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Susan Vroman & Lafayette Churchill of LeRoy
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Marriage: Susan Vroman & Lafayette Churchill
Township: LeRoy, Bradford County PA
Year: Married 1846
Article sent in by Daryl ELDRETT Watkins
Postcard from Betty Lamont collection
Newspaper photo sent in by Matt Carl
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Subj:  1916 article
Date:  12/20/2003 7:59:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Mrswat99
To:  JoyceTice


My cousin sent me a copy of this.  Mr. &Mrs. Ezra Smith mentioned in the article were my great great grandparents who lived in Granville Summit.


Photo at left of Lafayette Churchill and Susan Vroman on occasion of their 70th anniversary

From an article in the Independent-Sentinel
Dated March 7, 2002

Looking Back by Matthew Carl

An unusual event occurred in LeRoy in 1916, the 70th wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. LaFayette Churchill.

The article describing the event featured a picture of the couple that stated, "Have Walked Hand in Hand 70 Years".   LaFayette Churchill was 88 years old, and his sife Susan (Vroman) Churchill was 86.

A description of the day read as follows:

"Bradford County papers could have printed 70 years ago an item like this" 'Married, December 30, 1846, LaFayette Churchill and Susan Vroman,' for this was the date this notable couple joined hands in holy wedlock and have shared each other's joys and sorrows through these years."

A short history of their life followed and next the description of the day started.

"It was befitting that on December 30, 1916, the 70th anniversary of their wedding, that many relatives and friends would desire to show honor to this couple.

"At an early hour many gathered at the Grange Hall at LeRoy and at noon dinner was served to 116.   The center piece at the bride's table was a large cake lighted with seventy tiny candles.   Among others besides the honored couple and their children, at his table were Volney Taylor of Granville, who was present at their wedding, and three other couples celebrating their anniversaries:   Mr. & Mrs. Ezra Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morse, and Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Rockwell, fifty-one, forty-eight, and forty-one respectively.   After the dinner hour all repaired to the upper hall where many more friends were waiting.

"At the sound of the wedding march a very unique procession entered.   Playfully, the grand-daughters arrayed grandpa and grandma for this great occasion with a sense of jumor characteristic of both, they entered into the spirit.

"The flower girls preceeded with baskets of flowers followed by the aged bride and groom with bridal wreaths and veil taking their places before a large painting portraying a winter scene, so fittingly representing "the winter of life."

Rev. J.C. Bryan and Rev. C.F. Moss met them at the platform with words of congratulation and prayer and thanks to the Giver of all good followed.   Then all joined in singing, "The River of Time".

"Mr. & Mrs. Churchill were then called upon and responded with well chosen remarks.   They referred to early days, but not to the hardships endured, but to peace and harmony and interest in all that was about law suits, I would rather be considered a coward than engage in a combat...

"Many were present from other towns, many advanced in years.

Rev. J.C. Bryan on behalf of friends presented a gift box, containing fifty dollars as a slight token of esteem.

"As the company departed to various homes thinking of the happy occasion and expressing the best thoughts and wishes are for all old friends.

"The venerable people at the present time are well, keep house by themselves, do their own work; he saws his own wood and both are able to walk to LeRoy and back one fourth of a mile from their home"

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