Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice


Transcribed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
Adams, R. Calkins, J. Harr, S. (listed as Hass) - French Mills Rathburn, N.
Ameigh, L. L. Capron, M. Hatfield, W. Reed, Mrs.
Ayers, Mrs. Carr, M. J. Helmes, F. - Seeley Creek Valley Roberts, H.
Ayers, A. Carr, M. M. (listed as M. McCarr)  Hill, J. A. Roberts, J. - Seeley Creek Valley and French Mills
Ayers, S. E. Cole, Dr. J. H. - Old Hickory Hill, S. B. Roliston, O.
Ayres. D. C. Cook, E. Holedridge, D. Rowley, S.
Ayres, E. Cook, H. & Sweet, A. Ingals, B. (listed as Engels) Roy, J. A. - Seeley Creek Valley and south of French Mills
Ayres, J. Cory, G. Ingals, W. S. - French Mills Schofield, J.
Bailey, D. Crain, H. Ingersoll, S. H. Scott, J.
Baker, A. Criss, S. - Bird Creek Jerolaman, J. Seely, A. - Hammond Creek Valley and northeastern Wells
Baker, H. Davey, J. Jones & Ingals Tannery - French Mills Seely, S.
Baker, L. Davey, N. A. (listed as Daver) Jones, S. - French Mills Serls, I.
Baker, T. W. Dewitt, F. Kilgore, W. C. Shepherd, J.
Barnes, J. Dewitt, J. B. Knapp, A. Shepherd, N.
Beardsley, P. Dillison, E. Knapp, A. W. (listed as Napp) Shives, G.
Beckwith, G. Dunning, H. Knapp, L. W. (listed as Napp) Shuart, N.
Beckwith, R. Easton, W. Knapp, P. R. Smith, C.
Beers, C. Edsall, A.  Knapp, Z. (listed as Napp) Stafford, A. J.
Beers, J. Edsall, J. Kymer, G. Strong, Mrs.
Beers, S. Edsall, J. M. Lawrence, D. Strong, D.
Bly, C.  Ellison, N. (listed as Allison) - Bird Creek Lawrence, L. Strong, J.
Bond, T. Emeigh (see Ameigh) Leonard, N. & J. K. (listed as Lenard) Sturdivant, A.
Bowman, A. P. Ferguson, A. (listed as Furgerson) Lerew, A. Swayze, A.
Brasted, J. Finch, D. Lewis, D. Swayze, H.
Brasted, W. Fitzsimmons, J. - Seeley Creek Valley Little (see Lyttle) Sweet, A. & Cook, H.
Brewer, E. French, L. - French Mills Lyttle, T. Thompson, S. - Hammond Creek Valley
Brewer, J. (northeast section of township) French, S. Lucas, Mrs. Tickner, J.
Brewer, J. (southwest section of township) Fries D. (listed as Frease) Mapes, P. Updike, C. C.
Brewer, L.  Garrison, J. Mills, M. - French Mills Updike, J.
Brewer, W. Gifford, W. Mitchell, G. (J.?) and W. Vandecar, W. - Hammond Creek Valley
Brink, J. H. Gordon, J. Mosher, H. - French Mills Vanwert, J.
Brink, W. Gordon, J. O. Mott, S. & J. S. Ward, J.
Brown, J. - Bird Creek Grennell, L. Newton, D. J. Warner, A.
Griswold, J. Newton, J. S. Warner, J.
Nichols, J. (listed as Nicoles) Warner, T. B.
Noble, A. C. Wickham, S.
Osgood, J. I. - French Mills Wilcox, G.
Osgood, M. Wilson, H.
Owen, T. - Seeley Creek Valley Wilson, J.
Parmenter, S. L. Wilson, J. A.
Pedrick, J. S. - Seeley Creek Valley Wilson, W. R. 
Pellet, J. Wood, E. P.
Quail, R. Young, A.

Old Hickory is now Coryland. French Mills is now Mosherville. Six sawmills, one cooper shop, one wagon shop, one tannery, one tavern, three stores, two churches, two parsonages, three post offices (Edsallville, French Mills, and Old Hickory) roads, and schools are shown. No cemeteries are shown. When consulting the actual map look for more than one residence as many are listed more than once and can be in different parts of the township.

J. Kelsey Jones 

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