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Submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
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Marriages in Southport in 1848

6-Nov Thomas Reed, 23, South Creek, and Emelia Moore, 19, Southport, by Rev. Fillmore, Elmira  
27-Jan Alfred E. Orton, 23, Southport, and Catherine J. Swartwood, 21, Southport, by Rev. Benjamin  M. Goldsmith, Southport
1-Jan Ayro ? C. Lumbard, 20, Elmira, and Lydia M. Lewis, 19, Southport, by Elder H. N. Seaver,  Elmira
21-Dec John Hughs, 23, Elmira, and Mahala J. Lewis, 16, Southport, by Elder H. N. Seaver, Elmira  
5-Sep Asa Vail, 26, Southport, and Mary E. Mapes, 20, Southport, by Rev. Benjamin M. Goldsmith,  Southport
9-Dec Milton Mapes, 23, Southport, and Ann Miller, 19, Southport, b Rev. E. Colson, Southport  
18-Apr Oscar Fleming, 22, Southport, and Jane Sherwood, 21, Southport, by Rev. James Farley,  Southport
23-Jun Hammond Matthews, 30, Southport, and Harriet Smith, 26, Southport, by Rev. Simeon R. Jones,  Southport
8-Apr James Monogan, 23, Southport, and Nancy Seeley, 20, Southport, by Rev. B. M. Goldsmith,  Southport
4-Jul Halstead Goodsell, 25, Southport, and Mary Brown, 17, Southport  
15-Mar George E. Stryker, 23, Southport, and Abigail Little, 19, Southport, by Rev. J. Cain, Southport  
6-Jan John S. Baker, 24, Southport, and Margaret Stryker, 17, Southport, by Rev. Brown, Woodhull  
5-Sep Martin Devoe, 24, Big Flats, and Elerwease Andrews, 19, Jackson Pa., by Sidney Mills, Big Flats  
6-Jan Albert Eaton, 22, Southport, and Sophrona Gillett, 21, Southport, by Gillett Esq., Bradford, Pa.  
15-May Andrew J. Quick, 33, Southport, and and Amanda Dense, 20, Southport, by Rev. B. M. Goldsmith,  Southport
13-Feb Abner Shears, Southport, and Dorotha Conkling, Southport, by H. W. Atkins Esq., Southport  
18-Feb Stephen Barten, Southport, and Betsey Avery, Southport, by H. W. Atkins Esq., Southport  
11-May Charley White, Southport, and Diadama Hodges, Southport, by H. W. Atkins, Southport  
21-Jun James McCan, 21, Southport, and Harriet Decker, 17, Southport, by H. W. Atkins, Southport  
29-Jun Elias Stage, Southport, and Susan Warn, Southport, by H. W. Atkins Esq., Southport  
6-Jul Jacob Sly, 40, Elmira, and Sarah Parks, 18, Elmira, by H. W. Atkins Esq., Southport  
Jul 27? 29?  Benjamin Conklin, Southport, and Phebe St. John, Southport, by H. W. Atkins, Southport   
9-Dec Jacob Impson, Southport, and Sarah Ann Randall, Elmira, by H. W. Atkins Esq., Southport  
5-Oct Andrew Head ?, 24, Southport, and Mariah Atkins, 21, Southport, by H. N. Seaver, Elmira  

J. Kelsey Jones

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