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Submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
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1851 Southport Military Roll

Persons on the Military Roll In the Town of Southport in the County of Chemung, in the State of New York.
Ames, Jonathan P.    
Anders, Alonzo Albert Exempt  
Arnold, Christopher C.    
Auton, Alfred C.    
Auton, William F.    
Ayers, E. A.    
Babcock, Samuel    
Baker, S. S.    
Baldwin, John    
Baldwin, John Jun.    
Baldwin, William Exempt crooked arm
Balwin, John   on the Cufmen lot
Bardon, Ransom R.    
Barrack, Obadiah Exempt finger off
Bartholomew, Josiah    
Bemer, Joel C.    
Benson, John    
Bradly, John    
Bradshaw, George    
Brewer, Henry    
Brewer, James under twenty one years of age  
Brewer, James R.    
Brian, Tartulus O.    
Brink, Adam    
Brock, James C.    
Brooks, Abram    
Brown, Andrew S.    
Brown, George    
Brown, Henry    
Brown, James    
Brown, John    
Brown, John    
Brown, Sylvester under twenty one years of age  
Brown, William H.    
Bueaning (?), Benjamin    
Bull, J. M. Exempt priest
Burt, Mark A. Exempt by the old ( ? ) law
Burton, Daniel    
Caldwell, B. S.    
Caldwell, L. G.    
Carpenter, Patrick    
Carter, Daniel    
Chapen, Noah J.    
Chapman, Horace    
Clark, Andrew J.    
Clark, Joseph under twenty one years of age  
Clark, Owen A. under twenty one years of age  
Clark, William J.    
Cole, Samuel    
Collins, James    
Colman, O. P.    
Comfort, Jacob    
Comfort, R.    
Compton, William    
Congdon, David    
Conklin, Edward    
Conklin, Walter ? Exempt crooked arm
Cook, Erastus    
Cook, Rufus W.    
Cooly, Chester Exempt broken body
Cooly, Peter    
Courtright, John    
Crane, Robert C.    
Credet, Abram Exempt for this year
Culp, Rulanders    
Curtis, George    
Dail, Benjamin    
Daill, Charles    
Dalrymple, Daniel    
Daunlap, Daniel    
Dean, William    
Decker, George    
Decker, Hamilton    
Decker, Osker    
Decker, Thomas 2nd Exempt  deficient in one eye
Decker, W. B.    
Delano, Frederick     
Demeras, Woodman    
Dense, Walter    
Dewlittle, H.    
Dewy, Charles    
Dewy, Lyman    
Dewy, Mark    
Dodd, Reuben Excused crooked leg
Drown, Jerome    
Durham, Benjamin    
Easton, Silas    
Eaton, Albert W.    
Evens, Charles Wesly under twenty one years of age  
Evens, William    
Fay, Jacob    
Fay, Reuben Exempt  
Fenton, Amos    
Finch, William    
Fishler, John V.    
Flin, Edward    
Forse, Henry D.    
French, Henry    
Fry, William     
Furguson, Levi    
Gardner, George    
Gifford, Jessa A.    
Gilbert, Sheldon F. Exempt finger dislocated
Goldsmith, Jackson    
Goodell, Samuel    
Goot ?, Gustavas Exempt for one year
Gridly, G. A.     
Griswold, Guy S.    
Grovier, Benjamin B. under twenty one years of age  
Hanford, Henry    
Hanmer, William    
Hart, Felax    
Haskel, Samuel    
Hawley, Rawsel    
Hawley, Silas    
Hawly, William H. C.    
Hays, Levi    
Helme, Samuel M.    
Helton, Jacob    
Hilfiger, Henry    
Hiliard, Isaiah    
Hinman, Truman    
Hitchcock, Harmon    
Hovencamp, Garrett    
Ingersol, Platt C.    
Isable, Joseph W.    
Jackson, George    
Jacson ?, Howell    
Jeffery, Allen    
Jenkins, William    
Jessup, Daniel D. F.    
Johnson, Benjamin    
Johnson, John G.    
Johnson, William    
Jones, Austin    
Jones, Charles    
Jones, F. M.    
Jones, Philo Jun.    
Jones. S. R.    
Kelly, David    
Kelly, Samuel    
Kelsey, Abner    
Kelsey, Lyman    
Kenyon, Enis    
Kenyon, William D.    
Kinnedy, John under twenty one years of age  
Kinner, Morris    
Kinsman, Charles under twenty one years of age  
Klopper, Frederick    
Knapp, Henry B.    
Knapp, William R.    
Lamport, W. R. &nbwp;  
Landen, Frederick    
Landen, George    
Lewis, Horrace    
Lewis, William    
Livings, H. William    
Lockwood, D. T. Exempt  priest
Lomas, Frederick    
Lomis, Lewis    
Lumbard, Azra    
Mapes, Marvin H.    
Mapes, William J.    
Marsh, Joseph C. under twenty$one years of age  
Maryman, C. M.    
Mathews, Hudson A. under twenty one years of age  
McCan, James    
McHenry, Charles    
McHenry, Guy    
McKibbins, Ira    
MgWhorter, William    
Merret, J. T.    
Merrill, E. C.    
Metzgar, George    
Miller, John D. Exempt broken arm
Miller, Lyman    
Miller, Philip    
Miller, William    
Moon, Russel under twenty one years of age  
More, John H.  under twenty one years of age  
Morehouse, Joseph    
Morley, Dwight    
Morris, Peter    
Morrison, Martin    
Mosier, Lewis    
Murphy, James under twenty one years of age  
Murry, Alexander Jun.    
Newton, David    
Nichols, Columbus    
Nichols, Nathan B.    
Nickerson, Asa    
Oldroyd, Henry Exempt nervous
Palmer, David    
Palmer, Martin W.    
Parlett, John    
Peirce, Charles    
Peirce, John Jun.    
Pierce, Jasin    
Pierdy ?, Henry B.    
Quinton, James    
Rapelee Exempt  belongs to fire com.
Reed, Thomas    
Reed, William E.    
Rhodes, Ezekil Exempt  
Rhodes, Harvey    
Rhodes, William Exempt cut foot
Roberts, Miles    
Robbinson, William    
Rogers, George W. under twenty one years of age  
Rogers, J. M.    
Rollson, Harrison    
Rowley, James    
Rowley, William    
Rowley, William C.    
Rowshy, Michael    
Sage, George    
Sage, Lewis    
Salsman, George    
Sample, Cyrus    
Sample, Robert    
Sample, William Exempt for one year
Sawyer, David under twenty one years of age  
Sawyer, Levi    
Seely, William T.    
Scudder, Israel O.    
Sherwood, John Exempt cut foot
Shippy, Jesse B. Insign (Ensign)  
Sly, Hammond    
Sly, John    
Sly, John B. Exempt impedament in speech
Sly, Robert    
Smith, Chancy L.    
Smith, Charles    
Smith, E. S.    
Smith, Harvey    
Smith, Hiram L. Town Clerk  
Smith, Isaac S.    
Smith, Lorenzo D. Capt.  
Smith, Samuel    
Smith, Uri Exempt by the old law
Smith, Warren P.    
Spencer, William    
Spoor, M. M.    
Spoor, Morgan M.    
Stephens, James    
Stowell, George S.    
Stringer, Charles    
Strock, Archillis    
Strock, John    
Strock, William    
Strokes, Samuel    
Strouse, William    
Stryker, David    
Stryker, George    
Suffern, James H.    
Sutphen, John    
Thompson, Joshua    
Tobias, Lorenzo D.    
Townsend, Albert S.    
Townsend, H. D.    
Townsend, John    
Traver, Charles    
Tubbs, Andrew Exempt served time out
Tubbs, Morris    
Tubbs, Samuel Exempt stiff neck
Updike, John    
Vail, Asa Exempt  served his time out
Vandermark, William    
Vandine, Edward    
Vangelder, Henry    
Vangelder, Stephen    
Vangorder, Robert    
Vangorder, William    
Velly, Garret P.    
Webb, William Esq.    
Webster, Alexander    
Weeks, John    
Weeks, Truman    
Wells, Anson    
Wells, Horace Exempt deef
Wheeler, Henry Exempt broken leg
Wheeler, Russil    
White, Alanson A.    
Whitmore, Orrin Exempt weak back
Wilcox, Nathan under twenty one years of age  
Wilkins, James    
Williams, Philander    
Wilson, Robert    
Wood, Lockwood Washington    
Woodard, Charles Dr.    
Worden, Isaac    
Wright, James    
Yeisley, George Exempt deficient in leg
Yeisley, Reuben    
Young, James    
Young, Joseph under twenty one years of age  
Young, Leander    

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By Joyce M. Tice & J. Kelsey Jones
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