 10 May 1765 served in the American Revolution, m. 4 Jan 1786 Elizabeth Wright b. 1766-1774 (1800 and 1810 census enumeration). Enumerated in Warwick, Orange County, New York in 1790 and 1800. They are related to have removed to Wells in 1807. However, Shubal does not appear on the 1808 Tioga Township, Luzerne County (included present Wells Township) assessment list, which was compiled for the 1808 tax year. Enumerated in Smithfield Township, Lycoming County (Bradford County and Wells Township had not yet been formed) in 1810. Elizabeth is related to have d. 7 Apr 1813. Elizabeth was perhaps buried where the family resided, since no public burial grounds had been established and the first death of an adult in the township was related to be William Keyes in 1813. Residence was on warrant parcel 1389 which became known as Rowley Hill. On the 1819 tax assessment, Shubal had 5 improved acres, 95 unimproved acres, 1 house, 1 horse, 3 cows. Shubal had a second wife, Elizabeth named in his Will. Shubal last appears on the 1835 assessment list of Wells. Will of Shubal (Bradford County probate file 340) dated 15 Jan 1838 Wells named wife Elizabeth to have property “she brought with her when she came into my family,” one equal half of what she made while in my family and one year’s provisions; children, James W., Peter, George, Jonathan, Annanias, Elizabeth McClane, each $25; daughter, Patty Kelly, $10; bedclothes to two daughters; remainder to son Shubal Jr., who is executor. Witnessed by Samuel Bullock and William Baker. Proved 11 Sept 1839. Shubel d. 1 July 1839 (not 1829 per some records) at Wells. Place of interment is believed to have been upon the farm where they settled, but no markers are currently known to exist.  Elizabeth Rowley received $10 cash from Shubal Jr., administrator of the estate, dated 30 Sept 1839 Wells, Elizabeth signing by mark, and witnessed by John T. Learned and Edward A. Ayers. Inventory by John T. Learned, Henry Seely, and Edward A. Ayers filed 30 Sept 1839. Dates of birth of children from bible record. Children, George, Martha, Jonathan, Elizabeth, and Ananias all removed to Medina County, Ohio in the 1830’s.

The following record of Shubel Rowlee's family is from a Bible that was in the possession of his  granddaughter, Mrs. R.R. Berry of Seely Creek, Chemung County, New York.

Shubel Rowlee was born May 10th 1765
Shubel Rowlee and Elizabeth Wright was married January 4th 1786

James W. Rowlee was born March 14th 1787
Peter Rowlee was born October 27th 1788
George Rowlee was born January 15, 1793
Patty Rowlee was born January 11th 1795
Shubel Rowlee was born March 15th 1797
Jonathan Rowlee was born April 5th 1799
Elizabeth Rowlee was born June 18th 1801
Ananias Rowlee was born March 21, 1809
This Record taken April 28, 1833.

MY FATHER's FAMILY (Written by Mrs. Berry)
Shubel Rowlee and Caroline Osgood were married December 31, 1818
John Rowlee was born Saturday, November 20th 1819, died July 9th 1834
Rosette Rowlee was born Monday, August 10th 1829
Sarah Elizabeth Rowlee was born Monday, March 29th 1840

Shubel Rowlee died July 1st 1839
Elizabeth Rowlee died April the 7th 1813
Patty died October 31st, 1855
Ananias Rowlee died October 12th, 1866
Jonathan Rowlee May 12th, 1869
Peter Rowlee March 9th 1871
Shubel Rowlee April 5th 1879

 1.  James W. Rowley b. 14 Mar 1787 Orange County, New York.
 2.  Peter Rowley b. 27 Oct 1788 Orange County.
 3.  George Rowley b. 15 Jan 1793 Orange County.
 4.  Martha Rowley, known as Patty, b. 11 Jan 1795 Orange County m. Ezra Kelly.
 5.  Shubal Rowley, Jr., b. 15 Mar 1797 Orange County.
 6.  Jonathan Rowley b. 15 Apr 1799 Orange County.
 7.  Elizabeth Rowley b. 18 June 1801 m. Alanson McLean.
 8.  Ananias Rowley b. 21 Mar 1809.

Second Generation:
 1.  James W. Rowley b. 14 Mar 1787 m. 22 Feb 1807 Jane Glan b. 21 Feb 1789 daughter of Vincent    Glan and Anna Catlain. Enumerated in Orange County, New York in 1810 with one daughter in    their household. Enumerated in Bath, Steuben County, New York in 1820 with 2 males under age    ten, one male of age 10 and under age 16, 1 male of age 16 and under age 26, one male of age 26 and   under age 45, two females under age 10, 1 female of age 10 under age 16, 1 female of age 26 under    age 45. James first appears on the 1826 assessment list of Wells and last appears on the 1832    assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Owego, Tioga County, New York in 1840 (b. 1781-90).    Residence was in the Apalachin area. Jane’s mother was residing with her brother Vincent Glan in    Tioga, Tioga County, New York in 1850. James and Jane were not enumerated in Tioga County in    1850 and have not been located in the census indexes. James and Jane enumerated in Rock Grove,    Floyd County, Iowa in 1860. James d. 8 Dec 1861 74y (ts) and Jane d. 10 Sept 1862 buried Rock    Grove Cemetery.

  9.  daughter b. c. 1808.
  10.  son b. c. 1810.
  11.  Nathaniel Rowley b. July 1813 Orange County, New York.
  12.  daughter b. c. 1815.
  13.  William Rowley b. 20 July 1817 Orange County, New York.
  14.  daughter b. c. 1819.
  15.  Ralph Rowley b. 2 May 1822.
  16.  Lafayette Rowley b. 27 July 1824 New York.
  17.  David Martin Rowley b. 1826 Pennsylvania.
  18.  Andrew J. Rowley b. c. 1828/9 Pennsylvania.
  19.  Clarinda M. Rowley b. 1 Apr 1832.

 2.  Peter Rowley b. 27 Oct 1788 m. Elizabeth Briggs b. 1791 Connecticut daughter of John Briggs.    Resided Wells and last appears on the 1819 tax assessment lists when transfered property to William    Beers and removed to the town of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated in Elmira,    Tioga County, New York in 1820 with two sons and two daughters under age ten. Enumerated 1825,    1830, 1835, 1840 census of Southport. On the 1830 census enumeration there were ten children in    their household. Enumerated in Southport in 1860, farm laborer; 1870, farmer. Peter d. 9 Mar 1871    (ts) and a date of birth of 26 Oct 1788 Orange Co. inscribed. Elizabeth d. 30 Dec 1871 80y (ts) buried   Fulton Street Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Both had deaths filed in Elmira which agree with    markers.

  20.  son b. 1811-20.
  21.  son b. 1811-20.
  22.  daughter b. 1811-20 (1820 and 1830 census).
  23.  Mary Ann Rowley b. c. 1815, tailoress, single, resided family home on Pennsylvania Avenue, d.    14 June 1900 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.
  24.  James Rowley b. 18 Aug 1821.
  25.  son b. c. 1822-24.
  26.  daughter b. c. 1826 (1830 and 1840 census enumerations).
  27.  George F. Rowley b. 16 Apr 1828 Southport.
  28.  William W. Rowley b. c. 1830.
  29.  Elizabeth S. Rowley b. c. 1832 m. 5 July 1854 (Elmira Republican, July 8, 1854) Peter Decker     of Waverly, New York.
  30.  Susan B. Rowley b. c. 1835 m. Ichabod Pierce.
  31.  Harriet S. Rowley b. c. 1838 m. 5 July 1854 (Elmira Republican, July 8, 1854) William     Simmons of Urbana, Steuben County, New York.
  32.  Frances E. Rowley b. c. 1841.

 3.  George Rowley b. 15 Jan 1793 first appears on the 1814 assessment of Wells and was enumerated on   the 1820 census with a wife b. 1795-1804, son under age ten, and a daughter under age ten in the    household. Residence was on warrant parcel 1389. Enumerated in 1830 with a wife b. 1791-1800, son   b. 1816-20, daughter b. 1816-20, and two daughters b. 1826-30. George last appears on the 1834    assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio in 1840. Farmer,    enumerated in Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois in 1850 with wife Anna b. c. 1797 New York    state. Not enumerated there in 1860.

  33.  daughter b. c. 1817 (1820, 1830, and 1840 census enumerations).
  34.  Shuble G. Rowley b. c. 1819 Wells.
  35.  daughter b. 1826-30 (1830 and 1840 census enumerations).
  36.  daughter b. 1826-30 (1830 and 1840 census enumerations).
  37.  Melissa Rowley b. c. 1834 Wells.
  38.  George A. Rowley b. c. 1836 Ohio.
  39.  Emily Rowley b. c. 1840 Ohio.

 5.  Shubal Rowley, Jr., b. 15 Mar 1797, served War of 1812, m. 31 Dec 1818 Caroline Osgood b. 19    June 1801 daughter of John Osgood and Sarah Merrill of Wells. Enumerated in Wells in 1820.    Residence was on warrant parcel 1388. Shubal was commissioned a justice of the peace in 1833 and    was twenty two years a justice of the peace. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York    in 1870, farm laborer. Shubal d. 5 Apr 1879 (ts). Caroline was enumerated in Columbia Township in    1880 with daughter Sarah and her family. Caroline d. 21 Feb 1883 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

  40.  John Rowley b. 20 Nov 1819 Wells.
  41.  Rosette Rowley b. 10 Aug 1829.
  42.  daughter b. c. 1836 (1840 census).
  43.  Sarah Elizabeth Rowley b. 29 Mar 1840 m. 24 Dec 1868 at Tioga, Pennsylvania (Tioga     Agitator, February 3, 1869) Reuben R. Berry of Columbia Township.

 6.  Jonathan Rowley b. 15 Apr 1799 m. Sarah Stryker, known as Sally, b. 4 Nov 1796 Pennsylvania    daughter of Peter Stryker and Elannah Low who settled in Big Flats, Chemung County, New York.    Jonathan enumerated 1820 census of Wells with a wife b. 1795-1804 and two sons under the age of    ten. Jonathan first appears on the 1820 assessment list of Wells. Residence was on warrant parcel    1389. On the 1827 list he had transfered his property to J. U. Frost and removed to Southport,    Chemung County, New York (then Tioga County). The Southport and Elmira Baptist Church was    constituted 16 May 1829 and included in the 38 members was Jonathan and Sally Rowley. Jonathan    was named in the Will of David Bailey dated 20 Apr 1830 Southport, Chemung County, New York    proved 16 Aug 1831 and called son-in-law. Witnessed by Peter Rowley. The relationship, if any, to    David Bailey is unknown. Jonathan was enumerated in Southport in 1830 with a wife b. 1791-1800 a   and four daughters and a son all under the age of ten and a female b. 1751-1760 in the household.    Enumerated in Homer, Medina County, Ohio in 1850, farmer. Removed to Paw Paw, VanBuren    County, Michigan. Sarah d. 21 Mar 1855 58y 4m 21d (ts) Prospect Hill Cemetery, Paw Paw.    Jonathan m. 11 Feb 1858 in Van Buren County, Michigan, (2)Lucy Church b. c. 1799 New York.    Enumerated in Lafayette (now Paw Paw), Van Buren County, Michigan in 1860. Jonathan d. 12 May    1869.

  44.  son b. c. 1818-19 (1820 census) not enumerated with family in 1830.
  45.  Heman Rowley b. c. 1820.
  46.  Elizabeth Rowley b. 13 Sept 1821.
  47.  Eleanor Rowley b. c. 1825.
   48.  Martha Rowley b. 12 Dec 1826 New York.
  49.  Sarah Rowley b. c. 1829.
  50.  Jonathan J. Rowley b. 2 Sept 1831 New York.
  51.  James N. Rowley b. 1833 d. 1908 (ts) Prospect Hill Cemetery, Paw Paw.
  52.  Harriet Rowley b. c. 1843.

 8.  Ananias Rowley b. 21 Mar 1809 m. Aurora Goff b. c. 1808 Berlin, Vermont daughter of Bethuel    Goff and Mary Fox. Ananias was enumerated on the 1830 census of Wells with a wife and two    daughters in the household. On the 1834 assessment list he had transfered his property to Bethuel    Goff and removed from the township. Enumerated in Harrisville, Medina County, Ohio in 1840 and    in Homer, Medina County in 1850. Enumerated in Sullivan Township, Ashland County, Ohio in    1860. Ananias d. 12 Oct 1866. Aurora was enumerated in Paw Paw, Van Buren County, Michigan in    1870. In 1880, son Edwin and granddaughter Jennie Marshall were residing with her.

  53.  daughter b. 1826-30.
  54.  daughter b. 1826-30.
  55.  Mary Rowley b. c. 1831 Wells.
  56.  Matilda I. Rowley b. c. 1832 Wells.
  57.  Delilah Rowley b. c. 1836 Ohio.
  58.  Myron Rowley b. c. 1840 Ohio
  59.  Almeda C. Rowley b. c. 1845 Ohio.
  60.  Cynthia A. Rowley b. c. 1848 Ohio.
  61.  Emma Rowley b. c. 1851 Ohio.
  62.  Edwin B. Rowley b. c. 1853 Ohio.

Third Generation:
11.  Nathaniel Rowley b. July 1813 and wife Marilla Barton b. c. 28 Sept 1818 Dutchess County, New    York daughter of Morris and Eliza Barton. Enumerated in Owego, Tioga County, New York in    1840 and 1850, and the 1855 state census, carpenter. Nathaniel d. 5 Dec 1858 45y 4m 29d (ts)    Riverside Cemetery, Apalachin, Town of Owego. Marilla enumerated in 1860 in Owego as Mary with   James, Eliza, and Adaline in household. Marilla d. 8 Mar 1894 75y 7m 8d (vital record)  Temple    Street, Owego at home of son Emanuel Decker buried Riverside Cemetery (Owego Gazette, March 8,    1894).

  son b. 1836-40.
  James M. Rowley b. c. 1841 Apalachin, Town of Owego, enlisted 22 Aug 1861 during the Civil War    and served in Company G, 5th New York Calvary, m. and had at least one son Nathaniel B.     Rowley; resided Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania from Oct 1873 to Jan 1877 and then     moved to Turkey City, Clarion County, Pennsylvania; pension application mentions mother     Marilla Rowley of Lindley, Steuben County, New York. James d. 4 Apr 1894 57y, widower,     farmer of “excessive use of alcholic liquors” buried Riverside Cemetery (Owego death record).
  Eliza J. Rowley b. c. 1843 Owego.
  Adaline Rowley b. 26 Apr 1848 (Owego vital record).

13.  William Rowley b. 20 July 1817 m. 8 Feb 1839 in Owego, New York, Jane Barton b. 23 May    1821 Dutchess County, New York. Enumerated 1840 census of Owego, Tioga County, New York.    Enumerated in Owego in 1850, farmer; 1855 state census, farmer; 1860, laborer. Removed in 1863 to   Linn County, Iowa. Enumerated in Center Point Township, Linn County, Iowa in 1880. William d.    24 Mar 1899 (ts) and Jane d. 28 Jan 1924 (ts) Center Point Cemetery.

  William Rowley was born in Orange County, New York, July 20th, 1817. Died March 24th, 1899,    aged 81 years 8 months and 4 days. While a boy he moved to Pennsylvania with his parents     remaining there only a few years when they returned to the town of Oswego (misprint and should    read Owego), New York where he resided until 1863 when he moved to this place with his family. He   was married to Jane Barton in 1839, to this union was born 4 Daughters, three of them are still living,   Mrs. J. T. Townsend, of Binghamton, N.Y., Mrs. L.V. Smith of Colorado Springs, Colo, and Mrs.    C. V. Wilsey of this place, who were present at the death and burial of their dear father. The other    daughter Mary A. Cooper died at Custer City, So. Dak  Dec. 13th, 1889 and was brought here and    lies at rest by the side of her father. William Rowley united with the M.E. church when 21 years of    age and has been a faithful and member since.  He was a devoted husband and loving father and the    ambition and desire of his life was in the wellfare and happiness of his family. He was highly    esteemed and loved by a large circle of friends who unite with us in offering our deepest sympathy to    the bereaved family in this their great sorrow and affliction (Journale, March 28, 1899).

  Jane Barton Rowley Passes To Her Reward
  Jane Barton was born near the village of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., May 23, 1821. A few years later she    migrated with her parents to New Jersey and later to Owego, N.Y. On February 8, 1839, she was    united in holy wedlock with Wm. Rowley, to which union four daughters were born, all of whom    have preceded their mother to their eternal reward with the exception of Mrs. M. Wilsey. Fifty-eight    years ago she came with her family to Iowa, settling in Linn County, near Center Point where she has   lived ever since. Mrs. Rowley was reared in a christian home and knowing that she herself must make   a definite decision for Christ, did so at the age of fifteen years. Mrs. Rowley was probably the oldest    communicant of the Methodist Episcopal church in Iowa. She became a member of this denomination   when living in Owego, N.Y., eighty-seven years ago and when she moved to Linn County in 1865    transferred her membership to the church at Center Point. She took an active part in church work    until a few years ago when she was forced to forego these pleasures. However, she continued to lend    her financial support to the cause of the Lord. Mother Rowley was an optimist. Her hundred years    have been happy. She was content with life and it was good to her. Lots of women look older at sixty    than she did at 103. Mrs. Rowley was a granddaughter of Col. Ethan Allen, who with his small band    of Colonial troops captured Fort Ticonderoga during the Revolutionary war. She was also a cousin of    Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross. She passed to her eternal reward January 28, 1924,   at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Marvin Wilsey, where for twenty-five years she has received the    tenderest of care, Mrs. Wilsey herself being eighty years of age. She passed the century mark by two    years, eight months and five days.  As a sheaf ripe unto the harvest she was gathered into the    heavenly garner. She is survived by one daughter, eight grand children, ten great grand children and    thirteen great, great, grand children. Funeral services were held from the Methodist church     Wednesday afternoon, Rev. F.C. Griewe officiating and was largely attended. Interment in the (text    incomplete). The floral offerings were many and beautiful (The Center Point Independent, Thursday,    January 31, 1924).

  Jane A/T. Rowley b. c. 1840 Owego m. a Townsend.
  Calphurnia V. Rowley b. 1843 Owego m. Marvin Wilsey and she d. 1935 (ts) Center Point     Cemetery.
  daughter b. Mar 1847 (Owego vital record).
  Laura V. Rowley b. c. 1849 Owego m. a Roy (2)Smith and d. 30 Sept 1899 (ts) Center Point     Cemetery (marker incorrectly inscribed with 1852 for date of birth).
  Mary A/R. Rowley b. Jan 1851 Owego m. I. T. Cooper and she d. 13 Dec 1889 (ts) Center Point     Cemetery.

15.  Ralph Rowley b. 2 May 1822 m. 2 May 1848 (Owego Gazette, May 12, 1848) in Flemingville, Tioga   County, New York, Lucy Darlin of Owego b. c. 1831. Enumerated 1860, 1870, and 1880 census of    Rock Grove, Floyd County, Iowa. Ralph d. 7 Apr 1901 (ts) Rock Grove Cemetery.

  Levina Rowley b. c. 1862.
  Frederick A. Rowley b. 16 Feb 1864 d. 23 Jan 1908 (ts) Rock Grove Cemetery.

16.  Lafayette Rowley b. 27 July 1824 m. 22 Sept 1845 in Choconut, Pennsylvania, Mary Ring b. 25    May 1822 Orange County, Vermont daughter of Levi Ring and Mary Bailey. Enumerated in Owego,   Tioga County, New York in 1850, farmer. Enumerated in the 1855 state census of Owego, sixteen    years in the County, farmer. Enumerated in Ridott, Stephenson County, Illinois in 1860; Otter Creek    Township, Linn County, Iowa in 1870. Lafayette d. 9 Feb 1871 46y (ts) Lafayette Cemetery, Otter    Creek Township, Linn County, Iowa. Mary d. 17 Nov 1913 Pasadena, California.

  Charles Wesley Rowley b. 17 May 1848 Choconut, Pennsylvania m. 24 Dec 1869 Martha A.     Martin and he d. 1932. Enumerated with wife Sarah b. c. 1850 in 1870 in Otter Creek Township.
  Martha Marissa Rowley b. 19 Aug 1850 Owego, New York m. 25 Mar 1869 Thomas J. Greene     (2)Samuel Deeble.
  Eugene A. Rowley (twin) b. 21 Apr 1853 Owego m. 17 Sept 1882 Etta Mansun and he d. 24 Nov     1921.
  Emergine Rowley (twin) b. 21 Apr 1853 Owego m. 10 Sept 1873 John C. Martin and she d. 11 July    1929.
  Mariette Rowley b. c. 1856 Owego.
  Jessie Elmira Rowley b. 23 May 1859 Pecatonica, Illinois m. 19 July 1879 Edmond Tate Melton     and 25 Sept 1883 (2)William Esdras Smith and she d. 30 Nov 1931 Roseville, California.
  Permelia Rowley b. 10 Sept 1861 Ogle, Illinois.
  William Fayette Rowley b. 6 Oct 1864 Pecatonica, Illinois.
  child b. 1866 Pecatonica.

17.  David Martin Rowley b. 1826 m. Charity Kellogg b. 1831 New York. Enumerated in Ridott,    Stephenson County, Illinois in 1860, farmer. Enumerated in Otter Creek, Linn County, Iowa in 1870    and 1880. Charity d. 1908 (ts) and David d. 1909 (ts) Lafayette Cemetery, Otter Creek Township.

  Wallace G. Rowley b. c. 1853 New York or Illiniois and wife Laura enumerated Otter Creek in     1880.
  Herbert Martin Rowley b. 1859 Illinois d. 1898 (ts) Lafayette Cemetery.
  Mary E. Rowley b. c. 1864
  Anna E. Rowley b. c. 1865.
  Lucy Rowley b. c. 1872.

18.  Andrew J. Rowley b. c. 1828/9 and wife Melissa J. b. c. 1835 Pennsylvania enumerated 1870 census   of Otter Creek Township, Linn County, Iowa and 1880 census of Center Point, Linn County, Iowa,    farmer. Andrew d. 9 May 1910 (ts) Springdale Cemetery, Clinton County, Iowa.

  Frank Rowley b. c. 1861 Illinois.
  Ada Mary or Mary Ada Rowley b. c. 1866 Iowa.
  George Rowley b. c. 1872 Iowa.

19.  Clarinda M. Rowley b. 1 Apr 1832 m. 19 Dec 1850 John Abraham b. c. 1823 England.     Enumerated in the City of Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois in 1860, John a tailor. Clarinda d.    25 Nov 1915.

  Alice Abraham b. c. 1852 Illinois.
  John C. Abraham b. c. 1854 Illinois.
  Grace E. Abraham b. c. 1856 Illinois.
  Clara Abraham b. c. 1867 Illinois.
  Census Abraham b. 1860 Illinois.
  William Abraham b. c. 1862 Illinois.

24.  James Rowley b. 18 Aug 1821 m. Minerva Elliott and she d. 9 May/Oct 1851. James enlisted 12    June 1861in the Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War. James m. 14 Jan 1866 at Oswayo, Potter   County, Pennsylvania, Sarah Samantha Stilson b. c. 1841 and she had m. 1 Jan 1849 Silas Andrews   b. 12 Sept 1823 d. 19 May (ts) Aug (pension application) 1865 (ts and pension) Crystal Cemetery,    Oswayo Township. James d. 15 Oct 1891 (ts) Crystal Cemetery. Sarah d. 22 Jan 1907 Falconer, New    York.

  Cortland Rowley b. 1868 d. 4 June 1900 32y (ts) Crystal Cemetery.
  Frances Rowley b. c. 1872.

27.  George F. Rowley b. 16 Apr 1828 m. 31 Dec 1849 Lydia Sophia Dalrymple b. 17 Nov 1832 Afton,    Chenango County, New York daughter of Ephraim Dalrymple and Abigail Bridgman. In 1850 they   settled in Oswayo Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania and were enumerated there in 1850. In    1851 they settled on the farm where they afterwards resided. George was also engaged in lumbering.    George enlisted Aug 1861 during the Civil War and was taken prisoner in the seven days fight before   Richmond, 30 June 1862 and after 21 days was paroled with McClellan’s sick and injured and was    discharged 19 Sept 1862. George reenlisted 7 Sept 1864 and served until the close of the war. Lydia    d. 22 May 1890 (ts) Eleven Mile, Pennsylvania buried Crystal Cemetery, Oswayo Township. George    held the offices of Supervisor, Auditor, and School Director. George m. 30 June 1898 at Stanards    Corners, Allegany County, New York (2)Mary Sickler. Mary had m. (1)Richard S. Canfield,    divorced (2)James P. Freer. George d. 6 Nov 1903. Mary m. 1 Sept 1907 (4)Marion M. Hober.

  Susan A. Rowley b. 7 Oct 1850 m. Daniel C. Kelley.
  Sarah Isabel Rowley b. 24 Feb 1852 m. James F. Goit.
  William Clarence Rowley b. 4 Feb 1854 d. 13 Sept 1854 (ts) Crystal Cemetery.
  Ida Viola Rowley b. 26 Aug 1856 m. Shubel Edgar Crittenden.
  George Monroe Rowley b. 29 Nov 1859.
  Edith May Rowley b. 30 Apr 1866 m. Charles L. Wilbur.

28.  William W. Rowley b. c. 1830 served Civil War, enumerated with wife Mary R. b. c. 1835     Michigan in Oswayo Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania in 1870. William buried Crystal    Cemetery, Oswayo Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania.

  Clarence M. Rowley b. c. 1857 Pennsylvania.
  Ada J. Rowley b. c. 1860 New York.

34.  Shuble G. Rowley b. c. 1819 m. 29 Oct 1840 in Medina County, Ohio by Bethuel Goff, Justice of    the Peace, Mary Ann Penewell b. c. 1822 Ohio. Enumerated in Concord, Jefferson County,     Wisconsin in 1850. Enumerated in Whitestown, Bad Ax County, Wisconsin in 1860. Shuble enlisted    in the Wisconsin Cavalry and d. 21 Oct 1864 Camp Webster, Nashville, Tennessee.

  Henry Rowley b. c. 1842 Ohio.
  George Rowley b. c. 1844 Ohio.
  Jacob Rowley b. c. 1846 Ohio.

38.  George A. Rowley b. c. 1836 and wife Mary b. c. 1839 England were enumerated in Rockford,    Winnebago County, Illinois in 1880, George a teamster.

40.  John Rowley b. 20 Nov 1819 m. 28 Nov 1839 Harriet Baker b. 30 Oct 1820 daughter of Amos    Baker and Ruth Warner. Enumerated in Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1860, 1870 and   1880, shoe maker. John d. 9 July 1894 75y (ts) and Harriet d. 1 Feb 1905 buried Pine City Cemetery,    town of Southport, Chemung County, New York.

  Mrs. Harriet Rowlee aged eighty-four years, died last night at 9:45 o’clock at the home of her    daughter, Mrs. Sarah Nichols, No. 323 Norton St. The deceased was a resident of Pine City for many    years and a member of the Baptist church there. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Nichols and    Mrs. Emma Mosher of Richmond, N.J.; one son, Frank Rowlee, of Smithport, Pa., and one brother    Horace Baker of Pine City. The funeral will be held Saturday morning at 10 o’clock at the house.    Interment in Pine City (obituary).

  George Rowley b. 1841 d. 25 May 1843 2y 8m 19d (ts) Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.
  Sarah L. Rowley b. 1 Sept 1844 m. 18 May 1865 (1865 state census) Richard J. Nichols b. 16 Mar     1841 Southport, Chemung County, New York son of Draper Nichols and Amaryllis Warren.     Marriage entry was crossed out so this may not be the correct date. Sarah was enumerated in a     Brown household in 1870 in Southport.
  Rosanden Franklin Rowley b. 1 Apr 1846 Wells enlisted 6 Sept 1864 at Avon, New York during the    Civil War, returned to Elmira and resided there until 1866, removed to Milton, Pennsylvania in     1867, m. 28 Mar 1868 Harriet Mary Harris b. 1852. Resided at Milton until 1876, returned to     Elmira, divorced Aug 1879. Children, William and Mary, both enumerated with their father who     was living with his parents in the 1880 census enumeration. Frank was employed by the railroad.     Frank m. 11 Apr 1882 in Elmira, New York, Alice Goodrich b. c. 1850 divorced wife of Jacob     Decker. In 1882 they removed from Elmira to Eldred, Pennsylvania and in 1887 to Smethport,     Pennsylvania and in 1888 to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where they remained until 1905-6 when    they removed to National City, California, returned to Punxsutawney in 1912. Frank d. 8 Jan 1923    Tampa, Florida buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. Alice survived Frank.
   William Harris Rowley b. 27 Oct 1872 m. Agnes Rose Draiss.
   Mary E. Rowley b. 30 Apr 1875.
  James Blackburn Rowley b. 1849 d. young.
  Emma C. Rowley b. 1854 Wells m. a Mosher.

46.  Elizabeth Rowley b. 13 Sept 1821 m. Sanford Encom Pierce Albro (2)John Kellogg Snyder b. 29    Apr 1818. Elizabeth d. Feb 1904 Fremont Township, Isabella County, Michigan buried West    Windsor Cemetery, Potterville, Benton Township, Eaton County, Michigan.

  John K. Snyder died at the home of his son Sylvester Snyder at the ripe old age of eighty-eight years.    The funeral sermon was at Winn church by the pastor, Interment west of Town (Isabella County    Enterprise March 14, 1906).

  Old Mrs. Snider who has suffered from creeping paralysis for the past few years, passed quietly away    last Thursday evening. She has been tenderly cared for by her daughter Mrs. Maggie Buckingham,    who came from Lansing 2 years ago to care for her. Mrs. Buckingham took the remains to Eaton    County to be interred in her old home cemetery, and will not return. She was accompanied by her    daughter Mary, who will be sadly missed by the young people (Isabella County Enterprise Feb. 12,    1904).

  Sarah Albro d. 6 Mar 1850 5m 15d (ts) Vanderhoef Cemetery, Medina County, Ohio.

48.  Martha Rowley b. 12 Dec 1826 m. Henry K. Halstead b. c. 1825 son of William Halstead.    Enumerated in Lafayette (now Paw Paw) Township, Van Buren County, Michigan in 1850. Martha d.   11 Jan 1902.

  Alvina Halstead b. c. 1846.
  William J. Halstead b. c. 1848.
  Sarah Halstead b. c. 1853.
  Martha Halstead b. c. 1855.
  Estella Halstead b. c. 1865.
  Irena Halstead b. c. 1867.
  Henry Halstead b. c. 1869.

50.  Jonathan J. Rowley b. 2 Sept 1831 was enumerated with sister Martha in Lafayette Township, Van    Buren County, Michigan in 1850, m. 6 June 1853 in Lawrence, Michigan, Mary E. Halstead b.    1836 Ohio. Enumerated in Lafayette (now Paw Paw) Township, Van Buren County in 1860. Jonathan   enlisted 12 Apr 1865 during the Civil War in Michigan, discharged 22 May 1865. Enumerated in    Arlington, Van Buren County in 1870 and Lawton, Van Buren County in 1880. Jonathan d. 12 Nov    1888 Lawton, Van Buren County, Michigan and Mary d. 1890 (ts) buried Prospect Hill Cemetery,    Paw Paw.

  Charles A. Rowley b. c. 1853 Michigan d. 1929 buried on same lot with parents, no marker.
  Frederick H. Rowley b. c. 1854 Michigan.
  Susannah Rowley b. 1857 Michigan m. 4 Aug 1877 Horace J. Hubbard and she d. 1925 (ts) Prospect    Hill Cemetery.
  Leonard L. Rowley b. 14 Mar 1860 Michigan m. 22 May 1887 Phoebe Udell and Leonard d. 5 Aug     1910 (ts) Prospect Hill Cemetery, Paw Paw.

56.  Matilda I. Rowley b. c. 1832 m. 16 Aug 1856 in Ashland County, Ohio, Luther H. Mead b. c. 1832 Ohio. Enumerated in Sullivan Township, Ashland County in 1860, shoemaker.

  William Mead b. c. 1857 Ohio.

57.  Delilah Rowley b. c. 1836 m. 2 Jan 1860 in Medina County, Ohio, Chester Perkins b. c. 1832 Ohio. Enumerated in Homer, Medina County in 1860, farmer.

61.  Emma Rowley b. c. 1851 m. Mar 1870 Charles Marshall b. c. 1847 England. Enumerated with her    mother in Paw Paw, Van Buren County, Michigan in 1870.

  Jennie Marshall.


Alexander Roy b. 1 July 1787 Sugar Loaf, Orange County, New York son of John and Jane Roy, John a native of Scotland. Alexander m. Joanna McWhorter b. 11 Oct 1789 Warwick, Orange County daughter of Gilbert and Huldah McWhorter. They removed in 1829 to Wells from Orange County, New York purchasing the Judson property on the flats north of Mosherville in the Seeley Creek Valley. He is the Alexander Aroy enumerated in the 1830 census. Joanna, Lydia, Robert, and Joseph Roy were some of the first members of the North Church of Wells, a Presbyterian church formed at the state line, 22 Nov 1836. Joanna d. 1 Apr 1845 55y 5m 20d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery. Alexander m. 25 Aug 1846 in Broome County, New York (2)Eliza Wheeler of Union, Broome County, New York (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, September 3,1846). Alexander d. 6 Sept 1862, no marker.

Died: On the 1st inst., at Wells, Pa., Mrs. Joanna Roy, wife of Mr. Alexander Roy, in the fifty-fifth year of her age. Left husband and children. Goshen papers please copy (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, Thursday, April 10,1845).

Children baptized Dutch Reformed Church, Warwick, Orange County, New York.
 1.  Charlotte Roy b. 4 Dec 1811 bpt 25 Apr 1813.
 2.  Jane Roy b. 15 Mar bpt 25 Apr 1813.
 3.  Sarah Roy b. 12 Aug bpt 23 Sept 1815.
 4.  Lydia Roy b. 14 Feb bpt 11 May 1817.
 5.  John Alexander Roy b. 20 Dec 1818 bpt 24 Apr 1819.
 6.  William Henry Roy b. 13 Oct 1820 bpt 5 Jan 1821.
 7.  Anna Roy b. 23 Oct 1822 bpt 23 Feb 1823.
 8.  Robert Roy b. 13 May bpt 7 Aug 1824 d. 20 Nov 1881 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.
 9.  Joseph Burgess Roy b. 13 July 1827 bpt 9 Feb 1828 d. 1 Sept 1849 22y 2m 18d (ts) Mosherville    Cemetery. Death recorded at Southport, Chemung County, New York, age 22, wagon     maker (1850 census death schedule).
10.  Nelson Monroe Roy b. 19 May 1831.

Second Generation:
 1.  Charlotte Roy b. 4 Dec 1811 bpt 25 Apr 1813 m. Henry W. Owen and she 19 Mar 1849 of     consumption in Indiana (Elmira Gazette, Elmira, New York, April 26, 1849).

 3.  Sarah Roy b. 12 Aug bpt 23 Sept 1815 m. 22 Aug 1833 in Wells (Elmira Republican, Elmira, New    York, August 29, 1833), Seth Marvin White b. 3 Feb 1810 town of Southport, Chemung
  County, New York son of Dr. Amos Gates White and Abigail Marvin. Resided Seeley Creek Valley    in town of Southport near state line. Members of The North Church of Wells, a Presbyterian Church    at the state line. In 1861 removed to Illinois. Seth d. 20 Mar 1891 81y 1m 17d Sandwich, Illinois,    Sarah surviving him. Adopted nephew, "Brick" Pomeroy, raised by Seth and Sarah when Seth's sister   died.

  Death of One of the Old Pioneers of Southport. Engineer H. E. Jones, of this city, has received notice    of the death of his uncle, Seth M. White, of Sandwich, Ill., on March 20. Seth Marvin White was    born in Southport, Chemung county, N. Y., February 3, 1810, and lived near the state line on the    plank road for many years. In 1861 he moved to Illinois. His father, Dr. Amos Gates White, was an    early pioneer in this valley and build the first frame house in Southport. In 1833, he married Miss    Sarah Roy, a sister of John A. Roy, a well-known farmer of Seeley Creek. Ehen "Brick" Pomeroy was    yet an infant Mr. And Mrs. White took him to their home at the dying request of Mrs. Pomeroy, Mr.    White's sister, and brought him up to manhood and Mr. Pomeroy has always held his foster parents in   grateful remembrance for their kindness to him in his younger days. They were very exemplary    people and "Uncle Seth" and "Aunt Sallie" were know and loved throughout the Seeley creek valley.    He leaves a wife and one son, A. G. White, a railroad conductor, with whom his parents have lived    for several years. At last accounts Mrs. White was very low and not expected to survive him long. The   Sandwich, Ill,. Free Press says: "Mr. White died Friday March 20, at 9 a.m., aged eighty-one years,    one month and seventeen days. He was a devoted Christian, having been a member of the     Presbyterian church in Southport for twenty years before coming west. He was a very ambitious man,    always actively engaged while his health lasted. His life has been an exemplary one. For the past    twenty years he had been an . Three years ago last fall he managed to get down town twice in one    day, but has never been down since. May 15, 1803, he was made a master Muson in Meteor Lodge,    No. 283, F. & A. M., and has been an honored member of that order ever since, being chairman for    number of years. It had always been his desire to be buried with the Masonic services. Accordingly,    Meteor lodge, No. 283, took charge of the funeral. The services were held from the house Sunday at 2   o'clock, conducted by Rev. H. V. Tull, of the Congregational church, assisted by Rev. H.H. Nye, of the   Presbyterian church (obituary).

  Mrs. Sarah Roy White, wife of Seth M. White aged seventy-seven years, has died at Sandwich, Ill.    The "Free Press" of that city, speaking of her death says; Sarah Roy White was born in Orange    county, N.Y., August 22, 1815, and was the fourth child of Alexander and Joana Roy: who moved to    Wells, Pa., where they raised a family of nine children, only two of whom are now living. She was    married August 22, 1833, to Seth M. White, son of A. G. White, one of the early settlers and first    physicians of Chemung county, N.Y. The deceased began her married life at Southport, Chemung    county, N.Y., where she lived nearly twenty-seven years. She was the mother of two children, Austin    Gates White, the surviving son, at whose home her last days were happily spent, and Julia, a dear    little daughter, who in their mature years came to gladden the home and went to the Saviour in    babyhood. She united with the State Line Presbyterian church, and was an active and leading member   for many years. Came to Sandwich with her husband and son in 1861, sadly leaving church, friends    and relatives, but with true Christian spirit, entered on the new life with hope and courage, bravely    giving her only child to the defense of his country, and during the dreary years waited, hoped and    prayed for his safe return. She united by letter with the Congregational church of Sandwich, and    although through delicate health her activity had left her, yet she remained an earnest member to the    end, and her life was not void of many good deeds. "Blessed are they who die in the Lord." Mrs.    White was the aunt of "Brick" Pomeroy, and taking him when a babe, at the death of his mother,    raised him to manhood. She was the sister of John A. Roy, a well-known farmer up the Plank road,    and also an aunt of Harvey E. Jones of this city (obituary).

  Austin Gates White, railroad conducter at Sandwich, Illinois.
  Juliana White b. Mar 1858 d. 31 Mar 1858 2 wks (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 4.  Lydia Roy b. 14 Feb bpt 11 May 1817 m. Abijah Madole b. c. 1814. In 1850 resided town of    Howard, Steuben County, New York; 1860 and 1870, Winneconne township, Winnebago County,    Wisconsin; 1880, township 95, Yankton County, South Dakota. Abijah d. 18 Mar 1888 Yankton and    Lydia d. 1896 Yankton.

  Scott C. Madole b. 1847 m. Ellen J.
  Elias Madole b. 5 Apr 1849 m. 16 Jan 1876 Katherine Early.
  Freeman Madole b. 1852 m. Elizabeth.

 5.  John Alexander Roy b. 20 Dec 1818 had an unknown first wife, m. 29 Dec 1847 (Elmira Gazette,    Elmira, New York, January 6, 1848) Hannah R. Jones b. c. 1822 Resided on farm where parents    settled. Hannah d. age 62 (ts). John enumerated with daughter, Hattie in Southport in 1892, age 73, d.   c. 1897 age 78 (ts) at home of son, Wisner at Bulkhead, town of Southport, Chemung County, New    York. Buried Mosherville Cemetery.

  Children of John and a first wife:
  11.  James Roy b. c. 1843.
  12.  John Roy b. 6 June 1845.

 Children of John and Hannah:
 13.  Charles H. Roy b. c. 1848 resided Hillsdale, Michigan.
  14.  Wisner J. Roy b. 1851.
  15.  Harriet A. Roy b. c. 1853.
  16.  Emily J. Roy b. c. 1855 m. L. F. Shepherd, resided Bracy, Virginia and Angels Camp,      California.
  17.  Lewis M. Roy b. c. 1858 m. a daughter of A. B. Austin and he d. 1884 Elmira, New York.
  18.  Angeline Roy b. c. 1862.
  19.  Clara Roy b. c. 1867.

Third Generation:
12.  John Roy b. 6 June 1845 (marker inscribed 1846) served in Company C, 7th Pennsylvania Cav during   the Civil War, m. May 1867 Esther C. Baker b. 14 June 1849 Orange County, New York daughter    of S. E. and Emily Baker. Esther d. 18 July 1911 Elmira and John d. 10 Apr 1922 buried Baptist    Hill Cemetery, Columbia Township.

  Frederick B. Roy b. 17 Mar 1868 d. 23 May 1893 (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  Hammer Anna Roy b. 31 Aug 1870 m. 4 July 1894 to a Rungy and she d. 31 Dec 1935.
  Catherine Belle Roy b. 2 Nov 1872 Wells m. 30 Mar 1892 in Pine City, New York, Seth Albion     McMullin b. 15 Oct 1869 Gillett, South Creek Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and she    d. 17 May 1939 Vida, Lane County, Oregon and Seth d. 23 Apr 1944 Eugene, Lane County,     Oregon.
  Eugene E. Roy b. 28 Oct 1874 d. 9 July 1912.
  Charles Roy b. 15 Nov 1876 d. 18 Feb 1878 15m 3d (ts) Baptist Hill Cemetery.
  Levi E. Roy b. 28 Oct 1874 m. Cora Phillips and he d. 9 July 1912 buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.
  George L. Roy b. 1879 Wells m. 19 July 1902 Myrtle Fuller b. 8 Aug 1883 and he d. 24 Sept 1935     buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.
   Lehman R. Roy b. 1903 m. Lodema Avery b. 1908. Lehman d. 1968 and Lodema d. Jan 1989      buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville, Pennsylvania.
   Stanley Roy.
   Maurice Roy.
   Albert Roy b. 1914 d. 1926 (ts) buried Upper Gillett Cemetery.

14.  Wisner J. Roy b. 1851 operated lumber business at Grover, Pennsylvania and then removed to    Bulkhead, town of Southport, Chemung County, New York, m. Clara Dalrymple daughter of    Daniel Dalyrmple and Emily Edsall. Wisner d. 14 Jan 1910 town of Southport, survived by widow    and sons, Fred and Edward; two sisters, Mrs. Dix W. Smith of Elmira and Mrs. L. F. Shepherd of    Bracy, Virginia; brother, Charles H., of Hillsdale, Michigan.

  Fred Roy b. c. 1874.
  Edward D. Roy b. c. 1879.

15.  Harriet A. Roy b. c. 1853 m. Dix W. Smith, resided town of Southport, Chemung County, New    York.

  Fanny B. Smith b. c. 1878.
  D. Ford Smith b. c. 1889.

Albert Roy b. 30 June 1834 Stillwater, Sussex County, New Jersey son of John Roy and Esther Dodder m. 4 Feb 1857 Emily Sheler Stickles b. 20 Oct 1836 Andover, Sussex County, New Jersey daughter of Zachariah M. Stickles and Susan Cramer. Farmer, resided in Stillwater Township, Sussex County, New Jersey where six children were born. In 1870 they removed in company with his brother, Milton and family to Jessup Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, near Fairdale. They operated a farm together for one year and lived in a two family house along the Wyalusing Creek. In 1871, Albert and family removed to Friendsville, same county and resided there seven years when they removed in 1879 to Little Meadows, Susquehanna County. Son, Edson d. 15 Aug 1880 at Little Meadows age 16 and Emily d. 19 Oct 1880 age 43 at Little Meadows of Bright's Disease and was interred there. Albert and his children removed in the spring of 1881 to the James Lane farm in northern Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and in the spring of 1886 to the Ingersoll farm in Wells Township. Albert lived for a period of time on the Oak Ridge Farm in Elmira Heights, Chemung County, New York. Enumerated there in 1900, residence on Davis Street, son Milton, daughter Anna, and nephew Raymond Coughlin residing with him. Albert m. 26 June 1901 (2)Mrs. Elizabeth Parish and she d. 13 June 1909. Albert d. 24 Oct 1919 age 85 at the home of his daughter, Esther in Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York with wife, Emily and son, Edson who had been reinterred there from Little Meadows, lot purchased 21 Nov 1899.

 1.  Esther Jane Roy b. 15 Dec 1857 Stillwater, New Jersey (vr).
 2.  Susan Arvila Roy b. 14 Dec 1859 Stillwater (vr).
 3.  Emma Catherine Roy b. 17 Nov 1861 Stillwater (vr).
 4.  Edson Roy b. 18 Dec 1863 Stillwater (vr) d. 15 Aug 1880 Little Meadows, Pennsylvania buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.
 5.  George Washington Roy b. 5 Feb 1866 Stillwater.
 6.  Louise Shafer Roy b. 5 Aug 1868 Stillwater.
 7.  Zachariah Roy b. 20 Oct 1870 Fairdale, Pennsylvania.
 8.  John Bowdewine Roy b. 23 Sept 1872 Friendsville, Pennsylvania.
 9.  Albert Roy Jr., b. 29 Dec 1874 Friendsville.
10.  Milton Insley Roy b. 31 Jan 1877 Friendsville.
11.  Anna May Roy b. 24 Nov 1878 Friendsville.

Second Generation:
 1.  Esther Jane Roy b. 15 Dec 1857 m. 22 Dec 1884 at Aspinwall (now Coryland) James Seeley    Courtright. James d. 3 June 1891 36y (ts) Coryland Cemetery. Esther m. 19 Dec 1894 (2)John J.    Ayers b. Dec 1842 as his third wife. John d. 3 Feb 1919 buried Coryland. Esther d. 12 Mar 1947 at    the home of her sister-in-law Mrs. Albert Roy at 915 West Church Street, Elmira, New York buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York. No children.

 2.  Susan Arvila Roy b. 14 Dec 1859 m. 6 Nov 1877 at Friendsville, Pennsylvania, John T. Coughlin b.   1849. Removed to Wells Township and then to Horseheads, New York. Sue d. 21 May 1945 at their    home on Upper Lake Street, Horseheads buried St. Peter & Paul Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Raymond Benedict Coughlin b. 1 Jan 1878 Friendsville.
  Emily Ellen Coughlin b. 9 Oct 1880.
  Mary Louise Coughlin b. 9 July 1882.
  Margaret Esther Coughlin b. 22 Feb 1884.
  Lena Catherine Coughlin b. 2 June 1886.
  John Joseph Coughlin b. 2 Feb 1888.
  Vincent Coughlin b. 8 Mar 1890.
  Susan Coughlin b. 15 Apr 1892.
  James Albert Coughlin b. 11 Mar 1894.
  Edmund Coughlin b. 18 Feb 1897 d. 21 Feb 1897 buried St. Peter & Paul Cemetery.
  Dennis Sheridan Coughlin b. 29 Jan 1898.
  Beatrice Irene Coughlin b. 7 Nov 1901.

 3.  Emma Catherine Roy b. 17 Nov 1861 m. 22 Dec 1884 at Aspinwall (now Coryland), Beaks    Dunning Fuller. Resided 1847 Davis Street, Elmira, New York. Beaks d. 23 Mar 1928 and Kate d.    30 May 1948 buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Tema Belle Fuller b. 22 Mar 1887.
  Rena Mae Fuller b. 9 Apr 1903 Elmira, New York.
  Percy Beaks Fuller b. 10 July 1895.

 5.  George Washington Roy b. 5 Feb 1866 m. 5 Feb 1890 Margaret Jane Killgore b. 6 Oct 1867    daughter of Dunning Killgore and Helen M. VanKirk. Resided in Wells Township for a few years    after their marriage and then removed to the Lake Road, Horseheads, New York. George built their    residence at 3134 Lake Road. George d. there 1 Feb 1926 and Margaret d. 9 Nov 1960 buried    Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, New York.

  Loran Roy b. 29 Aug 1894 Wells d. 13 Dec 1894 buried Coryland Cemetery, Wells Township.
  Helen Emily Roy b. 10 July 1896 Wells.
  Milton Albert Roy b. 15 Mar 1900 Horseheads, New York.
  Marguerite Roy b. 23 Apr 1904 Horseheads.

ROZELL (Rosell, Roselle, etc.)

James Rozell b. 23 Aug 1788 Fishkill, New York son of Jeremiah Rozell and Linda Shaw m. Lucretia Bryant, known as Lucy, b. 28 Feb 1787 New York. Enumerated 1830 census of Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania with one male under age five (b. 1826-30), two males of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1816-20), one male of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1811-15), one male of age thirty and under age forty (b. 1791-1800), one female of age five and under age ten (b. 1821-25), and one female of age forty and under age fifty (b. 1781-90). James first appears on the 1836 assessment list of Wells. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1840 with one male of age ten and under age fifteen (b. 1826-30), one male of age twenty and under age thirty (b. 1811-20), one male of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90), one female of age fifteen and under age twenty (b. 1821-25), and one female of age fifty and under age sixty (b. 1781-90). Enumerated in Columbia Township, Bradford County in 1850, farmer. They removed in 1855 to Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin with many other families from neighboring Wells, Jackson, and Rutland Townships. Enumerated in Plainfield in 1860 and 1870. Lucy d. 17 Aug 1873 Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin and James d. 13 June 1878/9 Plainfield buried Plainfield Cemetery row 3, lot 33. Buried on Row 3, Lot 31 is W. H. Rozell, Clara E. Rozell, Henry A. Rozell, Emma J. Rozell, Julie Rolland Rozell, Caroline A. Rozell d. Dec 1909, Henry A. Rozell d. May 1915, Elizabeth Rozell d. April 1896, Michael Rozell. Buried on Row 3, lot 32 owned by John Joslin is Emily Rozell, Sophonia Joslin, Clarinda D. Cornwell, Nettie Daggett, Alfred Rozell d. 1933. Buried with James and Lucy is W. A. Rozell, Ellen Rozell d. April 1928, Lucy Rozell, Ruth Rozell, Ernest Rozell, Wm Rozell, Jr. (Arthur) d. Oct 1901.

 1.  Hopkins Doolittle Rozell b. 23 June 1813 New York.
 2.  Alfred Rozell b. c. 1818.
 3.  Edwin Rozell b. 1819.
 4.  Susan Ann Rozell b. 3 Nov 1823.
 5.  William A. Rozell b. 3 Dec 1826 Jackson Township.

Second Generation:
  1.  Hopkins Doolittle Rozell b. 23 June 1813 m. Catherine Elizabeth Cooper b. 2 Oct 1816 Pennsylvania or New York. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1850, farmer; Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1860 and 1870, farmer. Enumerated in the 1875 state census of Plainfield with two males and two females in the household. Hopkins d. 26 Jan 1891/4 and Catherine d. June 1898 buried Plainfield Cemetery.

  Robert R. Rozell b. c. 1834 Pennsylvania.
  Sarah Abiah Rozell b. 19 Oct 1837 Jackson Township m. 23 Jan 1855 Wells Township, George Kelly.
  Tamer Rozell b. c. 1842 Pennsylvania.
  Joshua Rozell b. c. 1847 Pennsylvania.

 2.  Alfred Rozell b. c. 1818 m. 9 Aug 1835 in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, Emily Belinda Conable b. 24 Jan 1818 Jackson Township daughter of John Conable and Lydia Daggett. Enumerated 1840 census of Wells with others in household. Enumerated in both Rutland and Sullivan Townships, Tioga County in 1850, farmer. Alfred d. 4 Dec 1867 buried Plainfield Cemetery. Emily was enumerated as a widow in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1870. Emily d. 27 Jan 1899 Plainfield, Wisconsin.

  Sarah Abiah Rozell b. 17 Oct 1837 m. George Kelly.
  James Rozell b. c. 1842.
  Orlando Rozell b. c. 1845.
  Julia A. Rozell b. c. 1848.
  Lydia Rozell b. 1852 Pennsylvania.
  Alfred Rozell b. c. 1854 Pennsylvania.
  Susan Rozell b. c. 1860 Wisconsin.

3.  Edwin Rozell b. 1819 m. 2 July 1842 (Elmira Gazette, July 7, 1842, Elmira, New York) Saloma Daggett Harris b. 1821 Vermont daughter of Alexander Harris and Saloma Daggett of Rutland Township, Tioga County. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1850, farmer. Enumerated in Columbia Township in 1860. Enumerated in Oswayo, Potter County, Pennsylania in 1870 and 1880, farmer. Edwin d. 1901 (ts) and Saloma d. 1902 (ts) Crystal Cemetery, Oswayo Township.

 Lucy A. Rozell b. c. 1843.
 Alexander Rozell b. c. 1847.
 Melvin Rozell b. c. 1849.
 Fred Rozell b. c. 1852.
 Frank Rozell b. 1856 d. 1916 (ts) Cyrstal Cemetery.
 Eva Rozell (twin) b. 1859.
 Ella Rozell (twin) b. c. 1859.
 Clara Rozell (twin) b. c. 1865 d. young.
 Charlotte Rozell (twin) b. c. 1865.
 Edwin Rozell b. c. 1867 d. young.

4.  Susan Ann Rozell b. 3 Nov 1823 m. 15 Nov 1841 Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, William Weybourne Stilwell b. 10 Feb 1820 Hector, Tompkins County (that portion that became Schuyler), New York son of Edward Lounsberry Stilwell and Sarah Ferris. Enumerated in Jackson Township in 1850, farmer. Enumerated 1855 Wisconsin state census in Plainfield with three males and three females in the household. Enumerated in Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1860 and 1870, farmer. Enumerated in the 1875 state census of Plainfield with three males and four females in the household. William d. 18 Jan 1895 and Susan d. 19 Feb 1896 buried row 2 lot 32 Plainfield Cemetery. Isabelle Stilwell buried same lot.

 Mrs. W. W. Stilwell, who has been very sick several weeks, died on Wednesday Feb. 19th at her home 2 1.2 miles west of this village. Deceased was one of the early settlers of this town having located here with her husband and family in the fall of 1854, where she has continuously resided. Her husband died only a little over a year ago, his death having occurred Jan. 18, 1895. The deceased maiden name was Miss Susan A. Rozell and was married to W.W. Stilwell on Nov. 15, 1841, at Jackson, Tioga County, Penn. She was the mother of ten children, nine of whom survive her being as follows: Clark L., L. D. and Wm H. Stilwell, Mrs. Harry Walker, Mrs. H. C. Wood, Mrs. Nor. Perry, Mrs. Delbert Davoe, Mrs. John Kent and Miss Nora Stilwell. The deceased was sister of W. A. Rozell a well-known merchant of West Plainfield. The funeral was held from the Campbell Corners school house last Friday, Rev. E.C. BOOTH conducting the services (obituary dated March 5, 1896).

  Clark L. Stilwell b. 17 June 1843 Pennsylvania.
  Lewis Delos Stilwell b. 17 Nov 1845 Pennsylvania.
  Lucy Adeline Stilwell b. 23 Apr 1847 Pennsylvania m. Henry Walker.
  Adelphene Stilwell b. c. 1849 Pennsylvania m. Hiram C. Wood.
  Mary I. Stilwell b. 6 Sept 1851 Pennsylvania m. Oscar W. Clark (2)Norman J. Perry.
  Emma Salome Stilwell b. 14 Apr 1854 Pennsylvania m. Delbert DeVoe.
  William H. Stilwell b. 23 Nov 1857 Wisconsin.
  Isabella S. Stilwell b. 1862 Wisconsin d. 29 Dec 1873 buried Plainfield Cemetery.
  Nellie Stilwell b. c. 1865 Wisconsin m. John Kent.
  Nora Stilwell b. c. 1868 Wisconsin m. a Daniels.

 5.  William A. Rozell b. 3 Dec 1826 m. 4 Nov 1862 Ellen H. Walker b. c. 1843 England. Enumerated in Plainfield in 1870, merchant. William d. 11 June 1906.

William A. Rozell, a prominent citizen and businessman at Plainfield, Wis., and a member of the G. A. R. Post No 197, was born Dec. 3, 1826 at Jackson, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania. He is the son of James and Lucy (Bryant) Rozell. He was reared in his native State and removed to Wisconsin in 1855, locating in Waushara county and engaged in farming in Plainfield township, which was then in its pioneer condition. At that date, the inhabitants were situated at remote distances and Mr. Rozell passed through all the experiences of a pioneer farmer and followed that occupation until he entered the army. He enlisted Oct. 6, 1864, in Company I, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, at Berlin, for one year. The battery went from the camp of rendezvous in Wisconsin to Washington, where it was placed in garrison at Fort Farnsworth. The battery reached there in November and the men belonging to the command were drilled in light and heavy artillery tactics and as infantry, being obliged to acquire a knowledge of all military tactics, excepting cavalry. They also performed considerable labor on the fortifications and held themselves in readiness for service in the defense of Washington but happily were not called into service in that direction. It may be added that, in addition to the armament common to artillery service, consisting of heavy siege guns the battery was fully equipped as infantry. At the expiration of the war, Mr. Rozell was mustered out of service, June 26, 1865, at Washington and the command returned to Milwaukee where it disbanded July 3rd following. Nov 4 1862, Mr. Rozell was married to Ellen H. Walker, of Plainfield, and their children are named Harry T., Arthur J., Maggie and Verney. On his return from the army Mr. Rozell resumed his business as a farmer and in 1867 became interested as a merchant at West Plainfield and transacted a prosperous business. In 1882 he built a brick store in the village of Plainfield where he operated about two years. He sold that establishment in 1884 and resumed operations at West Plainfield, where he was transacting business on a large scale until disaster overtook him. Nov 20 1886, his extensive building was burned, entailing on him a loss of about $6,000. He immediately rebuilt and is once more in promising circumstances. He has been prominent in the management of local affairs and has held various school and town offices (Soldiers Album of Personal Records, 1888, pp. 691-692).

  Henry T. Rozell b. c. 1865.
  Arthur J. Rozell b. Apr 1870.
  Margaret A. Rozell b. c. 1874.
  Vernon Rozell b. c. 1879.

Michael Rozell b. 12 Feb 1803 Fishkill, New York son of Jeremiah Rozell and Linda Shaw m. 12 Sept 1824 Elizabeth Bacon b. 26 June 1805 New York state. They removed to Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1844. Enumerated 1850 census of Wells. Enumerated in Lawrence Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1860, Removed to Plainfield, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1863 where his brother James and family removed to earlier. Enumerated in Hancock, Waushara County, Wisconsin in 1870, farmer. Michael d. 8 Apr 1896 Rozellville, Marathon County, Wisconsin.

 1.  Charles F. Rosell b. c. 1825 New York.
 2.  George H. Rosell b. c. 1827 New York enumerated Lawerence Township in 1880.
 3.  Henry Rosell b. c. 1831 New York m. Caroline Adams b. 8 June 1836 daughter of Levi Finch Adams and Huldah Swartout.
 4.  Alvertis Rosell b. c. 1833 Pennyslvania.
 5.  Orlando J. Rosell b. c. 1836 New York.
 6.  James A. Rosell b. c. 1838 New York.
 7.  Jane E. Rosell b. c. 1840 New York.
 8.  Catherine Rosell b. c. 1843 New York.
 9.  Michael D. Rosell b. c. 1845 Pennsylvania.
10.  Nelson P. Rosell b. c. 1848 Pennsylvania.
11.  Elmer D. Rosell b. c. 1851 Pennsylvania.


David N. Rundle b. 28 June 1790 Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut son of Nathaniel Rundle, Jr., and Hannah Ferris, m. 18 Jan 1818 at Greenwich, Mary Timpany b. 15 (ts) 18 (vital record) Jan 1800. Enumerated in Greenwich in 1820 and 1830. Enumerated in Genoa, Cayuga County, New York in 1840. David d. 24 Oct 1844 (ts) and Mary d. 9 Aug 1844 (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

 1.  daughter b. 1816-20.
 2.  son b. 1821-25.
 3.  daughter b. 1826-30.


Peter Retan b. c. 1770 was enumerated in Seneca County, New York in 1810; Romulus, Seneca County, in 1820; Southport, Chemung County, New York in 1830. Wife, Polly Hatt b. 23 Jan 1793. Enumerated in Ovid, Seneca County, New York in 1850, farmer. Peter d. 7 Nov 1852 82y (ts) Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

 1.  James Retan b. 1795-1800.
 2.  daughter b. 1795-1800.
 3.  Joseph B. Retan b. 1801.
 4.  daughter b. 1801-10.
 5.  daughter b. 1805-10.
 6.  daughter b. 1805-10.
 7.  daughter b. 1811-20.
 8.  daughter b. 1811-20.
 9.  Rebecca Retan b. 5 July 1814 Romulus, New York m. 1 Jan 1834 in Seneca County, New York,    Josiah Swick and she d. 20 Dec 1894 Lenawee County, Michigan.
10.  son b. 1816-20.
11.  son b. 1816-20.
12.  Mary Ann Retan b. 23 Aug 1823 m. 22 Oct 1842 John M. Swick and she d. 8 May 1893 Fairfield,    Lenawee County, Michigan.
13.  Peter Retan b. 1827 m. 22 Dec 1852 in Lodi, Seneca County, New York, Thankful Skinner and    they removed to Fairfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.
14.  William Retan b. c. 1830.

Second Generation:
 1.  James Retan b. 1795-1800 first appears in the 1829 assessment list of Wells, enumerated 1830    census of Wells of age 30 and under age 40 with a wife and children in household. James was    commissioned a justice of the peace in 1831. On the 1834 assessment property had been transfered to    Timothy Roe. They removed to neighboring Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1832    and then to Seneca County, New York and returned to Jackson in 1845.

  son b. 1811-15.
  son b. 1816-20.
  daughter b. 1826-30.

 3.  Joseph B. Retan b. 1801 enumerated 1830 census of Southport, Chemung County, New York. Wife,    Hannah b. c. 1805. Joseph appears on the 1832 assessment list of Jackson Township, Tioga County,    Pennsylvania, unable to pay for schooling of children William Austin and Artemus. Enumerated 1850   census of Wells. Hannah d. 20 Feb 1855 (ts). Joseph enumerated in Wells near Millerton in 1860    with wife Harriet b. c. 1817-19. Joseph d. 19 May 1870 68y 7m 10d (ts) Millerton Cemetery,    Jackson Township, Tioga County. Will named wife Harriet and sons, William A., Artemus D.,    Matthew K., and Levi C. William A., executor. Son, William d. before probate and Matthew K. Retan   and Edgar Kinner appointed executors. Harriet was enumerated in Jackson Township in 1870 living    alone.

  15.  William Austin Retan b. 2 Oct 1824.
  16.  Artemus D. Retan b. 1826.
  17.  Matthew K. Retan b. 29 Dec 1827 Southport, Chemung County, New York.
  18.  Levi C. Retan b. 10 Dec 1829 Southport.

Third Generation:
15.  William Austin Retan b. 2 Oct 1824 had a wife Amanda b. c. 1828 Pennsylvania who d. Oct 1849    age 21 in child bed, ill 6 days (1850 Wells mortality schedule). William m. 1 Apr 1852 (2)Huldah    Evans of Wells. William m. before the 1860 census enumeration, which was taken 27 June     (3)Bethiah Frost b. 23 Feb 1827 daughter of John Frost and Phebe Hubbell. Enumerated in Wells in 1860 residing northwest portion of    township near Millerton. Bethiah d. 1 Nov 1862 (ts) Millerton Cemetery. William m. (4)Lucretia    Warner b. 29 Dec 1833 daughter of Truman Bradley Warner and Mabel Ann Leonard. William    d. 19 May 1864 (ts) in Wells. Will dated 17 May 1864 (probate file 1669) wife Lucretia household    furniture and two cows which she brought here, real estate divided between Lucretia and three boys    David, Artemus, and Edmond. Executors, wife Lucretia and Thomas E. Arnold. Witnessed by T. B.    Warner and L. C. Retan. William signed by mark. Lucretia d. 15 Aug 1901 (ts) buried with William    in Millerton Cemetery, Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

  David Retan b. Oct 1849.
  Artemus Retan b. c. 1854.
  Edmond Retan.

17.  Matthew K. Retan b. 29 Dec 1827 m. 27 Nov 1851 Margaret A. Mitchell of Jackson Township,    Tioga County, Pennsylvania b. 4 Sept 1831 daughter of John Mitchell. Enumerated in Jackson    Township in 1860. Matthew was first a farmer, then went into the mercantile business in Millerton.    In 1869 Matthew was elected magistrate and served five years. Matthew was associate judge of Tioga    county five years. Matthew d. 28 Nov 1902 (ts) and Margaret d. 8 May 1904 (ts) Millerton Cemetery.

  Ida Retan b. c. 1854.
  Olney Retan b. c. 1858.
  Martha Retan b. c. 1868.
  Margaret L. Retan b. 1874 d. 1 June 1879 5y 2m 8d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.

18.  Levi C. Retan b. 10 Dec 1829 m. 1 Mar 1854 Phebe A. Frost of Rutland, Tioga County,     Pennsylvania by Rev. Riggs. Levi m. (2)Adaline Seeley daughter of George Seeley and Hannah    Miller and they were enumerated in Jackson Township in 1860, Levi a blacksmtih. Adeline d. 25 Oct   1874 43y (ts). Levi m. (3)Abigail Mosher Wilson of Wells b. 3 May 1830 daughter of Humphrey    and Abigail Mosher and widow of William Wilson. Levi d. 20 Apr 1894 64y 4m 10d (ts) Millerton    Cemetery and Abigail d. 14 Sept 1907 77y 4m 11d (ts) Mosherville Cemetery.

  Child of Levi and Phebe:
  Hannah J. Retan b. 1855 d. 21 Feb 1860 4y 9m 12d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.

  Children of Levi and Adeline:
  Seely Retan b. c. 1858.
  Mark Retan b. c. 1862 (age 8 on 1870 census) d. 16 Mar 1872 7y 6m 11d (ts) Millerton Cemetery.

Angeline Retan d. 12 Apr 1896 age 60 years, buried Wells, Bradford, County, Pennsylvania. Born Daggett Mills, Pennsylvania and resided Daggett Mills (Tioga County Pennsylvania Deaths).

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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