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Rev. Thomas K. Beecher Marriages 1854-1901
Bradford County PA
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Rev. Thomas K. Beecher
Marriage: 1854-1900 Park Church, Rev. Thomas K. Beecher Marraiges
Township: Elmira, Chemung County NY
Year: 1854-1900
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Marriage records:  copy of the original records of marriage by Rev. Thomas K. Beecher of Park Church, Elmira, New York from 1854 to 1900. Copied for the Chemung Chapter D.A.R. by Addie JOHNSTONE "Staver" in 1938.   Retyped for Tri-Counties by Darla Hogaboom.

The Park Church Elmira, New York

Marriage Records of Rev. Thomas K. Beecher



Nov. 16 State Line South Creek, PA. Herman M. Comstock and Mary Fassett. Witness: N. P. Fassett lawyer, Parents and all witnesses.

Dec. 25 At house of bride’s stepfather. J. Howard Titsworth and Eunice H. Lewis. Witness: Mother, brother, etc.


May 5 At my office Elys Block. Philip Smith and Elizabeth Scales. Witness: R. M. Comstock

May 21 John T. Bravvo and Elizabeth Seely. Witness: Brides sister and two cousins.

June 27 At Water Cure. Benjamin F. Benn and Emma C. Freeman

July 3 Wm. C. Tompkins and Henrietta Davis. Corner Orchard and Church Streets.

Aug. 7 William Drake and Mary E. Smith. Witness: At house of Mr. Wood (coal dealer)

Aug. 21 George W. Woodward of Galena and Ellen E. Langdon

Sept. 5 At home of Mrs. Delano, Waverly. George C. Walker and Julia A. Delano

Oct. 4 At church. Thomas Jefferson Tuttle and Charlotte D. Steele. Witness: Friends of Deacon Cleves.

Oct. 23 At Fairman's House (C. G.). E. G. Baldwin and Elizabeth Curtis.

Oct. 23 Walter B. Aymer and Maggie V. Manley


June 4 At bride’s fathers. George B. Clark and Harriet A. (Sly) Maxwell, Father was Thomas Maxwell.

Nov. 4 At Mr. and Mrs. Badges. Will Street. Samuel E. Weed of Missouri and Lydia M. Balch


Jan. 12 At S. Bolles corner 6th and Main. James L. Miller and Cordelia S. Baker.

Oct. 1 P. B. Ripley and Phoebe D. Dale. Witness Mrs. J. J. Beecher

Dec. 3 Albert Armstrong and Maria Carter. At church P.M. Witness: S. C. Gleason, C. Carpenter Andrus

Dec. 7 At Elys Hall. John J. Bell and Elizabeth Ada Smitten. Witness: J. M. Robinson, Bowen

Dec. 7 At Mr. Sampson’s (Joseph). Many witnesses. Elisha Kilbourn of Williamsport and Maggie S. Whitley


Mar. 30 Owego, NY. At house of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens. Elijah Johnson (Dentist) and Rose Ely. She was the sister of Mrs. Stevens.

May 5 Frank H. Riley of Brooklyn and Mrs. Esther G. Burdett. Sister of Mrs. Conkey and daughter of Mrs. Clark

Sept. 27 At brides fathers at 8 A.M. Corydon Cone and Sarah M. Potter

Oct. 19 At Watkins, NY. At brides fathers between 5 and 6 A.M.

Hiland R. Seymore and Sarah A. Robbins

Dec. 7 At Mr. Langdon’s. Susan Langdon and Theodore W. Crane


Feb. 9 At bride’s mothers. Many witnesses. John B. Rockwell and Mary A. Orwan.

Feb. 23 William S. Martin and Abigail S. Davis. At her fathers D. Davis down river four miles.

April 12 At Mt. Vernon, Ohio. A. T. Welch and Eunice Buckingham.

May 4 At home of brides father Factory Street. George B. Wright and Rachel J. Welch

June 22 Noel B. Baker and Louisa M. Wright

Aug. 18 Theophilus L. Griswold of Danville, Illinois and Belle Holden

Aug. 31 At church after lecture. Theodore W. Hannum of Hartford, CT and Libbie T. Wright

Sept. 5 Williamsport, PA. At the house of Waldo Willard. Jacob D. Mitchell and Josephine L. Willard.

Sept. 6 James McQuire of Rochester, NY and Mary Ellen Flood. Witness: At. Dr. Floods, Parents of both parties were present also Mrs. Beecher.

Sept. 13 S. G. Comstock and Lizzie Anderson. At home of bride’s father. Mrs. Beecher, parents and others.

Nov. 9 John Milton Roe and Laura S. Temple. At brides mothers Gray Street.


Feb. 9 Ethan W. Howes and Francis A. Pierce. Daughter of Peter Pierce.

Feb. 12 Married at American Hotel. Melmoth F. Hobart of Penn Yan and H. F. Matthews, lately a teacher in (Dist.) Southport. Witness: Mrs. Beecher, Mr. and Mrs. Bosch, Merrill

April 19 John S. Baldwin and Cornelia A. Morrell. At meeting house

May 30 Oscar W. Bundy and Mary Weed daughter of William B. Weed.

April 24 Marshall M. Dent of Morgantown, VA and Louisa Holden

June 19 Wm. Nichols of Williamsport, PA and Eva B. Throop of Painted Post June 28 John Slocum of Bath and Susan B. Townsend of Elmira

Oct. 10 At. Mrs. Treadwell’s Main Street. Jaben A. Bundy and Mary A. Farley


Feb. 20 At James Griswold’s Southport at 9 P.M. Joseph B. Davis of Lewisburg and Cornelia Griswold (Houseful)

May 9 At room No. 7 Elys Hall at 3:30 P.M. John S. Knapp and Helen J. Benjamin

Sept. 5 At B. S. Carpenters house. Fred D. Ramsdell and S. Jennie Miller. Witness: Carrie Benedict

Sept. 12 James M. Wood and Julia Louisa Davidson

Nov. 3 Joseph Thomas and Marie Robertson. Both from Pennsylvania.

Nov. 24 (see March 30, 1858). At house of Mr. and Mrs. Seely. Witness: Mrs. Beecher, Elijah Johnson and Mrs. Stevens.

Dec. 2 At Elys Hall. Jacob Berhalter and Teckla Schornstheimer. Witness: Mrs. Beecher and others

Dec. 24 At Mrs. Cleeves'. Joseph S. Norton and Mary W. Cleeves.


May 8 At my house. William H. Maynard and Hattie N. Cable. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Slater Brainard

Jul. 20 At 139 Water Street upstairs. Joseph E. Dunham and Sophia M. Weir (He is a soldier ordered on duty tonight).

Aug. 27 Richard L. Guion and Cornelia J. Fitch

Sept. 4 George W. Hull and Carrie C. Benedict

Sept. 18 Marcus Falls and Sarah Jane Hicks


Mar. 26 At Mr. Luce’s Southport. Alexander W. Randall and Helen M. Thomas

Apr. 1 Sam S. Olmstead and Louisa M. Baker

Oct. 10 Lewis Henry Kenyon and Francis Mary Sinnett

Dec. 22 Martin S. Palmer and Mary A. Copley


Jan. 5 At church. Daniel A. Longworthy and S. Belle Cooke

Jan. 14 At Mr. Fitch’s 46 First Street. Henry E. Millins and Marian T. Farnham

Mar. 17 At Sanitary Fair Thursday. Wm Oliver Brown of Vanwert, Ohio and Josephine M. Burt niece of Andrew Hathorn

Mar. 22 Tuesday. Dr. William E. Wells of Havana and Mary Francis Tillotson of Elmira

Mar. 31 At Wesley Anderson’s. Wesley Orcutt and Louisa Anderson

Apr. 26 At W. W. Ballard’s. Wm H. Robinson and Gertrude Morrell

May 16 At Mrs. Gleason’s. William Hanson and Mary Gleason

May 31 Corning, NY Nevada Territory. Charles Land of VA city and Carrie L. Powers daughter of Mrs. Wright Elmira College, many witnesses

June 6 Painted Post. Jabes R. Ward and Lizzie Erwin

June 15 At Seeley’s Gallery Water Street. John D. Cunyou and Olivia S. Ely sister of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Seeley

July 14 Dexter D. Curtis of Owego and Emma D. Ingraham

Sept. 13 At Wellsburg, NY. David Willard Caskell of Owego and Lottie Wells of Wellsburg. At her fathers house B. F. Wells

Sept. 22 At Mrs. Gleason’s. Henry Peet of Towanda, PA and Elizabeth Gleason

Nov. 9 At Rooms. Benj. W. Smith and Adeline Strader. Both from Big Flats at 11 A.M.

Nov. 10 Canandaigua, NY. Dwight D. Atwater and Mary H. Lewis. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Langdon and many cousins

Nov. 22 At church before many witnesses. Lieut. Ransom J. McKee and Hannah E. Carpenter. Witness: Aurelia Arnot, Jim Dudley, Joe Barney, Mrs. B. Hopkins

Nov. 30 At bride’s fathers C. Hueston. Lorenzo Howes and Helen M. Hueston. Witness: sisters and husbands

Dec. 11 At 56 High Street Mrs. Russell’s house. Sunday 2:30 P.M. Nathan F. Furman and Rose Ann Cedar (Clearfield)

Dec. 26 Chas W. White and Eliza H. Hison


Jan. 11 At Mrs. Mowry’s rooms Water Street. Lieut. Cortland Clark, Commissary 15 N. Y. Cavalry (from Syracuse) Torbexts Division, Sheridan’s Army and Frances E. Rowley (orphan). Witness: J. M. Robinson, Mrs. Mowry, Mrs. Ramsdell, Miss Mowry

Jan 17 George Beckwith and Ann L. Amoreaux (elderly people). He is from Wells and she is from Owego

Mar. 21 At Lewis House Cross Street (now Market Street). Woodman Demarest and Arline L. Lewis

June 20 At Pony Hollow. Jefferson T. Beckwith of N.Y. and Freelove Helen Wood of Cayuga. Witness: Fitch and Co. witnesses

July 3 Thaddeus R. Brown and Marion Jackson

July 20 Chemung. C. S. Farrar and H. Louisa Wynkopp

July 25 At 3rd Ward Hotel. Lieut. H. L. S. Kraus and Katie Haupt

Aug. 22 At Holdridge's in Southport. William E. Houts and Ophelia E. Moody

Aug. 6 Philo E. Hall of N.Y. and Lucretia C. Brownell (Iowa)

Aug. 23 At Mrs. Brown’s at 9:00 P.M. Wm E. Giles of Co. C 141st, and Lizzie M. Brown

Sept. 20 At rooms 5 P.M. Ebenezer L. Martin of Corning and Mary E. Barned 5th daughter of Robert J. Barned. Witness: parents present

Oct. 3 At W. C. Taylor’s. A family wedding. Elon G. Durfy and Emily D. Taylor. He of Hornellsville and she of Elmira

Oct. 25 At John Lowman’s in Chemung. Samuel W. Tubbs of Elmira and L. Rose Brooks of Chemung. Witness: Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Beecher, Lieut. Tubbs, many others.

Nov. 13 At church 4:45 P.M. Henry F. Orcutt of Benetton and Amelia A. Rapely. Many present

Nov. 22 Mr. Dwight Palmer and Fannie Briggs

Dec. 7 Lewis E. Wanamaker and Mrs. Susie E. Noyes

Dec. 8 Lewis Fitch and Nettie Ramsdell

Dec. 25 At her father’s rooms Christmas evening. Philander Ellithorp of Rushford, NY and Christina O. Walker

Dec. 28 Wm D. Abbott and Ella C. Johnson


Jan. 6 Milton O. Robinson and Libbie Germon

Feb. 10 John Babcock of Dunnston and E. Josephine Cadwell of Waverly

Mar. 7 At H. G. Northrup’s 85 Baldwin St. George W. S. Hyde a sergeant Eau Clair, Wisconsin and Lettie M. Cudney, Mt. Vernon, Sullivan Co., NY

Mar. 14 Captain William I. Rasmussen of Oswego and Elizabeth M. Stone of Durham, Greene Co., NY. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lumpman and others

May 10 Stephen G. McWorter of Webbs Mills age 28 and Mary L. Brees age 24

June 5 John A. Webber and Mary E. Mason

June 7 Leonard L. Wright and Mattie M. Hathorn

June 12 At Water Cure before breakfast. Robert D. Cursons of Buffalo, NY and Lucy A. Gage of Water Cure

July 3 Leman C. Palmer of Ridgeway, PA and Josephine Wilcox

Sept. 4 Samuel D. Wadham and Georgia A. Ogden

June 20 Charles A. Whitney and Jennie S. Cleeves


Jan. 3 John A. Comstock and Mary Francis Anderson. Married by J. C. Beecher. Families present.

July 2 At mothers house at 4:30 P.M. George W. Sprague of Rochester, NY and Emily Rapely of Elmira

Sept. 9 At Centerville, Town of Corning. John K. Ford of Campbell and Marilla A. Whitenack

Sept. 10 Emmons C. Walker of Sing Sing and Mary A. Halliday

Sept. 10 James Brainard Carpenter of Philadelphia, PA and Mary A. Noyes daughter of Cephas Noyes

Sept. 14 William Glynn and Sarah Vastbinder. Witness: Dr. and Mrs. Gleason

Sept. 16 George W. Meyers and Polly Barrock

Sept. 25 Simon Bozzard and Mrs. Julia S. Smith. At church

Sept. 25 After sociable at rooms. William H. Kershner and Lenora Love

Oct. 9 At her father’s house. Daniel R. Davenport and Sarah P. Bement

Oct. 15 Anna L. Stone and Horace P. Batterson

Dec. 26 Emerson Orvis of Addison and Fidelia A. Lyon of Southport

Dec. 26 Aurelius O. Ravenaugh of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Lavina A. Morrow daughter of F. W. Morrow, Southport Elmira


Jan. 23 Silas J. Reynolds and Lora Ingraham

Apr. 11 Lewis A. Hickok of Friendship and Mary M. Lathrop of Belmont

---------- At Hathaway House. Dr. Charles P. Godfrey of Wyalusing, Bradford Co., PA and Adelia E. Hall of Elmira, NY

April 15 At church. Guy Whitlock of Southport and Emma Hathorn of Elmira

May 31 Priney S. Tanner and Sarah Jane Greeno. He of Millport and she of Elmira.

July 1 At College at 6:30 P.M. Edward P. Adams and Lottie A. Stanley

July 2 Thomas R. Rutherford of Washington, D.C. and Mary Ann Smith of Elmira.

July 21 James F. Seaman of Cortland, NY and Agga M. Eggleston daughter of Mrs. Hopkins

Sept. 8 William N. Eastabrook and Viola G. Murdock

Sept. 9 George W. Galvin of Kansas City and Mary Kingsbury

Sept. 21 Benj. House of Hillsdale, NY and Josephine House of Ironton, Missouri

Sept. 22 James B. Cherry and Sarah Savory both of Painted Post

Sept. 30 Samuel Payne and Mary T. Satterly of Elmira

Nov. 2 Burr Chapel of West Franklin, PA and Mrs. Mariett Blauvelt

Nov. 10 John Stobo and Mary Solover

Nov. 25 At 2nd Pres. Church. Andrew J. Carpenter and Minnie Pickering


Jan. 10 Chancellor L. Davis and Polly Harrington

Jan. 13 Howard C. Howland and Esther M. Reeves

---------- Israel O. Scudder and Julia Farrand. At church.

Jan. 25 Horace J. Reynolds of Delaware Co., NY and Annie Applegate of LeClare, Wisconsin

Feb. 11 At Chemung. George B. French and Jennie M. Swain

Mar. 2 At 24 Washington Street Elmira, NY. Thomas Stevens of Manchester, Mich. And Zilpah M. Northrup

Apr. 6 Lucian N. Rice and Helen C. Steele

Apr. 14 James M. Walker and Jennie A. Ogden

May 16 Joseph M. Richardson of Rochester, NY and Frank E. Westcott of Elmira

May 29 Wm A. Morgan and Louisa Williams

June 3 A. J. Warner and Maggie E. Sherry

June 15 Charles H. Sheive of Jackson, Tioga Co., PA and Harriet Decker of Elmira

Aug. 5 At Mrs. Heron’s. George D. Elderkin of Camillers, NY and Mary F. Willard of Elmira

Aug. 25 At American Hotel. John M. Stannard and Ellen P. Stannard both Newark Valley. Witness: T. A. Wales (doctor), E. H. Perry, Hiram R. Stannard

Sept. 1 At Elma J. Green’s residence. Frank M. Edgerton of Seneca Falls and Eva J. Green of Elmira

Oct. 6 At house of Moore, Pigeon Point. Edwin L. Bowers and Jane Moore.

Oct. 20 Milton D. Moon of Cattaraugus Co., and Lizzie Lord of Lynn, CT

Dec. 1 At Hudson St., 5th Ward, Elmira. William Matthews and Elsie E. Bailey daughter of Isaac H. Bailey. Witness: Parents, brothers and sisters and many more. Afterward attended Dr. UpDeGraffs TIN WEDDING.

Dec. 28 N. F. Kinner and Lucy A. Belknap of Jackson, Tioga Co., PA


Feb. 2 At Langdon’s. Samuel L. Clemens and Liva Langdon. This is MARK TWAIN.

Mar. 3 James F. Copley and Eliza J. Shepard

Mar. 16 Frank C. Richmond and Helen L. Gallagher.

Hard snow storm.

Apr. 6 At Rathbun House. Sidney Smith of Scio, Allegany Co., NY and Alice Perry of Richfield, Tioga Co., PA

Apr. 16 George A. Oliver of Rolling Mill and Mrs. Mary A. Kelly (widow) of Port Jervis

May 11 Jared A. Dunham and Sarah Elizabeth Ingersoll. Both of South Creek, Bradford Co., PA

May 12 A. Fowler Gibson and Mary E. Westcott

May 12 At Mrs. Frisbie’s on College Ave. Wm R. Judson and Mary M. Frisbie

July 7 James W. Pickering and Adele Egbert

July 24 At A. L. Derby’s, 5th Ward, Elmira. Alden Derby and Sarah Newell of Elmira

Aug. 3 At Waverly at F. H. Baldwin’s. Otis B. Skinner of Garnett, Kansas and Connie L. Baldwin of Waverly. Witness: John B. Jr. and wife and Charlie.

Aug. 9 George Sherman of Watkins, NY and Laura H. Daws

Sept. 18 Mrs. Sarah C. Scudder of Ashland and Mr. Walter Scudder of L. I.

Sept. 28 Nathan E. Kingsland and Josephine J. Haight. Witness: Brides’ sister and brother from Troy, PA

Oct. 5 Cornelius B. Chase Tawnton, Mass. and Elizabeth Burbage of Elmira

Oct. 28 Corner 2nd and Washington Streets, Sunday evening. Martin Icke and Mary H. W. (Sols) Schroeder

Dec. 22 Over East Hill. Henry James and Julia Melissa Treat daughter of Ansel Treat

Dec. 29 Thursday. Frank E. Gregory and Jennie E. Nichols both from Breesport


Jan. 7 Isaac W. Park and Emma Decker. Witness: Miss Wolcott Young and History Class

Feb. 1 Wm H. Brady of Philadelphia, PA and Mary A. Palmer of Elmira

June 10 Alanson G. Everts, Jr. of Havana and Sarah A. Baker of Jersey City

June 15 Thursday at Charlie Eck’s, 5th Ward, Elmira. Bennett C. Atwood and Nellie G. Eckenberger

July 19 Maurice C. Decker and Mary E. Abbott

Aug. 9 At Samuel Fassett’s. Hector Brown of Horseheads and Anna Sampson of Elmira

Aug. 15 At Mr. Horton’s 58 W. Water St., 8:00 P.M. James W. Russell of Elmira (clerk for Skinner and Goodhus) and Florence Hand of Brooklyn, NY

Sept. 15 J. William Freeman and Sara G. Hamilton both of Pittston

Oct. 3 At Elnathan Green’s on Gray Street. William M. Wood and Fannie A. Green

Oct. 9 At McCanns 76 Dewitt Ave. Wm Judson of Erin and Isadore Marshall (niece of McCann)

Oct. 12 Thursday. G. Whitefield Farnham and Minnie Welkins

Oct. 19 At 29 Park Place, Mrs. Trapp’s. Smith W. Barnes of Apulia, NY and Frances L. Keeler (teacher)

Oct. 23 At Mr. Budd’s 75 Mt. Zoar St., 5th Ward. Marvin H. Mapes and Clara J. Budd

Oct. 24 At Mrs. Vermilyas, College Ave. Albert M. Fitch and M. Louisa Vermilya

Nov. 2 Dwight W. Knapp and Jennie E. Nobles daughter of V. Nobles

Nov. 30 At my house. David Porter Shaw of Mansfield, PA and ? Brewster of Andover, NY

Dec. 14 William L. Kingman and Sarah A. Morrell

Dec. 26 T. Webster Newcomb and Ella Wood

Dec. 28 Joseph Owens and Ella Long


Feb. 21 At 42 Main St. J. B. Monell and Mrs. F. S. Ranney

Apr. 28 Henry D. Behrens and Mary Fidler

Apr. 10 At D. E. Bedell’s, Lake St. Silas Pickering and Anne A. Bedell

June 26 At Poughkeepsie. Charles S. Farrar and Sarah W. Harris

Aug. 10 David H. Ray and Susan A. Flynn

Sept. 10 At Carr’s Corners, 3:00 P.M. Zera Compton and Sarah Haskell

Sept. 14 Milton L. Murdock and Lottie L. Davis

Oct. 9 Wellsville, NY. Hezekiah D. Treadwell and Mrs. Amanda B. Sturgess

Oct. 18 John W. Compton and Caroline R. Haskell

Oct. 23 Henry Clay Hamilton and Emma McGowan

Oct. 23 Howard Baker and Mag. Codington

Dec. 4 At Harrisburg, PA. J. Joseph Albright and Hattie M. Langdon

Dec. 26 At Chemung. Henry S. Bridgman and Nettie D. Wynkopp


Jan. 1 48 Second St. Elmira. Lemuel L. LaFrance and Alice Carpenter

Jan. 23 At First Baptist Church. Frank G. Marsh and Lenora E. Bailey

Feb. 2 At 28 Fourth St. corner Main. Albert H. Marion and Jennie M. VanAmburgh. Sunday 6:15 P.M.

Mar. 1 At Mrs. Dick Robinsons. Saturday. Frances E. Hunt and Edward Payson Weston of Fryeburg, Maine

Mar. 20 At C. Tidd’s 5th Ward. Thursday. Lucius A. Humphrey and Frank Kingsbury

Apr. 16 Wednesday at Watkins. John A. Hobbie (Nat. 1848 at Irondequoit, NY) and Susan H. Hayes (Nat. 1850 Cuba, NY). Witness: Troops of Hall cousins and George and Alice Hobbie.

May 28 Wednesday. Owen Jay Sweet 2nd Lt. U.S.A. aged 28-born Kent, CT last on duty Ft. Quitman, TX and Mary E. Bolt aged 25 of PA. Witness: J. J. B., brides parents, Fred’k Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Kress

June 17 At Rooms, Baldwin St. 2:15 P.M. George Hall aged 30 Fitchburg, Mass. and Susan Titus Williams aged 21 Elmira, NY. Hall is single express messenger. Native born, his run is from Fitchburg to Providence, R. I. Susan is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Williams corner Water and Hoffman Streets.

July 7 115 Lake St. Gershon T. Huckell and Melissa Fox. Huckell is a carpenter aged 26 born Sullivan, PA

Aug. 23 Henry S. Brook aged 21 and Dennie A. Ward aged 20. (Forgot the appointment-one hour late)

Sept. 9 Charles E. Rapelyea and C. C. Norton (Cora)

Oct. 1 Edward C. Ketchum of Columbus, OH and Julia M. Temple

Oct. 11 A. Wellington Norton of Newark, NY and Mattie E. Sampson of Elmira

Oct. 22 At Baden Baden. Emma G. Rogers and A. S. Emmons of Spencer, NY

Oct. 15 At Baden Baden. Windsor Holdridge and Elizabeth Norris

Oct. 21 Charles S. Davidson and Lucy G. Nicholas

Oct. 30 Corner 5th and Main. Ernest Brooks and Nettie Beardsley. 5:30 P.M. Witness: Two Brooks brothers and sisters

Nov. 23 Fred’c Vockeroth and Katie Kemmech

Dec. 11 At foot of East Hill. Elijah Campbell and Josephine Bailey. Witness: Miss Bessie and Mrs. Beecher

Dec. 17 At Mrs. Flett’s. William Edward Dearth and Elizabeth H. Flett.

Dec. 31 Joseph G. Clark of Lansing, NY and Emma T. Budd. Witness: Three Tice girls and others


Feb. 5 Married by F. W. Beecher. George W. Turner of Horseheads and Mary E. Griggs of Breesport

Feb. 18 Jacob C. Brown (Mr. of Ithaca) and Clara A. Sackett (Mrs. of Elmira)

Witness: J. J. B., Clara, Julie and Sackett, Jr.

Mar. 10 Henry C. Covell aged 39 and Mrs. Bessie A. Cleveland aged 36

Mar. 11 Devillo Barber aged 26 and F. Addie Crowell aged 23

Apr. 9 At Helen Steele Rice’s house. Fred A. Camp and Mary E. Yoxtheimer, both of Pine Woods. Witness: F.A.C Civ. Eng. Ithaca, NY. M. E. Y. (bride) daughter of Father at Trout Run, PA

Apr. 16 At rooms, Baldwin St. Charles Dalrymple, son of Daniel D. Dalrymple of Southport and Emma Metzger, daughter of Seth H. Metzger. He aged 20, she is 17. They are to live at home of D. D. Dalrymple.

May 19 Franklin F. Bahmer, Rev. of Milton, PA and Mary Ella Carpenter of Elmira

June 2 Franklin V. Smith and Lilla S. Dewitt

June 7 Sunday noon. Corry Rood, aged 21 of Havana and Anna Laidlaw, daughter of Francis G. Laidlaw late of North Chemung

June 17 4:00 P.M. Jesse H. Andrews of New York City and Sara A. Tuthill

June 26 H. Fayette Wilder and Mary J. Reddy. He is of Randolph, NY

Sept. 3 John Renton Watts, aged 25 and Emma J. Dewitt, aged 23

Sept. 10 At Southport Corners. Gustave A. Zoebisch and Mary A. Wageman

Sept. 15 At 623 Gray Street. William H. Loomis and Eva A. Merrill, daughter of Luke T. Merrill

Oct. 14 Leroy A. Baker and Mary Alice Hariew

Oct. 14 John Dubenforfer and Anna Schneck

Oct. 22 Joseph A. Fowler and Ella May Pelham

Nov. 2 Winfield S. Dyer and Ada Tompkins

Nov. 25 Charles C. Swan and Abbie C. Wing. Witness: Parents and brothers and sisters

Dec. 14 George F. Andrus of Hammonton, NY and Emma Briggs of Elmira

Dec. 29 At home of W. S. Carpenter of Big Flats. Lewis Fitch and Caroline Beckwith, at 2:00 P.M.


Jan. 5 Albert F. Thomas and Amanda Dean

Jan. 21 David S. Dorr (Mr.) and Phoebe Sheive (Mrs.)

Jan. 27 Frank Smith and Lettie Herrington

Jan. 31 George P. Crowell of Pine Woods and Ella L. Holmes of Wellsboro, PA

Feb. 17 104 W. Hudson St. at Abner White’s house. Uri A. Warner and Mary Ella White

Apr. 25 Corner Washington and Church. George Loop and Mrs. Kate Payne

June 9 Jasper P. Easterbrooks, of Corning, NY and Mary D. Bideler of Canton, PA

Sept. 4 Saturday evening. Webster Mittan of Luzerne County, PA and Frances E. Gosper of Webbs Mills

Sept. 22 At. Dr. Morse’s. Junius R. Clark and Mary H. Morse

Nov. 4 Ed P. Bement and Julia Robinson at church

Nov. 9 Alvin J. Mosher and Effie R. Carpenter

Nov. 25 Thanksgiving. At 708 East 2nd St. Louis Kraus and Dora Anderson

Dec. 27 Francis W. Agnel and Louise J. Williams


Jan. 12 Henry Bell and Lida A. McClure

Feb. 14 At Mr. and Mrs. Chapman’s. William H. Moore of Portland, OR and Mary A. Ross of PA. All hands witnesses, Mrs. Ross is sister to Mrs. Chapman whose maiden name was Weatherby

Feb. 22 George H. Mallory of Walton, NY and Emeline Marvin of Deposit, NY

Mar. 15 George Henry Robert of Ashland and Lutie A. Goff of Southport

Mar. 25 At Grocery opp. Dr. Flood’s up river. Edward Turner of Clyde, NY (lost a leg) works at Richardson’s and Emma C. Stout

June 7 At Collingwood’s. Roswell R. Moss and Anna D. Mason. Witness: Moss girls, sisters, Collingwood’s, and others

July 19 Wm R. McAtee and Emma Sayles. Witness: Family, Langdon’s, Cranes, Slees, Board, Smith and others

Aug. 17 Calvin Wheaton and Frankie L. Bowman

Sept. 12 Charles E. Stagg and Ella C. VanAllen. Many witnesses.

Oct. 10 At William Ogden’s house. Nellie B. Ogden and Benjamin Andrews (saw manufacturer). Many witnesses.

Oct. 17 At parlors of Park Church. 7:30 P.M. John B. See and Jane Pengelly. Witness: Wm E. Dearth, E. H. Dearth, and others.

Oct. 25 Lyman R. Coolbaugh of Wysox, PA and Jessie A. McCaffery daughter of Peter McCaffery. Witness: others

Oct. 25 Alonzo Betts and Carrie E. Farley

Oct. 30 At home (the church home). Francis C. Farnsworth of Big Rapids, Michigan and Esther M. Aldrich of Elmira. Witness: T. W. Crane, N. D. Doxay, Jennie E. Marsh, Carrie G. Marsh, Mary C. Dean

Nov. 15 In lecture room. John H. Sly of Chemung and Almina Allen of PA

Nov. 15 In church. John A. Taynton and Frank E. Pirn. Sewing Society in a body witness

Nov. 22 In library Park Church. 5:45 P.M. Herbert A. Doxey and Gertrude LeFevre. Witness: E. P. Bement and wife, Charlie Gridley and others.

Nov. 30 At church home. Isaac L. Trout and Mary E. Vanover. Witness: Ella (Hackett) Davis, C. T. Bechtol, John Laidlaw, Mary Cleeves, Norton and children and 75 others


Jan. 10 Edward B. Gardner and Jennie L. Bixby fathers name E. D. Bixby. House 119 High Street

Jan. 29 Many witnesses. Thomas W. Tong and Mary E. Waugh at her mother’s home 109 Second Street. His father’s name was Jonathan W. Tong of Horseheads. Her mother’s name Mrs. John Waugh

Feb. 14 On Wednesday in Library of Park Church. Gilbert Harris and Lydia A. Vaughn both of Big Flats. Witness: John Comstock, Almarion Vaughn, Mattie and Josie Harris

Mar. 29 At Milt Youmans. Charles F. Whedon and F. Idella Youmans. Witness: Mattie Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Barney, Mary Moore, 2 Whedon boys, and Dr. and Mrs. Derby

Apr. 10 Arcalous Wykoff and Carrie C. Hull. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Georgie Hull and others.

Apr. 25 At corner Elm and Gray. 9:30 A.M. William J. Richardson and Ida A. Darrin. Witness: Nellie Tabor, Frank W. Darrin, Matt K. Darrin her father

May 9 John Hathorn and Anna M. Judd

May 16 Hamilton Hulse and Nannie Gates both of Binghamton

July 3 At Market Street Hotel number 330 at 3:15 P.M. Anthony D. Thompson of Owego and Susan C. Guthrie of Elmira

Nov. 7 At Harvey Lambs 263 W. Clinton St. at 1:00 P.M. Don L. Sturgis and Bertie S. Smith

Oct. 6 William H. Drake and Rilla M. Richardson, both of Bentley Creek, Bradford Co., PA

Oct. 11 Fred Fuller (Hotchkins Mill) and Minnie B. Eaton. Witness: Maggie Laidlaw, Charlie Stagg

Nov. 8 Chas. E. Rapelea and Alice M. Spaulding. Witness: J. J. B., Clara S., Harry P. Spaulding and many others

Nov. 21 Asa S. Becker of Erin and Lucy M. Leavens of PA

Nov. 26 Monday at 755 E. Church. James W. Brundage, a blacksmith of Orange County, and Elnora B. Wood daughter of Wm H. Wood. Witness: C. A. McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. Wood, others and neighbors

Dec. 20 Nathaniel K. Borem and Mary E. Morgan

Dec. 26 Isador C. Converse and Emma E. Guthrie

Dec. 26 Benjamin W. Tice and Mary Eckenberger. Many witnesses


Jan. 8 At G. A. Gridley’s on Tuesday afternoon. Henry C. Underhill and Hattie S. Gridley

Jan. 14 David C. McLane of Wells, Bradford Co. PA, Farmer, (his mother’s name was Sarah Sloss) his age is 29 married Ella V. Clair, age 24 Jackson, Tioga Co. PA. Her mother’s name Melissa Bryan

Feb. 14 At Ithaca in Cong. Church. Charles B. Martin of Philadelphia, PA and Julie E. Kimball. Witness: Ada Stoddard, Rev. H. G. Stoddard, Edward Stoddard

Feb. 17 John B. Mosher of Van Etten and Ida L. Bally

Mar. 28 Charles Henry Davis and Belle French

Mar. 30 At church parlor 10:30 A.M. James Bradford Badger of Dresden and Olive C. Underhill of PA

May 13 Chas. A. Eaton and Lizzie Grace Treadwell

Sept. 3 Stephen H. Dewitt and Eva N. Griggs

Dec. 22 Harrison J. Smith and Belle K. Wise

Sept. 2 At church parlor 11:00 A.M. Charles H. Farnum of Providence, RI aged 37 and Loretta J. Roper. Witness: M. J. Roper a brother, Loretta J. Roper a sister, Anna M. Crane

Oct. 16 Eugene Delmater and Ella A. Struppler

Nov. 5 Frank E. Sackett and Emma M. Brown. 204 High Street

Nov. 6 Newton P. Robertson and Nellie Tabor

Nov. 14 Anton G. Wegner and Ida M. Rinker

Nov. 20 Wm F. Squire and Hattie J. Struppler daughter of George


Jan. 22 John L. Allen and Libbie A. Fausey

Jan. 22 Frank S. Hunter of Addison and Minnie J. Stone

Jan. 22 At 534 W. Church. Edward L. Adams of Rochester, NY and Kate L. Atwater. Witness: Wm L. Wood, J. Sloat Fassett

Feb. 20 115 E. Hudson St. Henry Whelpton and Jennie Rood. Both of Elmira

Apr. 8 At 323 West Church St. George B. Cannon and Grace A. Bachelder. Witness: Mary Waltzer, Pet Waltzer, May Stewart, and many others

Apr. 23 Charles F. Riddle and Emily F. Riley

Apr. 28 John H. Bartholomew and Hattie E. Fosdeck

May 28 James F. Baker and Hattie L. Barber, Orchard St.

June 17 Lormore Street, 5th Ward. John Brand, Jr. and Clara E. Woodruff. Witness: Geo B. Cannon and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff, A. J. Daniels, Ada Lybolt

June 18 At Ithaca 93 Hudson Street. Ira L. Wells of Waverly and Mary M. Doty of Ithaca. Witness: J. M. McCarty, Mrs. Jerome Thompson, Ida Wells, W. H. Palmer

Sept. 18 At church parlors 8:00 P.M. Robert L. Straton and Ella L. Murray

Sept. 25 At Towanda 1:40 P.M. Charles C. Roosa and Alice E. Hobbie. Witness: 2 brothers

Oct. 1 At farm home of Joseph Hoffman. Gustavous A. Goff, Jr. and Josephine Hoffman

Oct. 8 Frank B. Drake and Nellie Burnham. Witness: S. S. Hamlin, H. P. Gates, E. E. Stanchfield

Oct. 29 Orlando J. Loughead and Mary E. Bemen of Canton

Oct. 30 At 654 College Ave. Charles E. Reynolds and Libbie Adell Cooley. Witness: Henry C. Hamilton, Frankie and Gertie Guion

Nov. 5 At H. M. Partridge’s 311 Lake St. Emil Washington Krackowizer and Sarah Elizabeth Partridge. Witness: Eugene Diven, Aimee Diven, Viva Partridge, Mary P. Joslyn

Nov. 19 William F. Elmendorf and Ella M. Holmes. Witness: George C. Peters, Fred L. Jewett

Dec. 18 Edgar Campbell and M. Alice Atkinson. Witness: Alfred Campbell, Mamie and C. T. Atkinson and many others

Dec. 24 Zena Merritt and Anna Hunt


May 19 At 860 Factory Street 7:30 P.M. John Paxon and Kate Coulson both of Elmira (he is a puddler)

May 20 At I. S. Copeland’s 107 East Hudson Street. Frederick Charles Rolls and Harriet Agnes Copeland. Witness: Henry Rolls, others. Both were from St. Catherine, ONT.

June 17 Robert P. Denniston and Sarah F. New

June 30 Fred H. Bennett and Mrs. Anna F. Suydam. Witness: J. Seymore Copeland, J. T. Woodford, Estella Quiggs

July 5 Merritt H. Walker and Sarah L. Mills

Aug. 18 517 Church St. Charles G. DeWitt and Hattie Evelyn Shipman

Sept. 9 William Cadoo of Port Jervis and Harriet E. McCarrick of Columbia X Roads

Oct. 6 At Carr’s Corners. Emmett S. Goff of Southport and Sarah A. Carr of Elmira Town. Witness: G. A. Goff and wife, C. H. Sterling and wife

Oct. 21 J. Kirk Smith and Mary I. Skidmore

Oct. 26 Thomas Walker and Martha Kerney

Oct. 27 John R. Baker and Gertrude Kinner

Dec. 15 Henry E. Tripler of Towanda and Lizzie C. Bruen

Dec. 23 At parlors 7:00 P.M. 70 present. Fred C. Nichols (Adv. Office job) and Elida Lattimore daughter of Mrs. Welsh


Jan. 5 Sylvester J. Thorn and Sarah M. Eddy. Witness: Mittie Thorn, Carrie Rose, Milton Westlake, Hattie Rose

Jan.19 At 506 East Church St. Henry S. Danolds of Lockport, NY and Josephine UpDeGraff. Witness: Thaddeus S. UpDeGraff, Nettie UpDeGraff, Ella White, Mrs. G. A. Pratt, Mrs. Carrie P. Cole and J. J. Beeker

Feb. 9 Erway McCallum and Eliza Jeffers. Witness: The family

Feb 17 Asa W. LeFrance and Emma Haviland daughter of Ad. Haviland. Witness: Grace A. Ogden, F. E. LeFrance, Hattie Haviland, Fred LeFrance

Mar. 16 At my house 9:50 Wednesday. Louis P. Sayles and Mrs. Jennie M. VanTassel (nee Newton). Witness: Clara T. Farrar, Ella Wolcott

Mar. 30 At Mrs. Waugh’s 217 West 2nd Street 3:00 P.M. C. E. Bullock and Ada Leonard both of Springfield, PA. Witness: Mrs. H. H. Watkins

Apr. 12 At George Congdon’s 11:00 A.M. Louis H. Brown and Anna Congdon. Witness: John Baker, Gertie Baker, Belle Congdon

May 23 At 423 Standish at 8:00 P.M. John Wrigley and Mattie DeGraw. Witness: Andrew DeGraw, Mrs. DeGraw and daughter

June 22 At Park Church Wednesday 8:00 P.M. Edsell T. McClure of Cadillac, Michigan and Addie M. Imsom of Southport Corners. Witness: Henry Griswold, Henry Taylor, Jacob Miller, B. W. Tice

July 4 At my study. Robert Caruthers of Elmira and Sarah J. Snyder of Ithaca

Sept. 14 At 312 Orchard St. Oscar Geisenheimer and Jennie Beckley. Witness: A. P. Negus, Miss Jemima Beckley

Sept. 21 At bride’s residence, evening, Factory St. William H. Powell and Josephine Hillis. Witness: E. Harris

Oct. 5 Louis D. Caldwell and Eliza J. Sigison. Witness: Luther Caldwell, Emeline Caldwell, Livia C. Cushing

Oct. 18 At church parlor 6:45 P.M. Frank D. Buchanan and Jennie L. Reed. Witness: Geo Buchanan, Maggie Buchanan, James Swartout

Oct. 22 At 306 E. Church St. Rev. Edgar P. Salmon and Hattie E. Hart. Witness: Esther Hart, Louie Rice, Anna and Albert Kelly

Oct. 26 At 369 West 1st St. John S. White of Coventry and Emma L. Stone daughter of Lor J. Stone. Witness: Mrs. J. E. Bally, J. E. Bally, Mrs. E. E. VanHorn, Emory VanHorn, Mr. and Mrs. Tracy C. Ford

Nov. 16 At 720 Walnut St Mrs. Billett’s house. Samuel Kline and Jennie E. Clendenney (grand daughter of Mrs. Billett). Witness: Charles E. Manley, Miss M. Smith, Julia Reed

Nov. 23 At 211 W. Hudson St. 1 and a half hours late. John E. Harris and Sarah A. Denniston. Witness: Wm Powell, Mrs. Charles Sutton, J. H. and Lila Harris, others

Dec. 20 At church parlors. Harry Fowler and Henrietta Lennox. Witness: John A. Campbell, Lizzie Pringle, Lucy Pagett

Dec. 28 At 123 Judson St. Samuel F. Smith and Libbie L. Earle. Witness: Demarest LeValley. LeGrand Earle, Frank Earle

Dec. 29 At church parlors. Asa M. Bacon and Lillian Palmer. Witness: Fred Palmer, Mrs. Hicks


Feb. 9 At 114 W. Water. Charles H. Kelley and Helen F. Smith

Mar. 29 At Joe Livesay’s Horseheads. Frank M. Andrews and Kate S. Livesay

Mar. 2 At Geo. E. Pratt’s 12 P.M. 326 W. 1st. Herbert G. Hubbell of Reynoldsville and Irene Pratt. Witness: Orange Hubbell, Josephine Hubbell, Chas. Pratt, D. R. Pratt

Apr. 13 John H. Whitley and Mrs. Emma Brown

Apr. 18 At 209 W. Water 8:00 P.M. Helen N. LeFrance and Harrison K. Tubbs. Witness: T. E. LeFrance, Stella LeFrance, Della LeFrance, Mrs. E. LeFrance, John L. Welling, Jr., Miss Minnie Vessie

May 24 At corner Main and Gray after prayer meeting. J. Wells Taylor and Ada L. Watrous

May 30 At 314 Broadway. Wm J. Davis of Corning and Emily C. Higgs of Corning. Witness: Etna Davis, Fannie B. Palmer, Ella M. Higgs

June 27 At church parlors 8:00 A.M. David S. Kemp and Florence A. Barber (Bradford PA)

June 29 E. Howard Underhill and Ida A. Whitley. Witness: Eugene Whitley, Will Whitley, Ona Hedges

June 29 At my house 4:30 P.M. George M. Trout and Fannie J. Wyckoff. Witness: Carrie E., W. H., George A., Albert P., C. W. Wyckoff, Frances Farrar, Julia Farrar

July 5 On Water St. City 9:00 A.M. William B. Bull of Quincy, Illinois and Mary Wood. Witness: Alice Bacon, James and Emma Wood

July 6 Edgar Beckman of Waverly and Ida B. Swain of Chemung

Aug. 22 Albert Jefferson Daniels and Elizabeth M. Bopp

Aug. 24 Jackson, PA at Satterlee Farm 2:00 P.M. Guilford R. Tobey of Caton, NY and E. Lenora Satterlee of Jackson. Witness: Darrell Satterlee, Esther E. Satterlee, Charles Tobey, Amelia and Eugene Tobey, many others. Mrs. Beecher and J. C. B. went with me

Sept. 7 Herman S. Merriam and Bertha C. Elston

Sept. 14 4:00 P.M. Charles F. Jenkins and Josephine Bixby. Witness: Nettie, Mary and Hattie Jenkins, L. A. Gardner, John Alger

Sept. 20 At Nathan Baker’s 1002 Lake Street. Orlando C. Woolf and Ella May Baker. Witness: Howard, Maggie M. Baker, L. A. Turner, Kate Turner

Oct. 4 At Canandaigua, NY. Rev. John Gilbert Blue and Helen Marietta Gridley. Witness: Chas. H. Gridley, Susan L. Crane, Chas. J. Langdon, Hattie Underhill, Antoinette Cook, Edward L. Adams, H. C. Underhill, Anson Upson

Oct. 13 At church parlors 1:00 P.M. Monroe Pattingill of Springfield, Bradford Co., PA and Mary A. Thompson of Elmira. Witness: Oscar Thompson, James B. Lane, Lizzie Nafe

Oct. 16 In library of church. Robert B. Weyman and Minnie B. Evans. Witness: Nettie Tillingast, James B. Lane, Miss M. Knapp

Oct. 18 At church parlors 11:00 A.M. Milton L. Murdock and Mary Louise Hyde. Witness: W. F. Hyde, Ella Wolcott, Alice and W. N. Eastabrook

Dec. 5 Thursday. James R. Schick and Ida A. Norman

Dec. 17 At church parlors 4:30 P.M. Edwin Westbrook and Alice Herman both of Ridgebury, Bradford Co. PA. Witness: Mr. A. Burt, Alice is a niece of Mrs. Burt, Eddie Lane, Lizzie Chamberlain, and J. B. Lane

Dec. 20 At Morris Seeley’s High Street 7:20 P.M. Wednesday. Alvah S. Carter, Jr. and Alice E. Seeley. Witness: Mrs. C. A. Hubbard, Cassius Q. Hubbard, D. E. Ayers, Jr., Carrie D. Foster, Anna A. King, Mrs. Asa Bacon

Dec. 20 Edward J. Lambert and Abbie Wilkins

Dec. 20 In church library. Oscar F. Decker, M.D. and Francema Gore, both of Dunkirk, NY

Dec. 21 At Rye Stuart’s house. William Horace Stowell and H. Estella Stuart. Witness: Helen Stowell, Frank Stowell, Jr. Lizzie and Hilda Wood


Jan. 28 At 108 Herman St. 5th Ward Sunday 2:30 P.M. John A. W. Alger and Nettie E. Jenkins. Witness: Laura Alger, Mary L. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Jenkins

June 20 At 414 Baldwin Street at 11:00 A.M. Wednesday. Theodore G. Metzger and Isadore Biggs daughter of Peter Biggs. Witness: Mary J. Biggs, Alfred R. Metzger, Louisa Metzger, Julia M. Metzger and Julia J. Beecher

Aug. 16 At 262 West Chemung Place. Justus Becker and Josie Weigand. Witness: Annie Weigand, F. H. Weigand, Sophia Long, Frank Kunz

Aug. 29 916 College Ave. Wednesday afternoon. Robert VanBuskirk and Dora L. Stone. Witness: Henry Skidmore, Watson Westfall, Kate Skidmore, F. W. Slocum, Jessie Stone

Sept. 3 Wm. R. Swartout age 26 of Spencer, NY and Ida A. Whitney age 28 of Newfield, NY

Sept. 4 At church parlors at 2:00 P.M. Horace K. Terwilliger of Town of Elmira and Rosina Hay of Hartford, Conn. Witness: Julia O. Langdon, Olivia Susan Clemons, Clara Langdon Clemons, Clara L. Spaulding

Sept. 6 12:00 noon Thursday. Coe Beasley of Wells, Bradford Co. PA and Ida Allen of Savon, Steuben Co. NY

Sept. 26 Charles K. Reynolds and Anna Elizabeth Mead

Oct. 10 Wednesday. Alvin A. Walter of Elmira and Kate Estella Hamilton (Elmira). Witness: Jessie G. Cook, Harry Walter Hamilton, Lillian Cook, Robbie Hamilton, Charlie Hamilton

Oct. 20 At corner of 5th and Columbia Streets. Stephen C. Bushnell of Penn Yan and Annie S. Gould daughter of J. R. Gould, sister of Nellie Gould

Nov. 6 William Tillinghast and Fannie M. Kolb both of Jackson, Tioga Co. PA

Dec. 25 Charles L. Scott and Hattie F. Hannon


Feb. 2 Partridge Street. Joseph W. Price and Mary Ann Craze.

Feb. 13 At 112 East Chemung Place. Frank Zimmering and Louise E. Gohring. Witness: Louis M. Gohring, George E. Gohring, Franz Zimmerman, Irene M. Gohring, W. A. Bigelow

Feb. 19 At 7:30 Hatch St. William C. Tubbs and Jennie E. Lockwood. Witness: Lavina Lockwood with J. E. Lockwood (father), Nellie Tubbs, George A. Tubbs, Hattie Lockwood

Feb. 20 At East Water St. Merrick J. Roper and Martha S. Wisner. Witness: E. V. Roper, P. B. Roper (M.D.), Harry S. Clark and others

Feb. 21 George N. Lounsbury and Kate L. Best

Mar. 19 Lorimore Street 5th Ward. Arthur S. Rippier of Harrisburg and Margaret R. Sadler. Witness: John F. Sadler, Mrs. Williams

May 7 At the home of Mrs. Joseph Hoffman up the river. Charles A. Austin and Estella M. Hoffman

June 11 Frank Forsythe and Effie M. Austin. Witness: Julia Forsythe, Helen Batterson, William Austin

July 3 John McMillan and Rose E. Dunbar

Aug. 19 At the home of Thomas F. Lucy, M.D., Pennsylvania Ave, 8:00 P.M. Charles L. Elliott of Elmira and Hattie L. Searles of Ashland. Witness: Asa Carpenter, H. S. Thomas and others

Aug. 20 Nelson W. Bunting and Mary L. Cole

Aug. 21 J. Phillip Arnholt and Alice L. Cooke daughter of F. J. C.

Aug. 24 At church parlors Sunday morning 10:00 A.M. Wm. B. Andrus and Ada May Spencer. Witness: T. C. Spencer, C. H. Knapp

Aug. 26 At 211 William Street Tuesday 5:00 P.M. Frank B. Beecher and Luella M. Stanley. Witness: Geo. E. Stanley (father), Annie Stanley (cousin), H. Grace Robinson, James Robinson

Aug. 27 At Pine Valley, Chemung County, Wednesday 8:00 A.M. Henry G. French and Helen E. Knapp. Witness: Ed K. Lane, Martha Gibbs, Mrs. L. A. Robertson, and others

Sept. 3 Cornelius E. New and Millie A. Newton (Waverly)

Sept. 11 Frank C. Bowne and Philippine C. Backer

Sept. 17 Arthur E. Ney of Cortland and Harriet Batterson. Witness: H. B. Batterson (father) Millard

Sept. 30 Eugene Curry and Alice R. Roberts

Oct. 1 James T. Wise and Ada C. Longstreet

Oct. 8 Edmund J. Cain and Hannah Ellis both of Chemung

Oct. 9 John B. Forsythe of Mexico, Missouri and Ella M. Bowman, 209 Chemung Place. Witness: W. T. Bowman, Charles Bowman, Jessie and Frank

Oct. 15 John Henry Lenhart and Hattie May Jenkins at 108 Harmon St. 9:00 P.M. Witness: C. F. Jenkins, John Alger, F. A. Parker, Mattie Chapman

Nov. 12 At home of Chauncey N. Robinson at 8:20 P.M. George M. Hollister and Clara A. Robinson. Witness: Wm. J. Robinson, John A. Robinson, Clara Brown and others

Nov. 27 Willard F. Burgess and Henrietta C. Flett

Dec. 3 At 718 College Ave. after prayer meeting. George W. Hoagland age 25 of Elmira and Delia Fenaughty age 19

Dec. 25 Daniel Robison of Springfield and Ida Manning of Waverly


Jan. 15 At house of Edward H. Palmer West Water Street. Fred D. Nelson and Lossie B. Palmer. Witness: W. H. Howes, Clara Sprague, Ed Bridgman

Apr. 6 John H. Holmes and Mary A. Decker (Mary Abbott). At house of Mr. Abbott North Main Street. Witness: Eugene Stowell, Mattie Abbott (Aunt)

Apr. 19 Clarence A. Scudder and Anna Bocarde. Witness: David Scudder, Benj. C. Scudder, Carrie Scudder

Apr. 20 Albert F. Thomas and Lizzie Bourgeois. Witness: Anna Robertson, P. P. Stamp, Fred Thomas

June 3 At number 661 North Main Street at 3:30 P.M. William G. Gridley and M. Louise Dias. Witness: Leonard C. Gridley, Charles H. Gridley, Burt C. Dias, F. H. Maynard, Julia J. Beecher, Matie C. Blue

June 10 At church parlors 10:00 A.M. Clarence H. Evans and Harriet E. Rice of Perrine Street. Witness: Maud Garrison, Z. W. Evans, Estella Backer

June 21 Henry Alexander Webb and Minnie Ethel Johnson. Witness: Geo. F. Webb and Mrs. Webb, J. W. Neish

June 30 Charles W. Wents and Bardeen M. Call

Aug. 26 Wilbur A. Beach and Eda Louise Scott

Sept. 1 Willard Eugene Barber and Ella Jones daughter of S. Jones

June 24 At Breesport, Chemung County. Taylor Worlew of Penn Yan and May D. Ramsdell daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ramsdell (see Sept. 5, 1861). Witness: Louise Conklin, Alma Richards, Julia Merrill, Ervin Conklin, F. D. and Jennie R. Ramsdell (parents), Charles F. Ramsdell and others

Sept. 21 Arthur Pratt and Mary R. Willabrant. Witness: J. W. Willabrant (father), George F. Pratt (father), Ida, Will and Irene Hubble, Cora and Melissa Willabrant

Sept. 22 Moses W. Thurston and Ellen M. Hicks. Witness: F. Ball, E. M. Mills, O. A. Thurston

Oct. 1 Sullivan Street. George Carpenter and Jennie L. Norman. Witness: Cornelius Norman, Lizzie W. Carpenter

Oct. 14 At 145 Franklin Street. Milton Ward and Stella W. Howell. Witness: C. B. Ward, Belle Williams, Jennie Ustitch

Oct. 29 At 612 South Main St. Fred D. Works and Jessie C. Purple

Nov. 26 At church parlors of Park Church after Union Services. Thanksgiving at 12:00 noon. Charles R. Strange and Myrtie A. Green, both of Springfield, Bradford Co. PA. Witness: Mrs. F. P. McCarrick (sister of C. R. S.-groom), parents of C. R. S. present, G. W. Buck, Andrew Hemingway

Dec. 16 Charles Haupt and Minnie Stoll at 556 John Street.

Dec. 22 Edward Mahler and Kate Tabor, daughter of Samuel Tabor. Witness: Carrie Tabor, W. F. Tabor

Dec. 22 At 112 East Hudson at 8:50 P.M. William D. Cannon and Dell Huston. Witness: Ella D. Huston, Minta Harding, Hattie E. Smith

Dec. 24 At parlors of Park Church at 5:15 P.M. John J. Vermilyea and Imogene Baker. Witness: Clara M. Vermilyea, J. B. Lane, Ed K. Lane, Emma Andrus


Jan. 5 Joseph C. Field and Mary F. Stone. Witness: W. A. Field, Carrie Stone, L. A. Merrill

Jan. 6 At home of E. P. Hart, 321 Madison Ave. Frank E. Baldwin and Alice Haight. Witness: Anna M. Harris, Isabelle G. Scott, Willie Scott, Anna Scott

Jan. 7 At home of John W. Hathorn. Frank W. Middaugh and Ada E. Hathorn. Witness: Mabel Bally, James Thompson, Ed Riley, W. E. Tabor

Jan. 15 Monday P.M. at 555 East Water St. Charles S. Tuttle and Carrie J. Brown. Witness: Wm. J. Brown, Clara L. Obertin, Edwin J. Tuttle, M. Louise Shearer, John A. Robinson, Florence L. Robinson

Jan. 19 At house of Jonas King on Gray St. at 8:00 P.M. Monroe Murphy of Sioux City, Iowa and Anna A. King of Elmira. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Badger, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Carter, Jr.

Feb. 3 At 1219 Lake St. at Dr. Dow’s at 11:00 A.M. George N. Clenson of Middlet, NY and Libbie E. Dow of Elmira. Witness: Ella White, Jim Hurty, T. W. Patchell, Henry H. James

Mar. 11 Coburn Street. Charles E. Lyon of Lyonsville, Bruel County Delaware and Della F. Phillips, sister of Mrs. Tromaine. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Webber and many others

Apr. 5 At my house 8:00 P.M. Luman D. Hurlburt age 69 and Mary E. Wisner. Witness: John P. Driscoll, Kate Driscoll, Clara Farrar, Julia Farrar

May 19 At 656 North Main St. J. K. Haight (police) and Jennie Ustick. Witness: Mildred, Charles and Anna Ustick, Andrew Norcross

Sept. 2 At house of Harry C. Spaulding, Main Street at 8:00 P.M. John B. Stanchfield and Clara L. Spaulding. Witness: Ed P. Rapelys, Alice S. Rapelys, Sarah Young, Ellen Sawyer, S. L. Clemens, Olivia L. Clemens, Clara Clemens, Susy Clemens, Susan L. Crane, Margaret Warner

Sept. 8 659 N. Main St. Monday evening 8:30. Erastus N. Crandall and Fanny L. Bloomer. Witness: C. R. Bloomer, Helen Bloomer, Lula Crandall, Anna M. Hower

Sept. 14 At 519 W. Clinton St. at home of E. C. Merrill. John Montgomery Tillman, Jr. and Edith B. Merrill. Witness: J. M. Tillman, E. C. Tillman, Blanch and Ella Halliday

Nov. 23 Olie John Murgatroyd and Nettie May daughter of David M. Budd

Nov. 23 At parlors of church 6:00 P.M. Judd Hendy and Lola Davidson. Witness: Ernest Spencer, Maxwell Haight, Frances Haight (Mrs.), George Sayles

Nov. 24 Walter W. Cortright and Maggie E. Stevens

Dec. 1 At 118 East Chemung Place, 7:30 P.M. Grant M. Tidd and May F. Barney. Witness: Clarence Parker, Lizzie C. Lowman, Wm. A. Dinsmore

Dec. 2 Ferdinand A. Thompson, M.D. and Ella Murphy

Dec. 29 John P. Strader and Fannie Struppler

Dec. 29 At 128 East Chemung Place at 11:00 A.M. Charlie A. Bowman and Cora Hagadorn. Witness: Mrs. Henry C. Spaulding, H. C. Spaulding, Kate Spaulding, Lora A. Foster, Agnes W. Walker, Mary B. Walker, Jennie G. Day, Fred A. Hudson


Jan. 13 At 435 West 5th St. (Mr.) Edwin K. Roper and (Mrs.) Anna T. Schell. Witness: Ida Hunter, Frank Hunter, Eugene Wilkey

Feb. 20 Sunday evening 8:30 at 143 West Water St. George F. Mapes of Yates Co. NY and Ella J. Cortright of Auburn, NY.

Mar. 29 At 205 Caldwell Ave. 6:00 P.M. Mr. John W. Haight and Mrs. Alice A. Jones. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Haight, William L. Haight, Willie Kingston

Apr. 6 At Market St. 3:00 P.M. Wednesday. Adrian C. Latta and Josie Brown, both of Friendship, Alleghany Co. NY. Witness: Mrs. George Brown and others

Apr. 14 At 311 Columbia St. Thursday evening 8 o’clock. Charles H. Roach and Mabel G. Bally. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Middaugh, Louis Bally, Maud Bally, Mr. and Mrs. Grant N. Tidd, Wilford C. Potter (note: the parents of Hal Roach of Movie Fame)

Apr. 28 William S. Kaufman and Louise A. Comstock. Witness: S. E. Comstock, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Smith, Julia J. Beecher

Apr. 28 Columbia St. Thursday. Harry M. Clark and Ella M. Leavitt. Witness: S. Dexter, Louise B. Leavitt, Nettie Leavitt, Fannie Leavitt and others

July 3 John C. Martin and Ada M. Hall

June 9 On Thursday evening 8:30 at 515 E. Union St. Edward Hillard and Mary A. McCree. Witness: Harriet Seeley, John C. Seeley, J. L. Gregg, Amy Bent

Aug. 23 On Tuesday morning 9 o’clock at 408 Spaulding St. William H. Wood and Bertha A. Crane. Witness: M. Adell, M. Anna and W. W. Tompkins, Adele Crane

Aug. 24 At lecture room of the Park Church at 8:45 P.M. Married Jacob M. Diehl and Emma E. Ford

Sept. 12 At Mrs. Cook’s on Pennsylvania Ave. 11:30 A.M. George W. Chidsey and Alice V. Cook. Witness: H. L. Chidsey, Ida G. Chidsey, Maud, Percy and Joe Cook

Oct. 6 Lee Sniffen and Ella Stone. Witness: Mrs. Cora VanHorn

Sept. 15 At Mr. Bradley’s 623 Mt. Zoar St. Thursday 7:30 P.M. John C. Sheeley and Mary Elmina Bradley. Witness: Edward V. Sheeley, Wm. T. Sheeley, Mary E. Sheeley, Mary E. Bowman, Hannah M. Bowman, James Bowman

Nov. 17 Thursday 1:00 P.M. College Ave. John W. Haviland and Carrie Hawkins. Witness: E. C. Jones, G. W. West, Cora West, Asa LeFrance


Feb. 14 Andrew J. Duck and Minnie Ann Savage both of Lewisburg, PA. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Sprague

Feb. 21 Eugene Fletcher and Kittie S. Humphrey

Mar. 8 119 College Ave. Fordyce R. Knapp and Mary A. Roy (second marriage). Witness: Austin’s

Apr. 18 At 108 West Hudson St. Wednesday 8:00 P.M. Charles E. Peters and Carrie M. Lown. Witness: W. VanDyne, Harriet S. Peters, Alice Lown

May 27 Andrew B. Hamilton and Mary L. Terwilliger

May 30 Gray St. Eugene <. Elston and Cornelia Y. Green. Witness: George and Edie Wood, William Wood, Roswell Moss, Norma Moss

June 19 Tuesday at 317 Madison Ave. Claude Leslie Stillman and Anna May Howes. Witness: H. P. Gates, Gussie Gilmore, Harriet L. Gates, A. J. Russell, Clara M. Howes

June 27 At 213 Orchard St. Wednesday 3:00 P.M. William J. Brown and Clara L. Oberton. Witness: A. J. Oberton (brother), Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Tuttle, Mrs. H. E. Blodgett

July 17 James D. Reid and Blanch M. Halliday. Witness: J. M. Hillman, Jr., Charles Halliday, Ella Halliday and others

Sept. 18 Corner of Oak and Maxwell Place. Robert Minier and Ida M. Brink. Witness: Miss Mamie Steiger, Grant Minier, Maggie Fay

Sept. 19 Peter Jerome Stone of Athens, PA and Mrs. Libbie W. Huseburt of Elmira

Oct. 3 Corner Fulton and Mt. Zoar Sts. Wednesday 11:00 A.M. Page B. Couchman of Benton, NY and Laura L. Hamilton of Elmira. Witness: H. Hamilton (brother), C. Hamilton (sister), Jane B. Hamilton (mother)

Oct. 26 At Mt. Zoar St. Friday evening after meeting. Leroy Tabor, Jr. and Anna F. Hinman. Witness: James Tabor, Frances Tabor and others

Dec. 6 Stewart D. Tompkins and Julia C. Bundy. Witness: Lottie Bundy, Gertrude Ayers, H. T. Cable

Dec. 20 John B. Locke of Albany and Jennie B. Stuart. Witness: Stewart D. Tompkins, Julia B. Tompkins, J. L. Shipman

Dec. 25 Harry C. Greenman and Grace E. Secor

Dec. 26 Charles H. Taylor of Williamsport, PA and Caroline V. Overhiser. Witness: Frank W. Prescott, Fannie L. Prescott, Harry Hersey (niece of Mrs. Prescott)


Apr. 7 At the church parlors, Sunday 1:00 P.M. Charles L. Tillinghast and Estella J. Bly, both of Millerton, PA. Witness: Ed L. Lane, J. B. Lane, Emma Bly

June 11 At 369 West 1st St. Thursday 8:30 P.M. John B. Banks (train disp. N.C.R.R) and Mary R. Stone. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. J. S. White, Carrie Banks and others

June 19 At 114 E. Chemung Place 11:00 A.M. Wednesday. Frank E. Baldwin of Pueblo, Colorado and Laura B. Smith daughter of Orlando Smith. Witness: A. W. Wyckoff, Emma Smith and others

June 27 After picnic 6:30 P.M. Owen V. Sykes and Alida Smith

July 9 Mr. George E. Lockwood and Mrs. Anna M. Niles

Sept. 12 At Mr. Badger’s on Factory St. Thursday 12:45 P.M. Frank A. Klock and Caroline E. Drew, both of Charleston, PA

Sept. 17 At church parlors Tuesday 8:00 P.M. Rainy for the Fair. George F. Seeley and Nellie H. Gornee. Witness: Grace Strait, J. E. Seeley, Mrs. J. E. Seeley, C. W. Gornee

Oct. 9 George H. House of Jasper and Thelma Friedman

Oct. 17 At lecture room after WARD Sociable. William Conrad Smith age 43 and Marion Kingsbury age 38. Witness: Wm. Moffett, Jr., Emily Moffett (sister), Jake Schmeltzer, Estella Frontz, Anna Frontz

Nov. 19 Harry M. Beardsley and Grace A. Pettit. Witness: Walter Kellogg, P. Chapman Pettit, Fred V. Wyckoff and others

Nov. 27 At library Park Church. Charles F. Ramsdell and Catharine Phillips of Breesport. Witness: Ella Wolcott, Mrs. Parley Coburn, Sarah Beardsley and others

Nov. 27 At 555 Coburn St. 7:00 P.M. William Higgs and Lizzie A. Corran. Witness: Ed T. Corran, Bertha Corran, Miss Ella Higgs

Dec. 27 William H. Rulapaugh and Emma Koop

Nov. 6 At Horner St. William P. Roosa and Margaret D. Laidlaw. Witness: Grace Laidlaw, J. E. Laidlaw, Louisa Denton, Grace Roose

Dec. 28 Charles H. Barber of Chicago and Viola L. Fishler. Witness: Fannie Canfield, Hattie and Blanch Fishler, Charles H. Roach


Jan. 1 At church parlor Wednesday 5:30 P.M. Edwin K. Roper and Mrs. Mary E. Bridgewater. Witness: Clara and Frank Bridgewater, Pamela M. Strong

Jan. 21 One half mile beyond Webbs Mills Wednesday 7:30 P.M. George W. Hoffman and Georgie B. Hommel. Witness: Nettie H. Warner sister of bride, J. S. Hoffman, Charles A. Austin, Stella H. Austin, Josie H. Goff

Jan. 23 At 115 Horner St. Edward K. Lane and Gertrude Brown of Mansfield, PA

Jan. 28 Charles L. Bristol of Vermillion, South Dakota and Ellen Gallup of Ledyard, Conn.

Feb. 4 At Park Church 7:30 P.M. Harry H. Ford, M.D. and Lena G. Brown, both of Elmira. Witness: Fred C. Ayers, Gertrude A. Ayers, Walter Ford, I. H. Brown, S. R. VanCampton, Jr., John VanCampton

Apr. 2 At William Matthews Farm in Ashland 3 miles down the river road. Frank A. Farrington and R. Belle Leavitt. Witness: Kate Sadler, H. B. Leavitt, Harry M. Clarke, J. D. Bailey

Apr. 30 At 1312 Benton St. 8:00 P.M. Charles Dickinson and Frankie Ella Lovell (niece of Merrill). Witness: Miss Hattie Watkins, George Dickinson (brother), Edwin Grady

May 27 At Park Church Parlors. Willis S. Cobb, M.D. of Corning, NY and Lizzie C. Baldwin of West Stockbridge, Mass. Witness: Charlotte Gray, Mary A. Palmer and Elsie L. Palmer

June 3 Tuesday 4:00 P.M. parlors of Park Church. James N. Ward and Mary E. Seeley. Witness: Wilbur Hooker, Carrie D. Foster, Mrs. William Phillips

June 4 2:00 P.M. at 1009 Pratt St. James H. Bower of Waverly (Wells Fargo) and Emma M. Beers of Elmira. Witness: H. G. French, May S. Beers, Helena Fitzsimmons, Florence M. Paul and Jessie M. Lusk

June 4 Wednesday 8:00 P.M. at F. Sheeley’s Home Bulkhead Road. Ephraim Dalrymple and Mary E. Sheeley. Witness: Edward V. Sheeley, George K. Sheeley, John C. Sheeley, Fred Sheeley, Jr., Charles Sheeley, Henry B. Sheeley, (brother) William Sheeley VII (the 7th) not present.

June 26 At 104 Brand St. Wednesday 8:00 P.M. Merrick J. Roper and Phoebe A. Strong. Witness: Pamela Strong, S. W. Foreman, Esq., Mary P. Foreman, Ella Wisner, Warren Miller and others.

Aug. 28 At my house Thursday. Thomas B. Caulking of Elmira and Carrie C. McNealy of Mt. Morris. Witness: Esther Palmer, Alice Palmer, E. B. Gleason

Nov. 2 Eugene Whitley and Bertha Valois. Witness: F. L. Valois, D. C. Robinson, Emma Robinson and others

Nov. 12 At 122 Horner St. 12:00 noon. George Alvin Wood and Nellie Lockwood. Witness: Albert Wood, Orrin Wood, Jennie Lockwood, Louise Lockwood and others

Nov. 19 At home 382 West Water St. Wednesday 8 o’clock. Grant H. Jones of Corning, NY and Bessie E. Wells of Elmira. Witness: C. B. Shoemaker, M. C> Jones, Ella Kingsbury, Hattie Kenally, C. S. Jones, Bertha Wells

Dec. 16 Hartford, Conn. At 239 Market St. 4:00 P.M. William Augustus Ayers and Elizabeth Lee Sluyter. Witness: Elizabeth Goodrich, Mary Bell, C. H. Bell, Alice Ayers, Laura Helen Sluyter, J. P Hayes, Elizabeth Sluyter, Myra Spofford Lee, Very Rev. James Theges V.G.

Dec. 30 College Ave. John Edward Congalton and Elizabeth Alida Longstreet. He is from Buffalo, NY. Witness: Harry P. Clark, T. Wise and many others


Jan. 7 At Columbia St. Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock. Harvey M. Hunter and Clara E. Bridgewater

Feb. 3 Carroll St. 12 noon. Charles D. Metzger and Jeannie M. Palmer

Feb. 4 At 370 W. Church St. Wednesday 6:30 P.M. George W. Drake of Corning, NY and Martha Ann Tompkins. Witness: William W. Tompkins, C. E. Drake, Edward H. Rose

Feb. 11 Wednesday evening 629 W. Church St. Darwin W. Mead of Harrisburg and May E. Robbins of Watkins.

Feb. 5 At 368 W. Clinton St. Thursday 11:00 A.M. Rebecca I. Thomas and George Pickering. Witness: Casper G. Decker, J. Willard Stillwell, Stella Morton, H. H. Rockwell and Pena Rockwell

Feb. 10 At 515 William St. 6:00 P.M. Peter Waltzer and Harriet Elizabeth Barkin. Witness: William Stowell, Adna Stowell, Harry C. Stowell, Elizabeth Stowell, Helen Stowell

Mar. 3 At church parlor Tuesday 2:00 P.M. Frank S. Longley of Tompkins Corners and Matilda A. Carter (Mrs.)

Apr. 1 At church parlors 8:30 P.M. Theodore B. Green (Railway Freight Office) and Delia Wicks. Witness: Grace Roose and Emily Day

Apr. 2 At West Water St. 4:30 P.M. Leslie S. Sewald and Sarah E. Burbage. Witness: E. J. Burbage. Leon Sewald, Ida Sewald

Apr. 23 At Guy Brown’s on Dewitt St. 7:00 P.M. Herbert M. Fry and Olive B. Brown (niece of Guy Brown), both from Williamsport

June 3 Henry R. Wherry of Decker town, NJ and (Mrs.) Elizabeth L. Mills

June 22 William G. Cuthbert and Ida M. Prentice age 18. Witness: A. G. Cuthbert, Edith Miller, Thomas Cuthbert

June 24 At 827 West 2nd St. Last house. Wednesday 8:30 P.M. Charles Ferris and Rosabel Cleveland, both of Elmira. Witness: Mrs. Ida Bower (sister), Sarah A. Cleveland (mother), Fred Bower, C. Cleveland (father), Belle Ferris

June 25 At 511 W. Gray St. 8:45 P.M. Thursday. Peter L. Schornstheimer and Blanch Sara Grasser. Witness: Wilhelmina Schornstheimer, Hattie Grasser, Charles M. Miller, Peter Fahr, Charles Schornstheimer, Lena Schornstheimer

June 30 At 41 Fargo Ave. Charles C. Lewis and Jessie L. Shipman

Sept. 16 At 80 Walnut St. R. O. Stone’s house. Eugene L. Lown and Mary Stone Field (see Jan. 5, 1886). Witness: Lizzie Stone, Caroline D. Stone, S. F. Stone, William Vandyne, C. Peters

Nov. 2 871 Magee St. at C. H. Baldwin’s at 3:00 P.M. James R. Skelly of Toledo, Ohio and Hattie Baldwin of Elmira. Witness: Albert Baldwin and Aimee Horton

Nov. 3 Frank O. Bailey and Lena J. Cassel. Witness: Lena Cassel and Charles Cassel

Dec. 16 At G. W. Chidsey’s house 404 West 2nd St. Was 40 minutes late by my forgetting Wednesday Pay Sociable. Edward Kingsley of Catlin, NY and Ada Gertrude Chidsey. Witness: B. Chidsey, Emma Kingsley

Dec. 31 At church parlors 7:00 P.M. Thursday. George W. Laws of 609 Hart St. and Jennie M. Green of 622 W. Water St. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Lane, Mrs. A. W. Gray, Mary Palmer, Elsie Palmer


-------- At 519 Fulton St. on Wednesday evening 7:30 P.M. Tim E. Lain of Wellsburg, NY and Fannie M. Burnham. Witness: Jessie Burnham, Miss Faye Lane, Lyman and Mary Brown, A. Wyman

Mar. 24 205 Caldwell Ave. at 2:00 P.M. Frank Beers of Southport and Hattie C. Harrington. Witness: Aaron and Harry Harrington, Lillian B. Gillett, George Crowell

May 17 At the church parlors Tuesday evening 8:00 P.M. George G. Gohring, Jr. and Sarah Petric, both of Elmira. Witness: Louise G. Zimmer, Frank E. Zimmer, G. E. Gohring, Jesse Carey

June At the Park Church Thursday 8:00 P.M. Rupes Clark Stanley and Charlotte E. Rose. Witness: Ned C. Fish, Elsie Bachman, R. L. Bachman, John B. Pratt, Blanch Higgins

June 23 At Mrs. Edward Miller’s Southport. Frederick Rector Lowe of Washington, D.C. and Amelia Miller of Southport. Witness: Frank S. Miller, Jacob Miller, A. C. Miller, Ida Miller, E. M. Levorich, Lucy Dubois, Florence Roberts

Nov. 9 Binghamton, NY 1st Cong. Church at 1:30 P.M. William B. Cleeves and Ella Christine Lewis. Witness: Willard B. Thorp, Eleanor Cleeves, Mabel Cleeves, C. A. Whitney, J. C. Whitney, Mrs. Whitney, Will C. Whitney

Nov. 16 Jesse B. Gunns and Alice M. Hagen

Dec. 14 Marshall E. Carpenter and Lillie M. Davis, both of Southport, one mile down river

Dec. 21 At home of T. K. B. on Wednesday 4:00 P.M. George W. Bauer of Tioga, Tioga Co. NY and Rose May Keeler of Tioga, Tioga Co. NY. Witness: Henrietta B. Gleason, Ada May Gleason, Arthur H. Fosburg


Feb. 2 At Park Place, 8:00 P.M. Frank Allen Perkins and Elizabeth Ingraham. Witness: Edith VanDuzen and Seward Baldwin

Mar. 15 At 312 West Water St. Peter W. Fahr of 526 Lake St. and Fannie L. Palmer. Witness: Mrs. P. L. Schornstheimer, Peter Schornstheimer, H. B. Palmer

Mar. 29 At 415 Grove St. Daniel B. Bush of Orchard St. and Anna D. Perry. Witness: William VanDyne, Caroline Stone, Roy S. Smith, Ralph K. Smith

Apr. 11 Charles H. Knipp and Jennie L. Walker. Witness: Frank S. Miller, Lena E. Fitch and many others

Mar. 30 At 515 West Water St. at 8:00 P.M. Julian Rosell Meagly of Binghamton and Nellie Elizabeth Spaulding of Elmira. Witness: Harriet S. Romer, Roger P. Clark, John McMurray, Jr., J. H. Blanchard, John A. Meagley, W. H. Meagley

Apr. 12 At 302 West 1st St. on Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. John S. Hoffman and Josephine Strait. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. George L. Wolf, Floyd D. Strait, Dora Strait, George W. Hoffman, Mr. H. J. Harden, Mrs. H. J. Harden

Apr. 12 At the church parlors 8:30 P.M. Eugene A. Rathbun and Lenora J. White. Witness: Julia J. Beecher, Evelyn Bosworth, Mary A. Palmer

June 21 Nathan W. Church and Maud Ellen Bolt (Gregg St.)

June 28 At 152 West 5th St. 8:00 P.M. Charles W. Gillett and Anna R. Ustick, both of Elmira. Witness: Mildred Ustick, Charles H. Ustick, Mary J. Waterhouse and Jennie Waterhouse

Sept. 11 At 214 West Chemung Place at 9:00 A.M. Thomas McClure of Pittsburg, PA and Julia Emeline Wright of Tecumseh, Michigan. Witness: Florence M. Corkendall and Edward H. Corkendall, May W. Chase and many others

Sept. 12 At Park Church. Carlton K. Heavener of Elmira and Elizabeth Fenner of Elmira. Witness: (Mrs.) Millie F. Fenner, Charles B. Fenner, Blanch Fisher, Nellie M. Fenner, F. H. Allerton

Sept. 13 At Park Church Wednesday 6:00 P.M. Charles H. Gleason of Shamokin, PA and Carrie P. Kimball of Elmira. Witness: Henry Gaylord Kimball, Fred Alonzo Kimball, Frederick Douglas Herrick, George M. McKnight and others

Oct. 3 At 80 Walnut St. 11:00 A.M. William Marshall VanDyne of 417 Grove St. and Caroline L. Stone of 80 Walnut St. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Lown, Elizabeth J. C. Stone, S. F. Stone

Oct. 18 West Clinton St. Frank Mercerean Berry of Buffalo, NY and Sue Ayers O’Neill of Elmira. Witness: Frances O’Neill, Olive Thompson, C. J. Pratt

Nov. 19 Samuel Edgar Henderson and Vera E. Rogers. Witness: A. H. Vosburg, Roswell R. Moss, Vernon Rogers

Nov. 22 In Jackson, Tioga Co. PA. Fred A. Greene of Elmira and Myrtie E. Hudson of Jackson, PA. Witness: Eunice M. Hudson, Josephine Orvis, Seba Orvis, Wilbur Rutan

Dec. 6 At 905 E. Market St. 4:00 P.M. Charles Cruttenden of Lambs Creek, PA and Sadie E. Rice. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rutledge


Jan. 1 At Park Church lecture room Monday 11:30 A.M. William H. Clark of Canisteo, NY and Della Austin. Witness: Mrs. O. C. Wolfe

Jan. 3 At 404 Locust St. at 5:30 P.M. Robert C. Rathbun and Mary C. Conover, both of Elmira. Witness: James F., and Mrs. Woodford, Effie Conover and others

Jan. At 358 W. Water St. at 7:00 P.M. Frederick J. Ashdown of Williamsport, PA and Fannie Langford Atkins of Elmira, NY. Witness: Paul A. White, Bertha Bridgman, Belle Ashdown and others

Jan. 31 At Penn Yan, NY. Louis A. Fouchet and Egeria B. Hobart. Witness: Olin, M. Fred and Mabel G. Hobart, M. F. and Mrs. M. F. Hobart

Apr. 11 John L. Storm of Big Flats and Hattie J. Prutzman of Elmira

May 12 Harry Kent of 619 W. Church St. and Hattie A. Everts. Witness: J. J. Beecher, Clara Farrar, Ann E. Smith

June 12 William L. Ratcliff of Lynn, Mass. and Helen S. Larkin of William St. Elmira. Witness: Mrs. M. Olmstead, Alice Larkin, J. F. Radcliff, Jr.

June 25 Allen H. Clark and Elizabeth Schunenran. Witness: Walter Clark, Carrie L. Bolley and many others

July 5 Columbia St. at 2:00 P.M. Sidney L. VanKeuran of Indianapolis, IN and Clara Maud Bally of Elmira. Witness: Joseph S. Welsh, John E. Fraser, Clara B. Shaw and others

Sept. 20 At Park Church 9:00 A.M. Herbert N. Babcock and Anna Maud Comstock. Witness: Harry W. Clark, Florence Rose, Frank S. Miller and many more

Dec. 5 12 noon at church parlor. William S. Toby of Caton, NY and Martha W. Stone.

Dec. 18 Daniel Upton and Sarah C. Chatham


Jan. 16 Wednesday noon. Paul A. White and Bertha Bridgman

Mar. 27 West 1st. St. William T. Campbell and Carrie B. Fitch. Witness: Jeanette Leavitt, Catharine Yeoman’s, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Moffett

Apr. 24 Breesport. George A. Kissley and Grace Jenkins

May 22 William C. Gunderman of Corning, NY and Julia Molster of Lowmanville, NY

May 29 Percy S. McCumber and Myra M. Osgood of Elmira

June 4 At 523 High corner of Clinton. David M. Soper and Frances Ella Dubois of Horseheads. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. George Beckhorn

June 5 College Ave. 12:30 P.M. Sylvester B. French and Cassie Fray Sterling. Witness: Bessie and Ruth Sterling, W. N. Esterbrook and others

Aug. 25 At Penn Yan, NY at home of M. F. Hobart. George F. Southard of Chicago and L. Florence Hobart of Penn Yan. Witness: Oliver Hobart, Eleanor Hobart, D. Agnes Hobart and many others

July 25 At Keuka, NY Thursday 6:00 P.M. George Seeley Gregory and Mildred Ustick. Witness: Mrs. Anna R. Gillett and Samuel E. Eastman (Rev.)

Sept. 1 Church parlor. Lemuel Lehman and Gussie Mollenkopp, both of Williamsport

Sept. 5 At 308 Washington St. 3:30 P.M. Sidney L. Howell and Jennie Preswick both of Elmira

Sept. 12 217 Henry St. at Charles Tidwell’s house. Mahlon B. Ballard, M.D. of Troy, NY and Anna W. Tidd. Witness: Sabra A. Soper, Mabel Bemis, F. F. Jewett

Oct. 2 Parlor of Parsonage. Lewis Wright Swan and Mabel J. Hathaway, both of Springfield, Mass. Witness: Mary J. Colburn, W. H. S. Bean

Oct. 10 At Parsonage. Richard P. Ford and Thena Richardson. Witness: Mrs. Mildred U. Gregory and Mrs. George S. Gregory

Dec. 10 Charles Fred McNair of Moorestown, NJ and Nellie May Fennor of Elmira

Dec. 23 Marriage by A. F. Eastman (Mrs.). Perry Bartlett of Canton, PA and Amanda Strock of Southport

Nov. 10 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. William Norton of Mitchell’s Creek, PA and Blanch M. Swartwood

Dec. 25 Marriage by Rev. S.E. Eastman. Orin F. Ruggles of Mansfield, PA and Libbie Beals of Canton, PA


Feb. 5 On Thursday at 8:00 P.M. at my house of East Hill city limits. John E. Rawlins of Elmira and Harriet S. Matthews of Ashland Township. Witness: Julia J. Beecher and Clara Farrar

June 3 At Park Church at noon. Elwood Bender Crocker and Elizabeth Slee. Witness: George Morgan McKnight and J. Sloat Fassett

June 15 353 Church St. 2 o’clock. Herbert Murdock and Florence Rose. Witness: Alice J. Eastabrook, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Gregory

June 15 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. 351 Maple Ave. James Franklin Whitwell and Ella B. Woodruff. Witness: Burt Johnson and Clara E. Brand

June 24 521 Pennsylvania Ave. William Byron Goodwin and Grace Josephine Peterson. Witness: Minnie Thompson, Rita Peterson and many others

Sept. 2 Andrew H. Hoyt and Augusta W. Voigt. Witness: Elizabeth Nafe, Julia Nafe, Jennie Voigt

Oct. 22 At my house. Albert N. Conklin and (Mrs.) Addie Travis of Enfield, NY

Oct. 20 At parlors of Park Church. Charles Henry Wise and Lua Gertrude Wylie. Witness: Florence Wise, Louis J. Riggs and Fred Wylie

Nov. 25 At 509 E. Church St. Joseph W. Hamilton and Carrie A. Stuart. Witness: Stuart Stowell, Harold Wood

Dec. 17 153 Madison Ave. Franklin Leonard, Jr. of New York City and Jeanette Covert. Witness: C. B. Covert, Lena May Strait, Frances Lee Leonard, Helen Howes Bloomer

Dec. 17 At my house East Hill city limits. Charles R. Wellman and Clara Maud Bean. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wellman, Mrs. Mattie Toby


Jan. 6 At my house. Fletcher C. Matthews of Ashland and Mary A. Knapp of Elmira Town. Witness: Fannie Scudder, George Benedict, others

Apr. 10 Roe Ave. Saturday 3:00 P.M. Murray L. Conklin and Mabel L. Murdock. Witness: Herbert L. Murdock, Florence Rose Murdock, Fred B. Wright, Howard S. Davis

Apr. 16 At my house Friday. Mr. Wilkes Miller and Mrs. Della Conklin. Witness: Fannie Hall, Clara T. Farrar, Hattie Ely

Apr. 19 At 114 W. Chemung Place on Monday morning. Rev. S. E. Eastman assisting. Matthias C. Arnot and Alice Hale UpDeGraff. Witness: James B. Rathbone, Kathryn B. UpDeGraff, Martha I. Gibbs

Apr. 29 at 517 W. Clinton St. Mr. Lucius F. Foote and Mrs. Minnette Brand. Witness: Dr. Foote of Elgin, Illinois. Mrs. Brand of Minneapolis, MN, Julia J. Beecher, Delia A. Hart

May 22 At 110 West Chemung Place Saturday 5:00 P.M. Harry A. Decker and Gertrude A. Ayers. Witness: Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Ayers, Mrs. J. J. Beecher, Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, Dr. and Mrs. Horace S. Ritter

May 26 At 1124 Davis St. John Daigman and Jennie M. Hagen. Witness: Mrs. L. Rook, Frederick Hagen and many more

June 3 At 306 S. Main St. Thursday 12 noon. Woodford John Copeland and Grace Greenwood Williamson. Witness: Sidney Wells Thompson, Van Buren Thompson, Cassie Wildrick, Francis C. Annabel, and many more

June 16 At Perry St. Frank E. Bridgewater and Lily May VanGorder. Witness: Grace Langdon, A. W. Larrison, Julia J. Beecher, H. S. VanGorder, R. B. VanGorder, Lillian Seeley

June 19 At Horseheads Junction. Robert M. White and Harriet P. Glines. Witness: Helen E. Glines, Fanny M. White and John K. Roosa

June 23 Joseph Orlando Woolf and Minnie Isabelle Gruber

July 21 At 643 Winsor Ave. Charles C. Carroll and Jessie L. Kingsley. Witness: J. W Carroll, F. F. Carroll, E. B. Carroll, M. F. Carroll, John J. Richford, L. T. Campbell

Aug. 23 Washington Ave. P. B. Hyatt and Julia V. Doran. Witness: The Beers Family, Mrs. E. M. Bowen

Sept. 1 At my house East Hill city limits Wednesday. Arthur D. Burnham of Bentley Creek, PA and Hattie L. Goff of Southport, NY. Witness: Julia J. Beecher, Lillian R. Johnson

---------- 80 Walnut St. Myron E. Tillman and Elizabeth J. C. Stone. Witness: William Vandyne, Mrs. S. Stone, Samuel F. Stone

Nov. 13 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. Thomas Crosby and Grace Pratt

Nov. 7 Labon D. Woodard of Glenn Falls, NY and Anna A. Olin of Elmira

Dec. 15 Irvin B. Clark and Evelyn Howes. Witness: Flora Howard, John Clapp, Clair M. Howes


Feb. 2 At Park Church 10:00 A.M. Edward Dennison McConnell and Emma Olivia Rosebrook. Witness: Sabra Soper Jewitt, Edward D. Rapelyea, H. L. Loring

Mar. 12 Frank E. Bradley and Edith Phelps

June 8 At 379 Fulton St. Seba H. Orvis and Mary A. Flesh. Witness: Esther Flesh, Mabel Flesh, Gertrude Flesh, Frank Lyon, Emerson Batterson, Mamie VanWhy, Mrs. Frank Lyon

July 7 471 W. Water St. Frederick C. Tomlinson and Nellie Louise Mosher. Witness: George Mosher, P. A. Mosher, C. A. Tomlinson, Bertha Tomlinson, Julia Bundy

Sept. 8 Harry Boardman Miller and Belle L. Spencer. Witness: Charles Spencer, Mrs. Nettie Knapp. Marriage by Rev. A. F. Eastman

Sept. 1 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman at Elmira. Frederick L Speh and Myrtle Lena Walker. Witness: Edwin J. Speh, Alice M. Richards

Sept. 20 Marriage by Rev. A. F. Eastman. Chester Martin and Eva Brooks. Witness: David B. Hagadorn, Frances Hagadorn

Nov. 23 Louis A. Uttrick and Irene Crandall. Witness: Louis J. Riggs and Ione A. Slocum


Jan. 23 Fred C. Miller and Octavia Seymore

Feb. 9 At 407 W. Water St. Lewis C. Gates and Frederica E. Padgett. Witness: Margaret Fitch, Frances C. Copley, W. P. Fender, E. E. Everett, Charlotte Harris, Margaret E. Harris, R. C. Fender

Feb. 20 At Park Church Monday 9:00 P.M. Lebor A. Youngman and Minnie E. Lyon. Witness: Mrs. W. C. Austin, Willis E. Lyon, Charles E. Lyon, Millicent F. Lyon, Houlan C. Lyon, Della F. Lyon

June 21 657 North Main St. Wednesday noon. Frank D. Cross and Harriet Ora Conklin. Witness: Minnie B. Swift, Floy L. Benham, Helen Howes Bloomer and more

Aug. 30 At 108 College Ave. John M. Carpenter and Mrs. Anna E. Jenkins. Witness: Charles Carpenter, John Carpenter, Bonnie Hungerford

Sept. 12 At Park Church 5:00 P.M. Frederick Amos West and Grace Adell York. Witness: Florence Murdock, Herbert Murdock, G. M. Diven, Cora Diven

Oct. 10 Frank E. Robbins and Florence Adele Porter. Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman

Oct. 22 Park Church. Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. Edwin J. Warner and Asentha M. Swan. Witness: Grace C. Robeson and Clara Linderman

Nov. 18 Marriage by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman. John R. Allen and Josephine Quick. Witness: Mrs. May Preston and May Greer

Nov. 15 Marriage By Rev. A. F. Eastman. Ora Griswold and Mrs. Sarah E. Keeler. Witness: F. F. Aldridge and May Greer

Nov. 29 At 410 Perry St. Charles Henry Hedges and Luella Mary Elston. Witness: Esther Harrington, Frank Nagle, Wallace J. Woodhouse, Phoebe MacDougal, W. S. Whitley and Maud Sullivan

Dec.--- At Park Church Marriage by Rev. A. F. Eastman. Charles V. Williams and Adeline Carr. Witness: Elizabeth M. Hoper, Mrs. Martin Merrick


Jan. 18 Marriage by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman. John H. Bishop and Lattie V. Obertin. Witness: N. J. Obertin and Clara L. Brown

March 14 Marriage by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman. Robert Delos Hamilton and Alice M. Richards. Witness: Carolyn B. Chase and Fred H. Richards

June 7 Marriage by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman. Henry W. Haigt and Emma C. Rickard. Witness: Fred Reickard

June 7 At Horseheads. Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. Robert D. Batterson and Luella A. Thomas. Witness: Samuel Babcock and Doris Stiger

June 14 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. Alex B. Diven and Mabel Booth. Witness: Allen B. Diven and Arthur W. Booth


Mar. 18 Marriage by Rev. S. E. Eastman. Beverly L. Sneed and Flora L. Bolt. Witness: M. D. Richardson and Jesse A. Millard

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Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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