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Sheshequin Marriages from Heverly

Sheshequin Township, Bradford County PA 
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Submitted by Pat Gore of Alaska

History of Sheshequin 1777-1902; by C. F. Heverly; pub.1902; Towanda, PA..
Unions and Life of the Pioneers, p.208-215: MARRIAGES
SPALDING, John m: 1 Oct 1783 Wealthy Ann, d/o Judge Obadial GORE
SATTLERLEE, Benedict m: 20 Feb 1788 Wealthy, d/o Joseph SPALDING.
DURKEE, Eliha m: 19 Oct 1788 Hannah, d/o Judge Obadial GORE
SPALDING, William Witter m: 23 Aug 1789 Rebecca, d/o General Simon SPALDING.
SHEPARD, John m: 3 Jun 1790 Anna, d/o Judge Obadial GORE
PARK, Moses m: 14 Mar 1792 Mary, d/o General Simon SPALDING.
RUTTY, Samuel m: 13 June 1793 Polly NEWELL, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, (at the home of the brides father, John NEWELL). 
NEWELL, Josiah m: 19 Sept 1793 Lydia OGDEN, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, (at the home of the grooms father, John NEWELL).
AVERY, William m: 3 Oct 1793 Anna GARRISON, by Rev Ebenezer Martin, (at the hone of the bride's father, Ephraim GARRISON).
GORE, Avery m: 12 Dec 1793 Lucy, d/o Silas GORE by Joseph Kinney, Esq.
HORTON, Isaac m: 19 Dec 1793 Sally SMITH, by Rev. Ebenezer Martin, (at the home of the bride's father, Jonas SMITH, on Sugar Creek).
KINGSBURY, Joseph m: 1 Feb 1797 Anna, d/o General Simon SPALDING. 
SHAW, Jeremiah m: 26 Feb 1801 Cynthia, d/o Eli HOLCOMB.
BIDLACK, James m: 1803 Esther, d/o Daniel MOORE.
MURPHY, George m: 1803 Lydia WALLACE.
SNYDER, William m: 11 Sept 1806 Hannah, d/o John PARKS.
SPALDING, Chester P. m: 1806 Sarah TYLER.
SPALDING, Harry m: 1 Feb 1807 Lemira, d/o John F. SATTERLEE.
SMITH, John M. m: 1808 m: Rachel, d/o Benjamin BRINK.
HORTON, William m: 15 Jan 1809 Esther, d/o Christopher COWELL, by Samuel Gore, Esq.
BLACKMAN, Franklin m: 28 Dec 1809 Sibyl, d/o David BEARDSLEY.
WELLS, Henry m: 13 February 1812 Sally, d/o John SPALDING.
SHORES, Caleb m: 25 Mar 1812 Anna, d/o Richard HORTON, by William Myer, Esq.
HORTON, David m: 31 May 1812 Hannah, d/o Abel NEWELL, by George Scott, Esq.
TOWNSEND, Elijah, m: 22 Feb 1813 Sally M., d/o Samuel GORE
HORTON, Isaac S. m: 13 June 1813 Hannah, d/o John ELLIOTT, by Samuel Gore, Esq.
LYONS, John m: 1813 Jemina, d/o Richard HORTON.
SPALDING, Colonel Robert m: 2 July 1814 Aurelia, d/o Elisha SATTERLEE.
SPALDING, Obadiah Gore m: 3 July 1814 Chlotilda, d/o Samuel HOYT.
SMITH, Captain James m: 1820 Rebecca GILLETT.
DANA, Alvin m: 28 Dec 1820 Diantha, d/o Captain Jabez FISH.
DAVIS, Thomas R.m: 24 Jan 1822 Asenath, d/o Moses WOODBURN.
BROWN, Jesse m: 7 Mar 1822 Maria, d/o Jabez FISH.
KINNEY, Guy m: 1822 Matilda, d/o Avery GORE.
KINGSBURY, Byron m: 1822 Welthy Ann, d/o Avery GORE.
FISH, Jabez m: 26 Dec 1822 Amanda, d/o Moses PARK.
PARK, Chester m: 16 Oct 1823 Lemira, d/o Jabez FISH
GOODING, George m: 1824 Mrs Jane (SMITH) EGGETT.
SPALDING, Amos Prentice m: 2 May 1827 Statira, d/o Samuel HOYT
HORTON, Richard m: 4 July 1827 Eliza, d/o James SHORES, by Jared Holcomb, Esq.
TOZER, Guy m: 4 Oct 1827 Wealthia, d/o Joseph KINNEY.
McKINNEY, Joseph m: 18 Dec 1828 Mary, d/o James BIDLACK.
HORTON, William B. m: 15 Sept 1831 Melinda C., d/o Colonel Franklin BLACKMAN.
SHAW, Uriah m: 19 Jan 1832 Patience Lenity, d/o Henry SEGAR.
FERGASON, Arnold F. m: 14 May 1832 Betsy F., d/o Franklin BLACKMAN.
BRINK, John m: 4 June 1832 Amanda, d/p Ebenezer SEGAR.
DeMONEY, James m: 9 Apr 1833 Nancy S., d/o David HORTON, by Harry Morgan, Esq.
TUTTLE, Albert m: 10 July 1833 Delight, d/o William HORTON, by R. Jenkins, Esq.
SHORES, Jonathan m: 25 Sept 1833 Miss Sarah MERITHEW, by H. Morgan, Esq.
FULLER, Richard H. m: 12 Oct 1834 Celinda D., d/o Colonel Franklin BLACKMAN.
GORE, Obadiah m: 16 Oct 1834 Matilda, d/o Ebenezer SHAW, by Rev. George Rogers.
HORTON, Richard T. m: 23 Oct 1834 Rhoda, d/o David HORTON, by Chester Park, Esq.
WOLCOTT, Samuel P. m: 1834 Lydia, d/o James BIDLACK.
GILLETT, Lewis B.m: 1 Oct 1835 Jemina, d/o Caleb SHORES.
YOUNG, Reuben m: 8 Oct 1835 Emily, d/o Isaac S. HORTON, by Rev Noel Rouse.
LYONS, Isaac m: 12 Nov 1837 Minerva, d/o Reuben GRIFFIN.
LENT, William J. m: 27 Dec 1837 Harriet N., d/o Abraham B. GORE; Rev. Noel Rouse.
GILLETT, Warren E. m: 19 Apr 1838 Sarah, d/o Elijah TOWNSEND.
HORTON, John E. m: 18 Nov 1838 Zipporah, d/o James BIDLACK.
BULL, William E. m: 28 Nov 1838 Fannie W., d/o Abraham B. GORE
HOYT, Giles M. m: 22 May 1839Almira GREEN
AYER, Francis S. m: 20 Nov 1839 Sarah A., d/o Josiah TUTTLE.
SAUNDERS, Hiram m: 14 Jan 1840 Martha E., d/o Warren GILLETT .
HORTON, Ulysses E. m: 22 Sept 1840 Sally, d/o Joseph ELLIOTT.
SMITH, James m: Autumn 1840 Diana, d/o Nathaniel SHORES; Rev Joseph Towner.
GORE, Silas P. m: 22 Oct 1840 Rebecca d/o Col. Robert SPALDING.
BLACKMAN, Hiram L. m: 13 Jan 1841 Caroline d/o Parley AYER.
HORTON, Daniel J. m:3 Mar 1841 Rhoda R. d/o Sullivan CHAFFEE; Rev Joseph Towner.
CHAFFEE, Charles m: 19 Oct 1842 Adaline d/o David HORTON; Rev Joseph Towner.
BLACKMAN, Sterling m: 7 May 1843 Miss Aurelia BOSTWICK; Rev Joseph Towner.
GORE, Charles m: 1843 Ann Eliza BALLINGER.
HORTON, Richard C. m: 26 May 1843 Elizabeth, d/o John M. SMITH, by George Kinney, Esq.
STEPHENSON, m: William m: 2 July 1843 Theresa, d/o Tobias LENT.
AYER, Russell S. m: 10 Dec1843 Wealthy Ann, d/o Franklin BLACKMAN.
McAFEE, Benjamin L. m: 17 Jan 1844 Nellie, d/o Abram FRETTS; Rev Joseph Towner,
SMITH, Oscar m: 31 Jan 1844 Elvira, d/o Captian Jabez FISH; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
KINGSBURY, Lemuel S. m: 28 Feb 1844 Sarah, d/o William OSBORN; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
RICE, Caleb B. m: 22 May 1844 Miss Mary Jane STEPHENSON, by Milton Bailey, Esq.
KINNEY, O.H.P. Esq. m:19 Jun 1844 Miss Mary EGGETT; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
SMITH, Valentine m:18 Aug 1844 Miss Temperance THOMPSON; Rev S.J. Gibson.
PARSONS, Elijah A. m: 1845 Ethlyn A., d/o Jesse BROWN.
CHAFFEE, George m: 23 Dec 1845 Rachel A., d/o William HORTON.
GORE, George C. m: 31 Dec 1845 Abigail, d/o Isaac BULL; Rev. Morgan Ruger.
GILLETT, Darwin T. m: 3 May 1846 Viana, d/o Jeremiah KILMER.
TOMPKINS, David D. m: 6 May 1846 Orilla, d/o Joseph HEMENWAY.
RANSON, Dr. William C. m: 8 Aug 1846 Elizabeth, d/o Isaac S. HORTON; by Franklin Blackman, Esq.
NEWELL, David m: 24 Feb 1847 Sally Ann, d/o John RUNDELL, by F. Blackman, Esq.
GOODING, Edward G. m:2 Nov 1847 Mahala A., d/o James KIPP; Rev. F. Lane.
BIDLACK, Stephen m: 17 May 1848 Ethelinda, d/o George VIBBERT; Rev. Joseph Towner.
SMITH, Oscar m: 31 Jan 1849 Elvira, d/o Jabez FISH; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
GORE, Abraham m: 22 Feb 1849 Eliza Jane, d/o Josiah B. MARSHALL, Rev. S.J. Gibson
HORTON, David m: 10 Oct 1849 Arille, d/o Josiah NEWELL, by Charles O. Spencer, Esq.
BIDLACK, Daniel M. m: 11 Oct 1849 Caroline, d/o Caornelius SMITH; Rev. Joseph Towner.
BLACKMAN, David J. m: 25 Dec 1849 Esther, d/o Joshue HORTON.
TROUT, John m: 21 Mar 1850 Miss Harriet A. SNYDER; Rev. Mr. Brown.
BISHOP, William H. m: 23 Apr 1850 Sarah, d/o Reuben GRIFFIN; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
SHERWOOD, James m: 30 Apr 1850 Eliza M., d/o Edmund HILL; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
PECK, James M. m: 3 July 1850 Jane, d/o Daniel BRINK; Elder William C. Peck.
WELLS, Sidney B. m: 16 Oct 1850 Miss H. Elizabeth COLE; Rev. S.J. Gibson.
SHAW, William H. m:1 Jan 1851 Mary Ellen, d/o Franklin BLACKMAN; Rev S.J. Gibson.
HORTON, William B. m: 19 Feb 1851 Saloma J., d/o Jeremiah KILMER.
CHAFFEE, Horace B. m: 4 Mar 1851 Mary, d/o Abraham B. GORE.
HORTON, Lewis m: 17 Sept 1851 Sally Maria d/o Sullivan CHAFFEE; Rev. Joseph Towner.
History of Sheshequin 1717-1902; by C.F. Heverly; pub.1902; Towanda, Pa.
This book is owned by Mrs. Alice (Gore) Hunsinger of GA.
In honor of her Gore grandparents: 
Abraham Brokaw GORE II & Emma S. POST.
Comfort Candey GORE & Celia M. OLDS
Abraham Brokaw GORE & Sarah KENNEDY
Samuel GORE & Sarah BROKAW
Obadiah GORE & Hannah PARK

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