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Maple Syrup time in Bradford County
Photo March 2000 by Joyce M. Tice


Transcribed and submitted by J. Kelsey Jones

There were eleven school districts in Wells Township in 1869: Aspinwall, Baker, Beckwith, Brown, Garrison Hill, Judson Hill, Knapp, Mosherville, Orange, Rowley Hill, and Wortendyke. The names below are given alphabetically with the school district they resided in. Aspinwall (now Coryland) was in southern Wells and bordered Columbia township, Baker was in east central Wells and bordered South Creek, Beckwith was in central Wells, Brown was in northeast Wells and bordered New York State and South Creek, Garrison Hill was in southwest Wells and bordered Columbia and Tioga County, Judson Hill was in west central Wells and bordered Jackson Township in Tioga County, Knapp was in east central Wells north of Baker and south of Brown and bordered South Creek, Mosherville was in west central Wells where the village of Mosherville is and bordered Jackson Township in Tioga County, Orange was in northwest Wells and comprised the Hammond and Seeley Creek Valleys for the most part and bordered New York State and Jackson township in Tioga County, Rowley Hill was in south central Wells south of Baker and north of Wortendyke and bordered South Creek, Wortendyke was in southeast Wells and bordered Columbia and South Creek. Besides residences, three public cemeteries are shown, three churches, businesses, and roads are designated. There were three post offices: Aspinwall or Old Hickory (the area that is now Coryland), Edsallville (area of Garrison Hill District and southern Judson Hill), French Mills or Mosherville.

Adams, N. - Judson Hill District

Allen, D. W. - Brown District

Ayers, D. - Garrison Hill District

Ayers, J. A. Est. - Judson Hill District

Ayers, S. E. - Garrison Hill District

Ayres, J. J. - Knapp District

Baker, D. - Knapp District

Baker, H. - Rowley Hill District

Baker, J. W. - Judson Hill District

Baker, L. E. - Baker District

Barns, Mrs. P. - Judson Hill District

Barrett, Mrs. - Beckwith District

Barton, C. - Brown District

Barton, J. - Brown District

Beardslee, P. - Wortendyke District

Beardsley, W. - Baker District

Beckwith, Mrs. - Beckwith District

Beers, A. J. - Rowley Hill District

Beers, C. - Beckwith District

Bond, T. - Judson Hill District

Boughton, M. - Knapp District

Bowman, A. P., Pleasant Hill Farm - Rowley Hill District

Bowman, F. P. - Rowley Hill District

Brasted, J. R. - Garrison Hill District, Edsallville (only initials J. R. B., but beside William Brasted and assumed to be James R. Brasted)

Brasted, W., Orchard Home Farm - Garrison Hill District, Edsallville

Brewer, E. - Brown District

Brewer, J. - Brown District

Brewer, J. Est. - Garrison Hill District

Brewer, H. - Brown District

Brewer, W. - Garrison Hill District

Brink, A. C. - Rowley Hill District

Brink, G. W. - Knapp District

Brink, J. H., Sunny Side Place Farm - Rowley Hill District

Bristol, D. - Knapp District

Bristol, J. H. - Knapp District

Brooks, R. - Brown District

Burdick, E. - Mosherville District

Canfield, M. - Orange District

Capron, M. - Mosherville District

Carr, M. - Mosherville District

Carr, M. M., Homestead by the Hillside Farm, farmer and dairyman - Aspinwall District and Wortendyke District

Chadwick, Mrs. L. - Judson Hill District

Churchill, O. - Knapp District

Clary, T. - Knapp District

Cook, J. E. - Brown District

Corey, D. - Aspinwall District, Aspinwall Corners

Corey, G. - Aspinwall District, Aspinwall Corners

Coursen, J. B. - Judson Hill District

Cunningham, J. - Beckwith District

Dalrymple, D. - Beckwith District

Davey, N. - Beckwith District

Davis, E. - Wortendyke District

Davis, G. S. - Judson Hill District

Dillistin, E. - Aspinwall District

Dunning, H. - Judson Hill District

Dunning, W. - Wortendyke District

Edsall, A. - Aspinwall District

Edsall, J. Est. - Garrison Hill District

Edsall, Jesse - Garrison Hill District, Aspinwall Corners

Edward, F. O. - Brown District

Eldridge, Dr. - Beckwith District

Ellison, N. - Brown District

Faringer, A. - Baker District

Ferguson, J. C., Hillsdale Farm - Brown District

Ferguson - see Furgerson

Fitzsimmons, J., Locust Grove Farm - Orange District, Seeley Creek Valley

French, H. C. - Judson Hill District

French, L., Spring Meadows Farm - Mosherville District, Seeley Creek Valley

French, S. G., Pleasant Farm - Judson Hill District

Fuller, A. - Rowley Hill District

Furgerson, A., Mt. Holly Farm - Rowley Hill District

Furgerson, B. - Beckwith District

Fries, D. - Aspinwall District

Garrison, F. - Beckwith District

Gifford, W., Fair View Farm - Mosherville District

Gray, D. - Brown District

Griffin - Orange District

Grinnell, Mrs. R., Pleasant Grove Farm - Beckwith District

Griswold, J. - Baker District, Beckwith District

Grover, J. & Co. - Brown District

Harr, S., wagon shop, blacksmith shop - Mosherville District, village

Hart, G. - Brown District

Hatfield, W. R. - Knapp District

Hathaway, A. - Mosherville District, village

Havens, W., Quiet Home Farm - Brown District

Heater, J. - Knapp District

Helme, F. S., Grove Cottage Farm - Orange District, Seeley Creek Valley

Hill, M. - Brown District, Judson Hill District

Holbert, N. - Knapp District

Holdredge, D. - Rowley Hill District

Ingals, Mrs. C. - Mosherville District, village

Johnson, A. - Orange District

Johnson, H. - Orange District, Seeley Creek Valley

Jones, S. - Mosherville District, village

Judson, A. - Mosherville District, Seeley Creek Valley

Kilgore, W. - Wortendyke District

Killgore, D. - Wortendyke District

Knapp, A. - Aspinwall District

Knapp, A. W. - Rowley Hill District

Knapp, L. W. - Knapp District

Knapp, P. - Aspinwall District

Kymer, G. - Garrison Hill District, Edsallville

Lawrence, D. - Rowley Hill District

Lawrence, L. - Rowley Hill District

Leonard, C. H. - Baker District

Leonard, V. C. - Rowley Hill District

Lewis, G. - Judson Hill District

Lighthill, T. - Beckwith District

Little, S. T. - Mosherville District

Ludlow, J. - Judson Hill District

Mapes, P. Est. - Knapp District

McLane, J. - Aspinwall District

Miller, W. - Orange District, Hammond Creek Valley

Moore, E. - Wortendyke District

Moore, Mrs. J. - Mosherville District

Mott, J. - Rowley Hill District

Murdaugh, A. - Judson Hill District

Newton, D. J. - Brown District

Newton, J. S. - Brown District

Nichols, C. G. - Brown District

Noble, A. C. - Beckwith District

O’Neil, Mrs. - Beckwith District

Opdyke, C. - Judson Hill District

Opdyke, J. - Orange District

Opdyke, M. - Judson Hill District

Opdyke, R. - Knapp District

Osgood, J. I., farmer and manufacturer of lumber - Mosherville District, village

Osgood, M. - Rowley Hill District

Owens, T. - Orange District, Seeley Creek Valley

Parmenter, S. - Judson Hill District

Pedrick, B. - Orange District

Pedrick, J. - Orange District, Seeley Creek Valley

Perry, J. A. - Judson Hill District

Pinkney, A. - Judson Hill District

Quell, R. - Beckwith District

Randall, J. O., store & PO - Aspinwall District, Aspinwall Corners

Rathburn, Mrs. - Baker District

Relyea, W. - Baker District

Rightmire, Mrs. - Knapp District

Roberts, H. - Judson Hill District

Roberts, J. - Mosherville District, village

Robinson, Mrs. - Beckwith District

Rolison, H. - Wortendyke District

Roy, J. - Baker District

Roy, J. A., Pine Grove Farm - Mosherville District, Beckwith District, Brown District

Sayre, D. M. - Orange District

Schofield, M. - Knapp District

Seely, Mrs. - Orange District, Hammond Creek Valley

Seely, A. - Knapp District

Seely, A., Pleasant Valley Farm - Orange District, Hammond Creek Valley

Seely, J. - Baker District

Seely, S. - Beckwith District

Sheive, C. - Judson Hill District

Shepard, C. L., Dealer in General Merchandise - Mosherville District, village

Shepard, S. - Beckwith District

Shephard, M. - Wortendyke District

Shermann, L. - Mosherville District

Shiner, J. - Orange District

Smith, M. - Orange District

Soper, B. - Brown District

Spencer, S. - Brown District

Stafford, H. - Mosherville District, Beckwith District

Stafford, J. - Brown District

Stone, O., Hotel - Mosherville District, village

Strong, Mrs. L. - Beckwith District

Sturdevant, A. - Judson Hill District

Sturdevant, J. - Judson Hill District, Knapp District

Swayze, A. - Aspinwall District

Swayze, H. - Aspinwall District

Sweet, A. - Brown District

Sweet, J. S. - Aspinwall District, Aspinwall Corners

Still, J. - Garrison Hill District

Tanner, R. - Brown District

Tillinghast, G. L. - Knapp District

Tillinghast, R. - Orange District, Hammond Creek Valley

Updike/Updyke - see Opdyke

Utter, L. J. - Brown District

VanSkiver, A. - Mosherville District

VanWert, J. - Wortendyke District

Vernier, C. - Baker District

Wagener, A. - Garrison Hill District

Warner, A. - Rowley Hill District

Warner, B. - Rowley Hill District

Warner, B. - Brown District

Warner, F. - Rowley Hill District

Warner, T. B. - Rowley Hill District

Wells, J. - Rowley Hill District

West, H. - Wortendyke District

Westbrook, J. - Brown District

Wickham, E. - Knapp District

Wilson, J. - Orange District

Wilson, J. A. - Beckwith District

Wilson, G. - Orange District, Hammond Creek Valley

Wilson, N. - Orange District

Wilson, Capt. W. R., Maple Grove Farm - Mosherville District

Wright, J. - Beckwith District

Wright, S. - Mosherville District, village

Wylie, W. P., Pleasant View Farm - Garrison Hill District 

J. Kelsey Jones



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