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Pension Claim - John E. Bennett 
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This is a transcription of the  Pension claim of John E. Bennett of Tioga County PA.
Transcribed by Carol Roll
Transcription of Recruitment and Enlistment of John E. Bennett and Pension authorization of Viletta (Bennett) Camp and her children Lizzie and Emma Bennett all from Bradford County, Pa. by Carol Roll

.JOHN E. BENNETT was born December 1836 in Bradford County, Pa. and died August 3, 1864 at Brigade Hospital, Washington DC, from Typhoid Malarias Fever. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Va. The plot location is Section 13 grave # 7703. He served with the NY 50th Engineers Regiment, Co. M.

He was married to Viletta JONES Bennett, she later married James CAMP. John and Viletta had two children Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennett, and Emma Bennett. Lizzy married Daniel WORDEN and Emma married Fremont KERRICK.

In the 1850 Bradford County, Canton Twp. Census John is listed with Elizabeth 52, Mary19, Electa 11, presumably mother and siblings. In the 1860 Census same area, John is listed with Viletta, and Elizabeth, Emma not yet born, Emma was born in 1863.

From Viletta’s pension application we establish Elizabeth and Emma as John’s children.

I have all of John’s military records and all of Vilettas affidavits for her and her children’s pension.. This recruiting agent was paid $15 to recruit John.

Declaration of Recruit:

No. 568 John E. Bennett Volunteered at Canandaigua, January 19th 1864 by T Fitzgerald Rec. Agt. of 25th NY enlistment: to be assigned to the 50th NY Engineers.

I John E. Bennett desiring to VOLUNTEER as a Soldier in the Army of the United States, for the term of THREE YEARS Do Declare, That I am Twenty seven years and One months of age, that I have never been discharged from the United States service on account of disability or by sentence of a court-martial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier for three years.

Given at Canandaigua, NY the 19th day of January 1864 Witness Wm. B. Murray, signed John E. Bennett


I, John E. Bennett born in Bradford ….in the State of Pennsylvania aged Twenty- seven years and by occupation a Farmer Do HEREBY ACHKNOWLEGE to have volunteered this nineteenth day of January 1864 to serve as a Soldier in the ARMY OF THE UNITED STATED OF AMERICA, for the period of THREE YEARS, unless sooner discharged by proper authority: do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers. And I, John E. Bennett do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the UNITED STATED OF AMERICA, and I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.

Sworn and subscribed to, at Canandaigua this 20th day of January 1864, John E. Bennett. Before Philander E. Hull, Justice of the …..

I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have carefully examined the above-named Volunteer, agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that in my opinion, he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier….H Blah….Examing Surgeon

I CERTIFY, ON HONOR, That I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, John E. Bennett previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted: that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier, I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service. This soldier has Grey eyes, light hair, light complexion, is five feet 11 ½ inches high. Wm T. Remer, Capt. And Provost Marshall 5 District, NY Recruiting Officer.

Mustered into the service of the United States, in Company …..50th Regiment of NY Volunteers, on the 23 day of January, 1864 at Canandaigua, NY Wm T .Remer, Capt and Pro. Mar 25th NY Must. Off.



I Certify That Private John E. Bennett of Captain Richard Middletons Company M of the 50th NYV Regiment of Engineers Brigade, __Division,__Corps, born in Bradford State of Pennsylvania aged 27 years was enlisted my WT Remer on the 16th day of January 1864 to serve 3 years, died on the 3rd day of August 1864 of Typhoid Malarias Fever, the disease was contracted in the line of duty.

Deceased Private John E. Bennett last paid by Paymaster SS Simingston to include the 19th day of February 1864 and has pay due from that time to date of death August 3rd 1864, being two months and twelve days @ 13.00 per month $31.20, three months three days, at $11.00 per month, $53.33…total $84.53.

The following amount of U.S. Bounty has been paid to him, sixty Dolls. There is due him Two Hundred and Forty Dollars retained U.S. Bounty. There is due him Eightyfour 53/100 dollars retained pay

In 1870 Pa. Census, Tioga County, Union Twp. Viletta (Jones, Bennett) and James Camp are listed with her children by John E. Bennett Emma and Elizabeth. In 1880 Census same area they are listed as step-daughters with their own name Bennett. On March 13 1867 the Dept. of the interior received a claim from Viletta Camp for pension from John, this claim was for Minors for two dollars per month

WAR OF 1861 Acts of July 14, 1862, and July 25,1866


Brief in the case of Lizzie B. Bennett and Emma A. Bennett Minor Children of John E. Bennett….M50 NY Eng. Vols.Residence of Guardian: Tioga County, and State of Pennsylvania Post Office address Canton Bradford Co. Pa.

Declaration and Identification in Due Form Proof Exhibited

Service: Adj. Gen. reports from rolls of M..April 1864 Private-Present for duty.

Death: Surg General reports soldier died Aug. 3rd 1864 of Typhoid Mal. Fever.

Widows claim pending and consolidated herewith

Marriage of parents: Affidavits csid. Witnesses showing reputation of marriage from fall 1858, of John Bennett and Viletta Bennett

Death or remarriage of mother : Affidavits off……showing marriage of James S. Camp and Viletta Bennett Oct 18 1866

Names and dates of birth of minors: Lizzie B. Bennett born Dec 2, 1859 who will be 16 years old December 1 1875, Emma A. Bennett Nov. 26 1863 who will be 16 years old November 25 1879

Proof of ages: Afft Att. physician

Guardianship: Appt of Viletta Camp, under seal of court

Agent, and his Po Address: Williams and Stockwell-Canton-Pa.

I issued certificate for 8 dollars per month, commencing August 3, 1864, ending November 25, 1879, and two dollars per month additional for each of the above-named children, commencing July 25, 1866, and payable to Viletta Camp Guardian. Passed Jan 16, 1868. S. Haltzlauden Examiner

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