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Wells Citizens 1878, Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Intro to Early Wells Families
by J. Kelsey Jones
From Everts History of Bradford County 1878
transcribed by J. Kelsey Jones
Photo  by Joyce M. Tice

WELLS TOWNSHIP Citizens 1878

Brewer, Lyman, farming and lumbering, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1852, p.o. Wells.

Friese, David B., farming, dairying, and stock dealer, b. New Jersey, since 1837, p.o. Wells.

French, Henry C., farming, dairying, and stock dealer, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1832, p.o. Wells.

French, Lyman, farming and dairying, Mosierville, b. Washington Co., N. Y., since 1824, p.o. Wells.

Gifford, Jesse A., farming, dairying, and stock dealer, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1876 (misprint), p.o. Wells.

Harr, Simon, farming and blacksmithing, Mosierville, b. Philadelphia, Pa., since 1844, p.o. Wells.

Ingersall, S. H., merchant and postmaster, justice of the peace, Mosierville, b. Tompkins Co., N. Y., since 1830, p.o. Wells.

Judson, Albert, farming, dairying, and stock grower, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1842, p.o. Wells.

Killgore, Wm. C., farmer (retired), b. Sussex Co., N. J., since 1839, p.o. Wells.

Noble, G. W., farmer, dairy, breeder of dairy stock, and justice of the peace, b. Chenango Co., N.Y., since 1833, p.o. Wells.

Roy, W. J., farmer and grower of thoroughbred stock, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1851, p.o. Wells.

Shepherd, G. H., farming and lumbering, Mosierville, b. Saratoga Co., N. Y., since 1843, p.o. Wells.

Seeley, Albert, general farming, b. Bradford Co., Pa., since 1822, p.o. Wells.

Wilcox, Asa, farming and lumbering, b. Orange Co., N. Y., since 1869, p.o. Wells.

Source: Everts, L. H. & Co. History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: 1878. 


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