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Bradford County Marriages


1845 to 1864


Joseph L. Riggs was a Presbyterian minister who resided at the parsonage in northern Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and ministered at the North Church of Wells, a Presbyterian Church in Wells Township at the state line before it was moved in 1869 to the village of Mosherville in Wells Township. His leather bound book of marriages is at the Chemung County Historical Society, Elmira, New York. 

Samuel S. Potter to Phebe Riggs, Sept. 8, 1845, both of New Providence, New Jersey.

Nathan Gardner of Hornby, New York to Emeline Murdough of Jackson, Pa., Dec. 14, 1845.

Albert Seely of Wells to Martha Ann Kinner of Jackson, Jan. 10, 1846.

Neri Shuart to Mary E. VanWert, both of Wells, April 11, 1846.

James Wilson of Columbia to Mary Gustin of Columbia, April 22, 1846.

Aaron Cook of Columbia to Emeline Andrews of Southport, June 4, 1846.

John Gustin to Margaret Cory, both of Columbia, April 7, 1847.

John Miller of Jackson to Phebe Brown of Caton, May 16, 1847.

Hiram Swayze to Sarah Elizabeth Bowman, both of Wells, Oct. 27, 1847.

Alden Swayze to Caroline Gifford, both of Wells, Nov. 3, 1847.

John W. Besley to Hetty Maria Swayze, both of Columbia, Dec. 29, 1847.

George H. Shepherd to Charlotte Capron, both of Wells, March 23, 1848.

Hiram West to Mary Elizabeth Ferris, both of Columbia, Sept. 28, 1848.

Garret Compton of Southport, N.Y., to Lavinia Comfort of Sullivan, Bradford Co., Pa. Oct. 12, 1848.

Wade Beardslee of Hardiston, N.J. to Elizabeth Ayers of Wells, Nov. 8, 1849.

William H. Starks of Elmira to Mary Compton of Southport, Dec. 31, 1849.

Henry Hillficker to Tamar Jane Hayne, both of State Line, March 26, 1850.

Abram Credit to Ann Eliza Williams, May 30, 1850, both of Southport.

Finla M. Jones of Southport to Sarch C. Mosher of Wells, Dec. 4, 1850.

Edward Ellis Dilliston of Frankford, N.J., to Lucy Ann Ayers of Wells , Jan. 11, 1851.

Wm. P. Spencer of Williamsport, Pa., to Sarah Kinner of Jackson, Pa., July 27, 1851.

Jedidiah Rice of Southport to Mary Evans of the same place, Sept 11, 1851.

William Webb to Amelia S. Jones, both of Southport, Nov. 12, 1851.

Matthew K. Retan of Wells to Margaret A. Mitchell of Jackson, Nov. 27, 1851.

John B. Parmenter to Julia Miller, both of Jackson, Jan. 1, 1852.

Isaac Morris of Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., to Susan M. Knapp of Wells, Bradford Co., Pa., March 2, 1852.

William Retan to Huldah Evans, both of Wells, April 1, 1852.

William R. Wilson to Abigail Mosher, both of Wells, June 2, 1852.

William B. Deuel of Dryden, N.Y., to Ruth Amelia Evans of Elmira, June 19, 1852.

Charles C. Brigss of Elmira to Lucinda M. Elliot of Jackson, Pa., June 20, 1852.

Seymour Ingals to Olive Graham, both of Caton. N.Y., July 4, 1852.

Samuel Stuart of Jackson to Elizabeth Beaman of Caton, July 10, 1852.

Augustus P. Roosa to Amanda Wells, both of Elmira, Sept. 15, 1852.

Lewis Mosher of Ridgebury to Caroline Dean of South Creek, July 3, 1853.

Daniel Hogencamp of Jackson to Eleanor Kelly of Southport, July 7, 1853.

Rufus M. Chamberlain to Amy Peters both of Jackson, August 21, 1853.

E. S. Robbins of Waverly to Harriet Owen of Wells, Dec. 10, 1853.

Levi C. Retan of Wells to Phebe A. Frost of Rutland, March 1, 1854.

Clark M. Humphrey to Julia E. Martin both of Southport, March 19, 1854.

John F. Martin of Southport to Catharine Beckwith of Jackson, March 19, 1854.

Miner T. Wheeler of Jackson to Olive Goodell of Springfield, March 20, 1854.

John T. Swanson to Polly Button, both of Jackson, Sept. 5, 1854.

Morris Kinner to Sarah D. Stuart, both of Jackson, Sept. 19, 1854.

Ellison A. Ayers to Nancy Stryker, both of Southport, Dec. 25, 1854.

Dewitt C. Kinsman of Portage, Wis., to Matilda E. Deming of Jackson, Pa., Aug. 22, 1855.

Nathaniel Squires of Davenport, Iowa to Carrie N. Abbey of Reading, N.Y., Oct. 26, 1859.

John B. Kinner of Elmira to Lucy Ann Troup of Painted Post, Jan. 1, 1857 Neglected to be recorded at the proper time.

LaFayette Backer to Helen E. Peters, both of Roseville, Tioga Co., Pa., April 3, 1860.

Wynkoop Lawrence of Southport, N.Y., to Huldah A. Thompson of Wells, Pa., Nov. 15, 1860.

Friedrich Shneck of Auburn, N.Y., to Mary Weaver of Southport, Dec. 13, 1860.

Lyman Reynolds of Sullivan, Pa., to Lavinia Compton of Elmira, July 30, 1861.

Frederick M. M. L. Schwenke to Rachel Emma VanScoy, both of Elmira, N.Y., Dec. 23, 1861.

William Tillinghast of Jackson, Pa., to Amelia Wilson of Wells, Pa., May 4, 1862.

Morris Shepherd to Mary B. Jewel, both of Wells, Pa., May 10, 1862.

Mr. Henry Foster of Veteran to Mrs. Elizabeth Roosa of Elmira, Oct. 30, 1862.

James Valleau to Mary Jane Shoemaker, both of Veteran, Nov. 20, 1862.

James R. Crooker of Elmira to Mrs. Elizabeth Wands of Susquehanna Depot, Pa., Feb. 8, 1864.

Adolphus Thompson of Cherry Valley, N.Y., to Mary Gary of Bath, N.Y., June 4, 1864. 

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